M.I. High (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

Spy Animals

I know you think running a spy ring in a school is risky, but my team have neutralised over a dozen agents.
Yes, Mr Bicknall, your record at Saint ALARM SOUNDS There's been a security breach.
No-one say anything.
Ah-ha, spies working under cover in a school.
Tell me, how DID you infiltrate MI9? Ah-ah-ah.
I'll tell you, if you let me join SKUL.
Mr Fenton, SKUL does not bargain with third-rate inventors.
Well, I'll take my devices elsewhere then, shall I? - Wait, can you prove this spy ring of teachers exist? - These spies, they'll be sniffed out, then flushed out.
I will get a shiny membership badge, won't I? Yes? The 21st century faces a new kind of threat.
The old-school spies have had their day and MI9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent.
Hidden in a place no villain will think to look.
Welcome to MI High.
Critchley, that homework you done for me, I got an F minus.
- Maybe your family can frame it, their highest mark ever.
- All right.
Just because it's drama class, doesn't mean you can act like idiots.
Miss, when do we get to act out those kung-fu films? - Hi-ya! - Ho! Now, acting is about not being afraid to let yourself go.
This exercise is about trusting people to catch you even if you fall.
So, Kaleigh, you can go first.
Well done! Daisy.
Come on, you can trust us.
I can do this.
ICE-CREAM VAN MUSIC PLAYS Ow! Daisy, are you all right? Is her arm meant to bend that way? DAISY GROANS Next week, they'll all be wearing one.
So, how was the boss? Got her phone number yet? You know Lenny's only hot for Miss Templeman.
Actually, while I was at MI9 there was a security breach.
A foreign signal transmitting in and out of the meeting room.
The room was bugged? MI9 did a sweep, didn't find a thing, but it was bugged somehow.
In Lenny's world, this is gossip.
There's more bad news.
When the alarm went off, we were talking about St Hope's.
And then this morning, MI9 detected a signal like the one that of the alarm, coming from THIS area.
So whoever bugged the meeting is now looking for us? - OK, so we find them, I lay down some moves - No, Blane, not this time.
If anyone knows about us, we're a security risk.
As of this morning, we've been taken off active duty.
What? How are we supposed to find the person who's looking for us if we've been suspended? MI9 will investigate and while they do, I've been ordered to shut down HQ.
Here, take these badges.
Butbe careful, they're sonic detonators.
And we don't want to blast our way out of here.
But, being suspended, it's not forever, right? All I know is that you need to lie as low as you can and remember, trust no-one.
There you go.
One raspberry ripple.
And your change, 50 pence.
How do you know my name? BELL CHIMES - Greeting, fellow SKUL member.
- You're not a member yet.
- Nor will you ever be if these spy teachers turn out to be nonsense.
- Oh! Don't you worry, I'm about to find out with my first genius device.
- You mean General Flopsy? - He was Flopsy, now he's an all-terrain, hi-tech, surveillance rabbit.
The bionic bunny.
The bionic - Just make sure he comes back a happy bunny.
- He'll be fine, won't you, eh? Won't you? Oh! Ow, you little DEVICE BEEPS I can't believe we've been locked out of HQ.
Some evil maniac's after us - and we'll have to fend them off with set squares.
- Shh.
Someone could be watching.
I'll examine the recordings, get them to you as soon as I can.
Recordings? What was that all about? Er, it's my mum.
Wants me to examine some old Beatles' hits for her.
See if I can convert them into MP3s.
So, what are you two up to? Nothing.
It sucks.
- MI9 ARE investigating.
- Rose, someone had the brains to bug MI9 without anyone knowing, and now they've been traced here, and you're willing to stand by and let someone else investigate? They're called orders, Blane.
I'll see you later.
Come on, there's something I need to tell Lenny.
Our first potential spy.
Where's she off to? Hello there.
Daisy, innit? No boys chasing you today? Just listen, it's about Rose.
I know this sounds stupid but I heard her talking about Oh! Oh - Are you all right there, Miss T? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Oh You know, you really do have the most beautiful - .
- Oh - You can always judge a man by his shoes.
- That's you stuffed then, eh, Mr B? - Shut up.
Well, bye then.
- Next time, try talking to them, girls love that.
- Hey.
Flopsy's not exactly James Bond, is he? - You're blaming your failure on a defenceless rabbit? - Defenceless? He nearly took my arm off.
And you want to join SKUL? The Girl Guides wouldn't have you.
Whoa Hang on a minute, you want these teachers telling the truth, hmm? Say hello to Tortoise Maximus.
He'll have these teachers telling the truth.
Slowly, admittedly.
But, soft what light thro-g thoughyonder window breaks it is the East and Juliet, Juliet, aye! LAUGHTER Excuse me, Miss, please may I be excused? I need to go to the toilet.
Hurry up, please.
Now, Julian, I'd like you to think and imagine how Romeo might be feeling.
What excuse does Rose give every time we go on a mission? That she needs to go to the toilet.
And there is Juliet in her chamber.
Wasn't Rose going to go and examine some recordings? MI9 meeting.
That's the meeting Lenny was at.
The one that somebody bugged.
Why would Rose have a recording of it? - Unless - There he is, looking up at the balcony.
It comes from the heart.
The heart.
It is my lady, oh.
It is my love, oh, that she can Are you sure this truth serum will work? Once these teachers start telling the truth, they'll sing like canaries.
And talk about their spy work, hopefully.
- No, she wherewere.
- Well, thank you, Julian.
That was a verymoving performance.
You are kidding? I've had school dinners that are more moving.
You're right, that was the most excruciating Romeo I have ever heard.
It was awful.
But then what do you expect from the school's biggest toerag? Wow.
That was like so truthicle.
Truthicle? It's not even a word.
You really are the biggest ignoramus I have ever taught.
An ignoramus? I think I've seen one of those at the zoo.
Sorry, second biggest ignoramus.
I feel a little bit dizzy.
Well, if she's a spy, the world's in trouble.
- KNOCK AT DOOR - Sorry to interrupt, I Oi-oi.
What have we here? Miss Templeman, are you all right? You're looking rather off-colour.
Yes, I always feel a little sick when I see you.
PUPILS SNIGGER Right, I wanted to ask if you wouldn't mind taking my next class for me? Yes, of course I'd mind.
I mean, what kind of headmaster are you? YOU couldn't manage your way out of a paper bag.
I'm always covering for you, you jumped up little twerp.
I'm sorry, what did you just call me? A twerp that sweats like a baboon.
LAUGHTER Miss Templeman, I know I like to keep things informal but these sort of remarks are .
perfectly acceptable from the woman I fancy.
- LAUGHTER - Adore.
I meanlove.
Sir, she just said you sweat like a baboon.
I know.
It's always been a problem.
LAUGHTER Aargh What was that all about? I think it's something to do with this.
Someone must have fired it through that door.
Titanium hand-crafted.
But there's no way Rose could have fired it.
Look, Blane, I like Rose as much as you do but I followed her after class andlook where she's been.
We're not allowed in HQ.
Don't let her go anywhere.
So, you and Blane? - Not now, Zara.
- I knew it.
Do you know, your shoes are really quite disgusting.
Are you OK? You look flustered.
I'm always flustered around you.
Maybe it's not the teachers.
Never trust a man with a stupid hat, Flopsy, that's my motto.
My heart starts racing until in the end the big love monster inside me - just wants to jump out and - Easy there! Lenny, look at me.
Look at the time.
I should go.
So this is why you've been ignoring us lately? Because you're going out with Blane? No, it's because I'm a spy.
A spy?! I'm a spy and I work for MI9.
Woo-hoo! Yes! Woo-hoo! I'm gonna be in SKUL.
I'm gonna be in SKUL.
S-K-U-L, S-K-U-L.
It's true.
I save the world with all these incredible gadgets.
And 230 feet below us is our underground layer.
Look, if you're going out with Blane, you can say so.
Whoa, good joke, hey, girls? Daisy and Blane.
So cool.
So gross.
Let's tell everyone.
Toot-toot! How does it feel to be a member of SKUL? When I first thought about it What's up with you? Telling the blabber twins you're a spy.
What's up with me?! I'm not the one who's been in HQ against orders.
- I'm not the enemy agent.
- What? We know you've got these.
Recordings of the meeting Lenny was at.
The one that you bugged.
Daisy, MI9 gave me these.
They want me try and work out who bugged the room.
So why lie to me and Blane? Beatles tapes for your mum?! MI9 know there's an enemy agent in the area.
By not involving you two, I was trying to keep you safe.
That still doesn't explain this! Oh, well, how did that get there? Daisy, I don't know what these are or what's in them.
They obviously make people tell the truth, and I swear, they didn't come from me.
OK, I've had enough of not being a spy.
Rules are there to be broken, right? La-la-la-la BELL CHIMES Ooh! Ooh So these teachers are spies after all.
Nope, the teachers aren't spies.
Huh! I knew it.
But one of the pupils, she is! Whoo-hoo-hoo! - Where's she gone? - What now, Mr Fenton? Ernothing, your masterfulness.
We need to test Rose's antidote.
We're under direct orders not to be in here.
What's MI9 doing about catching whoever's after us? Well, first they'll have some meetings and then - OK, I see your point.
- Rose? I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
You see, I've never had any real friends.
At least, not ones I can trust.
No-one as smart as you.
You know, I kind of like her telling the truth.
Wait! I want to try something.
Seeing as you can't help but tell the truth, do you fancy me? Y You're kidding! I'd rather go out with Stewart.
OK, so the antidote works.
OK, so this proves that whoever caused the security breach at MI9 is now at St Hope's.
That's why I've made this.
It's a chemical sniffer.
It detects the chemicals in the truth serum.
If someone's got a stash of them, this should lead us there.
OK, Daisy, you head out.
Blane, Rose, keep checking MI9's discs of the meeting for clues.
Our jobs depend on it.
First you say the spy's a schoolgirl, and now you've lost her.
Don't worry, sir .
I'll find her all right.
What is it this time? My smallest invention yet.
DAISY'S DEVICE BEEPS The spy flies will fly into her ear hole, then a microchip on their backs will download the entire contents of her brain! DEVICE BEEPS FASTER Oi, Critchley, I've got extra homework now thanks to you! Look, why are you always on my back? I don't know.
I don't want to be a bully, I want to be a ballet dancer.
Ahem I mean like Billy Elliott my mum calls me Twinkle Toes.
DEVICE BEATS QUICKLY DEVICE BEATS NORMALLY AGAIN FLY BUZZES OK I've pinpointed the exact source of the signal transmitting to and from the meeting room.
Now watch.
Only one thing moves like that.
Yes, Mr Bicknall, your record at Saint ALARM SOUNDS There's been a security breach.
No-one say anything.
The file you took to the meeting I think we've found our bug.
Yeah? FLY BUZZES What's up? Daisy, we've found something.
The fly has contact lenses that act as surveillance cameras.
Daisy, what's that noise? Stupid things! Get off! The spy flies have located the suspect, permission to extract evidence.
And what will happen to the girl? She's a school kid - most of them cope without a brain, don't they? Now, Daisy, don't panic.
The flies are probably just filming.
Just act normal and don't lead them back to HQ.
Just do nothing.
Actually, doing nothing might not be such a good idea.
They'll do what?! They'll suck my brains out?! FLIES BUZZ, DAISY SCREAMS DEVICE BEEPS QUICKLY Guys? I think the sniffer's onto something.
There must be like a whole batch of truth serum out there.
Butthe flies have got me trapped.
The flies must be radio-controlled.
My guess is they use the same frequency as the fly that bugged Lenny's meeting.
Daisy, remove the top of your communicator and connect the blue override wire to the red wire.
Done it.
Now what? I'm reprogramming the communicator so it jams whoever's controlling the flies.
Cool, just like a fly repellent.
How do you know it'll work? Daisy, when have I ever let you down? OK, don't answer that.
Daisy, this will run the battery on your communicator down.
You have a minute to find that serum.
I've got it.
The sniffer's going berserk right by an ice-cream van.
Get herenow.
The little brat must be jamming the signal! This thing's not gonna last much longer.
Take cover! DEVICE TICKS THEN BEEPS HE GASPS HE COUGHS Yeuch! You'll pay for this! I'll be quick, I promise.
- Rose? - I've found where the flies are being controlled from.
Daisy? Get behind me.
The password? What's the password? Go get 'em, boys.
No! No! Bzzzz It has to beS-K-U-L.
Yes! - Oh, come on, come on.
- Rose! New target No! Not me Them! No! I'm a member of SKUL! FLY BUZZES HE GIBBERS Get off! Where am I? Who am I? I'm a giant ice cream.
The flies, did they brainwash him? Yeah, but I think he liked it.
Mmm Yum.
The good news is Fenton didn't harm the animals one bit.
They just carried things like this.
Or contact lenses, can you believe the size of this thing? Oops.
What about Fenton? We found files on his laptop.
He was trying to prove to SKUL that spies were working here at the school.
So is he in jail? That'd prove to SKUL that he'd found us.
Daisy's right.
Given that Fenton can't even remember his own name, we thought it would be more useful if he reports back to SKUL.
Some MI9 agents are on the trail.
- Oh, hello! - Hello.
- Did you paint this? - Mm-hm.
Did you paint it blindfolded? Because it's really rather terrible.
A house? It's more like a splurge of monkey vomit! - Well, you stink! - I'm sorry, it's just that you really have no talent at all! Oh, I mean Are you all right, Mr F? I heard what happened in the classroom.
- No wonder she doesn't like me.
- Who? - Helen, er, Miss Templeman.
- What? - She doesn't like me! I'm useless, I'm a complete buffoon around her, a big sweating baboon of a buffoon but you, Leonardyou're wonderful! You're a real man, you can fix things, people actually like you.
She likes you, and I I only shout at you because I wish I was more like you! Oh, my! I mean Well, don't just stand there loitering, Bicknall.
- Haven't you got a job to do? - Yes, Mr F! Good.
Oh Oh, my head.
I like you I've always liked you.
Don't move.
I think you've got a wasp on your neck.
- Actually, ermwhen I say I like you, what I mean is - Don't worry, I know what you mean.
Still couldn't tell her, then? I'm more worried about Zara and Kaleigh knowing that Daisy's a spy.
Hey, Mr B, guess what! Daisy and Blane are going out together.
I could have told them I was an alien and they wouldn't have cared.
Do you think he's dumped her already? For the last time, I'm not going out with Blane! Dumped, definitely.
Ohhh! You almost led them back here, you incompetent fool.
If Flopsy hadn't hopped in front of their car and stopped them, SKUL would have been done for! Such a brave rabbit.
Oh GLASS SMASHES Now I'll ask you again.
What was the name of that school? Stapler GLASS SMASHES - Flopsy! - And to think I nearly allowed you into SKUL! Just be thankful that General Flopsy made it back in one piece.
And kids working for MI9, honestly! - Oh - Big mess!