Macgyver s06e06 Episode Script

Lesson in Evil

AH! Trick or treat! Help the homeless, mister.
Oh, you bet.
We were just kidding.
We're not really monsters.
Sure you're not.
I know, I know, I'm sorry.
It's about time, MacGyver.
We were beginning to think you weren't gonna make it.
How's it going? Well, Zito is behaving like a perfect gentleman.
Ah, the mask of sanity? Yeah, he always did put on a good act.
But we're in for big trouble if the judge buys it.
If Zito's declared sane, he walks out of here a free man.
No way.
What about all those murders the D.
Still has to prosecute, huh? That was five years ago, MacGyver.
Witnesses have died, evidence is cold.
Probably doesn't even have enough of a case left to even bring the man to court.
And that hospital shrink, Skinner, she's making Zito sound like a victim instead of a serial killer.
Well, how'd your testimony go? - All right.
- It went well.
Except for Zito sitting there staring at me the whole time.
According to your written statement, you first met Dr.
Zito two years ago.
Isn't that right? Yes.
MacGyver, you sometimes work for the Phoenix Foundation which has a contract to supply forensic and scientific assistance to the police department? That's right.
And you encountered Dr.
Zito when the Phoenix Foundation helped the police track down an escaped serial killer named Eric Cross? Yes, I was searching Cross' cell for forensic evidence.
And you discovered that Zito helped Cross escape? That's right.
He engineered the whole thing.
Engineered? Would you clarify that? Zito called the orderlies, and he told them Cross was sick.
They thought he had a heart attack, which was not the case.
What Cross was suffering from was alkalosis.
The same symptoms as a heart attack, only self-induced chemically.
Cross had ingested a solution with a very high alkaline content.
Zito provided him with the drinking cup.
Then he came up with a way to deliver it all to Cross' cell.
I figured out Zito's plan, and I proved it to him.
Do you have an opinion as to what Zito's motive was for doing all this? Yes.
See, Cross wasn't really free.
Zito controlled him psychologically.
He manipulated Cross to attack his real target, which was Lieutenant Murphy.
The same police officer who arrested Zito for his original murders? Yes.
In Zito's eyes she beat him and his ego just couldn't handle it.
So he used Cross to retaliate.
Murphy and her partner, Sweeney, were lured into a trap, in which Detective Sweeney was killed.
Zito had Cross convinced he could purge his sins by performing a human sacrifice.
And, of course, Zito chose the sacrifice victim.
In his twisted mind, I'm sure he thought it was the perfect murder.
And it almost worked.
There is absolutely no proof to these outrageous accusations! You're here to provide medical testimony, Dr.
Skinner, not act as counsel.
Did Cross ever admit that Zito was behind his actions? Cross hanged himself in his cell before anyone had a chance to ask.
MacGyver, how would you describe Zito? Evil.
I have no further questions, your honor.
Any questions for this witness? No, your honor.
You may step down, Mr.
All right.
I've reached a decision.
Skinner says you're sane.
Fit for release.
I think she's dead wrong.
The testimonies of Mr.
MacGyver and Lieutenant Murphy tell me that you're as dangerous as when you were first committed.
Perhaps more so.
Therefore, the petition for your release is denied.
And you are ordered to remain incarcerated.
This hearing is adjourned.
We did it, MacGyver.
You made a noble attempt, Dr.
Thank you for your help and patience.
It's not over yet.
Sign this.
I'm going to help your attorney file an immediate appeal.
Uh Oh, really.
Do you have to keep him chained like some wild animal? Oh, they're only doing their job, Doctor.
I, uh, I can't thank you enough.
Your faith in me has been a great comfort through this ordeal.
Well, we're going to keep fighting.
You've made too much progress to give up now.
Oh, be assured, I never give up, Dr.
I think you forgot something, Dr.
Where's my mind? Your pen, Doctor.
And again, - my gratitude.
- I'll see you soon.
Once again, the fates have brought us together.
As long as they keep you locked up forever.
Oh, the same predictable Murphy.
Nothing you said to the judge was surprising.
But you, Mr.
MacGyver, your description of me was fascinating.
Do you actually think you're qualified to judge what is evil? I just call it as I see it.
I'm an expert on the subject.
One day I'll educate you.
A lesson in evil, you might say.
Well, Charles, it seems you just can't get rid of me.
Fine by me, so long as you don't step out of line.
Oh, wouldn't dream of it.
Oh, may I? Yeah, sure.
I'm not sure, ma'am.
I thought it was on this floor.
Family courts are on the fifth floor, ma'am.
L I want the counselor.
Would that be with the court? Uh, yes, ma'am.
That's, uh, right on up those steps there.
Just go on up to the fifth floor.
Oh, thank you very much.
You're welcome, ma'am.
That Zito, he's a walking cold front, isn't he? I'm just glad the judge didn't buy his act.
It's not an act, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Murphy, Metro Division.
What happened? Zito escaped.
We sealed the building.
Both of his guards are dead.
How did it happen? Zito strangled one of them with his chains.
- Oh, no! Oh, my God! - The other was stabbed repeatedly.
Stabbed? With what? We don't know.
Something small.
We're still looking for a weapon.
Did anyone see him come off the elevator? No one.
It's like he, he just disappeared.
We've got to find him, before he gets out of the building.
I've got people mobilized to cover every exit.
It's happening now.
Trick or treat, mister.
For a couple of fine-looking monsters like you, trick.
I saw him, I saw him! He left the building dressed as a bailiff.
It was Zito! He's gone.
Oh, God.
Zito's out there.
All right.
It's unbelievable that one man could bring about that much carnage with a simple ballpoint pen.
I let him use it to sign some papers.
He only had it for a moment.
That's all he needed.
We found this on one of the bodies.
It's addressed to you.
"Your lesson in evil begins, MacGyver.
" "6 times 2 minus 8 equals?" Does that mean anything to you? It means something to Zito.
He promised MacGyver a lesson in evil.
That's so simple.
How does that fit in with Zito's twisted brain? I think it has to do with where he wants the lesson to start.
Why would he deliberately lead us back to his cell? He likes to play games, remember? Library card.
Yeah, it's a message.
He remembered.
The book, the chemicals, the means of transport, they all connect to your cell, Dr.
You helped Eric Cross escape.
So, now what? Are you gonna have them take away my library card? He wanted me to find this.
He could have left it there unintentionally.
No, no, Zito doesn't do anything unintentionally.
I'll bet this lesson started the day I stopped Cross.
Two years ago? Yeah.
Just about the same time he started therapy with Dr.
You know, he never expected to win that sanity hearing.
You mean everything he's done for the past two years, he did to manipulate his escape today? No.
No, that is too Evil, maybe? MacGyver, telephone.
Hello? I assume you're well into the game by now, MacGyver.
I hated to cut short our little discussion about evil.
It's a subject close to my heart.
Why don't you just get to the point, huh? Oh, sorry, MacGyver.
This you'll have to do by the numbers.
Evil cannot be beaten simply by confronting it.
That will be the first lesson in your education.
My so-called lesson in evil? Oh, I do so enjoy teaching a bright pupil.
You'll find your homework assignment at the pay phone in front of the east entrance of the hospital.
I'll see you in school, MacGyver.
Let us out of here.
- "3 times 10 divided by 2?" - 15.
Fifteen what? Now let me see if I follow this, MacGyver.
You're saying the number four got you to his cell and the library card, so the number 15 should tell you something about his reading habits? That's the general idea.
So where does all this stuff from the shopping cart come into it? I have no idea.
Maybe Pete'll come up with something after he runs the stuff through the Phoenix Lab.
Well, these are all the books that Zito checked out at the hospital library in the past two years.
Well, well, would you look at that.
And here I thought he spent all his time conning shrinks.
All right, ladies, what do you say we get started? Where? Fifteenth book? Fifteenth page? Fifteenth paragraph? Yes.
All of the above.
Here we go.
Page 15.
He's written another equation.
That'll be three.
"The Three Fates.
" Yeah, you remember what Zito said in court about the Fates bringin' us together? Mmm-hmm.
It says here the ancient Greeks believed they controlled the future.
This is your teacher speaking.
I'll get a trace.
So speak.
Just interested in your progress.
Have you read any good books lately? As a matter of fact, I'm on page 15 of Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece.
Ah, you deciphered my message.
Bravo, you are a good student, MacGyver.
Shall we see if you can solve the riddle? Riddle? Look hard, be diligent, and it will happen when you least expect it.
Remember, evil is never predictable.
It follows no pattern.
It strikes friends, loved ones, coworkers.
Then, when you least expect, it comes home for the kill.
That will be your next lesson, MacGyver.
Got a question for you, Professor.
Why me? Call it a rematch.
You think you beat me last time, but the game never ends, MacGyver.
I will win this time.
No one can stop me.
It's in the hands of the Fates.
- Not enough time.
- He's playing with us! He mentioned the Fates again.
The Three Fates.
Somehow they're the key to his riddle.
Captain Kiley.
Yeah, Pete.
What do you have? Uh, j-just hold on, let me put you on the speaker.
We just found another of Zito's math puzzles.
The formula was written on the shears from the shopping cart in fluorescent paint.
The lab spotted it under an ultraviolet scan.
Better write it down.
"2 times 12, minus 4.
" Got it.
I'm leaving now for the police station.
See you back here, Pete.
What could he be telling us? If we could just figure out what twenty means, maybe we could find some sort of pattern.
Then we can really nail him.
Nail him, Lieutenant? Isn't it your job to arrest Zito rather than execute him? You still don't get it, do you? As long as Zito is alive, he is dangerous! Someone should blow him out of his shoes.
Captain, is it normal police procedure to allow someone who is so emotionally involved to be assigned to a case like this? Doctor, we do everything in our power to capture any suspect alive.
Zito is no exception.
That's our standard operating procedure.
Isn't that right, Lieutenant? Yes sir.
It's SOP.
It strikes friends, loved ones, coworkers.
Then, when you least expect, it comes home for the kill.
MacGyver, what are you on to? What you said about standard procedure.
We know Zito prides himself on his knowledge of police procedure.
He proved that with the Cross investigation.
So, he'd know that all the stuff he left us in that shopping cart would be examined by the Phoenix Lab.
Right again.
So? So maybe he's found a way to connect the number 20 with the Phoenix Lab.
The same way he did with The question is, how? Friends, loved ones, coworkers.
follows no pattern.
It strikes friends, loved ones, coworkers.
Friends, coworkers Oh, man.
That's Pete's parking space at Phoenix Research.
I've been expecting you, Mr.
Um, how did you sleep, Mr.
Thornton? Well, I trust? Tell me, how do you like my sanctuary? Don't bother struggling.
This device was made a hundred years ago to restrain particularly violent prisoners.
The clamp kept them from biting off their tongues.
Very humane.
Save your strength.
I need you for MacGyver's next lesson.
This is crazy.
All these formulas and numbers.
We'll never find Pete at this rate.
I don't get it.
And where does all this stuff fit in? Well, I think it's the key to Zito's riddle.
Here, take a look.
The Three Fates.
Greek mythology was my worst subject in school.
Well, they were supposed to control the future.
One was a weaver of cloth, which symbolized birth.
Second weighed life on a scale or balance.
And the shears cut the thread.
But what does it mean? I don't know.
I think maybe in his own sick mind, he's trying to control the future.
They just found Pete's car.
Come on.
Dumped right in front of the police station in broad daylight.
It's crazy.
Doesn't make any sense.
It's just an old doormat.
That's mine.
- Come on.
- I'll call for backup.
It's SOP, MacGyver.
You okay, Pete? Zito's gone.
He left another message.
Murphy! Murphy! No! Patient is female, Caucasian.
Multiple fractures to one leg, evidence of concussion.
Standby for vitals.
I'm starting IV with 9% normal saline.
Prep the ER for ETA 20 minutes.
Let's move her.
MacGyver? Right here, Murphy.
Zito planted that bomb for me.
He knew I'd do a room-to-room search.
It's SOP.
Get him, MacGyver.
Get him for me.
All right.
I'm so sorry.
I guess, guess you were right about not being emotionally involved.
I didn't anticipate Zito the way I should have.
That makes two of us.
You know, maybe she's right.
Maybe he can't be stopped until he's dead.
The answer to the math problem on the wall there is 18.
I wrote it down with the others.
Pete, do you remember anything about where Zito took you? No, not really.
I was blindfolded until he chained me to the wall.
That was in a small room with an old bathtub.
The building itself felt big, old.
It smelled musty, like an abandoned building.
He called it his sanctuary.
He's used that word before.
The monastery.
What was that, Dr.
Skinner? Something Zito said.
In our final session before the hearing, I asked him what he was going to do.
If he were set free, where he planned on going.
He said he wanted to go to a monastery.
Did you make transcripts of those sessions? Yes.
I have it all on tape at my office.
Can you get them for us? Oh, yes, of course.
I'll bring 'em to the police station right away.
I hope the Lieutenant will be all right.
You know, I can't shake the feeling that Zito is just laughing at us.
You mean, like, he's changed the rules of the game without telling us? Yeah.
Like that.
Oh, man.
Mike, let me see that.
He's got two 15s.
Why two? Oh, great.
Perfect timing.
Oh, boy.
Of course.
That's why he repeated the number.
What, what, what? You lost me.
What? Well, these numbers stand for letters in the alphabet.
That's an O.
P, Q, R! Doctor.
State Psychiatric Hospital, and hurry please.
Excuse me, what is this back here? It's the battery from your car, Dr.
I took the liberty of removing it.
intimacy with other people.
I've grown accustomed to the routine of the hospital.
I'd miss it.
You wouldn't return home? My only true home is the asylum.
Where would you go? MacGyver.
How is Lieutenant Murphy? Well, I'm sorry, Zito.
She's gonna be just fine.
I must send her a get well card.
What have you done with Dr.
Skinner? You deciphered my code.
Very good, MacGyver, A plus.
Now, your final exam.
You must solve the riddle.
But to do it, you'll have to find my sanctuary.
You have one hour, MacGyver.
If you don't, the good doctor will die.
So be sure and come alone.
This is a private lesson, MacGyver.
Still no trace.
He said it again.
Oh, what does it mean? We've got less than an hour to find out.
I've chosen a fitting tomb for you, Doctor.
Here, in this relic of your barbaric profession, surrounded by the tools of your trade, these cruel devices to hold and torment the so-called insane, abandoned people, locked up, left to rot in their madness.
This is your legacy, Doctor.
This was prescribed treatment to calm violent patients.
The ice water rises, slowly numbs the body, deadens the nerves, until all feeling is temporarily gone.
This, ahem, will make the sensation more permanent.
It's my own version of electroshock therapy.
You must solve the riddle.
But to do it, you'll have to find my sanctuary.
You have one hour, MacGyver.
What else can sanctuary mean? My people have checked every monastery and church in the city.
Well, you don't find this kind of thing in a church.
You know, when Zito put that on me, he laughed and he said that it was used to keep violent prisoners from biting off their tongues.
Not prisoners, patients.
Patients? Listen to what Zito says to Dr.
intimacy with other people.
I've grown accustomed to the routine of the hospital.
I'd miss it.
You wouldn't return home? My only true home is the asylum.
Zito's sanctuary is an asylum.
What better place for him to feel at home.
Now, the Health Department shut down that old asylum out on River Road about 40 years ago.
And that was a monastery before they turned it into an asylum.
I can still make it.
Forget it, MacGyver.
Last time we almost lost Murphy.
I'm not letting you go in there without backup.
Mike, you know we'd lose Skinner if he sees anybody but me.
Kiley, he's right.
Okay, but we'll be no more than a block away.
You look cold, Doctor.
Don't worry.
The water will heat up soon.
Goodbye, Dr.
You've been a great help.
MacGyver! Help! Oh, thank God, help me! MacGyver, the water's rising, I'm gonna be electrocuted! Help me, please! Do you really think I'd give you a door with a lock that you can pick open, MacGyver? That sound you hear is the only key that will open that door.
Come and get it.
Welcome to school, MacGyver.
This is your classroom.
Without this key, Dr.
Skinner will die.
You are about to kill the only person in this world who wants to help you.
The nature of evil, MacGyver.
And you'll have to kill me to pass the exam.
Can you, MacGyver? Do you have what it takes to kill me? You do want me dead.
I know it.
This is your chance.
Pick it up.
It's a shame about poor Lieutenant Murphy, lying in the hospital, her insides broken like glass.
I must pay her a visit.
I hate to leave a job unfinished.
Pick it up, MacGyver! Sorry, Zito.
I know your riddle.
Oh? The Three Fates.
They control the future.
The rope is the thread of life.
The gun, the shears that cut it off.
That leaves scales, or a balance.
Add a little extra weight to trigger it off.
Evil never plays fair.
That's why it will always win.
And you lose.
End of lesson, MacGyver.
Now look! Take a look! I'm keeping you alive for Dr.
But this is for Murphy.
MacGyver, hurry! Hurry! - Take it easy.
- Would you stop mothering me? I've got the hang of these.
Ow! Oh, thank you.
You knew about this, didn't you? - Who, me? - Yes.
The sign says it all, Lieutenant.
Welcome home.
Thanks, Captain.
It's good to be back on my feet again.
Well, one of 'em, anyway.
Listen, considering Zito's track record, I'd say you're pretty lucky.
When I think that it all started because of a simple ballpoint pen.
Well, Zito is back in maximum security under close guard and restraint.
And he'll never escape again.