MacGyver (2016) s04e02 Episode Script

Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed

1 When I'm lyin' in my bed at night I don't want to grow up Nothing ever seems to turn out right And I don't want to grow up (ENGINE REVVING) How do you move in a world of fog That's always changing things? Makes me wish that I could be a dog When I see the price that you pay - (SIREN WAILING) - I don't want to grow up (LAUGHS, WHOOPS) I don't ever want to be that way And I don't want to grow up (LAUGHS) It's all in the wrist, Mac.
Actually, do you mind? - No.
- It's all in the math.
Velocity and launch angle determine trajectory, and distance over a parabolic arc.
RILEY: Ooh! Uh, yeah, like I said, it's, uh, all in the wrist.
Eh, I must have got a bad one.
All right, well, whatever.
The Skee-Ball crown belongs to you.
Oh, well, thank you.
You're very welcome.
Seriously, though, thanks for reaching out.
Yeah, man.
In the last year and a half the Phoenix was down, it's kind of scary how fast we all drifted apart.
I could've made more of an effort, though.
That was on all of us.
So here's me checking in on you.
Oh, well, thank you.
I don't know why, though.
I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? Oh, come on, Mac.
You and Desi have been sniping at each other like Bieber and Selena.
It's not that bad.
I'm saying it's fine, it's fine.
So what happened? - (SCOFFS) - Why'd you two break it off? A long story for another time.
- I get it.
- What about you? Are you? Are you dating anybody? Seeing people? No.
- No one? - No.
No, no, no.
If you add up the train wreck of me and Billy, and then Bozer losing Leanna to a deep cover op, and now you and Desi And let's not forget everything that Matty and Ethan went through.
The casualty rate for relationships is catastrophic.
(LAUGHS) - It's the Phoenix jinx, man.
- Yeah.
To being single.
Special blend.
Raul gave me these when I was in Havana for Fidel's funeral.
Major Frost, yours for the taking? (LAUGHS) No thank you, Mr.
- John? - Well, if-if you're gonna give the hard sell, - I'll indulge.
- Did anyone ever tell you - you are a pushover? - (LAUGHS) TAYLOR: Ah.
Perfect timing.
Angus MacGyver, Matty Webber, meet General John Acosta and Major Anne Frost from the Department of Defense.
John and I we go way back to when I was running Spearhead Operations.
Promise not to hold that against you.
What brings you here, General? Are you familiar with the term "Red Cell"? MACGYVER: Of course.
A Red Cell is a team that finds vulnerabilities in security systems.
And while we have our own Red Cell teams, from what Taylor says about the Phoenix, especially you, Mr.
MacGyver, your unorthodox methods are just what we need.
Well, I'm flattered, but what exactly are you asking of us? ACOSTA: My command oversees security at a DARPA lab south of Los Angeles.
This lab is our premier facility for developing cutting-edge military technologies.
We've received credible intel that it's been targeted by foreign agents.
And you want us to pretend to be these foreign agents, break in, and test your security before they actually try it? Exactly.
We need a fresh set of eyes on how our lab's protected.
I'd like to hear some more details before we commit.
ACOSTA: I would think, given your need to have your security clearance reinstated, you'd jump at the chance.
Which is why we're actually thrilled to commit.
Enjoy the cigars, my compliments.
And we'd like to thank you for this opportunity, John.
MATTY: What the hell are you doing? I just secured our first government contract.
Which apparently is being done in exchange for our security clearances? Something you said was already taken care of.
We find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to prove our worth to the powers that be.
Matty's connections and my considerable charm will only get us so far.
When that well runs dry, if we are not in, then we are out.
And if we are out, then we are finished.
(SIGHS) You could have told us.
I just did.
Pull this off, Angus, and you all get your secret agent badges back.
MACGYVER: Our objective is to test the security of this DARPA lab by penetrating its defenses and stealing a project known as "Quirk.
" And what exactly is Quirk? We don't know.
MACGYVER: Now, the military guards at the lab will be unaware that General Acosta hired us.
Which means if we come across a trigger-happy soldier, we might catch a very real bullet.
TAYLOR: No risk, no reward.
Now, to beat their systems, we all have to play a part.
They've got facial recognition and a backscatter vehicle X-ray at the parking entrance.
Badges with an evolving algorithm, and scientists who work at all hours of the day and night.
Plus armed patrols, and a six-man tactical team on standby.
- So what's the way in? - TAYLOR: Social engineering.
The weak spot of any security system is always the human element.
MACGYVER: Riley will invite all 12 scientists to a team-building mixer, which they will think is being hosted by their employer.
RILEY: And while they're hitting the open bar, we'll be hitting the lab.
And the card swipe through the lab door? You said the badges have an evolving algorithm.
With a wireless RFID reader, if I get within a foot of an active badge, I can clone it.
RILEY: As for the facial rec system, Taylor's beard negates half the nodal points.
And I can swap out the extant data from his image - with one of these fine folks.
- (BEEPING) Well, that gets me through the gate, but what about you, Angus and Desi? We'll hitch a ride.
Lead should confuse the backscatter X-ray, and Desi and I will hide in the trunk.
Seriously? Sounds a little cozy.
Relax, it's a short trip.
(SNIFFING) Back to wearing that body spray? (SCOFFS) Breaking up means we never have to have this conversation again.
Your plan put us in a trunk.
- And for the record - Hmm? you said you liked "Mountain Rain" when we started dating.
I said a lot of things I didn't really mean.
In the end, so did you, right? Yeah, we can't do this right now.
(SIGHS) I feel my tension melting away.
I am relaxed, (OVER RADIO): calm and centered.
I feel my worries and fears released to the universe.
Who patched in Tony Robbins? - I am at peace.
- (SCANNER CHIMES) - You're good to go.
- Thank you.
Positive affirmations are a proven balm for reducing anxiety.
RILEY: All right, 12 minutes till the next sweep.
So, you didn't kill each other? - Almost.
- Next time.
(BEEPS) DESI: Why are there no cameras inside? MACGYVER: Well, the work here is so sensitive, it's a greater risk to record than not.
TAYLOR: Until now.
Let's find the Quirk.
DESI: "Feed me, Seymour.
" I think these are bio-sensors.
They're plants that act as sentries.
That is so cool.
Um, if by cool you mean terrifying.
TAYLOR: Angus.
What do you make of these Frankenroaches? I think that these are drones.
They're used for search and rescue and radiation detection, that sort of thing.
Who in their right mind would dream up remote control cockroaches? MACGYVER: Check this out.
They bend light around objects.
My dream of owning an invisibility cloak is one step closer to reality.
- Can we keep moving? - Yep.
TAYLOR: "Quantum recursive chip.
" Q-R-C.
Quir-Quirk! So what is it? Next generation in microprocessors.
This is (SIGHS) the holy grail of supercomputers.
If computers are cars, then this chip is the difference between a Model- and a Formula 1 racer.
Right, so what are we waiting for? - (BUZZES) - Well, first problem, the chamber's locked with a retinal scanner.
And I'm pretty sure that only the three scientists who were assigned to this have authority to access it.
Well, we can easily bypass that.
Des? - You're up.
- What? Do your - You want me? - Yes.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No, stop.
Second problem.
The quantum chip has to be stored at an extremely cold temperature, - 230 degrees Kelvin.
- 230? 230? That sounds very hot.
Converted to Fahrenheit, that's 45 degrees below zero.
What happens if the chip warms up? It disintegrates.
TAYLOR: Hold on.
So we have to steal something that'll self-destruct the moment it's stolen? MACGYVER: Yes.
- If that happens, we fail.
- DESI: Which means no security clearances.
MACGYVER: And we're done at the Phoenix.
Hey, guys? It's a little too quiet in there.
Eight minutes till the next patrol.
TAYLOR: Perhaps you'd, um you'd care to sound this out, Angus? Ideate? Jam on some creative solutions? Just got to think.
Gentle reminder, this is exactly why we were hired to do this job.
It's why I bought the Phoenix.
You solve problems that can't be solved.
- Fair point, Mac.
- Not helping, either one of you.
Maybe I can build a cold containment unit.
- Portable cooler.
I love it.
- It's not as easy as it sounds.
- But doable? I-I'll take doable.
- Make yourself useful.
And what about the retinal scanner? Uh, that is where Bozer comes in.
I know you're not asking me to get you an eye.
An up close picture will do.
Charm your way over to the scientists and get me - a close-up picture of an eye.
- Oh, is that all? Hey, guys.
Hey, everybody.
I'm glad I found you guys.
My name is Adam.
I start Monday on the nucleotide project.
- Oh.
- (LAUGHING): Yeah! May I? Lei I.
You follow? Everybody? Yeah.
Let's do it, huh? Turn up, turn up.
Turn up, turn up, turn up.
Turnt it.
Okay, all right.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
MACGYVER: When it comes to keeping something hot, or cold, your worst enemy is actually air.
Air conducts heat.
So by creating a vacuum, a space where there is no air, that leaves nothing to take your heat, or your cold, away.
And what's inside the vacuum stays the same temperature.
Bozer, you're under four minutes now.
Talk to me.
Hey! (LAUGHS): Oh! Look at that, huh? (QUIETLY): Coming your way.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Are you recruiting for a furry convention? - Ah! Oh, that's crazy.
- Yeah, yeah.
- That's pretty cool.
- (QUIETLY): Best I could do.
Just enhance, zoom in on the eyes.
"Enhance"? Yeah.
Sorry, Blade Runner, this is way too low-res.
You got to get way closer for me.
MACGYVER: Everybody thinks these cans are filled with air, but it's actually a liquid called HCF-134 that rests at 60 degrees below zero.
Hold them upside down and you're one wrong spray away from frostbite.
Soldiers with guns coming through that door any minute now.
Okay, one portable cold containment unit ready to go.
All right, Bozer, Riley, where is the eyeball? Doctor's telling me I need my first pair of specs.
Y-You know, I've got this app for checking out frames.
Here, what do you think? Oh.
That's really cool.
Yeah, take those off.
If you don't mind.
(QUIETLY): Okay.
You know, I remember Lovely.
All right.
Taylor, you're up.
(PHONE BEEPS) (BEEPS, CLICKS) (AIR WHOOSHING) With 60 seconds to spare.
(ALARM BEEPING) Good sound? Bad sound? Temperature alarm, sensors indicating that the chip is at risk.
What do we do? Well, we shut it down.
(ALARM BLARING) (EXHALES) Come on! - You told me to shut it.
- Down.
Shut it down as in connect the sensor array.
You did not use any one of those words.
Well, communication always was our issue, wasn't it? I speak six languages.
Communication was not our problem.
Uh, guys, sorry to interrupt, but you just kicked a hornet's nest.
Soldiers are in the hallway and the Tac team is scrambling.
(PHONES CHIMING) - Wait, what? - Oh, my God.
(PHONES CONTINUE CHIMING) What's happening? SOLDIER (OVER RADIO): Team A, lab one clear.
- Heading to lab two.
- SOLIDER 2: Copy.
Headed to lab three now.
Team B, lab A and B secure.
Locking down perimeter.
SOLDIER 2: Team A en route to lab three.
(WHISPERING): We have to abort.
Call Acosta, and have his men stand down.
We didn't come this far just to give up now.
Desi, can I just say, I love your can-do attitude.
(CLICKING NEARBY) (SHOUTS) (ALARM BLARING) There's two more bogeys in there.
Go, go, go! (TIRES SCREECHING) (TIRES SCREECHING) MACGYVER: Your quantum chip, General.
I'm sure you're eager to get this back.
Yes, although I obviously need to find a safer place to keep it.
(CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) I promised and, as usual, I delivered.
- Now it's your turn, John.
- Yes.
I'll make a call and see that your people's TS status is restored.
I knew I could count on you, Russ.
There's only, uh, just one stop I need to make before we head back to the barn.
To a job well done.
Hmm? Is this mandatory? Yeah.
It's a team-building exercise, all right? Look, we're here to celebrate the launch of a new Phoenix.
The entire defense community will soon know our name.
It's just so simple It's just so simple Just how public do you want us to be? - All right.
That's our cue.
- Yeah.
(PHONE RINGING) MACGYVER: Yes, Matty? Federal arrest warrants have been issued for the four of you.
We're talking FBI, DHS, down to the local authorities.
You all just became America's most wanted.
This is a mistake.
Acosta must not have alerted his people about the Red Cell yet.
MATTY: No, it's no mistake, Taylor.
The general requested the arrest warrants himself.
Your old friend set us up.
The Red Cell op was a federal crime.
TOY: The cow goes RILEY: We got enough Cheerios in these seats to feed us while we're in hiding, so we got that - going for us.
- DESI: Mac, you couldn't have stolen a vehicle with a little bit more oomph? Low-profile family minivan is perfect.
Just drive like a soccer mom and not a psycho and you won't set off any more alarms.
Yeah, keep talking and you'll be walking home.
- You guys are in time-out.
- TAYLOR: Matty.
Talk to me.
MATTY: Your pal Acosta sold you down the river good.
The best option for you right now - is to turn yourselves in.
- BOZER: And then get the best lawyers money can buy.
- TAYLOR: Not an option.
It looks like we were as much a target as the quantum chip, although I can't see the connection yet.
But taking ourselves out of the game is not an answer.
Besides, if we turn ourselves in, Acosta will disappear and any chance we have of recovering the Quirk - will be gone.
- RILEY: Along with any hope - of clearing our names.
- DESI: Okay, let's just all agree that going to jail is not an option.
TAYLOR: Uh, where is that man? Four-star generals just don't disappear.
BOZER: His office has him en route to a classified location for a classified exercise, which we can't access, because we don't have the security clearances you said we did.
MATTY: You need to lay low until we can locate Acosta.
RILEY: Hey, guys, we got a problem.
I'm monitoring radio chatter.
We've got FBI and local cops closing in on our position.
- Matty, we need to go.
- The owner of the minivan must have reported the car stolen and activated some type - of LoJack anti-theft device.
- Okay.
So disconnect it.
I Uh before we do that, let's fool the Feds with a little misdirection.
Riley, could you lock in on the homing signal - sent out by this van? - You got it.
Pull over right now.
(TIRES SCREECHING) Pull the damn car over.
So, uh, anti-theft device is basically a radio hardwired into a car that is sending out a specific code to a specific frequency.
Okay, so this is an emulator.
And once I turn it on, I'll be able to emit the same code.
And then you can put that into another car to lead them away.
That's brilliant.
(SIREN WAILING, TIRES SCREECHING) First we need to ditch our tail.
Well done.
- RILEY: All right, we're clear for 15 seconds, but the dragnet's closing in fast.
All right, time to throw this emulator in a decoy.
Uh, that's my moment.
(TIRES SCREECHING) TAYLOR: Yes! Yeah! Still got it! Ha! (CHUCKLES) (TIRES SCREECHING) (SIREN APPROACHING) DESI: Matty, we're in the clear.
What's our next move, besides get a new ride? MATTY: We shake the intel trees to see if we can I.
who General Acosta is delivering this quantum chip to.
I guess a box of Cuban cigars run a distant second to whatever they're offering him.
- Yeah, there's something that we're missing.
- What? The chip.
It was air-gapped.
Stored so that it was isolated from contact with any computer.
Why is that important? Because maybe it's not just the chip itself, but what's on it that's valuable.
- Yeah, a chip that fast, if weaponized - RILEY: Yeah, like, with a Stuxnet-type virus MATTY: It could take down anything from our nation's air traffic control to a nuclear reactor.
And we'll get hung out for that, too.
Bozer, I think it's time you reconnected - with last night's hookup.
- BOZER: Hannah? - Why? - Well, there's a lot we don't know about this quantum chip, and any intel that you could grab could help us.
RILEY: I ran a script to search the DoD mainframe.
The general's name popped up on a flight manifest.
Is there any way to reach him directly? I think I can make that happen.
(BEEPING) Good to see you, my old friend.
Taylor? How did you find me? Why are you trying not to be found? Look, we've been through too much for you to pull something like this, John.
What's really happening here? I'm sorry.
They have my daughter and my grandson.
Who? Who has them? I don't know.
But they knew everything about me.
Saw every potential countermove I could make.
Had me boxed in - the minute this whole nightmare started.
- MACGYVER: Let us help you.
- We'll find a way to get your family back.
- Too late for that, MacGyver.
General, please do not hand over that chip.
That's not what they're asking of me.
I only hope, when this is all over, you the whole country - can forgive me.
- TAYLOR: John! We'll be landing right on schedule.
Anything else you need, sir? No, I'm all set.
Thank you, Major.
Since we know the general isn't going to sell the chip, the question we have to answer now is: what could he use it for? Well, get this: the air base Acosta's flying into, it's a hub for military personnel en route to NORAD.
DESI: Like DEFCON 1, "we're all gonna die in a nuclear winter" NORAD? - It fits the pattern.
- What pattern is that? Well, first someone targets Los Angeles with a bioweapon, and now the United States missile defense system.
Hold up.
Y-You're saying this is part - of your global conspiracy theory? - Well, think about it.
Martin Bishop, ex-DXS, aspiring arbiter of death and chaos, told us his organization wanted to burn society's pillars to the ground.
Well, taking down NORAD would be the right spark to start that kind of fire.
(ENGINE STARTS) Matty, we need to warn them.
MATTY: Without proof that the general set you up, my warning - will fall on deaf ears.
- RILEY: And let's not forget, whoever's behind this has the general's daughter and grandson.
DESI: So if we alert the base, we're signing their death warrants.
MATTY: Okay, guys, we are out of options, and running out of time.
Two of you, get on the Phoenix jet and stop Acosta; the other two, find and save his family.
With every cop in the nation looking for us? Okay.
RILEY: The general's daughter and grandson live in a condo in Laguna.
Okay, we'll start there and hope the kidnappers left a trail we can follow.
- Where'd you get that photo? - Ah, when I hacked into the general's laptop so Taylor could chat, I might've cloned his hard drive.
Riley, that's a proof-of-life photo.
To make sure he goes through with plugging the quantum chip into the NORAD network.
RILEY: The burner phone they used to send the photo embedded a geotag.
I got an address.
Hold on a second.
I can see the kidnapper's reflection.
He's not wearing a mask.
Which means even if Acosta goes through with it, they won't be left alive when it's over.
AUTOMATED VOICE: T-minus two minutes to lockdown.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) T-minus two minutes to lockdown.
Looks like our luck is holding out.
Acosta's tour of the airbase allowed us to get ahead of him.
They're rather busy bees in here, aren't they? Any idea what they're planning? Simulated nuclear attack.
Once this starts, Cheyenne Mountain goes into lockdown, and our chance of stopping the general's gone.
So, we need to get into the NORAD command center before it's sealed.
These badges should do the trick.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, Boze, not exactly a good time right now.
You're gonna want to hear this, Mac.
It's not a virus on the quantum chip.
- It's not? Then what is it? - Hannah said it's a rootkit.
- Copy.
- That's not a happy face.
- It's a rootkit on the quantum chip.
- Meaning? It's a software tool that gives the user complete and undetected control of any network.
So the people pulling the general's strings aren't trying to sabotage NORAD, they want to control it.
Once that chip is plugged in, the entire United States missile defense system - is in their hands.
- Attention all personnel.
Lockdown in one minute.
Lockdown in one minute.
TAYLOR: Well I hate to draw attention to ourselves, but - we really need to get a move on.
- Yeah.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Prepare for lockdown.
Prepare for lockdown.
(BANGING ON DOOR) - WOMAN: It's the super! - (BANGING CONTINUES) (BOTH GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) - On your knees! - (BOTH PANTING) What was is lost but from death comes life.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (ALARM BLARING) Riley says they've freed the general's family.
Well done.
(BEEPING) No dice, fellas.
We've got command center authorization.
Not during the lockdown.
Civvies get nuked with the rest of us grunts.
Didn't you get the e-mail? - It must've gone to spam.
- Well, mystery solved.
- Uh, we-we've got to get through.
- No, you've got to get out of the way.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Commencing lockdown.
All personnel, report to your stations immediately.
Tell the general his family's safe, but communications have been cut off.
Any idea how to get past that blast door? Well, if a nuclear bomb can't knock them down, I'm not sure how we're going to.
The command center at NORAD is completely sealed off for the duration of the exercise.
No exceptions? It wouldn't exactly be a nuclear simulation if the phone lines were left open, now, would it? Okay, Mac, what's your next move? I'll, uh, let you know when I have one.
Any chance you can science your way through a mountain of granite? There's no way I can get through that much solid rock in the amount of time that I have.
But, uh, m-maybe I don't have to.
I'm not following.
Okay, back when Phoenix was DXS, its engineers consulted in the original design of the NORAD station.
Which means that we would have the architectural plans.
I'm on it.
(ALARM BLARING) It seems like there was a cave-in during the construction phase of the command center.
TAYLOR: How does that help us? Well, there was a-a rescue tunnel that was dug to evacuate the trapped workers.
But it was never refilled though.
It was only sealed at both ends.
So, if I can access that, then I should be able to reach that ventilation shaft and get inside.
Well, I seem to be a fifth wheel in this plan.
How can I help? I can build a drilling tool and a breathing apparatus to get through the tunnel.
However, I need time, as well as those guards to move.
You've given me the easy part.
What? Taylor My friend, perhaps if I had listened to you and Matty at the start, I would have realized Acosta wasn't on the level.
And we wouldn't be fugitives in NORAD, trying to prevent the collapse of the missile defense system.
You can't entirely blame yourself.
As long as I call the shots, I can.
Good luck.
Uh, what is your plan? It's known as the Leeroy Jenkins.
Leeroy Jenkins! (SHOUTING) PACOM and CENTCOM are not responding.
Major Frost, will you take us up to DefCon One? DefCon One.
Spool all missiles in their silos.
- Silo One, go.
- Silo Two, go.
- Silo Three, go.
- Silo Four, go.
Engage backup power.
): DefCon One enabled.
Man all stations.
(POWERING UP) MAN: Backup power engaged.
(HISSING) MAN: We are go.
(PANICKED GASPING) Command center breach! - General Acosta, wait.
- Don't you move, MacGyver.
Your family's safe.
(ALARM BLARING) Do not plug in that chip.
Just undo the lockdown.
Give 'em a call.
They're safe, I promise.
- That's not a chance I can take.
- What are your orders, sir? You know what's at stake.
So do I.
Why would I lie to you? I pray you're telling me the truth.
(SIGHS) (PANICKED GASPING) No! Why would you do this? (ALARM CONTINUES) Who do you work for? I work for everyone.
That's what Martin Bishop said.
What does it mean? (MAN SHOUTS) (ALARM CONTINUES) MATTY: Acosta will be fine.
But he'll be recovering from his wounds in Leavenworth prison.
Seems like a sad end to a storied career.
He's very grateful to you, though, for stopping him from compromising NORAD.
And to you, Desi and Riley for rescuing his family.
MATTY: His testimony and confession cleared all of your names.
And thanks to your work on this op, once I finish dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on your new background check, we will get our security clearances back.
It'll feel good to be legit again.
Yeah, that's great, Boze, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions.
Yeah, like have we ID'd the kidnapper? And what do we know about the shadowy organization behind all this? - And what happened to? - TAYLOR: Go home.
Finding the answers to those questions is my burden to bear.
Go on.
Bugger off.
Head to my place? I'm meeting up with Hannah.
Oh, look at you.
Actually, I got to end it before it starts, okay? I told her what I could, but you guys know there's a lot of secrets to keep when you work around here.
And those tend to catch up to us sooner or later.
I'm out.
All right, man.
I guess it's just us.
Ah, that's gonna be a rain check for me, too.
- (CHUCKLES) - Matty's got some stuff for me to finish up in here.
(SIGHS) (CHUCKLES) What's with the tiny pies? I thought we were going out tonight.
We can't.
There's a (WHISPERS): There's a white lady in the living room.
I'm, I'm sorry, there's a what? That's my boss.
You got to warn me if we're having guests.
Sorry to just drop in, but I was in the neighborhood and thought maybe you would like to discuss that thing you've been meaning to talk to me about.
Yes, yes, the thing.
Um, babe, could you make some drinks for us? Sure.
Sure, sure.
Don't worry, he still thinks you work at a boring think tank.
How much trouble am I in? For failing to disclose the fact that you have a live-in boyfriend when you're right in the middle of getting your security clearance back? - I'm in a lot of trouble.
- I vetted him.
Aubrey Jones, licensed corporate accountant.
No criminal record.
Clean history.
(SIGHS) - I'm sorry, Matty.
- It's fine.
Occasionally scaring the crap out of your employees is just good business management.
Why haven't you shared this with any of us? I just wanted to keep the Phoenix out of it for as long as I could.
When I'm with him, I feel like I'm more than just the job.
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
That's what we all tell ourselves.
Whatever gets you through the night.
You're here late.
Whoever we're up against, they're certainly formidable.
And we're no wiser to their agenda than we were yesterday.
By choosing Phoenix as the Red Cell, they were looking to kill two birds with one stone.
Neutralize us and take over NORAD.
Add "clever" and "dangerous" to the list of superlatives.
Any progress connecting the dots? It's what you do, isn't it? On both the kidnappers' and Frost's phones, we found these encrypted communications.
It's how every message ended.
What does it mean? It's a visual trigger; it reminds them that they're, they're part of something bigger, committed to a cause, but, but who they are remains a mystery.

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