MacGyver (2016) s02e18 Episode Script

Riley + Airplane

1 - Previously on MacGyver - MACGYVER: This is from my dad.
Who sticks an old World War II German dossier under the cedar? MACGYVER: Everything's a puzzle when it comes to my father.
JACK: I think he's trying to tell you how to find him.
Welcome to the Colton Family Bail Bonds.
Wasn't too bad working with you two.
If you ever steal my mark again, oh, there will be hell to pay.
[HORSE NEIGHS] [MAN WHISTLES] - - JACK: All right, all right, all right.
Oh, yeah.
These'll work.
I think you forgot something.
What's that? [WHISPERING]: Your pants.
How'd you know I'm not wearing any pants? There's a mirror behind you.
Uh, sorry.
Yeah, I just, I just slapped these on while my pants are in the dryer.
I'll be ready to go in a minute.
Oh, really? 'Cause I think you look just fine right now.
We work together.
I won't tell if you won't.
Conversation's getting a little strange.
You're the one that came in half naked.
I can fix it.
You all right there, Tex? Fine, yeah.
[WHISPERING]: Little chafing problem? Only in the important area.
All right, hurry up.
I need you in position before that rodeo starts.
Strike that.
I got eyes on our target.
Time to move.
- Seriously? - Yeah, seriously.
- But my pants aren't dry yet.
Your scumbag buddies are never gonna let you forget this.
You just got run down by a dude who ain't even wearing stinking pants.
Yeah, yeah, good job, Howdy Poopy, but stop bragging.
- We got to roll.
- [SMACKS BUTTOCKS] WOMAN: And you don't know his name? Place of birth? When this was taken? Unfortunately, I don't know anything about this man.
But if I can identify him, it might help me find my father.
Ah, which it's kind of a long story.
Well, the fact that he has a tattoo tells us he was at Auschwitz.
The placement on his left arm means it was after March 1942, but beyond that [SIGHS] I know, and I know that this is a lot to ask, but I was kind of hoping that you could, uh, let me have access to your visual records.
So, that's photo archives, videos, anything that could help me identify him.
The archive has 55,000 interviews and contains 700,000 photographs.
Trying to find one man among the three million who survived and the six million who were murdered will be very difficult.
I know, but just because something's impossible doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
Let's go see what we can find in the archives.
- [PHONE CHIMES] - Thank you so much.
JACK: 'Sup, Matty? Where's Blondie? Mm-mm.
Nice of you to join us.
I'm a fraction of a second late.
Spare me the math.
Late is late.
Now, let's get this campfire going.
We just got a lead on Emil Beck.
Wait, the Emil Beck? Yes.
MacGYVER: Um, obviously, not all of us are caught up.
Who is the Emil Beck? JACK: Don't worry, Matty.
I'll take it from here.
Emil Beck is a government tech nerd turned traitor that she and I have been chasing ever since he stole, get this, 300 gigabytes of classified intel and then just fled the U.
- 300 gigs? - Mm-hmm.
One could do a lot of damage - with that kind of intel.
- Yeah.
That's why I spent so many years trying to catch this guy.
Beck is not a trained spy.
But with an IQ of 162, he's a quick study.
He's managed to elude capture for years, staying one step ahead of law enforcement until last night.
Beck was pulled over in Arkansas for a broken taillight.
The officer who made the stop suspected that his ID was fake, but when he tried to bring Beck in, brace yourself.
Drop the weapon.
Officer Thomas Porter was killed.
Beck managed to flee the scene, but we believe that he was wounded in the shoot-out.
MACGYVER: Which might be the break we need.
The wound may make him sloppy.
MATTY: One can only hope.
State police have issued a reward for his arrest, but all they have is his fake ID.
They have no idea who they're actually dealing with.
MACGYVER: We got to stop this guy before he gets more cops killed.
RILEY: And I think I know where to look.
I've had my facial recognition code scanning every image posted online within 500 miles of that shoot-out.
This was what I found.
JACK: Uh, yeah, right.
Unless he's got a severe case of the Benjamin Buttons, - I don't think - Just hold on, Jack.
Just wait for it.
Where was this picture taken? Atlanta, two hours ago.
Okay, Atlanta PD just put out a BOLO with Beck's current photo and real name, so we'll see.
Yeah, same with the staties and the sheriffs, which means that every local lawman will be looking out for him.
Yeah, you know, it probably still won't be enough.
This guy's been giving me and Matty the slip for over a decade.
Take a look at the photo again.
See if there's anything in there that might give us a clue on where he is.
What about his injury? He's bandaged.
He must've patched himself up somewhere.
Yeah, but you can't exactly walk into an ER with a gunshot wound and keep a low profile because they call those in.
Yeah, so, hey, check for break-ins at local veterinarian hospitals.
I've done some of my finest self-surgeries in the back of a vet's office.
I had that same thought, but I checked the police reports and it got nothing.
So now I'm checking for any robberies at clinics - and pharmacies - [COMPUTER BEEPS] I think I just got something.
Break-in at a drugstore on Peachtree.
MacGYVER: Oh, yeah.
The list of stolen items is exactly what you would need to self-treat a gunshot wound.
This has got to be Beck.
Except it isn't.
Cops are looking for an Owen Palmer.
He's dumb enough to let his face get caught on the security camera, but smart enough cops haven't got him yet.
Yeah, but what are the odds that this guy would randomly steal everything that Beck needs to treat himself hours after Beck gets shot? - Palmer's got to be one of Beck's cutouts.
- Exactly.
If Beck's hiring those criminals to do his dirty work, I see why it's been so hard to catch him.
Good news is, if we can find this guy, he may be able to tell us where Beck is hiding.
Do we know where Palmer is now? His phone's in a house in Grant Park.
Let's go pay him a little visit.
I was just about to use my card.
It's a lot faster to kick it in and way cooler, anyway.
MacGYVER: Look, I don't disagree with you, but Palmer's definitely gonna know we were here now.
JACK: Yeah, so what? Got a cell phone charging over here.
Which means he's gonna be back soon.
Well, it's a good day for a stakeout.
Whose turn is it to get snacks? [PHONE CHIMES] That's the seventh text since we got here.
Who's blowing up your phone, Riley? Don't even bother.
She's been dating some new guy.
She won't even tell me who it is.
I think you need a hobby, Jack.
You ever try knitting? Or CrossFit? Or, I don't know, minding your own damn business? Hey, I bet it's 'cause the dude has a dumb name.
- [PHONE CHIMES] - You know, like Cletus or Milton or Fidget Spinner.
Something like that.
See, this is exactly why I'm not discussing this with you.
No, the reason you're not discussing this with me is there's probably something horribly wrong with him.
Probably don't even like him.
Just tell me who it is.
Do you remember what happened last time I told you about a boy I liked? Hmm? Oh.
Yeah, Trevor.
Well, now, all I told Trevor was, he better be a gentleman or I was capable of making him disappear off the face of the planet.
- He was 12.
- [SNORTS] - 12.
- [STAMMERS] You're never too young to learn how to be a gentleman.
The point is, I'm still trying to figure out this whole dating while working a job you can't talk about thing.
Last thing I need is you in my business again.
- Okay? - JACK: Okay.
I didn't like Trevor.
Guys, guys, Palmer, Palmer.
JACK: Owen.
Sorry about your door, man.
End of the road, pal.
Angus MacGyver.
As I live and breathe.
How you doing? - Mama Colton.
- Hmm.
What are you guys doing here? Chasing a felon who gunned down a police officer in Arkansas.
We have reason to believe that Mr.
Palmer here can lead us to him.
Uh, dibs.
Dibs? What, are you ten? Nope.
Ten's being generous.
OWEN: You know, it seems like you guys have a lot to work out here, - so why don't I just - JACK: Shut up, Owen! You're not going anywhere.
Butt out of it.
- Okay.
- JESSE: Look, look, look.
Not that we're not happy to see you guys, but what's your business with this man? Our business is our business, but trust me when I tell you that you're in way over your head with this one.
The guy you're chasing is bad news.
Please let us take it from here.
JACK: And "please" is being courteous, Mama.
We like you.
But y'all are bail bonds.
We're federal agents.
I'm pulling rank.
He's coming with us.
Have a nice day.
I don't think so.
It's all right, baby.
Mama knows when a dog won't hunt.
Clearly, this case is in very capable hands.
So we're just gonna let our government friends take it from here.
Good luck with that.
Come on.
Come on.
- Get your ass over here, Owen.
- Yeah.
What's the matter with you? [ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SCREECHING] You believe her? Oh, no.
Not for a second.
- Sit down.
Shut up.
- Hey, you can't do Let's get comfy.
Listen, we know all about your little pharmacological B&E.
- All right? - What? Just stop.
We know you took the drugs.
Pharmacy got you on video.
Pharmacy's not ringing any bells.
Maybe, if I saw the video.
I should tell you a little something about me.
I'm not a patient man.
So we're gonna start over.
And you're gonna tell the truth.
Or I'm gonna start ringing your bells for you.
- You understand? - [COMPUTER CHIMES] Before you do, Riley, you got something? Oh, yeah.
I got everything the Coltons have on Beck's activities before and after the shoot-out in Arkansas.
While you two were trying to big-dog Mama, I was hacking Billy's cell.
Which I then used to access the Coltons' shared cloud drive.
I'm sending all this to Bozer and Matty now.
Hopefully, this will help them figure out why Beck came back to the U.
, and where he is now.
JACK: Okay, we know his name's Beck.
You know him.
Palmer, we know you know him.
Where is he? I ain't telling you nothing.
All you got on me is that I swiped some scripts.
That's a year inside.
Bring it on.
Okay, normally, when you rob a store the way you did, it is, it's just a slap on the wrist, but you stole drugs for a man who's wanted for treason by the U.
Know what that makes you? Hmm? A traitor.
And-and what's treason going for, these days? MacGYVER: Last I checked, it was a minimum sentence of five years in prison, with a maximum penalty of, um JACK: Hanging from a rope till you're dead, right? No, they don't do that anymore.
It's lethal injection now.
Oh, yeah.
Lethal injection.
How does that sound? Ringing any bells, pal? All right.
All right, fine.
But I don't know much.
RILEY: So how does Beck contact you? Dark Web.
Always the Dark Web.
Pay is good, the jobs are easy.
Where did you give Beck the drugs? I didn't.
I've never even seen him in person.
I was supposed to take the stuff that he wanted, put it into a blue gym bag, and drop the bag at the lost and found at Village Fitness.
That's two miles away.
Matty's gonna want to interrogate Captain Sticky Fingers here, about his relationship with Beck, so - what's next? - We don't have time to wait around for a tac team to come grab him.
So we need to put him on ice, now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey! Hey.
Okay, now, let's be reasonable, okay? What are you Wait hold [MUFFLED SPEAKING] Seriously? Hey! [GRUNTS] Okay.
Mac, Jack and Riley just turned Beck's cutout into a solid lead.
Please tell me you know why Beck was back on American soil.
I can't tell you why yet, but after combining our intel with Riley's download from the Coltons, I've got a lot more "where.
" Here's a timeline of Beck's activities.
MATTY: Damn, Coltons.
Color me impressed.
I know, right? They've got Beck entering the U.
, using a fake ID on a flight into Houston.
He then rented a car using the same bogus name and drove east.
MATTY: Pulled over 13 hours later, just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, where the shoot-out happened.
Question is, why did it take Beck 13 hours to get to Little Rock? Drive time from Houston is only seven hours.
So we just discovered a six-hour hole in Beck's timeline.
BOZER: Yeah.
So either Beck took an epic pit stop at some Waffle House, or his reason for coming back to America is somewhere inside this circle.
MATTY: With all the people looking for Beck, there's no way that he would risk this trip unless there was a very good reason.
I've been making a list of everything in this circle, but honestly, it's feeling like a dead end.
I've got a brewery, a dozen farms, three different Denny's, a couple gas stations.
Wait a second.
There's something inside that area that's not on any map.
I got to make a phone call.
Get up, get up, get-get up Pump-pump the volume, fe-feel the bass Get up, get up, get-get up Goodness gracious.
RILEY: Aw, you could do that, Jack.
JACK: Yeah, that's a lot of weight right there, Ri.
- You should go try it.
- Okay.
- No.
- DARRYL: Welcome to Village Fitness.
How can we help you folks achieve your health and fitness goals today? We only have one goal today, and that is finding this gentleman.
He may have come here, looking for a blue bag? You cops? Serving a subpoena.
All three of you? That's right, Beef Swellington, all three of us.
MacGYVER: They're shadowing me, because they're new to the firm, obviously.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
If I'd have seen that guy, I would've signed him up immediately for CrossFit.
Perfect for the aspiring athlete with more of a lanky build.
Would do wonders for you, my man.
Yeah, yeah, I-I agree with that, too.
Are you sure you haven't seen this guy? Maybe he walked in with a hat - or glasses? - Pretty sure.
But I just started my shift.
- Hey, Cindy? - Yeah? - Did you open today? - CINDY: Sure did.
DARRYL: Come on over here.
Welcome to Village Fitness.
How can I help you achieve your health - and fitness goals? - JACK: Oh, my gosh.
Give me this.
Sweetie, have you seen this guy? - That guy? - Yeah.
He forgot his bag, but we had it in the lost and found.
A-And do you know where he went after he found his bag? I sure do.
Where? He walked outside.
Have a great day.
CINDY: You know, if you hurry, you might be able to catch his girlfriend.
- His girlfriend? - Yeah.
His girlfriend and her mom stopped by to pick up the bag earlier, but I told them he already got it.
They were here, like, two minutes ago.
- They just left.
- Son of a bitch.
That's their truck.
MACGYVER: If they're going into that building, it's got to be where Beck is hiding.
Damn it.
They're gonna get to him before we do.
Yeah, and if they do, they're not just gonna hand over - their winning lottery ticket.
- JACK: Hell no.
That's why we're gonna make Beck come to us.
[SIREN WAILING] [GRUNTING] Ha, well, you must be Emil.
Nice to finally make your [STUN GUN ZAPS] Forgot to call dibs.
Jack! [SHOUTS] [ENGINE STARTS, REVS] - Mama's gonna be - MAMA: Pissed.
You got that right.
Now, I expect this kind of unprofessional nonsense from government agents, but from my own flesh and blood? No, no, we told y'all to stand clear.
We told you we'd handle it.
Now because of y'all, Beck's gone, and I got tased.
That hurt, girl.
Aw, baby got tased? Please.
Only reason that man ran was because of you and your corny siren trick.
If it hadn't been for y'all, he'd have been cuffed in the back of my truck by now, instead of behind the wheel, running away.
All due respect, Mama, this isn't your average skiptrace.
Organizations with a lot more resources than the Colton Bail Bonds have had a hard time catching him, is all I'm saying.
RILEY: Which is exactly why you guys have to back off and let us handle this.
I don't care if he is average, extraordinary or the Devil himself.
Beck is our bounty.
That's Colton bounty.
Which is why we're not going nowhere.
So, we can either keep tripping over each other, or we can work together.
What you say? You're a smart man.
Do the smart thing.
- Deal.
- Mm.
Okay, but we're still in charge.
Right? MACGYVER: Which is why, strategically speaking, - it makes sense for us to - Seriously, Mac? I don't care if you're working with the Coltons or the Kardashians.
All I care about is catching Beck.
And all I care about is the reward money Beck will bring in once he's collared.
Okay, and as long as you help us get him, I'll make sure you get your payday.
Even if it has to come out of my own pocket.
Oh, now that's my kind of contract.
I like her.
MATTY: So deliver the goods.
- Now, do we know where Beck is? - Uh, not yet, but we're about to.
The Coltons' truck was outfitted with a LoJack, which Riley - and Frank are tracking now.
- Well, track faster.
Beck isn't the type to stick around when he feels the heat.
And if he manages to flee the country this time, well, we might never see him again.
Palmer was Beck's last known contact.
He might have some information that can help us.
Put him on a plane to Phoenix.
Riley, - you can escort him.
- MAMA: Hold up, wait a minute.
Palmer has an outstanding warrant in Nevada.
He's worth a whole lot of money, honey.
And I'd feel much more comfortable if my Billy were to transport him to you for questioning, then, take him on down to Nevada for processing and payment.
Riley and Billy can transport Palmer together.
Final offer.
MAMA: All right, then.
Well, do we know where Palmer is? Uh, yeah, he's rolled up in a carpet in his closet at his house.
Seriously? - You wanted us to just let him go? - FRANK: Gotcha.
Guys, I found our truck.
Beck's heading west on Highway 20.
Okay, well, that's where we need to be.
Riley and Billy, grab Palmer and hop the first flight to L.
The rest of you, go get me Beck.
Come on, y'all.
[PHONE RINGING] Deputy Director Rowell.
I appreciate the return call.
Always happy to hear from you, Director Webber.
Then, I'll get right to it: does the DoD still operate an off-the-books intel facility just south of Little Rock, Arkansas? I can neither confirm nor deny Oh, cut the crap.
I think you still have that facility.
And I think that facility was broken into in the last 48 hours.
And I think that Emil Beck stole something big.
Now, I would like to know what that was.
[TIRES SCREECHING] MAMA: There's our truck.
Guys Oh, Billy's not gonna like this.
JACK: Whoo, that's got to be Beck.
Rigging it to explode, then running off.
He didn't run off.
He stole whatever was parked over there.
The truck's dashcam probably got a good view of Beck's new ride.
- The SD card for the dashcam? - Glove compartment.
JACK: And the glove compartment's en fuego.
Hey, Jack, pop the hood, put it in neutral and floor it.
- I'll be back.
- JACK: Okay.
MacGYVER: Gun it, Jack.
[ENGINE REVS] You are a very strange young man, MacGyver.
Some people have mentioned it before.
Hey, you got an opening.
Oh Okay, downloading the footage now.
Why is he wearing a tux? - Screengrab that plate, Frank.
- [TIRES SCREECH ON VIDEO] All right, let's figure out where he's going.
[PHONE CHIMES] Your phone's been blowing up since we got through security.
What's his name? Come on, let me guess Chip.
No, no, Chuck.
So, how you and Chuck meet? You been dating him long? His name's not Chuck, okay? And why do you care? Just making conversation.
- It's a long flight.
- Oh.
Well, on long flights, I like to watch movies.
You know, quietly.
Without any talking.
Is he tall? You two want to sit next to each other, or? - No.
- No.
His name's Ryan.
All right? We met online, we've been dating a few months.
You happy now? Oh, you know, there's still time to make a quick call before the plane takes off.
- Thanks, but we usually just text.
- Seriously? But you have met in person, right? If I'm being honest, we haven't really seen each other that much.
I travel a lot for work.
Pretty busy, so - Mm.
- What? [LAUGHS]: Sorry but you know you're not actually dating this guy, right? - Excuse me? - Mostly text? Only hung out a few times, and I'm guessing these "hang outs" are late at night? And it usually starts by putting on a movie? Has he at least given you flowers? The idea of a man bringing a woman flowers is outdated.
Flowers die in a few days, and then what? - It's just garbage in a vase.
- Maybe.
But I was raised to show a woman appreciation - and respect.
- One way to do that is to give her flowers.
Besides, flowers really brighten up a room.
Not that it's any of your damn business Either of you but I just don't have time for some super complicated relationship right now.
I don't buy that.
At all.
No, see, I've met women like you.
Awesome and badass in every single way except when it comes to romance.
You don't go all in because And, now, I'm just guessing here but the woman who hacks everyone's secrets has massive trust issues.
I didn't know they offered psychotherapy classes at bounty hunting school.
Look, what you need is a man that you can count on.
One that always comes through and never lets you down.
And let me guess, you're that kind of man.
Your words, not mine.
All right, I'm gonna need you to dial it down on the cockiness.
Look, in my line of work, confidence is key.
Now, the guys that I deal with every day will chew you up and spit you out if they smell one shred of weakness.
You know, - I have been known to - Hey, shut up, little man.
Now, if you want to know what kind of guy I am, Ms.
Davis, all you got to do is just look through my phone.
I know about that.
JACK: And we're sure this is where he went? JESSE: Well, according to your people, the car Beck stole is parked on this property right now.
Any idea who owns this place? FRANK: Huh.
Looks like it's actually owned by a shell company.
Which is owned by another shell company.
MAMA: Making this - a very shady charity event.
Tell me you've got Beck in custody.
We're working on it.
Well, then work faster.
I just learned what he stole - from the DoD.
- Oh, that can't be good news.
It's not.
72 hours ago, the DoD discovered a security flaw in the software that regulates the engines in most planes, both commercial and military.
That's a heck of a flaw.
Well, they were working on a patch when Beck breached the facility.
The intel that he stole shows how one could access this software remotely and overheat the engines.
JESSE: That sounds like a fancy way of saying Beck stole the ability to knock a plane out of the sky.
Not a plane.
Any plane at any time.
You guys need to get it back.
So, how we looking? Every entrance is guarded.
So much for sneaking through the back.
JESSE: Well, we've been tracking their security patterns on the satellite your boss lent us.
These guys are good.
Like "can't find a hole in their security" good.
MAMA: So, Mr.
Federal Agent Man, what's the plan? JACK: Well, I figure we climb one of these big-ass trees.
Mac can make a grappling hook out of whatever grappling hook supplies you can whip up.
Don't act like you can't do it.
Then I'll rodeo-toss said hook across to the roof of the other mansion, and then we'll tightrope - right across.
- How 'bout we walk in as guests? - Yeah, that sounds good.
- That part.
You're about a 40 regular, yeah? [EXHALES] Hurry up.
Come on.
What's wrong? JACK: I think we should go with the "climb a big-ass tree, grappling hook" plan.
Man, this isn't gonna work.
Oh, come on.
You look great.
What are you laughing at? I'm not laughing.
Skinny pants are in right now.
You're actually on trend.
On trend? They're high-waters.
- [CHUCKLES]: Yeah.
- MATTY: Okay, your infil team is ready.
Oh, and, Mac, once you've stopped Beck, I'm gonna need a picture of Jack in that tux for his permanent file.
No, there's gonna be no permanent file photo.
Stop it.
Okay, Matty.
Send in infil.
Hey, let's at least trade jackets.
I don't want to look stupid.
[CHUCKLES] Please tell me this is where deliveries go.
Because I have got a van full of buttermilk pie that needs to be refrigerated A.
You're at the wrong entrance.
All deliveries - go to the back.
- Oh, no, no, no.
My delivery instructions were quite clear.
I was to make my delivery here at the front gate.
And, well, - here I am.
- Ma'am, we need you to turn your van around.
Are you trying to ruin my business? - Is that what this is about? - Ma'am, please.
Because I just want you to understand that I have worked too long and too hard - to let you destroy - Ma'am, I'm just Ma'am.
What I have built over my lifetime - with one bad Yelp review.
- Please, just turn the van around.
All right, time to blend in.
Blend in? No, thanks.
Easy for you to say, James Bond.
You blend just fine.
Looks like I've been in a clearance sale at - Tuxes for Toddlers.
- [CHUCKLES] MACGYVER: Speaking of toddlers, by the way, you do know that Riley isn't one anymore, right? What's that supposed to mean? - She's not a little girl anymore.
- No.
Your approval, it means a lot to her, and if you keep withholding it, she's gonna be forced to choose between you and whoever this new guy is.
I'm not I'm not withholding my approval, okay? It's just that I think Riley's really awesome.
I think she should have a guy that's equally as awesome.
So, you know, a match.
Your heart's in the right place, and if you want her to find that guy who's equally as awesome, then you got to let her look.
She's gonna make mistakes, but I think you know better than anyone She's got great instincts and you need to trust her.
Besides, I don't think this new guy's gonna last very long.
[CHUCKLES] Hmm? Billy? What are you talking about? Oh, you didn't see the way he was looking at her, did you? Uh, no, I did not see the way he was looking at her.
And if I did see the way he was looking at her, I'd break his eyeballs for him.
He won't look at her that way no more I guarantee that.
All right.
Well, be prepared, 'cause she was looking at him the same way.
Really? Do you see Beck in here at all? Ooh, no.
No, but I do see Gigantor the staircase guard.
I bet you dollars to donuts our boy's upstairs somewhere.
Probably trying to sell the glitch - to whoever owns this place.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, I might bust a few stitches on this kiddie tuxedo, but I think I can one-punch that guard into a midday nap for you, if you want.
You're not gonna do that.
'Cause if you do, all the other guards are gonna come runnin'.
Oh, come on, man.
I'm all stretched out.
- Let me do it.
- No.
Hey, Mama Colton, are you patched into the security team's radio system yet? I need you to move a guard for me.
- Hey, let me do it.
- No.
Sure thing, Mac.
Where do you want him? Preferably outside.
I need all security to the front entrance.
I repeat, all security to the front entrance now.
MacGYVER: Um, he's not leaving.
Now means now, people! Move.
All right, that did it.
Nice work.
All right, let's make a move.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, that's not conspicuous at all.
Might as well be a giant neon sign on the door that says "Bad Things Happen in Here.
" BECK: This little guy's gonna be your new best friend, giving you control of any plane, anywhere, with just the click of a button.
[RUSSIAN ACCENT]: You'll forgive me for not just taking your word for it.
I am sure you don't mind providing proof.
[CHUCKLES] A demonstration? No problem.
[TYPING] And I know just the plane.
Beck is gonna use the glitch to take a plane down now.
- Really? - Yes.
That's what he thinks.
Step aside, bubba, I'm gonna freight train this bad boy.
No, no, no, no.
It's reinforced steel with titanium locks.
All you're gonna do is hurt yourself and let them know we're here.
- I don't mind hurting myself.
- No.
Okay, then so what's the plan? 'Cause I don't see you being able to jimmy that door open with a credit card.
Wait, I might have a credit card.
Cummerbund, give me your cummerbund.
- It's not like you need it in that tux anyways.
- Okay.
I don't see how my crumb catcher's gonna help you open a steel door.
We're gonna use our head.
Looks like the deal's off.
We're too late to stop the demo.
He's already uploaded the virus.
You mean he's already put it on some plane that's in the air right now? Yeah.
Not just any plane [SNORING] Excuse me.
Are you Riley Davis? Yes.
There's a call for you.
This is Riley Davis.
[SIGHS] Riles, it's Mac.
You have your laptop in your carry-on, right? Yeah, why? Beck just used stolen intel from the DoD to sabotage your plane.
Like like no in-flight movies or sabotage, like-like drop out of the sky? The second one, in less than five minutes.
He's already uploaded the glitch and there's nothing we can do to stop it from the ground, which means that the only person that can save the lives of everyone on board your plane is you.
Billy, I need your credit card right now, right now.
- So is there anything you want to tell me? - Yeah.
I need to get online and hack into the plane's control system, [QUIETLY]: or we're gonna crash.
I'm sorry, what? Don't panic.
Okay, panicking doesn't help.
I'm-I'm not panicking, but I definitely need to hear what's going on, - and I need to hear it now.
- Okay, okay.
Two second version: Beck stole some secret DoD glitch that allows him to crash planes.
And I guess he wants to tie up loose ends 'cause he wants to test it on ours.
Okay, Beck's glitch just knocked the temperature controls for both engines offline.
I'm assuming that's a bad thing.
Well, yeah, without them, the-the engines will overheat, and then seize, and then Yep.
Got it.
So how much time do we have? Four minutes, give or take.
[SNORES] Okay, what's the plan? I don't know, but answering questions doesn't help.
[TYPING] CAPTAIN: The engines are over-temping.
We've lost hydraulics.
I can't reduce the thrust.
I don't know why.
JACK: How's she doing, Matty? Not great.
She's got less than three minutes before both engines flame out.
Look, that's my child up there.
MacGyver, tell me you got a plan.
Tell me you can do something.
There's nothing we can do from down here.
It's all up to Riley now.
[ALL GASPING] What's-what's going on? What? You said you didn't want distractions.
[RILEY CHUCKLES] - What?! - What, what, what? I just lost the damn connection.
God, I hate airplane Wi-Fi.
That's it.
- Looks like you got a plan.
- Kind of.
It's an insane plan, but insane plans always work for Mac, so You know when your phone freezes? And you reboot it to kick out the bug or whatever was causing it to freeze.
And for like a minute, it's a useless brick, until you turn it back on and it works perfectly fine, no bugs.
I'm about to do that to the plane.
Okay, so how long does it take a plane to reboot - since we'll be plummeting till then? - Just guessing as long as we're above 20,000 feet, it should reboot before we hit the ground.
You might want to tighten that up.
These next few minutes are gonna suck.
What the hell just happened? [PASSENGERS SCREAMING] Denver Center, this is November-seven-two- two-five-four-Romeo.
Transmitting in the blind.
All our engines are down.
We are 100 miles east of Boulder.
Repeat: 100 miles east of Boulder.
Heads down.
Stay down.
Heads down.
Three minutes is up.
Matty, we could use an update down here.
There's a few people getting worried.
The plane's gone off radar.
She did that on purpose.
Right? Riley's-Riley's got this.
- Doesn't she? - I don't know, Jack.
The engines aren't I know.
We're back online.
Pull up now, now, now, now.
[ALL GASPING] Pull up.
Pull up.
CAPTAIN: Denver Center, this is November-seven-two- two-five-four-Romeo.
My engines are no longer over-temping.
- We are in the green and running fine.
- [SIGHS] We'd like to cancel the emergency.
She did it.
[LAUGHS] Riley had this from the jump.
There was no need to be worried.
I wasn't worried.
I can't believe you guys got worried.
Come here, tough guy.
I won't tell anybody you were scared.
Folks, this is your pilot speaking.
I want to apologize for the scare.
We should have you on the ground safe and sound as soon as possible.
Everybody on this plane owes you their life, including me.
What can I do to thank you? [SNORING] [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Find a way to shut him up and we're good.
[BOTH LAUGH] [SIGHS] MAMA: Well, it seems every time we work with y'all, things just get completely out of hand.
But Mama keeps making bank.
JACK: Yeah, about that.
Mama, we can't allow you to take them in and collect the bounty.
- I-I'm sorry.
- Why not? - It's a national security thing.
- Yeah.
But rest assured, the Coltons will get paid.
You helped our boss find someone who's eluded her for years.
MAMA: You damn right.
And we will be collecting all bounties and rewards, plus incidentals, and a small finder's fee on top.
Always a "plus" with you, right, Mama? That's right.
Got a little damaged in transit, - but he should be all right.
- MAN: Let's go.
[EXHALES] So, the flight attendants left this for us.
Their way of saying thanks - for averting a massive disaster.
- [CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] Where did you find that? I'm a bounty hunter.
I find things.
So, here's to still being alive.
Here's to something unexpected.