Lupin (2021) s03e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2

[crowd chanting] Let him go!
Free Assane Diop! Let him go!
Free Assane Diop!
[Belkacem] Hello?
[Guédira] Looking forward
to your promotion?
- He got away!
- [Guédira] What? He couldn't have.
I saw him get arrested.
Forget whatever you saw.
He escaped on the rooftops.
What? The rooftops?
- [Belkacem] Yes, the snipers saw him.
- That's impossible.
There's no trace of the car he left in.
- Hello?
- I'll call you back.
- Shit!
- [crowd chanting] Free Assane Diop!
[man 1] He has to be dead.
[Guédira] Excuse me.
Police. What happened?
This guy fell off the roof.
- [Guédira] What did he look like?
- Assane Diop. I recognized him.
[distant chatter]
[distant laughter]
[suspenseful music playing]
[inaudible speech]
[reporter] Conflicting reports
are spreading here on Place Vendôme.
Earlier tonight, the police believed
they had arrested Assane Diop.
But we're hearing from multiple sources
he managed to escape.
The police car that was supposed
to transport him to prison tonight
has seemingly vanished into thin air.
We are receiving
new information from sources
who are stating that Diop was involved
in an accident near Place Vendôme.
So, what happened to Assane Diop?
This remains a mystery.
Did he escape or was it a lookalike?
[man] Sorry, Fleur.
[reporter] The Paris prosecutor's office
has opened an investigation.
We'll update you as we hear more.
Back to you, Tim.
[Tim] Thank you, Cécile.
Please don't hesitate to inform us
of any further development on site.
As Assane Diop's crimes
continue to hold the public's attention,
we saw a rise in other petty crimes
[man] This time,
I'll be writing the front page.
[TV news report continues in background]
[Vidal] Is this the man you all saw?
- [man 1] That's him.
- You're sure?
- [man 2] That's him.
- Okay, thank you.
A doctor arrived
and took Diop in an ambulance.
They rushed to Lariboisière.
We need to go now.
Secure the area for forensics
and check the surroundings.
The pearl has to be here somewhere.
[Belkacem sighs]
"He blew kisses to space,
the sky, the sun."
"He spread his arms and took the leap."
[distant siren wails]
Come on, let's go.
[siren wailing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[man] Uh, probably 20 minutes.
Hold on, hold on.
- Hello.
- Good evening.
[doctor clears throat]
- How's it going?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Who are you?
Nice to meet you. Dr. Vernes.
Do you work here? I've never seen you.
I'm a substitute. I've been here two days.
- I'll call someone to check.
- Don't worry, I'll do it.
I'm calling Goyard.
You know who he is,
administrative director?
Yes, I've heard of him.
Great, you'll get to meet him, then.
He loves getting woken up at night.
All right, that's fine.
- Are you sure?
- [doctor] Yes, it's fine.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
I'm Dr. Martinez,
head of the hospital morgue.
Great. Can I see your ID?
No, just kidding.
- You know who's under there?
- [Martinez] No.
- Is that
- Yeah, that's him.
We'll follow procedure.
Can you do the paperwork?
I'll let you handle that since you know
your way around. I'll prepare the body.
Thank you.
[Martinez coughs]
- He's not dead. I don't buy it.
- We have 27 witnesses!
More like there were 27 suckers!
Lupin always fakes his death.
The Hollow Needle. Swanneck Edith.
That isn't real. I don't care
what Lupin does in the stories.
Doesn't mean Diop can.
- Diop is Lupin and Lupin is Diop!
- Shut up for a second!
When will you get that through your head?
Can you tell us
where we can find the morgue?
It's the blue door down the hall there.
Where do you keep
the deceased's belongings?
I'm not sure.
My coworker over there might know.
Find me Diop's things.
We need that pearl right now!
[Courbet] Hello.
Good evening.
We're here to carry out verifications.
- What are you verifying?
- Will there be an autopsy?
An autopsy?
Are you serious?
After he fell from a roof?
His heart and liver are smashed,
and his spine is shattered.
If you want to check,
it's in his file. Hmm?
Uh, right. Yes, yes.
Come on.
No, I'm still gonna check.
Excuse me.
Here. Be my guest.
I'm not a doctor. Would you?
[Martinez sighs]
[clears throat] Excuse me.
[tense music playing]
[Ben sighs]
[phone rings]
Hello, Claire? This is Daniel Martinez.
I know it's late.
Hey, Daniel.
[Daniel] Can you come
to the hospital right away?
But I I'm not on call tonight.
Did I read the schedule wrong?
[Daniel] No, this is for something else.
Did something happen?
So, you wanted to see me?
You have something to say?
Course not.
Hmm, yeah, right, I know you.
- No, I swear!
- Mm-hm.
- I just wanted to see you.
- Hmm.
[indistinct background chatter]
[Assane chuckles softly]
I just got this.
My mother wrote it to my father.
[Claire] "Tell Sanni Mom loves him,
but he's better off without me."
- And who's Sanni?
- It's me.
My mother used to call me that in Senegal.
Where is your mom at?
No clue.
She was gonna come to France.
We waited for months,
but she never showed up.
So I thought she was gone.
But turns out she abandoned me.
[distant children shouting]
[Bruno] Hey, you coming?
My sister and I are like you.
No parents, no family.
So, what do you do?
My godfather told the social worker
he'd be our guardian,
so they just left us alone.
Who's your godfather?
[hip-hop music playing]
Go! Make what you want
Take what you want ♪
Hey! Take what you want ♪
Say what you wanna say ♪
Just another day, another day ♪
To decide if it's the game
You wanna play, wanna play ♪
Make what you want ♪
Welcome to my godfather's.
Take what you want
Say what you wanna say ♪
Just another day, another day ♪
To decide if it's the game
You wanna play, wanna play ♪
[hip-hop music continues playing]
[man] One, two. One, two. One, two.
It was like a new life for me
when I got here.
[man] One, two.
One, two, duck.
That's him there.
His name's Keller.
He owns the place.
Hey, Keller!
This is Assane, a new recruit.
You ever boxed?
Good, that's perfect.
No bad habits. Start from the top.
[Keller sighs softly]
Come on, let's go.
One, two. One, two, three.
I wouldn't be here
if he hadn't lied to the social worker.
I owe him everything.
And I think he'll be able to help you too.
One, two, duck.
[distant horns blaring]
[elevator dings]
[Fleur] What is this?
Arnold got the tip.
You could've given me a heads-up.
- I've been working on this for weeks.
- Sorry.
Was I supposed to come knock on your door?
You don't own Diop.
I got some info and wrote it. That's all.
What's important is we got the scoop.
Let's follow up with this.
I wrote a story about last night.
Last night is over.
We're going to focus on Diop's death.
I've got a story
for tomorrow's front page too.
Sorry. I really am.
You know what they say. If you don't like
the story, find a better one.
[Fleur sighs]
They're reporting on Diop's death already.
- The funeral is scheduled for Thursday.
- I know.
- At Père Lachaise?
- Yeah.
- [Guédira] Are you going?
- Yeah.
His accomplices could be there
and whoever took the photo at the morgue.
[cell phone dings]
- What a pain!
- What's wrong?
Imbert, the owner of the pearl.
He won't stop.
- [Guédira] What does he want?
- His pearl.
- Know where it is?
- [Belkacem] No idea.
We searched through Diop's things
and didn't find anything.
[suspenseful music playing]
"Assane Diop, his final act."
"Arnold de Garmeaux"
"Fleur Bélanger"
[muffled chanting]
[suspenseful music continues]
[cell phone rings]
[Fleur] Hello?
- [Guédira] Fleur Bélanger?
- Who is this?
Youssef Guédira. I'm with the police.
I have a few questions for you.
- About what?
- [Guédira] Assane Diop.
There's a café to the right
of your office. Could we meet there?
Sorry, I'm not there.
[Guédira] Then you've got
one hell of a lookalike.
[train screeches]
[Guédira] I wanted to talk because
of your background with the Diop case.
There's something I don't understand.
We rushed to the hospital
as soon as we heard he was there.
We should have arrived first,
but apparently, a photographer beat us.
Can you explain that?
We got a tip and bought the photo.
- And who sold it?
- I wasn't on the story. I don't know.
[Guédira] Oh, that's too bad,
because something is bugging me.
And what is that?
It feels like this was planned.
Why do you think that?
[sighs] You're gonna think I'm crazy,
but I'm a fan of Arsène Lupin.
He always stages his own death.
I think Diop maybe did that as well.
What does Lupin have to do with Diop?
Wow! [inhales deeply]
The two of them have a lot in common.
I can give you some info,
but then what? Is it give and take?
You help me, I help you?
And also this week at Père Lachaise,
the funeral for Assane Diop will be held.
By taunting the police and authorities,
he had become very popular.
This made Diop an inspirational figure
to thousands of people,
many who saw him as a symbol of hope.
The Diop family is asking
to have their privacy respected
and requesting that the funeral ceremony
be reserved only for those close to him.
So, who will be there?
Friends? Enemies? Accomplices?
The crowd will be under close watch
by police inspectors.
As the extremely rare Everlin Black Pearl
has still not resurfaced,
some are convinced this is part
of a final act by the elusive Assane Diop.
[mournful music playing]
[priest] We are gathered here today
to bid a final farewell to Assane Diop.
He, of course, had some flaws.
He wasn't exactly an honest man,
though he was a loving dad
and a loyal spouse.
We therefore bury him today
in a spirit of goodwill
and we ask for him to be forgiven.
[crows cawing]
Those who wish to do so
may take a moment to pray. Thank you.
- [Guédira] Excuse me!
- [muttering]
[Guédira] Excuse me! Police.
Please step aside.
- Sorry.
- Guédira! Stop!
I'm sorry to have to interrupt things.
Uh I know this is
a difficult time for everyone.
But there are people here today
who do not believe Assane is dead,
people he victimized
who would like to move on.
- Yes, that's right.
- [man 1] That's exactly right.
I'm very sorry, but I need
to ask you to open the casket.
[Claire] What?
[man 2] Is he crazy?
- It's not possible.
- [woman] How disrespectful.
He's right. Where's the proof
he's really inside that casket, huh?
- Where's the proof?
- [Imbert] He's not wrong.
- We can't be sure.
- He's not wrong.
Ben, you've got to do something, please.
- Sir, please calm down.
- [Guédira] Please, everyone, calm down!
- We don't know.
- [Guédira] Calm down!
Please calm down.
Open the casket, that's an order.
Open it right now.
[drill whirs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[mourners muttering]
[mourners gasp]
[mourners muttering]
- I'm sorry.
- [grunts angrily]
[distant crows cawing]
[Ben sighs]
[melancholic music playing]
[Assane gasps]
[church bell chiming]
[reporter] France's most famous burglar
has yet to be found.
Being on the run
for so long seems impossible.
All eyes are now looking
to his former wife for answers.
Leave us alone! I don't know where he is!
[Assane] I have a plan, Ben.
- [Ben] Okay.
- But it's risky.
Tricky. Dangerous.
It's a big job, Ben.
The job.
The finale.
Once we have the pearl,
we'll escape through the square.
- [Ben] You sure?
- [Assane] It's easier to fool a crowd.
I'll get out the car
and escape on the roof.
[Ben] What's the point of that?
The point is that the cops will all see me
and they'll chase me.
To here.
Oh, if you jump and land
on the other side, then you're safe.
- Almost. I jump from the roof, and I fall.
- Okay.
- Uh, hold on. What did you say?
- I fall.
[chuckles] With a parachute?
Or a mattress? A net?
[chuckles] You can't be serious.
If you fall from there, you'll
Yeah. It'll be crowded
'cause of the cafés.
We'll have witnesses.
[distant chatter]
Witnesses to what?
The death of Assane Diop.
That's the plan.
- Okay, so for the fall
- Hmm.
we're gonna need blood
and it has to be my blood.
Because they will definitely check.
- Hello.
- Can I get a copy of the morgue list?
- Do I know you?
- Oh, sorry. Dr. Choukri.
Ah, the foreign doctor, right?
I'm sorry?
Uh, no, I, I
Uh Here you go.
[Assane] I'll put my name
on the guest list.
And then we gotta find
a way to soften the fall.
You need to make something for that.
- [Ben] Like an airbag.
- [man] Police!
And this is important, Ben.
You need to be the first at the scene.
Everyone get back!
Don't touch him! Get back, get back!
[background chatter]
- [Assane] You, and an accomplice.
- [woman] Here!
I'm a doctor.
An accomplice like Courbet?
He always costs us a fortune.
Yeah, but he's reliable.
- And we need him to get into the hospital.
- [siren wails]
[dramatic music playing]
And naturally, everyone has to believe
that I'm dead.
[Courbet] Okay, there's the cold spray.
[Assane] And if Guédira shows up,
you gotta hide.
Also, I want you to make us a stethoscope.
A stethoscope that's rigged.
À la Férel.
And then you'll announce
the sad news to the world.
[message chimes]
[Assane] Tell the press.
[Assane] We need everyone to believe
Assane Diop is dead.
- That'll definitely make the headlines.
- And voilà! No more Assane Diop.
He's gone. Next,
you'll take the pearl to Alberto.
Then we tell Claire and Raoul everything.
I'll buy a house in the countryside.
And it's perfect.
A lot of words are coming to mind,
but "perfect" isn't one of them.
- It is, Ben.
- [sighs]
Everyone will leave me alone if they think
I'm dead. Raoul and Claire too.
And the press will leave them alone.
So it's perfect.
Okay, and how are you planning
on getting out of a coffin
that's been nailed shut
under six feet of dirt?
I'm just wondering.
[Assane chuckles]
- [Assane whistles]
- [J'accuse whimpers]
[whistles] J'accuse!
Ha-ha! There he is.
Look, I got a little treat for you.
[J'accuse whimpers]
Don't tell me the dog is part of the plan?
[Assane chuckles] Fetch!
[J'accuse whimpers]
[J'accuse barks]
[J'accuse barks]
[J'accuse whimpers]
[J'accuse whimpers]
[Assane] J'accuse!
- [whistles]
- [J'accuse barks]
- J'accuse?
- [J'accuse barks]
[Assane whistles]
[J'accuse barks]
[Assane] J'accuse!
- [Assane whistles]
- I got it! I'll head back over.
[suspenseful music playing]
[J'accuse barking in distance]
[crows cawing]
[J'accuse barks]
[Assane] J'accuse?
[chuckles] You found your treat!
[laughs loudly]
Good dog! What a good boy!
And what now?
First we dig a tunnel,
and then we choose a coffin.
[distant horns blaring]
This is one of our finest models.
100% made in France.
[in disguised voice] You know,
made in France is important.
- Entirely handcrafted.
- [Assane] Hmm, yeah.
- We gotta support local businesses.
- Absolutely.
- Is this for a relative?
- Yes. Yes, a loved one.
We were very close.
[firm, hollow sound]
- That one is made of oak, sir.
- Oh! I could tell it was.
- Yes, sir.
- [Assane] Mm-hm.
A little more expensive,
but much finer wood.
I can hear the craftsmanship.
We have different sizes in the back.
Do you know how tall they were?
Yes, well, he was about my weight.
- Mm-hm.
- [Assane] More or less.
We were also a similar height.
- All right, then.
- [Assane] Good.
- This is oak?
- Yes, sir.
- It's nice.
- [undertaker] Yes, sir.
- It's expensive.
- It's excellent.
- It's sturdy.
- Of course.
- You guarantee that?
- Yes, sir, it is.
[firm, hollow sound]
I'll take this one for my friend.
My dear friend.
Sir, friendship is priceless.
Ain't it?
[Assane panting]
He got a letter from his mother.
She's not coming back.
She abandoned him.
[Assane grunting with effort]
That's good, continue.
- Come on! Come on! Let it out!
- [Assane grunts]
[Keller] Trust me, I'm your family now.
- Five. Four.
- [Assane grunts]
- Three. Two.
- [Assane panting]
- [Keller] One.
- [yells]
See? This kid gives everything he's got.
[Assane panting]
[tense music playing]
[groaning softly]
[grunts with effort]
[drill whirs]
[drill whirs]
[grunts with effort]
[Keller] This kid gives
everything he's got.
Come on!
Harder. Let's go!
That's good. Harder, Assane!
[Assane grunts with effort]
[Keller] Keep it up!
- Four.
- [Assane grunts]
[Keller] Three.
- One!
- [young Assane yells]
[Assane sighs]
[sighs loudly]
[grunts loudly]
[exhales sharply]
["What a Man" by Linda Lyndell playing]
[Assane groans]
- [whistles]
- [J'accuse barks]
- [laughs]
- [J'accuse barks]
Hey, buddy. You found me. Stay there!
I get lovin' ♪
Lovin' ♪
By the hundred ♪
And I get lovin' ♪
You're a real good dog.
- Here.
- [J'accuse squeals excitedly]
In my sleep ♪
Make me do the James Brown
Every time I get on my feet ♪
[sighs loudly]
Listen to me ♪
What a man, what a man, what a man ♪
What a mighty good man ♪
Say it again now ♪
What a man, what a man, what a man ♪
What a mighty good man ♪
Yes, he is ♪
[Assane] Come on, J'accuse.
We're outta here.
[J'accuse barks]
Let me put it on your mind ♪
Let me put it on your mind ♪
He thrills me ♪
Kills me ♪
He's a lovin' kind ♪
And what a man, what a man, what a man ♪
What a mighty, mighty good man
Say it again now ♪
What a man, what a man, what a man ♪
What a mighty good man ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
What a man ♪
And deep inside I know it ♪
What a man, yeah ♪
And I'm not ashamed to show it ♪
Yeah, what a man ♪
[tapping on keyboard]
[Claire sighs]
[taps keyboard]
[Claire] Is that her?
Hold on.
[Assane unzips bag]
Try adding "Saint-Louis, Senegal."
That's where the letter is from.
[Claire taps keyboard]
[Assane] That's her!
[Claire chuckles softly]
[Claire] Oh shit.
No, there must be a mistake.
[Claire] It says
she's in prison in Senegal.
[wind whistling]
[church bell chiming]
[crows cawing]
[distant siren wailing]
[footsteps approaching]
Madam? Do you need help? You seem lost.
No, thank you, I'm fine.
Are you sure? Where are you going?
- Uh, Montparnasse.
- [woman 1] I'm headed that way too.
- If you'd like, we can share a taxi.
- No, I'm all right.
- Thank you though.
- No, please.
I insist.
Hmm. [chuckles softly]
[woman 1] I mean, if we can find one.
Oh, look at that.
We're in luck.
[brakes screech]
[woman 1] Thank you.
Please, after you.
[woman 2] Thank you.
- Good morning.
- [driver] Hello.
- [woman 1] Hello.
- [driver] Hello.
[suspenseful music playing]
[church bell chiming]
[mysterious music playing]
[Ben sighs]
[bell rings]
Hey, Alberto.
[Ben sighs]
- How are you doing?
- [Alberto] It's been a while.
- Did you find someone better?
- No, just different.
There's no one better than you.
You're the best.
Good thing I don't hold a grudge.
I found you a buyer.
He's a big deal.
Got the pearl?
- I have the pearl.
- [chuckles] Wonderful.
I mean, sorry about Assane.
I really did like the guy,
but you know how it is.
Running a business,
gotta keep it spinning.
[Ben chuckles softly]
How much are they offering?
- I did the best I could.
- Hmm.
- [Alberto] In his memory.
- Hmm.
- Sixteen million.
- [Ben chuckles]
For Assane.
[Ben] You know,
Assane taught me something.
If a buyer's number isn't round,
then he's willing to round it up.
Let's save some time.
- Twenty million, final offer.
- Are you insane?
[inhales sharply] Eighteen?
[Ben sighs]
[Alberto] Nineteen, or
- Fine. Twenty million.
- [chuckles softly] Yep.
We'll do it as usual.
[mysterious music playing]
Oh, Raoul, honey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm running late to practice.
Now? Sure you're feeling up to it?
Yeah. Why wouldn't I?
He's not dead anyway.
It's all fake.
- Why do you say that, honey?
- We're talking about Dad here. He's Lupin.
Sorry, but I don't buy it.
[Claire sighs softly]
[door slams]
These are very specific documents.
We keep them
in the manuscript room. That floor.
So, are you a big Napoleonic map guy?
No, not really.
Over this way.
[sensor buzzes]
[whispering] Please, come in. Have a seat
over there. I'll be right back.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door closes]
"An unidentified body."
"An unidentified body."
"'Therefore, ' Mr. Dudouis finished"
"'near the tunnel.'"
"And crossing his arms"
[Guédira] "he jumped."
"'With Lupin, it's like I said.
He never dies.'"
[Guédira] "'He never dies.'"
[suspenseful music continues playing]
[librarian] Here.
And only handle it, please,
while wearing these.
- Okay.
- [librarian] All right?
Be very careful, okay?
[suspenseful music playing]
[paper rustling]
And his body ends up
in a tunnel It's obvious!
[man] Sh!
[Assane] Hey, buddy.
[J'accuse whimpers]
SANNI. CALL ME: 0353015059
[phone crackles]
- [woman] Hello?
- Hello, Mama?
[woman] No, I'm the warden's assistant.
Mariama Diop was transferred
three months ago.
She's in Dakar now.
Thank you.
She's in Dakar.
Yeah, Dakar Prison?
[man 1] There are several prisons
in Dakar.
We don't have any time
for your prank calls here. Goodbye.
[line goes dead]
[continuous beep]
[coin rattles]
I'm begging you.
Can I please talk to her? I'm her son.
[man 2] Okay, but just for a minute.
Hold on, please.
[Claire] Huh?
[Claire chuckles softly]
[distant tires screech]
[phone keys beep]
[ringing tone]
[woman] Hello?
That you?
It's me.
It's Sanni.
[Mariama] Sanni?
It's me.
I'm back, and I know you're still alive.
Come to Saint-Étienne-du-Mont Church
tonight at eight.
Bring the pearl with you.
I'm counting on you, Sanni.
[female voice] Prerecorded message ended.
[Assane sighs]
Will you explain all this?
[Assane] Follow me.
Did you meet with Alberto yet?
Yeah, he'll pay 20 for the pearl,
and we've got confirmation on the house.
It's all set. You just need
to talk to Claire and Raoul.
[Assane] Plan's off.
[Ben] Hey! What's going on?
- [beeping]
- Just get inside.
[door lock clicks]
- [Ben sighs]
- [J'accuse whimpers]
I just got a message from my mom.
- I thought she died a while back.
- I don't know anymore.
I haven't heard from her in 25 years,
and now she leaves me a message.
She wants to meet tonight.
Wait. How do you know that it's her?
She called me Sanni.
She's the only one that uses that name.
- Wait, that doesn't mean
- I know.
Even if it's not my mother,
someone knows I'm still alive.
What are you going to do?
[Assane] Look.
I didn't do all this to give up. Not now.
[Ben sighs]
- And if it's not her?
- Then it's a trap.
And there's only one way to know.
I just have to go there.
[church bell chiming]
[suspenseful music playing]
Are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
[Assane] What happened?
What are you doing in prison?
- [Mariama sniffs]
- [Assane] Are you okay?
I Why are you calling me?
Because I miss you.
I miss you, Mama.
We'll be together again.
I promise.
Like when we're down at the river
and you sing our song.
[distant phone ringing]
[phone ringing more loudly]
[Assane sighs]
Hello, Mom?
[Mariama] Sanni, put the pearl
in the donation box.
Keep the phone on you and leave.
Mom, is that you?
Where are you?
[Mariama] Please, Sanni.
Leave the pearl.
If you don't, they're going to kill me.
How do I really know it's you?
[Mariama] Remember, Sanni.
[Mariama sings song in Wolof]
[Assane and Mariama sing song in Wolof]
[Assane continues singing]
[Mariama still singing]
[song ends]
I promise I'll get you out.
[Mariama sniffs]
[sighs] Listen to me, Sanni.
I can't do anything for you, okay?
Make something of yourself, be happy.
Just forget about me.
- Mama!
- [Mariama] Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
[Assane sighs]
[Mariama] Listen carefully.
The people who kidnapped me say
that you have to work for them now.
[line goes dead]
What is it?
[exhales softly] What did she say?
[young Claire] Hey, hold on.
Assane, what's wrong? Just tell me.
That's it, then? You're quitting?
No, she abandoned me.
- She doesn't care.
- But you can't give up yet, Assane.
[young Claire] Wait!
It's your mother. You can't do that.
My father was a crook.
My mother is too.
And I'm no better, I guess.
[suspenseful music playing]
[soft music playing]
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