Macgyver s07e02 Episode Script

The 'Hood

I am alive! I am free! I am in touch with the universe! I am! So am I! He does that every morning, same time, better than an alarm clock.
You'll get used to it.
Yeah, I'll bet.
You salvaged that much from the houseboat? I had a good smoke detector.
Hey, Mel! Hey! You're Mel's new tenant, MacGyver, right? Mel told me all about you.
Neighborhood watch deal.
Kelly Dobbs, I rent one of Mel's houses across the street, the one with the green trim, little white fence.
I'm an actress.
Well, just one beer commercial so far, but my agent says it's only a matter of time.
So what do you do? No, never mind, you can tell me all about it tonight.
I mean, there's no way you're gonna be settled in, right? So why don't you come for dinner? I heard you're into health food, right? Me, too.
Do you like vegetarian lasagna? It's gonna be great.
- What's your number? - Got it right here.
I let the phone guy in.
So listen, Mel, I need a favor.
Excuse me.
You see, Molly has this audition th??? She absolutely cannot miss, but she also has this manicure appointment scheduled for Mama Lorraine's.
That's where she works.
So anyway, you know Mama, there's no way she can tell her, or she's gonna get fired, right? So, I agreed to fill in on the manicure.
Now the thing is, she's got my car, she's got my purse, and I haven't got any money.
Well, that's nothin' new.
Mel, I know, we're two months behind on the rent, but I got a residual check coming any time now.
See, it was really a great beer commercial.
And it's 35 millimeter and everything.
So all I need is bus fare to the appointment, okay? And you wouldn't want Molly to lose her job, would you? I don't think I could afford it.
Oh, Mel, you're the best.
I'll see you tonight, okay? Nice kid.
If she could just loosen up a little.
Molly, huh? That's a real pretty name, Molly.
Oh, thank you, Mr.
No, no, no, Lyle.
You call me Lyle.
All my friends do.
Ow! Oh I I believe you're supposed to leave the finger.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sure I have something for that.
Tyler? Bobbie Lee, what are you doing here? I called him.
Lyle, we got to talk.
- I've got a no-stick bandage - Oh, forget it, hon.
Here, I expect I'll live.
Oh, thank you.
Let's talk in the living room.
Bobbie, you wait here a spell.
That'll just be my pleasure.
Now if you just ain't the cutest thing this side of Lubbock, I don't know what is.
What's your name? Uh, Molly.
Good golly, Miss Molly.
Mine's Bobbie Lee.
Uh, you know, Molly, I just don't know anything about this town of yours here.
Kinda makes a guy wish he knew somebody like you to show him around.
Well, there's always a tour bus.
Hey, what are you doing? Well, what do you say I just give you a call sometime, Miss Molly Densmore.
Well, you certainly are persistent, I'll say that.
No, hang on, I'm serious.
I mean, I understand, a gal like you these days gotta be careful.
Well, maybe in the next life.
Well, I suppose it could be a little sooner than that.
You can call.
- Bobbie? Get in here! - Okay.
Bye now.
This is your mark.
Name's Nesbitt.
Well, he don't look like much.
Oh, he's just a two-bit accountant in one of our holdin' companies.
So, all of a sudden his conscience is bothering him about the way we've been doing business.
If Victor Nesbitt testifies that we've been using pension funds to try to corner the platinum market, my brother and I are gonna wind up in jail.
That is, if the folks whose retirement funds are all gone don't string us up first.
So, why don't you just buy him off? Well, I tried that.
I offered him $200,000.
He just said that he was gonna show up at that hearing this afternoon no matter what.
Seemed like that old boy really wants to be a hero.
Oh, well, not to worry, boys.
I think I know how to handle heroes.
Well, just as long as Nesbitt is dead before it's time for that hearing to start.
Now, you know, killing Nesbitt ain't gonna come cheap.
Well, we kinda figured that, Bobbie Lee.
Molly? How long you been standing there, hon? I forgot my sunglasses.
Don't get up.
Hurry up! I'm gonna kill her! Come on, pull! Oh, forget it.
Come on.
This way.
Well, maybe she didn't hear us.
Yeah, well, we can't take any chances.
We've got to find her.
That shouldn't be too much of a problem, boys.
Looks like you got yourself another contract, Bobbie Lee.
So, Kelly and Molly both work about 17 jobs waiting for their big break.
If trying has anything to do with it, they'll both be stars.
So what, you let the rent slide a little bit and give them an allowance? Hey, I overcharge you on the rent, it's okay, isn't it? Besides, they make my eyes happy.
Speaking of which, uh, you wouldn't happen to have uh, the old first and last month's rent on you, would you? Yeah, sure.
I wouldn't ask, but this sculpting business doesn't pay like my law practice did.
Waiting for the world to catch up with your vision? Yeah.
Till then, everybody helps out, chips in, that's how the neighborhood works.
You'll get used to it.
I've rearranged the garage.
This is your space here.
And this is mine.
And I'm gonna try and confine Robo to that spot over there.
Robo? Oh, he's a new project of mine.
You'll meet him.
Hey, Willie.
Well, it looks like you finally gonna get to make your daddy proud.
How so? Just got me a new contract.
But the old one, it's pressing me for time, so You gonna get to make your bones, little cuz.
So, I turned in my law practice for an acetylene torch.
But you're such a great lawyer.
Don't you miss it? Oh, I miss the '60s.
Back then, I was a one-man revolution, standing between the innocent people and a political machine.
And that continued on into the '70s.
And then the '80s came along and I found myself defendi drug lords and gun runners.
Hey, times change.
Oh, they sure do.
Well, I decided if I couldn't be on the side of the angels anymore, I didn't want to play.
So I quit.
- It worked out.
- I'm happy.
- My neighborhood here, they're like my family.
- Yeah, I understand.
Oh, no, you don't, not yet, but you will.
Hello? Melvin Krasney? Yeah, he is here.
I put my phone on call forwarding.
- I knew you wouldn't mind.
- Yeah.
Hello, this is Mel.
Huh? Are you sure? Y-Y-Yeah, I'll I'll be I'll be right down.
Thank Thank you.
What's the matter, Mel? L I have to go to the morgue.
Kelly had an accident.
She's dead.
Sorry I had to drag you down here, Mel.
All we had to go on was her license plate.
Couldn't find her purse.
Her car was found at the bottom of a cliff off the Santa Luisa Coast Highway.
Is there a problem? Yeah.
Uh, that's not Kelly.
The victim, mistakenly identified as Kelly Dobbs in earlier reports, has now been positively identified as 22-year-old Molly Densmore.
Sheriff's deputies found the body of the Densmore woman, who apparently lost control of her car, and plunged 400 feet to her death off Santa Luisa Coast Highway.
The cause of the accident is being investigated, but police are not ruling out foul play or suicide at this time.
Miss Densmore, an aspiring actress, who worked as a He got the wrong girl! I know, Tyler.
I can see.
Bobbie? I know, Lyle, I know.
I just saw the TV.
How in the Sam Hill could you screw up like that? I thought you were professional.
Look, Lyle I'm gonna be completely honest with you boys.
I farmed it out.
You did what? I gave the job to my cousin, Will.
I owed his daddy.
See, not long ago, he took a 2 to 5 rap for me, and I promised him that while he was doing time, I'd show his boy into the business.
We told you to do the job.
Well, I was just a little busy trying to set up my cover for the Nesbitt hit.
And besides, the gal was using somebody else's name.
Now it was right there on her business card, and that ain't Willie's fault.
You are right, it wasn't Will's fault.
It is your fault.
Now you made this mess, and you're gonna clean it up.
And I mean, right now.
They're all ticked off, huh? There goes my career.
There ain't nothing to worry about, Will.
There ain't nothin' ol' Bobbie Lee can't fix.
Red, White, and Blood? Yeah, Kelly wrote it, starred in it.
Uh, no messages on her machine.
You think she's at the theater? No.
No, the play closed.
She could only afford two weekends.
That's why she's two months behind on her rent.
There you are, Mel.
You heard about Molly? Oh, the police told me.
Poor, poor Molly.
I come to comfort Kelly.
Well, that's why we're here, but she's not at home.
That's strange.
Kelly misses her 12:30 reading, and I had a bad dream last night.
The spirits was crying and wailing all around my bed.
MacGyver, this is Mama Lorraine.
She runs the beauty shop where Molly worked.
She's also a voodoo priestess.
You'll get used to it.
Don't listen to this man.
What I am is a spiritual advisor.
Uh, Mama, did you know that Kelly took over Molly's manicure appointment today? No, nobody tell me nothing.
They're afraid I'm going to fire them, like I don't know what they do.
But you got to listen to me.
This dream, it wasn't about Molly.
It was about Kelly.
Somebody is trying to hurt her.
Well, I one thing I learned is never ignore one of Mama Lorraine's dreams.
Uh, Mama Lorraine, would you mind staying at Kelly's house, in case she comes back? We have to talk to the police.
- No problem, man.
- Thanks, Mama.
Officer? Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Huh? Have you seen Mama Lorraine? Should I have? Something wrong? Everything.
You see, Molly's dead because I took her manicure appointment so she could go on this audition, and I overheard these guys talking about trying to murder somebody.
Did you say, "murder"? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! - See, they chased me - Uh-huh.
And I got away on this gardening truck, but he just drove all over the place.
Then finally, I got on a bus and I saw the whole thing on TV.
See, I gave them Molly's name, that's why they drove my car over the cliff.
Whoa, slow down, all right? No, I can't, they're trying to get me, don't you see that? Look, you got to calm down.
Look, why don't you go home? I'll go get a detective, we'll go back to your place, - we'll get the whole thing solved.
- No! I can't go home.
That's the first place they're gonna look.
The theater.
The theater, I'll be at Theater One.
No, what do you mean, Theater One? No, wait! Who are you? What's your name? Give me a clue, I can solve the I can And what about you guys giving the press this mistaken identity thing on Molly? What kind of police work is that? Next of kin haven't even been notified, we don't even know what kind of danger Kelly might be in.
Look, what do you want from me, Mel? You think I tell the downtown brass how to conduct business? Well, somebody should.
Look, I want a missing persons report on Kelly now.
You know as well as I do, I can't do that.
Policy says they have to be missing 48 hours before we take a report.
Oh, yeah, right, we don't want to break with policy just because someone's life is in danger.
Mel, would you stop already? All right.
What kind of danger is she supposed to be in? We don't know.
Mama Lorraine had a dream.
Well, that's very helpful, very helpful.
How come you guys are always around when nobody needs you? Calm down, Mel, you're retired, remember? Yeah, if anything happens to Kelly, maybe I'll un-retire and sue the city! Guys, guys, come on.
The girl? Kelly.
Remember? All right, look.
I'll stick my neck out and I'll go this far.
I will make a broadcast for everyone to look for Kelly.
- That's all I can do.
- That's fair enough, right? We got Mama Lorraine standing by Kelly's house if you hear anything.
All right, I've got the number.
What do we do now? Well, I'll check the theater.
You check her hangouts, all right? Hello.
Tell me what you know.
Hi, Mama Lorraine? This is Sergeant Lee, Sixth Precinct.
Yeah, Mel Krasney told me to call if I had any information on Kelly Dobbs.
Yes, Sergeant.
A meter maid spotted a woman fitting her description, said she was headed to Theater One.
Theater One, yes, I know the place.
Thank you very much, Sergeant.
Okay, my pleasure.
Look uh, tell Mel, do us all a favor, he can continue to enjoy his retirement, all right? Bye.
Kelly? Kelly! I didn't hear anything, I swear! Please leave me alone.
Kelly! Kelly, it's okay.
It's me.
Oh, MacGyver, I'm sorry I didn't recognize your voice.
Well, how could I? You hardly spoke a word when we met.
Oh, it's only rubber.
- Did you hear about Molly? - Yeah.
They thought it was you because of the car.
Yeah, well, so did the people who murdered her.
- She was murdered? - Yeah.
Well, you know that manicure appointment I took for her this morning? It was this guy named Lyle Knox, and he had this brother Tyler, and there was this really cute guy named Bobbie Lee.
Anyway, they gave me $100 but I forgot my sunglasses so I had to go back in, and when I went inside, I heard 'em talking about killing somebody, and and then they chased me, but I got away.
Why didn't you call the police? I did.
Well, it was a meter maid.
That's That's why I'm here I'm afraid to go home, because by now they got to know they made a mistake, right? Ain't that the truth? Bobbie Lee.
He's the cute one.
Well, the feeling's mutual, darlin'.
Come on over here, next to me.
Come on.
Uh, let's not be hurting her, okay? Me? Touch one hair on that pretty little head? No way, cowboy.
Oh, this morning you wanted to kill me.
Not me.
It was them other fellas.
No, I heard you.
You're a hitman.
When I decide, and only when I decide, not somebody else.
Right now, I'm deciding you're a mite bit too pretty to die.
What about MacGyver? Well, I don't mind letting him live, just as long as he don't mind being inconvenienced for a few hours.
Yeah, sure, while you just go out and kill somebody.
It's all right, Kelly.
I'll be okay.
All right, now.
Go on over there on that, that bed thing.
Now you just lie down real easy like, and just make yourself comfortable, just like you was at home in your own bed.
Go on, get over there.
It's a torture rack.
Maybe now you'll believe my dreams.
The spirits don't blow no smoke, man.
I believe you.
Can you describe the guy who hit you? Yes.
He had a grin like a fool, and a right hook with devils in it.
And he's after Kelly.
Mel, we've got to get to the theater.
Oh, all right.
Now you just relax, and everything's gonna be just fine.
I'm sure that you're one heck of a fella and everything, but, well, you understand, I can't be taking no chances.
I'm sure you do, 'cause you look just about as smart as a whip.
All righty.
Just about one more.
That ought to do it.
You promised you weren't gonna hurt him.
Hurt him? Darling, folks pay doctors good money for this kind of treatment.
You comfortable, good buddy? Now all I need is a few hours to take care of some business.
By mornin' somebody will come by and let him go, and by then, you and me, we're gonna be long gone.
Let's go, darlin'.
Oh, dang! Forgot to lock the back door.
You wait here.
That is, if you do value your friend's life.
You move again, next time I may not miss.
Hey! Hey.
All righty, darlin', let's get movin'.
I got a tight schedule today.
MacGyver! You okay? Yeah.
Except the guy that did this took Kelly.
I knew it.
We've got to find her! Willie, say hi to Kelly.
She's the one, huh? She sure is.
Which is why I want you to take real good care of her till I get back.
Bobbie Lee, what's the matter with you? Didn't you tell me the Knox brothers were fit to be tied, blaming me for missing the hit on her? Well I'm about half glad you did, Will.
Take a look at her.
I could spend the rest of my life with that little heifer.
And I do believe the feeling's mutual.
Bobbie Lee, this Nesbitt thing goes down, we're talkin' murder one.
You're thinking, what if she's just stringing me along all lovey-dovey like - Well - W-Well, that's exactly what I want to find out.
Which is why I want you to tie her up, real loose like What if she tries to get away? Well, then, you just gonna have to do your thing and make them Knox brothers happy, ain't you? Bye, hon.
The wax will hold the ashes together so we can read the name.
How's that possible? Well, the ink they use in the lettering has a metallic pigment, and it won't burn.
Cadillac Jack? It's a diner, out out on motel row.
But I feel it, MacGyver.
Kelly got to be around here some place.
You could be right, Mama.
I'm gonna shave.
I hope the razor slips.
Don't you go nowhere.
Look, MacGyver, horseshoe, lucky charms, a rabbit's foot.
This is a very superstitious truck.
What's going on? You going somewhere? Lady, you just made my career.
What are we gonna do? Now you and me, we're gonna take a little drive.
I want to show you that clif where I dumped your roomie off the road.
It's real high, it's got a nice view.
You're gonna love it.
Hey, let's just talk about this, okay? If you say one word, I will blow a hole right through your spine.
What in the devil.
Hold it.
Stop right there! Hey, hey, what what are you doing, barging in here like that? My job.
I clean the rooms.
And this list says that you already checked out.
Yeah? Well, your list is wrong.
Besides, uh, we don't want to be disturbed.
If you don't want to be disturbed, you put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of the door.
I can read real good, you know.
Yeah, well, why don't you just put it up as you're leaving? Don't you talk smart with me.
I go get the manager, he'll tell you where to get off.
All right, fine! Why don't you take this stupid thing.
MacGyver! The name is Nesbitt.
Victor Nesbitt.
I have a reservation.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Nesbitt, I can't seem to find your name anywhere.
Happens to me all the time.
But not after today.
Never again after today.
Let me check again.
Here we are, Mr.
Sorry about the mix-up.
You're in room 454.
Now, can you have a cab waiting for me at 4:00 p.
Sharp? I have to keep a very important appointment.
Wh-What's going on? Where's Bobbie Lee? Bobbie Lee? L I don't know no Bobbie Lee.
Oh, that is such a lie.
He's got a contract to kill somebody.
Now, who is it? Hey, come on.
We know about the Knox brothers.
I only talk to my lawyer.
I called Mel.
He's sending the police here.
W-W-Wait Wait! You I thought you was the maid? That was Friday night at the movies.
I'm someone you don't ever want to mess with, little man.
Mama, forget it, it's not going to do any Of course, then again Hey, you give me that back.
You give me that back now, you hear me? You know, I didn't want to do this, but you kinda forced my hand.
He's all yours, Mama.
What do you mean? Voodoo, man.
You sure? That's powerful mojo to be messin' with.
I don't think we have a choice here.
In that case, stand back.
Yes, ma'am.
What's she gonna do? What's she gonna do? I don't like to think about it.
Your soul belongs to me, little man.
Hey! Hey! The spirits are very angry! What spirits? They're all around.
Can't you feel them? They're crawling up your legs, in your ears, up your nose! Get that thing away from me.
You cannot fight my mojo! The spirits will come and make your heart stop, make your toes curl up so all you can do is crawl.
Make your eyes pop out! Make your tongue turn black! Oh, stop.
Make her stop.
I think it's too late.
Just make her quit, will ya? Look, I'll talk.
Just get her away from me.
Who did the Knox brothers hire your cousin to kill? Quick! His name is Nesbitt, Victor Nesbitt.
He's an accountant.
Bobbie Lee's gonna kill him at the Crown Sterling at 4:00 and that's the truth.
Now get her away from me! It's about time.
I couldn't hold a straight face much longer.
That was fake.
Of course.
Voodoo is my religion.
That was Saturday morning cartoons.
And you fell for it, little man.
All right, it's 3:30.
When the police get here, tell them I've gone to the hotel.
And you better be good, little man.
You don't want to make Mama mad for real.
MacGyver! Wait up.
Oh, dang you, Will! Kelly! What are you doing here? Well, Mama didn't need my help.
I thought maybe you would.
Well, adios, little darlin'.
It is all sort of my fault, you know.
- What? What's the matter? - Look out.
You, stay here.
Excuse me, I've got to get by.
I'm late for a very important appointment.
Victor Nesbitt.
You'll remember that name.
Kelly! Hit the top floor button! All right, pal, get on your feet.
Come on, get up.
Come on.
MacGyver, we did it.
You know, I just don't think it's right that Will should get off scot free.
Oh, he won't.
The DA's working a reduced sentence to plea bargain.
If he rolls over on the Knox brothers and Bobbie Lee.
Robo? In person.
Isn't she beautiful, man? My wall! I knew you'd like it.
Uh, MacGyver, this is Robo.
That new project I was telling you about.
You've seen his work on numerous public facilities.
Until you got me busted.
The word is "rehabilitated.
" Come on, man, 200 hours of community service work, scrubbing walls.
My best work ended up on a sponge.
See, the thing is, you and I drive down a freeway, and we see a road.
Robo sees the Sistine Overpass.
See, Gyvie, me and you got a lot in common, man.
We gonna work out just fine.
'Cause, look, see, I take nothin' and turn it into somethin', just like you.
But my wall But see? You don't know what I'm trying to do.
I'm trying to make a statement here.
And this ain't no ordinary bimbo.
See, this is Charlene, and she's lookin' good, huh? Now I was gonna keep her for myself, but, uh, you know, when it comes to art, you can't be selfish.
But pay attention.
See Now, if these bulldozers over here, right, continues to come into our rain forest, and kill our animals and knock down the trees, then the only animals her kids will be seeing is gonna be on TV.
Of course.
We're having a feast, MacGyver! To remember poor Molly, and to celebrate Kelly coming home safe! And you, our new neighbor.
We have cassava bread, sugarcane, a big bowl of chaka, pig knuckles, and for dessert, Krem Kay! Uh, put everything in the kitchen.
And And somebody find some plates.
Everybody, this way! And bring your appetites.
I love parties, don't you, MacGyver? Oh, yeah.
Hey, Gyvie, man, if you don't dig this painting on the wall, I can always get rid of it, 'cause it wasn't my idea in the first place.
No, no, no.
Let's keep it there for a while.
I'll get used to it.