MacGyver (2016) s03e21 Episode Script

Treason + Heartbreak + Gum

1 Previously on MacGyver Ethan Reigns is my husband.
My name is Ethan Reigns.
I'm making this video because tomorrow I start deep cover.
Matty, I'm so sorry.
MacGYVER: S-Company knows there's an undercover CIA agent in the ranks.
They will kill you when they find out it's you.
- Nod if you understand.
- MATTY: Ethan, what happened? - Daddy! - ETHAN: I met Deena while I was undercover, and then our daughter was born.
It just became my life.
S-Company learned your location.
It's no longer safe here.
ETHAN: This part of Nebraska we're going to is really beautiful.
MATTY: You'll never see me again.
Bye, Matty.
Life could be a dream Life could be a dream Do-do do-do sh-boom - Life could be a dream - Sh-boom If I could take you up in paradise up above If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love Life could be a dream, sweetheart Hello, hello again Sh-boom and hoping we'll meet again, boom Hey nonny ding dong Alang, alang, alang Ooh.
A slice of your best pie, please.
- Got to check out the competition.
- I've had it, - I would not call it competition.
- (chuckles) Thanks so much for meeting with me.
Yeah, sure.
You said on the phone that you had something of interest for the Phoenix.
I'm here.
I'm listening.
My boy Billy and I have been tracking a skip that jumped bail all the way across the Atlantic.
Name's Ryan Hayes.
The billionaire's son suspected of funneling money to terrorists? - Mm-hmm.
- The DOJ has been trying to make a case against him for years.
Then you know that he got busted on drug charges.
Posted bail, promptly hopped on a private plane to Paris before his arrest could hit the Fed's radar.
I'm aware.
It's my understanding that you don't work internationally.
We don't, which is why I was thinking to myself, "Self," I said, "taking a terrorist financier off of the streets might be of interest to my favorite director of a secret spy organization.
" Am I right? Bagging Hayes would definitely be a coup, and I suspect a high-profile bust like this wouldn't hurt the Coltons, either.
Thank you.
What do you need from me? Well, I was hoping that you might loan me the talents of a certain young woman with a formidable set of computer skills.
Billy and Riley are dating each other.
Sending them on a mission to Paris, they could get distracted.
Distracted or not, the Coltons always get their mark.
Besides, Mama will be there to make sure that the Phoenix gets their share.
Mama you got yourself a deal.
Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
Ah! Ah! Okay, I did try to warn you.
This is a tragedy.
- Agreed.
- (cell phone buzzing) Excuse me.
Ethan? Where are you? - Sorry.
I didn't know who else to call.
- What's happening? You're in WITSEC.
You're not supposed to contact me.
S-Company found me.
They nabbed Mara and Deena.
I'll have every resource on this within an hour.
No, you can't.
They called with a ransom demand.
They said if I involved any agencies, they'd kill them both.
Who called? August Roth.
- What does he want? - Since I left, he's been on a mission to eradicate every mole in the organization.
He's giving me 48 hours to get him a list of every undercover CIA agent currently with S-Company.
But you don't have that list.
Agents are sent in without knowledge of each other - for this very reason.
- I know.
That's why I contacted you.
Tell me you're not about to ask me what I think you're about to ask me.
The lives of my wife and child are at stake.
You want to give Roth the list of every undercover agent in his organization and you want my help to do it.
It has to be the real list.
He'll know if it's fake.
Ethan, you give Roth that list, he'll kill every undercover agent in his organization.
Their blood will be on your hands.
I can't meet with Roth without the list.
And if I don't meet with him, there is no way to get Deena and Mara back.
I know what the stakes are.
If I have to turn over the list, I will do everything I can to warn all the men and women who are on it.
There's only person with that list, the Director of the CIA.
He carries it on his cell phone in an encrypted file so it's never out of his sight.
I know, that's why I'm gonna steal it from him.
- What? - But I can't do it alone.
Ethan, what you're planning, what we're talking about - is treason.
- I know.
But there is no other way to save my family.
Will you help me? We had a meeting.
Where are you? MATTY: Sorry, Jim.
Something came up.
As in you're running late? As in I'm not coming in.
I'm going off the grid for a couple of days.
What's in Virginia? - Jim, don't track me.
- Well, don't keep secrets from me.
What's going on? I'm gonna need you to trust me on this one.
It's better that you don't know.
That's not good enough.
It's gonna have to be.
What about the team? Jim, we can't have this conversation.
- I'll take that as a yes.
- If you don't want to be associated with an act of treason, then I suggest you hang up this phone right now.
Matty That's all I'm gonna say.
Good luck.
(phone beeps) Thank you.
Don't thank me until your wife and daughter are safe.
- Did Matty say where we were going? - No.
Not yet.
Okay, I need to ask.
Are we really sure we want to be involved in this? Because if we're caught, we're gonna be tried as accomplices to treason.
We'd spend the rest of our lives in prison.
And not one of the nice prisons.
- It'd be a bad one.
- I hear what you're saying.
Okay? But Matty knows exactly what she's doing.
If Matty needs my help, then I'm gonna go help her.
So if Matty goes to jail, you're willing to go with her? Only if we fail.
Look, if we can find Mara and Deena before the 48 hours are up, we avoid the whole treason thing altogether.
And if not? I call top bunk.
Nobody's going to jail.
(phone ringing) Oh.
There she is.
Look, this mission is volunteer-only.
Disavow protocol is in effect, so it's up to you if you want to go.
But if you're not in You should leave.
My job is to protect you all.
So if you're going on this insane mission, count me in.
Hey, Matty.
Mac, are you sure you want to do this? If you're asking me to confirm what I already told you, then, yes, I'm in.
Me, too.
Make that court-martial for three.
Putting you on speaker.
What's the news? I managed to trace the phone where the ransom call came from.
So we know where August is? ETHAN: No, it's not gonna be that easy, I'm afraid.
August has become really careful since he took over S-Company.
He doesn't even touch his own phone.
It's probably one of his guys' phones.
BOZER: But this guy could know - where Deena and Mara are being held.
- MATTY: Exactly.
I uploaded the phone's location to your tracking software.
Okay, so it looks like our only lead on Deena and Mara is taking us to Belarus.
ETHAN: Look, I-I have to thank all of you for risking your lives to help find my family.
Ethan and I are going to get the list, but handing it over to S-Company is a last resort.
Only if you guys fail.
So, Mac Don't fail.
Got it.
Un, deux, trois, quatre ("Zou Bisou Bisou" by Jessica Paré playing) - Zou bisou bisou - RILEY: Okay, I'm in their feed.
We'll be able to see Hayes coming from any entrance.
We now have eyes on every wineglass, cheese plate, steak au poivre.
I might be getting hungry.
Which tie? Zou bisou bisou Um, does it matter? I mean, aren't we just waiting for Hayes to show up and grab him? Maybe.
But there's a dress code, and they won't let me in without a tie.
Well, in that case, definitely the gray.
Oh, cut it out, you two.
We're working here.
Y'all got the surveillance set up - and ready to go? - We're all set.
Yeah, well, hurry up and finish getting dressed then.
We don't have time for your canoodling.
- Yes, Mama.
- Yes, Mama.
MAMA: Mm-hmm.
- (indistinct chatter) - (piano playing) Thank you.
This place is very swanky.
Well, bounty hunting isn't all dark alleys and unwashed miscreants.
I guess there's a few perks.
Ooh, looks like Ryan Hayes scored the best seat in the restaurant.
Three o'clock.
- BILLY: There's our guy.
- Guess Daddy's money couldn't buy him a better haircut.
So what's the play? Wait till he goes to the bathroom, drag him out the back door? His security would be on us in a flash.
MAMA: For now, you're just gonna watch and you're gonna wait until he's away from his detail.
Well, I guess you're just forcing me to enjoy a delicious meal and maybe some expensive wine.
Well, ain't that just our luck? Oh, hold on, hold on.
Somebody's joining him.
Is this a date? (phone beeps) Ava Malone.
If this is a date, his taste in women runs toward "on the watch list for working with terrorist groups.
" MAMA: Oh.
Surely this couldn't end badly.
My guess is Matty would love to sweep both those people up.
MAMA: Hmm.
And you'll never hear Mama complain about two bounties.
We need ears on that conversation.
Latest tech.
Top of the line.
Sticks to any surface and connects to an app on my phone.
How are we gonna get this near them? Sommelier.
Do you think you can get this device on their wine bottle? (chuckles) You just watch how smooth I can be.
Yeah, well, whatever you're gonna do, you better do it fast, 'cause sommelier is on the move.
Hey, sorry to bother you, I'm on an extremely important date and I'm looking to impress the woman I'm with and I need some serious help selecting the bottle of wine.
Now, would - would this be the one you'd recommend? - This bottle is already spoken for, but I am happy to stop by your table - in a moment.
- You're too kind.
Thank you, sir.
SOMMELIER (over app): The house's finest wine, sir.
HAYES: Perfect, thank you.
(phone chimes) BILLY: You see? - (phone chimes) - Smooth.
You sure are.
Real smooth.
MALONE: Trust me, I have what you're looking for.
HAYES: I'll need to see it.
We can meet with my associate after dinner.
- He's ready and waiting.
- They're doing a deal.
- Tonight.
- Whatever it's about, it could be any number of things.
All bad, cascading to worse.
We should just grab them both right now.
No, no.
We're gonna wait until after the purchase.
That way we can get them and the package.
For now, you just follow them discreetly, wait until they're alone, then you get them.
Practice your patience.
DESI: Looks like the place.
Whoever made the ransom call to Ethan is definitely - in this building.
- BOZER: Why do creepy bad guys always work out of warehouses? I mean, is there a commercial realtor - who specializes in secret lairs? - DESI: Are you done? Because it looks like S-Company's having a party and we are definitely outnumbered.
Follow me.
(indistinct shouting) Is that cheering? (shouting, cheering) It stinks in here.
Smells like disappointment and failure.
Well, the guy we're looking for is definitely here somewhere.
MacGYVER: All right, well, let's split up, signal when you find him, then we'll evac and interrogate, okay? (cheering) (fighter grunts, spectator whistles) Yeah! Yeah! I think I got him, guys, but I think he's about to run! Damn it.
(grunts) Get off.
MacGYVER: Listen very carefully, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
Where is Roth holding Ethan Reigns's family? ETHAN: That's it.
MATTY: Okay, so the first step is getting you inside the building but that requires an access badge to swipe in.
Don't worry, I got this.
I do, I do have that form, yes.
Okay, so that's the form you need.
Let me see Oh.
- Oh.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
- I'll give you a hand.
Don, I have to go.
(sniffs) Ah, you don't have to do that.
- Thank you so much.
- Okay.
Appreciate your time.
Yeah, have a good one.
Just like old times.
Hey, don't get cocky.
That was the easy part.
- (badge reader beeps) - ETHAN: What's next? MATTY: Director Huang is on the top floor of the building.
Access requires a six-digit security code and that code changes every 60 seconds.
You're gonna need to lay your hands on an OTP secure key fob.
Only a few select people in the building have access to it.
Okay, so who is the fancy-pants with my fob? Tenth floor, end of the hall.
The guy's name is Brad Stewart.
Okay, looks like the mark is in his office.
Any suggestions? (line ringing) - (phone ringing) - Brad Stewart.
STEWART: What? Be right down.
Well, he left in quite a hurry.
What did you say to him? MATTY: That his mistress was downstairs threatening to call his wife.
How did you know he had a mistress? Lucky guess.
Okay, now hurry up.
ETHAN: You might want to have a talk with whoever runs security for this place when we're done.
MATTY: Cute, but this next step is the hardest one.
Director Huang always travels with two guards.
I hope you've done your finger stretches 'cause you're gonna need to lift the phone off of him without any of them noticing.
- Still got it.
- (beeping) You there! Stop! Ethan, what was that? Hi.
So who's down for a beer? I'm buying.
Why is Director Huang unconscious in my van? Proximity sensor went off when I was five feet away, and all I could think of was to take out his security detail.
And abduct the director of the CIA? Will you yell at me after we get away, please? (engine starts, revs) MATTY: Okay, thanks, Mac.
- Keep in touch.
- (sighs) Well, the good news is he has no idea you're involved.
Only you can find the silver lining in abducting the director of the CIA.
You're positive that we're safe here? Phoenix hasn't used this safe house in years.
We can lay low while we figure out our next move.
You heard from the team? Well, Mac says they have a lead on where they're holding Deena and Mara.
A house in Minsk.
They're on their way there now.
Any luck cracking the passcode on the phone? No.
We're locked out.
I think the proximity sensor probably set off another layer of encryption.
Chances are it's a passcode only the director knows.
So I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get him to tell me what it is.
We still have 24 hours.
We could wait to hear from Mac, and with any luck, we may not need - that list after all.
- Until your team has my family in hand, I can't take that chance.
You don't know Roth like I do.
He's vengeful, he's ruthless.
He thinks I betrayed him and now he has my family.
We're gonna get them back.
Ethan You trust me, right? Yeah.
Well, I trust Mac.
He's gonna find Deena and Mara.
That's good.
But I have to do everything I can in case he fails.
So now I'm gonna go interrogate the director of the CIA, and hope like hell that your team can get my family back before we have to turn over this list.
(door closing) Deena and Mara got to be in there.
This place is like Fort Knox.
I know what you mean.
I made two hostiles at the front entrance, and there's no back door.
Plus four supersized armed guys inside guarding the bedroom toward the back.
MacGYVER: All the windows are covered in bars except that one is the only one that's blacked out.
And if you say there's four supersized armed guys stationed around that room, it's got to be where they're holding Ethan's wife and daughter.
So how do we Batman ourselves in to save Ethan's family? If we breach any entrance, we risk the guards inside killing Ethan's family before getting even close.
BOZER: We can't go through the window because of the heavy bars.
MacGYVER: So we, uh, get rid of the heavy bars.
I'm gonna need that bike.
Okay, I see what's going on here.
Like a E.
Not even close.
Grab that hose.
Those metal bars would've been driven into the brick with heavy-duty masonry anchors.
Which means it would take a lot of force to pull them out.
That nylon garden hose, though it doesn't look like much, will work with the pulleys and the gears to give us a mechanical advantage, even against something as strong as those steel bars.
Get ready to start cranking.
Once these bars come out, we're gonna have to move fast.
(wheel squeaking, metal clanking) (Desi grunts) (grunting) It's okay, it's okay.
We're here to get you out of here.
- Where's Mara? - I don't know.
- They took her somewhere else.
- No Mac, I don't know how much this door's gonna hold.
We need to leave.
(gunshots) What's going on? Well, nothing yet.
Doesn't look like they've made the exchange.
You know what I mean.
You're acting weird.
Well, yeah.
We've been waiting outside of this club for hours for Hayes and Malone to pick up the package.
You know what I'm talking about, Riley.
You haven't said two words to me since we left the restaurant.
What gives? I'm just focused on the mission.
They just made the exchange.
They're heading towards the exit now.
Mama, looks like Hayes and Malone got what they came for.
They're on the move.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You might want to wait a beat - before following.
- We don't have time.
They got what they came for.
If we don't move now, we're gonna lose them.
Come on.
Get us out of here.
Go! Go! Go! - They made us.
- They won't get far.
(tires squealing) Thanks, Mac.
What? What is it? What happened? My team infiltrated the S-Company house.
Deena's safe.
What about Mara? She's being held at a second location, and we don't know where that is.
August knew.
He knew that I would try to rescue them, so he separated them as an insurance policy.
Now he knows that I brought people in, and he's gonna kill her.
He still wants the NOC list.
He's not gonna kill her, not yet.
Have you been able to get the passcode from the director? No.
You know, I would be impressed at his ability to withhold information were it not endangering my daughter's life.
(sighs) I've tried everything short of getting aggressive.
But that's probably our only option now.
Well, there's still one thing we haven't tried.
(exhales sharply) Director Webber? Director Huang, I kidnapped you, and I'm sorry about that.
You kidnapped me? I don't understand.
Why? I have an opportunity to take out S-Company.
Everyone from August Roth on down.
We can eradicate an organization that has terrorized this world for years, but in order to do that, I need your help.
You know that I take carefully calculated risks, and they're always for a good cause.
And so I'm asking you to trust me.
If you give me access to the information on your phone, it's possible that we could finally take down S-Company.
All of S-Company.
For good.
(tires squealing) (engine revving) (tires squealing) (engine revving) (horn blaring) (tires squealing, horn blaring) Riley, you might want to slow Who's driving, Billy? You or me? All I'm saying is, it's hard to collect a bounty from beyond the grave.
(horns blaring) (horn blaring) We can't keep this up forever.
At some point, we're gonna draw the attention of law enforcement.
MAMA: No cops.
They make a mess and get between me and my money.
Don't worry, Mama.
I got an idea.
(engine revving) Riley, you can't crash into their SUV.
I'm not hitting them.
RILEY: One down.
I thought you said you weren't gonna hit 'em.
I didn't.
That was a love tap.
- Uh-huh.
They're getting away.
- Like hell they are.
(horn blaring) BILLY: Mama, where are you? MAMA: Trying to catch up.
RILEY: Take Rue de Gaulle.
I'll try to box them in.
MAMA: Roger, darling.
(tires screeching) (gun clicking) Now this can go nice and easy, or it can go rough.
Your choice.
Smart choice.
Now get out of the car and put your hands up where I can see 'em.
Riley, cuff 'em.
Billy, they make one move, drill 'em.
Yes, ma'am.
All's quiet out back.
How's Deena? Pretty good, all things considered.
- When do Matty and Ethan land? - (knocking at door) Where is she? Deena? Ethan.
I'm here.
- Are you okay? - I am.
- Yeah? - They have Mara.
They have Mara.
(indistinct conversation) - Have you been able to locate Mara? - MacGYVER: No.
Deena said that shortly after August abducted them, they were separated, and she has no idea where he took her.
(phone ringing) This is Ethan.
AUGUST: Reigns.
You betrayed me again.
Now, if I was you, I'd think of something real sweet to say to my daughter because these will be the last No, no, no, wait, wait.
Wait, wait.
I have the list.
I have the CIA director's phone right here.
I will hand it over.
Please, just don't hurt her.
August? August? Please just don't hurt her.
I'm sending coordinates.
You have one hour to get there with the phone.
Don't be late.
MacGYVER: How did you get the director of the CIA to hand over the passcode to his cell phone? I made him a deal.
In exchange for the list, I promised him that we would take down August and every last member of S-Company.
Every last member? From root to treetop.
Okay, am I the only one that thinks that's insane? I mean, we're supposed to do that on our own? - (knocking at door) - No.
That's why Director Huang called me.
Jim, what are you doing here? You told me not to ask any questions, so I'm gonna ask you to do the same, Matty.
Just know you have the full resources of the CIA and Phoenix at your disposal.
(phone chimes) August just sent the coordinates.
All right Oh, yeah.
It's an amphitheater.
Should be empty right now.
If we get there early, we can set up a perimeter, be ready for when August arrives.
- MacGYVER: Yeah.
- Sure, except, to get Mara back, we still have to physically hand over the phone with the list of agents so August can verify it.
What happens if the op goes south and August gets away with that entire list? That's why we need to be prepared for every possible contingency, especially the worst ones.
Mac? I've got a plan, but, um, I'm gonna need to make a stop.
MAN: Gum.
Is that it for you? It's usually all I need.
MATTY: All right, everybody check in.
Yup, Ethan and I are in position.
Overwatch in position.
Look alive, people.
We have a vehicle coming towards us.
I got one male, 40s.
I can't tell if he's carrying, but it's not August.
He appears to be alone.
No sign of Mara or August with him.
Where's my daughter? You're not really in a position to ask questions, are you? Now get in the car.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Where is Mara? I'm just the driver.
August sent me to bring you to him.
You didn't actually think this was the meeting place, did you? Come on, Ethan.
You know better than that.
You changed the deal.
We need proof of life.
And who the hell are you? I'm the guy in charge of the phone holding the list that your boss wants, so I'm along for the ride.
Now, provide us with proof of life, or the deal is off.
DESI: What you got in your pocket, cowboy? Daddy! Please come and get me.
Proof of life.
Now tell whatever backup you brought to stand down and get in the car.
MacGYVER: Stand down.
HENCHMAN: If I see a follow car or a chopper, these two and the little girl will all be buried in the same hole together.
Let's go.
Get a satellite on them now.
That's it? We're just letting them drive away? We have to trust that Mac and Ethan can take care of themselves, and hope that the satellite finds them in time.
The list.
Not until I see Mara.
You don't call the shots here.
The list.
(computer chirps) It's here.
Looks like your daughter might live after all.
MacGYVER: The deal was Mara for the list.
Hand her over, and we can - get out of here.
- Not yet.
If I let you go before he uploads the list to my men, you'll just warn your other operatives.
I can't let that happen.
Not when I'm going to kill every last one of them.
Whoa, whoa.
It's just chewing gum.
If you want a piece, just ask.
(beeps) Something's wrong.
Cell battery's overheating, preventing upload.
It's him.
MacGYVER: Yeah, that was me.
When I pulled the gum out, the gum foil acted as a conductor and allowed a circuit to complete and turn on a DIY spark-gap generator that fried that cell phone's battery and prevented these guys from uploading the list.
What are you doing? Hopefully, buying enough time.
(engine revs, tires squeal) (tires screeching) Don't move! OVERSIGHT: Hands where we can see them! - Kill the girl.
- No! No! (loud popping) (gunfire) (gunshot) (grunts) (grunts) (yells) (gunfire continues) (exhales) (grunting) (gunfire continues) (gunfire continues) (two gunshots) (gunfire continues) Dad! (grunting) This is what happens to traitors.
(straining) Drop the knife, or I blow a hole through your skull.
Now! (panting) - Took you long enough.
- Thought you said you had it.
Daddy! Are you okay? Are you okay? Yeah? You sure? You want to see Mommy? (indistinct chatter) BOZER: August will be going away for roughly, oh forever.
DESI: Hey, and thanks to your gum trick, we stopped the NOC list from spreading wide.
The undercover agents are safe and finally coming home.
And you get to keep your deal with Director Huang.
Since August tried to upload the list to his network, our techs were able to use that exact same network to track down every S-Company branch worldwide.
BOZER: Sounds like S-Company's out of business.
We'll give you a second.
Tonight is the first night in years that I'm gonna be able to sleep knowing that my family is safe.
Thanks to you.
I'm glad.
But I hope you understand what I had to do in order to make this happen.
I kidnapped the director of the CIA in broad daylight.
I committed treason against my country.
Somebody's got to go to jail for that.
But as long as my family's safe, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
(car doors open) Ethan - Can I say good-bye to my family? - Sure.
DESI: So, I have to admit I was wrong.
Sorry? My hearing must be off, or maybe I'm in some sort of fugue state.
DESI: I shouldn't have questioned Matty's judgment.
I mean, she did what she had to do.
She got the job done.
MacGYVER: Matty would never let her feelings get in the way of a job.
Her top priority is this country's safety, so she'll do what's right no matter what the personal cost.
Sounds like someone else I know.
BOZER: You mean someone who breaks cell phones and all of my blenders? (laughter) Exactly that someone.
- That's gonna leave a mark.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- (doorbell rings) - (laughter in distance) BILLY: Hey.
Courtesy of Mama.
Thanks for your help.
I just delivered one to Matty as well.
Tell Mama thank you for me.
You know, something must be wrong with your phone.
It keeps sending me to voice mail.
Luckily, Matty knew where you were, so I came by to deliver that pie in person.
That and to see your beautiful face.
So, when can I see you again? You got to admit, - it's fun working together.
- I did have fun.
But I don't think we should see each other anymore.
Somewhere past tomorrow Oh.
Okay, that's out of left field.
Riley, can we talk about how this came about? I'd rather not.
There's always an open I don't want to make this harder on either of us.
Toward the shore Sometimes it takes dark To feel a little light - If this is what you really want - It is.
Sometimes you need fire To see you through the other side So get up off your knees Hope is still alive That place you're searching for I know you'll find 'Cause the stars Are on your side Ooh, ooh Yeah, the stars Are on your side (breath trembling) You okay? (exhales) How much did you hear? Enough.
Sorry, I was actually just coming in to get another round, I didn't mean to It's complicated.
If you're holding breath Billy was seeing someone else.
(exhales) - Found out on the mission.
- Riley, that's awful.
Just give me a second before you tell Bozer.
He's gonna want to burn things or key his truck I just need some time - to deal with this on my own.
- You don't have to tell anyone yet, okay? Just Whatever you need.
You need to cry, cry.
You need to to burn stuff, - I'll make you some matches.
- No.
No, he's not worth my time or my energy.
(choked up): I just want to focus on moving on.
That's all.
Okay? Hope is still alive It's sad.
The one man who's always been there for me is Jack and now he's not here.
'Cause the stars Are on your side - I feel lost.
- Oh, Riley.
The stars are on your side (sniffles) You got me.
You have Matty Bozer and - (sobs) - possibly Desi, I don't know, - she's kind of hard to read.
- (laughs) But what I'm trying to say is that we are here.
So if you are lost, we'll help you find yourself.
Okay? (softly): Thanks.
To feel a little light So are we burning stuff? (laughs) So get up off your knees Hope is still alive That place you're searching for I know you'll find 'Cause the stars Are on your side Yeah, the stars You took a big risk.
And it paid off.
We finally dismantled S-Company for good.
They can never harm Ethan's family or anyone else ever again.
Sometimes our job requires sacrifice.
(sighs) But the world is a safer place because of you.
And you should feel good about that.
I wish I did.
Well, I know something that might make you feel better.
- Slice? - Please.
(chuckles) Apple.
My favorite.
Yeah, the stars Are on your side Seriously? You call that a slice? (both laugh) - I can fix that.
- Good.
'Cause I'm hungry.
- It's all yours.
- Bring it.