Madam Secretary (2014) s05e14 Episode Script

Something Better

1 ("BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE" BY TALKING HEADS PLAYS) Ah Watch out You might get what you're after Do you mind? I can't hear anything.
Well, just trying to pass the time.
Besides, there's nothing to hear yet, bud.
El Presidente ain't home.
Got to admit, though, I'm impressed these rebels can tell asses from elbows, let alone infiltrate and bug Sandino's palace.
- We're good teachers.
- (CHUCKLES) Damn straight.
God bless the CIA.
A way - Burning down the house - Show time.
Here's your ticket, pack your bag Time for jumping overboard Transportation is here Close enough but not too far Maybe you know where you are - Fighting fire with fire - (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) Ugh, all wet Hey, you might need a raincoat Shakedown Dreams walking in broad daylight Yeah, they're in.
Sixty five degrees Burning down the house Ugh Bug's still not up.
Sometimes I listen to myself (EXPLOSION) What the hell? God What just happened? (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING) I think our rebels decided to rebel on us.
Burning down the house Go.
No visible means of support And you have not seen nothing yet Everything's stuck together.
JAY: A recent wave of student-led protesters have begun calling for President Sandino to step down, and he's been responding with brutal violence.
Hundreds of civilians have already been arrested or killed in clashes with the police and pro-government paramilitaries.
So Sandino continues his slide into authoritarianism and the populace is teetering on the brink of open revolt.
Is about that the gist of the situation? Well, and if Nicaragua devolves into civil war, we could end up with the next Syria in our own backyard.
Complete with refugee crisis.
ELIZABETH: We've reached out to President Sandino, but he's refusing to engage.
- Recommendations? - ELIZABETH: Travel ban, to start.
That'll get his attention.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans travel there every year, a travel ban would be a significant blow to Nicaragua's economy.
American business interests in Nicaragua as well.
Well, I think a little short-term pain that may incentivize Sandino to stop killing his own people DALTON: Relations with Nicaragua have been a shambles since Sandino's father was president in the '80s.
I doubt that Junior would respond well to unilateral U.
I think it's worth finding out, sir.
DALTON: Based on our track record, I'm not too comfortable with it.
Well, if I could put together a coalition of countries willing to jointly condemn and take action against Nicaragua, will the White House reconsider? Bring me a coalition with a plan, we'll see.
Adele, get me a report on U.
business interests in Nicaragua, and I want the latest whip count on the children's health care bill.
You've got a call in to the whip's office, and Barry from Comms is waiting in yours.
RUSSELL: That meeting was supposed to start an hour ago.
Has he been in there this entire time? We've rescheduled so many times, he thinks you're trying to avoid him.
All right, five minutes, then POTUS needs me on an urgent matter.
With me.
- I'm not avoiding you, Barry.
- I'd dispute that, but I only have a couple minutes before Adele comes in here saying POTUS needs you.
Well, then by the time she does, it'll probably be true, - so hurry up.
- Okay, then.
I've just about got you set up on Twitter and Instagram.
I'm delegating social media - to my intern, Stevie.
- What? I mean, uh, great, - but what? - Ever since that video of me yelling at that homeless protestor lady went viral, Comms has been nagging POTUS that I need to "rehab" my online image.
Sadly, he agreed.
America doesn't want a bully in the White House, so we're gonna introduce them to the real Russell Jackson, someone who's likable, funny, human.
You know, all the traits one looks for in the president's hatchet man.
Anyhow, think you can handle it? Absolutely.
Um, wh-what's involved, exactly? I'm emailing you a PDF of the White House guidelines, but it's really pretty simple.
Feel free to share posts from other official accounts.
Anything policy-intensive, run it past me, and beyond that, focus on making the COS feel relatable to the average American.
And here we go.
Good God, where'd you get that picture? I look like J.
Alfred Prufrock.
STEVIE: I'll find a different one.
- Please.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Russell, POTUS urgently needs you.
Never mind, Adele.
Clever Barry's onto us.
I was just leaving, actually.
DM me if you have any questions.
Copy that.
Sir, I just want to thank you for this opportunity.
It's an honor.
It's really not.
Giants once held this office, strode these halls.
I won't make you look stupid.
'Course you will.
That's what social media does.
Al Hague is laughing at me from Valhalla.
(PHONE RINGS) Hey, Shane.
How are you? What's up? Hey, big brother.
Just checking in, see how my little girl's doing.
Sarah got to the house this morning just in time for breakfast.
It's gonna be really great to spend some time with her before she ships out.
About that, do deployments ever get postponed or, uh, cancelled? Sure.
But I don't think that'll be the case with Sarah.
Medical units are always in demand.
She's gonna be fine, Shane.
Come on, man, she's going to Iraq.
To a hospital in the Green Zone.
Look, things are much quieter there than they were in the bad old days.
Most of her patients will be evac'd in from Syria or other parts of Iraq.
It's highly unlikely that she'll be near any real combat.
She put me in charge of her will, in case she is.
Oh, man.
(SIGHS) Well, that's got to be hard.
She chose to specialize in trauma medicine, and she knew where she might be deployed, and she made that brave and noble choice anyway.
Some comfort that'll be if, um Look can't you call in a favor? Or just walk down the hall and ask your buddy, the commander in chief, to change her orders? Please? You know I can't do that.
Professor Ethics would never engage in something so unseemly.
Did Sarah tell you that she was concerned? She didn't have to.
My gut is telling me that she's not up for it.
Hey, how about we be battle buddies? If you're worried about Sarah, you call me, and we'll get through it together.
Or you pull a few strings, we don't have to get through at all more important, neither does she.
I'm there for you, Shane.
I'm there for Sarah.
You know, I'm sorry I wasted your time.
(SIGHS) - So? - So what? So, what's the plan? We've been trying to corral Nicaragua's neighbors while M-Sec makes a play to get China invol Nobody cares about that.
Buddy, don't hold out on me.
Uncle Matty's here to help.
- What's Uncle Matty talking about? - Nothing.
Go away, Uncle Matty.
Annelies is in New York this weekend.
Annelies Oh, the woman from the airport in Ireland.
The chess player.
Chess champion.
How many other Annelieses do you know? Three.
She's gonna be up there for a chess convention.
They have those? And our boy is taking the Acela up after work to meet her.
Now, because I'm his friend and I want him to be happy, I want to make sure that he has a sound plan.
We're about to brief M-Sec.
Could we not talk about this right now? That's so great that you two have been staying in touch! Oh, they've been more than staying in touch.
They're texting all the time, Skyping every night Look, I appreciate the support, but I'm trying to manage expectations, which also means managing the flow of information.
Okay, first of all, ouch.
Okay, look, if you must know, hopefully, I'll be able to jet out of here early.
The plan is to meet up tonight for a drink, and if that goes well we'll go out for our official first date tomorrow.
- You're staying at the same hotel? - No, I'm trying to keep the whole thing casual, just let it breathe.
You realize for someone trying to keep things casual, you're being incredibly uptight right now? Also hurtful.
Well, maybe that's because I'm trying to maximize the potential for success as much as my stupidly complicated life will allow, ideally without the whole State Department breathing down my neck, so can we just get back to work? - Please? - Sure.
Since apparently, we're just work friends - who don't share things.
- Oh, my God.
- All right, buddy.
Keep me posted.
- Yeah.
A civil war in Nicaragua would be disadvantageous for everyone, our business interests in the region included.
But China doesn't believe that the situation is that precarious.
And, I think, perhaps, President Dalton feels the same, or you wouldn't need China to make your threats for you.
If we wait for the situation to become that precarious, then it may be too late for either of our presidents to intercede.
Agree to disagree.
Good day, Madam Secretary.
God, I hate it when he does that.
Please tell me you guys had better luck.
BLAKE: Guatemala, Costa Rica, even Honduras have all agreed to join - a coalition to sanction Nicaragua.
- All right, that's a start.
- What about Russia? - JAY: I struck out.
Avdonin was almost as apathetic as Chen.
Well, it's no secret that President Sandino is cozy with Russia, so that was a big swing, anyway.
JAY: A coalition without the U.
, Russia or China won't pack much of a punch.
Forgive me if this is a rookie question, but isn't the obvious move here to lead with a muscular position from the White House? Why is POTUS being so gun-shy about this? Well, I don't know.
But, uh let's try and come up with other ways to de-escalate the violence before I go back to him.
If we can't get a travel ban, then we should at least issue a travel warning to protect our own people.
Do it.
And let's start putting together a plan in case U.
citizens in-country need to evacuate.
DAISY: It may be too late for that, ma'am.
This video posted by an American student working with a missionary group in Nicaragua, it's blowing up the Internet.
My name is Bethany James, and I'm standing in Iglesia de Santiago in Managua, Nicaragua, where college students are fleeing for their lives from the police.
Forces controlled by President Sandino opened fire on a peaceful protest against his oppressive government.
Many are now seeking sanctuary in the church to avoid being gunned down in cold blood.
I'm posting this video so the world will know that Sandino is a murderer and a dictator.
Security forces have barricaded the church, but the students are refusing to surrender.
So it's a standoff.
With American missionaries caught in the crossfire.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) (BUZZER RINGS) Buddy, this is all gonna be fine.
What are you talking about? The boss is about to hand us our asses because the rebels we vouched for planted a bomb instead of a bug.
But he's not the last word on this.
Trust me, the brass at Langley will call us heroes.
Something tells me he'll beg to differ.
What the hell happened out there? We don't exactly know yet.
- Sir.
- Let me tell you what I know.
Thanks to your screw-up, the president of Nicaragua is badly injured.
His wife is dead, and he's gone into hiding with his eight-year-old son, who saw the whole thing.
I'm so sorry, Chief Dalton.
We vetted our assets for months.
- (EXPLOSION IN DISTANCE) - (VOICES SHOUTING) You hear that, gentlemen? That's the sound of a country on the brink of civil war.
This, uh, fiasco will only send President Sandino further into the arms of the Soviets, and cement his hatred of the United States.
CODY: Due respect, Sandino's just another commie bastard like the rest of them.
The whole country's crawling with Cubans.
Everyone from POTUS on down knows the endgame here is regime change.
Personally, I think those rebels did us a favor by speeding up the process.
I'm kicking you both off the case and out of the country.
Langley can figure out what happens to you next.
- You can't you can't do that.
- But The hell I can't.
Now get out of here so I can start trying to undo the damage you've done.
Go! (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) WARE: Our latest Intel indicates that somewhere around 200 protesters have taken refuge in the church, including 14 American missionaries.
Several dozen of the protesters - appear to be wounded.
- RUSSELL: Gordon, what are our tactical options? (SCOFFS) Not great.
We could send in a SEAL team with close air support, or tactical drone strikes to take out the forces surrounding the church.
I'm not deploying the United States military against the Nicaraguan National Police.
President, if I may, there's a bigger picture here.
Russia has become heavily invested in Nicaragua during Sandino's presidency.
In fact, they are constructing what we believe to be a covert listening post in-country.
It's like we're fighting the Cold War all over again.
WARE: The current political instability could prove perfect cover for us to counter Russian influence by increasing our own intelligence assets on the ground.
What are you suggesting? That we send in CIA to train these protesters in guerrilla warfare? BECKER: Our adversaries are exploiting the chaos, sir.
So should we.
Let me be perfectly clear.
We are not going back to the CIA Cold War playbook for Nicaragua or anywhere else.
Those people down there are not our puppets.
Well, I-I think the most important thing right now is that we get as many people out of that church alive as possible.
And, sir, maybe you would reconsider instituting the travel ban, or any other financial means necessary to force Sandino to negotiate with us before well, before it's too late.
Do it, Bess.
That'll be all.
(SIGHS) Good news.
You're already up to 6,000 followers on Twitter.
I'm so happy.
Got a sec to approve some posts that are a bit more on the fun side? Absolutely.
The president of Nicaragua is threatening to commit mass murder in a church, and the ghouls in Congress are plotting to take away health care for millions of children, but sure.
Seems like the perfect time to tell the world @RealRussJackson has a new set of golf clubs he just can't wait to try.
You do? So, yeah.
You know what? You're right.
We can circle back on this later.
Adele, I'm going off the grid for ten minutes.
Look, just post whatever.
I'm sure it's fine.
Going off the grid? He's gonna go watch the Panda Cam from the National Zoo.
Helps his blood pressure.
That's real? He really does that? He contains multitudes.
What is happening? Everybody's working together? That is a nice surprise.
Sarah McCord, you're a good influence on your cousins.
- Oh.
- Seriously, Dad.
Does it look like Jason's helping? - Well - The attitude isn't helping.
HENRY: Elizabeth apologizes, by the way; she's not gonna make it for dinner.
- She's stuck at work.
What else is new? - Oh.
So, how was your day? Oh, it was great.
Alison treated me to a much-needed spa day.
I doubt I'm gonna have very much time for pampering in the Green Zone.
ALISON: But I will send you care packages, - just the same.
- (PHONE CHIMES, STEVIE GASPS) Russell's Twitter just reached 10,000 followers! HENRY: Isn't Russell just a little hotheaded to be trusted with his own Twitter account? ALISON: Well, Dad, no one important manages their own social media.
Check it out.
So, his feed really started blowing up after the National Zoo retweeted this post that I wrote about their Panda Cam.
"Happy Birthday, Bei Bei!! "Love watching this little guy grow up "live via the @nationalzoo Giant Panda Cam!!" Birthday cake, birthday cake, balloons, smiley face with heart eyes? (LAUGHS) Yeah, Russell is definitely not managing that himself.
JASON: You know, students are being killed for opposing a corrupt dictator in Nicaragua.
You want to maybe tweet about that? Have you seen the latest Bethany James video? Here, look at this.
BETHANY: Hour six, and we've triaged the wounded as best we can, but we're low on supplies and people with actual medical training.
It's possible that not everyone here will survive the night.
But the resistance will not be intimidated, right, Oscar? The people of Nicaragua elected a president, not a dictator.
- We will not yield.
- (CHEERING) Kind of makes me feel guilty about going to college instead of, you know, actually getting out and changing the world.
I mean, this whole generation of McCords we're all just kind of - sell-outs.
- Well, I think that might be a little STEVIE: Hey! Excuse me.
I just work in the White House.
ALISON: Yeah, Sarah's about to get out there, and save lives and kick ass.
That's pretty cool.
Look, seriously, please don't put me on a pedestal, or them, either, okay? Because based on the conditions I just saw, that girl Bethany is right about one thing.
Some of her friends will definitely die.
And assuming she survives, she's gonna have to live with the fact that she and her beliefs failed to save them.
So what part of that is cool, exactly? Sorry.
I'm I didn't mean to snap like that.
I Getting organized to leave is really hectic.
And I guess it's just making me tense.
(SIGHS) So should I set the table? - That'd be great.
- SARAH: Yeah.
Uh, Jason, give her a hand, would you? ELIZABETH: How did it go with the calls with the families of the missionaries? Better than my Skype call with their new lawyer.
She's publicly calling for the U.
to take stronger actions against the Nicaraguan government.
Well, at least President Sandino finally agreed to take my call.
I'm sorry this turned out to be such a late night, ma'am.
I know you wanted to spend time with your niece.
No, I'm sorry for you.
I-I heard you had to cancel a hot date up in New York? It's no big deal.
I warned Annelies this could happen.
Comes with the job.
Well, you're being very stoic.
That's his thing now, so NINA: Madam Secretary, I have President Sandino on the line for you now.
Thank you, Nina.
(BEEPS) President Sandino, thank you for speaking with me.
I am sorry that this call had to be under such dire circumstances.
If you mean the terrorist coup that is threatening my country, then I am sure you'll understand I'm a little busy right now, Secretary McCord.
You keep calling them "terrorists," but the social media videos being posted from inside that church show a group of scared kids.
If you send in a negotiator to guarantee safe passage for the wounded and due process for anyone arrested, um, I'm confident this situation could be resolved without further violence.
Is that what the U.
would do? Hmm? Negotiate with terrorists? President Sandino, as I'm sure you're aware, there are 14 American missionaries also trapped in that church.
We want them back.
Or what? Like my father before me, I refuse to be bullied by the U.
From what I understand, your father is currently undergoing medical treatment in Florida.
Isn't it time we learn to work together? You lost that chance when your CIA murdered my mother.
We alone shall handle our internal affairs as we see fit.
(BEEPS) Get me the CIA files on Sandino and his father.
Maybe if I understand better what happened to them in Nicaragua's first civil war, I can find a way to stave off a second.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Okay? Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I just took a call from Ephraim Ware.
Intelligence has clocked a group of Chinese operatives that they believe might be a hit squad entering Nicaragua through Costa Rica.
I guess maybe China's decided that Sandino is bad for business after all.
ELIZABETH: So, what do you think is going on with Sarah? You think maybe seeing all those wounded people near to her own age maybe that's shaken her up? Could be.
I didn't want to get into it in front of the kids.
You know, maybe Shane's right to worry.
I feel like I should talk to her, but honestly, I don't know what to say.
I mean, when I deployed, it was to potentially take lives, and Sarah's going in to save them.
Maybe you just need to let her know that you're there for her.
Maybe I should take her to see Will.
Ooh, I don't know about that.
Why? He's been in combat zones.
Heck, he teaches trauma medicine.
He's bound to have some good advice.
I love my brother.
But he's got a very particular take on things.
And how it's going to land on other people isn't usually much of a factor in his thinking.
(PHONE BUZZES) I've got to do something; I feel a responsibility to Shane and Sarah.
Want to make sure she's in a good place when she deploys.
Yeah, okay, well (CHUCKLES) Don't, don't don't say I didn't warn you.
Well, after you downplayed my earlier concerns about Nicaragua, I was surprised to hear that a group of Chinese operatives were spotted in Costa Rica near the border today.
CHEN: You grasped the situation there more clearly than I.
President Sandino's behavior has proven to be unacceptably destabilizing.
To the Nicaraguan people, or to Chinese investment in the region? Pick whichever answer suits you.
If you're saying what I think you're saying, Ming, I strongly urge you to reconsider.
Nicaragua, i-it's it's a powder keg right now.
One stray spark could ignite a civil war.
That is exactly what China wishes to avoid.
Well, then we can still work together to negotiate with Sandino.
Sandino doesn't want to negotiate, Elizabeth.
And neither do I.
If the U.
cannot bring him to heel, then China will do what it must.
At least try and buy me a little bit more time.
I'll do what I can.
Good night, Madam Secretary.
Morning What is that doing here? It's a gift for Russell.
From Carlos Morejon.
RUSSELL: Stevie! Get in here.
Bring the bear.
- Is this all from Senator Morejon? - (SIGHS) Thanks to your little social media stunt, half the city is mocking me.
I didn't see this coming.
Um On the plus side, you're-you're trending with-with normal, uh non-political panda-loving Americans.
Fat lot of good that does the millions of children about to lose health care.
You (SCOFFS) Do you not understand how my job works? I can't whip votes if people in this town think I'm soft and cuddly.
They have to be afraid of me.
Let me ask you a question.
Are you afraid of me? A little.
How about now? I see your point.
- Fix this! - Yeah.
WILL: Uh, so, Sarah, Henry says you've got some pre-deployment jitters.
What? N No.
Uh, I asked Will to join us because I thought it might be nice for you to talk to someone who's had some background in combat medicine, you know, in case you have any last minute questions or concerns.
(SIGHS) Look, Uncle Henry, I know I freaked out for a second last night, but I-I'm not afraid.
For yourself.
It's the safety of your patients that you're worried about.
That despite all your training, when the gurneys from some IED attack start rolling in, you won't have what it takes.
- Am I right? - (SIGHS) What if I'm not good enough? What if a patient dies because I screwed up? Well, let me let me put your mind at ease.
You are going to screw up, and some of your patients are going to die.
Okay, should we just order? Now, hopefully those two things won't overlap.
But you can't let fear of either paralyze you.
Let me let me ask you something.
When it comes to being a successful trauma nurse, what do you think the most important trait - to have is? - (EXHALES) Training, obviously.
Well, I'm told you were near the top of your class, so I'm not worried about training.
What else? Staying cool under pressure.
Hmm, getting warmer.
(CHUCKLES) And the biggest determinant of whether or not you'll be able to stay cool under pressure is? HENRY: Sleep.
How do you sleep, Sarah? Are you a are you a good sleeper? (CHUCKLES) I can power down anywhere.
- Airplane.
Nurses' lounge.
- WILL: Wow.
Back of a Humvee.
- Well, that's great.
- Anywhere.
You'll-you'll be fine.
HENRY: Great.
Let's order.
WILL: That's it.
That's all I got.
(CHUCKLES) The vast majority of medical errors happen when the provider is too tired to think clearly.
So if you don't want to make mistakes, just get all the sleep you can.
But what if I had told you I wasn't a good sleeper? Then I would have said to take your nursing degree and-and go work in a nursing home, 'cause trauma medicine ain't for you.
Believe it or not, I find that oddly comforting.
Oddly comforting.
That's me.
- So, can we order? - SARAH: Yeah.
So, how bummed was Annelies that you had to cancel on her? Actually, she took the train to D.
this morning with some chess friends, do some sightseeing.
If we can get Sandino to back down, then I'm gonna meet up with them.
Why don't you sound happier about that? Because she's in my city having a great time, just not with me.
And look.
Look at her Instagram.
Wh-What's the deal with that guy? He's got his arm around her in every picture.
BLAKE: Big arm.
Okay, buddy, speaking from personal experience, do not go there.
Any update from inside the church? BLAKE: Yes.
It's not good.
Bethany James just posted another video.
Four of the wounded have died since last night.
They are running dangerously low on food and water, medical supplies.
And the Chinese hit squad? JAY: Laying low.
Maybe knowing that we had eyes on them slowed their roll.
Sounds like Chen was able to talk some sense into President Li.
Any ideas in Sandino's CIA file? Maybe one.
I got to talk to the president.
(BIRDS CHATTERING) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) State Department Political Officer Conrad Dalton, I've always been so puzzled by your title.
Tell me, when the State Department returns your dismembered corpse to Washington, will they go through the pretense of holding a memorial, or will that fall to your comrades at the CIA? President Sandino, I came here to tell you that the attempt on your life wasn't sanctioned by the U.
It would be unwise to insult my intelligence.
You know we've been in contact with some of the rebel cells, but that bombing should never have happened.
For whatever part we might have played, both my government and I personally am truly sorry.
I will tell that to my son when he's crying at night for his dead mother.
I know there's nothing I can ever do to make this right for you.
Or your son.
But we still have the power to save Nicaragua from more violence.
If you publicly start to distance yourself from the Soviet Union and announce your willingness to work with the United States - With the United States? - I believe - my government will back yours.
- You train rebels over our border.
- You mine our harbor.
- I believe I can convince my government to back yours.
Your country has been the source of my country's misery for a hundred years.
Together we can end this conflict before it spirals out of control.
You see this man right here? (CHUCKLES) He thinks I should kill you.
And so does this one over here.
They all think that I should chop you to pieces with my machete and dump your corpse in front of the U.
Embassy to send the message that this is what war with Nicaragua will look like! But this this is not the kind of leader that I want to be for my people.
Or the kind of parent that I want to be for my son.
And I want you to deliver a message to your government: that I will never stop fighting for my country! (GRUNTS) ELIZABETH: I knew that you were in Nicaragua in the '80s, but until I read the file, I had no idea that you attempted to negotiate with Sandino after the assassination attempt.
Not that it did any good.
(SCOFFS) It was courageous.
It was futile.
The civil war raged on, cost the lives of tens of thousands of Nicaraguans.
Still, you were right to believe that he was a leader to be reasoned with.
Despite constant undermining by the U.
, he managed to do some good for his people.
And when he lost an election, he gave up power.
More than I can say for a lot of the folks we backed in the region.
There were no easy answers then.
Take yourself back to the Cold War.
Deaths under Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, either by privation or outright murder, numbered in the hundreds of millions.
How could we not push back? True enough.
But my God, did we make some awful mistakes along the way.
Myself included.
I mean Sandino Jr.
might not have turned out to be such a monster if his mother hadn't been killed on my watch.
I understand second-guessing the past, but we are on the verge of a disaster in Nicaragua now.
Sandino Jr.
is showing no sign of backing down.
And when the country finally implodes, you can bet Russia and China will be ready to swoop in and capitalize on the chaos.
So then, we let CIA off the leash.
And on and on it goes.
I get that this must feel like déjà vu, but you still have a chance to break the cycle, Conrad.
And how would I do that? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) What's going on here? Cancer survivors, here for a photo op with POTUS to help drum up support for the children's health care bill.
Now that I'm tainted by Pandagate, we have to stoop to emotional manipulation.
Hey, mister.
Aren't you the Panda Cam man? I guess that's me.
I love pandas, too.
Bei Bei is my favorite.
Can I take a selfie with you? Actually, um come with me.
I hope I'm not imposing but, it would mean the world to her if you'd post that picture on Instagram.
Please? Absolutely.
Uh, uh, this is Stevie, my social media director.
Just give her your Instagram - (MOUTHING) - handle, and she'll tag you.
(CHUCKLES): Okay? Thanks, Mr.
(EXHALES) Conrad Dalton, you always seem to come calling when it's already too late.
You once told me you would never stop fighting for your country.
I hope that's still true.
An old piece of shrapnel was migrating towards my heart.
Luckily, they were able to remove it without much trouble.
I am truly sorry for everything you went through that day, Mateo.
And for everything the Nicaraguan people went through afterwards.
I know what you want from me, but I cannot help you.
My son he keeps his own counsel now.
I understand that.
I have a son, too.
He's battled addiction since high school.
It's devastating to watch a child you raised and love going down such a destructive path.
I was so proud of my son when he was elected president.
I thought he would finish the work that I started.
But now it seems he's becoming the sort of dictator I fought to overthrow.
And you fought too hard and suffered too much for Nicaragua for that to be its fate.
Please, for the sake of your people, talk to your son.
I have been out of my son's inner circle for many years.
I don't even know if he would listen to me.
Well, I wasn't sure you would listen to me, but here we are.
MATT: I don't know why you're being - so coy, Jay.
I don't get it.
- Hey, guys.
- Thanks for coming in on a Saturday.
- Good morning.
- And Chloe's here! - Hi! - Hi, M-Sec! - (LAUGHTER) Okay, that does make things better.
Tell us you got to spend some time with Annelies last night.
I got home a little late.
Her train leaves in a couple hours.
- Sorry, buddy.
- It's fine.
Uh, ma'am, so I take it that the president's overture to Sandino Sr.
was unsuccessful? Actually, President Dalton was able to convince Sandino Sr.
to reach out to his son, but Junior wasn't willing to blink.
President Sandino refused to negotiate with his own father? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
So he's going full despot.
So, if anyone has any great idea in their back pocket on preventing an incipient massacre, boy, would be a great time to share.
Wait, ma'am, you have to see this.
development in Nicaragua today.
Former President Mateo Sandino Sr.
came out in support of protesters trapped inside a church and against the country's current president, his own son.
JOURNALIST: Señor Presidente - You guys, are you watching - TRANSLATOR: Mr.
President, - Oh, you are.
- Do you have any message for the current president? If my son wishes to talk, he knows where to find me, here, with the Nicaraguan people.
Today and always.
My God, will you look at that? Por favor Please, let us pass.
Yeah, major news outlets are picking this up all over the world.
Sandino Jr.
will never be able to spin this as a terrorist incident now.
He won't risk opening fire on that church with a beloved national hero inside.
- So, it's over? - Well, um, we still have to closely monitor the situation until all those missionaries are safely back on U.
soil, but it is no longer an "all hands on deck" situation.
(MATT CLEARS THROAT) What? - Imminent crisis averted, man.
- Go.
- Hope has been restored.
Go! - Get out of here.
- I got Chloe.
- Oh, Chloe, how would you feel about hanging out with me - for a while? Right? - Ooh.
- Are you serious? - Now Oh, yeah, I am.
'Cause I still got it.
(CHUCKLES) I mean, what are you waiting for? I appreciate it, ma'am.
Guys, I-I really do.
But I think it's pretty clear that I don't have space to date.
And even if I did, what if what if we don't really have a spark between us and I'm just romanticizing a night stuck in an airport, of all places? Do you have to work - at being this pitiful? Okay.
- What? (LAUGHS) I mean This may be the first time I utter these words in this office.
Stop thinking! Please.
Just go! You'll never know until you try.
And you'll know when you see her.
- Just come on.
- Like, right now.
She's leaving - in two hours, Jay.
- Go.
Get out of here.
Go, Jay! Go! Honey? - Go, Daddy.
- (LAUGHTER) - MATT: Go! Go! - Okay.
- Yay! Bye! Bye.
- I love you! (KNOCKING AT DOOR) - Yeah.
- (DOOR OPENS) You wanted to see me? Sit.
I'm sure you're wondering why I called you in on a Saturday.
Just happy to be here.
Where I'm hopefully still welcome.
I noticed that when you posted the photos of me handing out the pandas to those kids, you also tagged the jackals who sent me the stupid things in the first place.
It made me furious.
I just thought it would be a good way to generate publicity for the children's health care bill.
Well, as it turns out, you were right.
Parents around the country put so much pressure on Morejon and the others, they were forced to throw their support behind the bill.
Looks like it's gonna pass after all.
Really? It worked.
Worked so well they even renamed it.
The Pediatric, Adolescent, and Neonatal Doctor Accessibility Act.
You still got a lot to learn, Stevie.
But you got good instincts, and that's something that can't be taught.
So, I called you in on a Saturday to thank you for a job well done and invite you to watch the floor vote with me.
I would be honored, sir.
ELIZABETH: Sandino's agreed to meet with some of the student leaders, with his dad acting as intermediary.
And if the old man stays in his son's good graces, he might be able to help us thaw our diplomatic relations with Sandino Jr.
as well.
Good call, Bess, - bringing him in.
- Eh, it was your idea first.
I just nudged you to give it another go.
(CHUCKLES) If at first you don't succeed, wait 35 years and try again.
Hopefully, China won't be as slow to learn as the rest of us.
Chen heeded my warning about pulling the wrong strings this time, but there's no guarantee they won't consider it again.
But, you know, Bess, on a day like today, we can hope.
Just because history repeats itself doesn't mean we're doomed to make the same mistakes.
Not as long as people are willing to fight for something better.
Takes time and courage to step outside our comfort zones and forge new paths.
ELIZABETH: Yes, sir.
But the end result is almost always worth it.