M.I. High (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

Super Blane

Professor Green about to begin tests on CIA Special Officer Carter.
Heart and brain patterns are healthy.
Attaching the MT-3000.
The device is working.
It's like he's ten times more powerful.
Begin deceleration.
It's caused a complete bodily short circuit.
It's a wonder he's alive.
The MT-3000 must not be used until the fault is corrected.
The 21st century faces a new kind of threat.
The old school spies have had their day and MI-9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent.
Hidden in a place no villain will think to look.
Welcome to MI High.
Will you be my boyfriend? Hey, I didn't know you had a better-looking sister.
OK, last week's test.
Blane, a C.
Daisy, a C.
Rose, an A.
An A? How?! We spent practically all week on the mission.
It's my parents.
Last time I got an A minus, they went berserk.
I heard it on the news - Rose Gupta in Homework Shocker.
Sorry to interrupt, but I've got someone here for you.
Oh, of course.
We have a new class member.
A foreign student.
CLASS GROANS Everyone, I'd like you to meet Chad Turner.
LA, California.
Hey, dudes, what's up? He can sit next to me if he likes! Forget biology.
From now on all I'm studying is American.
That's the one language I'd love to learn.
His hair's like he'd spent time on it, but he didn't spend time on it.
- He does that thing with the gel.
It falls across his face and - Ahem! You're lucky.
I've had it all day.
If I can continue.
You'll be working with an officer from outside MI-9.
You're familiar with the American Central Intelligence Agency? We're working with the CIA? They're the coolest spies ever! Hang on.
How old is this officer? Team, I'd like you to meet CIA Officer Turner.
- Hey, dudes, what's up? - Chad?! Officer Turner, over to you.
Thanks, Len.
The reason I'm here is this - the MT-3000, a device the CIA is developing to give officers superhuman powers.
This is amazing.
It gives you the strength of ten people.
- And ten times as smart.
- But it's got a bug.
Before it makes you really powerful, it just kinda cuts out.
- So, is it safe to use? - It's safe - it just doesn't work properly.
The CIA have been working on the bug for months, but can't crack it.
We need a fresh brain to figure it out.
Me? We have till noon tomorrow, or they'll deem the project a failure.
So, Rose, are you up to the job? - I don't know.
I mean, I'm not.
- Of course she is! So, when do we start? First objective is to handle a pick-up of the MT-3000s.
It's risky for me and the devices to travel together, so an undercover CIA officer will drop off a case at 1100 hours.
Blane, your job's easy.
Rendezvous with the field officer and switch the case with a decoy.
I'm gonna make the switch.
Blane, just who I wanted to see! I'm kind of in the middle of something.
I only want a minute.
It's about the American student, Chad.
- But! - I just want you to make sure he's settled in OK.
He may seem confident on the surface, but underneath he may be a bit nervy.
- No! - No? - No, not "No I won't.
" I mean"Yeah, whatever!" Blane?! SCHOOL BELL RINGS Oh, no! Hello, Blane, are you all right? Hey, sir, didn't I just see you with a briefcase like this one? - Er, yes, why? - Cos if yours was the same, we'd be briefcase buddies.
It's not actually mine.
I found it and presumed it belonged to a teacher.
I put it in the lost and found box.
Somebody must've taken it while I Blane? So I'm trying to land the President's plane by myself, when I realise we've only got one engine.
Blane, did you make the switch? Not exactly.
But it's fine.
One of the teachers has the MT-3000s.
We need to find the teacher with a black case.
How hard can it be? So, unlike you, black is very popular this year.
No worries.
Time for a little LA magic.
Ah, Chad.
Hey, dude, what's up? Yeah, everything's cool, Ms T.
Everyone's being great.
Especially Daisy.
She said she'd come and visit me when I get back to LA.
And Blane I had a dog called Blane.
- Dumbest mutt ever.
- Right.
Wow! These things really give you the strength of ten men? Yeah, and the brains.
Good news for some, huh? But like I said, before they do, they just cut out.
Using science to improve people - don't you think it's wrong? All I know is the CIA have spent millions in the MT-3000.
If you fix them, Chad said he'll recommend you to the CIA Academy.
Really? Don't you have to be American to get in there? If I was ten years younger I'd jump at the chance.
OK, maybe 20 years younger.
How are we doing with these suckers? I can see how they increase muscle power - But - But? - Yeah, Rose, what's with the buts? The circuitry's complicated.
You know, Len.
Rose would work better if we put it on somebody and ran tests.
- That's what I thought.
- It would be more scientific.
If you're sure it wouldn't be dangerous.
I'd tell you if it was.
I don't want to see you fail.
Len? No, sorry, but just in case.
No-one is to use the MT-3000.
No matter how tempting, Blane! Why can't girls see how arrogant he is? It's like he's been given the arrogance of ten men.
Not that that's possible.
Blane, I want you to sit out the first half.
You're subbing me?! For who? Hey, Blane.
What's long, hard and has your name written all over it? The bench! LAUGHTER - WHISTLE BLOWS - Give me the ball, please.
No, Julian, the ball, please.
He turned up, uninvited.
Popular, tanned, and from LA.
Only one man stands in his path.
Blane Whittaker stars in the Good The Chad And The Ugly.
Shut up, Stewart.
So, Chad, gonna show these losers how to really play? Don't worry, he's American.
I bet he sucks at football.
Great! Arrogant AND a show-off.
- Come on, Blane, it's your big moment.
- Yo, Blane, on you! - LAUGHTER - Hey, Blane, nice dive.
Yeah, if we ever need a spare girl for the swimming team.
Offside! Finding people you can really talk to is the hard part.
You can't tell many people you're a spy.
You want to tell people how hard it is, saving the world.
And doing homework.
- Some people, you just want to - Zap them with a demoleculizer! Look, you can talk to me.
I'd like to get to know the real you.
The whole airhead thing's just an act, I know.
No-one ever gets that.
You're smart, and very, very cute.
Yeah, lots of people get that.
SCHOOL BELL RINGS I can't talk now.
I'll call later.
That was my CIA boss reminding us we've got three hours to fix the bug or they'll close the project down.
Look, Rose'll fix these things, won't you, Rose? I know how the MT-3000 increases your metabolic rate but why it cuts out.
I've tried everything and Lenny won't let us test it on someone.
- So, I should tell my boss? - I will have it fixed! - Great.
I just need a bit more time, or a miracle.
Just know that the CIA's crying out for young scientists, especially with the Grand Master getting so powerful.
I'm sick of everyone expecting me to be perfect! My parents, the CI Wait.
What does the CIA know about the Grand Master? What does Chad know about anything? He wears sunglasses indoors! Look, I've got an idea.
You said you could fix the bug if you test it on something.
- Maybe.
- So why don't you test it on me? No, Blane, it's a totally unknown quantity.
You put it on, it cuts out - What's unknown? - Lenny said no.
He says no about everything.
He's an adult.
It's what they do.
We test the device on you on one condition.
You take it off the minute I run the tests.
- Don't you dare tell Lenny.
- Lenny who? OK, this might feel a bit weird.
Sir, phase one is complete.
I've got the MT-3000s and found someone to crack the bug.
Then instead of handing the perfected devices to the CIA, you will sell them to SKUL? And there's something else.
The agent working on the bug.
She's part of a top secret spy operation who know all about you.
- Where can I find them? - I'll tell you for another five million dollars.
Flopsy, the new hutch I promised you with the jacuzzi will have to wait.
Deliver the MT-3000s, then I'll buy everything you know.
So, how many did I do? - I always lose count at 3,000.
- Wow, this is great! - I don't even feel tired.
- It's weird.
- Chad said it would cut out.
- I'll leave it on longer.
No! I've got enough results to complete the equation.
Lenny! Take that thing off, quick! So, Rose, is the CIA looking at a new recruit? Doubt it, Chad.
It says here the CIA academy only take all-American heroes.
The thing is, dude, I'm not American.
But you are a hero.
I lecture at the academy every day.
I'm sure we can make an exception.
Well, I have had a bit of a Blanewave I mean brainwave.
It's an equation to explain why the MT-3000 cuts out.
I extrapolated the readings and differentiated the figures.
I should have the results soon.
Blane, are you all right? Yeah, I've never felt better.
I'll just get back to the whole equation-type thing.
Romeo meets Juliet, they die.
Give us a C! Give us a H! Give us a A! Wow, Blane, that was amazing.
Give us a B.
Give us a L! Give us a It's still an A! Yeah, Blane, that was awesome.
Just naturally gifted, I guess.
Good news, Grand Master.
The MT-3000 is being tested on someone as planned.
So you should crack the bug in no time? These HAVE got a bug, but not like Chad said.
Put one on and your heart and brain accelerate, going faster and faster.
Until the device cuts out? No, look.
They don't cut out.
The person wearing it would.
Your body keeps working.
If you try to stop, you just short circuit.
It would be like blowing a fuse.
You'd be lucky to survive.
A good job we didn't test these things out on anyone, after all.
Cever girl, our Rose, eh, Daisy? Guess what I just saw.
Blane pole vault over the science lab! Now is it just me, or is that not normal? Rose? So why are these called biceps? Duh! Cos there's two of them.
One for each arm.
So why are these triceps? Cos there's three of them.
Who has three arms? Er, Blane.
- What are you doing? - I don't know, I can't help it! I'm not doing anything! It's like he's had dancing lessons from my dad.
- What are you doing? - Just dancing.
- Yeah, get down! - Blane? - What's going on?! - It might have something to do with this.
You said you'd taken it off! - I'm sorry! - It must be making your muscles go into spasm.
Take it off, quick, before you short circuit! I can't! It won't come off! What do you mean - "I" short circuit? The CIA told me the MT-3000 short circuits.
I thought they meant the device, not the person.
Now I feel awful.
This is all my fault.
Blane put the device on to help me.
And what if he short circuits?! He won't, if we keep his heart rate above 160.
Lenny! He can't keep this up forever.
Connect this onto the MT-3000.
- What is it? - With my equation, I've designed a brake.
- 165 Chad, when I say "Now", press the red button on the decelerator.
It's not working.
- It's still not coming off.
- 162 The brake needs more power.
I could re-route it from the main computer.
There's a danger of - Of what? - Injecting too much power could damage the MT-3000.
It might do more harm than good.
- Any other options? - Well, we have to do something.
Blane's about to drop.
I hope this works.
- Hold still.
- If I stop, I'll melt.
OK, I've got it.
Chad, try again.
- Are you all right? - I could a run a marathon.
This is Officer Turner.
Mission completed and requesting pick up in 15 minutes.
You're leaving? Now Rose has figured out how to make the MT-3000s work, I'm taking them on the next plane home.
But you said it was too dangerous for you to travel with them.
They're needed and I eat danger for breakfast.
Hey, Chad, I'm sorry for acting like an idiot ever since you turned up.
- I'll get over it.
- It's just a lot of guys try it on with Daisy.
Look, one, I'm going back to the States.
And two, she didn't even come to say goodbye.
Good point.
Cool! But I loved him! The only boy who ever understood me.
It's not fair! What's wrong with her? A certain CIA officer.
Or so he claims.
Lenny, what does the CIA know about the Grand Master? Nothing.
MI-9 are keeping his existence classified.
So why did Chad mention him? And why was he transmitting on a frequency never used by the CIA? You stole Chad's communicator?! I was suspicious because the academy doesn't take non-Americans.
Like he said, he works there.
I'm sure his LA charm would swing it for you.
Chad lives in LA.
The CIA academy is 3,000 miles away in Virginia.
That's a long commute.
You're saying he doesn't work for the CIA? No, but I think he could be working for someone else too.
Chad, a double agent?! - No way! - We need to check his laptop before he leaves.
Any evidence would be on there.
Yeah, but he sticks to it like glue.
Then we need to find a way to lure Brad away from his laptop, somehow.
Yeah, but what could lure Chad? OK, I get it.
Fine! But when I prove his innocence, you're doing my homework for a year! So, with this decelerator, the MT-3000 is complete.
And you'll buy the secret location of this new spy ring? General Flopsy and I will meet you at the airport in one hour.
Chad, please don't go! Sorry, Daisy, but the world needs me too, you know.
But, don't you want to say goodbye to me properly? Well, now you put it like that Rose's device should upload all Chad's files.
It should take about three minutes.
Has Daisy ever been nice to someone for that long? I mean you're smart, funny.
- I've never met anyone like you before.
- No, probably not.
- Now, what about that goodbye? - Man, this is a tough job.
Ew! I didn't mean kiss me! Gross! Whatever, Daisy - see you around.
Ha! He'll see me around! So, what did we get? I'll tell you what I'm getting.
Grade As for a year.
Actually, we found a bill to a Grand Master for 10 million.
Chad's selling the MT-3000s to SKUL.
That and information on you three.
I'm sorry, Daisy.
Well, what are we doing just sitting here?! The jerk's getting away! Blane's already on it.
I'm next to the taxi we spotted.
It has to be Chad's pick-up.
But I can't see Chad anywhere.
Chad's not stupid.
He must have realised Rose was on to him.
And set up the taxi as a decoy? Look, there he is.
- He's heading for the back gate.
- Yeah, but I'm miles from the back gate! If I was wearing the MT-3000! Blane, if anyone can catch him, it's you.
I know you can do this.
Blane! - Hey, can I borrow that? - Oi! Wow! 'Ere, aren't you the striker in the first team? I am now.
Dear Agent Gupta, many thanks for perfecting the MT-3000s and for exposing Chad Turner.
Although the CIA academy doesn't usually accept non-Americans, we'd be delighted if you would train as our very first foreign officer.
I don't think so.
What if they're all like Chad? I can't believe I fell for him.
A clever plan though, making Blane so jealous he'd put on an MT-3000.
Back up.
Who was jealous?! You were so jealous.
- Uh, I was pretending! It's called being a spy! - Whatever.
I nearly forgot.
Remember when the MT-3000s were dropped off? The CIA have returned the briefcase accidentally used in the switch.
Of course, the officer took Ms Templeman's case.
Which means she's still got the empty one.
You OK, Ms Templeman? Looks like you've seen a ghost.
Erm No, no, I'm fine.
I think.