Macgyver s05e08 Episode Script

Black Rhino

I'm telling you, billy colton has compromised|our files, and i don't like it.
Yes, and as soon as you're|finished, i want a full report on how security was breached|in the first place.
And check the files, see|if anything else is missing.
Hi, pete.
Ah, macgyver.
What's this i hear|about billy? I thought|he was working out ok.
Well, he was.
Listen,|he's been a model employee.
Ever since you first talked me into|giving him a job in the mailroom.
In fact,|right up until this.
This is a confidential|case file Associated with the phoenix|foundation endangered species program now, 2 years ago,|we established a reward, and we hired billy's|brothers, frank and jesse, to find this man.
He's the godfather|of the poaching trade.
And he's still at large.
And he personally|is responsible s for pushing several african specie right to the brink|of extinction.
So the guy's a slimeball.
What's that|got to do with billy? Well, billy hasn't bee n back|here to work since last monday, so naturally|we got concerned.
In his locker,|we found this.
Come here.
And these.
Look at this.
"Rhino horn stockpile|stolen from nabo ranch"? Yeah.
Nabo ranch|is an animal preserve that we've bee n|working with in kambezi.
It's run by a woma|n named kate hubley.
Here, look at this Billy circled nabo|on the map.
So, you think billy|made some connection between this ladysmith|and the stolen horns? No, I-I-i'm suggesting|more than that.
I think he skipped out|on a good steady job again for a crack|at a $50,000 reward, and a chance|to make the big score That his brothers couldn't Oh, i should have|seen it coming.
Yeah, well,|that's not all your friend billy booked a flight|to kambezi 2 days ago, and he used our travel agency, and he charged it|to the phoenix foundation.
Listen,|you told me about billy.
I mean, how he's|jealous of his brothers, and how he really wants to|be a bounty hunter himself.
Well, i think he's trying|to prove something here that he's not ready to prove.
Guess we should|call frank and jesse, huh? No, no, that won't work.
|I've already tried them.
They are not to be found.
That's why i called you.
I hope you're not macgyver,|i have already sent a telegram to ms.
Hubley telling her|that you are on the way.
But, africa? Pete, i can't|just go to africa.
Macgyver, why not? Listen, this kid is|chasing a ruthless killer.
He is in way, way|over his head.
Besides, aside from his brothers, you are the closest thing|that he's got to family.
I mean, how can you not go We've been waging war|with the poachers for years.
And we've all been|affected by it.
And now sam is gone.
Sam was a good friend and a brave ranger.
He believed that the|stockpile he was guarding represented hope.
The hope|that by burning those horns, we might finally|get our message across to world government s to|enforce the import ban on rhino horns, and stop the slaughter|of our black rhinos Before they become extinct And the slaughter of the|people trying to protect them sam gave his life|for that dream.
If we lose the rhinos,|will the elephants be next This is a war|we simply must win We won't let you down, sam We'll get those horns back whatever it takes.
Excuse me? Kate hubley? Yes? Hi, my name's macgyver.
Um, pete thornton sent you|a telegram from the states.
Oh, yes.
|I've been expecting you.
Would you excuse me? I need|to see the family for a moment.
Remarkable woman.
I am general mabuto, kambezi defense force.
It is not|every white heiress that would come|to a black country and create a sanctuary like nabo|ranch for endangered animals.
, well, from what i know|about the poaching problem africa and what's left of the rhino|population are pretty lucky to have her.
But even with my soldiers|reinforcing kate's rangers, there isn't enough manpower|to stop the poachers.
Are you here to help kate|with the problem, mr.
Macgyver? Uh, well i'd like to, but i'm|here on a more private matter.
Very good.
Enjoy your visit.
But, uh, be careful, sir.
Africa is like|a sleeping lion.
Very beautiful when left alone.
Uh, pete mentioned something|in his telegram about a missing|phoenix employee? Yeah.
Evidently he made a|connection to your stolen rhino horns we think he's tracking a poaching|trader, name of ladysmith.
You heard of him? That name is synonymous|with poaching.
What's your friend's name|again? Billy colton.
Doesn't look familiar.
We're ready to go.
The horns and the boxes,|just as i promised.
As you can see, ladysmith, your refinery|proved quite effective.
The perfect way|to smuggle this product.
Drugs? Good.
|Now where is the money? Oh, don't worry.
You get your|money as soon as the product is safely across the|border in south africa.
That was not our deal.
Our agreement was payment|in full, in advance.
The deal's changed.
I have risked everything|to acquire the product! I need that money! Don't ever touch me again! No black man touches me,|you understand? Now listen carefully.
Chan is the bigges|t in the business.
He's the only person i know|who can handle a load this big.
I want my money.
I'm meeting him|in the safari room of the gold city hotel|at 5:00.
As soon as i see the money we'll join you|at the rendezvous point.
Now you get paid, and everybody|goes home happy.
Now, that's the wa|y it is now, mabuto.
Be there.
I will be there.
But if you do not|have my money this time, i will cut you into small pieces.
Then you will not|have to worry about a black man|touching you again.
You're looking at 50|million year s of survival.
Now they're almost gone? Because of the very thing nature|gave them to protect themselves.
I checked|with all my rangers.
Nobody's seen your friend.
Well, that doesn't|make sense.
Yeah, i'm on my way.
We've got more poachers|loose.
You'd better stay here i'll come along.
I can handle it.
Didn't say you couldn't.
Just offering help.
All right then, come on.
Djano! We found the poacher just|beyond the trees, miss kate.
Take him to the ranch.
Oh, my god.
He used a chainsaw|so he could get away faster.
A chainsaw, for god's sake! It never stops, macgyver.
Damn it, it never stops! He speaks a mountain dialect,|miss kate, but i have been|able to determine that he was involved somehow|in the stockpile theft.
Who does he work for? I can't determine that.
But he jabbered something|about a "sugar house.
" Sugar house? Well, thanks.
That's the third rhino|this month.
Kate, i gotta tell you that is the sickest, cruelest, most inhumane thing|i've ever seen in my life.
And for what? A few hundred dollars? That's a year's wage|for most africans.
I want to hate the poachers,|but i can't.
It's the traders, the|ones who control the market Who have to be stopped they get over $15,000 a kilo|for those horns.
That that's more|than the price of gold and more than enough|to make it dangerous for anyone who get|s in their way, huh? Like your friend? Yeah, especially him.
You know, i don't get it.
Billy cut out an article|about the theft at the ranch, and circled nabo on the map.
But nobody around here's|seen him.
This whole district|is called nabo.
Well, maybe he made|some other connection.
Wait, wait! The poacher said|"sugar house.
" Maybe he was talking|about the nabo sugar refinery.
It's about 20 miles|north of here.
Could be a base of operations.
All right,|i'll check it out.
Uh i can find it.
I didn't say you couldn't.
Just offering my help.
There were over 2,000 horns|in that stockpile.
They came|from all over africa.
Some confiscated, others removed from rhinos as part of|the de-horning program to save them from poachers.
Well, the article said you|were planning on burning 'em.
As a symbol.
In front of the world press.
I figured if we destroyed millions of dollars worth of|horns instead of selling them, maybe we'd convince the world|leaders how urgent the problem is and finally get them to enforce|the import ban on rhino horns.
Well, won't burning those|horns increase the demand? There are less than 3,500|black rhinos left on the planet.
After the supply is gone, the demand is irrelevant.
He doesn't speak swahili.
He must be|a mountain tribesman.
Gold fillings.
No calluses on his hands.
This man is no tribesman.
Who are you? He's a thief.
Shoot him.
No, no, wait! He speaks english! He must be a spy.
No! I mean well, actually,|yes, i am a spy.
Actually,|i work for ladysmith.
What? Hey, let's face it, the dude|don't trust you, you understand? Uh, nothing heavy.
He just sent me to, uh,|keep an eye on things.
You know, make sure|everything goes down copacetic, you know what i'm saying? It sounds as if you're a|valued employee of ladysmith's.
Oh, you got that straight.
I have been wanting|to send ladysmith a message that best expresses|my feelings towards him.
Hang him.
Hang? That's a joke, right?|Well, no! Well, i lied, i'm not a Wait, wait, wait! That's it.
Nabo sugar.
W- what are you doing? I thought we'd go in|around the back in case there is a connection|to that poacher.
The horns, macgyver.
|The boat's leaving! That's billy! Oh, my god,|they're gonna hang him! All right.
|You get to the jeep.
On my signal,|drive straight at 'em.
Got it.
Billy! Macgyver! Run, billy, run! Macgyver,|am i glad to see you! What are you doing here? No, billy,|i'll ask the questions what are you doing here? Come on, billy.
Let's see if we can|sort this out.
I appreciate everything you and miss|hubley have done for me, macgyver i owe you my life.
And you owe pete thornton and|your brothers a huge explanation.
I was just trying|to prove to them that i can be just as good as they are.
Billy, frank and jesse are experienced|professional bounty hunters.
Do you know|what that means? That means you take things one step|at a time, you think 'em through, and you ask for help when|it's obvious you need it! Ok! All right!|I'm a loser.
That's not what i said.
|Yeah, but you think it just like jess e and frank.
Billy, we all love you.
It's just that you|never listen to anybody! Why don't you both|come up to the house? We'll get|something cool to drink.
Answer me one thing here.
How did you ever connect ladysmith|with that sugar refinery, huh? I wrote every records office in africa asking for anything|with ladysmith's name on it.
R|this one escrow office gave me the one big score|jesse and frank never found.
Nabo sugar Right.
Yeah, now, billy, you see, that is|a very smart piece of detective work.
Yeah, i thought so, too.
I guess that's why i figured i|could bag ladysmith all by my lonely.
Yeah, but i don't get it.
You|saw him arrive, you saw him leave.
Why did you bother|to stick around after that 'cause when i saw|what was going down, i figured i could bag|the whole operation by myself.
Ladysmith, his supplier,|the works.
This supplier.
Who's he? I don't know, some black guy.
Him and a few other zulus|took off in a boat with the horns and the dope.
Dope?|Yeah, dope.
That's why this bust|is so huge.
It's more than just|rhino horns, macgyver.
It's like|a whole drug operation, some kind of african crack|or something.
They're running it|in these little sugar packets.
Macgyver, what is it? Uh, i don't know.
What are you doin'? I'm making a filter.
Sugar dissolves in water.
That ain't like no dope|i've ever seen.
Keratin? That's the stuff your|fingernails are made out of.
Also rhino horn.
That means they're dealing|to 2 different markets.
The granulated horn|is sold in asia.
The whole horn ends up|in north yemen.
Yeah, i heard the, uh,|chinese use it in medicines.
But what would they do|with the whole horns in yemen? They make dagger handles out|of it as a symbol of virility.
Nice, huh? They are servicing the 2|biggest markets in the world.
If we could just stop that|boat and get those horns.
Billy, any idea|where that boat is going? No.
But ladysmith said he was gonna meet|the buyer at some place called the, uh, gold city hotel|at 5:00 today.
Oh, that's an exclusive resort|downriver, in south africa.
How long would it take|to get there? Maybe an hour.
You're thinking|of following the buyer no.
I was thinking|of taking his place.
Macgyver, you're starting to|sound like i've been acting.
The, uh, buyer's name is chan.
As in chinese.
And ladysmith knows the dude.
How do you figure|on taking his place? I don't know, billy.
But i do know|i need your help.
Chan is registered|in room 580.
All right, you said the meeting's|at 5:00.
That gives you 10 minutes.
After all|i put you 2 through, are you sure you want|to trust me to pull this off? I trust you, billy.
We'll be up there.
You 2 sure know|how to turn on the heat.
Macgyver What do you want?|Uh, room service.
I didn't order|any room service.
You didn't? Uh, let me check the order.
Can you hold this|for a minute? I did it! Looks like|billy did his part.
Name's macgyver.
|Chan sent me.
Where is chan?|I only deal with chan.
Well, not this time.
See, chan likes to layer|himself in deals this big.
So, are we gonna dance around a little|here or are we gonna do some business? Where's the money? Don't worry about the money.
I see the horns first.
No, no.
You don't see the horn|s until i see the money.
That's the way it is.
That's not the way|chan does business.
Then chan has a problem.
Look, either i see|those horns first, or the deal's off.
you're bluffin g the|wrong man, mr.
Uh-uh, i don't need to bluff.
I give you 10 seconds|to change your mind or chan goes home|empty-handed.
Look, pal we both know there aren't|any other buyers big enough to take those horns|off your hands.
It's been a pleasure|meeting you.
What? Wait! Who are you? I'm with macgyver.
|I work for chan also.
So? So you 2|are a bit bull-headed and i am not about to incu|r our boss's displeasure by watching this deal|fall apart.
T what, you'd rather get our throats cu for losing his money|to this guy? We have a method,|mr.
You show macgyver|the horns.
He calls me and i arrive|within 5 minutes with the money.
Now how can you|argue with that? All right.
|With one hitch.
You come with me to look at the|horns and he will bring the money.
Uh-uh, no way.
Where do we go? Take highway 5|to the victoria dam.
We'll meet|on the powerhouse bridge.
After she's seen the horns, i give you 5 minutes to show|with the money.
If you don't the natives will have|a new toy to play with.
I'll get the car.
What are you doing?|I had him totally bluffed.
He wasn't going anywhere.
|He was going out the door.
Macgyver, i want those|horns back.
It's important.
I know it's important,|but you have to understand When am i gonna|get through to you i can handle myself.
|This is africa, remember? The car's ready.
Come on.
You take the old highway|to the dam.
You can find it on the map.
|You'll get there ahead of us.
Yeah? Then what? Then think of something.
You're awfully good at that,|i've noticed.
Mission accomplished.
|What's next? I'll think of something.
Looks like|we beat ladysmith here what's he doing here? That's ladysmith's supplier.
Why, what's wrong? That guy is head of the|kambezi defense force.
His name's mabuto.
He knows kate.
And if he sees her she's dead.
So what you're saying is is we have to|get down there before kate and ladysmith do.
Yeah, basically.
But how? I mean, without them|spotting us? Shingle bolt flume shingle what? Don't tell me you're really|gonna slide down that thing! We are.
Hold tight.
Wait here.
You are late.
It was chan's fault,|not mine.
Where is the money? Chan's people want to see|the horns first.
That's not our agreement.
All right, you stay here.
|I'll get her out.
I warned you, eh? Look, chan has a system.
As soon as this woman|sees the horns, she will signal her partner|and then he'll bring the money.
Woman? What woman? In the car.
Ok, lady.
Come on out,|take a look at the horns.
All right, kate, let's go.
|Macgyver, they're coming.
Follow my lead.
Come on, lady,|get out of the car.
Miss hubley? You know her? What kind of game is this? What are you talking about|? she's one of chan's people that woman is a game|conservationist, you fool! She runs nabo ranch! We stole the horns|from there.
Die! Kate! Ugh! Don't move.
That goes for you, too, slick! Billy, cover them! Hang on! Oh, billy, thank you.
Macgyver tell 'em.
Well, we got 'em all,|macgyver.
Ladysmith, mabuto, chan billy, what are you gonna do|with the reward money? Oh, i don't know.
Probably|finance the next one.
The next one? Yeah, i didn't tell you? Right before i left, i found|out there was one other case jesse and frank|never cracked.
Billy|a guy named romanov.
He jumped bail about 6 years ago|with a bunch of those fabergeeggs.
I got a, you know, tip that he|was in russia and i thought billy yeah, it's a crazy idea.
Protecting the rhinos is a|better use for that reward money.
Good man.
Today is a day of hope The hope that the people|of the world will recognize the plight of the|black rhino before it's too late.
,|as we burn these horns we appeal to the leaders|of the world to save the black rhin|o from extinction.
By enforcing the worldwide|import ban on rhino horns.
Please help us.
You think it'll work,|macgyver? I hope so, billy.
I sure hope so.
This is richard dean anderson.
In 1989, there are less than 4,000|black rhinos alive in the wild.
Unless something is done, the current rate of killing|will make them extinct by the year 2000.