MacGyver (2016) s04e01 Episode Script

Fire + Ashes + Legacy = Phoenix

1 (PASSING HORN HONKS) (TIRES SQUEAL) MACGYVER: Sir Isaac Newton's law of inertia states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
Meaning: your life can be going one way, and at any moment something can happen to bounce you in a new direction.
Like if you lose your job as an elite covert operative in a government task force, you can end up, well here.
MACGYVER: "Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Being willing is not enough, we must do.
" Da Vinci said that.
He was trying to tell us that diagnosing the problem it's only the first step.
The most important step is taking action.
(SNORING) Knowing isn't enough.
So what, then, does it take to actually do something? To stop watching and take action? First, you have to wake up.
Welcome back.
- (BELL RINGS) - MACGYVER: Class dismissed.
Remember, Michealson, chapter four and five for next week.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Nice moves, Professor.
(GRUNTS) - Who the hell are you? - Easy.
I just wanted to chat.
Why are you following me? (CHUCKLES) My name's Russ.
Russ Taylor.
Very pleased to meet you, Angus.
As in Spearhead Operations Russ Taylor? Oh, my reputation precedes me.
It does, and it's not a good look.
Black budget ops, destabilizing governments, protecting dictators all for profit, by the way.
I know enough to know I want nothing to do with you.
Oh, that's my old résumé.
I'm in a new line of work now.
Oh, what is that? Yours.
I mean, not the, uh, not the coeds, the thesis papers.
The saving-the-world thing, that one.
Not my line of work anymore.
Long story.
Well, not really.
Once upon a time, the Phoenix Foundation was infiltrated by an ex-FBI psycho, resulting in it being defunded and shut down, and now your entire team is living in a red-tape limbo of regret and ramen noodles.
Oh, careful.
You almost looked impressed there.
Never had a stalker before.
I have an eye for talent.
And you are the very best at what you do.
Go find the second best.
I'm shaping young minds here.
And besides, if I was gonna get back in the game, it wouldn't be with a profiteering con artist like you.
What if I were to tell you that thousands of innocent lives are at stake? Oh, I like it! Very nervous-breakdown chic.
Very now.
I don't get a whole lot of visitors.
Well, how can you tell? They could be anywhere.
Okay, you've got until I finish this.
And fair warning: they go down pretty quick these days.
- Hey! - Oh, it's all just part of the presentation.
So your thing is improvisation.
Given a problem, you will throw a bit of science at it, a bit of elbow grease, and you always find a solution.
Me, I can always find the problem.
The missing ingredient.
The squeaky wheel.
Whatever you want to call it.
I recognize patterns in the world.
I have what's called Pareidolia.
Hyper-pattern recognition.
You see connections where there aren't any.
It's a disorder.
You say disorder, I say tomato.
Sure, some people can look at a piece of toast and see the Virgin Mary But not you, right? I see patterns on a global scale.
Shipping lanes legal, not so legal.
Flight patterns.
Political disputes.
Warlords shifting sides.
Black money market transactions.
But recently, there's a new signal in the noise.
You know what you sound like now, right? Someone is planning something.
Someone big, with even bigger thumbs, pushing down on the scales.
Well, that's great.
You should take this to the intelligence community.
Somebody still in this line of work.
Oh, you mean like the people who shut down the Phoenix.
Hmm? What? You never thought of that? All that red tape preventing your friends from getting government positions? What are you saying? Whoever's behind this has their tendrils in every major organization, both here and abroad, not to mention my own company.
I don't know who I can trust.
I'm an outsider, like you.
Well, Russ, I'm dry here, so There is going to be an attack.
(BEEPS) A bioweapon featuring a next-gen version of a botulinum toxin was recently sold on the black market, and as you know, just one gram of the stuff Could kill thousands.
Whoever bought it intends to use it.
And none of the intelligence agencies are looking into it.
It'll look like domestic terrorism, but it won't be.
It's part of something bigger.
This is real.
I figure we have 72 hours at best.
You don't have to trust me.
Trust the intel.
Will you help me stop this? It's got to be my team.
I was counting on it.
They'll take some convincing.
Well, Angus, you'd better get a move on.
Your hard drive was corrupted.
But good news: I was able to save your data.
Now, part of the problem was the 900 gigabytes of (CHUCKLES): media that was in the "tax folder," which we both know was definitely not tax-related.
So I was able to put all of that on this thumb drive.
- Riles.
(EXHALES) It's been a while.
Yeah, we did a pretty crappy job of keeping in touch, huh? I heard you were teaching now.
You good? Mm 'Cause I'm not.
I'm-I'm not good.
At all.
Well, you look good.
You know, not a lot of people can pull off grape.
Best I could do after the Phoenix folded.
With all the red tape, I can't near another G-job again.
So don't hate on the grape.
- No hate.
- (LAUGHS) I'm in no position to judge.
What are you doing here, man? (CLEARS THROAT SOFTLY) (WHISPERS): It's a job.
Hear me out.
It's not Phoenix.
It's gonna be dangerous.
I quit! I'm in! Hundred percent.
Yes! You see, I was laid off.
Found myself without a job for the first time in a while, so I decided to go for it.
Max out my Visa, call every favor in and make a movie.
Make a film.
Love + Gun + Die.
And now here I am.
How does it feel to follow your dreams and stick the landing? Well, Mandy I have to say there are worse things.
(BOTH LAUGHING) Uh, would you excuse me for a moment? - Sure.
- Ah, thanks.
- Uh, hold this for me? - Oh.
- Don't sip it.
Mac! It's great to see you, but now is not a good time, man.
- I'm trying to seal another deal - Yeah, I This is urgent.
Like "science teacher" urgent? Professor.
And no, like "old days" urgent.
Like "high school old days" urgent? Bozer.
"Phoenix old days," like life-and-death kind of stuff.
No? What? No? As in N-O.
Okay? Why am I gonna put myself in their hands again when they hung us out to dry? There's no "they.
" It's not the old Phoenix, it's just me.
You trust me, right? Of course.
But I'm on a press tour.
For my movie.
You know how long I've waited for that? Help me, Bozie-Wan Kenobi.
You're my only hope.
Don't Episode IV me, that's A New Hope, man.
That's sacred.
It's that serious.
(WHIMPERS) Come on, man.
Hey, so what about Matty? We need Matty.
Russ Taylor already approached her, and she said no, I guess.
After the Phoenix, she said she was done with this line of work.
So, dare I ask? Well, I'm gonna go after Desi next.
Come on.
It's fine.
We're professionals.
We People work with their exes all the time.
Uh, no, they don't, especially not after breakups as nuclear as yours.
It wasn't nuclear, it was just messy.
(CHUCKLES) Man, this ought to be good.
Well, things may have gotten a little complicated between me and Desi, but I have no doubt she'll be mature about it and jump right on board.
She got that good, good love, she got that bad attitude She got that je ne sais quoi She got that boom, boom, boom No.
No way, dude.
The things we know about each other.
The things we did to each other? It's a terrible idea, Mac.
We can pull it together for one mission.
You've faced far worse than me in your years of service.
Have I? Your adolescent obsession with '80s pop.
Your terrible taste in movies.
That gurgling, choking snore sound you do at 3:00 in the morning.
Well, I was lucky to be snoring with your roll-over punches to the face.
See? We can't do this.
Desi, lives are at stake.
WOMAN: Don't talk to me like that.
- Hey, you jerk.
- MAN: Leave the lady alone.
Excuse me, Mac, I have to go to work.
MAN: Could I get your phone number? Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
(AUDIO DISTORTS, MUSIC MUFFLED) - Girls - We love to make you jam We love to play and to have fun - We love to pop your bubble - (MAN GRUNTS) Break it down, you better run.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) And I know things may not have ended on the greatest terms between us, but now is a chance for us to do something good again.
Come on.
Bouncing thugs out of clubs may scratch the itch a little bit, but Tell me you don't miss the action.
TAYLOR: Ladies and gentleman, the clock is ticking, let's get started.
You sure about this guy? No.
If you're Mr.
Super Rich Guy Gun-For-Hire, then why are we all crammed into this house like an episode of Hoarders? TAYLOR: Because as far as I know, my facilities have been compromised.
I came to you because you are the best, but also because you've been out of the game, so I know you're all clean.
Now, let's get down to business.
This is Lazlo Carver.
Black market arms dealer.
Recently graduated to Red Tier items.
- Red Tier? - Weapons deadly on a mass scale.
Hades X1.
Aptly named.
This is an experimental bioweapon, featuring and next-gen version of botulinum toxin.
Just a gram of this stuff could wipe out the entire population of any major city within a matter of days.
So let's go get this Carver guy before he sells it to some psychopath who wants to use it.
Unfortunately, no.
Carver already sold it a week ago.
I'm guessing we don't know the buyer.
No, but we need to figure it out fast, because Hades has a very short shelf life.
Whoever bought it is gonna want to use it in the next 36 hours.
Tonight, Carver is holding an auction for recent acquisitions from his compound in Mexico City.
The place will be crawling with criminal types.
Terrorists, dictators, the worst of the worst.
All hoping to stock up.
Now, Carver has a digital ledger where he keeps all his customers' info.
IDs, bank account transfers, the works.
DESI: And you want us to go undercover as criminal glitterati, sneak in, steal the ledger, and find out who he sold the weapon to.
But the problem is, we can't just steal it without spooking Carver, who will then alert his buyers.
We need to copy it.
I'll figure out a way to interface a short-range transmitter to the ledger, and then I'll upload the rest to Riley.
The ledger itself will be encrypted; probably several layers' worth.
MACGYVER: Now, Bozer, you're gonna be running the entire operation from here.
We don't have Matty watching our backs, so it's all up to you.
Davis will crack the ledger, and we'll find out who the buyer is.
And stop them before they use that thing.
All right, Bozer, we are in.
Copy that, Alpha Team.
Bravo Team, report status.
RILEY: In position.
Short-range wireless up and running.
BOZER: Copy that.
Mac is on the hunt for the ledger.
When he finds it, he'll upload the data straight to you, nobody's the wiser.
Nobody being the wiser is key.
If Carver even gets a whiff of dirty, he'll lock this place down, and we'll all be dead in five.
This is not our first rodeo.
Why is it always a rodeo? If this were an actual rodeo, it would be my first.
You know, I've never actually been to the rodeo Ooh, hors d'oeuvres.
Tell me again why we trust this guy.
MACGYVER: Because the intel is sound.
Just trust in that, if you can.
It looks like I have a fan.
Well, in that dress there will be no shortage of those.
You were always so good with flattery.
Until you weren't.
Okay, guys, look sharp, the show's about to start.
Ladies and gentlemen, our items are being prepared for display as we speak.
We'll be ready to begin in just a few short minutes.
(APPLAUSE) Ledger's on the move.
Yeah, I've got eyes.
I'm following now.
All right, I've got eyes on the ledger, but it's in the auction room.
Like, where everyone's about to go? Yeah.
You guys need to keep everybody up in the reception area for a couple more minutes.
Riley what about a lights out? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
RILEY: Carver's got everything hard-wired.
There's nothing to hack into.
I've got an idea.
Don't touch me with your filthy, unworthy hands! (GASPING) Mac, Operation Distraction in action.
(MEN SHOUTING) Okay, the case is open.
Riley prepare for upload.
We, uh have a slight problem.
Looks like Carver is, uh, a little old school.
Like pen and paper old school.
Uh, okay, just-just read it back to me.
- I'll record it.
- No.
These are codes and symbols.
I'm not really sure what I'm looking at here.
And I don't have a cell phone or a camera to take a picture of it.
All right, just-just get the ledger back to me.
I can decrypt it.
Hang on a second.
If that ledger goes missing, Carver alerts all of his customers, and the buyer goes underground.
So we need to make a copy.
MACGYVER: Ink is essentially a chemical residue left on paper in neat little shapes that we can read.
You can transfer it either by getting it wet, or by using a lot of heat.
Whoa, hold on.
Turns out there is something I can hack.
(BEEPING) (SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Mac, you've got incoming.
You gotta buy me more time.
I just need a few more pages.
RILEY: Copy that.
Let's go.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Let go, out the front door.
Let's go.
Out the front door.
Did we get it? Oh, yeah, we got it.
TAYLOR: I've got a house nearby we can hole up in.
It's not much, but mi casa, su casa.
Carver used a classic polyalphabetic code.
Pretty easy to crack if you're me.
Let me get you some ice for that.
I'll be right back.
Looks like our bioweapon buyer has a name: Martin Bishop.
Ton of hits.
Run it through the list of the usual Agency databases and see what you can dig up.
There's something else.
What? What's wrong? Carver used a patent number to identify the Hades X1.
But that number also corresponds to a patent owned by Spearhead Operations.
- That's - Taylor's company.
He's been playing us.
Spearhead Operations! That thing, that bioweapon is yours! Yeah, well, there may have been something I forgot to mention.
We are risking our lives to clean up your mess? This was a contract I should never have taken.
A bioweapon meant to neutralize populations without destroying geographical assets.
Neutralize? You mean murder.
Not all of us are are born heroes.
I just wanted to do something important.
After MI6, that led me to private military contracts and and making some some difficult decisions.
I told myself that it was all for the greater good.
I got rich monetizing the one constant of civilization.
Human conflict.
The poor man wants to be rich, the rich man wants to be king and the king isn't satisfied until he rules everything.
Let me guess: Sun Tzu.
(COMPUTER BEEPING) Look, I I know I've made mistakes, but this is this is not the life I want, I It's not the legacy I want to leave behind.
Lie to us again, and this is over.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Hey, guys? Our interagency cross-reference just got a hit on the buyer.
We've got a potential Martin Bishop.
But this file is weird.
It's-it's, like It's classified.
Who is this guy? Yeah, what is Canopy? RILEY: I-I don't know.
I mean, this is a level of classification I've never even seen before.
BOZER: Yeah, I've never heard of Canopy, either.
But I'll bet you we know someone who has.
MATTY: I'm here to talk to you today about Atilla the Hun.
During his reign, Atilla was one of the most feared enemies of the Eastern and Western empires.
Up there, you may see the face of a ruthless conqueror.
But me? I see a pioneer.
A pioneer who took a band of misfit nomads and used them to conquer Europe.
And so I ask you all this question: How do you unleash your inner Hun? (BEEPING, ELECTRONIC CRACKLING) What the hell's going on? (BUZZING, CRACKLING STOP) Riley! It worked.
I got her.
Matty, thank God.
Mac and the team are in trouble.
They're Oh.
That's a that's a lot of people there.
(LAUGHTER) MATTY: Taylor, what the hell are you doing - running my team? - Look, you've been out of the game for over a year, and in that time a lot has happened.
Notre Dame's caught fire, Accrington Stanley got promoted from Division Two, and oh, that's right I run your team now.
Oh, and you are crushing it.
Running an unsanctioned op so mismanaged that you allowed an apocalyptic bioweapon to slip through your fingers.
You're great.
We really need your help.
Well, it's nice to know I'm your backup.
You said she was retired.
Well, technically, she wouldn't take my call.
No one takes your calls.
Well, then, that's that.
No, no, no.
Not "that's that.
" You are relying on your lackluster reputation for me to blow you off so that I wouldn't be here to challenge your authority.
Well, now that you've finished challenging my authority Matty, we're on a tight time clock, and we really, really need your help.
Bozer gave me the name Martin Bishop.
We think he's about to release a bioweapon in a domestic attack.
- We need to be able to access his files.
- Well like the rest of you, I lost my clearance.
But lucky for you, I was able to pull whatever strings I have left, which is how I managed to get voilá the dossier of Martin Bishop.
MATTY: Canopy is the top secret security designation for DXS, which at one time was Phoenix.
So Bishop was one of us? He was before our time.
Before Oversight.
He was you, Mac.
A brilliant, young mind paired with a soldier using science to save the world.
I was wondering why I had never heard about him before.
But then I realized why.
He's a dead man.
KIA 2006, Budapest.
But guess what? No body was ever recovered.
He's a faker.
So our terrorist is a ghost.
DESI: With a bioweapon.
How do we find him? We don't look for him.
Then what do we look for? What he's trying to make.
You said he was one of us, right? So Bishop has an engineering background.
Hades is a bioweapon, sure.
But it's just the toxin.
What it's missing is Delivery system.
Mac, how would you do it? Um Some kind of rocket.
But it couldn't be smuggled in.
It would have to be homemade.
Off the grid.
Bishop's got a list - of old aliases.
- DESI: He'd need a place - to assemble it.
- And materials.
Liquid oxygen and kerosene.
- Lots of it.
- Oh, check this out.
A shipment of five cubic meters of kerosene was delivered to a property off the Angeles Crest three weeks ago.
The name of the property owner, Gregg Sallattem.
That's one of Bishop's aliases.
That means Los Angeles could be the rocket's target.
Okay, I'll call the Air Force and have them prepare countermeasures against a rocket strike.
Bozer, you're with me.
- The rest of you, Angeles Crest.
- Get yourselves to Angeles Crest.
What she said.
(BEEPING) MACGYVER: This place is perfect for someone who wants to get off the grid and stay off the grid.
I'm hardly seeing any heat signatures in here.
MATTY: Well, there's just one, in the northeast corner of the compound.
This place is a mess.
A window into his state of mind.
This coming from Marie Kondo.
MACGYVER: Careful, Taylor.
Lot of things in this place don't react well to bullets.
TAYLOR: Don't move.
Certainly took you long enough.
You know, when I was there, DXS had a reputation for being fast and efficient.
But not this whole Phoenix Foundation (GRUNTS) DESI: Get up.
Matty, we got him.
No sign of the rocket, though.
Surrounding area is clear, with the exception of a structure 30 yards behind the compound.
DESI: Copy that.
Riley and I will go.
Guys, good luck getting him to talk.
You know, Bishop I started my career in MI6.
I learned manipulation, propaganda, lie detection, interrogation.
All super useful methods I'd later use to start my own company.
But do you know what I found to be the best source of motivation for all human beings? Hmm? Pain.
- Hmm.
- (LAUGHS) Hold on.
We could do this your way or the dentist's office way.
Oh, the dentist's office.
That sounds like a horror show.
Nitrous oxide not only reduces the pain, but it lowers inhibitions.
And the reason that secrets are so hard to keep is that people desperately want to tell them.
They just need a little push.
(GRUNTING) (LAUGHS) Well? Want to do the honors? I meant ask him questions! I know what you meant.
Where's the rocket? (PANTING) They told me about you, MacGyver.
You know, you and I aren't so different.
I don't murder innocent people, so I don't think we're anything alike.
Oh, it's not murder.
We're saving them.
"Them"? "We"? Who? Who do you work for? I work for everyone.
I mean, look around, man.
The whole world is burning.
It's flooding.
We're starving and we're dying while the people in power, they do nothing.
DXS promised to save the world through science and they failed, so I left.
And I'm not the only one.
There are others all over the world.
And we're willing to do what you cannot.
We're willing to do what's necessary.
Guys, there's nothing here.
The place is empty.
RILEY: The rocket's been taken somewhere else.
It's almost time.
The pillars of society will fall.
We're gonna burn it all to the ground.
The thing is, being willing is not enough.
You must do.
And my question is, when the time comes, what will you do, Angus MacGyver? (GRUNTS) What's happening? (COUGHS) (GROANING) Poisoned himself.
It was the watch.
He had it laced.
- (BEEPING) - (RUMBLING) Are there underground tunnels on the property? Actually, you're over the aqueduct.
There's an access at the east end of the compound.
What are we missing here? That rumble was a launch.
TAYLOR: How can you launch a rocket underground? It wasn't a rocket.
It was a torpedo.
With Hades as its payload.
(ALARM SOUNDING) If that thing detonates in the center of the city, it'll shower the city with toxin, and millions will die.
Okay, let me get this straight.
As we speak, a GPS-equipped torpedo is making its way through - L.
's underground water system? - RILEY: Exactly.
The torpedo's in there somewhere, but there's one problem.
There's thousands of miles of pipes.
The torpedo's GPS has to navigate through all - the connections.
- TAYLOR: That gives us only 40 minutes to find it.
Right, but if we're smart, maybe we don't even have to search for it at all.
Think about it this way.
In order to spread toxins through the city, that torpedo needs to hit a target with above-ground water facilities.
That way, the steam from the explosion can dissipate into the air.
RILEY: Best way to do that is one of LADWP's 421 distribution stations.
That's far too many.
Maybe we can locate the ones being targeted.
'Cause the good news is, that torpedo has a massive toxin payload.
And explain "good news.
" Okay, water distribution stations they vary in size, depending on geography and local water needs, which means the pipes also vary in size.
I see where you're going.
Hacking the DWP to get the diameter of all pipes heading toward those stations.
And from the launch site, I can estimate the torpedo's diameter.
All right, Bozer, pipe measurements coming your way.
Got it.
Eliminating all stations where the pipes are too small for the torpedo to pass through.
Okay, that leaves 12 stations with pipes wide enough to fit that thing.
(ALARM SOUNDING) These stations are on the outskirts of the city.
To kill a lot of people, you need to aim for the center.
Right there.
Station 253.
Smack dab in Downtown.
The pipes heading toward that station have elevated water levels.
Because the torpedo is displacing water.
That's the target.
Okay, so that's all very impressive, but how do you stop it? (SIGHS) Riley, find the closest concrete plant.
- Okay.
- Or diaper factory.
Either one works.
Did he just say "diaper factory"? Mm-hmm.
(TIRES SQUEALING) (ALARM SOUNDING) RILEY: Tracking that torpedo through the pipe's water sensor.
11 minutes till it passes right through here.
You might want to boogie! (TIRES SQUEALING) Mac, now would be a really good time to unpack this plan of yours.
How will this stop a torpedo? The chemical we got at the concrete plant is sodium polyacrylate.
It's a polymer used to strengthen concrete.
Same stuff used in baby diapers.
Super absorbent.
This valve opens up into the contact basin, where water passes through before going into homes and businesses.
(ALARM SOUNDING) Did it stop? Okay, now start pouring everything in.
Okay, now that should absorb the water, creating a gel firm enough to absorb the impact of the torpedo, but soft enough that it won't explode on impact theoretically.
It's not working.
The gel's not forming.
Well, then, we'll shovel faster.
No, no, that's not it.
The powder it's clumping, so the chemical reaction can't take place, and the shovels won't reach.
We need to mix it.
(GRUNTS) DESI: Mac, what are you doing? Guys, it's working.
The gel's forming.
(ALARM SOUNDING) (BEEPING) Five minutes to impact.
MATTY: Mac, get out of there, or the thing stopping that torpedo is gonna be you.
MACGYVER: I'm trying.
This stuff is drying around me.
It's like quicksand.
You got to hurry up, Mac.
(GRUNTS) I-I can't.
It's no use.
I'm working against thousands of pounds of pressure down here.
(GRUNTS) You've got to find another way to get him out of there.
Come on, Desi.
Come on, Mac! The gel should work, but you should get to a safe distance just in case, okay? - I'm not leaving you! - Riley, you need to leave.
(ALARM SOUNDING) Guys, we're running out of time.
What are we doing about Mac? BOZER: Desi? Taylor? Where are they? (HELICOPTER WHIRRING) Russ? Careful.
You almost look impressed.
(ALARM SOUNDING, BEEPING) We need more lift! (ALARM SOUNDING) (GRUNTING) More power? (GRUNTING) I can't hold on! (GROANS) Russ, lower the chopper.
(BEEPING) 30 seconds till impact! Riley, hand me your backpack.
I need to make a harness.
All right, Desi, when I tug on the rope, pull up fast.
What the hell is he doing? (ALARM SOUNDING) (BEEPING) Ten seconds till impact! Nine, eight, seven (ALARM SOUNDING) Now! (ALARM SOUNDING) DESI: Hey, guys, we got him.
He's okay.
I was rather fabulous.
(LAUGHS) Russ.
Well done.
You saved the city.
Ooh, what is this, uh this warm, magical euphoria I'm feeling? Is this what, uh is this what doing good feels like, hmm? Hmm.
So, what now, guys? Well, I have papers to grade, so Back to the real world, I guess? TAYLOR: The real Hang on.
The real world? The real world is what we need to save.
Have you forgotten the whole global conspiracy? The-the "burn it all down"? Bishop said there were others.
And they will not stop.
What do you want us to do? We don't have the Phoenix anymore.
About that.
Um, there may be one other thing that I forgot to mention.
(CLACKING) Well, it's pretty much as you left it.
Um, oh, some technical upgrades.
Had a cleaning crew come in here.
Oh, I'm working on putting a foosball table over there.
You bought the Phoenix? Yes.
Few months ago.
What? You didn't think I recruited you all for just one mission? I had to, uh, you know, kick the tires, as they say.
(LAUGHS) So, you were testing us? Well, not just you.
I had to prove that, you know, we could all work together.
How would this even work? The same as before.
Only this time, you'll be privately funded, and, uh, after I pull a few strings: government sanctioned.
Then we'll be able to pursue missions of my choosing.
(LAUGHS) Our your choosing? So what do you say? Are you guys serious? Yes.
It's a "yes.
" Hell, yeah.
BOZER: What can I say? I'm in.
Saving the world is a lot more fun than pretending to save the world.
But I'm keeping my agent.
MATTY: Your asses would be toast without me, so, I'll be here.
Mac? This is home.

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