MacGyver (2016) s03e18 Episode Script

Murdoc + Helman + Hit

1 Previously on MacGyver Run.
Run! Who is this guy? - Why does he want you dead? - His name is Nicholas Helman.
This is Officer Martinez.
I need to report a possible 207.
That's the man who trained me.
He taught me everything I know.
The man was an artist of death, someone that I greatly admired.
You think I'm bad? Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Come on, sing it, man.
Yeah! It's all the same Only the names have changed Every day Feels like I'm wastin' away Another place Where the faces are so cold I ride all night Just to get back home I'm a cowboy On a steel horse I ride I'm wanted Everybody Dead or alive I'm wanted Dead or alive Dead or alive Dead or alive Dead or alive.
So, I know this place is first-rate as far as conventional care goes.
However, I read about an experimental drug in China Your knight, bishop The way you're playing, there's just so many options.
There's also that top clinic in Berlin I told you about.
The wait list is long, but I made some calls, so You know who you should call? Bobby Fischer, because this is turning into a massacre.
Are you even listening to me? Not really.
You should get your head in the game.
My head is exactly where it should be, Dad.
Focused on getting you the best cancer treatment available.
I'm already getting the best treatment.
Yeah, well, chemo's not without side effects.
And the results have been mixed.
That's not what I mean.
As much as I love spending time with you, and I do, we both know that it's not gonna save your life.
Matty needs me in the War Room.
Director Webber, perfect timing as usual.
I know.
All right, let's go.
Uh, Dad, you need to rest.
I'll manage.
Besides, going to work takes my mind off things.
I really think you should stay.
I appreciate your opinion, son, but I don't need your approval.
I'm your boss, remember, and next time you let me win, try to be less obvious.
All right, listen up.
Last night a man was murdered at a karaoke bar in San Francisco.
Currently police have no suspects, but one patron did manage to capture this video on their cell phone.
Ride all night Just to get back home - Hold on, is that? - No, it's not possible.
Why is everyone shocked that the silver fox can sing? 'Cause that's Nicholas Helman, one of the world's most prolific killers for hire.
Old man's an assassin? More like the best assassin.
Long, very violent story short, the last time we saw Helman, he was being zipped up into a body bag.
But today I had two agents exhume his coffin, and it was empty.
Who was Helman's target? The victim was FBI interrogator Michael Evans.
His primary focus was organized crime.
SFPD and FBI are working his murder.
But since Phoenix is responsible for Helman still roaming the Earth, it's on us to catch him.
I've already reached out to the FBI to get more information on Special Agent Evans.
You know, it's possible someone Evans was chasing hired Helman.
Helman gets his jobs from the Dark Web.
I could search around, try to see who - was retaining his services.
- Get on it.
That means you three tag along with me.
Cool, riding with the big man.
So where we going? To speak to the one person who knows Helman better than anyone else.
I'm guessing it's not his mom? That's a big no.
Roll down your windows.
- Talk about remote.
- Trust me, the guy you're about to meet, you want as far away from populated areas as possible.
The Moon would be too close.
Sir, follow me, please.
Okay, enough suspense.
What kind of monster you keeping down here? Indominus Rex? King Kong? That kid from The Omen? The only prisoner kept here has a son.
And since field trips off-campus aren't really an option, once a month there's a supervised visit here.
When I heard I was getting visitors, I didn't want to get my hopes up, but here you are.
Wilt, always a pleasure.
A new Avenger.
I do hope that we can be friends.
Or not.
Could it be? The Mac Daddy himself? Truly honored.
Whatever could be so important? Helman is alive.
Good one, boy scout.
We both saw me shoot him.
Then the men came, zipped him in a body bag, drove him off to be buried in a hole.
And yet he never made it there.
You're serious.
That's a wrinkle.
We're here to get your help.
Putting him in the ground? Finding him.
Karaoke bars, dead bodies, blah, blah, blah.
I'm just so happy to finally meet the man who abandoned my BFF.
How's the reconciliation going? I'm sensing some tension.
Anything we need to talk out? You are not kidding about this one.
He is special.
The deeper you go, the darker it gets.
Mac's dad's no easy puzzle, either.
Guy's got the big "C" and he won't let it slow him down, despite the toll it might take.
The man's a force of nature.
I meant on Mac.
Tell me, Papa Bear, why should I help you? Because if you refuse, your visits with your son will stop.
And soon you'll become nothing but someone Cassian kind of remembers.
The irony of receiving that threat from you.
But you're forgetting something.
Guys, I've been locked in a box.
How could I possibly know what Old Saint Nick's been up to, hmm? Well, he trained you.
Taught you everything that you know.
So, you can get into his head and tell us how he operates.
It's like You know, I'm really short on patience these days.
You've got three seconds to say yes.
- Three - Okay, okay, I'll help, I'll help.
All right? Gosh.
Is he always this tense? Got to learn to enjoy life more, Dad, okay? Okay.
Here we go.
Is this the only body that he's dropped? That we know of.
Why? Because allowing himself to be captured on camera wasn't a mistake.
It was a calculated risk.
I'll file the motions tomorrow.
Don't worry.
I'm ready for trial.
Obviously, I don't know exactly what Helman's planning, but whatever it is, Helman is willing to risk everything to finish what he started.
Murdoc was right.
Helman just committed another murder.
This time he killed a federal prosecutor.
Is there a connection between the prosecutor and the FBI interrogator at the karaoke bar? Yes.
This gentleman.
His name is Alex Yee.
Not too long ago he was the number two shot caller in a San Francisco gang with strong ties to a Hong Kong crime syndicate.
- And now? - The FBI flipped him.
He's scheduled to testify against his former colleagues to the grand jury in less than a week.
Let me guess.
Helman's victims were the guys who did the flipping.
That's correct.
Helman must've been hired by the syndicate to take out - everyone working the case.
- No doubt Yee made that hit list, too.
Where's he now? In a safe house outside San Francisco.
But the FBI's prepping to move him as we speak.
They're upping security and taking him to a federal holding pen two hours south of Oakland.
Hel-loo Not nice to talk about someone behind their one-way mirror.
Or is two-way mirror? That nomenclature's always confused me.
Oh, MacGyvers! I knew you wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.
It's not in his upbringing.
Right, Dad? Look, you were right.
Helman killed again.
If you know anything else that can help us - find Helman, now's the time.
- Again with that edge.
You know, Pops, you're looking a little off-color.
- Everything okay? - Shut up and answer the question.
No, MacGyver, I'm just making sure - that Papa Bear is feeling all right.
- How about you just Hey.
I've got cancer, Murdoc.
Doc gives me fifty-fifty shot.
Just when you two were finally building a bond.
If I was staring down my expiration date, I'd be sipping margaritas on a beach instead of talking to me in this hellhole, but, hey, priorities, right? Quid pro quo, Murdoc.
Or are we wasting our time? He doesn't know anything.
In what city did the killings take place? San Francisco.
And what was the weapon of choice? First poison, then an eight-inch Bowie knife.
It's so Jimmy O'Hara.
- Who? - Gus Swetnam.
Alexei Kovac? Sven Nordquist.
And these are? Some of Helman's aliases; each one operates in a specific part of the country - with a specific M.
- So, if the cops get on any of their trails, they think it's a real person? See? Get Riley to do her typey-typey thing with those names, and before you know it, you'll be knocking on Helman's door.
We got intel that apartment 312 is leased under an alias used by our target.
Credit card activity confirms he's been in this neighborhood the last couple of days.
Now we've all heard how dangerous this guy is.
So be ready.
- We're in the building, Matty.
- Copy, Mac.
We picked Helman up on traffic cameras in the area, but that was hours ago.
- We know if he's in the apartment now? - Unfortunately, no.
We don't have angles on all the exits and entrances.
You're going in blind.
Move, move, move.
What are you doing? I find that Kevlar is more effective at stopping bullets if worn properly.
You don't need to go upstairs.
I do.
If you don't think your dad can physically handle this, say so.
He's fine.
He needs this right now.
For once, I actually understand what's going on in his head.
So This should not be an emotional decision.
- Lives are at stake.
- I know.
And if it comes to that, I'll have a talk with him, convince him to stand down.
It's you I'm worried about, Mac.
Don't get distracted.
What the hell? Listen, we've been over this many times.
I have a way I do business, and I don't change that for anyone.
I don't care who you think you are.
On my mark I haven't been to the movies in so long.
I'd kill for some popcorn.
Hint, hint.
With Goobers and gummy bears mixed in Isn't that the best combo? Man, even your snacks are crazy.
Five So, on a scale of one to ten, how much do you like the newbie? - Four - Why? 'Cause, you know, if you want to keep her, you may not want her so close to Helman's door - when they breach.
- Three Two - Mac, abort! It's a trap.
- Wait, Desi, stop.
Son, you just lost - the element of surprise.
- If Murdoc says it's booby-trapped, we can't risk it.
We need another way in.
- Riley? - The apartment only has one window and there's no fire escape.
Yeah, we're three stories up; that's not gonna - work for an entire tac team.
- Right, but it also means Helman isn't going anywhere.
I've got an idea.
But first I got to borrow something - from these kids.
- I know I'm new here, but borrow's in quotes, right? Move out.
Go, go, go.
Move, move.
Fan out.
Secure the perimeter.
Go, go.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- We've been over this many times.
- Clear.
I have a way I do business.
And I don't change that for On a loop.
Target's not on-site.
So where's Helman? Oh.
I am so sorry.
No apologies necessary.
I wasn't looking where I was standing.
A-Am I wearing your latte now? No, fortunately.
Ah, good fortune is mine today, apparently.
I'll tell you what.
If you truly feel bad about barreling into me like a drunken sailor why don't you buy me a cup of coffee? Oh, I'm sorry.
I might have given you the wrong impression.
I'm actually married.
Well, I wouldn't be here if you weren't.
I don't understand.
Don't make a scene.
Say something, and it'll end badly for you.
We found weapons, IDs, dozens of credit cards matching aliases that Murdoc gave us, and that laptop.
But nothing indicating where he might be.
All right, Riley, I am connecting you to Helman's laptop.
What do you see? Helman's no slouch when it comes to security.
The encryption he's using is top of the line.
AES, 256-bit, symmetric key.
Okay, how long will it take you to get Done.
Starting with the files most recently opened, I've got photos and daily schedules on both victims and bank transfer confirmation - in a third-party messaging app.
- Helman received $10 million a month before the murders.
That's got to be the Hong Kong syndicate hiring him to take out Yee.
Riley, what's that file? We have a big problem.
What is it, Matty? Helman has the secret FBI transport routes from Yee's safe house to federal holding.
He knew dropping the first two bodies would make the Feds - move Yee.
- Helman couldn't attack the safe house, so he tricked the Feds - into moving the witness.
- Helman's gonna hit the transport.
And we played right into his hands.
All right, we are 15 minutes out from intercepting the transport.
Director Webber, did you get our warning to the FBI? I did, but they won't alter their route.
The primary is the quickest way to the federal holding pen.
And given it's already been cleared of traffic, the Feds think their best chance of delivering Yee alive is to maintain their speed and heading.
That makes sense.
For all we know, Helman has someone inside the FBI giving him info in real time.
This nutbag always seems to be one step ahead of us.
We need to be the variable that he didn't account for.
Agreed, but if we don't figure out where Helman is intercepting the transport, then we won't even factor into the equation.
Well, Bozer's questioning our in-house psychopath as we speak.
Hopefully he'll have the answers we need.
You might as well ask me how Picasso painted.
I mean, if predicting the process of an artiste like Helman were easy, he'd already be in custody.
- Or dead for reals.
- Murdoc, if you can't or won't help, just say so.
- And I'll make sure - Oh, make sure that I never see Cassian again? You're so one-note, Wilt.
Does Leanna ever tell you that? Oh, by the by, how are things between you little love muffins? I'm gonna give you five seconds to say something of value.
Otherwise, I'm gonna go Okay, get the Double Macs on the horn.
I'm ready to dazzle them.
- Mac.
- Bozer? Hey-hey! Howdy, Scooby Gang.
How goes the road trip? I'm trying not to be hurt that I was left out of all the fun.
Although it is nice to get some real QT with Wilt.
Just get to the point, Murdoc.
Your tensions are running high in there.
So I'll jump right in, mm-kay? Looking at the FBI route, looks like there's an open stretch of highway around the 30-mile marker.
Got it.
If I'm Helman, that's my strike zone.
You're welcome.
Yeah, I'm not feeling it.
- Boss? - Me neither.
Helman's too smart for that.
He's not the type to risk an assault from such an open position.
I hate to say this, but Murdoc's been right so far.
About everything.
If we're making a calculated guess I say we roll the dice with him again.
Aw, Angus.
I'm feeling the love.
- Why didn't we ever hug it out? - So that your hands could - end up around my throat? - Yeah, well, there's that.
Proceed to the 30-mile marker.
As per Murdoc's suggestion.
"As per Murdoc's suggestion.
" Did you hear that? Secure the perimeter.
I want two vehicles to front and follow the FBI transport the moment it arrives.
Transport is one minute out.
Hey, Mac, I got an unidentified vehicle closing fast on your position from the opposite direction of the transport.
This could be Helman.
You've got less than a minute.
It appears to be a delivery van.
Driver's wearing a hat.
Sun's banging off the windshield.
I can't confirm it's Helman.
If that van is full of explosives, we need to find a way to stop him before he gets any closer.
May I borrow that rifle? Yes, sir.
Go, go.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
On your knees.
Keep your hands up.
I was told to make a delivery to this spot.
I was paid extra to be on time.
- I-I was late, that's why I was speeding! - What's in the van? I-I don't know.
I-I did't load it.
Please don't shoot me.
Keep your hands up.
Go ahead.
FBI transport's reaching you now.
Teams one and two, fall in, fall in! Those balloons were from Helman.
What the hell is he up to? Jenna.
What's this? I wasn't expecting you till later.
Got called in early to bring this transfer in.
- You get the notice? - No.
I'm gonna have to call this in.
Just stay right there.
Hey, same team.
But no problem.
Do what you got to do.
You said that if I let you in you would let my husband go.
I lied.
Hello, Dennis.
DJ Nick here, locked and loaded and ready to rock your cell block.
All remaining Phoenix personnel, feel free to sit this dance out, because the next jam is dedicated to the grease stain who murdered my beloved wife.
This is our spotlight tango, Dennis.
Be killing you soon.
Got to hand it to the old guy.
He never disappoints.
Mac, Helman's here.
Boze? Helman is where? At the black site.
- We have a breach.
- Bozer, talk to me.
What's go Hello? - Mac.
- Is this really happening? Yeah, it is, and I can't do anything to stop it.
Helman's locked me out.
Everything about the FBI case The murders, the supposed attack on the transport It was all a ruse.
He moved us around the board like chess pieces, lured us hundreds of miles out of position.
Murdoc's been Helman's target the whole time, and we left Bozer in the line of fire.
Guys, what's your ETA? We'll be there in 20.
That's not fast enough.
Riley, I can't get through.
- Any luck reaching Bozer? - Not yet.
The black site's communications are still out.
I don't think I'll be able to get it back up any time soon.
What I don't understand is, how did Helman ID the guard who walked him into the facility? All black site personnel have SCI-level clearance.
And if the $10 million that was transferred into Helman's account was for killing Murdoc, not Yee, then who hired him? Someone who knew we had Murdoc at the black site.
And that's a very, very short list.
Get back in that cell.
Don't have to tell me twice.
You hear those bangs, Wilt? Those are the melodic bass notes of Helman's Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun beating a bloody path to my doorstep.
Now's not the time to impress me with fancy gun names.
Look, with all due respect to the strategic expertise of Guard Number 7 in the hall, staying put is a supremely bad idea.
Get him out of here! Return fire! Behind you! I'm glad we moved past the sitting duck stage.
We're gonna need some major firepower if we're gonna, I don't know, survive.
Now you want me to give you a gun, too? Only if you want to keep breathing.
Tempting, but no chance in hell.
What's the plan? Regroup, regroup, regroup! Still working on it.
Follow me.
Ooh, boy.
Old Nick is still at it, hasn't lost a step.
Sure you don't want an extra set of hands for when my good friend shows up? And he will soon.
Look, I may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Murdoc, but I can still do math, and I know that one armed psychopath is better than two.
Agree to disagree.
So what's the plan, Capitan? Okay, we're gonna go through that door Come on.
Let's get you out of here.
Come on, come on.
Murdoc, we need something to block the door.
And then what? Come on, Wilt, we're in this together.
It's Waterloo time, Wilt.
Like it or not, our fates are intertwined.
So, unless you want us to both be buried on the same day, let me off the leash, okay? Come on.
All right.
Oh, that feels nice.
Just kidding.
How much longer? We'll touch down on the black site's roof in five minutes.
I've been waiting so long for this, Dennis, willing myself to live long enough to pay you back.
I can only imagine how you felt when you opened that e-mail hiring you to kill me.
Like Christmas morning and my birthday all rolled into one.
You're so excited, you didn't even stop to wonder how someone managed to find me.
I got ten million reasons not to care how.
I was finally gonna get to turn you into a corpse.
The rest is just background noise.
Matty, you're not gonna believe this.
I found the computer that sent Helman's $10 million payment a month ago to kill Murdoc.
It's in the black site.
What? - How is that even possible? - I don't know.
Wasn't Cassian's last visit to the black site a month ago? Yes.
Now, I'm just getting to know this family.
Just to be clear, we're not suggesting that Cassian hired a hit man to take out his father, right? No.
It was Murdoc who hired Helman.
I hired you.
Yeah, see, I brought you here to finish you once and for all, and to use you as a key to unlock all the doors that I knew I couldn't.
So thank you, Nick, for giving me my freedom.
Now I'm gonna give you yours.
You've always been ahead of yourself, Dennis.
I do hope you enjoy this as much as I will.
Double-oh-Boze: one, world's greatest assassin: zero.
World's greatest? Him? - That's just hurtful, Bozer.
- Man, shut up and find me something to restrain him with.
That's a nasty shoulder wound, buddy.
I've never seen Helman miss before.
Yeah, lucky me.
And you're welcome, Murdoc.
Thank you, Wilt.
Just hurry up and get it over with.
I'm not gonna kill you.
You're not? I'm not.
See, I knew Nick would find the black site, carve a path, let me walk right out the front door, but what I didn't anticipate was the silver fox getting the better of me mano a mano.
You are the only reason he didn't send me to my great reward, so to pay you back, I'm going to let you live.
You know, I think it's poetic justice to let Nick live out the rest of his days down in this sunless box where I've suffered, so you could see to that, won't you? But why would Murdoc hire Helman to kill Murdoc? Because he knew that Helman would do anything it took to find and attack the black site if he used himself as bait.
Wait a second.
This wasn't a hit.
It was a jailbreak.
Ooh, we got a little birdie.
I have a visual on Murdoc, heading west on route 29.
Mac and Oversight are in ground pursuit.
- How's Bozer? - He's getting patched up.
He took a blast of buckshot to the shoulder and he's - got a concussion, but he'll be okay.
- And we have Helman in custody.
That leaves just one last lunatic to put back in an asylum.
Come on.
It's two-for-one night on MacGyvers.
Come on.
All right? Come on, Daddy.
Yeah, your aim's about as good as your driving.
Ah! PIT him.
California drivers.
Hey, uh, I don't think I'm gonna be able to force that thing off the road.
There's a winch and a tow hook on the front of this.
- It could be used as an anchor line.
- Then we can use the weight of this vehicle to bring his to a stop.
It's a great idea.
Hold on.
H-Hold on, Dad, I don't think that you should be the one doing that.
All right.
You're right, son.
I'll take the wheel.
Now what are you doing? Ready! Hold on.
Sorry, son.
You got this.
Come on, Boy Scout.
Nicely done.
I can't believe I'm saying this to my best bud.
Right now you're being so annoying! - Well, you could still pull over.
- Oh, please.
Now! Don't make me go back there, Angus.
Anywhere but there.
How about, um, Leavenworth? Or, um, I heard that Rikers Island is very nice this time of year.
I'll be good.
I promise.
Hi, Dad.
Hi, nutbag.
- You okay? - Yeah, well, I'll be feeling it tomorrow.
Better you than me.
Thank you, son.
For what? Being my son.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
But I got to admit, being a hero hurts a lot, like way too much.
Nice job taking down Helman, Bozer.
I am very proud of you.
All in a day's work.
Though, if I'm being honest, it was above and beyond.
Any chance you got me in line - for a pay bump, Matty? - Don't get carried away, Bozer.
Nothing but good news here.
Alex Yee delivered his testimony to the grand jury, and indictments against the Hong Kong crime syndicate will be handed down shortly.
As for our black site, I've suggested a number of security upgrades to make sure nothing like Murdoc's escape or Helman's attack ever happens again.
Do we have any idea how Murdoc even knew Helman was still alive? We asked our favorite psychopath, but he hasn't exactly been forthcoming.
So, we decided what Murdoc's punishment will be? I mean, we're not just turning the page - like nothing happened, right? - Oh, no.
Murdoc will be punished.
Mm, looks great, fellas, but couldn't you have gone for more color on the walls? I don't know, brighten up your little black site with a seafoam green or azure blue? C'est la vie.
You'll be back soon, won't you, MacGyvers? You know, I think where we went wrong was a lack of communication, but some social interaction with my intellectual peers will help, you know, keep me grounded.
You bit the hand that feeds you, Murdoc.
I don't think we're gonna be back any time soon.
And neither will Cassian.
Life is cruel, so are the people in it, but you'll be back as soon as the next psycho comes a-frolicking down the butcher path.
As it turns out, your expertise isn't quite as unique as you might have thought.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, let's just say we understand how hard it's been on you to be kept here in almost total isolation, so we added a little something special to help you pass the time.
Ooh, you're so mysterious, Daddy Mac.
What could it be? A TV? Paint set? I do fancy myself quite the Bob Ross protégé.
Good morning, Dennis.
I'm so looking forward to spending lots of quality time - with you.
- Is this a joke? Get back here, MacGyver.
Daddy Mac? No, no, no, no, no.
This is cruel and unusual.
Home Home on the range Where the deer And the antelope play - Where seldom is heard - MacGyvers! Agent Nguyen.
You come to check up on us? I had to make sure for myself that Hellspawn and his kooky protégé were buttoned up good and tight.
That they are.
You okay? All things considered, yeah.
Good to hear.
See you tomorrow.
Uh, Desi - Something you need? - Something I wanted to say.
Jack was the best agent I'd ever worked with.
He always watched my back, and him doing his job made it easier to do mine.
Those aren't shoes that any one person should have to fill, but I wanted to tell you that you're doing a great job.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- I'm gonna head to Phoenix.
- Yeah.
I was gonna drive my dad, so That was Director Webber.
I cleared our schedule for the rest of the day.
It's beautiful out.
I figured we could spend the afternoon together, or Yeah, absolutely.
What are we gonna do? We could take a nature hike.
Or we could try and finish that superconductor you've been - working on.
- No, no.
I was gonna say we're actually really close to Trout Lake.
And I heard the algae bloom is excessively large this year, so maybe we could take some samples We could, uh, skip the algae and just go fishing.
You know, the last time we went fishing together, I wasn't old enough to drink beer.
Mm, which is pretty much the best part of fishing.