Lupin (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Chapter 10

What's all this stuff? It's to track the donations.
Everyone can donate via an app connected to this system.
I know nothing about this.
I'm not surprised.
I said, be careful.
That's fragile.
Shall we? All entrances are under surveillance.
Staff members and musicians are vetted.
-All the guests will be searched.
But stay on guard.
-Diop could show up.
-You think so? -You should be prepared for anything.
-So I heard.
I'll be in the audience.
-Let me know if there are any issues.
-There won't be any.
-Hello, gentlemen.
-Good evening, sir.
See you later.
We're not done decorating.
You'll have to imagine it.
I can show you how it'll unfold.
A screen will come down behind the orchestra.
Images will be projected during the concert, as requested.
The posters you sent me will be on the front of the theater.
Pellegrini, you'll be on the first balcony.
-And the computer equipment? -On its way.
There it is.
-Where will you be sitting? -Up there.
I'll stand watch by the door.
-Do you think Diop might show up? -Diop is a showman.
He's thirsty for revenge.
The question isn't whether he'll come… but when.
Babakar Diop? Follow me.
I need someone who gives a good impression.
And who shows up on time.
It's important.
Absolutely, sir.
I'm wary of people who show up late.
And those who show up early.
I need someone trustworthy.
Of course.
That's a minimum requirement.
This person will be able to trust me in return.
What's your name? Babakar, sir.
Babakar Diop.
Babakar, you may go.
Tell my assistant to put an end to the interviews.
I've found the person I need.
Thank you, sir.
Entering the office.
There's something on the desk.
Looks interesting, huh? Perfect.
See if you can get something.
That's nice.
Come on.
"Lu…" "Lucas…" "Lucas La…" "Lucas Lacroix.
" Lucas Lacroix.
Hi, Mr.
I've come to update you on your investments.
Let's make this quick.
Of course, sir.
How are things? Have you earned me money? No, but-- Have you lost me money? -No, but-- -So, what's the point of this meeting? We make this commitment to all our clients.
Next time, just send me my account balance.
It'll be quicker.
Very well.
Lucas Lacroix is a wealth manager.
For people with vast fortunes.
He's known for safe investments.
Stable returns.
To do that, he needs access to his client's data.
The keys to the account.
Bank account number, passwords, login details.
He keeps this data inside a briefcase.
If we want info on Pellegrini, we need that briefcase.
Good job.
Are you OK? -Are you OK? -My briefcase, please.
Hey! Help me get my briefcase back! -Sir! -Help me! -Come on.
-We have what we need? Dummy company financial statements, offshore accounts, taxes… All good.
Let's go.
All good! He let go of it.
-Thank you so much.
-It's normal.
Have a nice day, Lucas.
We need help.
What do you mean? An accomplice.
-This is where you think you'll find them? -Yeah.
Over there.
They have the finest Lupin editions.
This accomplice is going to come to us.
There are tons of Lupin enthusiasts.
Tons of candidates.
What do you want? Sorry? You're pretending to read and your friend is holding his book upside down.
So, what do you want? Here.
Hubert Pellegrini's the target.
The wealthiest man in France.
We'll have to be clever.
-We did our research.
-He can't turn you down.
This man's closely protected.
You must make him think his strategy is wrong.
Lure him with rewarding investments.
A two-figure return.
-We have confidential information.
-He's obsessed with money.
We know about every deal.
-His stock portfolio.
-He's invested in North Africa.
-Real estate in Asia.
-He's everywhere.
Luxury, beauty products, media, shipping, energy, telecoms.
The biggest financial centers.
He's distrustful.
-We'll give you a new identity.
-A financial expert.
You'll need to be convincing.
Job done.
One now, and another when the job is done.
Works for me.
Up to par on financial markets? -We can't screw this up.
-We won't.
I don't think Lupin's ever had such an opponent.
Now you need a name.
-A Lupin reference? -No, it's too risky.
Something connected to him.
What comes to mind? Courbet.
It's Lupinesque, isn't it? The Étretat cliffs, Courbet's painting… Good idea.
That's settled.
Now we need to introduce Courbet.
Hello? -Yes, Lucas? -Yes? Pierre Lafont, from Brussels.
Yes, hello.
We have a report from the Financial Markets Regulator.
A broker based in Paris is trying to approach our clients.
An efficient but disreputable method.
Yes, I see.
I wanted to warn you against him.
Yes, hold on… I'm writing this down.
His name is Philippe Courbet.
-That's all, thank you.
Nice job! Yes? What is it? Mr.
Pellegrini? This is Mr.
Yes, hello, Lacroix… Sorry to disturb you.
I've received confidential information from a colleague in Brussels.
That's fine.
Well? A broker's trying to approach our clients.
Be wary of him.
-And why is that? -Yes… He's had some good results, but his methods are questionable.
Good thing you warned me.
He might try to contact you.
Best to warn you.
-You never know.
-What was his name again? Yes.
Philippe Courbet.
-Like the painter.
Thanks, Lacroix.
-OK-- We can optimize your investments by diversifying your equity portfolio.
I'm listening.
Real estate investments, assets in North Africa… That works for a while.
We can do much better.
How do you know about my business? It's my job to know who I'm dealing with.
Well, part of my job.
And the other part? The other part is to make wealthy people even wealthier.
I have some ideas for you.
Which are? Tell me more about this concert for your foundation.
This event will draw different types of people.
-Are you going to get inside as an usher? -No.
-A stage manager? -No.
A hairdresser? A violinist? You can't just go inside.
You are wanted for murder.
Stop panicking.
If we all play our part, everything will go well.
Nice of you to visit your old man.
This is so nice.
Seriously, we should have a house like this.
Not just yet.
But in the meantime… Here.
-What's this? -Open it.
It's a present.
You serious? Dad, how did you manage this? I got my first paycheck.
It's awesome.
Stop… Just one! -One picture.
-Give it.
-Let's take a photo together.
Stand there.
Here it is.
It's all here.
-And your delivery guys? -It's all good.
I need one more.
I'm ready.
You'll be perfect.
And the box? It's here.
I said, be careful.
It's fragile.
The posters will be projected on the face of the theater.
You'll be sitting on the first balcony.
And the computer equipment? There it is.
It's right there.
What are all these boxes? The computers to wire the donations.
Why is it taking up so much room? This isn't the '80s anymore.
It's the hard drives that take up space.
Do you want to check one? Go ahead.
You want to open another one? There are 15 more inside the truck.
Go ahead.
We have a problem.
The guy was strangled.
The murderer stepped on the victim's coat and left a footprint.
It's a size 42 Timberland.
So what? So, Diop is a 46.
Thank you.
We've found a footprint for the murderer.
It doesn't match Diop's.
What's with that face? What? Tell me why you framed Babakar, and we'll forget about it.
-Now do you get it? -Go to hell.
Last chance, Dumont.
-You want to rat me out? OK.
I took the cash.
But I didn't spend it on watches or coke.
The money was for my kids.
What's going on? I have a video you need to see.
The guy who was murdered in Diop's place… The guy from Le Havre.
He had a weapon registered to this address… This address is registered to Pellegrini.
His name's Léonard Koné.
His name pops up here.
In Babakar Diop's case.
They were in prison together.
When Diop confessed to stealing the necklace.
And guess what? Dumont was in charge of the case.
When you arrested Koné at Le Havre, he wouldn't let you question him.
I'm telling you.
Koné, Pellegrini, Dumont are connected.
This is Koné at Le Havre.
And this is him in 1995.
He was convicted for attempted murder.
That's why Dumont wanted you off the case.
-You were getting close.
Remember how he insisted Pellegrini be released? This doesn't look good.
The Pellegrini foundation is holding a concert.
He'll be there.
We have to arrest him.
Boss or not.
We're at the Théâtre du Châtelet for what many are calling the year's biggest charity event, with the country's largest fortunes gathered here.
One individual is drawing all the attention.
Assane Diop is still on the run and cannot be located at this time.
Is the man wanted for murder and for stealing the Queen's necklace going to show up tonight, as he did during another event held by the Pellegrini foundation? Ready? Ready.
The musicians will walk on stage soon.
Juliette and her father will be out too.
Pellegrini will be there.
Second balcony.
You see? The computer is ready to transfer donations to Pellegrini's account.
This screen shows how much money is being collected.
Let's do it.
Hey, buddy.
It's gonna be OK.
Calm and methodical, as usual.
I'm the nervous one.
Don't forget.
-See you soon.
-See you.
You look gorgeous.
I'm proud of you.
Everyone's ready whenever you are.
I'm coming.
There he is.
-Come on! -Sorry.
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Your invitations, please.
Go ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Juliette Pellegrini.
Thank you.
Good evening, all.
It is a great honor for me to welcome you tonight, and present you the foundation's work.
Through your donations, you could fund scholarships, cultural activities for children who don't normally have access to them.
And tonight, we have the great privilege of attending a concert by the prestigious French Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mathieu Lamboley.
They have accepted to perform for free, as a show of support for the foundation.
Please applaud them.
You think Diop will show? Don't know.
Half the room is here for him.
Thank you again.
I'm moved to see that you have answered our call.
-Good evening.
This foundation exists thanks to you.
I know how much you care about and believe in education.
I'm now appealing to your generosity by encouraging you to make donations.
An app was created just for this purpose.
All you need to do now is connect to it and donate.
Donate to your father… Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
-You're welcome.
Always the same with you.
You claim the best seat just for yourself.
-What do you want? -A single word.
The truth.
Don't make me.
-I have nothing to say.
-It's going to hurt.
A shame to get blood on that suit.
I have men everywhere.
You won't make it.
Neither will you.
-Quit being polite.
We know each other.
Fabienne Bériot.
-You killed her? -She committed suicide.
Don't lie.
I didn't kill her.
-Léonard did.
-On your orders.
We can't ask him.
Don't fuck with me.
He was working for you.
You made him kidnap my son.
Without harming him.
Children are sacred to me.
It was me you wanted.
Not my son.
-See? I'm here.
-Yes, from behind, like a coward.
It's my turn now, man.
What goes around comes around.
You wanted to kill me? Words! Speak.
The truth.
The truth.
What will you do with the truth? We're both here together, but my men will get you.
You'll take the truth to your grave.
It'll be a nice shroud.
Worry about your grave first.
You answer "yes" or "no.
" You wanted to kill me? Of course.
But you screwed up.
You framed me for Léonard's murder.
-You could say that.
-Who killed him? Pascal Oblet.
That's good.
And now… My father.
You framed him.
Talk! I hired Babakar to frame him for the necklace.
-For the insurance money.
-Yes, what? -Yes, I wanted the insurance money! Then I sent Léonard to kill your father.
I had no choice.
He never would've let it go.
So, what are you going to do, Assane? Are you going to go to the police? No one will believe you.
Just like no one believed your father.
Diop! Diop is in the building! Everyone take a floor.
You take the upper level! It's him! Hey! He's there! Don't move or I'll shoot! OK.
You win.
I surrender.
-Don't move.
-Just so you know… Your trigger safety is on.
I'll remove it.
Keep that thing pointed at me.
No worries.
It's fine.
Can I remove it? Easy.
It's off.
Dammit! Fuck! Come on! Sorry.
Diop! Come on! Go around! HE'S INSIDE Diop is inside.
Find him.
Emergency response team.
Come on! Go! -Let's go, guys! -All together! Stop or I'll shoot! Lower your weapon, Dumont.
-What? -We know everything.
Come on! Come on! Don't move, Diop! Let him go.
You're under arrest for corruption, influence peddling.
What? He's our target! Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
Sorry to spoil the party.
I had no choice.
You all need to know.
Babakar Diop, my father, never stole that necklace.
Approaching target.
Hubert Pellegrini falsely accused him.
Even worse… Wait for my order.
He ordered to have him killed.
Fabienne Bériot too.
He even kidnapped my son.
Juliette, you need to know this.
We're ready.
He stole from you.
The money was embezzled.
Let's go! Don't move.
You're under arrest.
BEGIN TRANSFER Ladies and gentlemen, please do not rush.
Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm.
It's yours.
As promised.
Do you have lots like this? It's the last one.
I have one question.
Why give Pellegrini all that money? 9 million euros.
But that account isn't Pellegrini's.
-Is it Assane's? -No.
The foundation's.
Aren't we waiting for Assane? Don't worry.
He'll figure it out.
FIRE PROTECTION Excuse me? The guy you're after… He's on the roof.
-You're sure? -Yeah.
Let's go.
-Get him.
Go on.
Get him.
All units.
Diop is heading for the roof.
All units.
Diop is on the roof.
Théâtre du Châtelet.
Let's go.
You framed him.
I hired Babakar to frame him for the necklace.
-For the insurance money? -Yes.
-Yes, what? -Yes, I wanted the insurance money! What? Ladies and gentlemen, please head to the emergency exits.
No rushing.
I think he's up on the roof.
-Sixth floor.
I saw him.
-Thank you.
He's not getting out.
Hey, guys.
-What is it? Dammit, it's him! Come on! Hurry up! Come on! Stop! Come on, guys! Get him! Stop! Come on.
Let's go! Shit! He's getting away! He's the greatest burglar Yes, but he's a gentleman He'll take what matters to you Without using a weapon When he robs a woman He gives her flowers The gentleman burglar Is a noble man He shows up at night But won't disturb your sleep He will quietly unhook the painting You bought the day before Before he goes Once he's done with his guilty deeds He'll leave a note on the piano The date.
I forgot.
Marius Jacob was born on September 29, 1879.
We just went over this.
What's that? It's not here.
In your room.
Are you sure? What is this thing? Has to be your father.
Not here.
You stole from the Musée d'Orsay.
You can steal a bracelet from your ex.
Got it.
Hang on.
I don't know how to turn it off.
"Raoul's bridge?" What's that? The bridge where your father and I decided to name you Raoul.
Let's go.
Out of the question.
Why? Dad's asking us to meet him.
Let's go.
No, we're not going.
I'm going.
Raoul, wait! Mr.
Pellegrini, you're under arrest for abducting Raoul Diop, and the murder of Fabienne Bériot and Babakar Diop.
10:00 p.
Where is he? You hear that? Look! Dad! Raoul! Dad! It's good you came.
Both of you.
Is this it? Is it over? Yeah.
It's over.
But you were right.
-I'm causing you problems.
-We don't give a damn about that.
I only ever think of myself.
I have to go.
Far away from you.
We don't want to lose you.
That's all that matters.
I'll be back.
When? Don't worry.
You won't see me, but I'll be watching over you.
You take care.
All right? You too.
I love you both.

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