MacGyver (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

The Rising

1 (engine revs) How do I look? Yummy.
MacGYVER: That's Nikki Carpenter.
MIT grad.
Passed up offers from Google, SpaceX and Apple to save lives.
Best senior analyst in the business.
No one's better on a keyboard.
You really should wear a tux more often, Mac.
Doesn't really go with the grease under my fingernails.
If you decide to ditch it, keep the tie.
I'm sure you'll find other ways to use it.
Already got a couple ideas.
Guys, you know this is an open channel and I can hear you, right? MacGYVER: Meet Jack Dalton, security and intel.
Former Delta Force.
Jack's the kind of guy you want watching your back.
He's been watching mine for years now.
(device beeps) (men shouting in Arabic) Jack? (gunshots, men grunting) Who loves you, baby? MacGYVER: And my name's Angus MacGyver.
I have 12 first place science fair trophies, two years MIT, three years diffusing bombs for the military.
And what do I do now? A little of this, a little of that.
NIKKI: What are you doing? We're gonna need a fingerprint to access that safe.
JACK: So, does it bother anyone else we don't know exactly what's in that safe? MacGYVER: Intel says some weapon the host plans on selling to the highest bidder tonight.
Hundred bucks says it's nuclear.
Look, can we not take bets on what's probably gonna get us killed? Oh, relax.
It couldn't be worse than Cairo.
Hey, hey.
We don't talk about Cairo, remember? What happened in Cairo stays in Cairo.
Sister's right.
Cairo is off limits, except for my therapist.
You see a therapist? Massage therapist, but she's a good listener.
Okay, hoss, you got 30 minutes.
After that I'm crashing the party.
See you in 29.
Sir, one moment please.
Do you mind? Of course.
(metal detector beeps) MacGYVER: It's not a gun.
In fact, the number one thing that gets an undercover operative busted is a concealed weapon.
If I don't have one, I don't get busted.
What can I say? Lifelong Boy Scout.
And if I need a weapon, I'll make one.
Actually, I only lasted six weeks in the Scouts.
Enjoy your party.
But if there was something I learned in my brief stint in short pants and female repellent neckerchief, it was always, “Be prepared.
” Two can keep a secret But you know that's only true When one of them is dead NIKKI: All right, guys.
We got some serious badassery in here tonight.
Three on the FBI's Most Wanted, two Interpol.
That guy in front of you is linked to four terror networks.
MacGYVER: That dress may look dangerous, but trust me, the woman inside it is way more deadly.
Patricia Thornton is the most successful clandestine operative in U.
history, which is why you've never heard of her.
Now she's the director of field operations Mr.
You look lovely this evening, Miss Elcar.
MacGYVER: aka my boss.
You should really take the tour.
The art here is magnificent.
Oh, I certainly will.
That's the seller.
And the vault? The door's behind you.
I was hoping you weren't gonna say that.
Exfil's in Vienna.
See you in 12 hours.
NIKKI: All right, Mac, you're up.
(man speaks Italian) (MacGyver speaks Italian) (man and MacGyver speaking Italian) NIKKI: When did you learn to speak Italian? MacGYVER: When you said yes to Rome.
(waiters chattering urgently in Italian) (urgent chattering continues in other room) MacGYVER: Some of the strongest forces we encounter every day are invisible.
But if you know how they work, you can bend them to your will.
Take magnetic fields, for example.
Weak ones can be created by running a current through a wire.
But coil that wire around an iron core, such as hinge pins, and your weak magnet gets stronger.
Coil that wire enough times, and you've got an electromagnet that will induce an invisible force strong enough to cause interference with nearby electronics.
- (electrical static humming) - The stronger the magnet, - (high-pitched feedback) - the stronger the interference.
Jack, you got company.
(speaking Italian) Hey, is this George Clooney's house? (man speaks Italian) Quick selfie for the girlfriend.
Here we go.
Right there.
The art here is magnificent.
(clicking) (heavy clicking) Uh, Nikki, are you seeing this? NIKKI: Yeah.
Full handprint biometrics.
We got bad intel.
That print you lifted is useless.
So, uh, what's plan “B”? Same as always.
BOTH: Improvise.
Nikki, I need you to watch my six.
NIKKI: Always do.
JACK: How come you never flirt with me like that? 'Cause I don't have a daddy fixation.
Fair enough.
MacGYVER: How do you bypass a handprint scanner? There's the easy way, and then there's my way.
Easy is leveraging the host to cooperate.
That could get messy.
My way, fooling the scanner into thinking I'm the last person who used it.
You see, every time we touch something, we leave a little of ourselves behind.
That's because our skin contains salts and oils that are transferred onto the object.
Add a little drywall dust to enhance the print, the pressure of a firm hand, and voilà.
Well, it's not nuclear.
That's good.
It looks biological.
That's not good.
(alarm beeping) - Oops.
- JACK: “Oops”? “Oops” like I just stubbed my toe? Or “Oops” like I just may have started the zombie apocalypse? Mac, get out of there now! (alarm continues beeping) Oh, come on, this isn't fair.
(grunts) (alarm continues beeping) (guests exclaiming) (man shouting in Italian) (grunts) (guests screaming) (gunfire continues) Jack, start the boat! Start the damn boat! Go, go, go! (bullets ricocheting) (gunfire continues) JACK: I think we got a problem here, Mac.
Check it out.
(engine sputtering) They hit our fuel line! So, break out the chewing gum.
It's gonna take more than chewing gum to fix it.
We're gonna be out of fuel in about 45 seconds.
Here, hold this.
- (gunfire continues) - No! This really is Cairo all over again.
Hey, Cairo was your fault, man.
- Hold this and get out of my way.
- Ah Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast.
Why are we going back? We're not! - Jump! - What?! (explosion) (coughs) (both chuckling) Nikki.
(coughs) Nikki? Nikki? I'm sorry.
I The canister, please.
You let her go.
That's not how these exchanges work, Mr.
You hand over the canister, and I will let your friend live.
Don't do it, Mac.
(grunts) (Nikki coughing) Give it to me, and nobody else will get hurt.
Maybe I drop this right now, we all die.
You won't kill her, but I will.
Don't give it to him, Mac.
You son of a bitch! You think I'm playing? The canister.
I will not ask you again.
Thank you.
(grunts) No! MacGYVER: Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
If this guy's the hero, it's not looking good.
But like my grandfather used to say, whatever doesn't kill you makes you want to get even.
(gasps) (sputtering) (panting) (gunshot echoes) (”The Heat” by The Bones of JR Jones plays) Bozer.
BOZER: Hey! Just in time, roomie.
I'm making waffles.
You know you don't have to do this every day.
I'm okay.
You say you're okay, but you're not okay, all right? Your girlfriend dies in a car accident while on a business trip, you can't tell me you're okay.
MacGYVER: Yeah, that's right.
My oldest friend is also my cover.
He has no idea what I do.
Eat your waffles.
What is this? It's a prop.
Penny lent it to me.
What's it doing on the front lawn? Bro, I told you.
I signed up for CELLebration.
All right? The best movie shot on a cell phone wins five grand.
And I'm going all Michael Bay on this thing, all right? Chinese jetfighters attack L.
Pearl Harbor meets Dr.
I e-mailed you the sides a couple days ago.
Right, yeah.
You want me to play General Wang.
Bro, you're the only guy I know who speaks Mandarin, all right? And you took time off of work because you're so “okay,” so do me a solid give me Wang.
- (laughs) - Hey, don't make me beg for it, all right? I made you waffles from scratch.
(laughs): Okay.
Just one condition.
Change the name.
All right.
I'll work on the rewrite after work.
Yo, eat those waffles.
It'll put a smile on your face.
(grunts) Humans became the most dominant species on Earth not by being stronger or faster, but by being adaptable.
We look at a sharp rock, and we see a spear.
We take a metal ingot, we turn it into handcuffs.
We look at a bobby pin and we see a key.
Now (whispers): put them back on.
You look good.
How's the? Coming along.
You? I think about her every day.
What are you doing here? Vacation's over.
It's time to get to work.
Yesterday at 5:07 p.
local time, technicians for the Nargaard research facility in Greenland sent out an S.
(people coughing, gasping) Please if anyone is getting this, please, we need help.
(coughing) Ten minutes later, all 27 researchers were dead.
The CDC sent out a containment team to quarantine the building, figure out what happened.
Well, looks like Ebola or some sort of viral hemorrhagic fever.
(clears throat) But they never had any cases in Greenland.
Is this something new? Try something old.
30,000 years old.
The CDC thinks it's prehistoric.
Something they dug up while fracking in Siberia.
We believe this virus is the biological weapon that you were sent to Italy to recover three months ago.
Intel suggests this was a proof of concept demonstration to prove that the seller was actually in possession of the biologic.
Up until now, the man who stole the virus from you You mean the man who killed Nikki.
We've been trying to find him, assuming that he was the end user.
But this latest intel suggests that he was just another broker looking to make a sale.
Any idea when or where? - No.
- Well, if we can't find him, we need to find the buyer.
Nikki downloaded everything from that night onto her hard drive.
The face of every guest at that party.
That's our list of potential buyers.
I already have our cyber team processing her computer.
Mac, I know you asked for some time, but this requires somebody who can handle a biologic.
The clock's ticking.
We need you.
MacGYVER: The Department of External Services.
DXS for short.
Our job is simple: protect the U.
interests domestic and abroad.
But we do it differently than any other intelligence agency in the world, because no one knows we exist.
JACK: Yeah, man, it's good to be back.
Patti, bring it in.
Director Thornton.
And human resources is still on the third floor, in case you need a refresher.
No, I'm I'm good with that.
MacGYVER: Nikki's laptop give us anything? THORNTON: Not yet.
We hit a wall of encryption that even our guys can't crack.
She was good.
So good.
But I think we're gonna burn through the window we have to stop the sale.
Mm, maybe not.
Maybe not.
Care to elaborate? Yeah, but, uh, you're not gonna like it.
Director Thornton.
THORNTON: This is the young lady that's supposed to be as good as Nikki? MacGYVER: Jack, there's nothing here but black marker.
Which means it's one hell of a résumé, am I right? And how do you know her? (chuckles) You know, I don't want to know.
(over intercom): So, can you help us? Is there anything you want to say to me? You help us out, I'll put in a good word with the judge.
That's not what I'm talking about.
A reduced sentence.
That should wipe the slate clean - between us.
- No, it doesn't.
Look, whatever's going on between you two, can we put it aside right now? We have a serious problem, and, Riley we could use your help.
What exactly do you do, Mr.
MacGyver? You know how you hack computers? Well, I hack everything else.
I thought you said you sold bathroom tile.
Do I look like I sell bathroom tile? No.
You don't look that smart.
(snorts quietly) JACK: When we met, I was CIA.
The people I work for now, the CIA doesn't even know they exist.
So you're DXS? I told you she was good.
I need to ask you something.
Are you guilty of the crimes that put you in here? Mr.
MacGyver, have you ever done anything to help someone, knowing it might hurt you? Well, that's why I'm here.
Yes, I am guilty.
And if I had to do it all over again, I would.
You're coming with us.
Seriously? You have a unique skill set we can utilize.
Is it gonna be dangerous? Our last analyst was murdered three months ago.
Not the ideal recruitment slogan.
What, you think it's gonna be any easier for you in here? I'll take it over coffee with you any day.
I don't even drink coffee Hey.
You two are on time-out from now on.
If I help you, I want a reduced sentence.
Like, zero days.
And access to tech.
- Unsupervised.
- (scoffs) I can't do that.
DXS can move Christmas.
I'm not making any promises.
And if I say no? Ms.
Davis you've already said you're the kind of person who would do the right thing.
So, you can spend the next five years in a five-by-six hole wishing you had said yes, or you can do the right thing now and thank me later.
(clears throat) So, what's it gonna be? THORNTON: Are you insane? This is supposed to be an interview, not a jailbreak.
Oh, you know how this works.
I use the tools around me.
This woman just happens to be the one I need to succeed in this mission.
Or, if you prefer, I can let a 30,000-year-old weaponized virus kill everyone on the planet.
I didn't think so.
Never seen encryption like this before.
I've been trying to extract her private key, but this thing has more logic bombs in it than Stuxnet.
I mean, if we're not super careful, we could easily destroy Whoa, whoa! What the hell are you doing?! Why interrogate the prisoner when you can just look inside her brain? We'll scan the data as read-only, then search the disk image to extract the key.
Bypassing all the logic bombs.
I thought you said this was gonna be hard.
RILEY: Facial recognition could take a few minutes.
You guys got anything to eat? After you're done.
You two suck.
Are you really not gonna be talking to me? MacGYVER: Jack.
What in the world is going on between you two? Okay, I might have dated her mom.
- (chuckles) - (stammers) That's what she's mad at you about? You know what, never mind.
I'd be pissed at you, too.
No, no, no, no, no.
Dating her mom's not the problem.
No, no.
Riley doesn't know it, but her old man was an abusive ex.
He comes over one night, starts throwing her mom around, so I tuned him up.
And then he goes and he tells her that-that I was jealous.
So, tell her the truth.
Come on, man.
Who's she gonna believe? Me or dear old dad? All right.
Secret agents, gather round.
I got your jam.
This is the background of all the buyers that Nikki recorded.
Son of a bitch was at the party.
You don't remember seeing him? There was a lot of people.
He must have slipped out before I got into the safe.
- Who is he? - That's the guy who shot Mac and killed our friend Nikki.
THORNTON: His name is John Kendrick.
Can you find him? According to this, the guy's on eight watch lists.
If he's still in the wind at this point, I highly doubt we're gonna be able Can you zoom in on his left wrist? Yeah.
What do you see, Mac? MacGYVER: Time zone.
His watch is set to nine hours earlier.
THORNTON: The West Coast of the U.
is nine hours earlier than Lake Como.
I might be able to find him using a Shodan Map.
See? I told you she was good.
What-what's a what's a Shodan Map? A map of every digital device connected to the Internet.
Using this, I can access every traffic cam, ATM cam and unsecured surveillance cam on the West Coast.
Is that real? Doesn't sound real.
I'm inputting Kendrick's photo and running an image search.
(computer trilling) Got him.
He's in San Francisco.
This feed is live.
He's not the only one there.
There's Benjamin Chen.
He was one of the potential buyers.
Last whereabouts: San Francisco.
Benny boy's a Chinese national.
Former military.
This charmer was disavowed by his own government and has an incredibly documented hatred for all things Uncle Sam.
Guy sounds lovely.
THORNTON: You said this is a live feed.
Can you follow him? If Kendrick is in California to meet Chen, that means we only have a few hours.
You have to get there and stop the sale.
- What about me? - Your work here is done.
So what? You drop me off at the gift shop, then take me back to prison? I'd like her to come with us.
And I'd like to see you wear a clean shirt, but unfortunately, we can't always get what we want.
All due respect, ma'am, we do need a new field analyst.
- She's a hacker.
- Titles really don't matter to me.
She's our responsibility until this is all over.
And if the virus is released, we're all gonna die anyway, so I mean what's the big deal? All right, since we're gonna die anyway.
Get yourselves to San Francisco.
RILEY: So how are we gonna find this guy? No way he checked in under his real name.
You know, she's right.
We don't have time to search room by room.
We'll make him come to us.
How are we gonna do that? Tinfoil.
He's kidding, right? Oh, my man never jokes about tinfoil.
(grunts) MacGYVER: That old saying, “Where there's smoke, there's fire,” isn't always true.
Sometimes, where there's smoke, there's just smoke.
Muriatic acid mixed with ammonia and tinfoil creates a chemical reaction that releases a lot of smoke with absolutely no other by-products.
(alarm blaring) (clamoring) MAN: Please, everyone, move to the exits.
MAN 2: Please, everybody, proceed to the exits.
Nikki? Jack! Jack! (alarm blaring) (panting) (grunts) Nikki! (engine starts) Oi, MacGyver.
Well, I guess this is the end of your silly game of hide-and-seek, MacGyver.
(grunts) You all right? Mac? Mac, where you going? What are you looking for? It's over, man.
We got him.
No, it's not.
Nikki's alive.
What do you mean Nikki's alive? I saw her.
She was with Kendrick.
They've been in on this together.
Whoa, guys, time-out.
Are you talking about the same dead Nikki? Your girlfriend Nikki? Yeah.
How is that possible? - We're about to find that out.
- (gun cocks) That's for making us think Nikki was dead and for trying to kill my friend here.
Where's the virus? (Jack grunts) (nail gun fires) Oh, I got your attention now? Nikki has the virus.
I don't know where it is.
Because you're a bad guy, I'm gonna reserve my right not to believe anything - (gun fires) - that you say.
Nikki wanted to meet the buyer alone.
She thought it would be safer if we met up after the transaction.
I swear.
“I swear”? Really? Why do guys like you always try to convince guys like me that you're honest? Hey, look at me.
You're not honest.
That's why you got another tool between your legs right now.
What did you do to get Nikki to cooperate? What did you threaten her with? I didn't.
Nikki would never do this unless you had something on her.
Look for a bank account in Prague in her mother's name.
You'll find $5 million in there.
When you shot her, the first round was a blank.
She insisted we make her disappear after the transaction.
It was non-negotiable.
And me? She wanted you unhurt, but hey she understood it might get messy, if necessary.
You got enough? Every phoneme in the English language.
- (tape stretches) - What did you do? (growls) Check the last call on that.
It's going to be Nikki.
(Riley scoffs) Eliza Pittsinger.
I would have chose Beyoncé as an alias, but hey Call her.
(phone dialing) (line ringing) NIKKI: We shouldn't be talking right now.
- (typing rapidly) - I took care of your friends.
(helicopter blades whirring) They're not going to be bothering us anymore.
NIKKI: Don't call me again.
I'll see you in New York.
(phone beeps) (computer beeping) Sorry.
Call was voice over IP, routed using TOR.
No way to trace it.
There were planes in the background.
She's at an airport.
All right, I'll look for cell towers at San Francisco International.
No, no, she's not at SFO.
Those engines were too small to be commercial.
I heard a Bell Ranger.
I think we're looking for a private airport, one that services planes and choppers.
(computer beeping) Got something.
It's in San Carlos, ten minutes from here.
Call Thornton, tell her to ground all airplanes in the area.
We can't let that virus leave the city.
(tires screeching) (horns honking) - Hang on.
- (tires screeching) Mac! Yeah, I see it.
Where's Mr.
Wizard going? I think he's going to stop that thing.
(panting) How's he gonna stop an airplane? MacGYVER: Yeah, I know what you're thinking.
This is insane.
And guess what? I'm afraid of heights.
But, this is one of those man-up moments in my line of work, that sometimes can't be avoided.
(knife clicks) CO-PILOT: All right, we got a problem.
Landing gear retraction has failed.
Manual is not responsive either.
PILOT: San Carlos Airport control, this is X-RAY-7 requesting emergency landing.
Hey! RILEY: Congratulations.
Your friend just beat you in the mad dog crazy department.
I'm glad you're talking to me again.
Don't get cocky.
You're the only other one here.
Good point.
Come on, come on.
(grunts) (door opens) Drop the gun, Nikki.
Now! Or I swear to God, I will put one in you for real this time.
You want to shoot him, you're gonna have to go through me.
Go ahead.
You already had me killed once.
Where's the virus? Where is it? (sighs) Tear this place apart.
You got it.
Was everything a lie? Not us.
MacGYVER: Then why? I thought you died trying to do something good.
You were always the hero, Mac.
Not me.
It's not here, is it? Guys, stop looking.
(exhales) She already sold it.
So, Nikki's alive.
Benjamin Chen is in the wind and we don't know when or where he's gonna unleash that virus.
- I know it looks bad - Bad?! Jack, bad is when you accidentally run over your neighbor's dog.
This is a damn catastrophe of biblical proportions.
Eliza Pittsinger.
I would've chose Beyoncé as an alias, but hey.
It's here.
The target's San Francisco.
Chen's planning on releasing the virus here, isn't he? You're wrong.
It's Tokyo.
Oh, you're lying.
Eliza A.
I saw it on Kendrick's phone, but I didn't realize it until now.
Pittsinger wrote a poem in 1907 on the anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake.
Over 3,000 people died in the fires.
Sometimes a purge is necessary to fix what's broken.
Don't pretend this was about ideology.
You did this for a payday.
Mac, did you ever ask yourself why our government wants that weapon? What are they planning on doing with it? We're running out of time here, Mac.
Even if you find it, the people I work for will stop at nothing to get it back.
We'll see about that, won't we? No more games.
Where's Chen? You should leave.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
I'm not going anywhere and neither are you.
So, Chen will release the virus here, then we'll both die.
So what's it gonna be? There it is the truck Nikki said Chen was driving! Yeah, I got him.
Some folks are born made to wave the flag Ooh, they're red, white and blue And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief” Ooh, they point the canon at you, lord It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no senator's son, son It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no fortunate one, no Some folks are born silver spoon in hand (grunts) (speaks Mandarin) Lord, don't they help themselves, oh But when the tax man comes To the door Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yeah MacGYVER: Uh, Jack, we got a problem.
What kind of problem? The kind you don't want to be anywhere near.
Chen's using an I.
to send the virus airborne.
It'll kill millions.
Well, can you stop it? I don't know.
You should probably get out of here, though.
JACK: Ah, you know I'm not gonna do that.
If you go kaboom, I go kaboom.
This is what the Army trained you for.
You can do this in your sleep.
Yeah, okay, I can do without the pep talk right now.
Okay, that's cool.
Just trying to do my part, you know.
That doesn't sound very encouraging.
Yeah, well, you know how you always have to pick between cutting the blue wire and the red wire? - Yeah? - Well, I've got about 12 wires down here and they're all green.
Well, you better pick one quick.
Someone's coming down the chimney and it ain't Santa Claus.
(beeping) (grunting) Hey, Mac! I'm a little busy right now.
Catch! (gagging) (beeping continues) That's not exactly what I had in mind.
Yeah, save it for happy hour.
You still have work to do.
(beeping continues) Mac, talk to me.
Stopping the bomb is out of the question.
Then get the virus and get out of there.
(rapid beeping) - Mac? - I got it.
Now jump! I can't risk shattering the container and releasing the virus.
Although the alternative isn't any better.
30 seconds on the clock.
or die.
Take one canvas top, add some tie-downs, little wind resistance, and you got yourself a parachute.
(car horn honking) (rapid beeping) (explosion) (distant sirens wailing) (explosion) (sirens wailing) Mac! - You all right? - Yeah.
You okay? Oh.
(laughing) My man, saving the world in style! Good job, brother.
JACK: Mac? Yeah.
Are you busy, kemosabe? RILEY: I told him to knock.
We're family.
Family don't knock.
Am I right, Bozer? Jackie boy, what's happening, man? I haven't seen my bestie in awhile.
- JACK: Ah, we're gonna change that.
- BOZER: You look good, son.
Uh, not as good as her, though.
Excu-excuse me.
Now, who is this little ingénue? Yeah, Riley meet Bozer.
Bozer meet off-limits.
MacGYVER: Riley just joined our, um, I.
Department a week ago.
You do any acting? I'd love to put you in my movie.
Baller, you better get to work.
Those fries won't cook themselves.
(laughs): Oh, yeah.
This is gonna be fun.
All right, I'll catch you all think tank geeks later.
And you, Jack.
(chuckles) So, check it out.
Boss lady says we can keep this little rascal right here.
Can you not refer to me like I was a pet? Hey, remember, you're still on probation, little lady.
Yeah, thank you for reminding me for the sixth time in the last half hour.
You're welcome.
You, uh, you doing all right there, pal? (chuckles softly) I will be.
First of all, I just, I wanted to thank you.
You're welcome.
No, seriously, you you said if I did the right thing, I'd be thanking you later.
And this is later.
So thanks.
Second, what's this? JACK: I think you've asked enough questions for now, right? This we got in Cairo.
You were in Cairo? - No.
- Yeah.
Can't wait to hear that story.
THORTON: Guys, Cairo can wait.
Oh, Director Thornton.
What are you doing here? As of 24:00 hours, we're shutting down DXS.
What Nikki did compromised our covert operation, so we're folding up the tent and moving on all think tank personnel, tactical support and your team to a new location.
Same job, new name.
And you get to pick it.
I like the Three Amigos.
That means three guys.
Uh, you should brush up on your Spanish.
My second choice Thunder Stallions.
JACK: Come on, bro.
We don't want to name our new super crew after a bird.
Not just any bird.
In ancient mythology, the Phoenix rose from the ashes stronger than it ever was.
That's us.
I like it.
Me, too.
To the Phoenix.
(laughter) (indistinct chatter) (door closes)