Lupin (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Chapter 7

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES All right! No sign of Guédira.
But we have Sernine.
Thank you, Captain.
Back to Paris.
-We have to watch him closely.
-Of course.
Have you found my son? Have you found my son? A theft, a break-in, a kidnapping… We have a lot to talk about! -Have you found him? -Where's my colleague? Thomas, my dear Thomas, a few weeks ago, we fell victim to a terrible injustice.
The foundation was robbed.
But we refuse to be intimidated.
That's why, this evening, we're organizing a dinner which generous donors will attend.
Citizens who believe in the future of our country.
A worthy initiative! Every young person, no matter their background, deserves to be inspired.
That'll be the role, the mission of our foundation: access to the nation's highest cultural institutions.
And we will succeed.
We'll end on that note.
Thank you both.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Your appointment's here.
I don't have one.
Would you excuse me? What did you find inside the car? Don't answer.
He's messing with us.
It won't work.
I'm not! Was there a body or not? -Answer me! -Want to know what was inside? There was nothing! Inside the trunk… This is what was inside! A can! Now please stop pissing us off.
We need to stop.
-Don't even think about it.
-What? I will shoot.
Don't worry.
I won't escape before Paris.
Thanks for the info.
-I need the bathroom.
-Hold it in.
-I can't.
-No bathrooms here.
There are.
Over there.
-Take him to the bathroom? -Hold this.
Let's go.
-You're not coming in? -No.
Don't lock the door.
Hector? Relax.
I'm not a serial killer.
I just stole some jewels.
OK? -Hector? -Yes? -You need to come in here.
-Why? I can't do anything with these handcuffs.
-Do you want a receipt? -Yes.
Thank you.
Thank you, miss.
Sir! Police.
-You have a flat tire.
-Really? -Which one? -Back right.
-It was the other car.
-Belkacem! -Belkacem! -No, Hector! No! Shit! Shit! Fucking hell! I don't work with cops.
I'm here! Help! Raoul! Over here! Help! Raoul, I'm here.
Don't worry.
-I'm here! -Help! Help me! Open up! Raoul! OK? I'm here, don't worry.
-Where's my father? -I don't know.
Come on! Hurry up! Quickly! Hurry up! Come on! Quickly, get in.
-How does this work? -Who are you? A friend of your dad's.
A cop.
I'll get you out of here.
All good! Where's my father? Your father and I share the same passion.
Arsène Lupin.
He's a fan.
I know he is.
So am I.
Your fave character? -Ganimard.
-Ganimard? Yes.
He's a cop like me, of course.
-What about you? -Arsène Lupin.
-Arsène Lupin in Arsène Lupin.
Good job.
You can't choose the best character for no reason.
He reminds me of my dad.
My dad… He's my favorite person.
You got me there.
Diop was in an abandoned farm.
-We sent our guys in to arrest him… -And? He escaped.
Well, you have his son.
-Oh? -Isn't the North African one of yours? Guédira? He's not on the case.
But he has the Diop kid.
-His son? -Yes.
That's very good news.
He figures out we have his son? We won't have to look for him.
We'll use the kid as bait.
He'll come to us.
Guédira will bring us the kid.
Bring you the kid.
We'll let Diop know he's with us.
We wait for him.
You arrest him.
You and my men.
You're putting me in a delicate position.
-We're acting outside of any procedure.
-Who gives a damn, Dumont? He's the most wanted man in France.
Your superiors will be grateful.
So? Are you in or out? What if he calls the police? He's a player, Dumont.
A boxing match needs two contestants.
So? It's risky.
But worth a shot.
GREAT JOB WITH THE DIOP KID CALL ME What would Lupin do? -You a fan of Lupin? -Yes, I love it.
Dad, I've added a few introductory lines to my speech.
Can I read them to you? Today, the source of creativity doesn't only belong to traditional social classes.
The blending of cultures towards which the foundation works must be the breeding ground for innovative creativity.
It's great.
-Is this it? -On the corner.
-Who are these guys? -I don't know.
-Are you Raoul? -Yes.
You're Guédira? -You work with Commissioner Dumont? -Yes.
Pascal Oblet.
Why aren't you at the Hyatt Hotel? Dumont is there.
-Why the Hyatt Hotel? -It's dangerous here.
Why? What's going on? -Did they catch our guy? -Just obey.
Take the kid to the hotel.
We'll chat later.
It will be fine.
I'll let them know you're coming.
Go on.
-Quit worrying.
-I'm not.
I'm just asking.
-They'll love you.
-Thank you.
Don't forget to mention the tax benefit.
-That's what people like.
-You've told me a million times.
-You're annoying! -Where are you going? -My room is on the eighth floor.
-Really? -That's new.
-You need to ascend in life.
The kid's on his way.
We'll order a pizza, stick him in front of the TV.
We'll call his dad, tell him to come pick him up.
My men are in position.
Let's let Diop do the rest.
Yes, sir.
A few weeks ago, we fell victim to a terrible injustice.
The foundation was robbed.
We refuse to be intimidated.
We're organizing a dinner which generous donors will attend.
Citizens who, like myself, believe in the future of our country.
Nothing will stop us from launching this initiative.
Have a seat.
Bouchard will be here shortly.
Hello, this is Lorenzo Callegari, the owner of the violin store.
I got your letter and, to answer your question, I should think it fair if this young man were to be punished as severely as possible.
Keep me posted.
Have a nice day.
So, Assane Diop.
What now? I don't get you.
You're attending a good school, free of charge.
You have it all.
You have to ruin everything.
Don't follow in your dad's footsteps.
You're too young to be charged, but we can't leave it at that.
Take responsibility.
I've asked Mr.
Callegari about the most appropriate punishment.
As soon as he replies, you and I will have a chat.
Understood? What if he doesn't reply? I'll visit his store.
Guédira! I underestimated you.
I was wrong.
How are you? Not too hard going? -Good job! -What are we doing here? Where's Sernine? All right, listen.
The case went all the way to the top.
We can't let him mock us anymore.
People in high places want results.
I need to take care of this case personally.
Additionally, I've received new information.
We believe the kid is in danger.
What information? It's confidential.
All I can tell you, anyway, is that with me the kid is safe.
Thanks, Guédira.
I don't understand.
Hang on now.
Do I need to convince you to obey my order? Raoul, come here please.
I'm going to leave you with Commissioner Dumont.
I want to go home and see my mother.
Don't you worry, young man.
It's almost over.
Hello? -Dad? I'm at the Hyatt Hotel.
-Raoul? Don't worry, I'm on my way! You OK? Did they hurt you? Raoul? Look at me.
-What's your name? -Raoul.
I'm Hubert.
Hubert Pellegrini.
I'm holding a fundraising gala for children like you.
-Like me? -Kids whose parents are criminals.
-My parents aren't like that.
-Yeah? Tell me, what does your father do for a living? You don't know? I'll tell you.
What his father did before him.
He steals.
-That's not true! -He's a thief.
-That's a lie.
-He doesn't care about you or your mom.
You're lying! You're right.
Your father's on his way.
Don't worry.
You'll soon be reunited.
Guédira? I was looking for you.
 This is for you.
-See you.
Dear friends, dear peers, join me in welcoming the president of the foundation, Juliette Pellegrini.
Bravo! -Bravo! -Thank you.
Thank you.
Good evening all.
Not everyone has had the opportunity to have access to culture the way I did.
I was able to visit the most beautiful museums, attend the most wonderful operas.
There were no limits with my father, as you can imagine.
Culture should be accessible to all, with no distinctions.
That's the mission of this foundation.
The reason for which we're reaching out to you today.
Not hungry? Your loss.
It's good.
Never seen so much money in a single room.
It's crazy.
Thank you.
Keep it.
-I'm trying to quit.
OK, copy that.
Sir? Hey, sir! It's him.
We've seen him in the basement.
He doesn't stand a chance.
Don't move! The suspect's in the basement.
Close the kitchens, access to the floors.
I should find it fair if this young man were to be punished as severely as possible.
Keep me posted.
Have a nice day.
You destroy the tape.
It won't change anything.
Bouchard will go to the store if he doesn't get an answer.
That'd be even worse.
I know.
The foundation's launch party will take place in a few weeks.
We will have the privilege of attending a symphony orchestra.
-Yes, sir? -Dumont… -We've lost him.
-Is he still in the building? Knowing him, he won't just give up like that.
Get the kid out of here.
What? Are you sure? We've lost control.
The child is our only card.
We can't risk losing him.
-Evacuate him from the hotel.
A car will be waiting for you.
My men will take the child to a secured place.
OK, sir.
Yes, hello? The car is here.
In the parking lot.
Are you there? Yes, we are, sir.
-The black van? -That's right.
-Once the car has left, come find me.
Go on.
I have to take my leave.
HUBERT PELLEGRINI -Yes? -The situation's serious.
We fell victim to a terrible injustice.
-What? -The foundation was robbed.
We refuse to be intimidated.
What's going on? -I don't understand.
-Come with me.
This is awesome! The voice! This is sick.
Hi, this is Lorenzo Callegari.
I received your letter.
To be honest, I've thought it through.
Everyone makes mistakes.
This young man deserves a second chance.
Besides, I've got my violin back.
It's in perfect condition.
Let's leave it at that.
Thank you, and have a nice day.
It's worked? The principal has never heard Lorenzo's voice.
I'm hoping.
A few weeks ago, we fell victim to a terrible injustice.
The foundation was robbed.
We fell victim to a terrible injustice, Dumont.
The foundation was robbed.
The foundation was robbed.
The foundation was robbed.
The foundation was robbed.
Get the kid out of here.
-What? Are you sure? -We've lost control.
The child's our only card.
-We fell victim to a terrible injustice.
-What? Our foundation was robbed.
We refuse to be intimidated.
Are you really a thief? That's why they kidnapped me? You're old enough to understand now.
25 years ago, Pellegrini framed my dad as a thief.
And today… he's targeting you.
He'll pay for that.
How far will you go, Dad? -Mom says you'll never change.
-I will.
Once this has been sorted out.
I promise things will change.
You know what… If you want me to stop, tell me.
I'll stop everything.
Keep going.
I love you, son.
I love you too, Dad.
Let's go home.
May I take your newspaper? Thank you.
FORMER JOURNALIST COMMITS SUICIDE HER FIGHT GOES ON -Why would I know about that? -You've always known about everything.
Listen, Ben.
Raoul has been kidnapped.
I think Pellegrini did it.
I need your help.
He's going to find Raoul.
-He always finds a way out.
-Not this time.
I want to find my son.
-The voice was identical, I swear! -All right, Dumont! One thing I learned in business, you always need a back-up.
Have a drink on me, Dumont.
You don't intimidate me.
Taking my son is the worst you could do.
I want my child.
You want your necklace.
So, I want to make you an offer.
Which is? I get my son back, you get the rest.
I don't want the necklace.
I want Assane.
Open the door, and go inside your room.
OK? OK? Just one moment with my son.
Mom? Mom? Run.

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