Mad Dogs (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Feel free to help any time you want.
Hold on.
Is it still You know Anybody take it out? What? Is his hand still in his mouth? I haven't touched it.
We can't bury him like this.
Why? It's disrespectful.
He killed Alvo.
Yeah, why should we show him any respect? I dunno, we just can't send him off in this condition.
It's .
bad karma.
Yeah, well, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to us.
How do you want to bury him, Rick? I don't know! Just without a dismembered fist sticking out of his mouth! I'll tell you what, what about top pocket? Like a hankie? We should stuff it up his arse.
Yeah, brilliant.
For God's sake.
Let's go, if you're going to do it.
Maybe not.
Come on, boys, we're nearly there.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, let's just get in the Jeep, yeah? Don't stop driving until we hit Dover.
Yeah, brilliant, Rick, yeah.
They've been watching every move, they even know we went to the police station and they're not going to notice us getting on a fucking ferry in Alvo's Jeep.
12 hours now 'til Lottie gets here with the car.
Come on, mate.
Come on.
We're on that four o'clock flight.
What is it? Firework.
No, it's a flare, isn't it? Distress flare.
What's that about then? You think someone is in distress? Yeah.
They're attacking us.
Let's get inside.
Lock the doors.
Do you see anything? No.
See? Out there.
Something's just moved.
Where? Where? Power cut.
I told you! I told you! We're under attack! From who? I don't know! Cops? Serbians? Fucking drug dealers.
They're just trying to scare us.
We ran in here, but where is the attack? It was a firework.
Come on then, you fuckers! Jesus, Bax! Let's have it! What are you doing?! Christ! What do they say? A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave die but once.
What the hell was that? Listen.
I closed that.
That was shut.
(I can hear someone.
) Shit.
What's that? It's a laser It's a laser thing! Get down, Baxter! Now! I'm telling you, there's definitely someone fucking out there.
They're going to shoot us.
They'll take us out one by one.
We're all going to die in here.
Have they gone? Have they gone? Don't know.
Water's off.
We've got no water.
There's no water, no electricity, no phone.
Actually, this could work for us.
They want us to buckle.
They can't kill us.
They're trying to freak us out.
What makes you think they can't kill us? Because they want the money, don't they? Hey.
Why don't we just buckle? Hand over the money, strike a deal.
You're joking? They might be OK about it.
But then we're totally implicated.
Then they can kill us.
We do have one move left.
All this trying to smoke us out.
They're playing the long game.
The long game? What are you, fucking Sylvester Stallone all of a sudden? What they don't know is we're getting on that plane today.
So that's seven mini Cokes and one small water What kind of idiot buys mini Cokes? Four hours 'til Lottie gets here.
We can make that last.
What? I'm dehydrated.
That means you've only got one left.
I'll have one Coke and one water.
What if I want the water? Fine, you have the water.
Where are you going? Upstairs.
Why? Stretch my legs.
I'll come with you.
Why? Stretch my legs.
What's that? Zoom.
Home-made binoculars.
That's her.
I think So why doesn't she drive up? Shouldn't we see what she wants? I'll go.
I've got the gun.
Why have you still got the gun? Hey? I was the one who had a red laser on my forehead, remember I'll go with you.
No, really, honestly, I can do it on my own.
Or not, whatever.
Thank God.
I have to speak with you.
Why didn't you come up to the villa We don't know who might be watching.
You didn't call me.
I told you I will help you.
Now maybe it is too late.
The boat that belonged to Jesus, it has been found.
There was supposed to be drugs on board, a lot, but there were none.
If you know anything about this boat or the drugs, you must tell me.
This is the last chance.
Why would we know anything? More Serbians arrived to the island and they are looking for these drugs.
There are some things even the police cannot protect you from.
Why would we need protecting? We don't know anything.
You think the Serbian Mafia will care? Leave with me now.
Your options are getting smaller.
I'm not really a hearing that many options other than leaving with you, and to be honest with you, I don't know who you are.
Tell me what happened with the boat.
Woody, can I have a quick word? (Maybe we should just -) You know what? I don't believe you.
I don't think you're a real cop.
I think you've got something to do with these drugs and you've lost them.
Maybe you think Alvo took them, maybe you think we know about it, but I'm afraid you're shit out of luck.
Don't be crazy.
Somebody like you cannot deal with this.
Somebody like me? Really? You don't know me.
You don't know the first thing about me.
This is a different world to the one you are used to.
Have you got any idea what it's like to lose everything? I'm not talking about your job or your driving licence and car keys.
I'm talking about losing your soul.
I'm talking about puking your will to live up into a little bucket while somebody crushes your spirit with a big pair of dirty boots.
And then When you've gone through agony Agony and torment and pain worse than you'll ever, ever imagine, just when you find that tiny little shimmer of fucking hope .
your partner kills herself.
Wrists slit, blood everywhere in the bath for you to come in and find.
And you think I can't deal with this? Baxter! You cannot stay.
Maybe you only have one hour.
She phoned me.
I didn't get in touch with her.
First time was, erm .
about a year ago.
First time? How many times has she rung you? A few.
More after we started seeing each other.
What? No, no, no, it wasn't like that.
We just .
met for coffee.
I didn't sleep with her.
I should hope not.
She's my wife, Quinn.
She's my wife! Not your wife! She's my wife! That's disgusting.
That is awful.
That is the worst thing you can do.
There's a code, you know? There are rules! LISTEN TO ME! Why don't you ask yourself why she came to see me.
Why don't you, for once in your fucking life, try and see the bigger picture.
You're lying.
Three weeks ago, she went away.
She knew we were going.
She said she was gonna see her mates and she was seeing you, wasn't she? She just wanted to sit and talk.
Sit down and talk? Do you think I'm an idiot? Men don't sit down and talk.
They might phone.
If they have to.
They might text.
But normal men avoid all forms of extended discussion at any cost.
It's in our DNA.
She knows about the boat.
What about Alvo? She didn't mention Alvo.
She's supposed to know where the dope's got to.
She's involved, it's obvious.
She's panicking.
She wants to know where the dope and the money is.
Before the Serbians do.
She said that? A whole bunch of them just arrived on the island apparently.
What are you going to do? You gonna fung shui them? If they come here and they don't think we're here, maybe, just maybe, they might fuck off and go back home.
You got a better idea, Quinn? OK Devil's advocate.
Why don't we just leave? Because we got three million Euros in the back of a car that we hired and we've got to wait for it to get here, haven't we? Bax, let's just tell her.
Force majeure.
Force majeure? It frees both parties from liability or obligation when there is an extraordinary circumstance.
What a fuck are you lot talking about? Are you joking? You tell her what happened, then she's going to have the alibi she's been waiting for.
We're dealers that she's taking out in the line of duty.
We're no longer four lads on holiday, no.
We're here specifically to whack Alvo.
Baxter's DNA is all over the murder weapon.
The police have got his DNA on fil Oh, yeah, and there in the boot of the car is all drugs money.
Are you stupid or what? This nonce was up for making a deal with her the other day, weren't you I wasn't.
I wasn't.
I didn't know what she was talking about.
Look at me.
Swear to me that she didn't offer you a way out on your own.
Alright, she offered, yeah.
Why didn't you tell us? What were you doing, Bax? Nothing! Your life is a fake, Bax.
Why should we trust anything that you say? Your business went on its arse months ago and you didn't give up law, did you You were disbarred.
Go on.
Tell me I'm a liar.
I wasn't disbarred.
The firm was sued for malpractice.
Yeah, sure.
Some massive judicial cock-up.
That was probably designed to profit somebody somewhere, but it left me up shit creek, no paddle, great big fucking hole in a canoe.
Was I supposed to do, Woody? Run away? Like you? Get off my tits? Hope the whole thing disappeared? It was fight or flight, mate.
And I fought because I stand up for my responsibilities.
Every last one of them.
School fees.
House insurance.
Car insurance.
Vet's fees.
Residents' fucking parking permit.
Because that's real life! That's the whole world for most people.
People with balls, that is.
People who don't hide behind their addictions.
Oh, poor me! I can't function because I'm chemically disposed to Class As! It's not my fault! I was trying to survive! So, yeah, I took out loans, I borrowed.
I refinanced my entire fucking existence and do you know what? I'm still trying to survive, so don't you come the moral defender with me.
Not you.
Why weren't you just honest with us? Do you think I wanted this? Do you think I wanted to give up law I studied for seven years for that, mate.
Seven years.
And I lost everything.
And I'm doing everything in my power not to hate the rest of the world for the rest of my life because of it.
Meanwhile, Quinn has been fucking my wife.
Oh, you all deserve each other.
I spend God knows how long trying to get my life into a place that I'm happy with.
And then you lot just drag me back down in the gutter.
At least we're not from the gutter.
What did you say? Not now! Say that again.
Oh, just fuck off, will you? I'll tell you what I'll do for you.
We get out of this, I don't want to fucking see any of you ever again.
Do you understand that? None of you.
Woody, just calm down.
We're all getting a bit stressed.
Yeah, that's right, Quinn.
Let's just sit down and talk, shall we? You're always playing at the fucking teacher.
Like you know best.
Like you're the voice of reason? Well, that's a laugh! Because from where I'm standing .
it's the voice of a lying, calculating wanker.
This is all basically your fault, you know? How do you work that one out then, Rick? Because we should have gone to the police the minute Alvo was shot.
But you had to take control, didn't you? You had to do your fucking plan! You were the one who didn't want to go to the fucking police in the first place! You're the twat who took our phones! I'd rather take my chances with the Serbian Mafia than rely on you lot.
How many Cokes have you had? We agreed two each! Rick, listen to me.
For the record I didn't sleep with Nina.
She wanted to see me because she was scared.
She was scared of losing you, Rick.
She said she sensed that That either you'd slept with somebody else Or you were going to and she didn't know what to do.
She needed to know whether her marriage was worth fighting for or whether she should throw in the towel.
I told her I thought it was worth fighting for.
Now, maybe I should have told you at the time but, erm She made me promise not to, so I'm sorry.
"Trouble" - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Trouble, oh, trouble Haven't slept a day in years Haven't slept a day in years Haven't slept a day Trouble, oh, trouble Haven't slept a day in years Haven't slept a day in years Haven't slept a day I just want to go home.
I want to be with my wife.
And my kids.
I don't want to be here any more.
"OK, erm" "How many Freudians does it take to change a light bulb?" "Dunno.
" "How many?" "Two.
" "One to change the lightbulb and the other one to hold my cock.
" "Mother! Ladder!" "It's alright, innit?" "Sorry, guys, Alvo.
" "Correct me if I'm wrong .
you got something floating in your pool.
" What are you doing? Quinn? Quinn, what you doing? Quinn! You can't go out there.
One more hour.
Until Lottie gets here.
"Hey, look at that!" "Oh!" "Yeah!" "Oh, I wanna fuck you so hard.
" "Business.
" Hey, do you think that's funny? Leave it! Leave it! Fuck off, Rick.
"Oh! Oh! Oh, yeah! Yeah!" "OK.
" "No.
" "No.
No, that's" What you doing? I'm trying to work something out.
You could use a DV player.
Get a bigger image.
What DV player? The one I nicked from the boat.
Jesus's boat? Get it.
) That DVD player, was it plugged in to the boat's console? Or a control panel or something? Yeah.
Who took the footage in the restaurant the night after we arrived? He did.
Where's your camera? On the terrace, I think.
"Alright, Dominic.
" "Dominic said we were good.
" "Alright, Dominic.
" "Alright, Dominic.
" Alright, Dominic We've been played.
Alvo got fucked over by them.
They tried to get him to make the drop.
Typical Alvo.
Told them to shove it up their arse.
So they whacked him.
So where, erm Where do these Serbians fit into all this? There are no Serbians, Quinn.
This whole thing It's all smoke and mirrors.
Lottie should be here by now.
I hope she doesn't look in the boot.
Who exactly are we dealing with here, Baxter? Bent cops.
Inside job.
They killed Jesus.
They killed Tiny.
Now they want their money back.
Which means they'll probably kill us.
What was that? Gunshot.
There's someone down there.
There's a man with a gun.
There's another one.
"I'm recording this for my daughters, Emma and Lindsay.
" "People are going to be saying" "Look, no matter what this looks like, you need to know I didn't do anything bad.
" "And I didn't do anything wrong.
" "And I love you both very much.
" "Amy.
" "I've never lied to you.
" "Sometimes shit just happens.
" "Don't let anything stop you living your life to the full.
" "Always.
" "Nina" "I love you and .
I always want to be with you.
" "Death 'til us part.
" "'Til death do us" "Look, start again.
" Just tell your kids you love them.
"I don't" "I don't know if they'll believe me.
" "Be true to yourself.
" "That's all I've got to say.
" I don't want the gun.
Are there any bullets left? Look in the clip.
How do you do that? I think there's some button on the side or something.
There's bullets in here.
Where did you get that? Garden.
What you going to use, Bax? Erm Nothing.
I'm going to take the camera.
I'll be the official recorder.
We're going to need evidence, you know, just in case I'm pretty scared.
Me too.
Shall we? He's not moved.
I can't see which way he's facing.
He's looking down the road, isn't he? There's the other one.
This is us.
This is them.
Pincer movement.
Closing in on him on all sides.
If he spots any of you, scream your bollocks off.
You need to shoot him.
You know that, don't you? What? You have to.
Listen, guys I'm sorry if you thought I was That I was going to betray you.
I wasn't.
I never would.
I could have been a better .
mate to you, Bax.
I mean, you were going through all that shit and I was .
too busy obsessing about my own life.
No, man.
You lent me the money.
You know, I asked you and you were there for me.
You were all there for me too, you know? When the shit hit the fan.
And Alvo.
You were the only ones.
Let's do this.
Just an old man and a boy.
We're just .
messing about.
Are you lot all bummers or something? I'll have your ten grand then.
You didn't You didn't see anyone on the road on the way down here? No.
There was no men? No! You didn't see anyone in a black Range Rover? Cash please.
Oh! Haven't you got owt smaller? It's not what you think.
You know what? I don't want to know I'm getting out of here.
Listen, listen.
We're going to go to the airport, OK? We can give you a lift into town.
No, thanks.
I want to be as far away from you lot as possible.
What about if I get you a cab or something.
I've already got one.
Be lucky, eh? Yeah.
I think I am.
What are we going to do with it? Put it in the towel box here by the pool.
Right, let's do it, yeah? Yeah.
We need to get that hire car back by three.
So, er We are all .
putting in for that hire car, aren't we? Cos .
its on my credit card.
Goodbye, fortune.
Come on! Couple of grand each.
Crossing the line, mate.
Who gives a fuck? I think you dropped something.
Why are you so stupid? So many chances.
So many times you could have just told me where the boat was and then left the island.
And we all live happy ever after.
You're not a cop, are you? Of course I am.
You're a drug dealer.
I'm not a drug dealer.
Listen Senora We're all getting on a plane.
We have the money and we can give it to you and then we'll all be square.
Not really.
How nice of you to give me the money that belongs to the Majorcan Police Department.
Thank you.
We'll never, ever say a word about this to anybody, OK? We promise.
And you know what? You can have the villa too.
Erm, Rick You see, it belongs to us, the villa.
All of it.
The whole thing.
And you can have it.
And then we'll forget the whole thing.
We'll never say anything to anybody.
We'll never tell them that you put drugs on the boat or that you killed Jesus.
You crazy You fucking stupid.
What do you think? You just go home? I forget all this? Nobody find out? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! Fuck! She was going to kill you.
She was going to kill all of us.
Oh, Quinn You killed fucking cop Quinn, you've killed a fucking cop! Quinn, this is what we're going to do.
We're going to go to the embassy, right? We're going to put the money in the car, we're going to put her in the car and tell them everything.
We're going to tell them about Alvo, about Tiny, about the boat, everything.
You're alright, mate.
We're going to stick with you.
No, no, no.
I'll tell you what we're going to do.
You lot are gonna get on that flight and go home.
You're going to get on with your lives, all of you.
See, I'm staying here.
And you're going to forget about me and you're not going to think about it again.
You see, erm I don't want to see any of you ever again.
You're not serious.
Are you? Quinn, come on mate.
Go on! Go! Get out! He's lost it.
He's cracked.
We can't just leave him.
"Run" - Snow Patrol Bax, wait! Here.
Quinn, think about this.
20 grand each.
Have a drink on me.
I'll sing it one last time for you Let's get out of here.
Then we really have to go You've been the only thing that's right In all I've done And I can barely look at you But every single time I do I know we'll make it anywhere Away from here Light up, light up As if you have a choice Even if you cannot hear My voice I'll be right beside you, dear Louder, louder And we'll run for our lives I can hardly speak I understand Why you can't raise your voice to say accessibility@bskyb.