MacGyver (2016) s03e19 Episode Script

Friends + Enemies + Border

1 ["STAROMODAN TIP" BY HARI MATA HARI PLAYING] [ENGINE BACKFIRES] [ENGINE SPUTTERING, GRINDING] Sure we're gonna make it? Well, ethanol doesn't combust as easily as gasoline, and I had to rush the fermentation process, but, yes, this will get us where we need to go.
- I hope.
- I got to admit, when we ran out of juice back there, I thought we were in trouble.
I'm a tad impressed.
- Just a tad? - Hey, it's gonna take more than a Jeep to run on moonshine to blow my mind, MacGyver.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] They seemed impressed.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, fellas.
How you doing back there? Uncomfortable enough? - MACGYVER: Oh! - [TIRES SQUEALING] [WOMAN SPEAKING BOSNIAN] - DESI: Is everything all right? - [WOMAN SPEAKING BOSNIAN] I Do you speak English? Um, th-there's been a terrible accident.
A truck has crashed.
P-People are trapped.
- A man is bleeding.
- Yeah.
Take us to them.
It could be a trap.
It could also not be a trap.
Yeah, I get the whole hero thing, but my job is to protect you, and I can't do that if I don't know what we're walking into.
Look, I'm going with or without you.
Yeah, I figured you'd say that.
And why is that? Jack said, for a brilliant guy, you're pretty dumb when it comes to your own safety.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] We'll be back.
Try to make that last.
My husband and I are farmers.
We were on our way to check an irrigation line when we found them.
They're lucky you did.
Doesn't seem to be anyone out here for miles.
WOMAN: Bilal! I found help! Come, come! - What happened here? - It's a sinkhole.
This type of soil and rock is actually very prone to them.
It's caused by erosion under the surface, so to the naked eye, there'd be no sign of suffosion.
Save it, Bill Nye.
Mac, that's a Frontex border guard.
You know, it's possible these are migrants headed for the EU.
So how did they end up in a sinkhole together? Help! Help! Help! Help! This man's been shot! MACGYVER: Wait! Stop.
Stop! Stop climbing! You guys are in a sinkhole, which means the ground around you is very unstable.
So, if you try to climb out, it could come down on top of you.
But if you stay calm and do exactly as we say, I promise we'll get you out of here.
And how exactly are we supposed to do that? We got no gear, no comms, and you destroyed our cell phones during the op, so there's no calling in the cavalry.
- You have no idea, do you? - No, I don't.
But if we don't come up with something quick, this entire sinkhole will collapse and bury everyone in it.
This is it? I mean, when you said you'd finally tracked down the IP address of the hacker behind the doxing, I assumed you had uncovered some big, bad villain like Darth Vader or Voldemort.
I know that sounds ridiculous.
Whoever it is, they're still out there, Boze.
The hacker that built these towers is just a contractor.
And since he's not cooperating, I need to look through these, see if there's anything that'll help us track down our guy.
Sounds like your kind of fun.
Well, if you want, I can set up a station for you.
Show you how to run that recovery software.
Sorry, Riley.
As much as I would love to help you dig through all those exhilarating gigabits bytes or whatever I already promised Mac I'd pick up his dad after chemo today.
Which is [CHUCKLES] right now.
You're not picking up Oversight in your car, are you? Uh, for your information, Ol' Blue was vacuumed, washed and waxed yesterday.
Okay? So she's looking her very best.
- But, no - It's a great car.
Mac Daddy said I could drive his new whip.
So we're gonna be riding in style.
[CHUCKLES] - Peace.
- See you later.
- Have fun! - I will.
- Ah.
[HISSES] Boo! Mm-hmm! Okay.
Helm engage.
[BEEPING] "Apply brake to start engine.
" I did that.
My foot is on the brake.
What the? Bye, Jim.
[WHIRRING, LOCKS CLICK] [CAMERA CLICKS] [GASPS] You guys are doing great.
Just a few more minutes, and we'll have this figured out.
Right? I hope that look means you've got something.
I think I do.
We're gonna build a crane, but I'll need some help.
Okay, now I'm impressed.
[CHUCKLES] [ENGINE STARTS] All right, now lower me down slowly.
The border guard, he's wounded badly.
Help him.
Yeah, of course.
What's his name? Felix.
I've kept pressure on it, but it's getting worse.
- Are you a doctor? - No.
But where I come from, I've seen many gunshot wounds.
May I? Uh, yeah, he's losing a lot of blood.
If we don't stop the bleeding now, he's not gonna make it to medical help.
If we had a needle and thread, I could stitch him closed.
I've done it before.
You know what? Wait.
Where's his gun? I wanted to keep it safe.
Thank you.
All right.
I'm going to cauterize the wound.
Does anyone have a lighter? This is gonna be pretty bright.
You might want to shield your eyes.
The bleeding has stopped.
- For the moment, it has.
- What do we do now? Get out of this sinkhole.
We bought him some time but not much.
Okay, Riley.
Just keep your hand steady.
You do this every day.
[PHONE RINGING] [CLEARS THROAT] Bozer, if you're not gonna be in here helping me, you can't inter Riley, stop! Just listen.
I need you.
It's a bomb.
Unit 8.
Where's the bomb squad? We need them here ASAP.
I want you to cover east, you cover north.
All nonessential personnel have been evacuated.
Bozer just sent this.
MATTY: Okay, start running that through our database of known bomb makers.
If we can figure out who built it, - it may help us disarm it.
- [INDISTINCT CHATTER, SHOUTING] RILEY: Where's the bomb squad? They're on their way.
And I sent Leanna and a tac team to go pick up Oversight and move him to a safe house.
He protested, but I'm not taking any chances here.
Someone obviously wants him dead.
What is Bozer saying? [PHONE CHIMES] He wants to know where Mac is.
What should I tell him? I haven't been able to reach Mac or Desi.
As much as we could use Mac here, we can't assume he's gonna make it back in time to help.
You've got to tell him the truth.
[PHONE CHIMES] [SIGHS] Mac I could really use my best friend right about now.
Where the hell are you? [ENGINE REVVING] So, uh, what happened? Who shot him? Um, it was Harun, the Bosnian man who promised to get us into Austria.
We are all from Syria.
We've been stuck in a migrant camp further south for weeks.
Our situation was desperate.
I'm guessing this Harun took your money, put you in this van and promised you a quick and safe journey? But when we crossed into Croatia, we ran into Felix, the border guard.
Harun shot him and left us.
But if you were already at the Croatian border, then how did you end up this far south, back in Bosnia? ADNAN: On our way north, we passed by a small city with a hospital.
We knew the guard could get the help he needed there, so we turned around.
NAZIR: But we don't know these roads.
We got lost in the dark, and then the ground swallowed us.
Sinkholes can collapse without warning.
You're lucky no one got hurt.
We got you.
- You're almost there.
That's it.
- Hey, baby.
Oh, we are lucky lucky we met you.
- But who are you? - DESI: Heads up! Coming back down! Just call me MacGyver.
I am Sana.
Nazir and Adnan.
And the little one is Yasmin.
- ADNAN: How is he? - Yeah.
He's not great.
If he lives, it'll be because you didn't leave him behind.
That was never an option.
[CRACKLING, RUMBLING] Yeah, we need to get out of here.
What's the update? Well, it's the most sophisticated device I've seen in my ten years of EOD.
See, the bomber put hand-rolled Semtex in the heat shield, and then wired it into the brakes of the SUV and in the electrical system, which means the windows, the doors, even the weight sensors in the front seats any one of them - can trigger a detonation.
- None of that is good news.
No, it's not, but I turned on a signal blocker to ensure that the bomb can't be remotely activated while we try to figure out a solution.
Not to pile on, but I haven't been able to match the device to any bomb maker in our database.
I even looped in Charlie.
He doesn't recognize it.
Neither does Jim.
I sent him the photo.
Okay, our bomber is someone that we don't know.
Oscar, what's your plan? I don't have one yet.
We don't want to jar him and reopen up his wounds.
[TRUCK DOOR CLOSES] So where's this hospital? In Derventa.
About 100 kilometers southwest.
MACGYVER: That's at least an hour away.
Felix will never make it.
Is there anything closer? Oh, there's a clinic in Kostres.
It's much closer, but, uh, it's only a small village.
- It may not have what you need.
- We'll have to chance it.
Which means borrowing your truck.
Of course.
[GRUNTS] Let's hurry.
As you said, we don't have much time.
[TIRES SQUEALING] All right, on three.
One, two, three.
- Are you a doctor? - Can I help you? I really hope so.
Set him down right here.
- What happened? - Gunshot wound.
- He's lost a lot of blood.
- Oh.
Let me see.
The bullet has penetrated the anterior of his abdominal wall.
This man needs an ER with full trauma surgery capability.
DESI: He's not gonna make it to one.
I mean, this place is just gonna have to do.
Oh, I'm just a pediatrician in farm country.
If a child has an ear infection or a broken arm, there's nobody better, but for a gunshot wound, it's beyond what I can manage.
Doctor, you're the only person with the skills to save this man's life.
But I don't even have the proper equipment for such an operation.
Maybe I can make what you need.
Make a precision surgical tool? Th-That's crazy.
It's not as crazy as you'd think.
Look, there's no other option, and this man is running out of time, so give me a chance? What do you need? A vascular clamp.
Without one of these, I cannot remove the bullet.
Spring-loaded clamp.
Oh, it's not that simple.
This type of tool it's it's much more advanced than it looks.
Say, for example, that this is his infrarenal aorta.
It's the lower part of the body's main artery.
So, in order to find the bullet during surgery, I have to be able to move the artery, and to do it, I need the right tool.
Right, so it has to be the correct shape, as well as strong enough to hold the aorta firmly.
But the grip tension must also be perfect.
Otherwise, the metal I think I can make what you need.
Even if you succeed, this man has a very low chance of survival.
Terzic, if we don't try, he has zero percent chance, so please.
Gather our new friends.
For this to work, we're gonna need everybody.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Bomb squad is on scene.
MAN 2: Unit 5, maintain perimeter.
Thank God.
Hurry up! You got to get me out of here! I don't know how much longer I can stay still! Hell of a Friday, huh? Uh, what are you doing? Get away from the car! It was a snooze fest back there with Matty and the bomb squad.
Just thought I'd come hang out with you.
When are they gonna get in here and defuse this thing? They're working on a plan right now.
But you have to stay calm.
Calm? You want me to stay calm? Have you tried deep breathing? - I'm not on a meditation retreat, Riley.
- Bozer.
I'm here for you, okay? I'm just I'm just here to help.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Okay, it's just [SIGHS] It's not my best day.
[SIGHS] Okay.
I'm thinking, I could switch my left foot to the brake and take some pressure - off my hip.
- No.
Bad idea, Boze.
That bomb is wired to the brake and your seat.
Any movement you make like that could Don't say it.
I get it.
[PANTING]Matty's got the bomb squad working on a plan.
We just have to give them time.
Riley? Yeah.
Where's Mac? Honestly, we don't know.
What do you mean? Did you try calling? E-mailing? Sending a homing pigeon? We tried everything.
We can't reach him.
My best friend, my girlfriend and my parents.
I don't get to say good-bye to any of 'em.
- I'll suddenly just be gone.
- Bozer, look at me! Double-O-Boze.
You've been through way worse situations than this.
Way worse.
Remember when we were disavowed in Amsterdam? What about when you were stuck at our black site with both Murdoc and Helman? Neither of those was a walk in the park, but you made it through, just like you're gonna make it through this.
You know what thought keeps running through my head? What if I never became a spy? What if Murdoc never jumped through my window? What if I never learned what Mac really did? Huh? I'd be sitting on a set somewhere making movies, not sitting on this damn bomb! OSCAR: Agent Davis, I think we got it figured out.
But I need to get under the vehicle and do some cutting, so I need him to be completely still.
- Too much movement, and - Okay.
Hey, Boze? The bomb guys have an idea.
- They do? - They do.
But you have to be calm.
And you have to relax.
We need to refocus your mind.
- How? - Uh In a world where you're making movies, what would your most recent film be about? You want me to pitch you an idea? I just want you to tell me a story, Boze.
A story.
Okay, I could do that.
Are you ready for Light-Speed Assassin? Huh? It's-it's the saga of a smooth-talking intergalactic hit man.
- I'm all ears.
- Okay.
A UFO plummets through dark storm clouds and crashes in a Nebraska field.
By morning, a top secret government agency, Sphynx, surrounds the alien pod.
The handsome and brave leader of Sphynx, Will Mozer, and his clumsy but whip-smart assistant, Miley, approaches the pod.
Then Time-out.
Did you say, "clumsy but whip-smart"? Ah, it's fiction, Riley.
Now, don't interrupt.
I'm getting to the inciting incident.
All right, continue.
Suddenly, a clown and a hamster appears.
They start fighting.
It's a very lopsided event.
These will just have to do.
Okay, but how are you gonna convert those forceps into this vascular clamp? With a lot of heat.
An amazing property of metal is that it becomes pliable in the presence of heat.
But not all metals are created equal.
If you want to soften, say, surgical steel, it's no easy task.
Unless you build a forge.
Forges have been around since the Copper Age, and are great for creating and controlling an immense amount of heat.
The sand and plaster act as insulators, which is good because a hand-held propane torch can reach almost 2,000 degrees the kind of heat you need to make one of the world's strongest metal alloys bend.
I cannot believe you made this.
- It's incredible.
- Now time to see if it works.
Good luck, Doctor.
[WHIRRING] [HEAVY BREATHING] [BEEPS] BOZER: And that's when Mozer dives from the roof in his wing suit and rescues Miley before she splats on the pavement.
And seeing she's now safe, he confronts Agent Deanna.
What?! I thought Deanna was Mozer's girlfriend.
She is, but she's also been possessed by the alien hit man's soul.
You see, Riley, in movie lingo, this is called "the hero's dilemma.
" - [CHUCKLES] - Wow.
All these plot twists is making my head spin.
- I know.
Right? - [BEEPING] What was that beep? Did he disarm it? Can I get out? RILEY: I don't know.
I'm gonna go find out.
Keep your foot on that brake.
What's going on? I thought that severing the link between the explosives and the SUV's electrical system would allow me to remove the device.
But there was a redundancy.
See, 'cause the bomb is wired to the SUV's CAN bus computer.
So once I clipped the electrical system the failsafe kicked in.
What are you saying? There's no way to disarm it, Riley.
One way or another, that bomb under Bozer is gonna go off.
Terzic has a landline.
- Should we check in with Matty? - Not yet.
Let's wait till we're ready for exfil.
I mean, we still have to go collect those gangsters we left in the Jeep.
Do we? Well, at least let's get some body spray before we pack 'em in a helo.
Um, hey, I wanted to say something.
I'm glad we did this.
You being a stubborn son of a bitch might have saved that man's life.
- Oh.
Thank you.
I think.
You okay, Sana? It's been a long day.
A lot longer when you're expecting.
How far along are you? Uh Your hands are swollen.
And at first, I thought it was dehydration, and then I noticed the nausea.
Morning sickness can happen at all hours.
I'm three months along.
And after what we've been through since last night, [CHUCKLES]: everything hurts.
- Yeah, I hear you.
- But I shouldn't complain.
I need to be strong for my child.
- Strong like a, um - Like a boss.
'Cause that's what you are.
[LAUGHS] Come on.
Any news? No.
Not yet.
Listen, Adnan what will you do next? I don't know.
Authorities might try to send us back to the camps.
But conditions there are poor and not always safe.
We could try to go north from here, but, uh - Can't be sure you'd be welcomed.
- No.
But in the end, I have no choice.
MACGYVER: If I may ask, what made you leave your home? If I could have stayed in my country and made it a better place, I would have.
But after Yasmin's mother was killed I knew it was only a matter of time before that kind of violence returned.
And if I went next, who would look after Yasmin? Better we face the dangers of this journey together, so that maybe she has a chance at a better life, real happiness.
But you were already across the border when you went back to save Felix, the man whose job it is to stop you.
To leave him behind would only prove true the kind of lies that are told about us.
That is not who we are.
The surgery was successful.
- [RELIEVED SIGHS] - TERZIC: Now he needs rest.
That's Harun, the man who shot Felix.
Where is the border guard? We know he was brought here.
Where is he? [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOTS] TERZIC: What's going on? Who is this man? He's trouble.
Adnan, take Yasmin to Dr.
Terzic's office.
Everyone, get down and stay away from the windows.
[CALLS]: Harun? DESI: So, what now? [SIGHS] Your buddy Harun isn't coming out anytime soon! What do you want? The Frontex guard.
DESI: How about we offer Harun - and a third-round pick? - Not helping.
[MOUTHS "SORRY"] Look, your best bet is to just walk away now! Everyone inside, listen! I'm giving you one chance to save yourselves.
Send out Harun and the border guard, or we're coming in.
You have 15 minutes to decide if they are worth dying for.
Can we talk? Uh, yeah.
Well, before you say anything, maybe I should have listened to you.
But if I had to do it all over again, - I probably would.
- I was just gonna say the doors are locked and chained up, the windows are covered and the barricades are set up.
- Oh.
[SIGHS] - But we both know this isn't gonna keep those guys out there for long.
- Everybody, listen.
- You don't have to tell us.
SANA: We know what kind of men they are and what we have to do.
Because the only way we're gonna survive this is by working together.
- The electrical charge is still intact.
- Right.
BOZER: What's going on?! [PANTS] Wait.
Riley, what are you doing? Bozer needs to know the truth.
You and Oscar need to figure something out.
Come on.
Something's wrong.
I can feel it.
What is it? That beep sound, what did it mean? It means there's no way to disarm the bomb.
Bozer, look at me.
Look at me.
They're not giving up.
So you can't give up, either.
Okay? They're gonna get you out of here.
You just need to give them more time.
I can't feel my leg anymore.
It's gone numb.
But it's shaking.
FUN FACT: Rock climbers they call that "Elvis leg.
" I think we got different ideas of fun right now.
I just need you to hold on.
[SHUDDERING BREATHS] Wh-When we first met I wanted to date you but you wouldn't give me your number.
I remember.
I gave it to you one digit at a time.
[CHUCKLES] That was you letting me down easy.
But now I'm really glad it didn't work out.
Because you're like a sister to me.
- [SNIFFLES] - You're amazing in every way, - and I've been so - Bozer, what are you doing? lucky to have you in my life.
Bozer Riley I want you to know that I'm forever grateful for knowing you.
- Bozer, we are not doing this.
- And I love you.
We are not saying good-bye! - Walk away.
Bozer! Bozer, we are not doing this! Look at me! Look at me! Do you hear me? Bozer! Riley.
Riley, what are you doing? [PANTING] We are in this together.
Okay? I know you're not gonna take your foot off that brake.
'Cause if you do you'll kill me.
And I know you wouldn't do that to your sister.
Riley, I can't hold this any longer.
You have to go.
Goonies never say die, Bozer.
We're in this together.
We just need to look at this with a different perspective.
If Mac was here, what would he do? Okay.
He'd, uh he'd probably know some obscure fact about cars that we could use.
Yeah, yeah.
Unfortunately, I know nothing about cars.
Yeah, me, neither.
Last time I worked on a car was in shop class in high school.
I partnered with Mac, so I figured I'd get an easy "A," right? But when we went to turn in our project, Mr.
Hernandez who totally knew I was coasting called me out in front of everybody and asked me to duplicate our carburetor on my own.
On my own.
I mean, that's just crazy.
- [EXHALES] - Bozer.
Bozer, that's it.
You're a genius.
- What? I am? - I need to go talk to Matty.
- Okay? - Okay.
Well, you know where to find me! MACGYVER: Very good, Yasmin.
Now, go find your father and stick very close to him.
Okay? DESI: If appeasing the traffickers with cuteness is our plan, we win.
Well, we're gonna make sure each of these critters packs a punch.
So, with a few common cleaning products and an airtight, pressurized container, tightly wrapped up in a nice package, and We have our own cute and cuddly stun grenade.
How much time do we have? Uh, five minutes.
But if they get impatient, - maybe less.
- Yeah.
You all right? [SIGHS HEAVILY] It's okay if you're not.
I thought I was escaping to a country where my child and I would be safe.
- And now I - Sana.
30 years ago, my parents fled Vietnam, and they traveled by boat to Hong Kong, where they were put in a camp.
It was my father, my two-year-old brother and my mom, who was pregnant with me.
And they didn't know where they'd end up or how they'd get there they just they just knew it was what they had to do.
And it was the good ol' U.
of A that opened up its doors and gave us a home.
I know that there were dark nights on that boat.
And my parents had to wonder if they'd just run from one terrible end to a different one.
But here I am.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] And if my mom was here, she would tell you it was worth it.
And to not lose hope.
She was tough.
I know you are, too.
- Tough like a boss? - [CHUCKLES] Damn right.
They weren't just waiting to see if we'd give them Felix.
They were waiting for backup.
[ENGINE REVS] [TIRES SQUEALING] They're breaching.
Run! Run! MACGYVER: Stay here and stay quiet.
We're gonna lead them away from you.
Once you know it's clear, grab Felix and take him out the front door.
They have guns.
You'll be killed.
SANA: Let us help.
DESI: You are helping.
Finish what you started.
Get Felix to safety.
Ready? Brady Bear's ready to kick some butt.
[CHUCKLES] Hey! [MEN GROAN] [MEN GROAN] [GRUNTS] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We got to give our people enough time to slip past them.
Mac, we're running out of hallway and stuffed animal flashbangs.
[THUD] [MEN YELL] These guys are like cockroaches.
I just hope we bought our friends enough time.
It's our last stand.
You ready? Always.
[MEN GRUNTING, PUNCHES LANDING] We told you guys to run.
We chose not to listen.
[BOTH PANTING] We're ready.
So, what's this plan of yours? All modern vehicles are equipped with an on board computer system called a CAN bus.
If I can connect the CAN bus in Oversight's SUV to the one in the clone SUV we just drove in here, I might be able to trick the bomb into thinking that other SUV is the one you're sitting in.
And with Oscar's foot on the brake, I'll be able to get out.
A duplicate.
I'm a genius.
Yes, you are.
Wait for my signal, okay? [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] - Ready.
- Ready.
Is this gonna work? It has to.
Okay, we're synced.
[EXHALES] [GRUNTS] Bozer! [PANTING] Riley, you did it.
RILEY: Yes, we did.
That was a close one, man.
- That was close.
- Can't believe it really worked.
It's okay.
Did you think it wasn't gonna work, Bozer? - Well, I had my doubts.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, but but Miley is whip-smart, right? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
I couldn't have hung on that long if you hadn't stayed with me.
Aw, course I stayed, Boze.
What was I gonna do, abandon my little bro? [LAUGHS] Hold on, okay? I'm the big brother, okay? You're the little sister.
No, no, no, no.
Doesn't work like that.
- What? - Okay, okay.
Guys, guys.
Good job, but Oscar and his team still have work to do.
What's that? Well, since we can't disarm the bomb, we're gonna contain it and let it blow.
Now, let's get down.
OSCAR [OVER RADIO]: Containment set.
Everyone find cover.
We're going hot.
Three, two, one, fire in the hole! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Carry you up on my shoulders Going down that open road I can see us getting older Standing on my feet, outside, under the night sky.
Things I will not take for granted anymore.
It's been a rough couple of weeks for you, man.
How you holding up? The next time Matty wants me to do busy work in the Phoenix, my answer will be hell yes.
[BOTH LAUGH] [SIGHS] Look, man, you're my best friend, and I wasn't there to help you out, and I feel terrible.
I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry.
[SCOFFS] Man, you don't owe me an apology, Mac.
Right next to me Actually I owe you a thanks.
- You do? - [CHUCKLES]: Yeah.
I had some time alone with my thoughts today, and I realized I used to think my happiness was hinged on seeing "directed by Wilt Bozer" on the big screen.
But then you brought me into your world of secrets, and everything changed.
And even though our job can be terrifying at times and no one ever knows we did it it's important.
And at the end of each day, I always feel proud.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] I've never been happier, Mac.
And that's because I know I'm right where I belong.
Thanks to you.
Come on.
- [CHUCKLES] - Thanks, man.
Look who I found out front.
[LAUGHS] So, I guess all it took was me nearly getting blown to smithereens for you to hang out with us? Uh, it's a high bar.
Better late than never, I suppose, when it comes to appreciating the full Boze experience.
Well, from what I heard, it's the full Riley experience - that won the day.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, little sis had my back.
- [CHUCKLES] - Come on, little bro.
We talked about this.
- Little bro? - Well, yeah.
You're my little brother.
- What? Never.
- Yeah.
Together I got word that Felix is gonna pull through.
[SIGHS] And when Frontex authorities heard what Adnan, Yasmin, Nazir and Sana did for Felix, well, they put them all on a fast track to asylum in Austria.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
I'm glad to hear it, although I wish it worked out so well for other people who had that same dream.
Yeah, but at least Frontex took down Daris's trafficking ring, so that's one less predator out there.
You know, I was thinking, maybe we should make a donation to Dr.
Terzic's hospital for general repairs, 'cause the place is gonna need it.
How about a new truck for Emina and Bilal? You know, while we're spending Matty's money.
[BOTH LAUGH] You know what, yeah.
That's a good idea.
God, it's like she knew we were just talking about her.
- That's creepy.
- I honestly wouldn't put it past her.
I'll be back.
This is how it's meant Meant to be.
Hey, boss.
You got that look on your face like you're not here for the beer.
Well, you're right about that.
Bomb fuse? That's what's left of one of the trigger mechanisms from the device found in your dad's SUV.
Our bomb squad's never seen anything like it.
Yeah, well, neither have I.
Whoever built this is incredibly skilled.
And let me be clear, "better than The Ghost" skilled.
Did you show my dad? I mean, it was meant for him.
I did.
He didn't recognize it, either.
He and I agree, though.
This is personal.
Someone wants to kill your father, and we were lucky enough to prevent that from happening this time.
But, uh I doubt we've heard the last of them.