MacGyver (2016) s03e20 Episode Script

No-Go + High-Voltage + Rescue

1 Previously on MacGyver OVERSIGHT: Whatever time I have left, I want to spend it with you.
BOZER: I promised Mac I'd pick up his dad after chemo today.
RILEY: You're not picking up Oversight in your car, are you? BOZER: No.
Mac Daddy said I could drive his new whip.
What the ? [ELECTRONIC VOICE]: Bye, Jim.
BOZER: You got to get me out of here.
I don't know how much longer I can stay still.
- MATTY: Is this gonna work? - It has to.
OSCAR: Three, two, one.
- MACGYVER: Bomb fuse? - MATTY: That's what's left of one of the trigger mechanisms from the device found in your dad's SUV.
Someone wants to kill your father.
I said steal a car - and pick me up behind the royal palace.
- No, you said "vehicle.
" "Steal a vehicle and pick me up behind the royal palace.
" - Direct quote, so that's what I did.
- Nobody uses the word - "vehicle" colloquially, it sounds ridiculous.
- So does using the word "colloquially.
" MACGYVER: Even if I did say "car," which I 100% did not, how was this the best option? It's bulletproof, bombproof and fireproof.
Dude, this thing is rad.
Besides, nothing else was gonna get us out of that mess back there.
Okay, fair enough.
But stealing it is what got us into this current mess.
How does someone as thorough as you not realize the Garde républicaine tracks the French president's limo at all times? - [BULLETS RICOCHETING] - [PHONE RINGS] Oh, great.
Hey, Matty, I, uh, assume you heard we're in a bit of a pickle? MATTY: Yes, Mac, you're on every channel in the EU.
Also, Desi's right.
You did say "vehicle," not "car.
" Okay, now that everyone's up to speed, how about you clear up this little misunderstanding? MATTY: I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I don't have the supreme magistrate's personal celly on speed dial.
And even if I did, nothing would change the fact that you two took his private limo for a joie-ride.
Sorry, guys, but if the men in the ear pieces and the suits catch you, - there's nothing I can do.
- [TIRES SCREECHING] [GUNFIRE] [HORN HONKS] Oh, we just lost a tire! According to this, the limo's titanium-reinforced run-flat tires - should hold up for about ten minutes.
- Well, that's not a lot of time.
Tell us about the car's other features.
BOZER: It's built on a tank chassis, it's hermetically sealed in case of a chemical attack, - it's got night vision headlights - Like I said: R-A-D rad.
BOZER: Backup oxygen tanks, tear gas grenades, bags of the president's blood in case he needs a transfusion in transit Wait, wait, I got an idea.
Riley, I need you to direct us - to the nearest underpass or tunnel.
- RILEY: I'm on it.
- [TIRES SCREECHING] - DESI: Sorry! MACGYVER: I'll admit it, Desi was right.
This limo is rad.
Resuscitator masks, blood transfusion bags, medical tape, oxygen tanks? It's got everything a couple of spies could need to make their escape.
DESI: Whatever you're doing back there, Einstein, do it faster.
MACGYVER: Faster? You try making a gas mask at 90 miles an hour.
RILEY: Desi, there's a tunnel coming up on your left.
- Turn now.
- [HORNS HONKING] You okay? Just keep your eyes on the road.
This stuff doesn't just exist in James Bond movies.
These are the real deal, and they'll help, too.
Because now we'll be breathing the good old O2, while the French Republican Guard chokes on fumes.
Au revoir.
[GUARD MEMBERS COUGHING] Large house, black, extra hot.
Are we talking scalding, searing or merely piping? Oh, this is one's a lawsuit in the making.
Just the way you like it.
For your new guitar fund.
Thanks, Jim.
Till tomorrow? WOMAN [OVER TV]: in daily contact with us, our children have disappeared without a trace.
They haven't responded to calls or e-mails, or posted online.
This is highly unusual.
We know something is wrong.
We're begging the international community for help.
Anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts, please contact us.
We just want our babies home.
[SIGHS]: Man Another dead end, bringing us to a grand total of zero leads.
Whoever planted this bomb in my dad's SUV - went to great lengths to remain anonymous.
- Look, man, you've been staring at that wreckage for days now.
How about you take a break to behold Sparky's new skills? You really reprogrammed him to assess human emotions? I sure did.
My hard drive homeboy can now analyze eye movement, body language, epidermal fluctuations and a dozen other factors to determine intent and feelings.
And he's accurate as hell.
This footage was taken in Siena, Italy.
Without knowing any other details, Sparky will tell us exactly what those two guys are.
Would you kindly shut up already? I'm trying to work here.
BOZER: A side effect of his new programming: - he's becoming kind of a jerk.
- [CHUCKLES] ROBOT: Analysis complete.
Subject One is leaning forward at a 27 degree angle, indicating eagerness to share.
Eye movement is 32.
6% higher than human average, indicating nervousness.
Based on these metrics and 11 others, I have concluded that Subject One is a highly suggestible intelligence asset eager to provide information to Subject Two.
Boo-yah! That guy's a foreign operative, and we just watched him successfully recruit a Ukrainian asset.
Bozer, this is insane.
I mean, this tech will give us so many valuable applications in the field.
- Great job, man.
- ROBOT: What am I, chopped liver? - My bad.
You, too, Sparky.
- Whatever.
Hey, uh, you think Oversight will be so impressed that he'll give me a raise for this? Yeah, good luck with that.
Speak of the devil.
Oversight wants us in the war room in five minutes.
See you there.
We'll get that raise one day, Sparky.
[BEEPING, WHIRRING] Analysis complete.
- Who are you analyzing? - Agents MacGyver and Nguyen, of course.
During observed interaction, they each experienced rapid spikes in both heart rate and epidermal redness, increases in pupillary dilation by two and three millimeters, and held 37.
3% more eye contact than baseline Phoenix employees.
Based on these factors, subjects appear to have a mutual attraction, or what humans commonly refer to as a crush.
- Say what? - ROBOT: Other synonyms include: having hots for, thirsting, catching feelings Oh, man.
We are begging the international community for help.
Anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts, please contact us.
We just want our babies home.
[EXHALES] It's a nightmare.
Your kids take a gap year after graduating college to travel the world and one day, they just disappear.
- Do we know where they went missing? - OVERSIGHT: No.
Ben Hagan and Isabel Marx last called their parents from Bogotá, Colombia six days ago.
The next day, they missed their flight off the continent.
No one's heard from them since.
What did the State Department say? - That they won't launch an official search.
- BOZER: Won't? Why? Because right before Ben and Isabel disappeared, they told their friends they were participating in something called a No-Go Challenge.
OVERSIGHT: It's a scavenger hunt, known mainly in the backpacking community, where you go to dangerous places so you can do even more dangerous things when you get there.
- RILEY: Whoa.
- DESI: I've heard about this.
There are No-Go Challenges on almost every continent.
I mean, Ben and Isabel must have been doing the South American leg.
The State Department advises Americans not to travel to most places on the No-Go list.
Since these kids ignored those warnings, they won't intervene.
Sending rescuers after Ben and Isabel sets a precedent, and encourages others to take the same risks.
RILEY: Which is why the parents appealed to the public.
- They're out of options.
- OVERSIGHT: That's where we come in.
I called the State Department, convinced them to let us handle it unofficially.
Now, this isn't the type of job that Phoenix normally does, but - You're sending us to find them.
- And bring them home safely.
How do we know that they're actually in trouble? MATTY: The truth is, we don't really know what happened to Ben or Isabel.
They could've gotten injured, or run into some unsavory characters, or it could be something else entirely.
OVERSIGHT: The No-Go Challenge is our only lead.
And since you all can pass as backpackers, we're sending you to follow in their footsteps.
We're gonna do the Challenge ourselves.
Not to pile on the pressure, but the clock is ticking.
The longer Ben and Isabel are missing, - the less likely it is we'll ever find them.
- MATTY: Remember, this is an unsanctioned op, so No backup, no local support, and if things go bad, - we're on our own.
- MATTY: That's right.
- Any questions? - MacGYVER: Yeah.
How soon can we leave? Hey, ah - - Con puño arriba tumba ya toda la muralla MACGYVER: According to the bits of info Riley found online, we are not far from the address where backpackers start the No-Go Challenge in South America.
That's our best bet for picking up on Ben and Isabel's trail.
Out of all of the beautiful places in the world, they decided to go to the slums of Bogotá? Yeah, definitely not at the top of my travel bucket list.
Still, I'm glad they're sending us.
I mean, kids do stupid things.
They don't deserve to lose their life for it.
I've certainly done my fair share.
Like steal the French president's limousine, or ? At least that served a purpose.
I'm talking about monumental stupidity that accomplished absolutely nothing.
Idiocy of a higher order.
Pretty sure I have you beat in that category.
I will take that bet, gadget boy.
Game on.
I was 22 in Tangiers.
- On a camel.
- [LAUGHS] BOZER: Hey, uh Riley, I got to tell you something.
You know how I was programming Sparky to read human behavior? - Yeah? - Well, he analyzed the conversation between Mac and Desi and he concluded that, uh, Mac and Desi have a thing for each other.
- A thing? - Yeah.
You know, a crush? The hots? Mac and Desi are sweating each other? Yeah, Bozer, I know what thing you're referring to.
I just I'm surprised.
But, if it's true, that's great.
Uh, no.
It absolutely is not great.
Why not? Mac's awesome, Desi's awesome.
- I don't see the problem.
- When Mac's heart gets involved, his head gets weird.
You know what happened with him and Nikki.
- Yeah, he wound up taking a bullet.
- Exactly.
- And then there was Deena Feinberg.
- Who? Deena "Fatal Attraction" Feinberg.
Mac's lab partner in the 7th grade.
He fell head over heels.
Well, by the time I realized why he was offering to carry her Trapper Keeper to and from class every day, it was too late.
And that semester Angus MacGyver - got a B in chemistry.
- What?! - That's impossible.
- [SCOFFS] Oh, it's possible.
I was there.
Okay, so, a are you saying Mac shouldn't date? No, I'm saying Mac shouldn't date anyone he works with.
Okay? In 7th grade, the worst thing that could happen was a slightly less than perfect grade.
But on a mission I'd rather Mac keep his head in the game, you know? I hear you, Boze.
I just don't see it.
I hope you're right.
For all of our sakes.
[CHILDREN YELLING] [BRAKES CREAK] DESI: You're sure we're at the right place? When you said we were starting the scavenger hunt at a skyscraper, I figured you meant a finished one.
The building's construction was frozen during the country's banking crisis.
It's now the world's tallest slum.
Home to 5,000 squatters who moved in and won't leave.
According to the No-Go lore, must first retrieve a map located on the 45th floor in a utility closet.
Did you say 45th? Let's go.
They finished building the elevators, though, right? Riley! The maps are up ahead on the left.
These people just decided to move in and make it their home? MACGYVER: Yeah, I mean, doing the best with what they've got.
It's pretty awesome, no matter how technically illegal, maybe.
I agree, but everyone stay sharp.
There's a reason why the State Department gave this place a Level 3 Travel Warning.
This is it.
This is where we're supposed to find the map.
That's no bueno.
Don't tell me we went up all those stairs for nothing.
My glutes are burning.
I think I pulled a hammy.
You looking for these? Oh, I'll give you one of these maps for everything you got on you.
Counter offer: one of those maps and his adorable knife - for me not kicking all your asses.
- [LAUGHTER] She's kidding.
We're just, uh, looking for some of our friends.
Maybe you've seen them? Look, just answer a few of our questions, give us some of those maps and we'll gladly give you all the cash we have.
Oh, yeah? Well, this isn't a negotiation.
We take what we want.
Now! Mac, the maps! MACGYVER: One of mankind's most effective inventions is also its simplest: flypaper.
Great for catching insects and runaway scavenger hunt maps.
Glad you reconsidered.
"Begin your hunt at one of the four starting points.
The Challenge you start with will determine your path.
At each, sign your name and get a clue to the next.
One: bike to Marker 13 of Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia.
- Two " - Wait, Death Road? Hold on.
- Let me see this.
- "Two: cross the Bridge to the Clouds in Salta, Argentina.
Three: climb the high-voltage electrical tower 312 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Four: swim through Alligator Alley in Caracas, Venezuela.
" I cast my vote for option five: none of the above.
This is nuts.
Yeah, you're right, Boze, but we have a bigger problem.
We have no idea which starting point Ben and Isabel chose.
I don't understand.
I thought the State Department said that they weren't going to help us.
The organization that we work for operates independently from the State Department.
We have a team on the ground in South America searching for Ben and Isabel as we speak.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
We don't have the resources to follow every path on the Challenge, so we need to prioritize.
Is there anything Ben said to you regarding any of these starting points? In these cases, sometimes the smallest, most seemingly insignificant detail could make all the difference.
I don't know how this happened.
Last year was fine.
Ben landed a great job, and then at the last minute, he turned it down.
Said he was too young to be stuck behind a desk and instead was going to travel the world with Isabel.
I was against it.
I didn't have the opportunity to take that kind of adventure when I was Ben's age.
And he's right, you know, once you start with the family, the job, the whole thing, it's hard to take the time.
And he's smart.
I assumed he'd be okay.
If I had known he'd be this reckless, I never would've All you can do is raise them right, trust them, hold your breath until you see them again.
It's the curse of being a parent.
You have kids? A son.
As a matter of fact, he's on the team searching for Ben and Isabel.
Which is why I can promise you that no stone will be left unturned, because I know and believe in my son as absolutely as you do yours.
JULIE: We used to call Ben our Little Monkey Man [CHUCKLES, SNIFFLES] because he insisted on climbing on everything.
Since he was three, we'd find him on top of cabinets and bookshelves, remember? I had to bolt down every piece of furniture we owned.
[CHUCKLES] My Ben would've started right here.
MACGYVER: And there it is.
I already feel too close to this thing.
Local news says last month an Australian girl was found dead here, electrocuted.
Cops couldn't figure out what she was doing.
Well, I bet you if they looked closer, they would've found a weird photoshopped map in her belongings.
Okay, she was definitely doing the No-Go Challenge.
Question is, are Ben's parents right that he and Isabel started here? I don't see any security cameras.
DESI: The No-Go rules say to sign your name at each stop.
If they were here, their names are up there.
Let's go up.
What's the problem? - I'm afraid of heights.
- Come on.
Well, good news is, if we fall, it'll be the electricity that kills us.
MACGYVER: Desi's not wrong.
Those live wires up there are carrying 5,000 volts from the generating plant to people's homes.
If we slip and touch the wrong thing at the wrong time, part of Rio will go dark, and we'll be cooked alive, so I'm gonna take a few safety precautions.
Nice work on these safety harnesses.
MACGYVER: How about we not talk and just climb? I was just teasing, you know.
You didn't have to come with me.
[GRUNTS] Yeah, well, I'm the only one who knows what we can and can't touch up here.
Besides, New Year's resolution: exposure therapy.
Is it working? I don't know, I haven't looked down yet.
- Can't watch.
- They're okay.
They're okay.
- What about now? - Still okay.
- What about now? - They're okay, Bozer, they're okay.
Just breathe.
You got this.
Hey, there's something on the discs.
Could be the signatures, - but I can't really tell from here.
- They're insulator strings.
They keep the high-voltage wires from touching the tower itself.
- Otherwise - Zip! Exactly.
It'll electrify the entire structure we're standing on.
How about we avoid doing that, then? Good idea.
[GROANS] - The rope.
- Oh, yeah.
On belay? Belay on.
Bay gio, la gio Con nam xuon Bay gio, la gio Con khoi lo Bay gio, la gio Con chau dem Bay gio, la gio Con ngu ngon.
- What are you doing? - My mom used to sing that to me when I was scared.
I thought that might help.
Surprisingly enough, it actually does.
I guess so, you made it.
I've got coordinates for the next No-Go location here, as well as signatures written in marker.
- Do you see Ben and Isabel's? - Not yet.
I can't really see on the other side of these insulators, so let me see if I can get a better look.
I'm okay.
I might ralph, but I'm okay.
You were right.
The ground is not as scary as the wires.
And I got Ben and Isabel's signatures, and some coordinates down here.
But I'm gonna need your phone.
And then, after that, I want to go anywhere but here, so Now we know where they started, but what happened to them next? RILEY: There's no news reports on either of them getting hurt here.
Best guess, they followed those coordinates to the next location.
MATTY: Then that's what you'll do, too.
Retracing their steps - is still our only shot.
- Maybe not.
What if we use the other signatures up there to ID more kids doing the No-Go Challenge? One of them must have crossed paths with Ben and Isabel.
- MATTY: Riley? - Yep, I'm on it, Matty.
Ten names match people who flew into South America in the last two weeks.
I'm pulling up personal info now, Matty.
Sending you contact info.
Start making calls, and distribute Ben and Isabel's photo.
Connect me immediately to anyone who may have seen them.
- Excellent work, Bozer.
- BOZER: Thanks, Matty.
Wait, six of those kids were also booked on flights that they missed.
Riley, send me the most recent social media, credit card, and cellular activity for those six backpackers.
That's weird.
There's no activity on any of them in the last 72 hours.
Six 20-somethings all randomly stopped using their cell phones - and Facebook accounts at the same time? - OVERSIGHT: No chance.
Ben and Isabel didn't just happen to go missing on the No-Go Challenge.
Someone's piggybacking on the Challenge itself and abducted them, all of them.
For what? RILEY: The next stop on the No-Go Challenge: the famous Rio soccer stadium, Estadio Escanso.
DESI: Which is currently closed for renovations.
At least it was.
All the greats played here.
Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi.
McCartney, Madonna, Bieber.
RILEY: It's a great place for an abduction.
Outskirts of the city, lots of places to hide.
DESI: Whoever's behind this came up with the perfect cover.
Grab kids on the No-Go Challenge so their families think they got killed doing something dangerous, instead of suspecting foul play.
And then the world writes them off the same way the State Department did publicly.
If this is where they abducted Ben, Isabel and the others, someone could be watching us right now.
DESI: Let's all assume that's the case.
MACGYVER: Okay, according to the last clue, we're looking for a message on one of the seats at the bottom level.
So Desi and I will search that side, you guys search this side.
Keep your comms on and your guards up.
Comms on.
[CHUCKLES] See? He just picked her to go with him.
That was a tactical decision.
Their skill sets complement each other, don't you think? And 'cause they like each other.
What's up with you that you can't see this? I'm telling you, disaster's imminent.
Even their couple name says so.
Mac plus Desi equals "Messy.
" Actually, Mac plus Desi equals "Mesi.
" Don't nitpick, okay? You get my point.
DESI: Okay, you want to talk stupid decisions? I hiked into the crater of an active volcano on a dare once.
Burned my feet pretty bad, lost a good pair of boots, and I got thrown in the brig back at base, but I won my bet.
I once took a full bite out of a Carolina Reaper pepper hottest pepper in the world, by the way and swallowed it.
I couldn't see for two days.
That is dumb.
Thank you.
You did a nice job comforting Ben's parents earlier.
Not easy at a time like this.
Well, it's not in my job description, but if we can ease the family's pain, all the better.
It's unusual that you would choose to divulge that one of the agents on the mission is your son.
I wanted to let them know what we're in this together.
That I understand how they feel, 'cause I feel the same way every time Angus is out in the field.
You didn't used to.
You've sent Mac on scores of missions, but it's not till recently you started monitoring his ops from this room.
My diagnosis has reminded me that life is fragile.
My priority used to be mission success, but now, all I want is to make sure that Angus gets home safe.
If we could just keep that between us, Director Webber.
I want the team to think I'm a good boss, not some big softy.
Believe me, Jim, no one thinks that.
The fact that you secretly are is what makes you a good boss.
No message yet, just gum, soda cans and What is this? A vuvuzela.
Air horn.
They should be outlawed.
Nothing more distracting to the players of this beautiful game.
Don't you have one of these in your room? Two, actually.
But it's okay to use 'em - when the other team has the ball.
- Mm-hmm.
It was negative 25 degrees, shark-infested waters, and I had no wetsuit.
- How is that for a stupid decision? - That's insane.
Ho! I got something.
Riley, Bozer, I have the coordinates for the next No-Go location.
OVERSIGHT: Any sign Ben and Isabel were there? Yeah, they signed their names, along with a dozen other kids.
Some of these names match the ones I saw at the high-voltage field.
But is this where they were abducted? MATTY: I think we can answer that question.
There's a black van approaching the north entrance of the stadium.
- He's coming in hot.
- On our way.
MACGYVER: Everyone hold their positions.
Apprehending these guys could be our only chance at finding Ben and Isabel.
Show our hand too quickly, we could spook 'em.
So, until they get close, Desi and I are just thrill-seeking backpackers on the No-Go Challenge.
- Copy? - Copy.
Can I help you guys? Angus, behind you! [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Bozer, Riley, Mac and Desi are in trouble.
[GRUNTING] Forget Ronaldo.
The next jersey I get is gonna say "Davis.
" [CHUCKLES] They're not talking.
That's okay.
Cell phones will tell us everything we need to know.
- Riley? - Yeah, all of them recently called someone less than a mile from here.
I'm gonna activate that phone's camera to see who's using it.
Same departure point as usual.
- See you there.
- Gotcha.
Matty, I'm sending you a photo.
Running facial rec now.
We have a match.
Derek Diresta, human trafficker, active in South America.
INTERPOL's been chasing this guy for years.
He abducts and sells people for forced labor, farming, mining, domestic servitude.
Their intel says he got a request for English speakers right before Ben and Isabel disappeared.
Well, based on proximity and timing, - that's not a coincidence.
- Got his location.
He's in a farmhouse outside the city.
MATTY: Ben, Isabel and the other abducted kids must be in there, too.
I'll tip local PD, have them pick up those abductors.
- You get to the farmhouse.
- Guys, wait.
- He's still talking to someone.
- boats docked.
We move them in 30.
BOZER: He's talking about the backpackers.
- He's gonna move them.
- MACGYVER: If we don't make it there now, we'll never see those kids again.
Diresta's in that farmhouse.
Given the tight security, I would say our hunch is correct.
Ben, Isabel and the other kids must be in there, too.
MACGYVER: Not for long, Matty.
They're blacking out the van windows so you can't see inside.
Once that van leaves the property, we risk losing those kids for good.
You've got to get inside and rescue them - before that happens.
- BOZER: How? We're outnumbered, no backup, and breaking in risks alerting the guards, who might hurt the kids.
If we can't break in, we're gonna have to convince them to let us in.
- You really think this will work? - Yeah, sure.
At least, until these guys start wondering why we wore these itchy masks the entire drive from the stadium.
You guys all right back there? - Just peachy.
- Never better.
BOZER: How do we get them to open the gate? They won't recognize our voices.
Let's get these guys in the back.
Okay, we're in.
What do you see? A No-Go South America map with all four routes fully charted out.
Along with detailed research on each No-Go location.
This is how they knew the best places to abduct kids.
Guys, I have work orders over here, for where to send them.
BOZER: And No-Go maps for other continents.
Asia, Europe, North America.
Looks like Diresta plans to expand his business and piggyback on other Challenges.
[WHISPERING]: Matty, Diresta's got the kids in a dark room with cinder block walls.
- I'm guessing it's the basement.
- MATTY: Go get them.
But Mac, be careful.
If he hears you coming, - he could hurt those kids, or worse.
- Yeah.
I got an idea.
Help me search these backpacks for sleeping bag stuff sacks.
Polyurethane inside with a siliconized outside.
Just check the tags.
If it says "waterproof," it'll also be airtight.
[WHISPERS]: Mac, got one.
Oh, yeah, this'll work as a face mask.
Now I just need something toxic but not lethal to fill it with.
DESI: How about this? [GAS HISSING] [GAS HISSING] There's kids handcuffed in rooms down the hall.
We'll go free them.
- We'll take care of Diresta.
- Okay.
Your time here is almost over.
Soon, you will be placed in your new situations.
Please don't make the process difficult for our clients.
We guarantee our products, and we discard returned items.
Hey, Bozer and I locked up the guards.
MACGYVER: All right, good news, Matty.
We've captured Diresta and we're freeing the kids now.
They look shook, but they'll be okay.
We're here to help.
All right? You guys are gonna be okay.
Hold up, Mac.
We have a problem.
Ben and Isabel aren't here.
- Where are they? - The Americans? Their faces were all over the TV.
They got too famous.
- What does that mean? - It means they're gonna kill Ben and Isabel.
Mac, I think we got them.
Matching green van heading north on BR-40, just past Exit 12.
This must be Diresta's men with Ben and Isabel.
DESI: BR-40? They're headed for the high-voltage transmission field.
They're gonna make it look like Ben and Isabel died on the No-Go Challenge.
Okay, you two stay here, coordinate with the local PD to get these kids to a hospital ASAP.
You and I, we're going after Ben and Isabel.
RILEY: They got a pretty good head start.
How you gonna make up the time? How about these? Shortest distance between A and B is off-road.
Isabel? I'm sorry.
I wish I would've never talked you into this.
It's okay, Ben.
Just hold my hand.
MATTY: You were right, Mac.
Diresta's men are approaching - the electrical tower with Ben and Isabel.
- MACGYVER: Almost there.
MATTY: Almost there isn't good enough.
Mac, there's no entrance on this side.
- We're gonna have to go all the way around.
- No time for that.
MATTY: Guys, we're gonna lose this.
- Where are you? - MacGYVER: Close! [GUNFIRE] It's okay.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Down to the wire There in the fire, yeah Ooh When all is lost I will stay with you I will stand With you Like I always do Every battle that we've been through I will stand with you.
- You a'ight, Dad? - [LAUGHS] I am now.
- [CHUCKLES] - [CLEARS THROAT] We should get out of here before they start asking questions.
Good idea.
Oh, been thinking, Jim, isn't it time you gave your employees a vacation? You know, something beachy.
May I suggest Tahiti? [THUMPS] Keep dreaming, Bozer.
Uh, okay.
What about Fiji? Uh, Bali? Bora Bora? Compton? Tears of joy today when nearly a dozen missing young travelers were reunited with their families after being rescued from an overseas abduction ring.
Now, who exactly found them and brought them home remains unknown at this time.
And it gets better.
Faced with a life sentence, Derek Diresta flipped on his overseas counterparts.
Phoenix is coordinating with INTERPOL to rip the entire operation out by the roots.
OVERSIGHT: Countries worldwide are working to stop the No-Go Challenge.
'Cause let's face it, young people don't need any more encouragement to do stupid things.
Amen to that.
Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- Desi.
- Glad you could stop by.
- BOZER: Still think it's all in my head? I did at first.
But you don't wear a dress like that on accident.
- Sparky was right.
It's on.
- Like I said.
Mac and Desi? - Messy.
- [LAUGHS] MACGYVER: This is getting to be a theme with you.
- You can't have one beer? - I hear you, but I just stopped by to say great job, everyone.
I can't stay.
I'm running late.
- Ah.
Got plans? - Yeah.
A date.
Well, have fun.
- See you all tomorrow? - Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
- See you.
So I guess we're safe, right? I'm not so sure.
Oh, no.