Macgyver s06e05 Episode Script

The Wall

How may I help you? MACGYVER: Otto , it's MacGyver.
Where are you? I'm in East Berlin at Stasi headquarters, or what's left of them , anyway.
Listen, Otto, I've got some good news.
You have found my granddaughter? Well, not yet, but I've found Maria's nam on a list of orphans the Stasi had on file.
I'm meeting with a guy later who might have a line on how to find her.
That is good news, huh , but I was hoping Otto, if Maria's in East Germany, I'll find her.
That's a promise.
I don't know how to thank you, MacGyver.
I've been waiting 15 long years for this moment.
OTTO: I'll wait by the phone.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Rolf Mossel.
We spoke on the telephone.
Yes, yes.
Thank you for meeting me.
Oh, a pleasure.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) I have heard only good things about your foundation' s work here.
Thank you very much.
I understand you're with the Citizen Freedom Committee.
d Correct.
We work mostly in the fiel .
helping people locate their relatives I personally handled your inquiry about a Maria Romburg.
How'd you do? Uh, danke.
Well, you are in luck.
Certain files were looted when the government was overthrown and the people stormed Stasi headquarters.
This was amongst them.
Uh, yeah.
My German's a little weak.
Would you .
Yeah (READING IN GERMAN) Maria Romburg was a ward of the State from 1975 at the age of eight.
They educated her.
For the last two years, she has been a teacher in Leipzig.
Catch the morning train.
You can be there by noon.
Thank you.
Um, sorry, I don't mean to interrupt.
What is it you wish? Well, my name is MacGyver.
Your grandfather sent me.
He's a friend of mine.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) Why does my grandfathe r send you? Why does he no t come himself? His doctors recommended against it.
I see.
And now that you've found me, what exactly is it he wants? To know that you're well.
I'm sure you can tell him as much.
And to see you again.
Well, you can give my grandfather a message for me, Mr.
You can tell him that to me, he is dead Uh Excuse me, wait.
Look, I know it's been a long time.
MACGYVER: Can't you at least think about it? I've been thinking about it since I was eight years old.
I can still see my father's body on the barbed wire.
He died while my grandfather ran to save his own life.
You were an 8-year-old child who saw your father and grandfather betrayed by the Stasi.
MACGYVER: Your grandfather had no choice but to run.
Maria, he has never stopped looking for you.
He loves you.
He wants you to live with him.
In America? Yes.
The Wall is down.
You both have choices now.
There's nothing to stop yo u from being a family again.
Nothing but the memory of a selfish old man who would leave his son and granddaughter to be executed by the border guards.
Maria, I tried to explain the circumstances No, Mr.
I want nothing to do with him.
I can't.
Um This is from your grandfather.
Read it.
e your mind before tomorrow, my hotel number is on the envelope.
I have to go.
The children.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) Looking for someone? Huh? (SPEAKING GERMAN) You took my picture.
Mein Foto.
So, your photo (GROANING) (BOTH GRUNTING) (GROANING) (CAR TIRES SCREECHING) You know, high tech equipment like this makes you think The Wall is still up.
s There must be thousands of out-of-work Stasi agent wandering around the country with nothing better to do.
Then again, maybe our new government still can't resist the need to watch you Americans.
I'm sorry if things did not go well with the girl.
You know, I can't help thinking that maybe I shoul d stick around, maybe talk to her again.
MacGyver, you found her, you gave her the letter from her grandfather.
What more could you do? MacGyver! (PANTING) I think I would like to change my mind, if that is all right.
Uh, of course.
Mossel, this is Maria.
Mossel's organization helped us find you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
After the way I treated you, you think I am crazy, yes? No.
I think you needed time, that's all.
I read my grandfather's letter.
He sounded so lonely.
So heartsick.
You were right, MacGyver.
The Wall is down.
I have the freedom to decide for myself.
And when I see my grandfather, I will know for sure, yes? This is what makes my job so worthwhile.
So, now what? Papers? Visas? No, that's all been taken care of.
Let's just go see your grandpa, huh? Thank you.
My pleasure.
Your plan seems to be working, Huber, huh? In a few days, the gold will be in our hands.
(CHUCKLING) ? MARIA: Do you thin k he'll recognize me It's been so long.
Maybe we are both so different now.
Will you relax? You'll be fine.
Have I thanked you yet for what you've done, MacGyver? For keeping me from making a terrible mistake? About a thousand times, yes.
Wow! I'm in America! First time here? You mean you cannot tell I have never before set even one foot out of East Germany? Not by the way you speak English.
It's almost perfect.
Oh, thank you.
The state needed teachers of English, so I was trained for this.
Oh, look! FEMALE ANNOUNCER ON PA: The white zone is for the loading and unloading of passengers only.
No parking.
MacGyver, do you have three quarters? Quarters? Uh, yeah, sure.
In your old magazines people used to smuggle across the border, I kept seeing this one picture of beautiful men and women in beautiful swimsuits drinking ice cold root beer.
And now it is my turn.
(BELL CHIMING) OTTO: Maria! ! Maria, my God, let me look at you Oh, here.
Uh, you two have a lot to talk about.
I'm gonna take off.
Thank you, my friend.
MacGyver, what time must we go back to immigration? OTTO: Immigration? What is this about? MARIA: Oh, I'm sorry, Opa, but I must go fill out some more papers.
There's so much catching-up to do.
Put your toy away, Kurt.
I still cannot believe I am here.
What are they doing? KURT: The girl just arrived.
(BELL CHIMING) Oh, look.
It's such a wonderful store, Opa.
(OTTO LAUGHING) OTTO: My apartment's upstairs.
It's small, but there's room for two.
Maria, look.
There's an old friend who wanted to say hello.
She is lovely.
You don't remember her ? She was your favorite.
Oh, Birgit! (CHUCKLING) My precious little Birgit.
How could I have forgotten? You insisted we take her along the night we I tucked her under my sweater where she would be warm.
She's waited for you all these years.
She knew some day you would come for her And it was always in my prayers that you would.
You must be tired.
It's been a very long day.
There has not been one word about the gold.
How do you know he still has it? He has it.
He wouldn't dare double-cross us while his granddaughte r was in our hands.
And now she is here, hmm.
So why do we wait? Because it is our plan from the start.
Because it is safer for us to let the girl find out where he hides it.
Do you have a problem with that, Weise? Oh, no.
Not at all, Huber.
As you constantly remind me, you are my superior.
But I still say, give me 10 minutes with the old man alone and I promise you he will beg us to take the gold.
Oh, Weise, will you stop? Stop what? Huh? We have no jobs.
We're almost out of money.
How are we supposed to exist? You prefer to be working for the Mossad or the CIA, , I will be happy to write a letter of recommendation Yeah.
in exchange for your share of the gold.
Just cool it, huh? Our operative knows what to do.
Just give her time.
A million bucks in gold.
Come on, men, it's worth the wait.
I don't know.
Something's not right, Pete.
I know it.
MacGyver, just because she sat down and immediately fastened her seatbelt? Now what does that prove? No, no, it's more than that.
She knew how to make the seat recline, how to plug in her head phones.
She even asked the flight attendant for a magazine.
I'm tellin' you, she behaved just like a seasoned traveler.
Look, I admit that's a bit odd, but still.
No, and then And then at the airport, she asked me for three quarters for a root beer.
Quarters, Pete? She's never been out of East Germany and she knows our coin system? Look, you want to check her out? We're going to check her out, okay? Come on.
Thank you, thank you.
Willis WILLIS: Hi, MacGyver, welcome back.
Thanks, Willis.
Can you help me out here? Sure.
What do you think of that? Looks like it could be KGB.
Most likely assembled in East Germany.
Stasi? Yeah, could be.
MACGYVER: Got any fingerprints there? WILLIS: Yeah, couple of good ones.
Get them off to Washington right away.
Oh, also, Pete, could we run this through the child finder program? I want to see what a young Maria would look like at 23.
Willis? No probl I'll have it tomorrow.
You got everything you came for? Yes.
Thank you for indulging me .
(CHUCKLING) No problem.
(BELL CHIMING) (LAUGHING) Opa,you work too hard.
Most men your age are retired by now Ja,perhaps, perhaps not.
I've been thinking, what if I closed the store for a few months, so you and I can travel, see America.
MARIA: Oh, that would be wonderful.
But would that not cost a lot of money? OTTO: Let me worry about that.
I have something put away.
This is it! This is it ! Mensch! .
Come on, you old fool, tell her where the gold is HUBER: Move the laser up to the old man's apartment window.
Hurry, they are coming in.
OTTO: What did I have to spend money on? MARIA: So,Opa, you mean you are rich? Richer than ever, now that you are here.
(LAUGHING) Opa, be serious.
You mean you are rich from selling toys? Well, I make enoug h to be comfortable.
You keep the money in a bank, yes? So many questions about money.
Go get changed.
MacGyver will be here soon MARIA: All right.
But tonight when I get back, we will talk about everything.
Yes? OTTO: Yes, Maria.
I've had enough of this talk, talk, talk.
He tells the girl nothing.
We were fools to cut her into the deal.
Weise, we can do without your impatience.
She's doing her best.
KURT: It appears we have a visitor.
Oh, it's the lover-boy.
Listen to you calling him.
And look at you.
Your jeans and bow s and arrows.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) I don't know you any more.
Just 10 years in this country and you're more American than German.
Don't knock it till you try it.
That must be MacGyver.
MARIA: I'll be right out, Opa.
Yes? Otto, it's me.
Maria will be ready in a minute.
Hello, Otto! MacGyver, hello.
So, have you gotten used to seeing Maria all grown up yet? She is some young lady, is she not? .
It's hard to believe she was my little Liebchen Yeah, well she's definitely a woman now.
But in here, there is no change.
Only the same sweet, innocent child.
I am ready, MacGyver.
Boy, I'll say.
Opa, why don't you come with us? Yeah, then we'll all go out to dinner afterwards.
Oh, thank you, but I must work on my books.
All right, then we'll bring something in for you.
Oh, no.
Opa,we insist.
This is America.
Everybody brings food in to eat.
OTTO: Go! Go! ) (CHUCKLING HUBER: Here they come.
It must be for her immigration appointment.
So we continue to wait and wait and wait.
You got it.
What do you say we take a break? Get something to eat? Huber, you can buy.
HUBER: You know a place that takes traveler's checks? Only if you have some ID.
(LAUGHING) You coming, Weise? No.
My ulcer.
Too much American junk food.
You two go ahead.
I'll stay here and watch.
(DOORKNOB RATTLING) Weise! We have much to talk about , old man.
It was wonderful driving through the city.
In spite of all your questions.
Oh, I was just trying to get to know you better, that's all.
Why do you look at me like that? ' Oh, I was just thinkin s how happy your grandfather i to have you here, that's all.
All those years, all the hate.
I never would have known how wonderful he is, if it wasn't for you.
Let's try your Hawaiian pizza with pineapple.
Where is the gold? (GROANS) You have killed my son.
My granddaughter, she is safe now.
The Iron Curtain is gone.
You have nothing to threaten me with now.
Except your life, old man.
If you do not give me the gold.
(GROANING) Where is the gold? (SCREAMING) (GUN FIRING) (GRUNTING) OTTO: Maria, run! Call the police! Hurry! Hurry! (GRUNTING) (SPEAKING GERMAN) (SCREAMING) MacGyver, you all right? Oh, yeah.
He ran into me and fell.
Everybody all right? Yeah.
Well, guess what, Pete? The guy they just loaded into that ambulance is the same guy that followed me in Leipzig.
But that's all we have, at least until he regains consciousness.
No ID, no apparent motive.
His name is Helmut Weise.
He's a former Stasi agent.
? You know those prints that we lifted from that listening device They matched with Stasi files provided by the Bonn government.
Stasi? Yeah.
Well, what's he doing here? Excellent question .
Let's ask Otto.
That man, he was a burglar, yes? He was a Stasi agent, Otto.
Stasi in the United States? Otto, he's the same man who followed MacGyver in Leipzig.
And he was knockin' yo u around for a reason.
Now, what's going on? I thought when The Wall came down, and I had my Maria back, it would all be over.
But it will never be over.
Otto, I am your friend.
Now will you pleas e tell me the truth? After that night when they took Maria, for years, they used her to make me cooperate.
Telling me if I did not, I would never see Maria again.
It has gone on for 15 years now.
? Cooperate? In what way They used my store for a courier drop.
That's all.
A place to exchange papers , microfilm, tapes.
Opa,how could you? .
I had no choice.
They would have killed you You should have let them.
And die a second death? Even worse than the first? You are making no sense.
Not a day has gone by that I have not re-lived that night at the border.
I hear you crying "Opa, Opa!" OTTO: Then, I was down in the ravine, helpless, looking up, as the border guards killed my only son and took you away.
I knew then that I was more a prisoner of the past than I was a free man.
Excuse me.
Did you guys see that? PETE: See what? I think there's a listening post somewhere across the street.
You guys wait here They'll expose our laser beam.
Forget it.
There's no time! .
Up there, second floor We'll take the front.
WILLIS: This is the most sophisticated laser technology I've seen.
It projects a beam of ligh t against a window, and translates the vibrations back into sound.
Sort of like a CD player.
Check out the origin, will you? Will do.
Oh, Willis, how are you coming on that child finder workup? Uh, we have some program glitches, but I'll give you a holler as soon as I have something.
All right.
The medical report on Weise.
Yeah, and? He's still in a coma.
Makes interesting reading, though.
Seems he has more than a fractured skull He took a shot to the throat hard enough to rupture his larynx.
Well, that doesn't make any sense.
I shoved the table into his chest and he took off.
I never laid a hand on him Leaves only one possibility, doesn't it? .
MacGyver, good morning Maria.
Something wrong? Well, maybe you can tell me.
The medical report says the guy who broke in here last night was struck in the throat before he fell down the stairs.
What are you saying? Maria, you were on that stair landing.
He had to run right by you What? MacGyver! How could you thin k such a thing? How could I think anything else? You had the time.
You had the position.
All right.
I will not deny it Not that you will understand.
Try me.
(DOOR OPENING) When he ran past me, I acted on instinct, fearing for my own life.
I should have killed him.
Men like Weise should not be allowed to walk on the face of this earth.
You know this guy's name? He was Stasi.
What about you, Maria? Karate? Enough hate to kill? You don't learn that kind of stuff in an orphanage.
No, you are right.
That took special training.
Maria? No.
What are you saying? What do you think it was like in East Germany as a child with no home? An orphan.
A ward of the State.
Stasi had a special training school for children like me who owed their existence to their government.
When I was 16, I was allowed to stay at the orphanage no longer.
I was chosen to become a "sparrow.
" A "sparrow?" .
Oh, it's charming, yes ? All birds of a feather The boys were known as "hawks.
" For years, they taught us how to manipulate people.
How to spy on our friends.
And yes, how to kill.
OTTO: But you are a teacher.
That was my cover before The Wall came down and put us out of business Before that, I worked all over Europe and America as a Stasi agent.
What about this Weise? I only met him a month ago.
He helped recruit me.
To help them find where my grandfather hid their gold.
Gold? The people that Weise worked for would exploit East Germans for money that would help buy them safe passage across the border.
It was then converted to gold and brought to the United States for safekeeping.
It was brought to my grandfather's.
She is an impostor! No, I'm not.
They knew I hated you all those years.
They used that to get me to cooperate.
They even promised me a share.
OTTO: Who are you? You are not my granddaughter! No, Opa,it is me! Opa,that night Papa was killed and I was captured, I didn't know what really happened.
Not until I knew you.
Not until I heard my Opa speak of that horrible night.
Mossel? Not today, MacGyver.
The name is Huber.
Good show, Maria.
But we'll take it from here.
The gold, old man.
The gold, or you and your friend are dead.
WILLIS: Okay, it's working now.
Here it comes.
Sorry for the delay, but we had to disassemble the image unit to find the problem.
There you are, Mr.
Maria Romburg, That's not the same girl.
Not at all.
She's an impostor? Yeah.
Let's go.
Stasi, right? Haven't you heard? The Wall is down.
There are no Stasi.
(GRUNTS) Now then, Romburg, where is the gold? I will never tell you.
You killed my son.
His life is in that gold.
Your son shot at a border guard.
We had no control over that.
You said there would be no guards.
After you took all our money, you wanted us dead.
Like all the others.
But you did manage to escape.
Yes, to become your slave.
Keeping your blood money for you while you held my granddaughter hostage.
You see, you have your toys and we have ours.
Such a beautiful girl.
It would be such a loss.
KURT: Romburg, I do not want to put an arrow through her beautiful throat.
She's your granddaughter.
That's what you say.
But I know different.
She is one of you.
You are trying to trick me.
But you don't know that for sure, do you, old man? (GASPING) Where is the gold? (GASPING) HUBER: How sorry you'll be when you find out she really is your granddaughter.
(MARIA WHIMPERING) Last arrow, last chance.
Perhaps you would like to say goodbye, yes? Please, Opa, .
I know these men.
They will kill us for sure No.
You are not my granddaughter.
Opa! Please! Opa! Opa! Don't let him do this! Please! (MARIA SHOUTING) Opa! (MARIA SOBBING ) Opa,please! Opa! Stop.
Stop! I will tell you.
You are a wise man, Romburg.
Now where do you hide the gold? Upstairs at the store window.
The toy soldiers.
I'm impressed.
You are a very clever man.
We will make sure he's telling the truth (PANTING) It's the gold.
We must hurry.
! Kill MacGyver and the other two.
Now Huber, he's gone.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Take care of these guys.
Oh, MacGyver.
Thank God.
It's all right, Otto.
You're safe now and no one can hurt you.
No, especially not this young lady, who claims to be your granddaughter.
What? She's a fraud, MacGyver, a fraud! No, Opa,tell them.
MacGyver, he is wrong.
Look at this.
Look at the chin.
The jaw line.
That is a picture of what the real Maria would look like now.
Well, you had me goin'.
I believed you.
MacGyver, no! But I think I wanted to believe.
But it is me.
It's time to give it up.
You can't outsmart computer imaging.
Please, you don't understand.
Five years ago, I was on assignment in London.
There was an accident.
My jaw was broken in three places.
There are hospital records of the reconstructive surgery.
I am an old man.
Don't do this to me.
Why can't you believe me? (GASPS) .
Yes, I will prove it Opa,look.
Here's the orange thread where Mama sewed Birgit's arm back on.
I don't remember.
It was a long time ago.
But, Opa, you've got to remember I came crying to you after Valdi chewed it off.
Valdi, our dog? Yeah.
Valdi! No, no, no, no.
The Stasi would know about a puppy.
There were family pictures.
Would they know of our secret? Would they know that you let Valdi sleep in my bed when Mama and Papa were away on holiday? OTTO: Oh, my God! No one could know about that.
Oh, Maria, my little Maria.
(VIDEO GAME PLAYING MUSIC) MacGyver? He scores! Ooh, Maria, hi.
Oh, I am interrupting you, yes? No, no, no, no.
Come on in.
I-I'm just, uh, setting up a program here.
It's, uh, very complicated stuff.
(CHUCKLES) So how's your grandfather? Opa? .
He's thrilled to tears You know the gold that was turned over to the German government? Yeah.
They agreed to set up a fund in my father's name to help reunited families begin all over again.
Well, that's terrific.
And, me, they are allowing to stay.
That's even more terrific.
What are you gonna do? Well, to start, I was hoping that perhaps we might be able to see each other more often.
More often? You're the only American I know, MacGyver.
And I think maybe the only one I want to know.
Yeah, sure.
That'll be great, um Yeah.
I travel a lot, you know, uh, all over the world.
A lot.
I love to travel.
And besides, Pete says with my language skill s and training, perhaps there's a plac e for me at Phoenix.
? Pete said that, did he Yes.
Isn't that wonderful? Yeah.