Madam Secretary (2014) s05e16 Episode Script

The New Normal

1 Executing alpha pattern.
Heading 236.
(THUNDER RUMBLES) Operational.
ETA to eyewall 30 seconds.
CONTROLLER: Roger, Teal-79.
ATC clears Teal-79 operational.
Squawk 20000.
This ain't our first cat five.
Yeah, but they don't make them like they used to.
We have good transmit.
Report status.
Tropopause wind speed 210.
LCLs scraping bottom.
Air pressure That can't be right.
Holy crap.
Major, flash traffic to NOAA.
They are not gonna like this.
Good morning.
Basement nachos.
Stairwell crackers.
Den cookies.
I deny all.
- (ELIZABETH SIGHS) - Ooh, is that a wet/dry vac? Latest model.
- For the record, the nachos were me.
- Oh.
Still, you better be apartment hunting, Cookie Monster.
Finding, no.
Oh, wait, here's something.
"Co-living creative Eco-space with adult playroom.
" Translation? He's too old to live there.
Ouch, but true.
- Hey.
- Where's the coffee? - Whoops.
- Good morning, sunshine.
- Sorry, government business.
- Come on.
Oh, God, work is a mess today.
What's up? Super Typhoon Blessing has record low pressure at sea level and is now the most powerful storm in recorded history.
WILL: We're just gonna whistle past the irony of the name, huh? STEVIE: The cone of expectancy puts it on course for U.
territory in the Marshall Islands.
I have to prep meetings for NOAA, FEMA, DoD It's the same story at State.
I've got OFDA and USAID in overdrive.
Whoa, acronym fight.
Come on, babe, we got to go.
- Yeah.
- Ooh, can I get a ride? No, uh, we have a meeting this morning.
- Not at the White House? - Ooh.
- The plot thickens.
- ELIZABETH: No, it's a campaign meeting - with Mike B.
- Ooh.
Cone of silence.
The merry McCords.
- All hail.
- HENRY: Hey, Mike.
Ooh! Look at that sporty coat.
It's a tactical anxiety vest.
He hasn't been the same since a calico moved in next door.
Button-nosed little monster.
He's probably out murdering birds as we speak.
- Calicos are actually female.
- Whatever.
The point is, cats are the worst, and no one should have them.
Now, to brass tacks.
I set up an appointment for you at the White House - with Pastor Eli Bragg.
- HENRY: Eli Bragg.
- Of the Christian Redeemers Network? - Mm-hmm.
It's an advocacy group for conservative evangelicals.
Yeah, I'm aware.
Pretty extreme.
Let's call them "traditional.
" And Pastor Bragg is a big player in national politics.
His voters vote, and his donors donate, which is more than I can say for your kombacha-sipping fanboy.
It's kombucha.
- "Kambucha.
" - What So, where do I come in? CRN is having their annual conference tomorrow, and if you impress the good pastor there may be a speaking slot for America's favorite religious scholar.
I'll hold for applause.
Has Russell signed off on this? - Please, what's not to love? - ELIZABETH: Let's start with 90% of their political positions.
Health care, climate change, those detentions at the border.
I'm sorry, what's your what's your brand again? "Hey, it's the nice lady with the glasses.
" Diplomacy.
Willingness to find common ground.
Sure, Pastor Bragg will probably never support you, but if Henry can cozy up and show him you're not the enemy, maybe we can keep him from publicly opposing you.
Well, I'm feeling inspired.
This is exactly the kind of outreach we need - from Henry during the campaign.
- (ELIZABETH SIGHS) HENRY: I don't know about the campaign, but I'll sit down with him.
I believe in the power of scripture to unite people.
Most wars notwithstanding.
HENRY: I knew you were gonna say that.
- Hallelujah.
ELIZABETH: He's so easy.
- HENRY: Why do I even - (LAUGHTER) I mean, have you seen these FEMA numbers? 250-mile-an-hour winds are gonna destroy 95% of single-family dwellings with the force of 20,000 Hiroshimas.
Not to mention the storm surge, which is over 40 feet.
The highest point on the Marshalls is 30 feet.
- And there's more than 50,000 people.
- (DOOR OPENS) Hey, you can pack it up.
Meeting's off.
Latest tracking from NOAA has Blessing making a hard swerve away from the Marshalls, so Uncle Sam will get a soaking - but nothing worse.
- So no landfall? Looks like it's headed for the Republic of Nauru.
It's your mother's problem now.
- (ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) - JAY: Nauru's taking a direct hit.
Communication with the government is still down.
Who's our point of contact? Best we got is a guy named David Akua.
Part-time consular official at the U.
in New York.
He's on his way down now.
All right, well get with OFDA and pivot aid to Nauru.
And you got to open a channel with DoD.
We're gonna need Pacific Command to coordinate an airlift from Guam.
Daisy, Matt, I need a statement ASAP.
MATT: Uh - support and sympathy? - As opposed to fire and brimstone? Yeah, and also, let's do a donations hotline.
Get it up within the hour.
Yes, ma'am.
- What else you got? - Working lunch with PolMil.
And did you hear the news about Ashley Whittaker? - What? Oh, my God, no.
I love her.
- No.
She's dating Bryce Manley.
- Is this really State business? - What? Wait a minute.
I'm sorry, I thought she was with Zac Efron.
NINA: As if he could compete with the star of the Swashbucklers franchise.
She's a former goodwill ambassador, so Uh, also, she helped us out of a big jam in Kazakhstan.
That doesn't give gossip a free pass.
I object.
- Overruled.
- BLAKE: Gossip? It's-it's like the (GASPS) Right! My bad.
- Oh, no, Glenn.
Please call me Glenn.
- Oh, Glenn.
I-I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you.
(EXHALES) Right.
The NASA administrator is here.
He says it's urgent.
Uh, are your people on Nauru okay? Well, the astronomers are fine, but the Gimbal-Solander telescope's a total loss.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, so am I.
But that's not why I'm here.
Typhoon Blessing is a freak.
It's the most powerful ever, two months before the official start of typhoon season.
Set off alarm bells within the scientific community, so we went looking.
This was taken above the monsoon trough by our new GOES-18 satellite.
Maps are like rashes.
If it's big, if it's red, it's probably bad.
MATT: Yeah, I'm getting hives just looking at it.
GLENN: Here's a patch of superheated ocean.
Rising temperatures are outpacing even our worst-case models, so tropical cyclogenesis is gonna get more frequent, more destructive.
So Blessing isn't a freak.
It's the new normal.
GLENN: Well, there was a time when we couldn't link specific storms to climate change, but that time has passed.
Which brings us to Nauru.
The survivors need to leave now.
- You mean until they rebuild? - GLENN: No, no.
I mean permanently.
JAY: All right, hang on, hang on.
Y-You want an entire people to just pack up and leave? Walls, dykes, levees.
We have ways of fighting rising sea levels.
Well, with bedrock, maybe.
But this island's built on soft coral.
Another high-frequency wave event could be Devastating.
It's like a tsunami hitting a sandcastle.
And given the data, the odds of that happening in the near future are too high for comfort.
ELIZABETH: Well thanks for the pep talk.
(CHUCKLES) It's about to get peppier.
Our Research and Analysis Unit ran some simulations.
Today it's Nauru.
Tomorrow could easily be Jakarta, a sinking city of ten million people.
- You brief POTUS yet? - That's my next stop.
But since most of these disasters cover foreign policy, - I thought you should be prepared.
- Yeah.
- Well, I appreciate it.
- Yeah.
Hey, hey.
You keep up with Nadine? Now and again.
Yeah, give her my best, will you? I will.
(ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) Any update? Uh, yes.
We just established a comms link with Nauru via NASA.
Um, the casualties are even worse than expected.
President Yispinza was killed in the storm, as well as all 19 members of the Nauruan parliament.
How's that even possible? Parliament House flooded before they could seek higher ground.
Our best guess is over a thousand dead.
Uh hundreds more missing.
That's ten percent of the population.
Okay, let's, um let's activate the Overseas Contingency fund, and So, who's in charge? A-According to their constitution, David Akua.
The consular official? Part-time official.
He's 23.
He's also pursuing a master's in public health at NYU.
- (SIGHS) - BLAKE: He came to a, uh assistants' mixer at UNGA.
And now he's president.
And here's the kicker.
I don't think he knows.
NINA: Ma'am.
Akua has just arrived.
- Madam Secretary.
- (CHUCKLES): Yes.
Uh, I'm I was expecting to see Ms.
Zimmer - from the Office of, uh, Disaster - I know.
Um, but I need to speak with you directly.
- Please have a seat.
- Of course.
I-I don't want to waste your time.
I-I know you're busy.
Uh, I don't even have my instructions yet with all the comms still down.
So, what's the last thing you heard? A WhatsApp from my mother ab-about the flooding, but, I mean, that was before things got bad.
Do you have news? - Mr.
Akua - Please, call me David.
What is it? But I work in consular affairs.
I only took this job to help pay for grad school.
We're gonna get you on a flight to Hawaii that leaves in a few hours.
From there, a military plane will take you on to Nauru.
I know you didn't ask to be president.
My mum.
I can barely breathe 'cause I don't know if she's alive or dead, - and you're telling me - We're doing everything in our power - to find her.
- You mean, I'm supposed to take care of everyone? To help them rebuild? I'm afraid rebuilding isn't an option.
What are you talking about? According to our best information, the island of Nauru is no longer habitable.
You have to evacuate.
I'm sorry.
Evacuate? You spent $100 billion rebuilding New Orleans.
I mean, if China can conjure whole islands in the Spratlys, I'm sure we can manage a seawall.
- It's not that simple.
- It should be.
Nauru wouldn't be in this mess if not for the U.
spewing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
You owe us.
I know.
But we are past the point of no return.
Relocation is the only assistance I can offer.
Nauru has been home to my people for 3,000 years.
We speak a language shared by no one else on Earth.
We will never leave.
At the cost of your lives? Yes.
Now, if you'll excuse me, apparently I have a plane to catch.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (SIGHS) HENRY: Please tell me they found his mother.
She's alive.
Took shelter in time.
When he gets home, he'll see things differently.
Kind of counting on it.
I have my team looking into relocation, but (SIGHS) finding a single country to absorb the whole Nauru population? Tall order.
Especially in today's anti-refugee climate.
(CHUCKLES) No pun intended.
I mean, that poor kid.
He's the same age as Ashley Whittaker.
Kind of puts the whole thing in perspective.
Who's Ashley Whittaker? Seriously? Come on, the actress.
Tally Rides Again.
The Chronicles of Ashkenar.
"Tonight we dream, tomorrow we slay.
" Wait a minute, I read about this.
She's, uh, dating the Swashbuckler guy.
Bryce Manley.
You read about it? It was on Alison's Insta feed.
I look, I hardly ever understand what she's talking about, but I get the gist.
He's twice her age, people are upset, and other people are upset that people are upset.
It's the foundation for all major conflict.
- Look, ca-can I help you? - (SIGHS) Where is it? The emergency chocolate.
Come on.
In a secure location.
You just want to save it for seductions.
(DRAWER SLAMS SHUT) (SCOFFS) You know, the truth is, he's kind of right.
Who, Akua? It is the fault of the United States and the other major carbon producers.
At least, indirectly.
But the question is, what do I do about it? Well, it's a twofold imperative.
There's a moral responsibility, yes.
There's a practical one, too.
You know, according to Glenn, this disaster in Nauru is just the tip of the iceberg.
Future generations might not even get that reference.
That's depressing.
There has to be a way to tackle this more globally.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to stew on this for a while.
I totally get it.
But you know what? You're kind of sexy when you stew.
(TAPE RIPS) Oh, come on.
- (MUTTERS) - Mmm Talk to me.
Uh, so far, Fiji, Tuvalu, New Guinea they're all willing to absorb refugees from Nauru.
You'd have to split them up.
No way Akua goes for that.
MATT: Yeah, will he go for any of it? 'Cause, last I heard, he was refusing to give the order to evacuate.
The secretary sent him the NASA report.
We're hoping that moves the needle.
What about Australia? Declined.
They're chockers, apparently.
That means "full.
" Then say "full.
" Keep pushing.
Meantime, we've got our marching orders the secretary wants us to examine the possibility of a reparations fund for developing countries suffering the consequences of global warming.
Sounds familiar.
The idea's been floating around policy circles for a while.
Major carbon polluting nations, like us, provide money to protect or relocate the more vulnerable populations.
It was debated at the Stockholm Protocol, and no one gave it the time of day.
But that was before Super Typhoon Blessing.
So this could be our moment.
Don't count on it.
Trust me, nothing makes rich people run for the hills faster than the word "reparations.
" You know, that's a good point.
Maybe we should call it the Resiliency Fund.
Hides the ball, doesn't lie.
I like it.
Reach out to some think tanks for polling.
I'm gonna touch base with my counterparts in Japan, India, China, and the E.
Well, if you need more motivation, RMSC Tokyo is reporting a new cyclone in the Western Pacific Basin.
It should be a named storm within the hour.
Henry, Pastor Eli Bragg.
Pastor Bragg, Dr.
Henry McCord.
Hello, Pastor.
Hi, I'm Henry.
- Hi.
- My daughter Ruby Bragg.
She's our national co-chair and spokesperson.
We were just talking about the storm.
Tragic swerve.
Certainly took NOAA by surprise.
It's a Providence for the United States.
- I see His hand in it.
- I assume you're not implying that somehow the people of Nauru deserve this because they're sinners.
Do you doubt God's role in natural disasters? No.
No, no, I doubt our ability to read His intent.
RUSSELL: Let's pivot to the intent of this meeting.
I'm sure Henry is very eager to speak at your conference.
And we are eager to have him.
Rube? Uh, yes.
This is essentially an olive branch situation.
Politically, we're at odds, but we'd like to maintain a respectful dialogue.
Particularly if Elizabeth McCord becomes the next president.
We're exploring our options.
- (CHUCKLES) - RUBY: But for this dialogue to work, we do need to set a few ground rules.
We simply ask that you steer away from any controversial topics.
We want to build bridges here, not burn them.
I was thinking that I would speak about poverty, what it meant in the life of Jesus and how his followers - are called to address it.
- Fine.
Fine by me.
I preach the gospel of charity every Sunday.
Then it's settled.
Please give Conrad my best.
I'm praying for him, - as always.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Have a blessed day.
Take care.
Oh, thank you.
Of course.
That was interesting.
I get where Mike B.
's going with this, but the CRN's a viper's nest.
You stay frosty or you'll find a pair of fangs dangling from your neck.
So, remember when Ashley Whittaker was secretly dating Bryce Manley while also dating Zac Efron? This needs to take a turn towards work very quickly.
- Wait for it.
- I was poking around Bryce's Tumblr.
Turns out he owns a giant property in Fiji.
Bryce Manley Island.
Well above sea level.
Safe for at least two centuries, even with the latest NASA projections.
- Right.
- Plus, if you look past the infinity pools and tacky statues, it has the infrastructure to support Nauru's population and-and core domestic industries.
Props for thinking outside of the box, but we don't have the cash.
Mm, might not need it.
I mean, why has Manley been so MIA since Swashbucklers 5? NINA: Turns out he's in a legal battle with the IRS over an alleged "tax-related impropriety.
" How much impropriety are we talking? So much.
So much impropriety.
Mm, it's worth a shot.
Now all we have to do is convince a bankrupt celebrity to give us his island, convince David Akua to abandon his homeland, and then convince Fiji and the U.
to recognize the new island as the sovereign nation of Nauru.
Hmm, that's a lot of convincing, when you put it that way.
I mean, no wonder this guy's bankrupt.
Yeah, that's just the private island.
Don't forget about the three yachts, the six castles, the 12-bedroom tree house.
JAY: Manley's on his way with his lawyer now.
I'm having Matt and Daisy run point.
How far do we take it? ELIZABETH: Give him a medal if you have to.
This is our best chance of convincing Akua to evacuate.
Well, I hope he reconsidered.
Ready for SVTC? Uh we'll find out.
Jay, get a meeting at the White House.
The sooner we can pivot to a resiliency fund, the better.
DAVID: The destruction's horrific.
There are bodies everywhere.
In the rubble, soaking in the mud.
I am so sorry.
Thank you.
I have to ask, did you read the report? From NASA? Yes.
And I can see the erosion with my eyes.
I know the risks are high.
Fatal, if you stay, David.
But the good news is we may have a lead on finding you a new home.
Are you familiar with Laweron Temple? Yes, one of the largest megalithic structures in Micronesia.
And I understand that it survived the storm.
Because it was built to last forever.
With pale, red bricks that catch the morning sun.
It means little to outsiders, but it's the center of our spiritual lives.
It's home, and we cannot leave it behind.
So don't.
The Army Corps of Engineers will move the temple brick by brick.
And build temporary housing while you wait.
I'll talk to my people, see what I can do.
Thank you, David.
And good luck.
(BEEP) First of all, huge fans.
Yeah, I was a Swashbuckler every Halloween in middle school.
And recently, because that franchise is still fresh.
I've read your proposal.
Can't say the same for my client.
DAISY: Well, the deal is simple.
You donate your island to Nauru, and we lean on the IRS to forgive - your debts.
- So, uh, Ashley says hi.
Your girlfriend.
That's great.
But I have to say no.
My client is attached to his asset.
It's hallowed ground.
The site of our betrothal.
The locus of our wedding.
MATT: You and Ashley? Congratulations.
Yeah, but why not just throw your wedding on one of your yachts? Or a castle? Or the tree house? Ooh, the tree house.
Because the alternative is prison.
Prison? What, wha-what do you mean, prison? - Jail.
- CANDICE: You're heavily overextended, Bryce.
You, you told me islands were a good investment.
- I did not tell you islands were a good investment.
- Yes, you did.
- Or blimps.
- Blimps? - Blimps are the future.
- Blimps are not the future, Bryce.
- Hello, we talked about this.
Just - I know.
- How many times do we have to talk about this? - Islands, blimps.
I am I'm sensing some conflict here.
So, how can we make this work? (CHUCKLES): The Nobel Peace Prize? - Just the nomination.
- Really? It'll die in committee, but I'm afraid Bryce insisted.
And then we get his island? Pending approval by the IRS.
But all signs point to yes.
Next time I say give a guy a medal, don't.
RUSSELL: An appropriations bill to pay for other countries to deal with climate change? Yeah, just one question on that: a-are you nuts? This is our only way to get our Resiliency Fund off the ground.
India, China, the E.
are already willing to come on board.
But only if we make the first move.
- JAY: It's a gesture of good faith.
Made necessary by decades as the world's top carbon polluter.
RUSSELL: Well, haven't we done enough? We already signed the Stockholm Protocols.
Those were benchmarks for future emissions.
But many people, including the Nauruans, are suffering now.
Sir, Congress will laugh us out of committee.
JAY: 56% of Americans support the Resiliency Fund.
- That's a clear majority.
- And since when is a majority enough? Half of Congress serves in gerrymandered districts, beholden to their base.
Guys like Owen Callister won't even debate climate change.
Some others might admit it's happening.
But take action? You You got another thing coming.
So it's pointless to even try? Oh, hello, you must be new here.
Did you talk to Glenn? Yeah.
NASA's projections are staggering.
This is happening.
Extreme weather will destabilize countries all across the globe.
Triggering waves of refugees and accelerating the rise of ethnic nationalism.
ELIZABETH: Sir, there's already another typhoon forming in the Pacific.
It's worth the fight.
DALTON: Not when we lose.
If Congress rejects this Resiliency Fund, it could hamstring our environmental agenda for years.
I'm sorry, Bess.
I can't let it happen.
ELIZABETH: We're on our way to CRN right now.
Just, uh, I'll check in with the Swedes tomorrow.
That was Jay.
The IRS chief counsel signed off on the Bryce Manley deal.
And Nauru's on board? Providing we move their temple.
Well, that's great news.
Is it? Eccentric, broke movie star with Nobel fetish donates his private island? Probably not many times we can go back to that well.
Which is why I thought the Resiliency Fund was a no-brainer.
The crazy thing is, they can't even debate the perils of climate change in Congress, because a cabal of special interests won't let them.
Guys like Eli Bragg.
Oh, come on.
You know the CRN is all in on climate change denial.
Do you want to turn around? Well, I want to hold their feet to the fire.
Babe, I'll go there.
As long as we're willing to accept the consequences.
You bet.
Look, I'm-I'm all for shared values.
But the planet is dying.
We have to, at least, be able to talk about it.
All right, how much time do we have? Genesis 2:15 uses two Hebrew words to describe God's purpose in placing man in the Garden of Eden: "Avad" and "Shamar.
" Meaning "serve" and "protect.
" It's the core of our purpose here on Earth, and our instruction for worshipping God.
But it's hard to claim you love the Creator, if you're ignoring the profound harm being done to His masterpiece.
The longer we neglect our duty to God, the farther we stray from His purpose, and the closer we are to succumbing to an existential threat to humanity: climate change.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) ELIZABETH: I know that wasn't the speech you imagined.
The whole point of the invitation was unity.
We face a common threat.
Solidarity is our only option.
Your husband quoted Genesis, but the moral of that book is that humans are fallible.
Most doctors used to think that leeches cured pneumonia.
You really want to put your chips on that square? Your megachurch is in a flood zone near Greensboro.
Millions of your followers are within reach of Atlantic hurricanes.
We can help protect 'em, but we need to act now.
Ma'am, I'll level with you.
In my opinion, this whole climate thing is just a Trojan horse to grow the power of the federal government and undermine our liberty.
Not the government I work for.
Or one I want to lead.
Come along, there are some folks I want you to meet.
Hey, Ruby.
I, uh, I liked what you said about God's masterpiece.
I did a semester abroad in New Zealand.
And hiking above the Milford Sound, looking down at the fjord, I've never felt closer to God.
I felt the same way when I was a pilot, - seeing the curvature of the Earth.
- Hmm.
Too bad the Earth's flat.
Unfortunately, my father isn't really one for hikes.
Or empirical date.
I'm guessing you are.
It's a generational thing.
Kind of hard to deny science when you can reach into your pocket and FaceTime your friend from Kenya.
You think I'm a hypocrite because I accept global warming and I work for CRN.
Have you seen any of the footage from Nauru? I'm not caught up on it yet.
There's an interesting young man down there, uh, David Akua.
- You heard of him? - No.
You should Google him.
I will.
Goodbye, Dr.
You sure I can't get you something to drink? No, I won't be here long.
You've been saying that for the last 20 minutes.
Because they keep not getting here.
- Not a moment too soon.
I wet/dry vac'ed the carpet, I ran the dishwasher.
I applied for some apartments I'm off to bed.
- ELIZABETH: Thank you.
- HENRY: Mike.
You just can't play ball, can you? It was my speech, Mike.
Cut the crap, Professor.
We both know you're in this together.
So what if we are? We started a dialogue.
Yeah? Well the pastor ended it.
CRN just announced a $10 million donation to Owen Callister, so congratulations.
You just lost Iowa and me.
I quit.
Are you kidding? No, kidding was what I was doing to myself by thinking you could actually make this work.
By crawling through the muck, toiling thanklessly for a pompous blue blood who'd rather be self-righteous than president.
- Excuse me? - Hey, let's just take a breath here.
I spent months getting you this opportunity.
And you-you flush it because you're feeling mopey about your Resiliency Fund, whatever the hell that is.
Mike, it's time for you to leave.
- I'm on my way.
- Mike.
I am not your puppet.
If I see a chance to shift the paradigm, I'm gonna take it.
Why can't you just trust me? Because I'm not a politician.
And that's exactly why you're gonna lose.
Well, tell USAID to pre-stage supplies and have PACOM standing by.
Keep me posted.
That was Blake.
Tropical Storm Phoebe is now a typhoon.
(SIGHS) So, Netflix and chill? Is there a category for "self-righteous blue bloods"? (SIGHS) Mike went too far.
I thought maybe you were gonna punch him.
Me, too.
What if he's right about me? You know, one of the reasons I've relied on Mike for all these years is because his assessment of people is always dead-on.
So, for him to say that about me is This is the part where you you say, "No, he's mistaken and insane.
" He's not mistaken.
- Uh, thanks, pal.
- Or insane.
I mean, tonight, maybe a little.
But you are stubborn and high-minded and, ironically, for a former spy, completely allergic to duplicity.
So are-are you finished? There's a but.
He-He's overreacting.
First of all, the evangelical community is not a monolith.
So Pastor Bragg gave money to Callister.
He represents a narrow band of believers, and within that, there's dissent.
I actually had a productive conversation with his daughter.
- The spokeswoman? - Yeah, Ruby, yeah.
Also, Mike B.
talks about your campaign - like the election is tomorrow.
- I know.
Right? I haven't even declared.
It's a long game.
So y-you're saying there's hope, maybe I didn't just ruin everything? I'm saying that if you're involved, there's always hope.
Oh, my God.
I love you so much.
Got any chocolate? I wasn't expecting to hear from you, not after we backed Callister.
I don't care about the money.
Neither does my wife.
Then why are we here? I looked you up.
You used to be an activist.
Coal ash is a major problem in our communities.
And you spoke out.
My father raised me to believe that my voice matters.
He was right.
Christ is good news for the poor and vulnerable.
We're compelled to care for our neighbors.
Charity is a cornerstone of our ministry.
We do good work without addressing climate change.
And if you don't, then none of that matters.
God's creation will be uninhabitable.
I, um I looked up that guy in Nauru, David Akua.
I can't imagine what he's going through.
So use your voice.
Speak out.
Yeah, that's that's easy for you to say.
I could trash my career, blow up my family.
I know it's a leap, but you're more powerful than you give yourself credit for.
If you believe that what we do in this life determines the next, there isn't any choice at all.
What did you have in mind? A simple resolution? Yeah.
The Resiliency Fund was too big of a swing.
- I get that now.
- What would this resolution say exactly? The truth.
That carbon pollution causes climate change.
Too bad the truth doesn't whip votes.
But Ruby Bragg does.
What if I told you she was backing this? She'll go against her father? In public? If she can divide CRN's lobbying power, it may put us over the top.
Then feel free.
But are you sure you want to go all in on a resolution? - It's symbolic at best.
- ELIZABETH: Absolutely.
And unfortunately, it isn't just symbolic.
As crazy as this sounds, we have to define truth and agree on a shared reality before any real work can even begin.
(DOOR OPENS) Excuse me, sir.
Madam Secretary, you have an urgent call from Blake Moran.
It's about Typhoon Phoebe.
Please tell me that it's shifted.
Uh, the American and European models both have Phoebe making landfall in Nauru in less than four hours.
She's already a category four.
Give me David Akua on SVTC right away, please.
Yes, ma'am.
The USS Comfort and the amphibious transport ship San Antonio are anchored off Yangor.
They can embark every single Nauruan in less than an hour.
What about our temple? I'm sorry, we're out of time.
Look outside, David.
The storm surge is rising.
I promised them.
I mean, what-what do I do? Declare martial law.
Order everyone to staging points and follow the instructions of Pacific Command.
I-I don't know what to say.
The truth, David.
Even when it hurts.
Even when people don't want to hear.
It's not that simple! You don't know what it means to them, to me.
I There might be a chance if we can (CRASHING) David? David? (BEEP) MATT: Why haven't we heard anything? DAISY: Well, the outer storm bands knocked out our satellite relay in Guam.
Comms are slower than usual.
(PHONE RINGING) Jay Whitman.
Evacuation's complete.
Come on.
How many? A few dozen refused to leave the temple, but everyone else made it off before landfall.
What about David? What about David Akua? Is he on the manifest? On the USS Comfort.
His mom, too.
Thanks, Admiral.
Now the real work begins.
BLAKE: Uh, Ambassador Harriman said the U.
is ready to take up the vote on the sovereignty transfer tomorrow.
DAISY: We'll make sure to keep up the pressure in the media.
What about the storm? JAY: Tracking east.
Possible threat to Samoa, but we'll stay on top of it.
All right.
Thanks, guys.
Nina, did Mike B.
return my call? No, ma'am.
Get my motorcade, will you? - Right away.
- (KNOCKING) Have you looked at the MRI? What do you mean you haven't seen it? I sent it via Dropbox over an hour ago.
No, I'm not yelling at you, Fräulein.
- Bitte.
I am - Yes, I know there's a wait list.
I will, I will resend.
Spezialität Hundeklinik in Hamburg.
They have a drug trial that has shown promise in transgenic mice.
But, yeah, I know what you're thinking.
Experimental drug therapies in-in Germany iffy track record, right? But desperate times, huh? This is about Gordon, huh? He has a sarcoma.
It started in his liver, and now, well, it's apparently everywhere.
Chemo is not an option, it's too late for surgery, and I swear I saved this to the desktop.
Sweetheart, bless your heart.
I waited too long.
I should have brought him in weeks ago.
Instead, I blamed the cat.
Mike, you didn't know.
He's old.
Did you get a second opinion? I got five.
And now they're recommending palliative care, which is vet-speak for "quitting," which I won't do.
We're gonna save you, buddy.
You can help me clear him through E.
Customs, right? I saved it right here on the desktop, I swear to God.
Just stop, okay? (SIGHS) You know how Truman said if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog? I did.
God, now what? I'm your friend, Mike.
I'll always be here.
(SNIFFLES) I remember when Gordon came to UVA as a puppy.
(LAUGHING) He peed in the faculty lounge.
(LAUGHS) He peed in my office.
(SNIFFLES) - In my shoes.
- He, he always looked right at you when he did it, too.
Oh, those were the days.
Eight hours to Germany.
What am I thinking? (SIGHS) That it's really hard to say goodbye.
Thank you.
(SNIFFLES) And I'm sorry about yesterday.
- Don't worry about it.
- Ah.
Oh, in your stupid climate resolution, you really should add a (SNIFFLES) an expression of sympathy for the people of Nauru.
No one wants to look like a heartless jerk for a symbolic vote.
(SNIFFLES) I thought you quit.
What did I just say about quitting? (SNIFFLES, SIGHS) MAN (ON TV): The Dalton administration has just put forward a resolution that takes responsibility for global warming.
Now, your father called it "toxic propaganda.
" With respect, I disagree.
I love my dad, but he's so afraid of government regulation that he's willing to ignore 99.
9% of scientists.
You know what's scarier than big government? Massive typhoons in the Pacific.
Drought and wildfire in the American West.
Starvation and disease.
But those things, when they happen, aren't they the will of God? (SIGHS) The Lord calls us to be stewards of this Earth.
Now, if He really wants these things to happen, why would He give us the power to change it? I disagree with the Dalton administration on more issues than I could name, but I represent a generation of young evangelicals who care about climate change, and we won't stay silent any longer.
- Wow.
- MAN: So, to be clear, you pers She's good.
Her old man better watch his back.
Or you could just be moved by her sincerity, you know.
(DOOR OPENS) Sorry, sir.
Um, Dad, you wanted to know.
The vote on that resolution is starting.
NINA: Ruby Bragg's TV interview is trending on Twitter.
And my sources on the Hill say the phones are lighting up.
PR-wise, it's an earthquake.
Maybe let's avoid natural disaster metaphors for a while.
(CLEARS THROAT) CHIEF CLERK (ON TV): Final tally on S-Res 607.
"A resolution in support of the people of Nauru "in their difficult time, "and in recognition of the role carbon emissions "by industrialized nations played as a contributing factor to the disaster.
" 51 in favor, 47 against, two abstaining.
Resolution passes.
(APPLAUSE) DAISY: Admitting climate change? That's a watershed.
NINA: I just wish these resolutions had the force of law.
- JAY: Me, too.
- BLAKE: Guys, there's something you need to see.
What is that? That is Nauru.
Zoom in.
We are zoomed in.
Go back.
Where is it? Not there.
That-That's impossible.
It's happened before, in Hawaii, the Bay of Bengal.
MATT: Yeah, but those were specks.
Nauru is eight square miles.
The coral sediment collapsed under the wave pressure.
And without bedrock NINA: You're kidding.
So the entire island just disappeared? NASA confirmed.
It's gone.