MacGyver (2016) s03e17 Episode Script

Seeds + Permafrost + Feather

1 Woke up late, somewhere far away from home Pockets empty, wallet gone The sun is streaming all on down on my face Layin' down on someone's bed A girl that I had hardly met Last night was fun, let's do it again We both know we're more than friends Awake till dawn Slept till noon and now I want more - Whoa.
- [GASPS] - Who are you? - What are you doing? Clear.
Well, that was close.
When you said you had a plan, I was expecting a coffee pot and Silly String or something.
Instead, your genius idea was to get me into bed with you? Well, it was the best way to avoid getting killed.
No, the best way would have been to avoid this altogether.
Well, we can argue about it all day, - but it worked, didn't it? - [DOOR OPENS] For a minute.
So I got naked for nothing? Got any Silly String? - BOZER: Wake up! - [GASPS] [LAUGHTER] I told him not to do it.
- Sorry.
- Sometimes in life, the universe gives you a gift, and all you can do - is accept.
- All right.
Remember that when your old MySpace profile is circling around the office.
Some things are better left in the past, Riley.
MACGYVER: Hey, you, uh, probably shouldn't keep crashing out here in the lab.
You're running yourself ragged.
I guess I lost track of time.
LEANNA: For the third time this week.
You've been burning it at both ends ever since our personal information was leaked on the Dark Web.
Hard to sleep knowing our information is out there.
- Any luck with the search? - No.
Whoever did this hid their tracks well.
I haven't been able to make any headway.
But you will.
I hope Ms.
Davis finishes her search very soon.
Well, thank you, Sparky.
That's very nice of you.
Her snoring interrupts my nighttime software updating cycle.
- I don't snore.
- May I present evidence? No, I'd prefer if you didn't, Sparky.
I'd prefer if you did.
- Exhibit A - [RILEY SNORING OVER RECORDING] [LAUGHTER] You clocked in at a whopping 50 decibels.
What? [LAUGHTER] [PHONE CHIMES] Matty wants to see you and me in the war room.
Y'all have fun.
We'll just be here, inventing earplugs for poor Sparky.
I'll, uh, join up with you in a second.
All right.
Hey, Dad.
I missed you yesterday.
How's General Attrius? He's fine, he just had some questions about the upcoming Libya operation.
Look, I'm sorry I missed our lunch again.
I, uh I-I'll make it up to you next week.
Oh, good, I'm glad you're here.
Will you shut the door behind you? Did you get the info I sent? I did.
MACGYVER: Wait, isn't that the Skjaldmar International Seed Vault? - Seed vault? - DESI: In Greenland.
Much like Svalbard, it's an international collaboration to collect seeds for agricultural crops.
Yeah, for the worst-case scenario.
If a country's agriculture is completely wiped out by a natural disaster or a war, they have backup seeds from their region so they can reboot - their crops.
- OVERSIGHT: I was personally involved in development and planning.
They reached out to me about an urgent matter that needs our assistance.
An employee has gone missing.
MATTY: Karl Knudsen is a maintenance tech at the seed vault.
Last Thursday, he swiped his badge to enter a security door, but there's no record of him ever leaving.
I designed this security system myself.
If an employee doesn't swipe his badge, the vault won't open.
Not only that, none of the security cameras caught him exiting.
MATTY: Local PD searched the entire space but found no sign of Karl.
They're stumped.
And his family is beside themselves with worry.
The peace agreement involving the seed vault is a delicate one.
Almost every country in the world put politics aside to place deposits into that vault.
If word got out that things were amiss, it could destabilize the entire agreement.
And escalate into an international incident.
Whatever fragile peace that'd been agreed upon before would be shattered.
RILEY: So they need us to figure out what happened to Karl before word gets out - about his disappearance.
- MATTY: You three will travel to Greenland and meet with the Skjaldmar chief of police.
He will escort you to the seed vault.
Just us three? You're not coming? Something's come up.
But I have confidence that the three of you will figure it out.
We'll establish comms once we land.
You okay? [SIGHS] So, my dad's missed several of our weekly lunches, including yesterday.
And he had an excuse, but I don't know.
I think something's going on.
Well, he does run a super-secret spy organization.
It's possible he just can't tell you what's up.
He's personally asked to assist at this seed vault thing, a place that he designed, by the way, and he can't make it? Something's not right, and I want to know what it is.
- So you want me to spy on your dad.
- Yes.
I know how it sounds, but I thought we were in a good place recently, and now it just seems like he's keeping secrets, so I want to know what's going on.
You're asking me to pit every skill I have in my arsenal against one of the best spies in America? You're right, dude.
I'm sorry, I didn't really I'll do it.
What? Really? Seriously? Of course, Mac.
You're my best friend.
Besides, you're gonna owe me so big for this.
Like, Bozer gets a new PlayStation big.
With video games.
Yeah, whatever it takes.
- Hey, you're the best.
- Yeah.
NILS: Welcome to the Skjaldmar International Seed Vault.
DESI: This is a pretty impressive structure.
We take security very seriously.
Every door requires a different key.
There are three doors alone before we get into this tunnel, all needing a swipe card and a code.
- I didn't see any guards posted outside.
- We don't have any.
The vault was built as a peace initiative with global cooperation.
Armed guards would send a bad signal.
And realistically, with polar bears outnumbering humans two to one, and a remote location closer to the North Pole than any civilization, I doubt there was ever a need for a guard station.
[CHUCKLES] You sound like your dad.
He's a good man.
Always the smartest in the room.
He's very proud of you.
I'm sure he tells you that all the time.
That's always very nice to hear.
NILS: I have to say, I'm relieved that you were all able to come on such short notice to help us.
So what can you tell us about your missing employee? Last Thursday, Karl showed up for work, used his card to enter the vault at the start of his shift, and never swiped to leave.
We thoroughly searched the vault, even tried to track his phone, still no sign of him.
It's as if he just, uh, disappeared.
We'll need to talk with whoever else was working that day.
Karl was alone.
Other than the few days a year when countries make deposits, this facility is mostly unmanned.
Well, can you show us the vault? Of course.
You'll have to put this on.
Resting temperature inside the vault is negative ten degrees Celsius to protect the seeds.
Think warm thoughts.
This is our main seed room, where every deposit is stored.
The vault is built into an old mine.
Everything is fortified with permafrost walls.
The entrance where you came in is also the only exit - out of here.
- RILEY: So, somewhere in this room, Karl disappeared.
Not many places - he could've gone.
- This facility was built for one purpose only: to store seeds.
Not a lot of need for other rooms.
So the exterior is literally a mountain, the only entrance is that door, and we know Karl didn't use it, so where did he go? What about access tunnels? Ventilation shafts? No access tunnel.
All ventilation is too small for a person to fit through.
It's like Karl just disappeared into the mountain.
NILS: May I ask what you're doing? I need a down feather.
Now, if you all don't mind, I'm going to need everyone to stay still and hold your breath.
Sorry about the jacket.
He does this sometimes.
Yeah, his father's the same way.
Hey, guys, over here.
Help me move all these.
Someone dug another exit.
Can I see your flashlight? Yeah.
Someone with professional mining equipment.
You think Karl tunneled his way out? From the looks of the grooves, it looks like someone tunneled their way in.
It gets worse.
- What is it? - Well, whoever dug this tunnel also killed Karl.
Okay, guys, so what you're telling me is someone went to all the trouble of traveling to the remote arctic tundra of Greenland to drill into a highly secure seed vault just to kill someone? If they wanted to murder Karl, there were easier ways to make that happen.
Drilling through the permafrost could not have been easy.
Whoever this is wanted something badly and could only find it here.
Karl was collateral damage.
[SIGHS] There's nothing here but seeds.
My team and I checked the seal on every box, found no evidence that anything was disrupted.
So if they were after seeds, - it looks like they failed.
- No, the thief wouldn't have done this if they didn't take what they came for.
He must have covered his tracks, but if we can somehow figure out what was stolen, it may help us identify and find the guy.
Yeah, but there are millions of seeds here.
Searching through every one of these boxes could take weeks, maybe even months.
By that time the thief - and the seeds would be long gone.
- There's got to be a way to narrow down our search.
Maybe there is.
[GRUNTS] Here you go.
Oh, it's dead.
That's why they couldn't track him before.
Between the head wound and the multiple tears on Karl's jacket, he clearly fought with the killer.
Karl must have stumbled upon the thief while he was searching through the boxes.
Smartphones have a chip in them that runs a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and an electromagnetic compass, meaning The phone is constantly recording where it is in three-dimensional space.
So it recorded all of Karl's movements - during the fight.
- Exactly.
MATTY: Mac, you think you could figure out where the thief was based on the information on Karl's phone? MACGYVER: Yes, with Riley guiding us through, Desi and I can recreate the fight, starting at the end.
When our thief dragged Karl - into the tunnel.
- So, working backwards, we'll be able to pinpoint where the thief was standing when Karl first found him.
Not bad.
So, who's playing Karl? Seriously? Just trying to be fair.
[CHUCKLES] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
[CHUCKLES] Put that in your pocket.
Same place as Karl had it when you found it.
Thank you.
That way I can match Karl's movements to yours.
DESI: Oh, hey, Mac.
Assume the position.
Comfy? Never better.
- Okay, I'm ready.
- So, Karl's phone was horizontal.
Moving at a quick clip of about 25 feet due south.
Positioned approximately six inches above the ground.
I'm guessing this is when he was dragged.
It's not too late to switch.
Are you sure you can drag?! - Aah! Ow! - Sorry.
- Ow.
- Uh, stop right there.
Oh, hey, look.
Yeah, this would be from, uh, Karl's key ring I saw on him.
I think we're on the right track, let's keep going.
Okay, there's a lot of chaotic movement right there.
Ending with the phone horizontal.
I'm guessing this is when the killer hit Karl with something, killing him.
If we can figure out the angle of the head wound, it might help orient us to where they came from.
Can we borrow your flashlight again? - Ready? - Come at me.
Wrong direction.
[GRUNTS] Mm-mm.
Not quite.
You need to be lower.
Here, put me in a headlock.
- What? - I don't bite.
I said, put me in a headlock.
- Thought you were trained.
- Okay, I really don't think this is [GRUNTS] Yep, that's it.
- A little enthusiastic, don't you think? - Just getting into character.
MATTY: Okay, guys.
I need you two to focus.
Now, where was the thief before he killed Karl? There's more chaotic movement ten feet southwest - ending with a sudden stop.
- Yeah.
Okay, go.
Try south.
[GRUNTING] Yeah, that's it.
Keep going.
[GRUNTS] - [DEVICE BUZZES] - Uh Wrong direction.
Turn around.
Maybe, uh Whoa Kind of like that? Yeah? [GRUNTS] - [DEVICE CHIMES] - Yeah.
That worked.
So at this point, Karl moved 17 feet southeast.
I'm guessing this was the end of his approach to the killer.
Okay, there's a lot of movement over here.
His phone is pitching all over the place.
No, that's not it.
Try something else.
It was a sharp move here.
[MACGYVER GRUNTING] Uh, try and move east to west.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Little extreme, but, yeah, that matched.
[BOTH GRUNTING] How about that? - Someone needs to go lower.
- Lower.
[GRUNTS] - [GRUNTS] - Yes.
[GRUNTS] Good, Mac.
Now let's run it all through to make sure - we got this right.
- Okay.
Okay, Mac.
You reset.
Desi, you hang back in the second aisle.
Okay, Mac.
Right here, Karl moved about ten feet.
Pretty slow.
So This is where he saw the thief.
Must've surprised him, asked him what he was doing there.
Approached him slowly - until he got close enough - For the thief to attack.
So, where I'm standing is where Karl surprised his killer.
One of the nearby boxes must've been what the thief was after.
Let's start checking.
I got new nails.
This is it.
He must have used a pry bar to pull the nails out and then replaced them with new ones since he was done.
A pry bar is a good weapon of opportunity.
And it's consistent with Karl's head wound.
Okay, so we've found the thief's target.
Whose box is that? It's one of North Korea's boxes.
OVERSIGHT: If North Korea finds out the vault was breached and one of their boxes was targeted, it could cause an international incident.
Nils, how long before we have to report the theft? The protocol is 12 hours.
MATTY: Okay, Mac.
That gives you 12 hours to recover the stolen seeds and find Karl's killer.
They log every seed that comes in here.
So it's just a matter of matching the list of contents - with what's inside the box.
- Okay, well, at least we narrowed down the search from millions to 500.
While you do that, I'm gonna go check out the tunnel.
Uh, Riley.
Be careful.
All right, fill me in.
Uh, I'll be back, Matty.
Man, what a bummer, not being able to go to Greenland.
Well, I can't be everywhere at once.
I trust Mac to take care of the problem.
Of course.
You know, busy man like you constantly zipping from meeting to meeting? [CHUCKLES] Lots of places to be.
Yes, Bozer.
When you're Oversight.
Oh, I get it.
Probably have a meeting with the CIA? Huh? Or, uh, need to go walk your dog? [CHUCKLES] Tea time? Something like that.
Good-bye, Bozer.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] What was that about? Girl, the hell you came from? Huh? Nothing, okay? That was just a totally normal conversation I always have with my scary boss.
- What? - Are we really gonna do this? - Do what? - I know you're up to something.
Don't make me pull it out of you.
Fine, okay? Mac thinks his dad is hiding something.
He asked me to spy on him to figure out what it is.
Wait, you're gonna spy on Oversight? Shh, girl, why you so loud? You're gonna spy on our boss? Yes, okay? But Mac wanted to keep it quiet, so don't tell anyone.
I won't tell anyone.
- All right.
- But I'm coming with you.
All right.
[SCANNER BEEPS] What's going on with Oversight? What makes you say something's going on? [SCANNER BEEPS] Well, he personally helped plan and build this place but then they ask for help and he doesn't come? I don't know, seems kind of weird to me.
Well, he did say he was unavailable.
Seems to be happening a lot lately.
Didn't you say he's been missing your lunches, too? Look, Mac, you don't have to tell me.
But I'm part of the reformed dads club, too, so you ever want to talk, I'm here.
The coroner's on their way over.
How's the inventory coming along? This is all of it.
- According to this list - [COMPUTER BEEPS] the only object missing from this box is a rare form of a pea plant.
- Hmm.
- DESI [OVER COMM]: Hey, Mac? Riley? I reached the end of the tunnel and you are not gonna believe this.
I've got schematics, seed reports, drilling equipment.
Whoever this guy is, he's been here for months.
Months? That's insane.
Trust me, this looks insane.
MACGYVER [OVER COMM]: If this guy was willing to go to all this trouble, kill an innocent person, and risk an international incident with North Korea over some seeds, there's no telling what he'll do next.
MATTY [OVER COMM]: Mac, you got anything on the seed thief yet? We're trying, there's just a lot here.
This place is like a very special episode of Hoarders.
All this effort, months of digging and planning and work just for a rare form of a pea plant? Something's not adding up.
Wait a second.
Yeah, this is the chemical formula for a neurotoxic amino acid.
It's a poison, Matty.
RILEY: The pea plant is a key ingredient? MACGYVER: Yes.
This particular pea plant, that can only be found in North Korea, is a carrier for that toxin.
And with the seeds, they can grow as much as they want.
And with the right equipment, they can then extract the neurotoxin and synthesize it.
Depending on the method of distribution, this poison has the potential to kill millions.
- You're saying they could weaponize it.
- Yeah.
Explains why they went to all this trouble to break into North Korea's seed stash.
Okay, whoever we're looking for just upgraded from murderer to possible terrorist.
We need to figure out who this is and where they went with that seed right now.
RILEY: This cabin is in the middle of nowhere, with no access to any wireless signal.
How was our thief able to print out this web page from two weeks ago? Line of sight.
In remote rural areas, a central satellite tower is built on a high point.
So, if anyone wants service, each individual house has to point a satellite dish directly at the main tower.
All right, Mac, if you could connect me to that tower, I could pull the data to find out what our thief was looking up on the Internet before he skipped town.
So we should be looking for a satellite dish.
Think I found it.
It looks pretty fried.
I'm guessing the last storm took it out.
DESI: Can you get it working again? No.
But we can build one.
If you're ever in need, a trusty metal bucket functions as a perfect satellite dish.
Add a drill bit as the receiver, the copper wire as an Ethernet cable, and point it at the tower, and even in the middle of nowhere, you can connect to the world.
Oh, read my mind.
All right.
All right.
- How we doing? - All right, hold it right there, Mac.
Keep it steady.
It's working.
- Talk to me, Riley.
- His browser history only goes back about nine months.
Uh, yeah, that's about how long it would have taken to drill through the permafrost from here to the vault.
RILEY: Wait a minute, here's something.
Our thief was sending a monthly payment to a flower shop in Brussels.
DESI: Great, so now he has the seeds and a place with all the equipment necessary to grow this plant.
MATTY: Not if you get to Brussels and stop him first.
MACGYVER: Hey, Boze, just checking in, see how everything's going, call me when you get a chance.
[PHONE BEEPS] You're tense.
What's up? [SIGHS] Well, we're tracking down a guy who broke into an international seed vault, killed a man and is potentially making a dangerous weapon.
So I'm allowed to be tense, right? Nice cover.
- What's really going on? - Nothing.
It's something with his dad.
You know, I thought the only good thing about Jack being gone was that maybe I could get some privacy.
You were definitely mistaken about that.
- Clearly.
- Oversight did seem distracted.
You noticed, too? I don't know him as well as you do, I've only read your files, but yeah, I could tell there was something going on.
- Any guesses as to what it might be? - No.
Oversight's my boss.
It's not my business to know what he does.
But it is yours.
Thank you.
I was able to find out what our thief's monthly payment to the flower shop was for.
They've got a standing order for white lilies to be delivered to the same address every month.
Except, this month's order was just picked up in person.
- Yeah, that could be our guy.
- Agreed.
This is our only lead.
We need to track him down.
Where are the flowers usually delivered? MACGYVER: Yeah, I got nothing on the north end.
RILEY: I got nothing over here on the east side.
Just a bunch of, you know, cemetery.
Keep your eyes open for some white lilies.
RILEY: Wait.
I think I got some up here on the hill.
These aren't fresh.
Definitely not the ones picked up today.
What does this mean? Who are you? We're with the U.
We're trying to locate someone connected to a standing order of flowers to be delivered today.
Who are you? My name's Oliver.
I've just come to lay lilies down for my sister and niece.
Just checked with Matty.
Oliver's alibi holds.
He's not our thief.
Background check confirms he is who he says he is.
He has white lilies at the address they're usually delivered.
He's connected to this somehow.
It always looks better with flowers.
Elise loved lilies.
We're looking for the person who pays for those flowers.
- Is that you? - No.
Uh, I pick them up when I can to deliver them myself, but I do not pay for them, no.
This is about Jules, isn't it? If Jules is who we're after, we need to find him as soon as possible.
We suspect he committed a theft in a highly secure facility.
What can you tell us about him? Please.
Uh, Jules, uh, was my sister's husband.
Before she died, I would have never thought he'd be capable of doing what you're saying.
He was a great man, so in love with my sister, a wonderful father to Lily.
They did not have a lot, but, uh, they were happy.
Can you tell us what happened to them? [SIGHS] One night, uh, coming home from dinner, they were carjacked.
Elise, Lily, they were killed.
Jules barely survived.
That's awful.
I'm so sorry.
Jules withdrew after that.
He picked up the oddest hobbies, uh, things he had no interest in before.
Spelunking, exploring ice caves, going to the shooting range every day None of it made sense.
And he started, uh, running around with an awful crowd, he got himself mixed up in some really bad stuff.
The police even came looking for him a few times.
Until one day, he just left.
Did he leave a note? Any way to contact him? No.
No, he's been gone a year now, maybe more.
But a couple of days ago, I received a text message from an unknown number.
- - I assume it was from Jules.
We're gonna have to hold onto this.
A man has been killed, and something very, very dangerous has been stolen.
We need to find Jules.
When you do, can you help him? Elise would be heartbroken to see what he's become.
We will do everything that we can.
I promise.
MATTY: Well, everything Oliver said seems to check out.
Up until five years ago, Jules Stevens was a librarian, involved in his community and living a happy life with his wife and young daughter.
Sounds like he went from mild-mannered librarian to Thomas Crown-level criminal.
After his family was killed, Jules created an alias and was linked to a series of break-ins and increasingly complicated bank heists, but he was never caught.
MACGYVER: Still doesn't explain why he was interested in making a poison from rare seeds he got from a seed vault.
Okay, guys, I was able to hack the number that texted Oliver, and I found a bunch of messages he sent to a blocked number.
These messages line up with the timing of the thefts he's linked to.
He was trying to fence what he stole.
Not from what I'm reading.
According to these messages, all he wanted was a face-to-face meeting with a Ludek Passer.
Well, this just went sideways.
Ludek Passer is the head of organized crime in Central Europe.
He's a known recluse who refuses to meet with anyone who isn't in his inner circle.
It's part of how he's stayed in power for so long.
RILEY: Guys, I got bad news.
Passer's agreed to a meeting.
Today in Prague.
Except this time, Jules is bringing him a gift.
The last thing we want is an organized crime boss having his hands on seeds that can synthesize into a powerful poison.
Yeah, we're already behind.
We got to get to Prague and stop that meeting before it's too late.
LEANNA: We have been following Oversight all over town, and all we've learned is that he never uses his turn signal and his errands are even more boring than mine.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I found the dry cleaners to be scintillating.
And now he is having lunch in a diner that he always goes to.
How much longer are we gonna do this? Don't we have to be back at the lab? BOZER: You can go, but Mac asked for help, so I'm gonna help him.
Either we'll find something or we won't, but either way, Mac will have an answer.
Bozer, you know I love what a loyal friend you are, but Look, I know to you it's just an egg salad sandwich, but to me, it could be the key to figuring out what's going on.
We just have to keep waiting and watching until something jumps out at us.
We were just, uh out for a drive.
You come here, too? Thought you two could use a little caffeine.
Following someone all day can get very exhausting.
What? Following? [CHUCKLES] Nah, man.
I mean, Los Angeles is known for being a small town.
Sooner or later we were bound to run into each other.
- It's just math.
- Mm-hmm.
For the record, typical tail procedure is eight lengths.
When I sped up, you cut it to four.
Should always use two cars, not just one, so you can switch out.
You should always park with your backs towards the target, watching them with your mirrors, so they can't see your faces.
And, Bozer, next time, don't use your own car.
I'm really, really sorry about this, sir.
Look, I don't know what's going on, but I don't ever want to have this conversation again.
Next time you want to watch me talk to a waitress, buy me dinner.
Okay, so that wasn't so bad.
We just got busted by our boss for spying on him.
That's as bad as it gets.
We tried.
It's over.
Maybe not yet.
According to the messages, this is where the meet is.
We'll intercept the seeds before Jules hands them off.
- [GUNSHOTS] - They're already here.
He's still alive, just knocked out.
Check this out.
He ditched the seeds.
Why would he do that? What's your name? Arthur.
What the hell happened, Arthur? [SPEAKING CZECH] - Hey.
We know you work - [GROANS] for Ludek Passer, and chances are, when we run you through the system, we're gonna nail you with something.
So let's just cut to the chase and make it easier for yourself and tell us what just happened here.
Passer sent me to meet with some guy who had something for him.
I came for the meet, but when the guy saw it was just me, he got pissed.
Thought he was meeting the boss face to face, but that just doesn't happen.
Boss doesn't meet with anyone he doesn't know.
So where's your boss? MATTY [OVER COMM]: Mac, I think I got something.
A few months before his family was killed, Jules was a key witness in a trial.
RILEY: What does that have to do with Passer? It was a robbery case.
A thief that authorities in Europe have been hunting for a long time.
He was tried and convicted, - and guess who the guy worked for.
- Passer.
Jules gave the damaging testimony that ultimately put the thief away.
Jules got Passer's guy convicted, so Passer had Jules and his family killed in retaliation, but made it look like a carjacking.
Jules survived, but he knew who was really behind the death of his family, so he became obsessed.
Because of the trial, Jules knew that there was an opening in Passer's organization, so he devoted himself to building a résumé of heists and robberies big enough to land a meeting.
Everything that Jules has done since the death of his family was to get closer to Passer, to meet with him face to face.
MACGYVER: This was never about the seeds.
He wants revenge.
[TIRES SCREECH] Looks like Passer called the cavalry.
Well, we can't let a firefight erupt in the park.
You get Jules.
Riles, with me.
[GRUNTING] I've been trying to meet you for a while now.
I don't know who you are, - but I need you to put that gun down.
- Oh, yeah? You do know me.
Jules Stevens.
My wife was Elise Stevens, and my daughter, Lily Stevens.
- Ring a bell? - Again, I don't know who you are.
You had my family killed! Murdered in cold blood! And I was there that night, and I watched them - You're a monster.
- MACGYVER: Jules.
You don't want to do this.
Get out of the way.
This doesn't concern you.
You don't know me, but I know a lot about you.
I've been following your trail since Greenland.
I know that you were the key witness on a trial for one of Passer's men, and your testimony got him convicted.
Then you know what happened next.
He sent those men - to kill me and my family.
- I know.
But you lived.
[CHUCKLES] I lived.
Oh, the doctor told me I was lucky.
Can you imagine? My family murdered in front of me and I'm lucky.
But that day I promised myself that he would pay for their deaths, no matter what it took.
Come on, bring it.
DESI: Mac! JULES: Go away.
He will, just let him stand trial.
Let justice run its course.
I won't live through another trial.
You were a good man, Jules.
You still can be.
That good man died that night in the car.
You're not a murderer.
Every time you've had a chance to kill Passer's men, you haven't.
You merely stunned them.
You don't want to kill anybody because it's not who you are.
I didn't mean to kill that man.
The one in the seed vault.
I didn't know he was going to be there.
He caught me, and everything got out of control.
All this planning, all these years, my life.
I couldn't let it all be for nothing.
And it won't be.
We will take him in, but if you [WHISPERING]: if you kill him in front of his family, his kids? Then you really will become the same monster that he is.
So don't do this, Jules.
Elise wouldn't have wanted this.
Passer will pay for his crimes.
Please, for what it's worth, the man in the seed vault, tell his family that I'm sorry.
I will.
MATTY: Thanks to you, we've recovered North Korea's stolen seeds and averted an international incident.
Karl's family has been notified that his killer has been caught.
Not only that, but Arthur cut a deal.
He's gonna give up everything he knows about Passer and the organization.
Looks like Passer's going away for a long, long time.
MACGYVER: What about Jules? He'll be going to jail.
Karl's family deserves justice as well.
Hey, uh, Boze, you in here? BOZER: Yeah.
What's going on? Uh-oh.
Everything okay? I did what you asked and followed your dad.
You found something.
At first, no.
It wasn't until I talked to his usual waitress at that diner you both go to that I got some answers.
I convinced her to tell me what's happening with him.
And? You should sit down.
Bozer doesn't give up, does he? [BOTH CHUCKLE] I don't understand.
Why keep it a secret? Why not just tell me? Well, think about it.
I'd just dropped back into your life, wanted a relationship, any kind of relationship.
Didn't want you to forgive me just 'cause I had cancer.
We've been good for almost a year now.
You could've told me, and then I-I could've Could've what? Fixed me? I'm not a mission, Mac.
I'm your dad.
Can always do something.
Look, whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with you, getting to know my son.
Because, frankly, this is this is one problem you can't fix.