Madam Secretary (2014) s05e15 Episode Script

Between the Seats

1 Come on.
Cook your signature dish.
It's perfect for family dinner.
What is your problem? Sure.
There's nothing better than pitting family against one another in a contest to guarantee a stressless and loving meal.
Hey whatever it takes to get us all together, - I'm down with that.
- Thank you.
Uh, and I think you will find my mandarin orange chicken miraculous.
- Mmm, thanks.
- Do you want one? - Dad! - Yes.
- She wants one.
- What? - We said no campaigning.
(coughing): Waffle potato pancakes.
- Hey - Oh, thank you, that was very subtle.
Waffle potato pancakes, always Yukon Gold, - always hand shredded.
- And thank you.
Thank you to my brilliant and lovely sister for not cooking, so that we might truly enjoy this meal.
Thank you.
Well it is my signature dish.
Thank you, thank you.
- Now dig in.
- Okay.
Um c-can we say grace? Oh, we don't do that, sweetie.
Well, why not? Yeah, we'll talk about it at home, okay? It's fine with us.
But not with the man who never takes off his John 3:30 bracelet.
Well, that's about faith.
And this is personal.
I-I'm happy to talk about this later.
I just don't think we should casually participate in a ritual we haven't defined for ourselves.
Well, Annie casually participated in saying grace at Gwendolyn's house, and she liked it.
This really isn't the time or the place to discuss it.
So in the meantime, if she wants to say a prayer and be thankful, it wouldn't hurt anyone.
And I think that this should be a family meeting for another time.
What if the McCords say grace and, Annie, you can join in? What if you two don't put me on the spot like this? Mandarin chicken, anybody? I'm not campaigning, just asking.
Do you remember the prayer you said at Gwendolyn's house? - Soph.
- ANNIE: Yeah.
"God is great, God is good.
Let us thank him for this food.
" - There we go.
- Amen.
- Annie, do you want chicken? - Yes.
HENRY: Okay, what, these-these are vegan, right? (PEN CLICKING) I can't get past it.
You should really try.
Was it really such a big deal that his eight-year-old daughter wanted to say a prayer before dinner? What, he can't participate in anything until he's defined it? - What-what is that? - Babe, a lot of couples have struggles around the role religion is gonna play in their lives.
- Yes, of course.
- Remember us after Stevie was born? Yes, but the difference is, you are a sane person who is willing to listen and respect the fact that your wife was still working through some issues about organized religion.
Yes, and you were able to understand that it was important to me to have the kids - get some exposure to it.
- Fine.
Maybe Will and Sophie just haven't had that talk.
Still he couldn't just do it for Annie? Have the-the big talk later? I don't know.
You can't just put your kid in the middle of a scene like that to defend some vague you know principle.
So you're just deliberately not getting involved.
Because you think that I'm-I'm too parental with Will? Correct.
Well, I was, actually sort of like his parent.
And I feel a responsibility to help when he does these things that are Yeah, but then you just talk in that tone of voice, and he gets angry and defensive, - and he can't take in a word you say.
- so extraordinarily stupid.
Maybe you should talk to him.
- Uh, no.
- He respects you.
You could give him some religious advice.
- Babe, he's a grown man.
- It would be a perfect time for you to trot out your old pal Aquinas.
I'm not gonna talk to him about his adult behavior.
It wasn't all that adult.
Stop it.
Look you're going away tomorrow.
Why don't you join me in this bed and we can not talk about it? Okay.
(MAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) You move that State Department folder one more time, and I will turn your stay on the seventh floor into a horrifying fever dream.
Thank you.
You'd think the Defense Department would be - a little more secure.
- (CHUCKLES) You know what? I'm actually kind of relieved I don't have to go to Afghanistan with this crowd.
The signing of the Afghanistan Rebuild-Renew Agreement would be the event of the year if we can pull it off.
Hey! Leave it! Thank you.
You're right.
It could get tense.
(CHUCKLES) Still got a lot of details to work out with President Sharza about the spending of this $10 billion aid package we're sending them.
Yeah, well, they've done everything they promised in terms of meeting their human rights benchmarks and allowing the Taliban to be a part of the government.
So, they'll be tough, but it'll work out, because it's $10 billion and they need it.
And Gordon Becker will get that drawdown on close to 90,000 troops.
Still no women allowed in government, though.
That must have been a hard concession for M-Sec to make.
You have no idea.
Majority of Afghans wanted the Taliban involved in the government, and they weren't willing to budge on that.
Oh, well.
Just give 'em another hundred years or so.
- (SIGHS) - Oh! Hey, someone's a little overeager for the trip.
Okay, okay.
I-I got that thing for my mom first, remember? I'm arriving in Kabul a day late.
- Oh, right.
- KAT: What thing? Her 70th birthday.
Oh, that's quite a thing.
Yeah, her mosque is throwing her a party, and I'm her surprise gift.
(LAUGHS) But you're also arriving with a real gift for her, right? Of course he is.
His one and only mother is turning 70.
I've got to write M-Sec's remarks for the signing in Kabul.
I'm only one man.
Remarks for Kabul, useless unappreciated gift for Mom see what I'm saying? Well, maybe don't go with something so useless.
Or maybe just wait for another birthday.
I mean, she's probably gonna live forever, right? Damn it.
Okay, I-I'll get the work done, and then I'll pick up a gift at the airport.
- Hey - Oh, yeah.
'Cause nothing screams "thank you for giving me life" like something from the airport.
Jewelry! They sell jewelry at the airport.
NINA: Wow how did this happen? Ah! You did this, didn't you? No.
It's not my job anymore.
This is Secretary of Defense Becker putting out a big spread as a power move.
Good luck with that.
He's on our turf.
Yeah, our turf, but now we're all gonna talk - about the food and who supplied it.
- Genius.
It's gonna leave a pretty big mess to clean up.
I'll manage.
So, wait, you were a part of this Afghan deal from the beginning, right? Is it weird not to be going on this trip? No.
I mean, policy keeps me pretty busy.
Not too busy to remember to ask you if you set up a lunch date in Kabul for the secretary and Amina Salah.
Amina Salah the former Afghan minister of education, who lost her job in the peace deal that Secretary McCord championed? Yeah.
Lunch is confirmed for Tuesday.
- Okay, now you're just showing off.
- Yep.
Okay, everyone.
Fill your plates and find your seats.
And we can thank Secretary Becker when he arrives for this generous spread.
I-I Gordon, I hear you.
But there's been relative peace in Afghanistan for over a year, and contrary to our biggest concerns, Taliban has not taken over the government.
Then you haven't heard me.
'Cause the hardliners are already pushing back on the conditions we put on 'em - to receive the aid package.
- They're not gonna leave $10 billion sitting on the table.
This is last-minute posturing.
Look, I can admit, the deal's turned out better than I expected, - but it's a fragile peace.
- I know.
We've lost some good people to green-on-blue attacks.
Well, we've lost far fewer soldiers than an all-out military attack - would have cost us.
- I-I know that.
I-I understand the benefits, Elizabeth.
Believe me, I'm on the side of the deal.
Nobody wants the troops home more than I do.
I know.
It's just my job to anticipate the problems.
And you're very good at it.
Hoping that this briefing maybe puts some of your concerns to rest.
Where'd this come from? People got to eat.
MATT: There's so many pretty colors.
I agree.
- It was hard to choose which ones.
- Hmm.
I love crafts, I just never seem to have the time.
Me, too.
I was in the hospital for four months, - so I had time to sew this.
- Uh, well, not sew.
That's, um, that's with a needle.
Uh (SPEAKS PASHTO) you, um, you braided them.
Uh yes.
Well, whatever you did, they're amazing.
And your heart's all better now? (SPEAKS PASHTO) All better.
All better.
Farhana will be able to lead a normal life.
I'm s I'm I'm her chaperone.
I'm with an organization called Heart Train.
- Oh, I know Heart Train.
- Do you? Yeah, you guys do amazing work bringing children to the U.
for cardiology procedures.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh, actually, I gave you a shout-out last year, in one of the secretary's speeches.
- That's on our website.
- Really? - Yes.
- Ah.
We Really, that meant so much to us to have the Secretary of State highlight our work.
- I - Highlight? - Oh, um - It's like, um when you shine a light on something, to see it.
Except you we use words.
Oh, I say "we" because, um, I write all the secretary's speeches.
So many ways to say one thing.
I'm very happy I got to come here for my heart.
But I find the United States too much.
And I miss my family.
Well, you're going back to Afghanistan healthy.
And you've learned a new language.
I'm afraid I will forget.
No one in my village talks English.
But I can't wait to be home.
And have my mother make her piti.
The bean soup? I love piti.
My Ade makes the best.
Um excuse me.
Sir? Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I was wondering if you could open this window shade.
Um, I need some natural light for my selfie or my skin looks blah.
Yeah? Okay.
Kids these days.
(GASPS) Oh, oh, n don't worry about it, don't worry about it, it's just, uh, a little turbulence.
I hate turbulence, too.
This is only the second time I fly.
Well, I promise you, you'll be fine.
- Well - That's perfect.
- (GRUNTS) - I'm sorry.
Uh, it was lovely meeting you both.
And I-I really do, uh, appreciate the work your organization does, Leslie.
- Oh, thank you so much.
- Yeah.
Come visit us sometime.
(LAUGHING): All right.
I wish you good health and a delicious piti.
I want to give you this.
To remember me.
You can put it on your backpack or give it to your wife.
Really? This is This is great.
I-I'm not married, but my girlfriend will love it.
Thank you.
I mean (SPEAKS PASHTO) You guys, the line's moving.
Oh, please go ahead.
SHARZA: This timetable for the rebuilding of schools is impossible.
Well, Mr.
President, you have lamented on more than one occasion that the destruction of the schools has been crippling to your next generation and future economy.
SHARZA: That is true.
ELIZABETH: If we could get a sense of how many schools we're talking about, that would be helpful.
That could be quite a (CRYING): Matt Mahoney! Matt Mahoney! I know him! Please! Please, please, Matt Mahoney! I know him.
Authorized personnel only.
- Please.
- Move away from the gate.
Matt Mahoney! (SPEAKING PASHTO) - Farhana? (GATE BUZZES) Are you okay? Ma'am, stop.
You have to move away from the gate.
Farhana! Farhana! You need to move away from the gate.
Slow down, what's happening? Okay, open the gate.
Under whose authority? Secretary of State.
Do it now! Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Hurry up.
MARINE: Stop! This is United States property.
Move away, or we'll call the police.
(YELLING IN PASHTO) I don't know what you're saying! Who are those guys? What's going on? They're going to kill me because of you.
(MAN SPEAKS PASHTO) Farhana! So we're talking about an honor killing? You're sure? Yes.
That's what she says.
And I saw her family, uh, three men, they tried to grab her.
I mean, we had to let her in.
Oh, my God, I can't believe this it's all because of me.
JAY: Just because you talked to her on a plane? Yes.
I mean, no.
Th-They made it look like more, but it wasn't.
DAISY: Apparently there was an American teenage girl sitting behind them coming to visit her FSO dad, and she made a video of them chatting and turned it into a romance.
MATT: It's all shot between our two seats.
Sh-Sh-She called it "Between the Seats," and edited and narrated it into this total lie.
KACI (ON VIDEO): Maybe Cupid and his arrow, like, totally exist, or maybe it was Saturn being in Capricorn that brought these two strangers on a plane together.
It didn't take long for him to get the hot Muslim girl to drop her guard and dig his vibe and let him buy her a drink.
It was a club soda! I-I-I held it while she changed her shawl.
that make love bloom, and this dude knew all the tricks.
I opened that for Leslie, her chaperone! Matt, calm down.
And then it happened.
Is it the beginning? Or just, like, a thing on a plane? Can love that starts in the clouds last? We may never know, but wait - I'm not married.
- KACI: Well not much of a proposal, dude, but good luck, lovers! I wasn't hitting on her.
She told me to give the bracelet to my wife, and I was explaining right afterwards I said my girlfriend JAY: Sit down, just breathe.
It was turbulence.
That's why she touched me.
She was scared.
- She didn't mean to.
- Thank you.
I can't believe I opened my window shade for that social media fake video person.
How did Farhana's family even see this? Facebook.
There's an Afghan youth page that's very popular.
The girl from the plane sent it to her friend in Kabul, who posted it right away.
It had 5,000 hits before we even left the airport.
This is a nightmare.
Look, honor killing is against Afghan law.
We can just report the threat to the police.
That won't help.
Farhana's from a very rural village called Asadabad.
I mean, it is tribal and the hard-line Taliban, the Salafi jihadists, they are in charge there.
JAY: All right, here's the problem.
Farhana is 17 years old, that means she's a minor, and we can't keep her unless she asks for asylum, which apparently she's refusing to do.
MATT: She doesn't want to go to America.
She wants to be with her family.
I mean, she did until they decided to kill her.
Oh, my God.
JAY: Not to pile on, but there's another complicating factor.
Farhana's uncle is the governor of Samangan Province and a good friend - of President Sharza.
- That could be good, though.
(STAMMERS) Maybe the uncle could get me in touch with Farhana's family.
I could explain the whole thing to them.
We could track down, uh, uh, the chaperone from Heart Train, Leslie, she could back up the story.
I don't think they'd be receptive - to hearing from you right now.
- We have to try.
Okay, I have, uh, seen the video.
- Ma'am - No, don't worry, Matt, I know it's baloney, but I did move up my meeting with Amina.
Just think we could probably use her perspective, and since we've already hit a few speed bumps with the Rebuild-Renew Agreement, I'm gonna need a private meeting with President Sharza ASAP just to avoid any negative impact that this could have on the negotiation, okay? I'm so sorry, ma'am.
No, no, don't-don't beat yourself up.
There's no way that you could have anticipated this.
I should have.
I know the culture.
I know that there are cameras everywhere now.
I'm-I'm a representative of the State Department.
We'll do our best to remedy this.
I was just saying that I-I if I met with the parents, I could explain everything.
Okay, I'm gonna run that by Amina, and we'll see what she thinks.
Daisy, you do whatever you can to make sure this doesn't become a bigger story.
- Thank you, guys.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
Ma'am, uh, we're already coloring way outside the lines here.
I don't know how long we can keep her.
Well, we're gonna keep her until we can't.
- Okay? - Yes, ma'am.
(DOORBELL RINGS) - Hey, look who's here.
- Hey.
Yeah, I went out for a walk and I guess this is where I ended up.
Elizabeth's in Afghanistan, right? Yup.
You want a beer? Oh, does the Pope wear a dress? (CHUCKLES) WILL: I wanted to apologize for the other night.
You guys are dealing with the whole religion issue, huh? Yeah, I guess.
Out of nowhere.
I mean, I've always been open to it.
Sophie's always been rigidly opposed.
And we never talked about it much at all until last month when I looked into sending Annie to a private Catholic school, purely for the educational benefits, and Sophie completely freaked out.
Accused me of wanting to cloister her away with antiquated religious ideas about the role of women in society, something, something, and its inherent poisonous patriarchy.
You would've thought I wanted to boil her in oil.
(CHUCKLES) I had barely recovered from that, and now suddenly she's fine with saying grace at the family table.
- What is that about? - Yeah.
(SIGHS) No, I'm, I'm asking.
What is that about? Well, I can tell you what it's not about religion.
- Mm.
- I mean, come on, is that the only thing you guys have been fighting about recently? Because the tension in the air seemed a little thick to be just an argument about saying grace.
We fight all the time.
We always have.
The thing is, the making up used to be a lot more fun.
Have you guys tried counseling? - No.
- Why not? Well, it just feels like the beginning of the end.
I mean, does it ever work? Elizabeth and I have done it.
(IMITATES EXPLOSION) The soul mate unicorn couple, - themselves? - (CHUCKLES) What is it Joseph Campbell says about marriage? It's not an adventure or a journey or a-an affair.
It's an ordeal.
Then we're on the right track.
(CHUCKLES) Seriously, when you're stuck, a third party's perspective can be helpful.
But if they're qualified to do that, by which I mean not me and definitely not your sister.
All right.
If it worked for you guys, I guess it's worth a try.
To saving the ordeal.
Yes, I saw the video.
Our government does everything it can to ban social media, but we both know repression only feeds innovation.
This girl's family sends her for a life-saving operation in the United States.
Now they want to kill her for talking to a man on the plane, in the presence of her chaperone.
Even if the parents are ambivalent, they get pressure from the community.
Honor killing is a marginalized custom, mostly found in the more rural provinces where it can't accurately be policed.
Some of our research indicates there has actually been an uptick in the practice since you helped forge the deal with President Sharza's government and the Taliban.
Well, that contradicts the information the State Department received.
Honor killings are reported to be significantly down.
It was a benchmark that the Afghan government had to meet in order to qualify for the aid package.
The Rebuild-Renew Agreement.
I am aware.
How do you get your information? I work with an organization that tracks women's social issues.
We have government contacts and NGOs on the ground who keep us informed.
So you know that this agreement could be monumental for both our countries.
Keeping Farhana at the embassy, I'm afraid that we are putting the deal in jeopardy.
On the other hand, letting her go Could cost her her life.
Sorry to interrupt, ma'am, but President Sharza is asking to see you immediately.
SHARZA: You can't just take one of my governor's nieces and lock her up in the embassy.
This will not stand, Madam Secretary.
First of all, we didn't take her.
Farhana Radi came to us asking for protection from an honor killing, a practice that is outlawed in your country.
It is easy to be disgusted by such a barbaric practice.
We have made progress, but it's a strenuous process.
I'm aware of that.
But isn't, isn't this the perfect opportunity to take a strong stand? Hardly.
I'm fighting day and night to hold together the deal you brokered having the Taliban as part of my government.
Your actions with this girl put me and my government in a precarious position.
And we are working on a solution.
There is no time.
The story of the U.
Secretary of State allowing one of her staff to kidnap an Afghan girl and keep her in the embassy is all over the news.
And until this catastrophe is resolved, consider the entire Rebuild-Renew Agreement on hold.
President, I urge you to reconsider.
This agreement is the solution to so many problems for both our countries.
Not to mention you'd be walking away from $10 billion in economic aid.
If you don't release the girl to her family, the Taliban will seize the moment and paint a picture of my government as weak.
Then it will be only a matter of time before they take over.
Then what will happen? We will end up once again mired in war and terrorism, and I cannot allow that.
Amina was right.
While Afghanistan has improved its numbers in terms of verified honor killings, the true numbers are underreported.
I got in touch with some contacts on the ground there NGOs and medical examiners and the truth is, the Afghan government gathers its info from police departments and medical examiners.
And, big surprise, these government employees aren't always pressured to be absolutely accurate about the cause of death for many young women.
So, if you release Farhana and she were to die at the hands of her family, there's a good chance it'll be reported as something else.
Thank you, guys.
- Sure thing, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Thank you both.
Um I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.
(SPEAKS PASHTO) I speak for the Afghan government as well as for my brother when I say this has gone far enough.
My niece has to be returned to her father and family immediately.
- Uh, if I may say something? - Please.
As you know, I was once minister of education.
I know this young man, Matthew Mahoney, quite well from my trips to United States and from his work here with Secretary McCord, and I can vouch for his character, as well as the fact that Farhana came to the United States Embassy out of fear for her life.
And that is the only reason that she was allowed to enter.
She is not being kept against her will.
(TRANSLATING) If you will allow Mr.
Mahoney to explain, you will see how the truth has been manipulated.
There's no need.
We just want to take Farhana home to her mother, who's waited all these months to see her.
She wants to nurse her daughter back to health.
Her father is angry.
Oh But he would not hurt her.
No one would.
We just want to take her home.
AMINA: Yes, yes, I understand, but please take a moment to watch and listen.
Now, the reason why the video is so confusing is because of what the narrator is saying.
The girl who is taking the video.
But what she is saying is not what is happening.
The music makes it seem romantic, but it's not.
KACI: They say it's the little things that make love bloom, and this dude knew all When I turn the sound down you can see it's just two people talking.
Three people, actually, because Leslie, the chaperone, is just over here, out of sight.
You explained it very well.
You did a good job.
I think I was talking too fast.
I felt like I was rambling.
I've never had to save anyone's life before.
(EXHALES) Listen.
My brother is a very emotional man, but he's calmed down now.
He's convinced by your explanation that nothing bad happened.
- Really? - Yes.
He only requests that you make a public statement about this, much as you did here, so that his family can defend her honor, and the community will be satisfied.
That can be arranged.
Matt can even record the statement, and it can be submitted to the same Facebook page which posted the video to begin with.
And the Secretary of State must issue a statement to this effect as well.
She would be happy to.
This will satisfy my brother.
Great news.
I spoke with your family.
They understand what happened now.
JAY: This is good.
You're safe to go.
Your father and uncle are coming to pick you up in an hour.
They said your mom's really excited to see you.
That's not possible.
MATT: But it is.
I was there.
They believed me.
Uh, it's gonna be okay.
(WOMAN SPEAKING PASHTO) That is my mother.
Just now.
She said, "Don't come home.
They will kill you.
" A 17-year-old girl.
I mean, it's excruciating to see her in terror of the people she loves.
It's medieval.
HENRY: Well, not entirely.
There's the Napoleonic Code, which allowed husbands to murder their unfaithful wives.
That wasn't abolished in France until 1975.
Modernization is a sluggish train.
To some cultures, it's the enemy.
They see the rest of us as having sold our souls to technology and wanton creature comforts.
Well I have to figure out how to bolster the faction of this government that sees it as the key to moving forward.
Otherwise, the Taliban is gonna take over and start exporting terrorism again - with the U.
as its main target.
- (DOORBELL RINGS OVER PHONE) - Is that the doorbell? - Yeah.
- The belly dancers are here.
- (ELIZABETH LAUGHS) All right, thanks for talking.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Man, you were so right.
Religion? Definitely not the problem.
"He must increase, but I must decrease.
" I wear the bracelet, but the lesson of humility sometimes eludes me.
Tell me about it.
You're talking to a fighter pilot.
There were days when I thought pretty highly of myself.
Well, when I'm working, I have to be confident and in charge.
It seems I don't always successfully tone that down when I walk in my front door.
Oh, yeah.
Transition between professional life and home life can be bumpy.
- Yeah.
- (LOG CRUMBLING) You know, the Romans, of all people, had a pretty good recipe for checking the ego.
After military victories, they would parade generals through the streets in chariots with a slave standing behind them, holding a golden crown over their head, all the while whispering into the hero's ear, "Remember, you are mortal.
" (CHUCKLES): Oh, that is good.
I'll try to remember that for my next marriage.
Yeah, turns out she's not interested in counseling.
She's interested in getting me the hell out.
Oh, God, I I'm so sorry.
Well, maybe she just needs time.
Listen, I-I get it.
It's-it's the right course of action right now.
We need to need to get Annie out of the middle of all this.
How's she doing? (CHUCKLES): Well, she's not happy.
But she knows she'll see me every day.
I'm-I'm taking her to school in the morning.
And by the time I left, Sophie and I were, were already being nicer to each other, just knowing there was even a temporary solution.
By the way, uh, I'll only need a place to stay tonight.
- I'll, I'll find a hotel tomorrow.
- No.
- You'll stay here as long as you need to.
- But Wow.
(CHUCKLES) - Shouldn't you run that by El jefe? - I'm channeling her.
Trust me, if I let you check into a hotel, I'll be checking in right behind you.
Is there perhaps a room where she won't be able to find me? (CHUCKLES) ELIZABETH: President Sharza put a clock on it.
If we don't hand Farhana over to her family by midnight, the agreement is off the table.
The Taliban is flexing, and Sharza can't stand up to them.
Well, he can't afford to.
Public outcry will only embolden them to make a play for control of the government.
(PROTESTERS CHANTING) Sharza says that Farhana will be safe with her family.
He has her uncle's word.
What's that worth? I have no idea.
With all the publicity, there will be a lot of eyes on Farhana and the Radi family.
They can't very well kill her when everyone's watching them.
No, they'd have to wait at least a news cycle.
How can I send her back to her family when her own mother says that they want to kill her? Madam Secretary, we need to get you and Mr.
Whitman secured - in the embassy's bunker immediately.
- What's going on? - What happened? What happened? - It's just a precaution.
- (SIGHS) - Well (INDISTINCT RADIO TRANSMISSION) What's going on? A mortar hit just outside the perimeter of the RSM base north of the city.
Launched by Salafi jihadists.
Three marines were badly injured.
And it's all about the girl you're keeping in here.
We're not keeping her.
We're providing temporary sanctuary.
Well, that sanctuary is not only jeopardizing our whole agreement with the Afghan government, it's about to get more of our troops killed.
You can't save every woman in Afghanistan.
I'm not trying to save every This girl is a victim of her own culture.
And that's not what we're here to address.
And now the Afghan government has met all our criteria.
We're steps away from getting out of this mess, and you want to throw it all away based on principle.
We have a moral obligation to Let me tell you.
Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you what I think this is really about.
This is about you letting your judgment become clouded over the guilt you feel because of the concessions you made to get here.
It was never a perfect deal.
I said that from the beginning.
But it was always a better alternative to an all-out ground war with the Taliban.
And with that better alternative, you knew there'd be collateral damage to Afghan women.
So, this girl now is a symbol? A gesture, an apology for you? American service people do not deserve to die for this girl.
You need to turn her back over to her family.
And let's get this agreement back on track.
We need to get our troops home.
I heard about the marines.
We've reached the end of the road with Farhana.
I we can't put any more American lives at risk.
Not to mention the deal we're here to make.
I understand.
No, the loss of this deal could topple the government and put my country squarely under the thumb of the Taliban.
And then who knows how many will be killed? At least, if Farhana wanted asylum, no one could accuse us of keeping her against her will.
No, she still insists she doesn't want it, - this is her home.
- Well, then, I can't justify this situation any longer.
I I'm out of moves.
I mean, uh, I mean, anything you got, I'm open, I That keeps me from sending this girl to her death.
All right.
You may not like it.
But you did say anything.
Demonstrators in front of the U.
Embassy in Kabul were dispersed by local police today in the aftermath of a mortar attack.
Are you serious? The mortar was apparently An arranged marriage? This is the, the best the United States of America can do? Well, it's the best the United States can do in Afghanistan.
Matt, the guy's older and of higher status than Farhana's family.
It's a big plus He's 20 years older.
He's got two small children.
And what? Farhana's just supposed to be his slave now? You know? Stuck in his house, raising his kids? - She's 17 years old.
- Unfortunately, Afghan law gives the age of consent as 16 for girls.
- As does Alabama, Connecticut, Montana.
- Yeah, the difference is, uh, girls from Alabama won't get murdered by their families if they refuse to get married.
DAISY: It's not so out of the norm here.
57% of girls are married before they turn 19.
You can't compare their customs to what we know.
Don't you have a daughter?! Don't you have a daughter?! Look, 50 years ago, my mom left Pakistan, and one of the main reasons she chose to go was to avoid an arranged marriage.
50 years ago.
This is still happening.
(SCOFFS) What do you think Farhana wants? - What she wants is to live, okay? - Yes.
And be accepted by her family, and I'm sorry, - but this accomplishes both.
- They can kill her anyway, and you know that.
I mean, anything can happen when we leave.
Where's the secretary? I want I want to talk to her.
Hey, Matt, it's over.
M-Sec's in there with President Sharza right now trying to get this deal back on track.
She's telling him that Farhana's gone back Wait, wait, no, no.
Far-Farhana's already gone? DAISY: She just left.
(PANTING) I'm sorry.
I just It is God's will.
My parents say this is a good man, and it could be a good life for me.
(EXHALES) I just wish Farhana? Come, your family is arriving.
Goodbye, Matt Mahoney.
I hope not ironically.
I could genuinely use some good news right now.
The Afghan government has agreed to shore up the Violence Against Women law and they have invited Amina Salah to be part of an independent watchdog group to advise and inform them.
(LAUGHING): Oh, good.
An independent watchdog group.
Just to make sure no one gets the mistaken notion that an intelligent, qualified woman is in their government.
Look who's being ironic.
- I feel like we take turns.
- (CHUCKLES) (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING) We are here to announce that with the signing of the Afghan-United States Rebuild-Renew Agreement, the United States will immediately begin troop withdrawal.
(SINGSONGY): Surprise.
Henry told me.
How was Afghanistan? Harrowing.
Speaking of have you looked in the mirror lately? (CHUCKLES): Oh, ho-ho-ho.
If the name of the game is beat up on Will, - I'm way ahead of you.
- I didn't mean it like that.
Just worried about you.
And disappointed in me.
- No? - Come on.
(SIGHS): I'm Just talk to me.
I'm not gonna scold.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What the hell did I know about how to be married? I was 13 when my role models died.
It-it just it just looked like you find someone who doesn't drive you crazy, and then you have dinner, talk about work, watch TV.
Or you-you play Scrabble.
Sometimes go on vacations.
They they made it look easy, I guess, and the minute my marriage wasn't easy, I-I thought I was doing it wrong, or she was.
They fought plenty.
- Uh-huh.
- Sure.
Come on.
Mm, nothing serious.
Who forgot to get the bread.
Who left the lights on.
(LAUGHS): Why are your parents visiting again? Will.
You were younger, so you idealized them more.
Or paid less attention.
Well, you figured it out.
Henry and I often joke that we were fixed up by a couple of romantic idiots in their 20s.
Happened to work.
That's because you work at it.
That, too.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(TAKES DEEP BREATH) I don't know, Will.
Marriage is a mystery.
And a miracle - And an ordeal.
- That is - exactly what Henry says.
- Right.
- You guys did do some bonding.
- We did, yeah.
Listen, I'm sorry if I parent you.
It's not my job anymore, and I'm gonna let it go.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
(SIGHS) So, where is everybody? They all went to dinner.
They said they'd bring you back some lasagna from Mark's.
(SIGHS) What are you getting? Um I'm not hungry.
I can't.
I can't take it.
I can't just stand here and watch you waste away.
I'm gonna make eggs.
You like eggs.
(CHUCKLES): You you're doing it.
With cheese, right? Oh.
No, please.
At-at least let me.
Here, you you shouldn't cook.
Fine, you can help.
Just don't get any shell in there.
And that is not parental.
It's just advice.
Okay, I'm gonna back off now.
Just happy to have you here.
You can stay with us as long as you need to.
So, like, how long are we talking? Just Shouldn't be more than a decade.
- (LAUGHS) Stop.
- Huh? Maybe just a few years.
You've got so much room.
I was thinking Sunday.