Macgyver s05e02 Episode Script

Legend of the Holy Rose (2)

Last time on macgyver.
Just tell me|what you want me to do.
Help me find the holy grail.
All this hocus-pocus|about the grail and, uh, finding the elixir|of eternal life.
What i am about to show you, mr.
|Macgyver, is gonna knock your socks off.
This is diana's mirror.
I am absolutely|not interested.
But it holds the key to a|secret that's over 800 years old.
Ambrose's secret.
Diana's mirror, the scepter|of the triple deity, and the holy rose itself.
And you gotta have all 3 together|to point the way to the temple.
You have diana's mirror.
Where does it point? London.
Hallelujah, ambrose!|3 scepters! Von leer.
Introduce mr.
Macgyver to the,|uh, sarcophagus, would you? You see, as the water|level in this tank lowers, it fills the spoon which then triggers the|ratchets and lowers the blade.
In a minute or so, mr.
Macgyver|will begin to suffer terribly.
And when it's all over,|he'll be half the man he was.
Take her out.
|What about macgyver? Intriguing, isn't it? Oh! All right, ambrose,|this is it.
Yeah! Yes! Excuse me.
Excuse me? What's that?|Who's there? Over here.
Uh, could you|give me a hand? I trust your trip was pleasant.
What's become of professor|ryan and macgyver? She's here with us,|and macgyver is dead.
You killed him? It doesn't matter who did|what to whom, professor.
She refused these resource|s to interpret the scepters.
I hope they'll prove|useful to you.
I don't like any of this.
It wasn't part|of our arrangement you've been paid,|so you're involved! In the grants, in passing the|information , in acquiring this book, and in macgyver's death.
You are totally involved,|to the end.
Here you go, love.
A traditional|english breakfast.
Cold toast, runny eggs,|and prune juice? Swell.
Ungrateful little wretch,|is what you are.
I'd say you better eat up.
Could be your last meal,|you know.
Hey! That's what i think|of your lousy breakfast! You tell 'em i think their|traditional english breakfast stinks! I want hot toast with butter, scrambled eggs,|and orange juice.
Fresh-squeezed orange juice.
You could have|been killed! Never thought i'd owe my life to|a traditional english breakfast.
How did you|ever find me? I followed wycliff.
Wycliff? Ow! Wycliff? Of course! He's got to be the reason they|knew we were gonna be at the abbey.
You figured that out.
Then you made|a few phone calls and found out that he|was flying to london, probably on the concorde, and|they can only land at heathrow.
So you hung out|at the airport, he showed up,|you followed him, and that's that.
Like falling off a log.
How did you get out|from under the big blade? Uh, fancy footwork come on, we're out of here.
No! We have to find|the ambrose artifacts.
No, we have to get you|out of here.
These guys are dangerous.
But wycliff is here.
And|why do you think he's here? He's here|because they need him to interpret the scepters,|that's why.
We can't let him do that.
Macgyver, it's|too important.
Please! Ok.
We'll get|the ambrose artifacts.
Terrific! How? Good question.
Where'd you say|they had the artifacts? Downstairs|in the study.
The study have|a fireplace? It does.
Why? I'm afraid i have an idea.
Now what? Nothing.
|Just wait here.
Wait? Macgyver, i want to help.
I don't need any help.
But I|i don't need any help.
What have you found? The first scepter.
The latin phrase is: "Journey beyond|kasarasburgus to the crossroads|of triacriae" What does that mean? It must be a village or a city|somewhere in europe that it's just a matter of time.
|I'll find it.
About the grail, if, uh, shima's correct about|the philosopher's stone he is not correct! S shima's cult of|hashish-smoking fanatic Have been spewing|that rubbish for 200 years e There is no philosopher's ston or red earth or any other elixi|r of eternal life.
You seem very sure|of yourself, professor.
I'm an educated man,|mr.
Von leer.
It is my greed which has|hopelessly entangled me in your web|of intrigue and murder, not shima's hashish-induce d|hallucinations of eternal life.
You believe what you like, professor, and so shall i.
Ah, here we are.
The latin writing|on the second scepter says "and once there, perform|the ritual of the rose and it will be revealed.
" Perform the ritual|of the rose? Well, what does|that mean to you? Nothing.
I'll have to|research rose rituals.
It it could take|some time.
This could take forever! I think it's time to painfully convince professor|ryan to become involved.
I won't have|any part of that.
Besides, you know i|can't allow her to see me.
Don't you think she's|figured you out by now? What are you saying? We met them at the abbey.
Who else but you|knew they'd be there? Now, the third scepter|.
what does that say? It's even more complex.
A- apparently, after performing|the ritual of the rose, ambrose says, "then one should|look beyond the open petal "and seek the sacred stone, there to find the message of the|goddess and the key to her temple.
" Here you are.
I suppose you understand|nothing of that as well.
It will take research.
|The answer is here.
It's just a matter of time|to find it.
Eunice, bring|the woman here, and send in shima.
Right you are, sir.
Now, where do you begin? First, this ancient place,|kasarasburgus, we have to find out|what it's called today.
Where it is,|if it still exists mr.
Von leer.
It's macgyver! Which way did he go?|Who? Macgyver!|He's got the artifacts you mean he's not dead?|Did you see him? No, sir,|he's not been up this way.
Bring the woman! Macgyver's alive.
Search the halls.
|Alert the guards, quickly.
He must be found.
|You remain here.
I will see to the search|for macgyver.
I want him shot on sight.
Have you seen anything? No, but keep looking.
Come on, zoe! Got it, got it, got it let's go, dearie.
Hey! Down there! The girl's gone|and flown the coop you'd better tell mr.
|V straightaway.
Now we've got 2 of 'em on the loose.
All right.
Well, now.
Ain't you|just the one, ducky? "Ain't you|just the one, ducky?" All right, let's go.
|Stay close.
Why are we stopping? To find the right road|back to london.
We can't go back|to london.
Oh, we can't? No, wycliff|studied this stuff he probably already knows|where to find the holy rose.
No, from what i heard,|he was kind of stuck.
Well, he's not|gonna be for long.
The first part of the ambrose|riddle is easy, if you ask me.
"And journey now|beyond kasarasburgus to the crossroads|of triacriae.
" Kasarasburgus.
Also known as caesar's camp.
France? Yeah, look here.
We're here|at weymouth .
here's cherbourg.
It can't be|more than 75 miles across the english|channel, zoe! Look here,|2 miles up the road.
Private airstrip.
We can charter a plane|, be there in no time.
Macgyver, i can't express to|you enough how important this is.
Ok! Ok! You don't have to talk me|into anything.
I don't?|No.
Because it's quite obvious what we|have to do now is find the holy rose that will lead to the temple, so|you can put the artifacts together and start teaching the world what|it's like to be human again, right? Right.
Yes! Yes.
So let's get|to cherbourg.
Von leer,|they have escaped.
Now what, professor? Kasarasburgus|is in france.
Today it's known|as the city of cherbourg.
Tell mammon|to get the helicopter.
I got the crossroads|figured out.
It's where the 3 sacred roads|of pilgrimage end at a ruin about 20 miles|south of cherbourg.
Right here,|just off the coast.
What about|the ritual of the rose that one, i'm stuck.
You know, zoe, you're talking about changing a|whole lot of this world as we know it.
I hope you're not too disappointe|d if it doesn't happen.
That's it.
That's the ruin.
See that ring|of rocks? Yeah, what about 'em? As far as i can tell, they're not indigenous|to this area.
How many petals did ambrose|say were on the holy rose? Wait a second.
Ring of rocks.
That's it.
|"Ring around the rosie.
" It's a mummers' ritual.
"Pocketful of posies" refers|to a cave full of flowers and "all fall down"|is the grim reaper bringing an end|to the fertility season.
T i got a feeling you're about to sugges we go down there and play|"ring around the rosie.
" My research indicates|the ruin should lie about 20 miles|south of cherbourg.
What makes you so sure|the holy rose is within the circle|of rock s at this ruin? The history|of that particular ruin.
No one's been able|to comprehend why those 5 stones|were brought there.
They're indigenous to the|southern coast of britain.
And there's a stone sculpture that|carries a puzzling latin inscription the french have studied|for years.
It's my belief that it's|another of ambrose's messages.
The final clue,|so to speak.
"Pocketful of posies.
" "Hush.
" "We all fall down.
" So if we're|on the ground, maybe ambrose wants us to be|looking low for something, huh? "Perform the ritua|I of the rose and it will be revealed.
" Macgyver! That is the mother|of creatures symbol.
Where's the scepter? Notches match.
It fits! I'm getting butterflies.
Here's another one fits again.
The scepters look like they|could work as, uh, pivot points.
Macgyver, look here.
What do you make|of this one? a lock.
My stomach is|killing me.
Oh, my god the ambrose legend say|s the casket of gold holds the flower|of the goddess.
That's some flower.
The holy rose.
We found it, macgyver! What was the next step? Um, "and look beyond|the open petal "and seek the sacred stone.
"There to find the message|of the goddess and the key to the temple.
" How are you doing? Almost have it.
Take a look here.
Another scepter lock? Nothing.
|That's strange.
So is this message.
"Rest diana's mirror|upon the sacred tree.
"When the garment|of the great goddess "covers the holy rose,|the power of the trinity will open the world and give|birth to a new beginning.
" Ok, the scepters can represent|the power of the trinity, and we have the mirror|and the holy rose.
What would represent the|garment of the great goddess? It's an ancient reference|to the sun.
The sun? You're kidding.
He couldn't.
Could he? What? This stone, here.
It represents|a sacred tree, right? Yeah, it's symbolic of diana's|grove.
They're all over europe.
Macgyver, you're|torturing me.
What? well, if this is what i think it is your ambrose|was a genius.
And if that cloud would|move, i'd show you why.
Cloud? What does a cloud|have to do with anything? I think these 5 artifacts|together on this stone make up an optical pump.
An optical pump? Yeah.
When the sunlight|hits this mirror, it concentrates the light into|the opening here on the holy rose.
The garment of the goddess.
Then the light|bounces around the ruby and gains some intensity from the|gold surface surrounding the stone.
Then the light|comes out here, it gets pumped through the 3|lenses here on the scepters.
That's the power|of the trinity! Ambrose invented|an optical pump! In principle, anyway.
Great! What is an optical pump? A laser.
Ambrose invented|an ancient ruby laser.
And it's brilliant! We didn't come up with this|principle until the 1960s.
Why did he do it?|What's it for? I think he tells us why|right there.
To give birth|to a new beginning and i'd be willing to bet this|wall represents ambrose's world.
Oh, my, you think that the temple Has something to d|o with that mountain we'll know in a minute|.
the sun's coming out.
It works.
Ambrose invented|the laser.
Do regular lasers|do that? No.
He must have impregnated|his wall with gunpowder.
"And give birth|to a new beginning.
" Oh, my god! It's the temple|of the holy rose.
Ambrose built it,|all right.
In miniature.
Look, macgyver.
He did it.
Ambrose collected|the artifacts of peaceful, earth-nurturing,|loving societies.
He did it! They've found it! So, now they've located|the temple of the holy rose, are you still opposed|to eliminating them? I've said it|before: I don't want|any part of that.
Very well.
Shima, open the door for|the professor, would you? He wants to get off.
No! Where did the legend say|the grail was kept? In the center of the|building, under the dome.
Well, ambrose sure|gave it a nice home.
What do you think? I think myths and dreams|come from the same place.
But if this grail symbolizes the highest spiritual|potential of human compassion, then i think you've got something|really important to talk about.
Thanks, macgyver.
Thanks for everything.
Excuse me for interrupting|this charming, tender moment.
I'm only sorry you won't be able|to enjoy the fruits of your labors.
It is the philosopher's stone.
The red earth.
Bring it here! You guys are really sick,|you know that? Your basic, sunk-to-the-bottom,|slime-ball sick! Zoe! Don't stir 'em up|any more than they are our quest has finally|ended, mr.
Von leer.
Yes, yes.
|Give it to me.
I want to touch it.
We could have never found|the red earth without your resources|, mr.
Von leer.
The brotherhood|of hashishim respects that.
Yes, yes.
|Yes, i know.
Now, let me have it! I am sorry, but you will not|be among those who drink the nectar|of eternal life.
What? Mammon! Kill them! Shima is mine.
Any ideas? Yeah, i think so.
|Come on.
Shima!|Give it to me! Now! I am dying.
The red earth give it to me! No! Come on, let's go.
Macgyver, look all right,|careful now.
That's far enough! The red earth, the elixir is gone.
Scattered to the wind|by that fool.
But there could be a formula|with the treasure.
I will find it.
I will take the treasure! You're dreaming,|von leer.
There is no formula.
Ambrose built a museum|for the future.
Nothing less,|nothing more.
Believe what you will.
It'll be the last thought|you'll enjoy in this lifetime.
I have a feeling deep down that|ambrose wanted that cave sealed.
Maybe he thinks the world' s not ready|to start turning that corner, huh? Well, you still|have this.
One artifact.
Gotta start somewhere.
That red stuff in here|.
what do you think? It was, uh nope.
No? What, then? What about that cloud moving|in just in the nick of time? What do you think|about that? I think someone|was on our side.
Me, too.