Macgyver s05e09 Episode Script

The Ten Percent Solution

Get her.
Hi, pete.
Macgyver, you look terrific.
You should wear a tux|more often.
Strictly camouflage.
As long as i have to be here,|i might as well blend in.
Well, this is why the foundation launched|its art acquisition program.
Do you realize how many|great works of art like this disappear into corporate|vaults every year? It's criminal.
Well, how many are you|planning on gettin'? Well, we've already raised|about $4 million.
Now when that runs out, we'll|start pounding the pavements again.
Here, i want to|show you something.
This is one|of the paintings that we're going to be|bidding on tonight.
Now you tell me,|would you rather see a painting like this|hidden away in some private collection,|or out on display in a public gallery|where everyone can enjoy it? Pete, you don't|have to convince me.
Just make sure|you get your money's worth well, that's covered.
That's why our|art consultant is meeting us here.
In fact, i'm gonna look|for doctor sand.
Excuse me.
Quite a painting, huh? Peter paul rubens.
The hills north of antwerp|.
about 1625.
I know where you can get a|great deal on a matador painting, on black velvet.
Now you're talkin' art.
Ah, here you are.
|So, you two have met.
Almost, not quite.
Oh, well, then,|let me formalize it.
Macgyver, this is doctor laura|sand, our new fine arts expert.
She advises us|on all our purchases.
Mine, too.
Nice to meet you,|doctor sand.
Sold for $670,000.
|Congratulations, sir.
Next, catalogue item 52.
|A work by peter paul rubens.
Painted by the noted flemish|artist near antwerp in 1625.
We shall open the bids|at $300,000.
$300,000? We have 300.
|Do we have 325? Now would be a good time|to make your first bid.
Thank you, sir.
|We have 325.
Do we have 350,|anybody? Hey, pal, would you mind|paying your fare? I have $400,000.
anyone? We have 410.
|Do i hear 415? Thank you, sir.
|$415,000 is the bid.
We're up to $415,000.
Do we have 420? We have 420.
do i hear $425? I'd go one more.
We have $425.
$430, anyone? Going once, for $425,000.
$425,000 going twice.
|Any other bids? My god! It's true! $425,000 going 3 times.
Sir! Sold, to mr.
Peter thornto|n of the phoenix.
Sir, excuse me, sir!|No, no! You cannot sell this painting,|it's my painting.
No, it's my painting,|it belongs to my family.
This is my painting! Hey, wait a minute my god, oh, no!|Oh, my god! Hey, what are you doing? Please, believe me|, i'm not insane! Look at that.
|Why did you do that? Whoever is in charge,|this is my painting! It was stolen from my family! We have some trouble.
|I'll be right there.
Please let go,|you're hurting me.
Please! Hey, come on guys,|take it easy, huh? Sir, t-the e.
R, they stole|this painting from my family.
Please believe me! You do believe me, don't you? It's the truth.
It's it's|the truth.
It's my painting.
Get that man out of here.
|Call the police.
The painting is mine,|i can prove it.
Please, i'm not insane! I'm not trying|to make trouble here.
Please,|it's my family's painting! But how can you be so sure|he's telling the truth? The guy had numbers|tattooed on his arm, pete.
This is not just|some lunatic Looking for attention.
P well, having been|in a concentration cam doesn't prove|his story, macgyver.
Pete, the old guy|was hurtin'.
You see the look|in his eyes? Uh, mr.
Brand, i'm bill smith, channel 4.
In a congressional district plagued with|violence in our streets and our parks, what do you intend to do|if elected, mr.
Brand? D we cannot let the punks|and criminals of this worl run free|and control our lives.
We must make the streets safe|for our children.
That's what america's about,|freedom.
Freedom to take charge|and protect our loved ones it's time the leaders of this|great nation did just that.
I don't know,|it's a big job.
It's a shame,|it's so beautiful.
Doctor,|what's the prognosis? Well, i think,|we can restore it, but it's gonna|take some time.
Is there any possibility that that|old man has a claim on this picture? Well, he did mention|the e.
The e.
R? What is that? Einsatzstab|rosenberg reichsminister.
Hitler's personal band|of art thieves.
His goons ransacked europe|during world war ii.
Looting and stockpiling|tremendous works of art.
Nothing was safe.
So, it is possible this|painting belonged to his family.
He did say|he could prove that.
Well, then why didn't he|prove it, instead of charging into that art auction like|a madman? Look what he did.
K i don't know, pete|, but don't you thin we should|at least ask? Yes, you're right,|we should.
And he's still in custody|over at the police station i'm on it.
You know, if he's right, if that|old man is telling the truth, then i've just purchased|a stolen painting.
A damaged|stolen painting.
Has the art gallery|sent over the provenance yet? No.
I'd like to compare the history of|ownership with our research sources.
Hell, i'll go|get it myself.
The, uh, sales receipt lists|lyle hoggart as the seller.
Hoggart,|go right in, sir.
So, what have you|found out? His name is|sam bolinski.
A jew.
A survivor? Possibly.
What is this proof|he claims to have? I don't know.
It may just be talk.
Or, it is possible|he has something that could prove|damaging to us.
Don't worry.
There is no way anyone can|trace the rubens to you.
And the van dycks|we sold in san francisco? They'll never connect any of|the sales to the campaign funds.
We cannot afford|to have questions raised.
The old jew must never be allowed|to produce this proof of his.
Have him killed.
All i want to do is talk to mr.
|Bolinski, ask him a few questions.
Look, everybody at that auction saw|him trying to steal that painting.
But the old guy still|insists it belongs to him.
Well, it could|belong to him.
He says he can prove it.
I just want to|give him the chance.
Well, it's your painting.
I guess|there's no harm in talkin' to him.
Yeah, bolinski, samuel.
|He's in holding 3.
You want to bring him up|to the squad room? Great, thanks.
Buy you a coffee?|No, thanks.
Knife! Drop it! Freeze! Are you ok|I think so.
You're from the auction.
Is he dead? I'm afraid so.
Thought i could|make it to pension without having to use|this thing on anybody.
I could have disarmed him, you know? Huh, it looks like|he was disarming you.
You'd better get that|looked at.
Why? Why would he|attack me? Ever see this slime before?|No, never! Forgive me, officer.
You saved my life.
I don't|know how to thank you.
And thank you, my friend.
My friend, macgyver.
More trouble? Everything is|under control, wilhelm.
You said bolinski was under|control.
Now, he's on the street.
Who knows what he's told this|man from the phoenix foundation.
One old man|is not going to destroy years of planning and|preparation.
Grandmother, the election's|only 2 days away.
One whiff of a scandal,|any scandal, could sink me and if i go down,|we all do, you know that.
That is why you must let me|handle this matter, wilhelm.
You will be protected.
Your chamber of commerce|speech is at 4:00.
Wear your blue suit.
Now, hoggart,|about this bolinski , he's with a ma n named macgyver at the phoenix foundation.
If the old man shows proof|of his claim to anyone, i want them stopped,|as well.
Do you understand me? Yes, madame.
Macgyver, pete told me about what|happened at the police station.
Oh, yeah.
|No permanent damage.
Uh, sam? This is dr.
Laura sand.
|She's repairing the rubens a doctor and so beautiful.
Yeah, you make|your parents proud, yes? Are you sure|you're ok? Don't worry for me,|i am a survivor.
Well, i found something|strange on the rubens.
Here, take a look|at this.
Some sort|of odd residue.
What kind of residue?|We're not sure the lab's still breaking down|it's full analysis.
You know, rubens painted a lot of|antwerp landscapes, mr.
Are you sure|this one is yours? Listen, doctor, this painting used to hang|over our fireplace.
As a boy, i would stare|into it and wonder what was behind|that hill, what was beyond|those trees.
I grew up in this painting|, dr.
It is part of me.
And you say|the nazis stole it? Yes, they took everything.
My family had one of the|finest art collections in izbica in all of poland, i dare say.
Before the nazis.
Well, what would hitler want|with all this art work? Let me show you something.
Hitler wanted to use|the e.
To create a museum of the master race.
Over 12 million pieces of art|and valuables were stolen and either sold off|or destroyed.
A lot more ended up in s.
|Officers' private collections.
After the war, the allies|found thousands of paintings hidden in warehouses|and salt mines.
I'm so sorry, i didn't kno|w that was on there.
For you,|these are only pictures.
For me, it's not|just a, a movie.
Now, sam, do you remember|when the painting was stolen? October 12,1948.
|It was a saturday morning.
It just happened|to be yom kippur.
I've been going through these e.
Records from washington all day.
There's no record|of a bolinski family.
The records are not there|because i have them.
You have the original|e.
Records? But how? Those of us the nazis|could use, they kept alive.
I knew about art.
So i volunteered|to be be a clerk for the e.
I was then sent|to auschwitz for 4 years.
You actually worked for them? My other choice|was the gas chamber.
One day, i found the pages where|my family' s art was catalogued.
I ripped them|from the ledger.
Where are the pages|now, sam? At my home.
I'd like to take a look at those|documents, if you don't mind, mr.
It would be my pleasure.
|But, the name is sam.
Ok, sam.
Let's go get those papers|right now.
Is sand|your real name actually, it was sandberg.
My grandfather changed it when|he arrived at ellis island.
Changing your name,|you can do.
But changing who you are, this you can never do.
Here's the address.
The old man lives|out in san tofino.
Take him straight|to the mine.
Got it, mr.
Laura, where's macgyver? He took mr.
Bolinski home|to get the e.
Mister bolinski says they|prove the painting was stolen from his family in 1940.
well, according to this|provenance from the auction house the painting was sold to the hoggart|family 8 years earlier, in 1932.
Well, they can't both|be right.
You know, i'm going to cal I the|national archives in washington d.
See if they can|shed a little light on this.
They owe me one anyway Veronica,|hold down the fort i'm going to see|if mr.
Hoggart can clear up a few of these|questions himself All right.
That was one bumpy ride.
|But we made it.
I know i should have|made copies of the documents|years ago.
Hello, mrs.
But i thought the painting|was lost forever.
Uh, there is a box under the|counter, if you can help me.
My back has been|bothering me Since the nigh|t of the auction Yeah, over here|on the table, please.
Thank you.
Oh, Here, that's my family that's me.
My father.
He was killed|when they first invaded.
What about your mother|and sister, and the baby? That's my other sister.
|You see, there came a pogrom.
They wanted all the jews|out of izbica.
So we were sent|to s-sobibor.
Within an hour, My mother and my sisters I can still see|the black smoke.
Hoggart? Look, whatever it is,|it'll have to wait.
I'm with|the phoenix foundation.
It's about|the rubens painting you sold yesterday|at the auction.
What about it? The provenance|you gave the auction house, there seems to be a problem.
You have a problem,|talk to my lawyer.
Well, if that's how|you want to handle it.
But i should warn you,|we found evidence that directly contradicts|your claim.
What kind of evidence? E.
Documents that prov|e the painting is stolen.
Somehow, i don't think anyone's|going to see those documents.
Do you? From auschwitz, before they sent me back to sobibor,|one of the worst death camps.
Most new arrivers were gassed|within 2 hours when they got there.
Life had no place|in sobibor.
Ah, here, here, here.
You see? Uh, my german'|s a little rusty oh, right,|"rubens, antwerp landscape.
Year of confiscation: 1940.
"|You see? Just as i said.
Don't move.
Step aside,|folks, please.
Sergeant gray?|Yes.
Hi, i'm pete thornton.
Oh, hi,|mr.
Nice to see you.
Thanks for calling so, uh,|what have you found? You got anything to go on?|Not much.
We do have a witness, but all|she saw was 4 guys in ski masks hustling your friends off|into a van.
So, what's next?|Where do we start? Normally, you hang tough|and wait for a ransom demand.
Oh, i think there's more to|this than a simple ransom.
Our art expert, dr.
Laura|sand, is missing too.
And i think it's related.
|How's that? Well, she went to check on the painting's|provenance with the previous owner, a man named hoggart.
And she hasn't come back.
|I can't find her.
And he's nowhere|to be found, either.
Well, look, i'll get an a.
Out on them right away good.
Listen, while you're at it|, will you have your people check on any silver mines|operating in the area? Silver mines?|Yeah.
Sand had our lab run an|analysis on some particles that she found|on the painting.
Well, the lab confirms|that those particles are lead sulfide, which is a common residue|from silver mining.
Well, it's worth a try Oh, it's|great, i'll get right on it.
Now, lookit,|you keep me posted if anything new turns up,|all right? Don't worry, you'll be|the first to know.
And return the favor, ok? Here's the e.
What is this place? I don't know, sam.
Take the van|around the back.
Come on.
|Huh? Let's go.
Macgyver! Sam! Laura? What happened?|How'd you get here? She made the same mistake|you did, young man.
She ask too many questions jawohl, fraubrandenberg.
We have met? No, we were never|formally introduced.
She she would come to|sobibor, always first on line.
She, and the wives|of the other officers, they would pick through the|dead's valuables like vultures.
You oh, yes, fraubrandenberg, i know you! Here are|the e.
Get me madame's office Hello.
What? How? Uh-huh.
I see you're|a brand supporter.
Yes, my grandson is about|to become a congressman.
Brand is your grandson? Brand.
You can change what you're|called, but not what you are.
I'll take care of it.
Someone named thornton|from the phoenix foundation has asked police to check out silver mines|in the area.
We have to evacuate|to another base.
Be sure|everything is moved.
Those are historic documents! And now they are|historic ashes.
You know, burning those|papers won't change the truth.
You want the truth,|mr.
Macgyver? Here is the truth.
Our master plan.
The 10% solution.
California, nevada,|oregon, washington, idaho.
will become|the new aryan nation.
My god! You can't be serious.
Oh, i am.
See, it is already happening.
We|have churches, public officials, school teachers,|police chiefs.
People of influence.
All of them our people looking out|for our interests.
The purity|of the white race.
Didn't a guy named adolph|try that once before? Hitler moved too fast.
We have learned patience.
First infiltrate, then we dominate.
It may take 10, 20 years, but it will happen.
You would do that again? You would unleash|your horror on the world? Take them to the mine.
We will see each other again.
Not in your lifetime, old man.
Come on, let's go.
|Load 'em.
That's a renoir! That painting|was listed destroyed in 1940.
Monet? Rembrandt? Macgyver, these paintings|are priceless.
Congressional election|s are expensive.
So is buying cops.
|Hello, gray.
They didn't have|to buy me, macgyver.
I was sold on 'em|years ago.
Now, if you'd have lef|t well enough alone, the old man would be dead and i wouldn't have had to|gun down one of our own people.
Come on, let's go.
Bring that welding rig.
Keep going.
Through that door.
Come on.
Come on, move it.
This is where|we say goodbye.
This isn't sobibor, but we'll|try to make you feel at home.
Hey, come on, take Make sure the line feeding|the acetylene is airtight.
This is nuts.
Why don't|we just shoot them? Madame is feeling nostalgic.
The animals!|They're gassing us you can't do this! You animals!|You can't do this to us! Let's go.
You can't do this.
You cannot leave us here|to die! Please! You can't do this!|Please! Please! Macgyver.
Macgyver! Please, come out of it Y- you've gotta help us.
Macgyver! They're gassing us, macgyver.
It smells|like garlic.
That must be acetylene it'll fill from the top of|the room first, so get down.
Stay down.
We're going to die.
No! We will not die.
We will get out|of this place.
It's only a matter of how,|is it not, macgyver? Uh, yeah, right.
|But this is impossible.
Sobibor was impossible We must escape to make sure this|horror does not happen again.
I think i got it.
|What? Well, this is a fire door.
|It's hollow.
Metal on 2 sides,|air in the middle.
But, how's that|going to help us? Let him work.
Laura, give me|one of your earrings.
What for? Go on, go on, he has an idea.
Here's the last of it, mr.
|Well, never mind, i've got it.
Bonaventure silver mine.
|Hoggart is a shareholder.
He's got|some prominent partners.
Judge turpin, Dean smithers|of saint anne's university hoggart keeps|pretty good company.
Get sergeant gray|on the line.
I want to see|if he can tie this in with anything else he's|picked up on hoggart.
Hello, police? I'd like to|speak with sergeant gray.
Thornton,|what's wrong? Look who's a share holder.
|Harold gray? Yeah.
As in|sergeant gray.
My god, he's part of it.
He sure is.
All right, now i need a spark|to ignite it.
Take cover, back here.
Some idea,|huh, doctor? should be over for them.
|Get a gas mask from storage.
Dump the bodies|down the shaft.
I'll fill up the truck.
|Yes, sir.
Ow! I should be able to get as far|as the art truck in this outfit.
Then i'll swing around|and pick you up.
But the nazis.
We can't|just let them walk away.
One step at a time, sam.
Well? Gray.
How long till we're ready to pull out? About 10 minutes,|maybe less.
Ok, let's go.
Oh, now, come on, man, let's|get this thing out of here! Come on, let's go! Ow! Where's sam?|Over there.
He knocked out hoggart|and went inside.
Oh, man.
Come on.
Come on.
Hold it, hold it! Move! Move! Move! Hurry up! Come on! Well, mr.
Looks like your|popularity has taken a nosedive.
Get him out of here.
It ends here,|fraubrandenberg.
Revenge? Is that it? Some would call it justice you will not kill me.
|You jews are weak.
No, we are not.
In fact, your hate has|made us even stronger.
Sam!|No, don't stop me.
You deserve to die.
The world would be a better|place without you and your kind.
The feeling is mutual.
Perhaps we are|not so different, you and i.
We are very different.
Outside, now!