MacGyver (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Metal Saw

1 (gunfire) (”Takin' Care of Business” by Bachmann-Turner Overdrive plays) (bullets ricocheting) Any chance you could smooth out that ride? I'm trying.
(gunfire continues) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy, take it easy.
We still need some of that go-go juice, brother.
(gunfire over speaker) Hey, guys, heads up.
(over radio): Your tail invited guests to the party.
JACK: I take it a drone strike is out of the question.
THORNTON: Not unless you want to start World War III.
- JACK: Never mind.
- Gentlemen, remember, we need the asset alive.
You mean the asset and us, right? Mm.
Don't get insecure on me now, Jack.
JACK (whoops): What happened? MacGYVER: I think I just made them angrier.
JACK: You missed! You want to trade places? JACK: Absolutely not.
Guys, DMZ is just around that corner.
It looks like the border guards know you're coming in hot.
Can you take out the barricade? With what? You only brought one bag of fertilizer? - That was all they had.
- Oh, come on! You got to get your A-game on, brother.
What is that supposed to mean? You (beeps) We lost radio contact.
Get them back online.
You know exactly what it means.
I'm not thinking about her.
Ah, no, I beg to differ, my man.
For the last two weeks, Nikki's been in your head.
Ever since she escaped FBI custody, you've been off.
And I got to be honest with you, if I'm gonna do my job, I need my partner back.
I'm here.
You just worry about your driving.
(beeps) We got 'em back.
Guys is everything all right? Not really.
JACK: We're not gonna make it through those barricades.
What are you doing? Improvising.
Hold on, this is gonna suck! It already sucks! (gunfire continues) (both yelling) (soldier shouts in Korean) (speaks Korean) My name's Angus MacGyver.
I work with the U.
You can call my embassy to verify my identification.
I'm Jack.
(loud banging, muffled shouting in Korean) (muffled shouting) JACK: Uh that there is Python.
I-I'm sure he has a real name, but I honestly can't remember it under the circumstances.
He's a cyber terrorist.
One of Interpol's most wanted.
He tried to melt down your nuclear reactors a couple of months ago.
A-Among other pretty fun things.
(speaking Korean) (grunting) (muffled): No, no, no, no! Don't hit me! Hey! Don't (gasps) - Dude! Are you crazy?! - Bozer, - what are you doing? - What are you doing? You said you'd play the general in my movie! I thought I'd show you the prosthetic I made.
(panting) - Your movie.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, I, uh was having a bad dream.
A dream where you almost kill your roommate? Yeah, well, I-I got in late last night.
- This is really good.
- Thanks, man.
I used my buddy Chu to make a gypsum mold, then added a little slush latex, which settled into vulcanized rubber.
- Way above your pay grade, bro.
- Definitely.
So, how was your energy conference in Cleveland? You run into LeBron? You tell him about the cameo I wrote for him? Uneventful.
And, uh, no.
Oh, Riley.
You said it was okay not to knock.
- Should I come back later? - Uh No, it's cool.
I was just showing my boy a few jiu-jitsu moves.
He was on top.
We were taking turns throwing down.
Okay, well, I need to get out of this costume 100% wool, 100% not breathable.
I'll be in my plush master suite if anyone needs me.
Actually I do need you.
MAN: Miss Davis.
My name is Mr.
I will be your parole officer until the court deems you are no longer in need of my services.
Now, yours is a very unique situation, Miss Davis.
According to a federal ruling, you will be on conditional release, working off the remainder of your sentence under the employ of the Phoenix Foundation.
A think tank.
Now how does a hacker like you get a deal like that? Personally, I'd like to believe good things happen to good people.
Well, I have a few questions.
Please answer truthfully, all right? Now, since your release, have you traveled outside the Los Angeles city limits? No, sir.
Can I assume that since your arrest, you haven't even thought about touching a computer? Absolutely not.
What about alcohol? Not a drop.
You know, I just finished interviewing your boyfriend, Mr.
Charming young man.
He certainly is that.
Enjoy your time together Ex-cons have a much lower rate of reoffending when they're in healthy relationships with stable people.
- Come on.
- (door closes) Seriously? Uh It's cool.
It's cool.
I paid for it.
The only thief here is the vending machine.
Ate my last dollar, then mocked me by dangling that sweet, sweet chocolate in my face.
Dang That was awesome.
I should be thanking you.
Convincing my P.
we're dating gets him off my back.
Aw, no prob.
Happy to do it.
I figure helping you is like helping Mac, since his boss pulled you out of prison to fight cyber terrorism.
Besides, bad girls are my kryptonite.
(sighs): I'm not bad.
I just made a mistake.
Yeah, you know what they say Your best teacher was your last mistake.
My mom used to say that when I got in trouble.
- Which was all the time.
- (laughs): Mine, too.
I appreciate you understanding.
Of course I understand.
I get you, Riley.
It's why all of this feels so natural.
It's like it's not even acting.
I think the universe is telling us something.
I think we're supposed to lean into this.
So how about you slide me your digits? Uh See, I was thinking “digits.
” Plural.
You-you just gave me one.
That's right.
And every week you successfully pretend to be my boyfriend, you'll get another.
So only six more weeks till I can showcase my dope texting skills.
You mean nine more.
Area code.
Six, nine, it don't matter.
Soon I'm gonna woo you the same way Romeo would've wooed Juliet if they had Snapchat back in the Renaissance.
THORNTON: How's Mac doing? He's good.
Are you sure about that? Look Mac compartmentalizes his feelings better than anyone I know, but he is operationally sound, I can promise you that.
I'd understand if he wasn't.
Nikki's betrayal would have crushed - most people.
- Well, MacGyver isn't most people.
And Nikki wasn't just a coworker - who went rogue - His mom died when he was five, his dad left when he was - 12 - 12.
I'm familiar with his history, Jack.
Point is, adapting isn't just some cool trick he does.
It's his survival mechanism.
Is he brokenhearted? Sure.
But should he be pulled from the field? Hell, no.
He just needs some time.
He's not gonna go off the rails looking for Nikki.
He knows we have assets out there searching for her right now.
He's gonna be fine.
MacGYVER: Okay, I will admit breaking into your ex's apartment is never a good look.
And lying to your best friend about being on your A-game when you're clearly distracted by your former girlfriend's betrayal and consumed by a desire to hunt her down: also not great.
I've just been having a hard time processing what happened.
We've talked about how unhealthy this is, right? You do know this place has been searched by everybody and their dog? Yeah.
I just can't Stop coming back.
I know.
- I've only been here a few times.
- A few times? If by “a few times,” you mean every day since Nikki escaped custody, then yeah, it's a few times.
- How - (chuckles) Now, before you get upset with me, listen, I know how you get when something is-is stuck in that ginormous brain of yours.
But Stop touching that.
Look at me.
Listen, I'm sorry for what I said to you in North Korea.
The whole A-game thing.
I was out of line.
I apologize, okay? But I'm genuinely concerned.
And, clearly, I have good reason to be.
- I know we missed something.
- Okay.
Something that's gonna help us find Nikki.
All right.
- Finding Nikki's not our job.
- (phone chiming) Every agency in the world's out there looking for her.
Let them find her.
Which is good, because, as of right now, I think we just got busy.
RILEY: I just saw this on the Internet.
Venezuelan secret police grabbed a reporter, dumped her in some prison, claiming she's an American spy.
Story's gone viral.
#HurryHomeHannah is trending.
Come on, now.
This is just another example of a corrupt government making up excuses to justify illegally holding a U.
THORNTON: Not just a citizen.
She's a spy.
Her real name is Sarah Adler.
I'm sorry, Jack.
How do you know her? Uh, we-we went through the Farm together.
Wait, this is Sarah? Like Sarah-Sarah? What was she doing in Venezuela? Agent Adler was sent in to confirm rumors that international arms dealer, Alfredo Barrios, was now running his operation from Caracas.
Two days ago, we got word from her.
Barrios was there.
So what happened? She make a move on him and something go wrong or what? Sarah was tasked with intel gathering only.
The CIA wants enough information to destroy the entire Barrios network.
And Sarah got it.
Her last message mentioned a ledger she had stolen detailing every Barrios buyer and supplier, - including terrorist sleeper cells.
- That should be all the CIA needs to arrest Barrios and destroy his network.
It would be.
But Sarah was taken before she could hit her exfil.
- Where are they keeping her now? - We don't know.
Venezuela's not exactly a friendly place for Americans these days.
Especially those accused of being a U.
Which is why the CIA was forced to disavow her.
The U.
government can't go anywhere near this or they risk blowing her cover.
It's why they asked the Phoenix Foundation to come in.
We are Sarah's agency of last resort.
If we don't find her she's dead.
That's not gonna happen.
(distant gunfire) You sure you want to do this?! You having second thoughts, cowboy? You know, if you didn't have a boyfriend, I'd marry you.
Hold on.
Is this a confession? 'Cause we're getting out of here alive, so don't say anything you might regret.
(chuckles) One, two three? Jack.
Are you okay? I was thinking about Belarus.
When those mercs had you and Sarah pinned down? Closest I ever came to coming home in a box.
That woman is the only reason I made it home in time to say good-bye to my dad before he passed.
I told you.
We'll find her.
Pilot says we're 30 minutes from wheels down.
- (clears throat) Good.
- You sure your contact knows where to find Sarah? Hey, since you're new, I'll let your lack of faith slide this time, all right? Jack used to work South America back in the day.
Like when they invented fire.
- A couple years after that.
- Okay, when you're both done reminding me that I'm the only one here with wisdom, I'll tell you about my contact.
Nothing happens in Caracas without him knowing about it.
And luckily for you two, me and him are BFFs.
- (grunts) - (groaning) Jack Dalton.
I thought I told you to stay out of my bar.
(weakly): Marco? I thought you were dead.
You survived all four bullets, huh? You shot me five times, Jack.
Can't even tell.
You look fantastic.
I suggest the two of you go.
We don't serve your kind here.
Well, it's good to see you still keep honest riffraff like us out of this cesspool of a bar of yours.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
All I want to do is talk to my good pal Julio - over there.
- Julio? Julio, ¿qué te parece? You want to speak to Jack and his friend? No.
You heard the man.
Now leave! Show him out, boys, and make sure he bleeds.
MacGYVER: Yeah, not the best idea.
But right now, we need a distraction.
(grunting, groaning) (speaking Spanish) (grunting) (coughing) No one, I mean no one, likes a bar fight better than me, but you just blew up half the bar with us in it.
I had no choice.
You're gonna kill us before Marco does.
(panting) JACK: Come on! Make this easy! (tires screech) (groaning) What? You told me to wait in the car.
Technically, I did.
(groaning continues) Your boy Julio was right.
There's something going on in that dump.
I got live cameras, motion detectors, laser sensors.
- Definitely a black site.
- If that means scary dudes doing scary things in a scary building then, yeah, black site.
How did you do that? I used signal strength to determine which Wi-Fi network was theirs, then used a rainbow table to reset the password and gave myself complete access.
MacGYVER: Jack, I got her.
There's Sarah.
RILEY: The good news is we found her.
Bad news is there's no obvious way in.
Can you pull up an overhead sat image? Yeah, give me a sec.
What are you thinking, Mac? Yeah, that.
You see that? It's an elevator.
Most hospitals have one straight from the alley to the morgue so the patients don't have to see dead bodies.
It's our way in.
Only one problem with your plan street-level access to that elevator is sealed by what can best be described as a giant metal plate bolted directly into the brick.
This is all we need to get through three inches of steel? Of course not.
How much change you got in your pocket? MacGYVER: Even the mightiest of obstacles has a weakness.
It just may not be easy to identify at first glance.
Or second.
Or third.
The trick in this line of work is to get good at spotting this weakness quickly.
Then all that's left is finding Or more often building The right tool to exploit it.
(grunting) (clang) (clacking) MacGYVER: You watch the perimeter.
I'll radio as soon as I find her.
All right.
(grunting) Okay.
Riley, you're my eyes.
I got a direct route from you to Sarah, but there are two problems.
The surveillance cameras I told you about? They're everywhere.
- What's the second? - Guards, comma, lots.
I count at least a dozen.
I can disable any camera you want, but there's nothing I can do about the guards.
Riley, can you cut the power to the building? - Shouldn't be a problem.
- Hey, not to poke holes in your plan there, Mac, but if Riley blinds the guards, she blinds you, too, remember? Maybe not.
MacGYVER: If I'm being totally honest, I've never been a huge fan of the dark.
An overactive imagination like mine turned my childhood bedroom into a breeding ground for monsters and unspeakable horrors the moment the lights snapped off.
As an adult, I made my peace with the darkness, because it can be an extremely effective ally in the field.
So, as long as you have a way to see while everyone else is in the dark Two night vision cameras, a little imagination, and voilà You can have your very own pair of ugly ass glasses that boost ambient light and let you see in the dark.
Riley, cut the power.
Got it.
Ten, nine Ho-Hold on, really? You start your countdowns from ten? - Hey, some of us haven't done this before, okay? - I mean, come on, - go.
- Riley.
(men shouting in Spanish in distance) RILEY: At the end of that corridor, Sarah's cell should be on your left.
(men continue shouting in Spanish) (grunts) Sarah? You're not a guard.
Who are you and how do you know my name? I'm Angus MacGyver.
I'm with the Phoenix Foundation.
What's that? Uh, U.
covert ops.
I'm actually here to rescue you.
If you're with the government, then why are you here alone? I'm not, I'm I'm with I'm with Jack.
Dalton? (coughs) Jack Dalton came for me? Yes.
And if you want to see him again, I need you to come with me.
Right now.
Drop the flashlight, hold on.
RILEY: They have a generator.
JACK: That's not good.
Mac, we got a new problem.
Lights are about to come on.
Get out of there now.
(men shouting in Spanish) (grunts) (speaks Spanish) We need another exit.
Anyone call for an Uber? (engine revving) Nice to see you, Jack.
Thought you got out of the business.
He wanted kids.
I wasn't ready.
I agree.
This woman should not have kids.
Jack, you didn't owe me anything.
But thank you.
(clears throat) You look good.
(chuckles) I mean, you look good.
I bet you say that to all the rescued hostages.
Oh, no.
- (chuckles) - Just you.
Yeah? Just you.
Jack, I, um Yeah? (honking, tires screech) Whoop.
My bad, my bad.
We here? I Almost.
Just, uh, take that next right.
Yeah, yeah.
That's me.
Second floor.
Been renting a room from a local.
Can you trust him? With my life.
What's that look for? You're not over her, are you? - Me? - Yeah, who else would it be? I'm not the one who stares at her every time - she looks away.
- I don't stare.
- Oh you stare.
- Yeah? Like a pro.
But it is a little more charming than creepy.
So it's all good.
- Oh - Yeah.
And I see why you fell for her.
She's a female version of you.
Yeah, and what's that supposed to be, a hit on my ego or something? No, I'm just saying, I don't understand how you let that get away.
I don't know.
I-I don't know, man.
I was young, I was dumb, I had no idea I was in love.
I always thought she would be there, no matter how long the assignment.
But hey Maybe just by us being here is the big man's way of giving me a second chance with her.
Despite you trying to kill me every two seconds.
Just gonna have to let that go.
Stay back, Riley, stay back, stay back.
SARAH: Somebody's been here.
Luis?! Don't go Sarah! No.
No, no He wasn't a part of this.
He didn't know anything.
Wounds are still fresh.
Someone tortured him to death within the last 24 hours.
It was Barrios.
I'm so sorry.
(sirens wailing in distance) Anyone else worried about those? I mean, they're for us, right? There.
That's everything on the ledger.
You got what you came for.
We came for the ledger and you.
I'm not leaving.
Forget Barrios.
This is enough to take him down.
(magazine clicks) Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, listen, listen.
There is nothing you can do right now to bring your friend back.
Do you understand me? This isn't about revenge, Jack.
The only reason Barrios is still in town is because he's looking for that ledger.
As soon as he finds out I escaped, he'll ghost.
And he'll do all of this somewhere else.
Yeah, but listen, we got to go through the proper chan There isn't always time to beg some suit back home for permission to do what's right.
You taught me that.
I'm going with her.
You go, I go.
All right.
Um, wasn't our mission Sarah and the ledger? - Not anymore.
- Isn't Thornton gonna be pissed? Only if we live.
So we're not gonna tell her? If we tell her, Thornton will insist on backup and we do not have time for that right now.
Are you in? Hell yeah.
I'm already breaking parole just by being here.
Let's go.
I want your biggest bundle of minutes.
Mucho minutos, por favor.
One hour.
300 bolivars.
Give me eight.
You need help getting online, hermosa? Uh, I think I'll be okay.
Not interested.
MAN: American? Dude, your game's good, but there's already a half-naked girl on your computer and I don't want to make her jealous.
(grunting) (door opens) Excuse me, ma'am.
We're receiving an unsecured uplink from Venezuela tagged with your name.
That's got to be Agent Adler's ledger.
Scrub it and send it to me.
That might take a while.
It's coming in over an old school connection using a 56K modem.
Why? I suspect to avoid electronic eavesdropping.
At the current rate of download, it'll take just over eight hours.
Well, Mac will be home by then.
He could bring it to me.
What is it? I don't think that's happening, ma'am.
According to ground, MacGyver and his team missed their exfil, and they're not responding to comms.
(sighs) (indistinct, distant shouting) MacGYVER: How did you get past all that? Barrios is a pig.
He loves huge parties and beautiful women.
So I slipped into a little somethin' somethin' and walked right in.
She cleans up real nice.
(vehicle approaching) If he gets out of the country, that's it.
We don't get another shot at him.
Hey, hey, I like your spunk, I do, but we're three people with two weapons.
I don't think we stand a chance against that army.
Then we'll have to bring our own.
MacGYVER: When I was a kid, the bully down the street used to burn ants using a magnifying glass.
That was never my thing, but the same principle applies here.
Mirrors, magnifying glasses, the power of the sun, and you got yourself a directional heat source.
Who is this guy? One of a kind.
MacGYVER: Once this heat source starts cooking those ammo boxes, they'll think they're under attack.
(engines revving) (tires squealing) (men shouting in Spanish) Oh, crap.
(men shouting in Spanish) - (gunfire) - (men grunting) Get the ledger.
Let's go! I don't know how they found me! I anonymized myself.
(gunfire) They didn't trace you digitally.
This government has informants everywhere.
Open the door.
- I'm sorry.
- You can apologize later.
(indistinct shouting) - (popping) - (indistinct shouting) (explosion) (explosion, popping continues) MacGYVER: There's Barrios.
He's heading for the garage.
(engine revving) Was that Barrios? MacGYVER: We can't let him get away.
(engine revving) There he is! (tires squealing) - Go! - (tires squealing) Get me as close to him as you can.
MacGYVER: Super bikes are fast, very fast, but that speed comes at the expense of stability.
Two tires means if you take one out, with say, some netting weighed down by wrenches, the murdering drug dealer you're chasing will suddenly be flying, and not riding.
(tires squealing) Stop! (groaning) Turn over! Turn over! Look at me! Look at me, you son of a bitch! Sarah.
Stand down, Agent Adler! Hey, Sarah, let's take a walk.
- Come on.
- (panting) Come on, let's take a walk.
Come on, come on.
Give me this.
Give me this.
- (sighs) - Relax.
- All right.
Come on.
Come on.
- (sighs) Just relax.
JACK: Hey, it's over.
- There you go.
- (panting) There you go.
(sighs) JACK: Thanks for the assist, boss lady.
You do know the mission was Sarah and the ledger, not Barrios.
- That was my fault, ma'am.
- JACK: No.
No, that was my idea.
Actually, it was mine.
MacGYVER: They're all lying.
I forced them.
But, seriously, how bad is this gonna be? On the record, there will be a debriefing.
Oversight doesn't like things unsanctioned.
Off the record I would've done the same thing.
Who is that? Friend? - With benefits.
- SARAH: Guys, this is my fiancé, Jeff.
Nice to meet you, Jeff.
I don't know what to say.
Other than thank you.
I thought I'd lost her.
You're welcome, buddy.
(whispering): I tried to tell you.
(whispering): It's okay.
Uh - (laughs) - What are you laughing about? Oh, it's just realized I have terrible luck with women, man.
(both laugh) What are you laughing at? You ain't no better.
(sighs) Well, at least we have each other.
- Don't look at me.
- Oh.
I know how weird it sounded.
Well (laughs) MacGYVER: Look, I know what you're thinking This guy's back here again? Just get over it, man, it's getting pathetic.
But I swear I'm not hanging onto some romance novel idea that maybe, just maybe, I can fix Nikki and things can go back to the way they were.
- (fly buzzing) - No.
That woman belongs in jail.
And I'm not gonna stop looking for her until she is.
(fly buzzing) (light switch clicks) (tool clicks) Now, I'm not supposed to show a civilian this, but here's how we do it at work.
The secret to the perfect patty, is the meat mixture.
If you don't get it exactly right burger fail.
Dude, it's just a hamburger.
Don't ever say that, Caramel Goddess.
When I make it, it's edible art.
(laughs) (Jack grunts) (panting) See, I know your game too well, bro.
Seriously, it's not even any fun.
I anticipate your every move.
If by anticipate, you mean let me poster-ize you, then, yeah, sure.
(both grunting) (laughs): Ah.
You know, you got to feel bad for the defender getting punked like that.
Yeah, it's easy to score when you push off like that.
- Push off? Please.
- Yeah.
Game point.
You got anything to say before I send you to the showers? Thank you.
For what? For Caracas.
You, uh, you really brought your A-game to Caracas.
I appreciate that.
You were right, man.
Nikki got in my head and I need to let that go.
Well, the good news is, you don't have to go through this alone.
You've got me.
Ain't you lucky? (laughs) Hey, um, burgers are on the grill.
Oh, Bozer said to tell you guys, we're 30 seconds from a taste explosion.
Yeah, we'll be in soon.
I just gotta put this old man out of his misery real quick.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Yeah, tell Bozer to brand a big ass “L” on Mac's burger, 'cause I'm gonna take this little boy to school.
Little boy.
- Oh, yeah, old man? - Ow, dude.
RILEY: Yeah.
I'm not gonna do that.
I'm just gonna get out of here before I drown in testosterone.
(laughs) You know, she is the closest either of us get to having a stable relationship with a woman.
That's not even That's true, actually, that's sad.
I'm hungry.
Ready to get smoked again one more time before we go eat? MacGYVER: My grandfather took me to my first basketball game when I was seven years old, but we left before it ended, that was by design.
Another one of his lessons.
He wanted me to see that it didn't matter who won or lost.
It was how you played the game.
Only, Grandpa was wrong about that, because I don't like to lose.