Macgyver s04e12 Episode Script

The Challenge

I'd been doing volunteer work at the Challengers Club for years, dropping by whenever I could.
The club began with a dream and an empty building.
With some hard work and imagination, it had survived for 1 5 years.
When something was needed, it was usually donated or scrounged.
I'd added some stuff to the weight machine.
I knew the kids would be thrilled with the results.
It'll never fly, man.
I knew you could do it, MacGyver.
Well, give it a try.
You invented it.
Go ahead.
Come on, Rico.
Get on there.
No way.
I'm too young and good-looking to die.
No sweat.
Can't be that bad.
Come on, Slim, move it.
Booker! Booker! The city council meeting is in two hours.
Don't worry.
Plenty of time.
If the council doesn't approve our funds, the Challengers Club's We have to get ready.
Hey, you never told me things were so bad.
If I did, you'd worry.
And worrying is Cynthia's thing.
She does it better than anybody I know.
It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
I'll tell you what.
I'll worry about the money.
Cynthia can worry about the time.
And, MacGyver, you can worry about the plumbing.
Kitchen sink's busted.
- Hey.
Get the hell out of there.
- What? - He's stealing the truck.
- Hey! Hey.
Come on, hey.
Hey! Get out of there, kid.
Come on out of the truck, boy.
Get out of there.
You ain't going nowhere.
You've had it now! Get in the car and get after him! Don't worry, we'll get him.
Over here.
A kid just stole my van.
I think I know where he went.
Get in.
How many N's in the word "anniversary"? Good question.
How many D's in the word "dictionary"? Ray, what's going on? Stop.
Get out of here, now.
All right, boys, slow it down.
Out of the way.
This isn't your fight.
There isn't going to be any kind of a fight at all.
That's the kid.
- Arrest him.
- What are the charges? Mr.
Larson is saying that this kid stole his truck.
Oh, man, he's lying.
Are you gonna believe him, or three witnesses? I'm afraid you have to come with me, son.
Tell me the truth, Ray, I wanna help you.
Yeah, by turning me over to the cops? - What happened, Larson? - One of your kids got caught in the act and you can't cover for him this time.
I've had it with you people.
Larson's been lobbying city council to have the Challengers Club shut down.
He says we attract gang members and drug addicts.
Doesn't he know you run an anti-drug program? He knows it.
He just doesn't care.
So far we've been able to convince city council we're a positive influence.
So far.
This thing with Ray couldn't have happened at a worse time.
Jenkins, you got a minute? - So what's going to happen to him? - He'll be detained under 602 of the Welfare and lnstitution Code until he gets a date to appear in court.
Well, it sounds like all those years helping Booker study for his law exams didn't go to waste.
Sometimes I wish he had gone on to practice law.
But you know what he says.
"By the time a kid needs a lawyer" It's already too late? Ray's a repeater.
He's been running with a gang since he was 1 0.
Used to run.
He's been doing great at the Challengers Club.
His mother's in the hospital.
I can't release him if there's no one to release him to.
- What about--? - I know what you're gonna say, but you and Cynthia got half a dozen kids in your custody.
Unless you find somebody else, Ray's going to jail.
Where can I possibly find somebody who could--? What? Hey, I don't even know the kid.
Kids like you once they get to know you.
MacGyver's qualified.
He used to work full-time at the Challengers Club.
That was years ago, Booker.
If it's gonna be a burden to you-- I didn't say it was gonna be a burden.
Oh, man.
Good luck.
Name's MacGyver.
I'm told kids like me once they get to know me.
Yeah, well, I'm no kid.
And I don't like you.
And I sure as hell don't want to get to know you.
Okay, well, I guess we're off on the wrong foot.
I hate when that happens.
Why don't we start over? Hi.
Name's MacGyver.
And I'm gonna be on you like green on grass till Booker gets out of that council meeting.
Put on your seat belt.
They got temporary custody.
But if the kid runs, Booker's gonna look worse than if the kid was in jail.
So you just make sure the kid runs.
And keeps on running.
Let's go.
Ray, instead of busting this bag open, why don't you just tell me what happened? You wouldn't understand.
Why wouldn't I understand? Because you ain't black.
So what you're telling me is I can't understand because we're not the same colour? No, I'm saying you're white.
And that means you play by a whole different set of rules.
All right, I'll bite.
What rules? White rules.
Like when a white man says something, people believe him.
White rules say when a white man walks down the street after dark, the police wave hello.
They don't jack him up and shake him down.
You really believe that, don't you? I live it.
- Where are you going? - Where you ain't in my face.
I can't let you do that.
- Oh, is this more of your rules? - Not my rules.
I ain't going nowhere.
Just to shoot some hoops.
Or maybe you don't trust me either? I don't want any trouble.
We don't like your kind around here.
Be better all around if you just disappear.
Or your nappy head is gonna look like this.
Keep on running, boy.
That's it, run.
You can stop when you reach Africa.
I don't know where he is.
Ray can deal with his own problems, man.
There are a lot of people looking for an excuse to shut this place down.
If I don't find Ray, he may give it to them.
Boxers don't make the Olympics training in the streets.
You need this place, Rico.
I know where Ray's old gang hangs.
Maybe he's getting down with them.
That's good.
That's real good.
Just sell the crack.
Don't smoke it.
Understand? Long time, Ray.
Thought you were on Booker's college program.
Come here.
- What's up? - I need a shooter.
You need a gun to get into college now? You got a piece or not? You move some crack for me - and you got it.
- I don't deal crack.
Take the piece.
We'll deal later.
Ray? You with the man.
You are alone.
Man, what are you doing here? What do you need a gun for? - Revenge? - I didn't come here for no gun.
Just came here to shoot some balls.
- You ain't cool here.
- Why? Because I'm white? - Segregation is over, Ray.
- I'll believe it when I see it.
What's it gonna take to get you off my case? How about a game of eight ball? I win, you tell me what happened with Larson.
I lose, I leave you alone.
Rack them and say goodbye.
Item number five on the agenda.
Funding request for the Challengers Club.
Wilson? Thank you, Mr.
Council members.
You all have copies of my report.
So I'm sure you're familiar with the numbers.
The statistics.
The amount of money we're asking for.
I came prepared to talk about that today.
But I won't.
I'm going to talk about kids.
Because that's what Challengers Club is all about.
There are people here today who are going to tell you we have some bad kids at the club.
Well, I'm going to tell you how bad.
Kids who come from bad homes.
Broken homes.
No homes at all.
Hungry kids.
Cold, beaten and broken kids.
Kids who fix and use drugs for kicks.
They're mad.
Mad at you, mad at me.
Mad at the world they see.
A world without opportunity.
Didn't leave you much.
Oh, you left enough.
Gotta learn to look at all the angles, Ray.
Got a couple of shots here.
Four ball, bank, back here.
- That was luck.
- No, that was physics.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
Say what? If you go gunning for somebody, they're gonna come gunning for you.
All kinds of kids come to our door.
But when they do, that door better be open.
Because if it's not, if that door is locked, then we've not just turned them away from a hot meal or a training program.
We've locked them out of our hearts.
Out of our society, and slammed the door in their faces.
That is the door you can leave open today.
The door of opportunity, for kids who have no other.
That is your choice.
Okay, MacGyver.
Good luck.
That leaves me in pretty good shape, Ray.
All I see is the six ball.
Yeah, that's the obvious shot.
But I'm looking at the not-so-obvious.
Combination three ball in the side.
Hey, man, did you see that? That leaves me in shape for the five.
Look out, Ray.
Gotta play position, Ray.
I don't need no play-by-play.
I see what you're doing.
Look for the openings.
Not what's in front of your face.
Check out what's down the road.
What my friend, Mr.
Wilson, sees is not what I see.
He sees kids who are troubled.
I see kids who cause trouble.
He sees an abused kid.
I see a kid who abuses.
He sees a neglected, hungry kid.
What I see is a kid who would rather buy drugs than breakfast.
He calls it a shelter.
I call it a hangout.
He calls it the answer.
I call it the cause.
Wilson represents a minority.
I represent the majority.
The honest working man who is sick and tired of these people coming in and destroying our neighbourhoods.
Our businesses, our properties.
These people don't pay taxes.
Chairman, what do you mean, "these people"? The neighbourhood is made up of all races.
Then why is it no white children go to your club? Gentlemen, please.
Don't you call me racist.
The people in my neighbourhood are afraid.
They're afraid of the drugs, the junkies and the gangs who murder on our doorsteps.
Who steal from me, and hide in his club.
He's making blanket statements on the basis of colour.
You make a commitment, you gotta follow through.
Eight ball, right back here.
- That's good.
- He's got a rabbit's foot in his pocket.
You gonna talk or walk? Talking ain't gonna change nothing.
People like Larson are always gonna hate people like me.
- Just because we're black.
- So you hate him back.
Ray, the hate has got to stop somewhere.
It has got to stop.
That ain't gonna change nothing.
Every action has a reaction.
You have got to believe that.
This community is sick and tired of the drugs and violence.
Drugs and violence are part of society everywhere.
The Challengers Club works with ex-drug addicts and ex-gang members to offer an alternative.
There are other alternatives.
Like jail.
Or reform school.
Or closing the club.
I like that one.
This club has been a cancer in this community for too long.
And I have a petition here signed by concerned members of the community who want that place shut down.
There's one of his innocent kids from the club.
That boy stole a truck from me, and tried to run me down.
He tried to find somebody to cover for him.
I think you should let Ray talk.
That's not a good idea, MacGyver, not now.
And where did he run to? Where did he go for sanctuary? The Challengers Club.
Wilson doesn't offer opportunity, he offers protection.
Who else is he covering for? Drug dealers? Killers? Mr.
Larson, thank you.
We'll take your petition into consideration.
As there are no other speakers, I'll ask council-- Mr.
Chairman, excuse me.
This boy is in the Challengers Club program.
I think we should hear what he has to say.
We'll allow a few brief remarks.
Give it your best shot.
I used to run with a gang.
Would you state your name, please? Raymond Collins, Jr.
, and I used to run with a gang.
Until Booker caught me breaking into the Challengers Club.
Instead of turning me in to the cops, he made me work at the club and put me on a job training program.
And it's a good thing too.
Because, when my mama was sick, I needed to look for work.
This morning, I went to Mr.
Larson's print shop looking for a job.
This boy is lying through his teeth.
He came looking to steal my truck.
Larson, he has equal time.
There was a sign in the window.
It said "help wanted.
" So I went in and asked for a job application form.
He said he didn't have any.
So I asked if I could leave my name.
One thing Booker taught us was never to give up easy.
Not to be-- Not to be intimidated.
So I told him I knew Booker, and I was on his program.
That's when he said he might be interested in me after all.
He asked me if I could drive.
I said yes, so he gave me some keys and told me there was a van out front.
So I went to drive it around the back, just like he asked.
I turned my back and he stole the keys.
As soon as I got in the van Mr.
Larson and his friends came out to the street waving baseball bats and yelling that I'm stealing his truck.
I don't believe this.
This is nothing but a boy lying to save his skin.
That's what happened.
I took his truck.
But I was afraid they were gonna kill me if I didn't get out of there quick.
I'm sorry if this messes up the club.
You may not believe me, but that's the truth.
That took guts, Ray.
This is garbage.
That's not what happened.
Are you people gonna fall for that? Didn't any of you hear what I said? He fabricated that whole story.
As there are no other representations on this matter, I'll ask council now to vote on the appropriation of funds.
They don't believe me.
How about that for a reaction? They believed you.
- They did, didn't they? - You did it.
- What happened? - What happened, Smiley? They brought that punk kid in you were supposed to run off, and had him up in front of the council calling me a liar to my face.
And that bunch of trash bought every word that little spade said.
I'll take care of the kid.
The kid ain't the problem.
It's Booker.
He looks good and he talks good and he's got everybody thinking he and that club are clean.
Well, it's time we took care of Mr.
- It's not too bad.
Anybody hurt? - Not yet.
- What's going on here? - Just a little accident, that's all.
Hold it! Put him on the floor! Did you find something? Yeah, it's pretty interesting.
Elementary physics? That's good stuff.
Hey, I never realised it was a manual for shooting pool.
Listen, all that stuff I said about you not understanding because you're white I'm sorry.
Just goes to show you, you can't judge a book by its colour.
Oh, man, I hope they ain't here because of me.
Oh, my God! - He wouldn't leave his car like that.
- Let's check it out.
He'd call and tell me if something happened.
He always calls.
Are you sure that Booker was driving? Yes, he-- He just went to pick up some things - for the dinner.
- What happened? The police found Booker's car, but Booker's gone.
He was in some kind of accident.
No sign of Booker at all, no witnesses? Can we talk in your office? We found some glass from broken headlights.
And chips of blue paint from whoever hit him from behind.
Have you any idea what this would be doing under his front seat? It's crack.
Rocket brand.
Booker would never let anybody with drugs in his car.
- Never.
- I hope for Booker's sake - the gangs aren't after him.
- The gangs? Why? Maybe they don't like him pulling members off the street.
Maybe they don't like his program.
- No.
The gangs stay clear of Booker.
- Crack makes them do crazy things.
There's been three gang murders in the last month, all crack-related.
Listen, if you hear from him, let me know.
What does "Rocket brand" mean? Crack dealers put brand names on their stuff so that customers will come back.
You know anybody that sells that brand? I could scope it out.
Find out if whoever sells it saw Booker tonight.
- And be careful.
- Right.
First you tell me you want a gun, but you don't want no product.
Now you tell me you don't want no gun, but you want some product.
I told you, Booker's in trouble.
What goes around comes around.
That's all Booker ever gave me.
You know something about where Booker is? I ain't seen Booker, man.
Forget him.
Come on back and earn some of this.
Make more than any college man makes.
Get yourself a degree in pharmacology.
Stand off, Ray! I used to be tight with you! - Like my own brother! - Used to be.
- Now you tight with Booker.
- That's right.
I asked Booker for help, and he gave it to me.
Now I'm free of this! Free! Because this ain't nothing but more slavery! Now, you can stay on this cocaine plantation until you die if you want to.
But not me, because I'm gonna be free.
Now I want to know who deals Rocket brand.
You gonna help me or not? There's no need for that.
Well? Let's hear one of your slick speeches now.
Killing me won't close the Challengers Club.
You can't murder an idea.
You're smart and you got a slick tongue.
But you're not gonna make any more pretty speeches.
Come on.
We've been talking to everything that moves.
Again, nothing.
Nobody's heard or seen a thing.
- We gonna keep this up all night? - Whatever it takes.
MacGyver! I found out who's been dealing Rocket brand.
A gang called the Demons.
But there's something weird going down.
The Demons haven't been dealing Rocket brand for the past weeks.
Anybody else sell that brand? None of that crack's been on the street since the Demons' supplier got busted.
And the really weird part is that Booker never had a run-in with the Demons.
The whole thing's a setup.
What do you mean, it's a setup? Somebody's working hard to make it look like the Demons did this.
- Too hard.
- Right.
Where's their turf? Come on, where do we go? Booker? Booker.
Booker, no! No! No! Oh, why? Oh, no, no, no.
- Oh, my-- - Ma'am, come on.
- Booker! - Come on.
Booker! That's my husband.
Oh, Ray.
You found the body? Would you come with me, please? So you didn't touch anything except the door on the outside? That's right.
Looks like a drug execution.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- Well, you tell me when it does.
When they cut a man's throat that way, they call it a Colombian necktie.
It's a message not to mess with their gangs.
I'm telling you, the Demons didn't do this.
How do you explain this? His pockets were filled with it.
Same bags were found in his car.
Yeah, so? What are you trying to say? Maybe he was trying to raise a little quick cash.
Not a chance! Somebody's trying to make it look like Booker was murdered by the Demons.
- Well, they're doing a good job so far.
- It's a setup! Can you prove it? Can I have the label off that bag? Sure.
If it helps.
Keep it.
Listen, I'm sorry.
I know a lot of people used to respect Booker.
Still do.
Demons came through.
And you know, they knew you were here.
They swear they're being framed and they haven't sold Rocket brand for two weeks.
Where do the Demons get their labels printed? They don't.
They do it themselves on a copy machine so it can't be traced.
Grab the first-aid kit, will you? It's between the seats.
Hey! How'd they know I was here? It's their turf.
They got spotters everywhere.
Labels look the same.
This is the one from the Demons.
Printed on a copy machine.
Nothing comes off.
This one they took off Booker.
It came off! Different printing methods.
This one uses ink.
Probably from an offset press-- Like a printer would use.
He set Booker up! Just like he set me up! Contact the police.
Tell them to meet me at Larson's print shop.
- That's on Broad Street? - Yeah.
Make sure you burn them.
It's evidence.
Do it.
Hey, remember me? Is that what it's all about? Spreading hate? Just tapping a vein, you might say.
- You should read it.
- I'd flush it.
But this will tell the truth.
I got a feeling we'll find the ink that matches this label somewhere in here.
You murdered Booker.
But the police are gonna think the Demons did it.
Same as they'll believe I shot you protecting my property when you broke in here.
Why? Why did you kill him?! Because he's black.
Because he talked too much.
I hate niggers who talk too much.
Know what you should do with coloured people? Drown them when they're born, save everybody a lot of trouble.
- No! - MacGyver! Get him out of my sight.
I loved Booker too, MacGyver.
MacGyver! Put it right there, guys.
I'll need some help to set it up.
I thought you weren't coming in until next week.
Hey, I was just in the neighbourhood.
Oh, yeah.
- Well, what's all this? - Come here.
The Phoenix Foundation has donated a physics demonstration lab.
A pool table! The kids are gonna love it, MacGyver.
Yeah, I think so.
So where's Ray? I think it's time for another lesson.
Oh, he's around here somewhere.
There he is.
I guess a little bit of Booker is always gonna be here.
I think so.