Made for Love (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

I Want a Divorce

1 [Mickey & Sylvia's "Love is Strange".]
♪ BOTH: Love ♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪ Love is strange ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ Lot of people ♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪ Take it for a game ♪ ♪ Once you get it ♪ Mm, mm, mm ♪ You never wanna quit ♪ No, no ♪ After you've had it ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ You're in an awful fix ♪ ♪ - [song ends.]
- [device whirring.]
She lives.
Perfect timing.
- How long have I been here? - Uh, about an hour or so.
- Oh, God.
- Made spaghetti.
Your garlic bread, too.
I don't know if you noticed, but there's someone else here also.
Who? Where? [tense music.]
[ethereal music.]
♪ Her name's Diane.
[upbeat spacey music.]
♪ What, you're leaving? Where's the plane? "Ah, it's great to see you, Dad.
"I haven't seen you in ten years even though I've only been a couple hours away from her majesty's castle.
" Where's the plane? Where is the fucking plane? - I sold it.
- To who? To Ma Voss and her boys.
Do they still live out on 62? By the nasty chicken slaughterhouse on 62? Yes? No? I'll ♪ - You got to - I know what I'm do - I can do it.
I just - You're not flipping it right.
I'm doing it.
I said I can do it.
Just please give me.
Okay, yes.
- I left Byron.
- Why? What'd he do? 'Cause I Actually, can't talk about it.
Mm, of course you can't talk about it.
[gun cocks.]
So, um, how long have you two been, uh doing whatever this shit is? [discordant choir vocalizing.]
♪ That's mine.
All right, easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
- Don't Watch - Get Move her! Oh, my God.
In the morning, if you want, we can go down and ask Shane Voss to fly you somewhere.
- [gasps.]
- I think his brothers use it for their meth shop.
No, I'm not gonna stay the night.
I have to leave right now.
Oh, and if the news says that I'm dead, demand to see my body.
Have some spaghetti first.
He will feed the media a cover story, saying that I succumbed to a shellfish allergy or something, but I will be alive.
I'll just be stuck in the Hub, a prisoner of the Hub, stuck in some cube, getting revision brain surgery ordered by my husband.
Have you ever thought of just lowering your standards in terms of general happiness, hmm? You and Byron, I don't know what's going on, but give the guy a break.
You're a handful.
♪ I wasn't the problem.
You don't have a-a lifelong habit of breaking everything? Destroying things? Two words dinosaur museum.
I was three, and I had poison oak.
For God sakes, don't let it run.
Don't What? Turn off the water.
Turn off the water! Shut it off.
♪ All right, pretending to leave your husband to amass power in the marriage, I respect the move.
- Oh, my God.
- Your mother was a master.
But there's an art to it.
Planes, shotguns, acting like you're running for your life it's it's not elegant.
Plus, he's just gonna say that you're unstable.
♪ Your dick is out.
Hmm? It's out.
It's right there.
Ooh! Sorry.
Ho hold on, though! Come on.
Let's talk about it.
If you didn't want my help, why'd you even come here? Because Byron knows that I would never fucking come here.
And I was gonna take the plane.
You can't even fly the plane.
But I can kind of fly the plane! ♪ Let's get dressed.
♪ Made for Love is operating.
Hello, Hazel.
It's time for your nap.
Hazel and I are users one.
Easy pussy.
Users one.
[car horn honking.]
[suspenseful music.]
♪ [honking continues.]
♪ Hazel! Don't shoot! It's me! Whoa! Hey! [laughs.]
All right.
That was close.
It's okay.
You missed.
Maybe you don't recognize me without my fingers.
That's all right.
I got 'em.
Don't worry.
They're right here.
How long, Lyle? I don't know, I probably got about an hour or so before I need to get 'em on ice.
Just don't worry about that.
How long have I been User One? I was trying to tell you in the strip club, but you were too busy chopping off my fingers to listen! Three days.
Byron confessed after you escaped.
You're you're lying.
Hazel, I'm telling you the truth.
Byron turned on me, too.
He shut down all my electronics.
He wiped out my bank account.
He erased my driver's license, my social security number, all because I was just trying to help you.
- You would never help me.
- What? Do you know that I-I stuck up for you when Byron used to mock you? - Yeah, he mocked you.
- Oh.
He does a brutal impersonation of you eating an apple.
We can get through this together.
Right now you are the single most valuable piece of technology in existence.
You feel me? Cha-ching.
You you are really gonna regret the day that you underestimated me, pal.
What are you doing? Well, we both know he's watching.
I think it'd be a little weird to, you know, pretend that he's not.
And I-I have a plan, but it's not like I can just say it.
- Shit.
- I'm your best shot here.
In fact, I'm your only shot.
Right, what are you gonna do? You gonna go to the fuckin' cops? [laughs.]
You gonna go to the media? You think you can trust those guys? They they He owns them! They're in his pocket.
For fuck's sake, this guy is untouchable.
But me, I got a plan.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Look, I got No.
It's okay.
I got this, all right? - What is that? - This is a cloaking device.
- Looks like a shoe bag.
- It's not a shoe bag! Well, it looks like a shoe bag! It's not a fuckin' shoe bag! It's a cloaking device.
Look, I slip this over your head, and it blocks the signal.
All right? And then [tense music.]
I take you away, and I get you to safety.
That car only has one seat.
Yeah, but it's got a trunk.
Your plan is to put a bag over my head and throw me in a trunk? Well, escaping is not glamorous.
You should know that by now.
So let's go.
Ow, fuck! [screaming.]
[The Ettes "I Get Mine".]
♪ Oh, I need those! Hey! - Aah! - Okay.
I'm a modern man ♪ And I don't come on ♪ Anymore ♪ Aah! Ah, shit, it hurts! What I won't do if ♪ Okay.
[panting, yells.]
Stop shooting me! Stop freaking me out! ♪ - Hazel! - [gasps.]
- Hazel! - Stop, Dad.
Jesus, I thought that was you screaming back there.
- Did you hear that? - Yes.
I think some poor woman is in distress back there.
Just go.
You got to drive.
- I think - Just go, Dad! Go! Okay, all right! I get mine ♪ - Dad? - Jesus, I thought I know she loves me.
Dad, go! Surprise! [laughs.]
Happy birthday.
[serene music.]
I know you're not gonna eat the cake, but I wanted it to look festive.
Is this not okay? ♪ [chuckles.]
No, it's just no one's ever thrown me a birthday party before.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Have you ever hit a piñata before? Come on.
Here we go.
- Oh! Closer.
- Oh! Okay.
- Almost.
- Okay.
- Yes! - You got it! Yes! - Okay, my turn.
My turn.
- Okay.
That was fun.
That was so much fun.
[upbeat dance music.]
You can't see, right? - Nope.
- Okay.
♪ Are you sure the Vosses are there? Yep.
So this chip.
It can read your mind? Just the four senses and rudimentary emotional data.
Five senses.
Byron doesn't believe in smell.
Hmm, okay.
I always thought the whole thing was nuts.
I mean, the phone I can understand.
You let people walk around and put it in their pocket and pretend like they matter, but as a business concept, now, who's gonna choose to put a chip in their head? I didn't choose.
No, right, I know, but, uh the average consumer.
Putting the chip in the brain of every man, woman, and child in America? That's not love.
What? To protect the plan.
'Cause he's listening to you.
- Yes.
- Okay.
You're a human bug now.
- Yes.
- [chuckles.]
This chip doesn't have a GPS? I would think that that'd be the first thing they put in it.
Fuck! Leaving gets you nowhere ♪ Except gone ♪ ♪ [indistinct chatter.]
What? My reputation has shifted [sighs.]
Since Diane and I You're the town pervert now.
Well, fuck them.
- They're close-minded.
- Yeah.
It took you getting a sex doll to figure that out? Synthetic partner.
All right, let's go.
We won't be long.
[Damon Danielson's "How Long Has it Been".]
♪ - Hang on! Hang on! - [crowd groans.]
I hate Third Saturday Ride Night.
♪ How ♪ How long has it been ♪ Since you said goodbye to him? ♪ How long has it been? ♪ ♪ Okay.
Look, if Ma Voss, if she sees you, she's gonna want the moon.
Give me the money.
I'll make the deal.
I-I don't have any money.
- That was the plan? - What? "My daughter's rich, do me a fuckin' solid"? What's your plan, huh? What are you gonna do? Grab a shotgun and just murder everybody? Do a mass killing and then, "Hey, can I have your plane?" Just sit in the truck.
Watch Diane for me, okay? I got this.
I got some tricks left.
I'll be at the bar.
Ah, fuck.
♪ I-I really don't have any money.
♪ All right.
And you know in your heart ♪ There is no reason ♪ You can no more change his mind ♪ Than you can change the seasons ♪ Ma.
Shane, Daniel.
Mind if I sit? I, uh, got a proposition.
Go ahead, pervert.
♪ You sound a little jealous when you say things like that, Shane.
Oh, come on.
[ethereal music.]
♪ Hey, Hazel.
- Is your mom still dead? - [boys laugh.]
- Shane! - Go! [both laugh.]
He's over there.
♪ Wake up, Dad.
Huh? Ah.
- What time is it? - It's the next day.
♪ I was actually being responsible 'cause I was too drunk to drive.
♪ Mm-hmm! Mm-hmm.
I won.
- There's no food at home.
- Oh.
Want to get pancakes? - Okay.
- Yeah.
Oh, you know what? Uh [grunts.]
You drive.
- Really? - Yeah.
I think I'm still drunk.
Come on.
You can do it.
Okay, easy, huh? This ain't the Autobahn.
Whoo! [laughs.]
Yeah, yeah.
Easy does it.
Come on, hurry up.
[country music playing.]
♪ You're right.
I haven't showered in days.
What can I get you? ♪ You gonna order something or ♪ Beer it is.
♪ [suspenseful music.]
What do the red lines mean? It means she's aroused.
♪ [telephone ringing.]
♪ Yeah? Fuck you.
And that way, I have it back to you in under 48 hours, and you make 120% on your investment.
How about instead of that, you let me fuck your Diane in the face? [laughing.]
No one wants your bullshit schemes, Herb.
Danny just wants to ride against the old champ.
That's 20 years ago.
Huh? Come on.
You want the fucking plane or not, Herb? You know what? I do.
[indistinct chatter.]
- [whispering.]
Hey, hey, hey.
- [whispering.]
Ma Voss, she's agreed to let us use the plane for one day if I beat her son on the bull and take her to dinner.
Look at him.
He's terrified.
All right.
I want to say something.
I'm doing this for my daughter's honor.
[crowd booing.]
She's fallen on some hard times.
[indistinct chatter.]
- Okay, so fuck you all.
- No, fuck you! And also, I'm doing this for my companion Diane's honor.
She don't deserve to be treated the way you people treat her.
[crowd laughing.]
[dramatic music.]
Don't worry.
I'm about to light these motherfuckers up.
♪ Go.
- [horn blares.]
- No question my skull's fractured.
Clavicle's shot.
I basically feel nothing from the waist down.
Not a thing.
Not a thing.
Oh, no, I do.
I do.
Saddle syndrome.
Bladder's burst.
I sense it.
- Hey! - [Shane grunts.]
Hey! Shane! Hey, come here! - Hey.
- No! - That's my dad's! - No! Give me the bitch, bitch! - Let go! - Come on! [thud.]
- What did you do? - You're welcome.
[ethereal music.]
♪ [truck door closes, engine turns over.]
[futuristic music.]
Oh, Diane.
♪ We got a problem.
Lost my keys.
- I got 'em.
- Ah.
Maybe it's for the best not flying away.
I've never been through a divorce, technically.
Imagine it's not that much different than death.
Suddenly, you you're one instead of two.
Byron's not gonna let me go.
Well, it's not up to him.
♪ Do you think that you and Mom would have stayed together? Probably not.
The sex was getting terrible before the cancer, even.
Diane, on the other hand, she's up for almost anything, orifice-wise.
♪ HERB: Hold on, hold on.
It's Byron.
I could just put this thing in reverse right now.
Take the back roads, see how far we get? I can't get away, Dad not like that.
[tense music.]
♪ Hey, Bruce.
User One has landed.
♪ I thought we were happy.
I wasn't.
I want a divorce.
[Orville Peck's "Roses Are Falling".]
♪ Back on the run ♪ ♪ Back to the blue ♪ ♪ Winning is fun ♪ ♪ Losing is, too ♪ Roses are fallin' ♪ Roses from fallin' for you ♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ The ache inside the hate ♪ I found a way to sit and wait ♪ And now I can't ♪ Your voice, your face ♪ Without a trace ♪ I'll wait for you ♪ ♪ Roses are fallin' ♪ For you ♪ Roses are fallin' ♪ For you ♪ Roses are fallin' ♪ For you ♪ ♪
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