Lupin (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter 9

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Are you OK? -Are you OK? -My briefcase.
Help me! I need my briefcase! -Help me! -Sir! It's all good! He let go of it.
Thank you so much.
-Make sure nothing's missing.
It's all here.
Thank you, truly.
You're welcome.
-Have a nice day.
-Have a nice day, Lucas.
You're taking huge risks by doing this.
You're aware that this could cost you your career? Might not be such a bad thing.
Phones aren't allowed.
-Just in case Albert calls me back.
-Albert? Fontan.
The Interior Minister.
He's a friend.
Pellegrini… You are in custody for fraud and perjury.
Answer our questions.
So, the insurance contract for the necklace? You should talk if you know something.
I don't.
I have done nothing wrong.
After the necklace was stolen in 1995, you received 118 million francs in insurance.
You'd intended to sell it for three times that.
-A lot of money.
-So what? I don't decide the art market prices.
Besides, I gave the insurance money back.
This man.
Do you know him? Of course I do.
He stole the necklace, just like his father back then.
Is Diop his real name? His name is Assane Diop.
We arrested him in Normandy.
He managed to escape.
What about him? Do you know him? It's a simple question.
Do you know him? I'm thinking.
Is that allowed? I meet many people.
He was arrested with a firearm.
Purchased under a fake name, with an address in Paris, near Pigalle.
We discovered that you own that apartment.
So? I own many properties across Paris.
I don't know my tenants' names.
He used a fake name.
Do you know why? Ask him.
We will.
We believe he tried to kidnap Diop's son in Normandy.
Who is this guy? How long have you known him? You should answer our questions.
Otherwise, you'll be in hot water.
Yes, hello? Nice of you to call me back.
I'll put him on.
The Interior Minister wants to talk to you.
Yes? Hello, Mr.
He says we don't have enough to keep Pellegrini in custody.
-We have to let him go.
-That's an abuse of power.
At least we have the name of the guy we've been looking for.
Assane Diop.
-Are you OK? -My father's been released.
That was predictable.
He knows people.
-What did you make me do? -Calm down.
It'll be OK.
He'll find whoever talked to the police.
And that wasn't you.
The cop your mother spoke to is a good guy.
He won't talk.
My father always gets what he wants.
Even from good guys.
-I have to cancel the concert.
You can't.
I can't damage the foundation.
-If you cancel, he'll get suspicious.
-I'm sure he knows.
Juliette… It will allow you to raise a lot of money for the foundation and these kids' future.
Don't abandon them.
You can't let them down now.
If you do, your father wins.
-You're a good girl, Juliette.
-Yeah… Yes.
-Sorry, I have to take this.
-Go ahead.
It'll be OK.
All right? -Yes.
-See you later.
Fabienne Bériot was buried in Lille.
I called the morgue.
I said that I wanted to pay for the funeral… -Someone had already taken care of it.
-Sure, it's not free.
She didn't have any friends.
I asked for the person's coordinates, in order to thank them.
-They gave me his name.
A company based in Saint-Ouen.
An antique dealer.
Benjamin Ferel.
He specializes in gemstones.
Good work.
Proof that Diop isn't working alone.
He's probably sent the police after me.
-I-- -Put him under surveillance.
If he knows Diop, he'll lead us to him.
-Let's do that.
-I'll set it up.
Leonard will handle it.
Diop is his case.
Give him the details.
Thank you, gentlemen.
He has a lot to be forgiven for.
This is a golden opportunity for us.
How so? Shut the door.
-Hello? -I need you.
It's urgent.
-Why? -I can't do it anymore.
He barks every time someone says "Pellegrini.
" -He's at it again.
-Stop saying his name.
I tried.
He figured it out.
The other day, all I did was think of Pellegrini.
He barked.
He can read my mind.
He's scaring me.
I'll take him back.
Meet me at my place.
I'm taking you back to your dad.
Come on.
You and Assane have a child.
Is that right? -Yes.
-So, you know where he lives.
You don't know where he lives? Listen… Assane is a rather discreet person, you might say.
You see him regularly? "Regularly" isn't part of his vocabulary.
You're going to wipe that smirk off your face.
This is a police station.
We're not playing around.
-Who were the guys outside your building? -Guys? Waiting for your son.
They made me take him to the Hyatt hotel.
What did they look like? Undercover police officers.
Did you check if they were? Are you serious? Of course I did.
No one was sent to keep an eye on you.
-Listen… -Who were they? Sir, I would really love to help you, but I… I have nothing more to say.
These last few days have been hard on me.
I'm just happy to have my son back.
We'll post men outside your place, in case Assane comes back.
If you want.
I'm afraid you're wasting your time.
He won't be back.
I don't want him to see my son.
It's a great place.
Do you want some old Lupin editions? -I like The Blonde Lady.
-I do too.
-Anything else? -I don't know… The Jewish Lamp.
That's a great one.
Awesome confrontation between Sholmes and Lupin.
You all right? I feel like your messes are never going to end.
It's getting better.
-It's almost over.
-You always say that.
You speak like your mother.
Is she with you? No, I'm telling you, Dad.
I have to go.
See you.
Love you.
-Come on, J'accuse! -Go on! J'accuse! -He's happy to see me.
-Not as happy as I am.
So, J'accuse? You two don't get along, is that it? I said she couldn't cancel.
-The children's future depends on it.
-You made her feel guilty.
No, I mean it.
We shouldn't prevent Juliette from doing a good thing.
-I'm leaving.
-See you later.
Pellegrini! Right.
Good luck.
Hello? There's a fight at 12A, Trudaine Avenue.
Sounds violent.
Send someone.
The owner of the place is called Assane Diop.
Hello? Yes… Writing it down.
Yes! We have Diop's address.
12A Trudaine Avenue.
Belkacem! What's the address? Shit! Come on! It's ready! J'accuse? Looks like it.
Come on.
Come on! Let's go! -I'll go in front! -I'll take the stairs.
Let's return to today's main story.
A man found murdered in the heart of Paris.
The police are looking… Claire! …for witnesses to find the owner of the flat.
He's the main suspect in this case.
He's suspected of other crimes.
Yes? What? -Notably, stealing the Queen's necklace.
The suspect has been identified.
According to the police, it is a man named Assane Diop.
An emergency number has been created for anyone with information about this fugitive.
Resources are dedicated to finding this individual.
The most wanted man in France tonight.
Assane, call me back right away.
He's the guy who was arrested and released.
We were supposed to question him.
Looks like Diop struck first.
Look what I found.
The Louvre pen.
Just look at him.
He's like a kid.
Be right back.
Hey? Stay focused, Guédira.
-Give us the room.
-Yes, sir.
-Shut the door.
-Of course.
-How did we find this? -We got lucky.
Someone reported a fight.
Probably a neighbor.
He must have hurried off.
Good work, Laugier.
Listen, Laugier.
Sensitive case.
I don't want people hearing about it.
I'd like us to restrict access to the evidence in this case.
Only you and I will have access to it.
-Very well.
Reach out to me once you've secured it.
-I'm not taking the dog back.
-You haven't heard? -What? -You need to leave.
They know.
Get your things.
Go fast.
-Yes? -Where are you now? I don't know.
I'm walking.
-Are you being followed? -Don't think so.
They found my flat when they followed you.
So, make sure.
Shit, yes.
There's a guy behind me.
I'm not sure.
Don't turn around.
And be discreet.
Stay calm.
Don't run.
Don't panic.
Is there a bench? -There's a bus stop.
Go there.
-Are you sitting down? -Yes.
Is he gone? No.
-Is he sitting next to you? -Yes.
-Can he hear what you're saying? -Yes.
A guy was killed in my place.
Chances are that guy is the murderer.
He might go after you, but don't worry.
He won't do anything here.
Is there a bus? Yes.
Get on it.
-He will get up when you do.
-He's going to let you get on first.
Walk to the back.
Right before the bus leaves and the doors close, you get off.
Now! All good.
I got off.
He's gone.
I know.
Shit! -What now? -Now… We disappear.
SUBWAY You'll see.
It's going to be awesome.
-Enjoy the tour.
So… -Two student tickets.
-Shouldn't you be at school? -No… It's for our history presentation about the catacombs.
So, you need a map.
So many tunnels.
-The ones the public has access to.
-There are more? Let me show you.
A cataphile drew this a few years ago.
These are the tunnels on your map that everyone has access to.
And these are other tunnels, which this specialist mapped out.
They have never been visited because it's dangerous.
Can we borrow it? OK.
But you bring it back.
Promise? Of course, madam.
Don't go in there.
It's dangerous.
-No, don't worry.
-Of course.
Enjoy the tour.
-Good day.
-Good day.
Bring it back, OK? Hello.
Two tickets? MURDER AND ROBBERY IN FRANCE PORTRAIT OF A PUBLIC ENEMY THIEF, MURDERER, MASTER OF ESCAPE What's up with you? ELUSIVE You spent your time trying to tell us that Diop was the new Lupin.
Now that we agree with you, you're depressed.
That's the issue.
I don't know if I'm right.
I don't know if this guy's Arsène Lupin.
Of course.
It's obvious.
He's obsessed with him.
The books, the costumes.
Commits the same crimes.
Just missing the top hat, the monocle.
You know about Lupin now? Seriously.
You were right from the start.
If you were an expert, you'd know the issue.
-The guy we're looking for can't be Lupin.
-Why? Lupin doesn't kill.
He's a gentleman burglar.
That's in the books, Guédira.
Lupin may not be a murderer, but Diop… Well, Diop is.
Finally, the manhunt for Assane Diop is ongoing.
-There's no trace of the fugitive.
-I don't know.
The man, described as cunning, continues to evade the police.
The drama surrounding the manhunt of Assane Diop has France on pins.
Investigators are hoping to resolve this within days.
If someone finds us here… Where did you find that phone? Did you steal it? Playing with fire.
You don't even know the PIN.
The guy was around 50… So, that would be 1970… 1971… Or 1969… -There.
-Are you serious? I can't believe this… We were due some good luck.
A FÉREL, ANTIQUE DEALER DIOP'S ACCOMPLICE We're looking for his phone number.
Checking his bank account, online transactions.
-Whatever helps locate him.
Keep it up.
-Is the evidence in a secure place? -Yes.
I have some information for you.
A shop at the flea market.
We think Diop was fencing goods there.
I'm on it.
We need to check an address.
Belkacem, with me.
-Guédira, you stay.
-What? -I need you here.
-But… -He's Diop's accomplice.
-Where is he? He must have left a clue somewhere.
Get this to the lab.
Old sneakers, a hair dryer, there's nothing here, dammit! I think I found something.
Over here.
There's a code.
Figure it out.
Come on! ASSANE DIOP: THIEF, MURDERER AND MASTER OF ESCAPE -What are you doing? -Commenting on the news.
Stop it! We need to get out of Paris! -I'm wanted for murder.
-Exactly! Running away means admitting guilt.
I'm not guilty.
I was framed like my dad.
Our plan for the Châtelet will prove I'm innocent.
We didn't do all this for nothing.
We're ready.
We'll be safe here until the show.
Even if I tried to convince you, you'd end up doing whatever you want.
We need to find number 12.
Calm down.
Stop drinking coffee.
It's too much.
Makes you nervous.
What do we do? It's closed.
ARSÈNE LUPIN VERSUS HERLOCK SHOLMES You all right? -What are you reading? -Arsène Lupin.
Dad gave it to me.
Aren't you a little old? No.
-What's it about? -Depends on the book.
The one you're reading? The Blonde Lady.
About an escape.
Police! Nobody move! Shit, what is this… Is that it? Thanks to the blonde lady, Lupin has the plans to the buildings.
He's one step ahead.
Still warm.
They were here not long ago.
Can't believe it.
He escapes whenever he's about to get caught.
His accomplices too.
No matter where he is… he always gets away.
What the hell is this? Sounds good.
I should give it a go.
The… The plam… The… The lamp.
The lamp.
Je… The lamp… The Jewish lamp! THE JEWISH LAMP The Jewish Lamp.
Oh, shit.
Hey? Stay focused, Guédira.
Thank you.
What the hell is this? Boss.
What do we do? Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, Belkacem.
Come on.
Boss! I think there's someone there.
…the remains of more than six million people from the cemeteries.
Police! Nobody move! OK.
Have you seen a tall Black man, short hair, probably armed? You mean Assane Diop? -You get here through Denfert-Rochereau? -Yes.
We need backup near the Catacombs in the 14th district.
Call reception.
No one comes down.
Don't let people in anymore.
Assane Diop is reportedly inside.
The Catacombs are now closed.
Move along.
We are closed! The Catacombs are closed.
Go home.
Clear the area.
This is an emergency.
-Not there.
-Sure? -We've been walking a while.
-I'm sure.
-Shit! -Come on, Belkacem.
I heard them.
We gotta move.
They're getting closer.
You recognize it now? Yeah.
Well done.
It's here.
Go on.
Come on.
This is so dope.
It's this way.
-We're going in.
-You OK? -Yeah.
Halfway there.
This way! Come on! Look where it took us.
Come on.
Hurry up.
-It might be useful someday.
Let's go.
For the blonde lady.
Here, madam.
Like we promised.
Thanks again.
What is this thing… Dammit.
Yes! To the origin of the world.
Yes? Sir? Dumont.
Can we speak in private? We're all friends here.
Have a seat.
Sit down.
So, tell me.
We've gathered Assane Diop's things.
All that could lead back to us is in a secure location.
-We just have to destroy it.
What is this? Damn.
And any charges held against you will be dropped.
Perfect, Dumont.
Absolutely perfect.
You need to remain careful.
My men are asking questions.
I feel they're getting close.
What is this? Relax, Dumont.
You only need to attend the concert.
Enjoy the moment… The money is coming.
The beginning of a new life.
No… You want to write, right? He wants to write a book.
You can quit your job and get to it.
You deserve it, Dumont.
I really thought we were going to get caught this time.
Yet here we are.
We did it, Ben.
In 1911 the Théâtre du Châtelet featured the first stage adaptation of Lupin.
Really? Tomorrow, it'll be our turn.
Our last show.
We'll be done with Pellegrini.

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