MacGyver (2016) s02e19 Episode Script

Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle

1 Previously on MacGyver Why does Duke Jacoby have Jack's face? It's one of my old CIA covers, Bozer.
Two days ago, someone started reactivating Duke's - digital footprint in NOLA.
- What? Hello, Mrs.
JACK: Don't you want to have a little drinky-poo - with your hubby? - What are we drinking to? Come on, you lifted 17 IDs.
I'm a woman of many talents.
I think you're a plain old con artist.
I think we both know there's nothing old or plain about me.
JACK: What's gonna happen to her? I just negotiated a deal to have her charges dropped, in exchange for her helping the CIA to make better cover identities.
[SOUTHERN ACCENT]: Jack Dalton, I like your style.
She robbed me? ["UP, UP AND AWAY" BY THE 5TH DIMENSION PLAYING] Would you like to ride In my beautiful balloon Would you like to ride in my beautiful RILEY: Current ground speed 40 miles an hour.
Altitude: 10,200 feet.
Riley, please stop using the word "ground.
" It's making it hard for me to think.
- He's afraid of heights.
- RILEY: I'm the one - who almost died in a plane crash last week.
- Jack, shut up.
This is a totally different situation.
You're on a trampoline tied to a bunch of balloons.
This is probably the end.
Guys, I am trying to think.
JACK: All right, well, your thinking is what got us into this situation in the first place.
Yeah, but his thinking is what probably saved our lives.
We're lucky we even got out of there.
Lucky? The very definition of unlucky is being in a situation where the only way out of it is to recreate something you saw in a kids' movie.
RILEY: Guys, we got a problem.
You mean another problem, put it on the list.
Wind's changing direction, it's really picking up.
We're heading towards the ocean.
MACGYVER: Wind speed will continue to increase as the air thins and we approach the jet stream.
Well, that means we got to get down.
Like, right now.
How are we gonna do that? MACGYVER: We got to start popping balloons.
Oh! What are you doing? I'm saving our lives the Jack Dalton way.
- It's working! - [GUNSHOTS] - 9,900 feet - Oh! Ooh! - 9,800 feet! - [JACK LAUGHING] - [GUNSHOTS] - MACGYVER: Whatever works.
[BAG THUDS] How does the same thing happen to the same guy three times in a row? [CLEARS THROAT] Hi, Jack.
- Hi, Dawn.
- I'm sorry I broke in.
I just didn't know where else to go.
What's wrong? Everything.
DAWN: So, after we all left New Orleans, Director Webber arranged for me to work for the CIA instead of going to prison.
Thank you, again, for that.
And the Agency assigned me to the L.
field office, had me creating cover identities.
My supervisor was an analyst.
His name was Paul Carter.
Is there a reason you're referring to him in the past tense? Yesterday Paul was killed in a car accident.
Well, according to the local news, he was driving double the speed limit on a narrow road and flipped his SUV.
DAWN: That's what they say, but I don't believe he was killed in a car accident.
I think someone murdered him.
What makes you say that? DAWN: 'Cause the day before the crash, Paul told me he found evidence that someone was creating fake passports to bring people into the U.
without the CIA's knowledge, and that someone was an agent.
MATTY: That's a pretty serious accusation.
Did it happen to come with a name? No.
Paul was still working on that, which is why I told him not to blow the whistle yet.
He wanted to go to his superiors and inform them right away, but I told him not to say anything until he knew who he was accusing.
MACGYVER: Well, that's wise counsel.
- I would have suggested the same.
- Well, then, we both would've been wrong, because Paul listened to me, and the next day he was dead.
MacGYVER: So you think this agent, whoever it may be, killed Paul to shut him up? Mm-hmm.
And I can't help feeling like, if Paul hadn't listened to me, he might still be around right now.
MATTY: Dawn.
Would you please give us a minute? JACK: Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll walk you out.
We're gonna figure this out, okay? DAWN: Okay.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
[DOOR CLOSES] So? What's our first move? Honestly? Figuring out if we can believe that story or not.
And why does that have to be our first move? Maybe because, last time we saw her, she was scamming people under a fake name and stole your TV? Dawn's a con artist, Jack.
Ex-con artist.
Riley, she's retired.
RILEY: Is she? - Mm-hmm.
- You seem to forget she didn't just have a change of heart, she was facing serious jail time when we caught her.
"Retiring" is the only way she avoided a ten-by-ten box.
Are you sure these issues with Dawn aren't of a personal nature - for you, Riley? - My issue Singular is that this woman takes advantage of people for fun and profit.
Again, it's, uh it's past tense.
MacGYVER: What makes you so sure that you can trust her? I mean, did she even tell you she was in L.
after we got back from New Orleans? No no, and I know that looks bad.
It's not very nice, but it doesn't mean she's lying about all this.
You're right, it doesn't.
But the evidence here does not back up her story.
From what I can see from this photo, it looks like Paul was just driving too fast and ran off the road.
BOZER: Yeah, but when it comes to the CIA, looks can be deceiving.
Exactly, Bozer.
Listen, listen, guys.
I've spent time with Dawn, okay? And when you get past the many felony layers, she's a good person.
I think she's honest, I think she has good instincts, and if she says there's something rotten in the CIA, it wouldn't be the first time.
Matt I I have no reason not to believe her.
Okay, you know what? It doesn't matter if we believe Dawn or not.
Okay? If what she's saying is true, then something terrible is going on.
And her story's worth checking out.
MACGYVER: All right, then.
Now what's our first step? JACK: I never thought I'd have to set foot back in this pile of bricks.
I broke my leg back in '97, in Botswana, and they put me on injury leave.
And by "injury leave," I mean they chained me to a desk and made me do paperwork for three months.
It was the worst experience of my life.
I didn't know you worked here.
Yeah, I didn't know you did, either, Dawn.
Well, I would've called, but then I thought - you'd want your TV back.
- Yeah.
I was wondering how you got that thing out of there.
You know, I-I figured it was more of a joke, you know? Just you being you, you're a little thief.
But then I found out you were less than five miles away this whole time? I mean, come on, that's - kind of hard not to take personally.
- Jack, - I wanted to call you, I really wanted to.
- I get it.
I just needed a little more time with all this.
That's okay, I'm a big boy.
Okay, Dawn, I'll stand guard, you get the case files off his computer, yeah? [DOOR CLOSES] Hey.
Hey, listen to me.
The best way to help Paul and his family right now is to find out what really happened.
Agreed? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Now, do your thing.
You know his password, yeah? I might have saw him type it once and memorized it accidentally.
"Accidentally"? Old habits.
Go ahead.
[TYPING] There's nothing here.
What do you mean, the case files are gone? Everything's gone.
Somebody must have wiped his hard drive.
Well, that's not suspicious.
- That means we have no evidence.
- Well, not necessarily.
We'll send this stuff to Riley, she's always going on about how you can't actually delete something.
We'll just put her to the test.
Well, I'm all for it, but the security's not gonna let us carry some agent's computer out the front door.
Did I say anything about the front door? RILEY: Okay, well, first off, Dawn was right.
Someone deleted this hard drive two hours and 14 minutes before Paul was killed.
Supports your theory.
MATTY: Yeah, but it's still a long way from hard evidence or even actionable intel.
- [TYPING] - Think I got something.
Whoever tried to erase this hard drive didn't know the difference between a delete and a true wipe.
I can still recover a lot of this.
You're not gonna believe this.
What? [SCREEN CHIMING] You found the fake passports.
- Means Paul was right.
- RILEY: Yep, 40 times over.
What? Did you know that there were this many? Paul didn't share much detail with me.
BOZER: According to his case files, he just started tracking these people down, hoping one would lead him back to "Echo.
" - Who's Echo? - RILEY: It looks like that's the code name Paul gave that dirty agent he was hunting.
Okay? You know what, I've seen enough.
You were right.
Paul was onto something big, and someone killed him to cover it up.
Now, I want to know who this Echo is, and just what the hell is going on.
Yes, ma'am.
MacGYVER: Okay, Matty, Bozer and I are about 30 minutes away from the current address of Caroline Grant, or whatever her real name is.
Any luck locating the other people on the fake passports? RILEY: So far, I've only got two current addresses, one for the woman you're about to meet, and a man living in Lincoln, Nebraska, supposedly named Robert Kemp.
Jack and Dawn are headed to Lincoln to question him now, but remember, we have no idea why someone inside the CIA set these people up with fake passports.
So I need you guys to proceed with caution.
- Don't I always? - No, but really, this time, okay? If we scare them, we could blow our best chance at identifying Echo and getting to the truth here.
Copy that.
We'll be in touch.
So we just sent Jack on an all-expenses-paid trip to romantic Lincoln, Nebraska with his con artist crush? Think he ever comes back? Yeah, sure, after she breaks his heart - or steals it right out of his chest.
- Come on.
Dawn's not that bad.
I think she really cares for Jack.
Yeah, but that doesn't mean she's good for him.
I mean, do you really think Jack needs somebody else in his life encouraging him to be less responsible? I'm not sure what that would even look like.
And you know what? Riley has a good point.
Dawn is a professional liar.
Mac, literally everyone we know is a professional liar.
You included.
All right, good point.
Okay, here we are.
The home of one Robert Kemp or whoever he is.
This is a nice neighborhood.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, it's not unlike the neighborhoods I grew up in in Texas.
- Yee-haw.
- [CHUCKLES] A lot more corn out here, though.
- Lot of corn.
- Hmm.
Lot of corn.
Did you have a lot of corn where you grew up? - Maybe in cans.
- Hmm.
Well, depends on which of the 14 homes we're talking about.
Moved around a lot, huh? I grew up in foster care.
How was that? Compared to what? I don't know.
I mean, my life wasn't like any of the families on TV.
Right, right.
But you when you're a kid, you just you make the best of what you're given.
And after all the moving around, I just got used to it.
I never really understood why people wanted this.
I mean, a normal life sounded like A prison stint? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
You know and then I started hearing Paul talk about his wife and kids.
And I started wondering if maybe I had missed out on something great.
Well, it's never too late to have something like that, if that's what you want.
- [SOUTHERN ACCENT]: Now you've gone and lost - No, seriously.
- Your ever-loving mind, sugar.
- No, no, no, seriously.
Your time in the CIA will-will wipe your slate clean, right? - Right? - [NORMAL VOICE]: Maybe.
There you go.
So you can do anything you want with your life.
- [SIGHS] - Maybe even stay in L.
for a while.
ASSISTANT: Excuse me.
You can't go in there without an appointment.
How about we take a break, people? Pick this up after lunch.
The corner office suits you.
Happy to see one of the good guys winning for a change.
Come on, Matty, we both know this could've been your office if you'd wanted it.
So what brings you by? I will bet you a case of whatever cheap blend you're serving guests these days that you know exactly why I'm here.
And a bottle of the single malt you keep hidden in your desk that you've been expecting me all day.
Well, it was brought to my attention that someone let themselves into Paul Carter's office and stole his computer.
Imagine my surprise when I got this and saw a familiar face.
How is Dalton these days? The same.
Sorry to hear that.
He was signed in by the cooperating expert you convinced me to hire.
A clear violation of her 5K1 deal that could lead to serious jail time.
Come on, Julian.
If you were gonna run this up the chain, you would have done it by now.
I figured I owed you a chance to explain.
So, what's this about? I believe that someone in this office may be responsible for Paul Carter's death.
- Wait, you think that Paul - I do.
I'm here to expose a corrupt operative, Julian, and I need your full cooperation.
Starting with the classified dossiers of everyone in this office.
Hi, ma'am, sorry to bother you.
We're with the gas company.
Our system detected a Grade 2 leak in your home.
Really? I haven't smelled any gas.
BOZER: Most people don't, ma'am.
Not until it's too late.
May we come in? MacGYVER: So, Ms.
Grant, are you the primary contact on your gas bill? ERIC: No, I am.
This is my husband Eric.
Nice to meet you.
How long have you guys been, uh, - living at this address? - ERIC: Uh, two years? Shouldn't the, uh, gas company know that? [CHUCKLES] You'd be surprised how bad our record keeping is.
I'm sorry.
This is the office.
He'll take this.
Be right back.
Hey, Jack, kind of busy right now.
JACK: Yeah, I'm a little busy, too, there, hoss.
Let's just say things in corn country went real bad real fast.
Thought you'd like a little heads up.
Here you go.
So, gas company gave us the wrong address, so we'll just be going [GUNSHOTS] This thing can't be used as a weapon, can it? - Not a good one.
- [GUNFIRE] [CAROLINE GASPS] You're right.
We better think of something 'cause they're blocking our only way out.
[OPERA MUSIC PLAYS LOUDLY] [WOMAN SINGS HIGH NOTE] [GRUNTING] Well, we're tearing this Wait, am I on speaker? Which button is that? Anyway, we-we're, uh, we're tearing this place apart and still haven't found anything yet.
Did you find anything? No.
And Mr.
Kemp seems, well, more than unwilling to answer any questions right now.
How about those two on your end? All we know for sure is, they didn't want visitors.
DAWN: Yeah, well, there's something here, something we're missing.
Because any common criminal knows that nine times out of ten, running is a smart move.
These people stayed to fight.
That means - they're protecting something.
- And the question is what? Huh, hey, what you hiding there, bubba, huh? - Huh.
- What? This slug, it hit something, but it's halfway between the studs.
There shouldn't be anything behind this but empty space.
Well, whatever it hit, Mr.
and Mrs.
Armed and Dangerous over here don't want you to see it.
[BULLET CLATTERS] Jack, check inside the walls.
It's a beautiful thing.
Ooh! [BOTH LAUGHING] There's got to be at least ten million bucks here.
Ooh-hoo! - All in hundreds.
- Along with the bags to transport 'em in.
Hey, w-w-wait, d-did you say hundreds? 'Cause all we got here a-are stacks - of ones.
- Mm-hmm.
What kind of psycho tries to kill someone to protect a bunch of singles? Because they're not protecting what it is now, Jack.
It's protecting what they are going to be.
- Huh? - I think this is a counterfeiting ring.
See, the hardest part about faking U.
currency is getting the paper right.
Best counterfeiters know that they use industrial strength bleach to remove the ink on one-dollar bills and then they reprint them as hundreds.
I knew that.
And I bet a couple of fake passports that's not happening in the U.
These guys must be sneaking real ones out of the country, then smuggling fake hundreds back in.
One way to find out.
Well, that's something you don't see every day.
All these hundreds are fake.
Whoever Echo is, they killed Paul to cover up a counterfeiting operation.
Man, I feel like money Man, I feel like money BOZER: All in a day's work, folks.
Nothing to see here, but I do hope you packed an umbrella today 'cause I'm about to make it rain up in this No smiling till we catch the counterfeiter, Boze.
To be honest, I thought it'd be a lot bigger.
Yeah, well, a million dollars in hundred-dollar bills is actually only 20 pounds, so this is $20 million.
If, you know, any of it were real.
That's a lot of fake money.
What do you got for me? Some bad news.
According to Paul's file, he suspected there were at least 40 more fake passports he couldn't find yet.
So, even if we busted everyone that we know of, there'd still be more people out there muling fake money.
And since the three we already have in custody are refusing to speak, we still have no idea - who is running this counterfeiting ring.
- That's true.
But we didn't fly out all these fake Benjamins just for a fun entrance.
I've got an idea that might get us one step closer to figuring out where this phony money's being made.
[GASPS] A gigantic stack of hundred-dollar bills? For me? Guys, you shouldn't have.
Don't get too excited, Specs.
It's all fake.
MACGYVER: But the paper these fake bills are printed on is real, which I'm hoping will give us a lead.
See, U.
paper currency is, quite frankly, one of the dirtiest things on the planet.
The cotton and linen blend attracts and holds pathogens for a very long time.
Like, how long? Uh, well, let me put it this way, the flu virus can last 48 hours outside of the human body, but on cash, 17 days.
- Well, that's disgusting.
- Extremely.
But I'm hoping that's gonna be a good thing for us 'cause this stuff has been shrink-wrapped since it got shipped.
So it's been holding germs from the place where it was printed? Meaning we can use microbial forensics to analyze the pathogens and find clues to its geographic origin.
MacGYVER: That's the idea.
- Yes.
- MATTY: All right, nerds.
Time's over.
Get to work.
Okay, from now on, I'm only using credit cards.
All right, based on a specific blend of fungal species, pollen, and human parasites found on the sample, cross-referenced against a global database of glycoside hydrolases, - I went through and - Uh, Jill, nobody but Mac understands - any of the words you're using.
- Right.
I'm just really excited.
MATTY: Okay, be excited with smaller words.
Long story short, your fake money was made in or near Lima, Peru.
You and Riley rendezvous with Jack and Dawn.
Get your asses to Lima.
Yes, ma'am.
See you later.
How are things going with you and Dawn? Mm-mm.
"Mm-mm"? - Uh - You want to talk about it? No.
Honestly, man, I don't know.
I don't know.
I like being around her.
I like it a lot.
She's exciting.
She makes me feel like I'm your age again.
- A whole century younger? - You just couldn't help yourself.
- [LAUGHS] Sorry.
- Could you? Access to every movie ever made and this is your choice of in-flight entertainment? I'm working, actually.
MACGYVER: She's exciting, I'll give her that.
Is that the excitement you need in your life right now? You don't like her.
- No.
I I - Yeah, you-you don't like her.
I-I-I like her.
I like her.
Since we know the operation's running out of Lima - Mm-hmm.
- and every money mule carries the same gray duffel bag, I hacked into Lima's airport security cameras to look for more because if we find one We can track the bags back - to the fake money that's being minted.
- Exactly.
- So you're just sitting here watching the bags? - No.
I'm running a custom video-image processing algorithm that looks for the bag's exact same shade of gray.
So the computer's - doing the watching for me.
- Wow.
I don't know if she's the right fit.
Don't get me wrong, you're entitled to your happiness and all, but Yeah, session's over, Doctor.
Thank you, thank you.
Check Riley out.
- Does that look like her happy face? - MACGYVER: Uh, no.
That is definitely a not-happy Riley face.
Maybe she doesn't like her, either.
Don't, don't agree with that.
Who's Billy Colton? None of your business.
Really? Because you already told me an awful lot about him.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- Such as? - Well, for starters, y'all are dating.
But it's pretty new and you're not ready to tell Jack.
I thought con artists were supposed to be good at making people like them.
I'm retired.
Riley, if you have a problem with me, why don't you just come out and say that I have a problem with you.
Is it because Jack dated your mom? This has nothing to do with my mom.
This is about you and Jack.
He's a big boy.
He can take care of himself.
See, you think that, but you know, Jack, under that big, obnoxious, annoying, loud, overly emotional personality, he's actually a really good guy.
One that always looks for the good in others, even when there's none left to be found.
I think you're afraid I'm gonna hurt him.
Oh, it's nothing personal.
I'm sure you're great.
But you have spent your life profiting off the pain of others, so, yeah, I'm a little worried you're gonna hurt him.
Fair enough.
But I swear I am not conning Jack.
I just like him and I don't want to hurt him.
That's good.
Because if you do, I'll tap two keys and connect your DNA and fingerprints to every open homicide investigation in the country.
And then, when they throw you in a dark hole, I'll tap two more keys and delete your entire existence.
You could really do that? Oh, you want to find out? No.
RILEY: Guys, I got a shipment coming into Peru.
I'm gonna task a satellite to track it to the airport till we land.
How we doing, Boze? I'm almost done inputting the search criteria into the program Riley wrote to narrow down our suspect pool.
Good 'cause it's one hell of a suspect pool.
The program's crawling through dossiers looking for any agent who spent time in Peru, worked on a counterfeiting case or has had any unusual bank transactions in the last year.
With any luck this'll give us Echo's real name.
Then I'm gonna nail them to the wall.
This one hits home for you, huh? Most of my career was spent working at the CIA, Boze, and the thought of someone using the power of the Agency to hurt other people makes my blood boil.
You ever miss working there? Sometimes.
Why'd you leave? [COMPUTER CHIMES] And then there was eight.
Send me their files.
I'll go interview them.
Hold that thought, Matty.
Might be able to narrow down this list even further.
Riley said Paul's computer was wiped by someone physically in his office, right? Who was in the building that day? [COMPUTER CHIMES] Julian, I've got three suspects: Pedro Alvarez, Sarah Felts, and Damon Marlow.
Put them each in a box and let them marinate until I get there.
RILEY: Okay, guys, I'm still tracking our money mule on satellite.
He's in a black SUV a few car lengths ahead.
JACK: Yeah.
Yeah, I got him.
You know, the traffic is starting to thin out here.
A few more turns, this guy is gonna realize he's got a tail.
DAWN: So why don't we just let him go and watch him on satellite? RILEY: Unfortunately, we can't.
It was really hard to find satellites in the area.
The one I'm borrowing is gonna be out of range really soon.
DAWN: So, if we can't follow him and we can't track him on satellite, how is he gonna lead us to the money mill? You asking me? I don't I need somebody's phone.
Yeah, don't look at me.
Mine got blown right out of my hand when we were out in the sticks.
Dawn, give him yours.
- Why? - 'Cause you owe me a TV.
I'll cut you a break.
We'll call it even.
Let's go.
- Thank you, Dawn.
- DAWN: Sure.
Anyone got any gum? I might have a breath mint.
JACK: Yeah, I don't think he's worried about fresh breath right now.
Unless is-is your breath kicking, bro? You got bad breath? No.
I'm gonna stick this on the SUV when we get close enough when he stops at the next light.
I just - I need something glutinous.
- Glutinous.
- It means sticky.
- Yeah.
Why didn't you say "sticky"? - Just say "sticky.
" - You did not know what that meant.
Hurry up, Mac.
He's stopping.
- Get out.
- Well, unlock it.
- I don't it's not my car.
- Figured it out.
- All right.
Looks like we lost our mule.
Yo no entiendo.
Amigo, what-what did we do? We didn't do anything, except make Echo nervous.
- Who is this guy? - MACGYVER: Whoever he is, he called the cops on us, which means he knows we're here.
Okay, speaking as someone who's been in a lot of holding cells, - that place was a dump.
- Yeah, that was pretty bad.
I do not like waiting to make bail in a foreign country, man.
It's gnarly.
You know, we should've busted out of there hours ago.
You really want to be hunting an international counterfeiting operation while on the run from the Lima Police Department the whole time, too? Yeah, yeah.
I mean, it'd be a challenge, but why not? All right, I'm gonna start by saying thank you for the get-out-of-jail-free card.
[QUIETLY]: Yeah, you might want to hold on to that thanks, Blondie, because I think that my investigation here may have been the reason - you guys got arrested there.
- Yeah.
We were thinking the same thing, too, Matty.
Echo got spooked.
Obviously, he had some friends in Lima PD.
Wasn't too hard to stop us from tailing the mule to the print shop.
You know what I mean? Okay, well, you better get back on the trail fast because if Echo does know that you're there, then I bet they've already given the order to pull up stakes.
So, now we have to ID Echo before they can cover their tracks.
And this is the part where you tell me your brilliant plan to locate the money mill.
Oh, we, uh, we lost the SUV right here, right? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, Matty, it's a, uh, neighborhood way north of the city.
Yeah, but maybe he was sending us on a wild goose chase to throw us off his tail.
Except for people trying to lose a tail head into the city where there's traffic and turns, not suburbia.
Which means this could be the location of the money mill.
DAWN: Yeah, but that's a big area.
We don't have time to go door-to-door.
We won't have to.
I'm gonna hack into Lima's power company.
Yeah, I don't see how that's gonna help us find the dudes making the Monopoly money there, Riley.
Well, like Mac said, the whole neighborhood's residential, which means all the families in the area are gonna roughly be using the same amount of power.
But an illegal money mill printing counterfeit dollars would be drawing way more electricity.
So I'll just write up a little script, scan all the accounts in the neighborhood, and find the outlier.
She can really do that? Yeah.
She's not even mad yet.
Wait till she gets pissed off.
Keep me posted.
Everything okay? Just peachy.
Now let's go see what Agent Alvarez has to say for himself.
When's the last time you were in Lima, Peru? About six months ago.
The Agency sent me there to shut down a smuggling operation, which I did.
Have you ever used CIA resources for personal gain? No.
I take my oath - very seriously.
- Then how do you explain this bank account opened in the British Virgin Islands in your name? I can't.
This isn't mine.
MATTY: How would you describe your relationship with Paul Carter? Friendly.
Look, whatever this is about, it's got nothing to do with me.
I think he's telling the truth.
Yeah, me, too.
Don't forget, we train people like him to lie very convincingly to people like us.
RILEY: That house consumes more power than all the others on this block combined.
And that car looks pretty familiar.
DAWN: Looks like we just found out where the money's being made.
Which means, Dawn, you're gonna have to wait in the car.
- Promise not to steal it.
- Oh, please.
This beater? Come on.
JACK: We got one gun, ten bullets, zero tac teams, and considering how well it went last time we just knocked on a stranger's front door, you, uh want to try something different? They've stopped the printers.
Matty was right, they packed up shop.
But we still haven't found anything to tell us who Echo is.
Hey, Riley.
Dawn says you were throwing some shade at her earlier.
- What's up with that? - Ugh, Jack, we cannot talk about this right now.
[CHUCKLES] Why are you laughing? I-I just think it's funny you're trying to run her off to free me up so I can hang out with your mom.
Whoa, Jack, this is not about Mom.
Oh, yeah? You sure about that? Okay, maybe you're right, maybe a little bit.
But you know what? I just I just don't want you to get hurt.
Whoever you wind up with, I just want you to be happy.
[DRILL WHIRRING] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
[WHISPERING]: Remember what you said about computers, how you can't actually delete something? - Erase? - Whatever.
Check it out.
RILEY: Unless they do that.
MACGYVER: If Echo's identity was on those laptops, we just lost it.
Can I use this now? Come on.
What are you doing? Drop that drill, don't move.
Whoa! Well, he got half of that right.
No, I don't give partial credit.
[EXCLAIMS] Cover me.
Stay back, Riley, stay back.
[SHOUTS] [GUNFIRE] What are you doing? I got about four I got about three shots left.
When I tell you, crank off those last three shots.
Well, that's a bad idea.
Just do it.
[GROANS] Couldn't help yourself, could you? No, I could not.
Don't you move.
Two hours ago, he got a text from an L.
number saying "Burn it down.
" This has got to be our CIA guy.
See what you can do, Riles.
This text was sent from a burner phone.
No location services.
There's no way to track it.
Maybe we don't have to.
[PHONE VIBRATING] Please tell me that you ID'd the agent, because we are running into a brick wall here.
No, we haven't, but maybe you can.
We just captured a counterfeiter, and he had a text on his phone saying to shut down the whole operation.
And you think it's from Echo? Riley can't trace the phone, but we're pretty sure it's somewhere in the building there with you.
Okay, go ahead and call it.
[PHONE RINGING] Hang up the phone, Matty, or your people in Peru are dead.
Matty? Bozer's on his way to a CIA field office with a Phoenix tac team, but I just spoke to the building's head of security.
They searched every floor.
Matty's gone.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Eyes forward.
[SIGHS] What happened to you, Julian? You used to be a good man, a good agent.
What happened to me? The Agency happened to me.
20 years of bending the rules, compromising my morals, and I'm still sweating the mortgage at the end of the month while helping the scum of the earth get rich.
Save me the tired speech about noble sacrifice and finally getting what you're owed.
Okay, we both know that your real motivation was much simpler.
Still the analyst at heart, huh? Okay, go ahead.
Profile me.
Julian, it's no secret that you scored in the top one percent of all Farm graduates ever.
But no matter how hard you worked or how many cases you closed, you just couldn't lose the word "deputy" from your job title.
And when you finally realized that you were never getting that big office in D.
, you decided to prove just how much smarter you were than everybody else.
Oh, that's not profiling, that's psy ops.
Flattery, manipulation? Trying to get me in a receptive mood before you gently suggest there's another way out of this.
And what's next? Oh, let me guess, using my kids' names to remind me of my humanity.
How are Alex and Laney, anyway? Save your breath.
Those tactics don't work with me.
I had all the same training you did.
- What are you looking at? - Nothing.
It's all just a stall tactic.
You think you keep me talking, you'll buy enough time for somebody to come find you.
Well, I hate to break this to you, but, uh, nobody's coming.
This little trip of ours ends only one way.
I need to know something.
Does it not bother you that you killed an innocent man to cover up a crime? A man with a family.
I mean, you do realize that Paul will never see his kids graduate.
He'll never see them fall in love or get married.
Paul's death was his own fault.
Come on, Julian.
We lie to the public.
We start lying to ourselves, - we're finished.
- I tried everything I could to save Paul's life.
Told him the fake passport case was a dud, increased his workload with other cases, even directly ordered him to drop his investigation.
So Paul was a good analyst and a hard worker, and that's your justification - for murder? - Shut up.
]: Nurse Bennett to Neurology.
Nurse Bennett to Neurology.
Welcome back.
Now, we, uh, we missed you, boss lady.
Good to see you, too, Jack.
Riley, Mac, Boze.
MACGYVER: Word on the street is that you took down Julian Halsey with a cigarette lighter, is that true? Well, the guardrail that we hit might have helped a little.
I'm a fan of your work.
BOZER: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't mess with Matty the Hun.
- MATTY: What did you just say? - Abort that.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Abort that.
- BOZER: Uh Me? Nothing.
I-I didn't say anything.
MATTY: Call me that again, Boze, and there won't be enough morphine in this entire hospital to ease your pain.
Copy that.
Yes, ma'am.
So, where is Julian now? MacGYVER: He's two doors down.
Handcuffed to a hospital bed, of course, guarded by two federal agents.
And more good news is, when he does finally wake up, he will be arrested and charged for conspiracy, defrauding the United States government, and murder.
JACK: Yeah.
Yeah, going directly to jail.
Not passing go, not collecting 200 counterfeit dollars, none of that.
RILEY: And the good news doesn't end there.
The counterfeiting operation in Peru has been shut down.
BOZER: Indeed, it has.
And the National Police confiscated all the relevant evidence, including $247 million in fake hundreds and $4 million in real one-dollar bills.
The fake money is being destroyed as we speak.
What's wrong, Mac? It's-it's probably nothing.
MATTY: What is it? We, uh, we actually found $5 million in one-dollar bills in that house in Peru.
We did? Not according to the paperwork Phoenix received.
Please tell me that Dawn is in the waiting room.
Well, no, she had to go to work over at the CIA.
She's really busy over there.
She has a lot of work to do Oh, my God.
Did that happen again? [MACGYVER SIGHS] Hate to say I told you so.
What are you people still standing here for? Go find me that woman, and get me back my million dollars now.
[CHILDREN EXCLAIMING IN DISTANCE] I would die I wouldn't sleep I would cry I would weep When the night is coming And I'm missing my babe Knowing we're all in the same boat Knowing we're all in the same boat.