Macgyver s04e11 Episode Script

The Battle of Tommy Giordano

Tommy Giordano was a good friend of mine.
Had been since the first time I gave him a bath and got wetter than he did.
I'd known Tommy's mom, Mary Ruth, since I first came to the Phoenix Foundation.
She was a lab technician, one of the best.
Her husband, Richard, was a successful surgeon.
They had everything a family could want.
Except a happy marriage.
The divorce was hard, but now mother and father were both suing for custody of Tommy.
Tommy really didn't understand why his mom and dad were suddenly at war with each other.
Or why he had to be one of the casualties.
But you could see he was carrying around a lot more pain than you'd think could fit into an 8-year-old kid.
MacGyver, if I go live with my mom, my dad will think I don't love him anymore.
And if I go live with my dad, my mom will think I don't love her.
I promise you, that's not how it works.
See, you got to live somewhere, so somebody has to have custody.
- They both understand that.
- Is that a rule? It's better.
It's a fact.
Like two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen? And it never changes? That kind of fact? Yeah.
I don't know.
It's a little tough now, but I promise, it gets easier.
There she is.
Come on.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, honey.
I pay you a fortune and you can't even get me visitation rights.
You verbally abused your wife for nine years, then you started in on the judge, Dr.
You didn't give me a lot to work with.
Anyway, you'll have visitation rights after six months.
You're gonna live with me, Tommy.
What about Dad? You'll see him soon.
Don't make any trouble.
It's not gonna help.
We'll talk about it later.
Come on.
Just a second.
- Hi, son.
- Hi, Dad.
Look, Mary Ruth, I wanted Tommy with me.
I admit I've been upset.
But let's call a truce.
Make it easy on Tom? Friends? I'd like that.
Tommy would too.
Can I talk to him alone for a minute? Say goodbye? Dad, why can't we just call the divorce off? I'd like to.
But you know your mom.
Speaking of that, you know how much trouble she has taking care of things? How she gets hysterical? Well, if that happens and she can't handle things, I want you to call me, okay? I will.
Look what MacGyver bought me, Dad.
He's taking Mom and me to the aquarium this afternoon.
I wish you were coming too.
Me too.
But I'll see you soon, huh? You did the right thing.
Go back to law school, jerk.
You made the right decision to pull out this afternoon.
Peter Vaccaro could make his move any time.
I knew his father Albert.
Peter, I don't know.
Albert Vaccaro never got into narcotics.
He was like me, he didn't wanna see the stuff get into schoolyards.
Peter, he don't care.
He thinks I'm dribbling my oatmeal.
But I have to shred his tail feathers.
- Narcotics is a lucrative business.
- Don't talk stupid, Pauley! You gotta draw the line somewhere.
Me, I'm an old man in baggy pants.
Soon, I gotta answer for what I done.
I don't want 1 0-year-olds on my conscience.
Peter Vaccaro could wait a fast couple of years and Joe Catano is history.
It's stupid to kill an old man.
Better to let life do it.
Excuse me.
Someone to see you, Mr.
I don't believe it.
Hello, Uncle Joe.
Pauley, you remember Richard Giordano, eh? He used to be my nephew, until he gave me the bum's rush.
Uncle Joe, that was a long time ago.
I need help.
It's Tommy.
He's sick? An accident? What? It's private.
I'll make some calls.
See that they have the ranch ready for us tonight.
Your jet's all arranged.
- I'll be taking a commercial flight later.
- Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, Pauley.
- Tommy's been taken away from me.
- What do you mean, taken away? His mother divorced me.
She got custody.
I didn't even get visitation rights.
Don't lie to me.
You run around on her? No, she left me.
Lied about me in court, they believed her, that's it.
You're telling me the truth? That's all there is to it? That's all.
I swear.
No court's got the right to take a son away from his father just like that.
I came to you.
You're the only family I have.
Oh, when you're in trouble, I'm family, huh? Want to go to college, I'm family.
Medical school, I'm family.
Set you up in a fancy medical practice, I'm family.
But when things are going good, I'm just an old guy you don't wanna see around your son, eh? I was young.
You was out of line.
I look at you, I don't know you.
You're not a Catano.
You're not like any Giordano I ever knew.
The only thing you ever got from a Catano was a lot of nerve.
What can I say? I was wrong.
But I want my son.
That's the first human thing I ever heard you say.
Uncle Joe, I swear to you, if you help me, I'll make it up to you.
You'll like Tommy, he's a terrific little boy.
He looks just like Mama.
You should've left that out.
You were beginning to win me over until you overdid it.
What are you talking about? Even when you were a kid, you manipulated, played on people.
Always told them what they wanted to hear until you got what you wanted, then threw them away like a used-up piece of Kleenex.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Hold it.
I didn't say I wouldn't help.
I just wanted you to know I was wise to you.
Where is the boy? At the aquarium.
A friend of his mother's took them.
Well, it so happens I'm going on a little vacation to Canada tonight.
It'd be nice to have the boy up there with me.
I'll arrange something.
Wow, he's a giant.
- What are they called, MacGyver? - Arapaima gigas.
They're so rad.
If I were a fish, that's what I'd be.
That or a shark.
Do they have sharks here? Yeah, right around the corner in the next gallery.
- Can I go see them? - All right, - but don't go running off, honey.
- Okay.
You know what? I'm scared to death.
Of what? I don't know.
I've never really been alone.
All those years of Richard telling me I couldn't do anything.
After a while, you start to believe it.
I think it's about time you start believing in yourself.
Where is he? There he is.
- Hey! - Tommy! Stop! That's my boy! Tommy! - Surprise.
- Dad.
Tommy! Tommy! How long have you had sole custody of the child? Since this morning.
That means the custody papers haven't even come down yet.
- Wha--? - lt'll take a few days.
And you have to have proof that Mr.
Giordano doesn't intend to return the child.
What are you talking about? He's kidnapped my baby.
Look, in a few days, when you have the right documents-- What good are documents if you give them time to disappear? I'm sorry.
Right now, this is a civil matter.
I wish there was more I could do.
Oh, MacGyver, what am I gonna do? What? Dad, what's going on? We're taking a trip.
Your mom got custody, but before you go to live with her, we get to take a trip.
It's part of the deal.
No kidding? Where are we going? To a ranch in Canada.
I haven't got my clothes or a suitcase or anything.
- We'll get some new ones.
- What's Mom gonna do? I guess she'll be with MacGyver.
Hey, you're gonna like the ranch.
I used to visit Uncle Joe up there when I was your age.
- Who's Uncle Joe? - That's me.
Your grandmother was my sister.
That's why I'm Uncle Joe.
So how come I never saw you before? Well, I was away but now I'm back.
You know what I got in Canada? Horses.
- You like horses? - Yeah.
Yeah? You and me are gonna be pals.
I like him.
One of those horses is just a little bit bigger than you.
Here we go.
Mary Ruth, I want you to know that we're doing absolutely everything in our power - to get Tommy back safe and sound.
- Thank you, Mr.
Call me Pete, huh? So, what is a surgeon doing with a couple of professional thugs? Well, I think I can explain that.
When we hired you, Phoenix did a thorough background investigation on you.
Now, that's standard procedure.
But the review included Richard's family background.
Have you ever heard of Joseph Catano? There was an Uncle Joe.
He came to visit when Tommy was born.
He brought a huge teddy bear.
But Richard was in a hurry to get rid of him.
I never saw him again.
Why? - Who is he? - He is the absolute, undisputed head of the Catano crime family.
I lived with Richard for nine years.
How could he keep that from me? Well, our information is that Richard broke with the family some time ago.
So since he's an established surgeon in his own right, we didn't consider the connection to be a security risk when we hired you.
I can't believe this is happening.
What am I gonna do? I think we can start by trying to find Joseph Catano.
I have a call in to George Kaplan.
He handles organized crime over at the FBl.
Yeah, but this is a civil matter, remember? It's just like always.
Richard's winning again.
He's not doing this because he wants Tommy.
He's doing this because he can't stand to lose.
Thornton, there's a call for Mary Ruth on line three.
It's Tommy.
Go ahead, Helen.
Put it through.
- Tommy? - Mom.
Tommy, where are you? I'm at Uncle Joe's, with Dad.
I just called to say goodbye.
What do you mean goodbye? We're going to Uncle Joe's ranch.
- I thought you knew.
- Where's the ranch, Tommy? I was talking to Mom.
No time for that now, kiddo.
We're on our way.
I wanted to say goodbye to Mom.
You can call her from Canada, okay? Well, who's this? Look at this kid.
Is he a Catano or what? It's Richie's son.
Tommy, this is Paul.
- Hello, Paul.
- Hi, Tommy.
We're gonna see a lot of Paul at the ranch.
He's so efficient, I could sleep all day.
He's like talking to a computer.
But who's perfect, eh? Mr.
It's Paul.
It's all set for tomorrow night.
Get your people up there.
Tell them to check into the Timberland Motel in town.
I'll get in touch with them and give them their instructions.
No, sir, the security's no problem.
I can get them past it.
Yes, sir.
Tony, - I want you on the gate tomorrow night.
- Yes, sir.
Got it.
Okay, thanks.
Here's Catano's address.
Get over there.
Kaplan's meeting you.
I'm still working on getting your custody papers rushed through.
MacGyver, Mrs.
Giordano, I'm George Kaplan, FBl.
- Where's Tommy? - Catano's people filed a flight plan for his private jet.
- He's on his way to Canada by now.
- Canada? Well, can't you do something? Stop the plane.
You have to understand, the Bureau can't get involved - unless there's a federal crime.
- Don't tell us, it's a civil matter.
I'm sorry.
But it's kidnapping.
You have to help me.
Don't you understand? I have custody.
Why can't you have them arrested - when they get to Canada? - It's just not that simple.
You're talking about international law.
It could take months to get through legal channels.
- Maybe even years.
- Not good enough.
In circumstances like this, most people hire a private detective to snatch the child back.
But in this case, I wouldn't advise trying that.
- Why not? - For the past few months, there's been trouble between Joe Catano and the new boss of the Vaccaro family, Peter Vaccaro.
There's a contract out on Catano.
He's gone to the pads.
- What does that mean? - It means Catano's in hiding.
He's got a price on his head.
Oh, God, that means Tommy's in danger too.
I wish there was something I could do to help.
But my hands are tied.
Yeah, well, mine aren't.
Any law that says I can't go after Tommy? Yeah.
It's called kidnapping.
It takes a parent or legal guardian to bring the boy across the international border.
Otherwise, you're the one facing the charges.
What if we both go after Tommy? Look, I'm advising against it.
But the only way you're gonna pull this off, is if you do it together.
We'd be walking into a pretty messy situation.
Look, I've seen Richard do some mean, manipulative things.
But I never thought he'd put Tommy in danger.
He's not gonna get my baby killed.
I'm going.
How come those guys have guns, Uncle Joe? Some people work hard all their lives getting things and other people work hard all their lives stealing what you worked for.
Now, Tommy, I want you to do me a favour, huh? You're not to go outside that gate, huh? Okay.
- Tommy's okay.
- Oh, thank God.
Can you get in there? Well, in the daylight, all those guards, might be a little tough.
MacGyver, look.
They must be from the other family Kaplan told us about.
It looks like they're doing the same thing we are, for different reasons.
You mean they came up here to kill Joe? Come on, we'd better keep an eye on them, make sure they don't move before we do.
- Now, how does that feel? - I'm riding.
Oh, how about that.
You're doing good.
You know, R.
, that stands for Royal Jasper.
Some name, huh? They always name horses like that.
The good ones, anyway.
Now, you look at his neck, huh? Proud and high, good legs.
That's because family's everything with horses.
Just like it should be with us Catanos.
You know, I only met your mother once.
Tell me about her.
Well, sometimes she's funny, and we have a real good time.
But when Dad's around, she cries a lot.
I think she's smart, but don't tell Dad that.
He doesn't think so.
That's because she messes up when Dad's around.
He makes her nervous.
I think I'd like her, your mother.
See that? - So now what? - We wait is what.
As soon as we get the phone call, we move in and we get the job done, huh? Here's our room.
It looks like they're in room nine.
What do you say we check into the room next door? And whatever happens in there, back me up.
Room ten, please.
They're all exactly alike.
Oh, not on the scale of the great cosmos, they're not.
We want ten.
- Why? - Numerology, man.
Numerology? The karma of any number that's not divisible by two or five just puts us into a cosmic tailspin, totally.
Right, babe? Oh, right.
The wrong number really messes with my polarity.
Are you two from California? For sure.
Now taste this.
You're kidding.
You can do better than 1 5 percent.
Dad, can I call Mom now? I'm on the phone.
I mean when you finish.
You said I could call.
She'll be worried if I don't call.
Hang on for a minute.
I brought you on a trip.
I bought you toys.
You have horses to ride.
Isn't anything enough for you? It's just Mom all the time? - Don't you like being with me? - Sure I do.
Then I don't wanna hear any more whining.
Sorry about that.
I told you, 1 5 percent is not good enough.
You have to speak bad to the boy? I was on the phone to Austria.
I was about to wrap up a partnership in a clinic in Vienna.
Vienna? You're going to Vienna with Tommy? You snatch him away from everything he ever knew and now you wanna take him to Vienna? Where they don't even speak English? It's a very lucrative practice.
I have to make some plans for the future.
For you.
All for you.
- Nothing for the kid.
- He'll have everything he wants.
All he wants is to be a kid.
Your kid.
What'd you want him for? Because he's mine.
But he's not a silk tie or an alpaca sweater.
He's a kid, Richie.
A kid.
What are you doing? The only way we can find out what they're planning is to patch into their phone line.
Can you get me a coat hanger? The first thing I gotta do is shove our phone line over to their junction box.
And connect our phone to theirs.
Now I gotta connect the lines.
I'm gonna have to get in their room.
I'll need five minutes.
What? You're gonna have to get them out of there.
- How? What will I say? - Whatever it takes.
Tell them the car won't start, you need help.
I can't.
You have to.
Now go.
I can do this.
I don't know.
How about some Chinese, huh? Hey, you think they got Chinese food in Canada? - Yeah, sure they do, huh? - Come on.
You pay.
- I'll flip you for it.
- Oh, yeah.
They're gone.
They went out to eat.
All right, if you see them coming back, knock on the wall.
I'm gonna call the store.
Oh, that's some toy.
My friend, MacGyver, gave me one like it.
That's why I wanted this one.
It runs with this remote control.
You can program it to do stuff.
Will you look at that? You know, I could never understand that.
You're a very smart kid, you know that? I could teach you.
Would you do that? Oh, that's great.
Look at him go.
Look at that.
I figured out maybe you'd like it if Uncle Joe put you on a plane tomorrow, - sent you back to see your mother.
- You mean it? - Yeah.
- Thanks, Uncle Joe.
How would you like it if I called you up sometime, just to shoot the breeze? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Make him go.
They're coming back already.
Is that our phone? Hello? Hello.
Missed it.
What'd I tell you? Leave me alone! Stop it! Leave me alone! What's that? Either a fight, or maybe somebody's really in love, man.
Please, you gotta help me! He's tearing up everything.
I think he's gonna kill me.
- Who, lady? - My boyfriend, he's gone crazy! - You gotta help me.
- Look, lady, it's not our problem, okay? Oh, please.
He's gonna kill me! - He's hurt me before.
- All right.
Come on.
The jerk's gonna hurt her.
I guess he left.
- You ought to lock the door.
- Oh, I will.
It was really sweet of you guys to help me, though.
I was really scared.
Look, if he comes back, don't let him in, okay? No, I won't.
Thank you, really.
I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there.
Thanks again.
Nice going, ace.
- Where were you? - What? We got dinner and brought it back.
- What's the game plan? - Listen.
Is there a delivery truck in the parking lot? See if there's a delivery truck in the parking lot.
- Yeah.
- That's your way in.
I've got Tony on the gate with another guy.
Take out the other guy.
Tony's with us.
- Yeah.
- You pull up to the house and blow the horn twice.
When you do that, I take out the old man.
You handle the two bodyguards inside, Tony will clean up in the bunkhouse.
- You got it? - We saw a kid this afternoon.
Everybody goes.
Now move.
On our way.
All right, you can't call out on this.
Get to a phone and call the police.
- Where are you going? - With them.
They don't get any smoother in this setup.
- I don't like whacking the kid.
- Same here.
We got a job to do.
I need the police, quick! Don't do that, lady.
- You'll give me a heart attack.
- It's an emergency.
Call the police! - There are no police here.
- What do you mean? There's a Mountie base, but it's an hour away.
Look, somebody's going to kill my little boy at the Catano Ranch tonight! Is this a prank, lady? Does it look like a prank? Just get the Mounties to the Catano Ranch as fast as you can! Okay.
All right.
Wait a minute.
Go check the back.
Okay, one down.
I'll call the house.
We just drive in, nice and easy.
Remember, once we open fire, nothing comes out of there alive.
It's Tony.
The delivery's here, Mr.
Let's go.
- What's wrong with it? - I don't know.
Neither one is a 3-year-old.
Boy, I tell you, I didn't play him because I thought the track conditions unfavourable.
Too hot out there.
Now, I tell you.
They used too much garlic here? - How about some salt? - No, thanks.
Kind of dry, though.
- Have any beer here? - No, there's some milk in there.
You wanna get some? No beer, but milk we got.
Wednesday I can't stand to see the kid unhappy.
And I'm not letting Richie carry him off to Vienna.
Give it some pedal.
Let's go.
I'll take care of the guys in the bunkhouse.
It's the delivery.
Go give them a hand.
Hey! What gives? - What's that? - It's the delivery.
From the Vaccaro family.
So they got to you too, huh? Nothing personal, Joe.
It's business.
Who are you? My name's MacGyver.
I've come to take Tommy home.
Hurry up.
- What's going on here? - MacGyver! - What's he doing here? - Never mind.
Get the boy safe.
Vaccaro's people are here.
Where are you going? This is your war, old man.
I'm getting out of here.
Without the kid? Up there.
Cover me.
Tommy, stay quiet.
There's a bunch of them.
I'd forget about trying to shoot it out.
You got a better suggestion? Maybe.
What are you doing? Alcohol, ammonia.
Acid from coffee descaler.
If I can hook up the power source That should be enough to set off the alcohol.
After it blows, the rest of the stuff will make a smoke screen.
After that, we're on our own.
Let's take some cover.
When I hit the button, be ready to move.
All right.
Let's check downstairs.
My, my.
Haven't we been busy? Awesome, Mom.
Tommy! Take Tommy home.
I'll see Richie doesn't bother you anymore.
I don't know how to thank you, MacGyver.
Both of you.
Hey, we love Tommy too, you know.
Oh, I don't mean just for Tommy, I mean for me too.
And thanks to you, I've done things I never dreamed I could do.
Like polishing off a hit man with a skillet? Right.
Thank goodness now all I have to do is be a mom.
Are you kidding? In a few years, you're gonna be dealing with a teenager.
- Yeah, puberty.
- High school.
Borrowing the car.
Let me try it.
Come on.
Better let me drive.