Made for Love (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

I Have a Rotting Finger

1 [laid-back guitar music.]
♪ Should've brought my swim trunks.
[Henry Mancini's "Dream a Little Dream of Me".]
♪ Oh, going inside? ♪ Wow, hey, this is classy.
No carpet, huh? Elegant.
I don't get it.
What is this, one of those modern art things? ♪ Dad? Are you sure you're not mad that I brought you to the Hub? Well, that's an interesting way to put it.
You drugged me Kidnapped me.
You put me in a replica of my house, took away my everyday reality.
♪ I'm kidding.
What, of c how could I be mad at you? You saved my life.
I couldn't lose you.
♪ There's one more thing.
Jesus Christ! [unsettling music.]
♪ I didn't plan it.
It just happened.
This a pickle.
This a big dead-billionaire pickle.
So in terms of disposing the body Hazel.
- [gasps.]
- He's still alive! [gasping.]
Okay, all right.
[angelic choral music.]
♪ Finish the job.
♪ [gasping.]
No, no, no.
♪ Hazel.
[upbeat music.]
- Hazel.
- [gasps.]
What? You were smiling just now.
What were you thinking about? Golf.
Welcome, Dr.
Yes, Hazel, this is Dr.
This is the physician who will be overseeing Herbert's treatment.
Pleasure to meet you, Hazel.
Please, sit down.
[sighs, chuckles.]
So how do you plan on treating my dad's cancer - without him knowing? - Well, that's that is the magic of the Hub, actually I was asking the doctor.
Of course, yeah.
Well, we've designed a process for your father that makes it seamless.
The painkillers Herbert takes every morning have been replaced with fast-acting sedatives.
Oh, jeez, it's 9:30 already.
All right, enough sitting around the breakfast table.
Let's go sit on the couch.
What? Unless you got a Dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ Once he's unconscious, Bennett will alert the medical team.
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ Catcher ♪ Dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ Dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ The medical team will retrieve Herbert Catcher ♪ And transport him next door to a state-of-the-art medical cube.
It's a medical facility and treatment center all in one.
[machines whirring.]
♪ Dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ Dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ When the session is finished, the team will return Herbert.
♪ Catcher, catcher, catcher ♪ Once settled, they'll reset the time of day in his home cube back to the time of departure.
♪ [unsettling chords.]
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream ♪ When Herbert wakes up, he'll simply think he drifted off for a moment.
And I, um I got you a gift.
I took your high school watch from your bedroom and I retrofitted it.
It's synced to all the clocks in the ranch, so if you ever need to know what time Herbert thinks it is, it's right there.
And if you wanna know the real time, you just [watch beeps.]
How do we explain the side effects to him? Because with my mom's chemo, there was a Chemo? No, that's that's medieval times.
Like, you might as well put a jar of leeches on him.
The Hub isn't hindered by the FDA or ethics boards.
We're decades ahead gene editing, cell therapy, molecular vaccines in combination with nanosurgery.
In fact, the only side effect your father might experience would be from the sedatives some mild grogginess.
Which is barely anything.
So you just happen to be working on a cure for cancer? - Hmm.
- Um by-product of research, I guess.
You know, we did you know that cancer cells on a cellular level actually become immortal? So how long? Treatment duration can be based on a number of factors.
You know he's using my father's life to hold me hostage, right? So I just wanna know how long I have to keep up this charade for.
12 weeks.
That's the initial estimate to remission.
12 weeks.
I can do 12 weeks.
The second he is better, we're leaving.
[tense music.]
My dad's cancer is the only reason that I am here.
I know.
Can you give me 12 weeks to try and fix this? Well, I'll leave you two I have a question, actually, Doctor.
When can I get this fucking chip taken out of my head? - Uh - Hmm? Well, technically, I could take it out now.
Yeah, that's a great idea, actually.
That we'll have both of ours taken out.
You have a chip? Yeah.
In a moment of vulnerability, I had Bennett help me put one in.
But I never activated it, because deep down, I knew that's what you wouldn't want.
Husband of the year.
♪ What happened? What was I, snoozing in my food? What the ♪ Why's this water taste, uh, delicious? [sniffs.]
So crisp.
It's like mountain air.
All right, listen up, everybody.
'Cause I'm about to blow your fucking minds.
Three world-renowned scientists.
Three not-so-renowned worker bees from Gogol plants around the country.
All these people died this year.
Sudden accidental deaths in the prime of their lives.
Terrible tragedies? Or Gogol's sick recruitment requirements? We believe these people are alive and working in the Hub.
And now we're about to find out.
With this guy.
Uh, hold on.
Lights on.
Oh, come on.
What's the problem, baby? The problem, baby, is that the Twin Sands mission failed.
And I think Hazel went back to the Hub.
Yeah, so do we.
And guess what.
We've got you cleared for an undercover interview with the Hub.
This could be the biggest case of our lifetime.
If you find those people, we've got Gogol on insurance fraud, labor conspiracy, false imprisonment.
Who knows what else? That sick fuck could be breeding centaurs.
- [laughs.]
Fucking centaurs.
- Mm-hmm.
And the timing couldn't be better, 'cause lights off.
[dramatic music.]
You've got Hazel Gogol teed up and ready to become an informant.
Lights on.
I spent two days with her.
I didn't lay down the proper groundwork.
I wanna get Gogol just as bad as you do, - but I think our next move - Lights off.
You wanna talk moves? Because I'll tell you what I see.
It looks like she's begging for it.
And you there, cool guy? Look how cool you look.
I've never looked that fucking cool ever.
I wish you'd just acknowledge you got a gift, my friend.
Yeah, homie, everybody wants to sleep with you.
Hell, I wouldn't kick you out of bed.
- [laughter.]
- You smell like cinnamon.
Lights on! [dramatic chord.]
I don't know what to do.
Just turn the fucking lights on.
Nobody knows where the Hub is.
Okay? There'll be no way to reach me.
We don't know how to get in.
We do not know how to get out.
I don't know what the plan of extraction is here.
Fuck it.
I've done worse.
Let's do it.
- Team player.
- There he is.
Oh, by the way, your new name? Jasper.
[punchy music.]
♪ I came up with that.
Okay, I need you both to hold still for three, two, one.
[machines whirring.]
All done.
That's it? After everything I went through? Mm-hmm.
It's just out of my head like that? Just like that.
What's gonna happen to these? They're gonna be destroyed, right? Of course.
They'll be incinerated.
Yeah, absolutely oh.
No! [punchy music.]
♪ [groaning.]
You you okay there? [coughing.]
- Yeah.
- Good.
I think we're done here.
Oh, you need an access sensor in your fingertip.
Hau, do you mind putting one in Hazel? [laughs.]
Yeah, right.
You must think I am really fucking stupid.
I am not letting you put another chip in my body.
You mean besides the two you just swallowed? The finger sensor is truly the only method of getting around in the Hub, so I might have a work-around.
[clears throat.]
Herringbone came to see me in LA to beg for his job back.
I said no, but he gave me his middle finger as a parting gift.
How did you know Hazel would destroy the chips? Oh, I know my Hazel.
A lot better than she'd like to admit.
Were the transfer plates able to copy the chips' data? - Yes.
- Great.
The data mapped onto its hard drive upon contact.
A copy of Hazel's consciousness is uploading to a dedicated network now.
And my copy? I'll upload it to its own network.
Keep them together.
You know, it's more romantic that way.
[engine grinding.]
Come on.
Truck's dead.
It's crazy.
Nothing looks off on it.
Not to be crass, but I know the inside of its body as well as I know yours.
[touch tones beeping.]
It's got new spark plugs in it too.
[line ringing.]
Well, I mean, kinda new.
[watch ticking.]
[line ringing.]
["feminine" voice.]
Amos Automotive.
Yeah, is Amos there? Unfortunately, Amos is unavailable at the moment.
Can I help you? Yeah, yeah, I got a problem with my truck.
Oh, trucks.
It's always something.
Yeah, I think it may be the timing belt.
Can't think of what else it could be, so Yes, the timing belt.
The timing belt which links the camshaft to the crankshaft, which manages the pistons of the engine.
Yeah, right, right, okay.
Can you get somebody out here right away, please? Herb Green.
Amos knows me.
Oh, we're pretty booked at the moment.
There might be an opening next week.
Next week? No.
What are you are you kidding me? Are you new? I didn't know Amos had any women there.
B-but yes.
I am new.
Love I'm loving it here.
Um, we'll be in touch.
- Okay.
- We'll call you.
[unsettling music.]
♪ [machines beeping.]
♪ [yelps.]
Are you okay, Bennett? Yes.
Yes, indeedy.
♪ Hello.
You're my interviewer? Have a seat, Jasper.
Could you remove your jacket? Sure, yeah.
Just wiggle out of that.
This goes over your right index finger.
- Thank you.
- Right index hey.
Do you have any electronic devices anywhere on or inside your body? No, sir.
All right, ready to begin? Yes, sir.
Question one.
What do you think happens after we die? Wow.
Guess dive right in, huh? No small talk.
[chuckles nervously.]
Hazel, come here! You gotta see this! What is it? Oh, God.
Is it, uh Can you, like, describe it to me? Is there is there blood? No, no, no.
It's nothing gross.
Come here.
Watch this.
[toilet flushing.]
[toilet gurgles.]
Okay, you see how fast it swirled? It flushed right away.
I didn't have to jiggle the handle.
I didn't have to do nothing.
Look, watch.
[toilet flushing.]
I mean, I don't get it.
It's like the plumbing fairy paid us a visit.
Oh, yeah, I tinkered with it last night.
I must have, um yeah, I guess I, well, fixed it.
- Wait, you did this? - Yeah.
Well, then I don't know what you're wasting your time at the bowling alley for, 'cause maybe this is your talent.
It runs like a race car now.
Yeah, I don't know what I did.
- [sighs.]
- It was a happy accident.
I'll say.
We should look into plumbing jobs for you.
There's a lot of money there.
Oh, this made my day.
[computer whirring.]
[dramatic music.]
♪ [chuckles.]
More romantic.
[dramatic music.]
Should technology for a post-human existence - be available? - Absolutely.
Do you believe in the potential of a nonphysical reality? Yes, yes.
It's the future.
Any family or romantic partners whose absence could cause moderate to high stress? No, no.
I'm a lone wolf.
[small laugh.]
[edgy music.]
♪ Okay.
One more.
Who was your celebrity crush in high school? [chuckles.]
That is easy.
Paula Abdul.
Huh? Still is.
Okay, that concludes that portion.
On to the next.
Here you'll find nondisclosure agreements, identifications, liability forms, the end-of-life agreement, beneficiary documents Um, uh, end of life? Correct.
- Um - Hub employees will be the first to transmigrate to Gogol's virtual biosphere.
But in exchange for immortality, your former identity must cease to exist.
[gentle music.]
♪ [light funky music.]
♪ [insects chirping.]
[indistinct whispering.]
She's not allowed here.
[indistinct whispering continues.]
[bombastic music.]
♪ Oh, that's trippy, right? I know we're underground, but I-I-I can't quite convince my brain of it.
Hey, what's in there? ♪ [heavenly choir vocalizing.]
Hey, excuse me.
Can you show me how to I'm trying to access this Hello? Am I a ghost or something? Do you do you people not see me? I know that you know who I am.
I am Hazel Gogol, and and and I am fucking allowed to be down here now because I have because I have this.
Um, you.
What is what is your name? Uh, W-William.
Is that a severed finger? Good morning, everyone! - ALL: Good morning! - [chuckling.]
You need to you need to tell them that I'm allowed to be down here and that they can talk to me like I'm a normal fucking person, because because they're all looking at me like I'm - like I'm the bogeyman.
- Of course.
You're right.
I'll correct this immediately.
[over loudspeaker.]
Hi, my Gogol family! ALL: Good morning.
I'm pleased to announce that as of today, my brilliant, brilliant wife, Hazel, is gonna take a more active role in the Hub.
So I authorize all Hub workers to talk to her, interact with her, even show her what you're working on.
Would you like to say hello? H-hello.
ALL: Hello! She has the key to the kingdom.
I mean, I don't.
I have a rotting finger.
Thank you.
What? I'm allowed to walk around.
Hazel, I'm actually really happy you're down here.
I would like to show you something.
What is this? Where are we going? Do you remember the date we first met? The day that I've regretted the most in my life? Yeah, I remember.
Enter it.
[insects chirping.]
[gentle music.]
♪ What is this place? My childhood roof.
Greg Benson's roof.
This is the place I would come when I was a kid if I needed to escape or hide.
When I built the Hub, I built this place as a reminder of where I came from.
The Hub has cameras in every location except here.
It's the only place in the Hub that nobody knows about except me.
It's my sanctuary.
[insects chirping.]
Why did you bring me here? [sighs.]
Because I'm giving it to you.
I want you to feel safe.
It's your turn to have a place that's only yours.
You're never gonna come in here? No.
And you're okay with never being in your sanctuary again? I am.
But Maybe one day, you'll invite me in again.
[soft, eerie music.]
♪ [knock at door.]
Huh? Huh? Huh? - Good morning.
- What? What the hell? What'd you do, get up early and make breakfast? - Yup.
- Okay.
I know what's going on here.
Yeah, spill it.
What do you want? I can't just do something nice for my dad and for my s-stepmom? Yeah, no.
No, you want something, huh? Or you broke something.
But wait a minute, is the truck not working - because of you? - No.
Dad, this is because So I'm gonna make you breakfast sometimes because you make me breakfast sometimes.
That's all this is.
- Okay? Come on.
- Yeah.
Your eggs are gonna get cold.
- Hmm.
Thank you! - Yeah.
You know something, don't you? Hmm? What's she up to? Are you in on it? [angelic choral music.]
♪ Hi, Byron.
Hi, Hazel.
I see the crystal raindrops fall ♪ And the beauty of it all ♪ Is when the sun comes shining through ♪ ♪ To make those rainbows in my mind ♪ When I think of you sometime ♪ And I wanna spend some time with you ♪ Just the two of us ♪ We can make it if we try ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Building castles in the sky ♪ Just the two of us ♪ You and I ♪ ♪ Good things might come to those who wait ♪ But not for those who wait too late ♪ We gotta go for all we know ♪ Just the two of us ♪ We can make it if we try ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Just the two of us ♪ Building those castles in the sky ♪ Just the two of us ♪ You and I ♪
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