Made for Love (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Let's Meet

1 I got the papers.
Is this for real? I'm ready to divorce you if that's what you really want.
Yes, it is.
Then I'll sign them.
But I want to meet in person.
I'm not coming to the Hub, Byron.
I'll come to you.
I'll let you pick where we meet.
You can just come to the house.
I want to be able to speak to you candidly, uninterrupted.
Just the two of us.
Well, it has to be somewhere public.
As long as it's off the beaten path.
You know why.
I I get recognized.
I know a quiet place.
It's nice to see you, noodle.
Don't call me that.
Right, sorry.
It's nice to see you, Hazel.
Where is it? Your phone, it's not out on the table.
So where is it? You're really not watching my feed anymore? I-I haven't watched it in days.
Doesn't matter.
Okay, let's just get this over with.
Four letters.
Half-man, half-goat.
What's one of those things called? Herbert! Open up! I know you're in there! There, still keep the spare in the same place.
Hazel called Byron last night, and they arranged to meet in person.
Now, I had already gone to bed, so I didn't hear the tapes till this morning.
I know, I know, he served her the divorce papers.
Hey, listen, thank you so much for all you've done, but it looks like we're not gonna need you anymore.
Oh, it is hardly over.
Hazel! No, she left.
She left early this morning.
Wait a second.
How'd you know she called him? Uh, remember? I bugged your place, okay? Look, look, we gotta go.
Get dressed.
- This is a trap.
- No, I think they're just they're signing the the document stuff.
Herbert! Hazel went on one date with Byron, and disappeared for ten years.
Everything this man does is in his own self-interest.
Ah, shit.
Okay, all right.
- Let me get dressed.
- Yeah.
You know, I went to some coffee shops and a grocery store.
You know, normal normal people stuff.
No, I went out.
What about you? Tell me, what what'd I miss? I flew a plane.
Really, where? Where'd you fly to? Nowhere, I just went up in the air, and then I came back down.
It felt great though.
Yeah, that is great.
You flew a plane.
How did that feel for you just now? What? To find out something about me that I chose to tell you, instead of you invading my brain? Um Feels nice.
No, it does.
It feels nice.
That's how relationships are supposed to function.
Hey, listen.
- I've changed so much - Hey! You guys know what you want? Uh yes, actually, yes.
I do know what I want.
After her.
I-I Could I just get coffee? Thank you.
Okay, and you? I would like to order the Big Boy Burger.
Okay, you want the combo platter? The what sorry? You get a soda and your choice of chili cheese fries, onion rings, or tater tots.
Great, great.
Which one? All of 'em.
Yeah, that whole lot.
Just give me the menus.
Thank you so much.
See, I've changed Oh, sorry.
Jumped out at me.
I've I've changed.
- You know? - Yeah, you're a big boy now.
You know, it kinda hit me the other day.
I don't need to be a handsome recluse.
I can just be handsome.
I bugged the ketchup.
We should have ears soon.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
Great, great, great, great Huh? Oh.
Um About the other day Ah, no, no.
It's fine.
I overstepped, and the way you choose to deal with your own mortality is none of my business.
Let's just drop it now.
Here we go.
You think ordering a cheeseburger makes you a changed man? No, but I did drink a beer.
- Half a half a half a beer.
- Oh, my gosh! Well, in that case Yeah, you're a whole new person.
- I know I am.
- That's a good mic.
Picks up sarcasm.
- Shh.
- On my way to be.
This doesn't really concern me though.
Can you just look at me, please? Give me a chance to explain myself to you.
Listen, Hazel, when I first built the Hub, living there was a choice.
But over the years, and if if I'm being honest, I grew to fear the real world.
But, listen, I'm getting I'm getting through that.
So, what? Are you gonna leave the Hub? I'm saying I could.
You have to admit that life is better in the Hub.
You might have felt stifled or limited or whatever that is, but look look look around you.
Do you think these people have freedom? They don't.
I mean look at this guy here.
He's leaving right now.
Is he running off because he has an emergency at home with the plumbing or something? Or that woman, I don't know, walked here because her car's in the shop? These people are prisoners to life's variables.
We don't have those inconveniences at the Hub.
Do you realize that you're just listing stuff that poor people have to deal with? No, no, no.
I'm talking about things you can't control that makes life less pleasant.
We're so lucky to have the Hub.
I was lucky to get out.
No, I you Byron, I came here to get your signature.
- I still want a divorce.
- Yes, and I will sign it.
I will I will sign it.
Please Are you gonna sign with that french fry? No, I Look, I'll sign it with whatever you want, but we can get a divorce if it's marriage you're opposed to, but please just, like give me a second to explain - Excuse me.
- What is happening.
- Excuse me.
- Is this guy talking to me? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can I borrow that ketchup? Thanks.
Please come back.
I know what life with me at the Hub should've been like for you from the start now.
Please, just give me a chance to prove it.
Maybe stop dancing around the elephant in the room.
What elephant? The baby inside me is the elephant.
Baby? Baby? That's right, Cal.
I'm pregnant.
The ketchup must've moved.
- I'll fix it.
- Wait, wait, wait.
I kinda want to hear how this ends.
No more surveillance.
You couldn't live that way.
I will.
I w other than security.
The roosters could go.
No more orgasm review? It's gone.
I already have the data I need.
That shouldn't be the reason.
You're absolutely right.
I'm gonna introduce the element of choice into Hub protocol.
It should be a world curated by both of us.
- Both of us? - Equally.
Equally? Oh, good.
So no more Hub approved nail polish and fabric hues Does give it a cohesive look, but sure, yeah.
No more nutrient intake counters.
No more censored films, no more censored books.
I-I didn't realize there was so much you disliked.
I'm sorry.
Mm-hmm, you'd be okay with all this, sounds like.
Mm-hmm, me setting my own alarms.
Or, you know what? No alarms at all.
Me listening to music as loud as I want to.
Any kind of music, out loud instead of in the earpiece.
Me having a pet.
Well, no.
Dogs don't wear pants.
If you don't wear pants, you can't be on the furniture.
Me having a cell phone that dials out.
Me leaving the Hub whenever I want to and going wherever I wanna go.
And the big one the chip gets taken out.
Yes, it's priority one.
My entire model for "Made for Love" was incorrect.
I see that now.
Are you admitting that you were wrong? You admit it was wrong.
All of it, the constant surveillance, it was illegal.
And it was immoral.
Not to mention, a very shitty thing for a marriage.
You admit that.
Except that the chip did prove to be effective.
Having it in only one partner.
I figured out it doesn't have to be a two-way merge.
It could or a brain implant.
It could be a disposable, wearable tech piece that people use for a short amount of time when they're having trouble.
You think that all of this was just a fucking rough patch? I don't that's that's really, actually, a great name.
See? I need you here.
You're my muse.
Muchacha, muchacho ♪ Just another muchacho ♪ You gotta put the ketchup back.
Jesus Christ you scared me.
Yes, Jesus and all that.
I know the Lord, too.
Now, look here.
You go in there and you put that ketchup back.
What? The ketchup bottle, it moved.
We need it back on the original table.
Whoa, how did the ketchup move? Well, it doesn't have legs.
Somebody obviously moved it.
Okay? Which table was it though? The one with the couple.
No, the which table did it move to? Oh, right.
Oh, it was a couple, and they were talking about being pregnant.
So I'm supposed to ask everyone if they're pregnant? Go in there and do it right now, before I get my $20 back.
I'm just I've changed.
A lot.
Like, something inside of me that I just I just don't know how to describe it.
Ever ever since I started watching you when you went out here, I didn't understand why you would trade our life for this.
But I get it now.
It's about choice.
And I don't wanna control you.
I want to give up control.
Just being out here, exposed, it's Something's changed in me.
What? I'm ready to be vulnerable.
Hmm? I'm ready to be vulnerable for you.
'Cause I want to.
You're ready to be vulnerable? This from a guy who practices performance celibacy? You refused to have sex with me for ten years to avoid the risk of what was the term you used, Byron? What was it? Of course.
- It was emotional flooding, right? - Extreme feelings can just block you from your concentration.
I can't be distracted or lose focus because of pleasure, Hazel.
And plus, I always was the one that was pleasuring you.
A lot of people would say that was generous.
It was torture.
I had to give you all of my vulnerability, and you wouldn't give me any of yours.
That system was built for you.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry.
I just wish we could start over.
Let's Let's pretend that we're meeting for the first time.
But no lies, no manipulation.
Just be who you actually are.
Ready? Hi.
I'm Hazel Green.
Hi, Hazel.
I'm Byr I'm Greg Benson.
Nice to meet you, Greg.
Dutton, Montana.
Nobody knows that.
I had my data changed.
I shouldn't be saying this in public.
Can we please leave now? No.
Dutton, Montana.
Is that where your parents are? My dad's there.
At least, last I heard, anyway.
What does he do? He's a mailman.
And what about your mom? She left with my brother when I was eight.
I haven't seen her since.
She's probably dead.
So you have a brother? Yeah, he reached out a few years ago.
Saw me on the cover of a magazine.
Herringbone paid him off.
There, satisfied? No.
What are you afraid of? Losing you.
No, what are you actually afraid of? Being alone.
What excites you? You don't wanna know the answer.
Tell me anyway.
Watching you.
Why did you pick me? Because you were a challenge I knew I could w Oh, my God.
Are you turned on right now? Did you was th was that? So, what'd I miss? I have a theory, but I hope I'm wrong.
Oh! Did you just Oh, boy! Byron, you really are a changed man.
Wow, an orgasm.
Was it good? Hey.
Look at me.
Would you give it five stars? Stop, I don't wanna play games.
Can we just go home please? I am home.
Sign it.
I have to say I am surprised.
You know, I thought you would really come back to the Hub with your dad to save him.
What are you talking about? You really don't know? You've been living with him for weeks and you don't know.
Hazel, your dad has pancreatic cancer.
He hasn't been treating it.
He's just been medicating the pain.
At this rate, he has a year, if lucky.
I don't believe you.
You don't have to.
Take a look.
These are his medical records.
If you come back to the Hub with your dad, I'm confident we can save him.
We have some of the best medical resources.
Out here, he won't stand a chance.
I'd rather let him die.
I don't believe you.
Okay, all right.
I think we're good.
- Herbert.
- No, it's good.
She's being level-headed.
She's being smart.
You know what, I don't I don't really think this is any of our business.
Let's go.
Let's just let them work it out on their own.
I have what I need.
- We can go.
- Yeah.
Oh, hey.
- Hmm? - Sorry.
I figured you'd be gone to bed.
- Oh.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I fell asleep.
How'd how'd it go with with what's his name? He signed the papers.
Oh, good.
Good, I'm I'm happy for you.
You wanna celebrate? Sure, yeah.
If if if now ain't time for a drink, I don't know when is, right? Oh, to the, uh the first day of the rest of my life.
So, um Get this Byron tried to convince me that you have cancer, or What? That's crazy.
Yeah, I know.
That's what I said.
Well, I'm glad you didn't fall for it.
You wanna watch something? Yeah, all right.
My nerves are frayed.
You got away.
You did it.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Dad.
I'm jealous of Diane.
What? How's that? She got flawless skin.
No weight fluctuations.
She never has to cook.
She never has to worry about money.
She got a pretty easy life.
You know? Yeah, kind of like what you had with Byron.
Yeah, my God.
She's got it better though.
No matter what he tells you, do not sign a prenup, and one day, all this can be yours.
That's right.
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Mmm, mmm, good.
I thought I peaked in life, but I'm still getting better.
Aren't these pancakes even better? Yeah.
Yeah, they are less mediocre than usual, yeah.
Yeah, well, I guess closure makes everything taste better.
Where you going? What, you got a big day today? No, I'm just gonna get some fresh air.
Gonna go take a walk.
Mm, okay.
All right, listen.
Just so you know.
If you're gone for a while, and you come back and I'm asleep, doesn't mean I wasn't worried about where you were or anything.
It's just I got tired.
- Understood.
- Okay.
Take it in case you change your mind.
- We're ready.
- Okay.
Good morning, noodle.
There's a panel out in the sky.
You need to fix that.

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