MacGyver (2016) s03e22 Episode Script

Mason + Cable + Choices

1 (line beeping) (siren wails in distance) (metal detector beeping) (indistinct chatter) Behind the barrier.
Sir, please step back.
Pincer is approaching the target.
Sniffer confirms chemical presence of explosives.
Engaging Pincer's articulated arm now.
Attempting to locate and deactivate the device.
I do not see a device.
Repeat, there is no bomb inside the duffle.
There's no device.
This was a false alarm, people.
Sensors are all screwy.
When we get back to the barn, let's recalibrate the sniffer and figure out what that BOZER: Nope.
Can't do it.
You're gonna need to give me something else.
- Anything else.
- RILEY: Boze, this is truth or dare, and you chose dare.
- No backing out.
- BOZER: What stone is that chiseled into? I believe it is international law.
- What in the what? - Bozer, either come out of there of your own free will, or I go back there, and I drag you out.
(groans) - Oh, wow.
- (laughs) It was laundry day, okay? Take all the pictures.
Y'all know y'all like it, huh? - They sag a little.
- Oh.
Then you get to work.
- BOZER: Hey! - (all laugh) All right, Desi.
It's your turn.
Truth or dare? - Dare.
- Not again.
What a surprise.
RILEY: We've run out of life-threatening dares that we can accomplish inside the cabin, so unless you're willing to wing walk, stop hiding.
Fine, whatever.
You've been with us for some time now.
BOZER: In fact, you dropped everything to come to L.
and join the Phoenix.
All because of a debt.
Is there a question to all this? ALL: Why do you owe Jack? - Uh - (phone ringing) Oh, Mac, you should answer that.
Oh, no.
You're answering first.
(sighs) I got to Hey, buddy, what's going on? CHARLIE: Mac, I'm gonna get right to it.
We've got a situation.
Hey, everyone, it's Charlie.
Tell us what's going on? The downtown L.
federal courthouse just got bombed.
- Was anyone hurt? - CHARLIE: Two KIAs.
LAPD bomb techs.
Good people.
Though it could have been a lot worse.
- Do we know who's responsible? - CHARLIE: No.
But whoever they are, they're next-level smart, 'cause they created a false alarm and put the explosive inside the LAPD robot.
DESI: I'm sorry, you said the bomb was hidden inside the robot? Affirmative.
- That's insane.
- Actually, it's genius.
MacGYVER: Yeah, it's the last thing a bomb squad would expect and the last place they'd think to look.
So instead of defusing a bomb, they delivered one.
I'm gonna go look for secondary devices and check for some answers.
I could really use another set of eyes, Mac.
We're wheels down in 50.
We'll head over then.
I'm in the courthouse now.
- Proceeding to what's left of the IED.
- MAN (over comm): Copy that.
Do you see any signs of another device? Secondary devices are not readily apparent, but that doesn't mean they're not here.
(staticky): Understood.
Proceed with extreme caution.
- (voice cutting out) - Commander? Can you hear me? (footsteps approaching) Hey.
This area's closed.
Even to emergency personnel.
For your own safety, - I'm gonna need you to leave.
- I'm afraid I can't do that Charlie.
How do you know my name? Who are you? Oh, God! (groaning) (siren wailing, horn honking) MAN: Stand by near Grand Park.
Angus MacGyver.
Charlie called me in to assist.
- Is he already inside? - Yeah.
But we lost contact with Special Agent Robinson almost five minutes ago.
- Did you send someone to look? - We're suiting up - another tech now.
- Let me put on a suit.
I'll go in.
Bomb squad! MATTY: I asked the FBI field director and the LAPD commander for control of the scene.
You asked? In my most polite, non-asking way.
(chuckles) They determine how the bomb was attached to the robot? Well, that's my next order of business.
Comms check.
Copy? I got you.
Charlie! Charlie? He's not here, but, uh No.
Wait a second, there's drops of blood on the floor.
OVERSIGHT: Mac, two people did die in there.
Based on the blast pattern, this happened after the detonation.
They, uh They lead to the fire escape.
So, you think it's Charlie's? - I hope not.
- RILEY: Hey, guys, I was able to get a lock on the GPS in Charlie's cell.
Where is he? He's at the Aliso Tower.
It's a high-rise about two blocks from the courthouse.
MacGYVER: What the hell is he doing over there? (tires squeal) - (doors closing) - RILEY: Charlie's here, but the GPS says he's now at 212 feet.
Which means Charlie's between the 18th and 21st floors.
Down here.
(indistinct chatter nearby) MacGYVER: Something's wrong.
- Can you get eyes inside? - Yeah.
Let me see.
What is it? Found Charlie.
Stop! You don't want to do that! We're federal agents.
And you're here for a stuck elevator? - In this case, yes.
- Trust me, there's more to this situation than meets the eye.
You got I.
? Call that number.
The man in the elevator is a missing bomb technician from the blast site over at the courthouse.
Yes, but Yes, I Of course.
Your boss is very persuasive and slightly terrifying.
How do I help? Well, for now, just leave me your tools and step back.
Until we know more, we need to be very careful.
- (grunts) Riley, can you get the other side? - Yeah, yeah.
(Charlie grunting) We're coming for you, pal.
He's lost a lot of blood, Mac.
- We got to hurry.
- Yeah.
(grunts) Mm-mm! Mm-mm! (Grunting) I see your spidey sense is tingling.
MacGYVER: Those sensors.
They're not supposed to be there.
Hang in there, Charlie.
We'll be right back, okay? RILEY: Don't suppose they have one of those on all elevators.
(sighs) I'm gonna have to get down and get a closer look.
What's going on, Mac? Well, kind of looks like something I would build myself if I wanted to drop an elevator.
Hey, guys, we're looking at a homemade cable cutting device here.
Can you disable it? MacGYVER: I don't know.
A control box has redundancies and multiple triggers.
And it's wired to the sensors on the glass in the elevator, so we can't rescue Charlie without triggering it.
Hey, Charlie, I'm working on getting you out of there, but first things first.
We got to stop the bleeding.
(Charlie grunts) (groans softly) (groans) Thanks.
(exhales) How did you get in here? A cop came at me in the courthouse.
Never seen him before, but he knew my name.
He shot me, drugged me.
(exhales) Mac, what the hell is going on? I don't know.
Why do I get the feeling my day's about to get a lot worse? There's a cutting device on your elevator's main cable, and anything that we do to try and get you out will trigger it.
Anyone who went through that kind of trouble probably disabled the elevator's safety features, too.
- Every single one.
- So what's the plan, guys? You'll be the first to know when I've got one.
All right.
OVERSIGHT (over comm): Angus, I've examined the control box, and I'm confident that disabling it is a straightforward procedure.
Agreed, but, uh, does the design look familiar? I wasn't gonna bring that up until after you were done, but yeah, its construction is similar to the bomb that was placed on my SUV.
Think it's made by the same guy? I do, but unfortunately, that doesn't bring us any closer to identifying him, so let's just proceed with getting Charlie to safety.
(staticky): First clip the relay, then the primary trigger, then the power source.
Say again? Relay, primary trigger, power source.
Is there a problem? Riley, will you scan our comms frequencies? Picking up all kinds of interference once I get - next to the control box.
- Yeah.
I'm doing it now.
That interference is actually a signal being transmitted from an adjacent frequency.
Where's it being sent? Tracing now.
It's going to a nearby hotel.
Our suspect could be on the other end of that transmission waiting for confirmation - their device activated.
- Hey, Mac, hold on disabling that device.
We're gonna go grab this guy first.
MATTY: You're right on top of the signal.
Do you have eyes on the suspect? Negative.
- (camera clicks) - Negative is right.
We got something else here, something seriously scary.
Mac, are you seeing these? MacGYVER: That's hydrochloric acid.
BOZER: Probably not a standard cleaning product the hotel really stocks up on at Costco.
If those vats all burst at the same time, that volume of acid will eat through the support pillars and cause a structural implosion.
As in collapse the building? Within minutes.
Is it weird that every one of these barrels are wired to some sort of electronic thing like that thing Mac found on Charlie's elevator? (camera clicking) Great.
It's a control device, just like the one here.
These control boxes must be sending and receiving signals from each other.
- Why? - Does it matter? It's always bad when machines talk behind our backs.
(phone chimes) (phone rings) Who is this? The man you're looking for.
You got a name? I do.
I must admit I'm a great admirer of yours.
Can't say I'm a fan of the way you show it.
You're a very impressive young man with a rare gift, MacGyver.
Save the compliments.
You obviously went to great trouble to put this all together.
So what do you want? Well, that's very simple.
I want you to make a choice, between the life of your friend and the lives of several hundred innocent strangers in that hotel.
Well, there's no way I'm gonna do that, so Yes, you are.
By now you've found my second device, and you deduced that the two are connected.
(sighs) Why are you doing this? Not your current concern.
Just focus on the fact that people are going to die today, and the only thing that you can control is who's doing the dying.
And if I choose to do nothing and leave both devices alone? Then both devices deploy and everyone dies.
And if you try to evacuate that hotel, same result.
You have until, say the top of the hour before you make your choice.
MATTY: So those are our options? Either Charlie falls to his death in that glass box, or the Sunset View Hotel collapses, - killing everyone inside? - MacGYVER: Yeah.
Pretty much.
And I have 23 minutes and seven seconds to disable one of those control boxes, - or they both go off.
- Since we can't evacuate the people, can we remove the barrels? I'm seeing the same sensors on them that Mac found on the elevator.
So I'm gonna strongly advise - against doing that.
- Well, what about disabling both devices - at the same time? - MacGYVER: No, no, no.
They're both cross-wired, just like the bomb under my dad's SUV.
Disabling both triggers both.
Then let's fool them just like we did the car bomb.
We'll get an identical transmitter.
I No, no, that won't work, either.
The transmitters that are connecting these devices are sending unique signals that are generated by a constantly evolving algorithm that prevents anybody from doing exactly what you just said, so Look, whoever we are dealing with has obviously learned from their mistake.
Okay, then we have two viable solutions here: either we find the person who set this all up and get them to shut it all down, or Mac finds a way to beat this no-win scenario.
- It's nothing you can't handle, Mac.
- (sighs) Thanks, but Hey.
But nothing.
Okay? You got this.
MATTY: Oversight is en route.
Everyone regroup at the Aliso Tower, and we'll figure out next steps.
- OVERSIGHT: That won't work.
- MacGYVER: What about a, uh, friction braking system? With an interior elevator, yeah, but with the weight of the car, the tracks are too narrow.
Okay, the track descends into the basement, so there is a small shaft.
What if we fill it with some sort of gas to make an air cushion? If we used a heavy fluorocarbon like-like Freon.
No, no, because we're not gonna have enough time to make it airtight, andwe don't have enough time to find enough Freon.
Damn it! OVERSIGHT: Hey, hey.
- Angus, take a breath.
- Why? So I can see more clearly that I have absolutely no options? Either Charlie dies in that elevator, or a hotel full of people do, and I can't figure out what to do.
Well, getting yourself all worked up doesn't help anybody.
Just just breathe.
(exhales sharply) Whoever this guy is, he's completely boxed us in.
In our line of work, sometimes we only get to choose between bad and worse.
The people in that hotel are innocent, and Charlie was just doing his job.
My point exactly.
I can't.
I-I can't.
I've made a lot of hard choices in my career, and sometimes it's hard to live with the consequences.
But when the clock runs out, we're gonna have to make a call here, son.
Why is he doing this to us? This moral dilemma wasn't just designed to jeopardize Charlie's life, but to make you suffer, emotionally and psychologically.
Why? That's a question for later.
Right now, don't let it cloud your head.
Just take another breath, work the problem, trust your instincts.
I believe in you 100%.
We've been given a problem that we can't solve, so let's solve one that we can.
MacGYVER: I know this scribbling looks like gibberish, but it's called "Atwood's Machine Problem," first explored by George Atwood in 1784.
He used it to study constant acceleration.
I have something else in mind.
What exactly is that? Well, if I'm right, it's a way to catch a falling elevator.
If it involves this much math, I think you got this.
BOZER: So, I'm gonna guess M1 and M2 aren't giant mattresses to cushion the fall, so what do you need? For starters, a hot knife.
MacGYVER: Elevator cables are actually ropes, braids of synthetic fibers woven together to make them really strong.
Okay, pull! The way you move MacGYVER: Unfortunately, catching a falling elevator is not as simple as attaching a rope from one elevator to a second.
You have to account for things like tensile strength, how much weight the rope will hold, and elasticity, because even the strongest rope will stretch.
And when it comes to tying a strong knot in that rope, a chisel makes a good fid, but back-splicing is still a roll of the dice.
- How's it looking? - Uh, yeah, we're close.
Agent Nguyen and I are gonna head over to the hotel.
Hey, Dad, uh, thanks for the talk earlier.
I was spiraling, and, um Angus, I'm your dad.
You never have to say thank you for anything.
Okay, so you're gonna let the rope to this elevator get cut, and the other elevator rope's gonna catch me? (Chuckles) - Easy-peasy.
Sounds good.
- Then we just open the doors and get you out of there.
Less than four minutes.
Are we ready? Yeah, we're ready.
OVERSIGHT: We're in position.
When Charlie's elevator is secure, give me the word, and I'll disable the control box.
MacGYVER: Copy that.
Stand by.
MacGYVER: Almost, Boze.
Got it.
Keep going, a little more.
(phone ringing) What? It's no surprise to me that a smart boy like you would recognize Atwood's Machine Problem.
So it shouldn't be a surprise to you that I took steps to make sure that you played by the rules.
What do you mean? Did you check the anchor points of the rope you're about to attach - to your friend's elevator? - (phone chimes) Looks like you missed my secondary cutting device on the roof.
As I said, someone is going to die today, - and you choose who it is.
- (line beeps) What is it, Mac? The rope rig's not gonna work.
He knew what I was gonna do before I did it.
Angus, what's happening? We're down to less than a minute.
Well, we have to come up with something else.
OVERSIGHT: What? Why? There's no time.
What's going on? (exhales) - Uh - Plan's a no-go, huh? Just give me a minute.
I don't have a minute to give, Mac.
If the roles were reversed, and it was you in here, what would you do? I'd figure a way out.
What if there isn't a way? What would you do? I think we both know the answer, man.
Promise me one thing.
You got Peña's killer.
Get mine.
Charlie No! Stop! Stop, Charlie! Stop! Charlie, stop! Charlie, stop! (beeping rapidly) Stop! (gasps) (elevator crashing) MAN: All right, let's go.
MAN 2: Excuse me, please.
What now? Fulfill my promise to Charlie by catching whoever did this.
And the key to that might be somewhere in this wreckage.
You got something? This was a component used on the cable cutter.
RILEY: Tracking that part could give us a lead.
- Yeah.
- Maybe it's got a serial number.
DESI: That's good thinking, Boze, but the number's been filed off.
She's right.
Too bad we can't make it magically reappear.
Well, magic can't.
But science can.
We just need a few things.
Criminals filing off serial numbers of stolen cars, guns and parts has stymied police for years.
But how do you bring back something that's vanished? Well, here's the trick.
The numbers only look like they're gone.
Sandpaper the scratched area smooth, apply an electrolyzed acidic solution and then, presto, the deeper impression of the serial number will reappear.
MATTY: The serial number that you found allowed us to track the component to a purchasing order made by a shell company located here in Los Angeles.
The owner on record is a man named Elliot Mason.
Former FBI.
By all accounts, a brilliant mind, who also kept a very low profile.
He started out undercover in violent, domestic militias, before moving to counterterrorism post 9/11.
He then started a new FBI division called the ATU: Asymmetrical Tactics Unit.
Asymmetrical tactics? What's that? It's a combination of physical and psychological maneuvers designed to disrupt, disorient, and damage an adversary.
Same type of planning and strategy he used against us today.
You said former FBI? After a stellar career, Mason suddenly quit a year ago.
He didn't just quit, he dropped off the map entirely.
No digital footprints, no real-world address.
And no telling what's in that crazy head of his.
Any idea why he has this grudge? No.
No idea.
But now we got one against him.
We need to stay focused because we may know where he is.
Riley managed to track the shipment of components to a shop in East L.
Move, move! On me.
Careful what you touch and where you step.
Mac, I've got eyes inside.
Thermal shows movement on the east side.
- MAN 1: Left side.
- MAN 2: Got it.
MATTY: There's one door in and out of the room he's in, and it's right ahead of you.
Let's go.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Freeze! On the floor! On the floor! - Don't move! Hands in the air! - (coughing) I'm not gonna ask you again.
MacGyver, you found me.
You're more clever than I thought.
(groans) Well, I guess Charlie was a good friend, huh? Get him out of here.
(coughing) Heard you asked for some water.
Yeah, the tear gas did a number on me.
(Chuckles) Now, that's just flat cruel.
(exhales) I got a lot of questions for you, Mason, but first I need to know if you've planted any other devices around L.
And I believe I know what your next question is.
Well, then answer it.
You want to know why.
Fair enough.
Your answer is the story of a boy devoted to serving his country.
Story of a proud Marine assigned to embassy security duty overseas.
One day, this Marine gets tasked onto a special operation to extract an intelligence asset.
It's a job that needs doing, so he's all in.
Next thing he knows, his unit's been ordered to engage a heavily armed rebel group, advance on their camp.
A noble fight? No.
It was all part of a plan, an insidious plan by some shadow genius to create a distraction so the asset can escape.
But being the distraction got the boy killed.
And that boy, that Marine, that life sacrificed was my son.
That's tragic, but what does it have to do with me? Let me clarify.
My son dies for another person, that's a sacrifice.
Your friend Charlie dies for those people in that hotel, that's a sacrifice.
So let me ask you something, MacGyver.
Now that Charlie's dead, do you feel proud of his sacrifice? Or do you just feel sad and empty and impotent anger rage at the senseless death of your friend? Hmm? I thought so.
And I feel the same way.
And it's the right feeling, MacGyver.
Because a folded flag on a coffin will never, ever make up for the loss of someone you love.
- Still doesn't explain why.
- Ah.
Well, yes.
I saved one significant detail for the end the coup de grâce, as it were.
The man who designed and ran that extraction op was your father.
It was your father who decided that my son's life was worthless, that my son's life was worth less than his all-important asset.
Is this story accurate? It is.
But killing your father quickly? No.
It's too merciful.
But making him watch you fail, making him watch you suffer, you bent and buried beyond belief? That's just the first of many ways I'm gonna pay back Jim MacGyver.
Angus, seeing your friend Charlie die today is going to haunt you for the rest of your life.
And I'm just getting started with you and with him and Phoenix and everybody in it.
Because it's not until I see every single thing that Jim MacGyver loves and values rent asunder, it's not until I see every single thing that he holds precious dead and gone, will he have truly gotten what he really deserves.
(sighs heavily) (door opens) RILEY: Sorry to interrupt, but we pulled a hard drive from Mason's.
He's the one who doxxed us.
The doxxing, the bomb under Jim's SUV, Charlie's death Mason's been behind all of it.
Yeah, but what does it add up to? I don't know yet.
We're missing something.
Feels like we caught him too quickly.
Everything that you have done today has only dishonored your son's memory and what he fought for.
And the only thing that you actually accomplished was murdering a good man.
Charlie Robinson did not deserve to die.
And, for that, you will spend the rest of your life behind bars.
Security to interrogation right now! What the hell's he doing? (grunting) (inhaling deeply) South corridor.
About to breach.
Mac? (alarm blaring) Mac.
Get me a medical team! Now! Where's Mason? He's gone.
Secure the perimeter! (excited chatter) Agent Nguyen, I want to see my son.
I hear you, boss, but a madman just Trojan horsed himself into our HQ with the stated goal of taking you down.
Can you give me a couple minutes to sort that out? I don't need protecting.
It's not personal.
It's protocol.
(gasping) What happened? Mason had something hidden in a false tooth, which I'd normally think was super cool, except he used it to knock you out.
Doc said it's called BZ, - and it's, um - Yeah.
Short for 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate.
It's an odorless, nonlethal incapacitating agent that attacks the acetylcholine receptors.
I was gonna say "it's not fatal," but okay.
- Where's Mason? - Matty had us put on lockdown after he escaped interrogation.
He took out a guard, stole his key card.
We can't be sure he's trying to escape.
He could be going after my father.
Which is why Matty had Oversight taken to the safe room.
Let's go.
RILEY: I managed to shut down the stolen access key but not before Mason used it to open a few doors.
Do we know which direction he's heading, - how he's getting out? - Weirdly, he's not heading for an exit.
He went to Sub-Level 4.
- What's down there? - Mostly storage.
Except for the server farm I set up after the doxxing attack.
BOZER: Is Mason taking advantage of our situation to go after our intel? There's no activity on the servers, but (computer beeping) The coolant system just went down.
The temperature in the room is spiking.
He's overclocking the servers.
Why would he do that? (alarm blaring) Fire alarms.
Riley, open the building.
Take us out of lockdown.
With Mason still on the loose? Do it.
- I can't.
- MacGYVER: All right, try to activate the fire suppression systems in the sub-basement.
There's no response.
It's off-line.
How the hell is he doing this? All of those systems are run - from the same server room.
- This was his endgame to get himself brought into the Phoenix.
Where we've gathered into one place everyone and everything Mason wants to destroy.
I got to get down there.
I got to shut off the servers before they catch fire.
- I'm with you.
- Bozer, Desi, find me Mason.
(door closes) We're too late.
(coughing) Matty, you have to evacuate the Phoenix now.
Mason tricked us into locking ourselves in here, and now the environmental control system (coughs) is gonna work against us by spreading the toxic smoke.
(coughing, shouting) Bad news, Mac.
It's already happening.
(coughing, shouting) (coughs) Riley, head upstairs.
I'm going after Mason.
(alarm continues blaring) (creaking) (coughing) DESI: Everybody get back.
MATTY: Okay, I want a single file line! - Move, move! - (coughing, excited chatter) Where's Oversight? - Watch your head, watch your head.
- I sent a guard to go get him, but they should've been back by now.
- I'll go.
- Yeah.
I'll go with you.
(coughing) (alarm continues blaring) My card won't work.
I'm locked out.
It's no use.
All the Phoenix systems are down.
It's four inches of reinforced steel.
I guess we're gonna need something stronger.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Matty, that's everybody.
- Except - Riley, - what's your status? - We can't open the door to the safe room.
(gasping, coughing) RILEY: Whoa, whoa! - The hell? - (grunts) Flash bang! - Oh! You sure you should be doing that? - Mac would.
Get back.
GUARD: Let's go, Agent.
We have to get out of here.
Come on.
There you go.
- (coughing) - We got Oversight.
I'm glad to hear that.
Mac, do you copy? Mac? MASON: Go, go, go! Don't worry, Angus.
This is far from done.
(fire crackling) (door closes) Mac? We've got the five eyes and a dozen other intelligence agencies searching for Mason.
The second he comes up for air, we're gonna be - the first to know.
- Thank you.
I made a promise to Charlie, and I intend on keeping it.
BOZER: Count me in.
Me, too.
MacGYVER: Hey.
I wanted to thank you for saving my father.
I heard what you did was a little, well, risky.
I only did what I thought you would do.
- Guess you're rubbing off on me.
- Well, thanks.
You want a beer? Yeah.
- I got some time.
- Look at that.
- Actually, got off the phone with Jack.
- Really? How's he doing? He seems good.
Uh, he misses his family.
I try to catch him up on things, but you know him.
Couldn't get a word in.
- Yeah.
- (both chuckling) Uh, point is, he's still tracking down Kovacs, so looks like you're stuck with me a little while longer.
Well, I miss the big lug, but I'm glad you're on the team.
Glad to be here.
And look, when it comes to that truth, why you owe him feel free to tell us in your own time, no pressure.
How 'bout next week we grab a bite to eat? You tell me about Cairo, and I tell you about why I owe Jack.
It's a date.
I meant, uh it's it's like, it's a figure of speech.
- Social appointment.
- I know what you meant, egghead.
It's fine.
I'll text you the deets.
(chuckling): Yeah.
Just give me a moment.
Glad you're safe.
Well, come join us.
You want a beer? Everything okay? In Mexico, I promised to always keep you in the loop.
Never lie to you again.
I remember.
And the change has been great.
It's kind of the way I'd always hoped things could be between us.
Me, too.
That's why it's only fair I think you should know there's more to Mason's story.
You deserve the whole truth.
The "whole truth"? As I said, sometimes there's only choices between bad and worse.
Don't tell me his son died for nothing.
Just the opposite.
He died for the most important thing I can think of.
What are you trying to tell me? The intelligence asset on that op, the person he died for, was you.
- (exhales) - Understand.
It was my decision.
It was the only one I could make.
And you understand that Charlie gave his life to save innocent people.
Which is exactly what I would have done.
But what you did violates everything that I believe in.
I think you should leave.
Where you gonna go Like that? With the holes in you With the holes in you Where you gonna go Like that?
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