Mad Dogs (2010) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Seriously, I think it's great.
(BAXTER) That's Dominic.
Quinn (RICK) Quinn, you've killed a cop.
Let's get out of here, get to the mainland.
"Welcome aboard Balearic Ferries, to the island of Ibiza.
" 'Yeah, going to another bleeding island.
' (BAXTER) 'I think this, right now, is the start of a whole new life for all of us.
' 'I've put the money in the back of the car.
' That might as well say "please launder me" in the watermark.
And maybe I can help you.
(QUINN) 'What made you think you could trust her?' (WOMAN) My colleague Hector will call at your apartment when the money is ready.
Then you must go to this village.
Whoo! Come on! We're rich, boys.
Let's go home, boys.
Jesus, ears ringing or what? They blew our car up.
They blew our fucking car up.
It was supposed to go off before we got hold of the money, Somebody knows what we're doing, alright? Somebody wanted to stop us picking up that bloody money.
No, I'm not having it.
Boys, hey, hey, hey.
Come on, come on.
Jesus, stay down.
Who the bloody hell was that? Let's get out of here.
Ow! Fuck this! I've had enough.
Hold up! I've been chased, shot at, beaten, blown-up.
I'm finished.
What are you going to do, just sit there? I don't care any more.
I'm going home.
Says he's going home.
We're all going home.
I'm not.
Where are you going? Best if you don't know, isn't it? Why? Because he shot someone.
He shot someone.
You ran somebody over.
And you stole drug money.
And I've had enough.
So I'm going.
This ain't the time to go fucking solo, Rick.
Yes, it is.
No, it's not.
We're far safer if we stick together.
What happens if one of us gets arrested? Just going to drop the other three in it.
Arrested? I thought you said that the cops wouldn't admit to the money's existence.
So why are they going to arrest us? Are we changing the story now? That's not what I meant, Rick.
Do you know what, I've had it with you, Baxter.
I should have gone to Wales.
With Nina.
And her mum, like I was supposed to.
I want my share of the money.
Now? Yeah, now.
I'm going.
Just going to be responsible for myself.
Fine, OK.
Let's divvy it up, then.
Come on.
Hey, Rick! Rick! Hey, Rick! Hold up! Can I ask you something? What? Can you help me with it? Woods, I told you, I just want to be responsible for myself.
It's just I'm just no good at any of that stuff.
I think I might go back to that village.
Remember which way it was? Think it's this way.
Bax! Where you going? Going back to that village before it gets dark.
Find somewhere to stay the night.
Wrong way, mate.
Hey, Woods.
Have you worked out how you're gonna get your money back? Rick, do you reckon you could help me with the money and stuff? You might as well do mine in all, then.
How I'm everybody's best mate all of a sudden.
Wouldn't go that far.
What's that? It's a shrine, isn't it? It's a monkey.
More like a weasel.
Maybe it's a Spanish monkey.
It's a bit weird, is that.
Oh, Jesus.
What? That's Alvo's.
What are you on about? That's Alvo's.
That's what hung in the car.
On the mirror.
You know what this is, don't you? What? This is all that fucking voodoo shit.
Long as we can reach the cashier's window without getting blown up.
Where did he go? Did we lose him? How could we have lost him? Yeah.
Let's not wait around, eh? Come on.
In here.
We need a car.
We could always nick one.
Can we just stop breaking the law? Please, just for one hour.
I don't think we should go back to the apartment.
I don't think we should be running around with all this money.
If someone sees it, they're gonna call the police.
It ain't the police we ain't need to worry about.
What do you mean? What? Oh, right.
It's up to me, is it? It's up to me to mention the elephant in the room.
They've come after us.
Who have? Whoever the fuck that money belongs to.
They phoned my home pretending to be Alvo.
We need to find somewhere to hide the money.
Start looking.
You're right.
Give me a hand getting her down.
What? You can't do that.
That's just it, Woody.
She isn't, is she? We're all going straight to Hell.
OK, two, three.
How long are we going to wait? They must have gone by now.
You know, it's been an hour.
He hasn't come back, has he? I'm not spending the bloody night in here.
Come on, let's go and find a car and get the fuck out of here.
I'm not going out there.
We could just leave the money here, you know.
We could get off the island.
We could come back in a year or so, when everything has quietened down.
Up Mary? I kind of need it, you know? That's why I took it.
I definitely need it now.
We've come this far.
What do we have to do, Rick? Just find an Internet cafe? And four banks.
That shouldn't be too difficult.
Long as we can reach the cashier's window without getting blown up.
(HIGH-PITCHED NOISE) What was that? Huh? I heard something.
(HIGH-PITCHED NOISE) Sounds like a baby.
(BLEATING) It's a goat.
I'm not being funny.
Goat signs haven't exactly bode well for us lately.
(SHE YELLS) Oh, Jesus Christ.
What she go and do that for? She's a fucking voodoo or something.
She's just a nutter.
You don't know that.
She's not well, kid! Jesus.
We leave early, yeah? Tomorrow.
(WOMAN MUTTERS) Long as we can reach the cashier's window without getting blown up.
(CAR PULLS UP) (CAR DOOR SLAMS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) What the hell happened? Hector was supposed to deliver my share of the money last night and now he's not answering his phone.
What do you mean? Why is he not answering his phone? Somebody blew our car up.
What? (QUINN) You got a car? Yes.
What is she saying? She says we are in a lot of danger.
And if we leave now, we are going to die.
She's drawn a line across the square in blood.
Why are we listening to her exactly? Because she's a Santera.
She practises Santeria, a kind of religion.
We must trust her.
She says we can wait in her house.
Until it's safe.
You're not seriously going to listen to that, are you? I don't know.
I'm going.
How long did she say? She'll tell us when it's OK.
Feels like we're trapped here.
I always feel like I'm trapped here.
When you live on a small island.
So, do you, erm .
believe in all this? Do you believe her? If you want to go, go.
But for me it's impossible not to take notice of what she said.
If she says we are in danger, then we are in danger.
Everyone here believes in witches, do they? I haven't come in here to talk to you so don't go getting ideas.
Do you believe in all that? Power of suggestion, isn't it? I know what it suggests to me.
Don't fuck with it.
You think that bar's open? It's 10 in the morning.
They ain't expecting me in the office today.
Actually, they are.
Let's go.
Do you have a wife in England? No.
Children? Yeah.
Teenage daughters.
Now I see why you need the money.
So, where is it? We hid it.
You knew the risks, didn't you, before you got involved in all this.
Why do you need the money? To stop feeling trapped.
The thing is, I've always gained tremendous strength But I'm at a bit of a crossroads.
You see, somehow, I have to learn to live with myself.
I'm not a bad person .
but I killed someone.
And that's not sitting very comfortably with me.
I wish I hadn't done it.
But if I hadn't, you see, we'd all be dead.
So you tell me .
what the fuck was I supposed to do? (FOOTSTEPS) Sorry, do you want one? Mate, stop asking me, will you? If I wanted one, I'd have one.
Seriously, I think it's great.
Considering what happened, come on, with the car.
You were in that car as well, Rick.
We're all responsible.
Hmm Maybe.
What are you trying to say? It's just down to me? No.
That I killed him? Fuck.
What if he's not dead? (SNIFFS) (SOBS) Say he is dead.
If we're literal, it's manslaughter, right? You're not helping.
Play it through.
Play it through.
If it went tits up, I'm talking you and me "Did you take that money?" "No, Officer, Baxter did.
" "Did you kill the bent cop?" "No, Officer, Quinn did.
" "Did Mr Woods run that guy over deliberately?" "He was shooting at us.
The car swerved out of Woody's control.
" "And he may have accidentally clipped him.
" You and me stick together, kid, keep our stories straight, This is just to take the edge off, deal with the stress and everything.
It's not like a proper slip.
It's a blip, not a slip.
I can't believe I can't believe What? That you asked for 25%.
Don't hold it against me.
(GASPS / WHEEZES) (COUGHS) (GASPS) (CAR APPROACHES) (MAN) Hello? Habla Ingles? You speak English? Yeah, I speak English.
I got a bit lost.
Get in the fucking car.
It's alright, isn't it, Ibiza? Did you blow up our car? We thought you were dealers from the mainland.
Anyway, we missed, so what's the problem? Who are you? I'm the man whose money you took.
You want an ice-cream? No, thanks.
Go on, have an ice-cream.
No, I'm alright.
Have a fucking ice-cream! Alright, I'll have an ice-cream.
(SHE SPEAKS SPANISH) Hey? Something about Quinn, isn't it? Hmm.
Baxter! Bax! Yeah, I'm in here.
What? You seen Quinn? Quinn left with somebody in a car.
What? That's Ibiza.
I forgot to do Formentera.
Move your foot.
Give us your ice-cream.
What? You said you didn't want one.
Call this one million euros.
And this is the equivalent in dope that used to come into the islands Compare that to 20 years later, when the psychotropics started to come in in quantity.
What does that tell us? It tells me I'm glad I didn't want that ice-cream.
It tells you that if you come in at the beginning of a growth market, unless you're an idiot, you're going to do very well.
I'm very, very wealthy.
I could let three million go without thinking.
But because of who I am, I can't let it go, you understand? I'll tell you what.
I'll get you uno mas ice-cream and then I will tell you exactly what is going to happen.
You do realise he crossed the whatsit.
The juju line.
If he's been kidnapped, he's gone.
Here, mate.
Anything broken? No.
Can you walk? I think so.
What's that on your face? It's vanilla.
We should take the ferry and get to the mainland.
Alright, good, I'm with you.
Do a runner.
You do realise we did a runner from Majorca and he found us within 12 hours.
We'll charter a boat then.
Fucking hell.
Listen to you.
What? You know how to do that? Do you know who to ask, who's not going to grass us up? Why don't we just do what he's asked? Give him the three million back.
We don't have three million! That is the point.
We're short, Woody.
We're well short.
If we'd got on the boat like I said, we'd be in Barcelona by now.
Jesus wept, stop banging on about the fucking about.
Did you explain everything to him? Of course I explained.
Try him again.
Get off your arse.
Phone him again.
Don't take it out on her.
I'm not taking it out on her.
Oh, Christ.
Yeah, that's all we need.
Baxter's got a crush.
Fuck off.
You fuck off.
No, you fuck off.
No, you fuck off! No, you fuck off! Right.
We've got three million, less than 2,886,000 euros.
Less the 25% that Hector took.
Let's assume we can get that back.
Right, Carmen? I hope.
Which leaves us with what? 114,000 euros.
Which is just under 100 grand sterling.
In 24 hours.
Which is about 25,000 each.
Seriously, I reckon we should split up and get out of here.
Every man for himself.
I think I'll just wait outside.
What about her? Not our problem.
Always take her with you.
Guys, I think there's something going on out there.
Someone is signalling.
No, I think that's just a broken light, isn't it? (SCREAMS) Hector! Oh, shit.
Who would kill him for that? He's the one who shook hands with the devil.
Now he's made us all shake hands with the devil, even though we didn't want to shake hands with the devil.