Made for Love (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

I Want This Thing Out of My Head

1 The Made for Love chip.
Now you and your loved one can truly come together.
Every thought, every feeling, shared, your brains fully connected, a network of two.
We made it possible because you were made for love.
So let me get this straight: Gogol Tech's newest endeavor is a chip implanted into couples' brains to merge their thoughts? I mean, this is a little extreme, no? - Actually - So sorry.
May I May I have a moment with Byron? - Oh, yeah.
- Off the record.
Of course.
- What was that? - What do you mean? The, um the commercial, that wasn't me.
- That wasn't me.
- No, I know.
Uncanny, right? We deepfaked you.
You were busy that day.
Doing what? I think you were napping.
It made it look like you and I would be I I just don't understand why you're talking publicly and making ads for something that's not possible yet.
Don't you believe in this, Hazel? I know that it's important to you.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- I just - You just what? Talk.
Talk to me.
- Nothing.
- You see? See, this is a perfect example why Made for Love is such a great product.
It'll close the gap between our miscommunications.
There'll be none.
- Sorry about that.
- Oh, no, not at all.
I just I'm not used to being on camera, and I get a little nervous.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- We're ready.
- Yeah, we're ready.
Should we go back to the top? - Yeah, sounds great.
- Yeah, we can get back to - Sounds great, right? - Yeah.
Gogol phones, Gogol computers, Gogol satellites.
The name Gogol has become synonymous with technology around the globe.
Gogol is, in a word, ubiquitous.
Not so with its founder, Byron Gogol.
Now 34, Gogol largely disappeared from public view after building the Hub, Gogol's futuristic tech campus where he works and resides.
Like Gogol himself, the Hub is a mythic building shrouded in secrecy.
No member of the press has ever been inside until now.
"Weeknight America" has been granted the first exclusive look inside the Hub, which is rumored to have no visible doors or gates.
We're going in, but we won't know how, as we'll be blindfolded and led by Gogol security.
See you on the other side.
- Now? - Yep.
Go ahead.
Welcome to the Hub.
Does it look familiar? There's no way.
Mm-hmm, I recreated your favorite beach spot in Coffee Bay, South Africa.
I wanted to be a good host.
This is bloody unreal.
Is Byron Gogol a genius savant living in an optimized world of his own creation, or is he a megalomaniac narcissist who cannot function in normal society? So how would you describe the Hub? Technically, it's a superstructure made up of virtual reality cubes, all in different sizes, each with its own individual virtual biosphere.
It allows me to live my life and do do what I do.
How so? You know, in my early days of my career, I had to travel constantly for work, and it was hugely inefficient, you know, not to mention mentally and physically taxing.
But the Hub, it allows me to just stay in one place and virtually transport myself all around the world.
Doesn't that sound fantastic? Environmentalists certainly have a lot to say about the drain on the area's resources.
Oh, there she is.
Cut let's cut this.
Let's do the walk and talk again from the top.
- Okay.
- Come here.
Don't stop rolling, just No, it's fine.
- It doesn't matter.
- Actually, Byron, we've got Hazel scheduled for an interview later.
No, that's fine.
This is gonna be better.
I'm gonna run up to her and stuff like that.
- Oh, Byron, honey, I think - No, it's fine.
- They just wanna interview you.
- And, action.
Hazel! Hey.
What Rumor has it that, well, you haven't left the Hub since your wedding.
It's actually since the night that we met.
- Mm-hmm.
- Which was the same night.
Dinner went really, really well.
The couple has memorialized the outfits they each wore on their first date together.
These hang prominently in the living room of the home cube, where the couple reside.
- Describe your husband to me.
- Oh, no.
My husband is the most interesting, the smartest He's the most impressive person that you're ever gonna meet.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
He never rests, except for the two hours a night that he does sleep.
Oh, wow, you operate on just two hours? - Yes, I do segmented sleeping.
- Yeah.
- I have this special helmet - He sleeps with a helmet on.
Yeah, it puts me into ultimate REM sleep.
It's the same effect of sleeping eight hours.
Wow, you are taking efficiency to a whole other level.
Oh, yes, intense, isn't it? - That's true.
- He really does.
- He doesn't eat.
- I eat! - Oh.
- No.
- I do.
- He eats these flavor balls - Yeah.
- that he that he invented.
- And I think that we - We have a surprise for you.
- Oh, no.
- If you'd like to try it.
- Hi, hi.
- Thank you, Bennett.
We have here a charcuterie plate with jamón serrano and an aged white cheddar, a lamb tagine with apricots, and for dessert, a molten chocolate cake with a hazelnut crunch.
You got that? - Wow, we got him.
- That's that's delicious.
We got him.
I can see why they call you Willy Wonka.
Yeah what? What? Who? - Willy Wonka is a - It's a It's a character it's a children's book.
From sleep to swimming, nothing in the Hub is ever ordinary.
I mean, this, guys, this is just so beautiful.
- It's kind of incredible.
- Yeah.
It's our little slice of heaven, to tell you the truth.
Here she comes.
It's Zelda.
Zelda is a key member of our research team.
- Ah.
- And she's also family.
The research he's referring to involves Gogol's controversial new project in development, Made for Love.
Fiffany Hodeck, Gogol's chief science officer, is overseeing the project.
The foundational step of Made for Love has been an operational chip in the brain of our dolphin.
We've been able to monitor her sensory data for a year now.
And what would you say to animal rights activists who might object to your use of a dolphin as a test subject? She's not a test subject.
The chip gives us constant data to Zelda's emotional indicators and physical responses.
If she was unhappy, I would be the first to know.
Help me to understand this Made for Love chip you're developing.
Well, Hazel and I have the answer for what everyone wants in this life: true love.
With this chip implanted in the brains of two partners, we'll synchronize two minds.
Do you think that people will be on board with having a chip inside their brain? Absolutely.
Well, I think that, um I think that, you know, we're talking about pretty far into the future.
I think that the way technology is trending It's the next step in evolution.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll tell you what what's risky that people are on board with right now.
- It's marriage.
- Huh.
It is, and we all know, half of all marriages end in divorce.
That is one of the problems that Made for Love is going to solve.
But don't you think that secrecy and privacy whatever you wanna call it is necessary in a relationship? - Why? - I mean, if my wife could read my mind, she'd divorce me.
That is a fear-based response.
We, the people, you know, think transparency leads to rejection.
Why? But with this chip, couples will, for the first time in history, have true, authentic, honest relationships.
Hazel, would you put one of these chips inside your brain? Well I, uh lucky for me, I don't need to because, um, Byron and I are already so synced.
That's very true.
We are on the same page.
You know, I think that we just wanna give the world what we have.
- What we have.
- Yeah.
We just, you know, we're already there.
We finish each other's s sentences, yeah.
I'm curious.
Inside this utopia, do you ever get a moment of nostalgia for the real world and all its mess? Never.
I was asking Hazel, actually.
Oh, uh Beer, maybe.
Hazel, do you see yourself venturing outside the Hub again? Are you really inside for life? I am.
I plan on being here until the day I die.
Till death do us part, right? Cannonball! Whoo! I want a divorce.
I trusted you.
I want this thing out of my head, Byron.
No, you don't.
- The data says - Don't you dare come near me.
Okay, okay, okay.
Baby You good? Maybe you want those things right now, but that's kind of always been your problem, hasn't it? Not knowing how you feel.
The fucking pool? Can you imagine if I came home and found you there? I wasn't thinking about you.
I'm crying.
You're not, actually, though.
My point is, you're not safe out here, - and you are the thing - Person.
person I care about most in this world.
But Haze, what do you think we were doing all those years at the Hub, hmm? I've been working on this my whole life.
And, yeah, Bennett was right.
You are my secret weapon.
You are my partner.
This is where it was going.
I mean, our fucking vows.
"Together, we will change the world.
"Together, we will become a singular living God.
" You agreed to this.
I thought those were metaphors, Byron! You're getting excited.
If you love me so much, why would you do this without telling me? I had to read your diary first to know if I could let you read mine.
Oh, what the fuck, Byron? I had to know if you really loved me, and, yeah, the data was not what I hoped.
Did you ever actually love me? I don't know.
- And you stayed anyway.
- Yeah.
I thought it would happen.
And you're the victim.
You don't know what you want because you don't know how you feel about anything.
I'm actually helping you.
Don't look at me like that! I'm not a monster.
I've been watching you for just over a day now, and, oh, oh, I know your worst secret.
- Don't, please.
- Don't what? Just don't say whatever the fuck you're about to say.
You think you're worthless unless somebody loves you.
You think you don't deserve love.
Guess what? I actually love you even though you don't love me.
I am the only person who actually loves you, objectively.
- People love me.
- Who? Your dad? Not to be mean, but he loves a sex doll.
Come on, Noodle.
The chip showed me.
You don't even love you.
You don't even know how to love.
Let me love you.
It's okay.
Come home.
Come home.
If you need me to take it out, I will take it out, but I can't do that out here.
I want walks.
What? I can't take walks in the Hub.
We have that, uh, the nature walk.
It's it's horizontal.
There are no fucking smells in the Hub.
We can add smells.
We can make a smell cube.
- I need to think.
- Okay.
That is okay.
Take a walk, come on.
Take a walk.
Okay? I'll be watching.
Just give her some space.
- Hazel, talk to me, kid.
- I'm fine.
Nice to see you, Herbert.
I was wondering, since you're here, would you be open to hearing some pitches on some technology concepts I've been working on over the years? I got an idea for an inflatable battery.
That's just one.
I I'd be honored.
- Should I follow? - No, no.
She's coming home.
She's just going for one last walk.
And then that would lead directly - to the stationary unit - Mm-hmm.
Which would not have to be lifted by the hydraulics in the normal one.
If you look here see what I'm saying? You go in here.
The steam goes in there.
It comes around, and it pushes out.
Now it's trapped, so it's very buoyant.
It's it's extreme buoyancy, which I'm calling EB for short.
How'd you find me? I smelled you.
This is yeast.
I make my own beer.
Don't talk anymore.
Just do exactly what I say.
I want you to take your arms out right now.
I want you to come right on up front.
Stand right there.
Take off your boots.
Take off your pants.
That's our cue.
Oh, wow.
No underwear.
We know how this one ends, so Let's get started.
Touch yourself.
Come on.
Jack off.
Am I a stranger? - Yes.
- Then why are you doing this? Yeah, why the fuck are you doing this? I don't know.
Listen to him, Hazel! He doesn't even know! Oh, I'm gonna come.
God damn it! I think he liked my battery idea.
Thank you.
I don't know what I want, but I know I don't want you, Byron.
Good night, Noodle.
See you tomorrow.

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