Macgyver s05e04 Episode Script

Cease Fire

Control tower,|all clear.
So, how did you do|this trip, macgyver? Do you think they'll have|a settlement today? We're gettin' close,|danielle.
That's wonderful.
The azmirs have been at war with the|samadians for a long time, haven't they? Yep.
Why is the phoenix foundation|running the peace talk? Why not the united nations? Well, sometimes|a private organization can come up with|a fresh approach, kind of cut throug|h all the red tape.
So the phoenix foundation|asked you to be part of negotiating|a settlement? Sort of.
I volunteered.
Do all my questions|bother you? No.
If they stopped,|i'd worry.
I'd really lik e to|have a job like yours.
I mean, i'd like to do something|important for peace some day.
Well, danielle, you are.
Consider what you're doing as shuttle diplomacy.
Good luck, macgyver.
The 9th point|of agreement f specifies the condemnation o and the cessation of|all terrorist activities.
And the 10th, and, uh,|final point of agreement, the establishment|of a neutral border corridor between the azmir heights|and the samadian desert.
I think we're close.
Gentlemen, good news.
The republic of azmir has agreed to sign|this peace proposal with one amendment.
The immediate withdrawal|of all azmir and samadian troops|from their present positions.
President habad, if you|can agree to these terms, we have our treaty.
I would like a moment|with my advisors.
Good work.
Whatever happens,|i wanna thank you both.
You've given|a tremendous effort.
S listen, without your organization' funding and persistence, we would never even have|gotten up to the table.
Right now i just hope|president habad is listening|to his own heart, and not|his minister of defense.
He doesn't seem happy|with the proposal.
Well, yanif thinks peace|comes from the barrel of a gun.
But the progress we've made,|mr.
President, has been the result|of military pressure, not some promises on paper.
If we sign|the peace agreement, we risk what gains|we've made.
Perhaps it is time|to risk peace, yanif.
,|now, gentlemen it seems that we have|benefited by the objectivity of a private organization|promoting peace.
You have succeeded where|governments have failed.
Walker, your choice|of the phoenix foundation to promote this initiative, it was very astute.
Then you'll sign? Well, when, as you say, we finish|crossing the t's and dotting the i's, i will sign.
Then with your permission, i|would like to arrange for a meeting with the azmir delegation|for this afternoon.
We should be able to clear up|all the details by then.
That's fine.
I wanna push this signing|through as soon as i can.
We should be through here|by 3:00.
I'll make the arrangements|with the azmirs.
Gentlemen, lunch is waiting|on the terrace.
Ah, i am so happy|for this, mr.
Sir, it's not such a hot day|that we need the umbrellas.
Take it down.
Oh! Well, the table|looks nice.
Macgyver,|come join us.
I am told the hotel has|prepared an excellent lunch.
Oh, no, thank you.
|I'm not very hungry, actually.
I think|i'll take a little walk.
Excuse me.
Everybody down! Everyone inside! Move it! Move!|Move it! This is yanif.
|What is happening? I have macgyver down here.
|He saw everything.
Keep him there.
What's going on? Your people know anything? My men have spotte|d a sniper.
I'll notify|the swiss police.
Watch the trail.
|The police will be here soon.
Aren't you taking your differences|with habad a little far? Habad's decision proves he's|too weak to lead us anymore.
Give me the gun.
What are you doing? Giving the police|their sniper.
It's got his prints|all over the weapon now.
Shoot him.
This is yanif.
Put me in communicatio|n with president habad.
What is it, yanif? We have shot the sniper.
Is he an azmir? An american.
It's macgyver.
|He's dead.
What in god's name|went on here? We'll know more after|a proper investigation.
He used this gun.
No way.
Not a chance.
Macgyver never fired a gun|at anyone in his life.
Where is he? I want the full story now,|step by step.
I saw him take aim and i|tackled him as the gun went off.
I got the gun away,|but he ran.
I followed and shot him.
And he went down over the|cliff.
That makes no sense.
Macgyver is not|an assassin.
He's been meeting on the|mountain with the azmirs all week.
They must have paid hi m or|even blackmailed hi m to do this.
Absolutely|out of the question.
Then why did he suddenly|leave the hotel at lunch i don't know.
But i'll tell you one thing,|you've killed the wrong man.
Well, where is he? He's gone.
Then he's still alive.
We must find him|before he tries again.
Is there another way|down this cliff? There is a private road|by the international school.
It's the only way.
We must|get to him first.
Ah, here's your mother|arriving now.
In you get.
|Bye-bye, now.
See you later.
Hi, daddy.
Thornton, the signing is set with the|azmirs for 3:00 on the mountain.
But first, president habad insist on going over the plan|details with you personally.
Gentlemen, you are going to|have to handle this without me.
Peter, we need you.
You developed|this proposal.
Right now macgyver needs me.
He's been shot.
|I have no choice.
If you refuse to see this|process through personally, then i will not|sign the agreement.
Habad,|i can't abandon my friend.
He may be dying.
The swiss police will find|macgyver, and take care of him.
Look, your friend|may or may not be a traitor.
But at this point,|what is more important the life of one man, or the thousands of lives|that this agreement could save? It's your choice,|mr.
Peter, the best thing|you can do is to keep|this peace process going.
It simply won't work|without you.
All right.
All right.
Listen, when you find macgyver|or if you hear anything, call me immediately,|will you? Lisa, i have a message for you,|my dear.
Lisa, your father just called|from his office in zurich.
Don't you want to hear|what he had to say? That's ok.
He probably just forgo|t it was parents' day.
That's ok.
Your parents had|an appointment with a lawyer.
They couldn't cancel.
I know.
They're getting|a divorce.
I guess|i didn't help.
I got|on their nerves a lot.
I'm pretty demanding,|you know.
Sending me away|to school Didn't help them|sort things out either it just cost them|a lot of money.
If they get divorced, you are not the reason, they are.
Do you understand that? Give it time, lisa.
Blake, may we speak with you|a moment, please, sir? I'll see what they want.
Excuse me, miss.
Over here.
No, wait.
|Wait wait.
Give me a second to explain.
It's me|the police are after.
Wait, please.
I need your help.
What happened?|Why are they after you? Well, it's it's kind of confusing.
I tried to stop a a shooting|and i got shot myself.
Now the police think|i'm an assassin.
I'm not.
Please, believe me.
What's your name? Macgyver.
What's yours? Lisa.
Thank you, lisa.
You need a doctor.
Yeah, i think you're right you know any that make|house calls out this way? Then i guess|it's up to you.
What's up to me? I need you to help me.
Me? Oh, no, i couldn't.
I'm sorry,|i can't.
I'm no good at anything.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa|, wait.
I'm not|the right person, really.
I never know|what i'm doing says who? Well, you know, everybody.
Well, everybody used to sa|y the world was flat, too.
Lisa, you can do anything|you want to do If you put your mind to it does your school|have a nurse? Good.
I need a first aid kit i can't do that.
|I'll get caught.
There's the police and|the headmaster and lisa, please,|i really need your help.
But what if i'm caught|? what if they stop me? Well, then at least you tried, didn't you? What do you say? All right, i'll try.
Thank you.
You'd be safer|hiding in the boathouse.
It's just over there.
No luck.
There is no sign|of him here.
We should go back|and search the school.
Oh! God! I made it.
Yeah, you sure did What's that? Well, it's the reason|this boat won't start.
It's a broken spark plug.
The electrode|is snapped off.
Feel like giving me|a little hand with some medical attention? I'm kind of lucky|you were around today.
It's parents' day.
I'm always around|on parents' day.
Mine never make it they had|an important appointment.
They're getting a divorce.
Yeah, so i heard.
What do you think|about that? Hey, me you can talk to.
I'm a captive audience.
|You got nothin' to lose.
It doesn't matter|what i think.
Lisa, if you got somethin' to say,|you should say it.
Or it's just gonna|tear you up inside.
I think their divorce|is taking the easy way out it's like sweeping dir|t under the rug.
They're not dealing|with the dirt, they're just|moving it around.
Did you tell them that no, they're too busy|yelling at each other.
If they'd just listen, then maybe they'd hear what|the other person was saying.
Or how they were feeling.
How are you supposed to know|what another person needs if you don't even|listen to them? I mean, you can't just|talk about your problems.
You have to look|for solutions.
Sounds like|pretty good advice.
You really think so? Yep.
I also think you shoul d tell your|folks exactl y what you just told me.
It's probably too late to stop|them from getting a divorce anyway.
Yeah, probably.
And it's probably too late|to try and fix this boat, too.
You aren't jus t gonna give up, are you? No.
Are you? Good choice.
My men will continue|searching the school.
Could i ask that you and your men|help us and check the grounds again? Now what? I'm gonna need a nail.
What for? Well, if i can weld it|to the spark plug, it'll replace|the electrode.
How're you gonna weld it? With wire, battery|and jumper cables.
How do you come up|with this stuff? Oh, the stuff's already here.
I|just find a different way to use it.
Wanna grab me|a piece of that wire? They're here.
He's coming in.
Oh! You scared me|half to death.
What are you doing here? I go to school here.
Maybe i should ask you|the same thing.
Lisa! Go back|to the main building, please.
These men are looking|for a criminal.
Check the boathouse.
I saw somebody earlier he didn't look like|one of the parents.
Over there.
|In the clearing.
I'll show you.
I'll go and tell the police.
He was right over here Search over there|in the trees.
This is getting us nowhere There's no sign of him if habad learns the truth,|we'll face a firing squad.
Habad won't reach|the top of the mountain alive.
The bomb will|take care of him.
How did this blood|get on your scarf? Hurry.
They're right behind|me.
I'm coming with you.
No way.
Yes way, go.
It's 2:00.
We have only one hour to stop habad from signing the treaty.
Are you all right? I feel great.
You do understand|you could've been killed? I know.
But i've never|had so much fun.
It was not|a smart thing to do.
It was your idea.
My idea? I had something|important to tell you.
You said if i had|something to say to say it it would have been|kind of tough to tell you if you were halfway|across the lake, wouldn't it? Well, yeah, but what could have been|that important? You tell me.
|Who's habad? He's the president of samadia.
The one i'm accused|of trying to assassinate.
Well,|i heard those men talking and they're planning|to kill him.
Is that important enough|for you? One of them said habad would never|reach the top of the mountain alive.
Does that mean anything? They're meeting|at the summit.
Anything else? Something about a bomb Any word on macgyver?|Nothing.
They're conducting a|thorough search, peter.
Just keep your mind|on the peace accord.
We're too late Lisa, listen to me.
I want you to tell the police|exactly what you told me, but only the swiss police.
|Nobody else, all right? What are you gonna do? I'm gonna try to get to|the tram before they do.
Excuse me.
|Where did you come from? There's gonna be another|assassination attempt on the president.
He won't reach the top i see.
Now, how did you get here? Did you hear me?|It's the truth.
They said|the bomb would tell me, how does|a young girl like you Find out|about an assassination if you'd be quiet and let|me finish, i'll tell you.
I'd like to conduct|a security sweep of the gondola, please.
Thank you.
We've just conducted a|sweep of the area.
All right.
All secure.
I'll take the next car.
Is the president|in that car? Yes, he is.
|Let me use your radio.
I'm calling|to warn the president.
There's gonna be another|assassination attempt.
My friend macgyver|came here to warn you.
Your own men|are trying to kill you that's a lie.
That's him.
That's the|man i told you about.
I'm sorry, sir.
|You'll have to come with me.
That's macgyver.
No, no, no.
Don't shoot,|please, please! I'm sure he's trying|to help us.
Or kill us.
Listen to me.
Macgyver is climbing the tower|towards this car right now.
You've got to tell the|president everything you know.
They've got a gun|aimed at macgyver.
I go to|the international school.
That's where i met him.
I heard this man yanif|say he had a bomb and the president|wouldn't reach the top alive.
Please, listen to her.
I trust that man out there|with my life.
You can, too.
Put away your gun.
There's a bomb|under this gondola the explosive|could be unstable.
Stop the car.
All right,|where's your emergency rope? Here.
What are you|going to do? I'm gonna have a look at the|bomb.
Undo that, will you? Macgyver, you're wounded.
|Are you all right? Yeah, i'm|all right, pete.
Feed that rope|through those straps.
Come on.
Give me|the end.
That enough? How much slack do you want? That's all right.
What is it he's got a thing|about heights.
All right, let me down|a little at a time.
A little more.
You ok? Yeah, fine.
Let me down|a couple more feet.
How's that that's good, right there.
Can you defuse it? I can't even reach it.
Oh! Man! Anybody got a knife? I do.
It's got a lot|of different blades.
I know.
Way to go, macgyver.
Listen, i stopped by|the school to say goodbye and they told me|you were here.
|How are you feeling? Um, i'm better.
|How about you? Great.
Guess what? My parents are here.
|Both of them.
They heard everything|on the news and came running.
How are they|gettin' along? Well, i told them|what i told you, and i've got them to sit|down at the same table.
It's a start.
I kind of lifted|a few principles from you and mr.
Thornton's|peace proposal.
Yeah, like what? Well, for starters, everybody's got a right to have|a place they can call home, right? And the right to live there|peacefully, without fighting, right? Right.
So i told them i wanted|to live back at home.
The three of us|on a trial basis.
What'd they say to that? We're negotiating|the fine points.
They've agreed|to a cease-fire.
That's terrific.
|Good for you.
Thanks for caring, macgyver.