Macgyver s05e03 Episode Script

The Black Corsage

Macgyver, man, don't tell me this|piece of junk is yours.
Junk? You call this junk? Chauncey, this happens to|be a classic, a '46 chevy.
It belonged to my|grandpa harry.
No wonder.
It's all wrong, man.
No good|for the pretty girls.
I tell you what.
|As a special favor to you, i take the whole thing off|your hands, dents and all, Dents? What dents? All right,|you're twistin' my arms.
$350!|That's my final offer.
I'm sorry, chauncey.
|It's just not for sale.
Don't say|i didn't warn ya.
Stay single your whole life.
Nice wheels.
A man can make an|honest mistake, can't he? Good morning,|mrs.
Top o' the mornin', dear.
And to you,|too, piggy.
His name's frog.
|He's a dog, not a pig.
Oh, no.
Not again! Frog, come back here.
Frog! "In the event something|happens to m e while in prison, "and because none of you trust|each other any more than i do, "i leave you each|a piece of a map "to where i hid|the black corsage.
Each piece is|a transparency " we know what it says, deegan.
We got the same letter, remember? Come on.
Let's get the|thing and get outta here.
You did bring your piece of|the map, didn't you, reynolds? Let's see yours first.
March, show him your colors.
Your turn, partner Frog.
Just like the first time|i found you, like a little frog|caught in a fish net.
Where'd she come from? Forget her.
It's not on him.
The girl.
Phoenix central.
|Your access code, please.
This is dolphin, code|double red.
Please, hurry.
Stand by, dolphin,|transferring now.
Ahhh! Get her! Hello, dolphin what's your location? You hear me? Are you there? Dolphin, where are you dolphin? Operator.
Operator, this is|sergeant murphy, homicide.
I want a trace on an open|line connected to 555-8181.
Hurry, i've got a crime|in progress.
One moment, sergeant.
That's the|phoenix foundation Thank you, operator.
|Very cooperative.
We lost her.
No, we didn't.
Get in.
Pete, what's goin' on? We've got a problem,|macgyver.
Dolphin went double red.
Sophia? Yeah.
Apparently the|bulgarians don't approve of one of their brilliant|young scientists defecting.
What happened? We don't know, except|that she called from here, and she hasn't called|again for safe pickup.
How much do the police know about her? Oh, nothing.
And we|can't tell them anything It could expose our|whole relocation program yeah, we gotta find her.
She's probably|scared out of her wits on the run, strange city,|strange language, no friends to speak of,|except that crazy dog of hers.
And you.
I'll check her apartment.
I'll call the d.
, see if|there is a bulgarian connection all right.
Turned her place upside down.
Who is|this girl? Maybe this'll tell us.
What are you, crazy? Hey, frog.
How you doin', baby? Yeah, good to see ya.
|How ya been? Missed ya.
You forget your key? Let's see|what we can do here.
Good boy, frog Sophia? End of the road, jack.
Ok, deegan,|nice and easy.
Macgyver? Colton? Frank colton?|What are you doing here? Well, you first, slick.
The girl's in on it.
That's|why they're after her, right? In on what? What are you|talkin' about ? who's deegan? Hey, i'm askin' the questions.
A dog?|I'm allergic to dogs.
Oh, don't do that! Come on, colton,|the cuffs, please.
Yeah, yeah.
I must have left the keys|in the car.
I think we better talk.
There you go, bro.
I thought your brother was the|bounty hunter in the family.
Hey, i taught him|everything he knows.
Besides, he's stil I|pickin' coconuts in hawaii.
I took over his files.
What do files|have to do with this? I can't tell you that.
|Who's the girl? Can't tell you that.
Glad we understand|each other.
Look, i don't have time|for this.
I got somethin' to|check out.
Come on, frog.
Check out?|Come on.
Come on.
You mean, uh,|like a lead? Come on.
|It's the girl, ain't it? Come on.
Macgyver,|talk to me.
Talk to me.
You know where she might be,|don't ya? Get up.
You're not holdin'|out on me, are ya, slick? Macgyver, you can trust me.
Get up.
I'll see ya later, colton.
Hey,|you gonna need me, slick.
You don't know how heavy|this deegan is.
Don't say|i didn't warn ya.
All right, i guess i won't|tell ya about the map.
What map? Oh, nothin'.
Get in.
Come on, frog.
Frog? That's his name?|Frog? Toad frog? What kind of frog?|You name a dog "frog"? No wonder.
|Look at that thing that's the ugliest dang dog|i've ever seen in my life.
What took you so long? I found the houseboat|in the picture.
How about you? The tap's in place.
According to|the circuit memory, the line hasn't been used again|since the call from the phone booth.
Which means she's probably|still out there.
That's the good news, deegan.
The bad news is this isn't|just an ordinary girl.
What do you mean? I mean, if the security on|this line is any indication, we're dealing|with a well-kept secret.
Sophia never|showed up today.
Sophia popular girl.
How's that? Well, there were 2 other fellas here|asking about her, maybe an hour ago.
Thanks, bob.
Deegan and march.
I don't remember you|mentioning any march.
I don't remember you|mentionin' any sophia.
Move over, frog.
Yeah, i've tried|everywhere, pete.
The only other place i can|think of is the research library.
I'm headed there now.
Well, i've checked with every d.
Agent from here to moscow.
There's nothing that|involves the bulgarians.
It's gotta be something|unrelated.
Something here.
We have to find out|what it is.
P well, you might se|e what you can dig u on the names|of deegan and march.
Got it.
What do you want? Well, who asked you,|frog-face? Huh? Here.
Now leave me alone.
Colton, it's time|we stopped playin' games.
We gotta level|with each other.
What is this?|Fish filet? Now, i hate fish.
Do you wanna hear|about the girl or what wait, the girl.
|What about the girl? Her father was an important|official in bulgaria, until he wrote a book|supporting democracy.
Bulgaria? After he died mysteriously, sophia was arrested for trying|to publish the manuscript.
I helped her escape.
I|smuggled her into turkey.
Later on, she was|relocated to the states, given a new identity,|a new life, the works.
She's a defector.
Now, let me|get this straight.
There's nothin'|in it for you.
Like what? All you wanna do|is help this girl? Yeah.
Now it's your turn you, um, ever hear|of the black corsage? Originally owned|by cleopatra.
One of the largest black|pearls in the world.
Set in blue|and yellow diamonds, You could buy a small african|nation with this thing.
Uh, well,|that's fascinating, but what's that got|to do with deegan? Well, he and 3 other|techno-bandits stole it.
They got past a computerized|security system that would make fort knox look|like your grandma's cookie jar.
Finally, the one that|stashed the thing got caught.
Guy by the name|of simms.
The corsage|was never found.
I still don't see|the connection here.
After simms got himself|iced in prison, i found out he left pieces|of a map to the others.
I tracked deegan and march|to expo park.
Expo park.
And to your girl.
I assumed|she was with deegan, but if she was|all that you tell me, the stiff in the park must have been the|4th member of the gang.
He must have transferred his|pieces of the map to her somehow.
That's why deegan|is after her.
So her being in expo park|was just an accident.
It was a matter of being in the|wrong place at the wrong time.
Unfortunately, i got the|feelin' that deegan ain't into irony.
If he gets to her|before we do, she'll wish|she was back in bulgaria.
All right, colton,|why are you into this? I mean, there's no|bail money involved.
Same as you.
I'm doin' it|to help people.
For the good of mankind.
Those jewels|belong back in a museum.
The insurance company didn't,|by any chance, put up a reward? Well, yeah, a little one.
How little? $90,000.
What a guy, huh? Train number 48,|commuter service to san diego, is now boarding, track 9.
The desert wind,|train number 36, , service to las vegas,|salt lake city, and denver is now boarding, track 4.
I have dolphin on the line.
Put her through.
Dolphin, thank god|! where are you? Uh, 2 men, they're still|after me.
I think i know why.
All right,|tell me where you are.
At the train station.
Are you alone?|Yes.
|Now listen carefully.
There's a diner|down the street called flo's.
I want you to go there|and wait inside until someone come|s to pick you up.
I'm scared.
Don't be.
|Just take it easy.
I'm going to send someone that|you can trust to bring you in.
An old friend.
An old friend, yes.
|All right, but, please, please tell him to hurry.
You heard her.
|She's got it.
Hey, i told you,|i told you.
Come on.
No, no, little dog|, not not wh-why don't you just|leave me alone, huh? No girl?|No girl.
What next?|I don't know.
I'm runnin'|a little low on ideas.
Come on, get in|the truck.
Come on, up, up, dog.
|Come on.
Get in.
Get in.
|Hello? Yeah, pete.
We found sophia.
She's waiting for you at flo's|diner, near the train station.
That's great.
And the other 2 names you|mentioned, deegan and march high-tech robbers, the black|corsage.
I got it all from colton.
Colton? You mean jesse? No, i mean frank.
Frank? Who's frank? Never mind.
|I'll explain later on my way.
Good mornin'.
Whoa!|Excuse me.
Stay, frog.
No, colton.
|No guns.
This deegan is dangerous.
Hey, i don't care.
|Just forget it.
And you stay put.
This is a secure pickup.
Anybody but me shows up,|she's gone.
Now stay! Stay? Spy stuff.
Sheesh! What do you want? Sorry.
|No problem.
Help ya, handsome? Yeah, i'm lookin'|for a girl.
Must be my lucky day.
Yeah, she's about 5'4"|, dark hair, very pretty wearin' a beige jacket|and a flower print dress? She just took off|through the back.
Without payin' for her|coffee, i might add.
Here you go.
Thanks uh, he had to, you know,|he had to had to never mind|Where's the girl? I don't know.
|You don't know? Secure pickup, huh? Where's he goin'? Uh, what's the matter|with him? It's a flower print.
|Must be sophia's.
Frog? Oh, no way, slick.
He's a frog,|not a bloodhound.
Follow them.
|I'll take the car.
Where'd he go?|There.
I've chased some mean|and ugly things in my life, but a dog? You're not sneezin|' anymore.
There he goes.
|Yeah, there he goes.
Looks like|we lost him.
Not yet.
|I hate fish.
Frog! Come here.
Come here what you doing here? Over there.
Stay back! You stay back! Be cool, lady,|be cool.
Sophia! It's ok.
It's ok.
Macgyver! He's a friend.
He's a friend.
But what happened?|You were you were supposed to pick|me up alone in the diner.
How did they know|i was there? They?|Who's they? I think she means us.
Don't even|think about it, bro.
On the floor, now.
Lose the knife.
You're a hard woma|n to find, miss ross Or should i call you dolphin? Get off me,|you ugly mutt! No! Ahhh! Now, i believe you|have something of mine.
A little map of expo park.
For the last time,|where is it? I don't know.
You're afraid i'll kill you|if you tell me.
You're wrong.
All we want|is the map.
I don't believe you.
Then you leave me|no choice.
Shoot 'em.
No! No, wait! If i take you to it, do you promise me|you won't hurt them? I promise.
Your word of honor? You can come back and release|them yourself once i have the map.
All right.
Take her to the car.
Poor girl.
Doesn't stand|a chance in this country.
Macgyver! What? You see|what's ahead of us Oh, man! Colton, try and work it|over your head.
I can't.
It's too tight.
|Ow, my shoulder.
Now let me try my leg.
Frog! Where? Good boy!|Come on, macgyver.
There's no tim|e for this.
Come here, boy.
|Come on.
Come on.
Look, i know|this is a long shot, but there's a hose-jet|on the floor over here.
If i can get him|to bring it to me, maybe i can|spray the fuse box.
Short circuit.
Hurry up! All right, frog!|Frog, good boy! All right, we're gonna play|a little game of fetch now.
I want you to bring me the|hose that's on the floor there.
That's it! That's it! Yeah!|Bring it to uncle mac.
No, frog, the hose.
Frog! He's not gonna do it.
Dang! Wait!|What? Over here.
|He's over here now there's a knife|over there.
If i can just get him|to bring it here we could cut the ropes.
|Great idea! Hurry! Frog, listen to uncle frank.
Nice doggie.
Bring me that friggin' knife.
Bring it over here.
|Come on now.
Come on.
Get the knife,|you dang dog.
He's not gonna do it.
Ah, it's a lousy way|to die! No, there's|another way.
There's gotta be.
So long, slick It's been real Yes! Yes! Oh, yes.
Oh, no! Fish! I hate fish! Way to go, frog! What are you doin'? Sheephead.
Teeth are as sharp as a razor.
Expo park.
|Let's move it.
You sure?|You all right? Hey, we got to save the girl, right? Finally.
|The last piece to my map.
The carousel.
Our map, deegan.
Not yours hey, hey! But my friends You gave your word lady, you've got a lot to learn|about the english language.
There's too many|people around.
We'll handle her|at the park.
Come on, get in here, frog.
We're late.
Come on.
Incredible! It's been out in the open|all this time.
Hidden in plain sight.
Go get it.
Stay, frog good dog.
Oh, yeah! Throw it over, march.
I said throw it over.
Deegan! End of the road, jack.
All right.
All right, thanks.
Thanks for the quick|report.
I owe you one.
Good news, macgyver.
March talked|his head off.
He linked deegan|right to the murder.
And the black corsage is back in|the hands of its rightful owners.
Well, frank, i guess that makes you|a wealthy man.
Probably got enough now to join|your brother jesse in hawaii.
Ah, no way, slick.
Desert's more my speed no fish.
|You know what i mean? Frog! Uh, listen, uh, sophia, I i'm really sorry,|but, uh, in order not to compromise|your new identity, uh look, I i don't know|how to say it.
Uh it's ok.
I know.
Frog has to stay behind.
I've been through this|before, remember? Goodbye, my little frog-face.
And don't worry.
They'll take good care|of you.
And i'll always have you|right here, in my heart.
Thank you.
Bye, baby.
Uh, well, macgyver, uh, i mean, the pooch.
What's gonna happen|to it now? Well, i don't know|, pete.
The pound, i guess.
|Huh? Well, i don't want him do you?|Me? No! No, no, no,|it's too ugly.
Besides, it's always|scratching and drooling.
Drools a lot.
You guys tryin' to con a con? Hey, frog,|what do you say, boy? You wanna come hom|e with uncle frank? I don't think he understands|you , uncle frank.
Try to be yourself all right.
All right, you lousy,|no-good excuse for a dog.
Get your ugly mug|in the car.