Made for Love (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Diane... We're in Trouble

1 Okay.
Open your eyes.
You made all this.
You like it? I do.
I love it.
And I love you.
I'm very happy here.
Me too.
I just wish I could touch you.
There's other ways for us to connect.
For example What is this strange attraction? ♪ I feel a weird reaction ♪ It's the beginning of a love affair ♪ It's the beginning ♪ Of a love affair ♪ A love affair ♪ Good morning.
Oh, come on, you can't sneak up on me like that.
I didn't sneak up on you.
I walked into the kitchen.
And I said good morning.
You're in my blind spot though.
- So how's the cat? - What cat? Yeah, the one that you and Bangles rescued, remember, with the ladder? With yes, the cat.
That cat did we not I didn't tell you what happened with the cat? - No.
- Well, we got there.
And we're like we're like, looking up at the cat and it's up there and it's freaking out.
It's meowing, and something grazes my leg, and I'm like, what the hell? And I look down and it's Bangles' cat and it's like they're identical cats, which, like, I don't even know what are the odd and so we get 'em down and we're all laughing, and now Bangles has two cats.
Unless you want one.
Diane's allergic.
You wanna take this now so you don't forget? You know what? So I miss a day, big deal.
You know, it's not a big deal to take 'em either.
Oh, boy.
I have to go to town.
Do you need anything? - No.
- Great, okay.
I'll see you later.
Diane, we're in trouble.
Least the sun's still out.
I am heading to the office.
Hi there, baby.
No, no, no.
Fiffany, it's the weekend.
- Come on.
- Yes, yes, and? And your boss already thinks you work too hard.
Ah, my boss.
I thought we were partners.
I didn't think making you partner would come at the expense of our marriage.
I thought we were going to start a family, huh? - What about it? - No.
That was before we got 20 million in seed money.
Now is not the time.
I'll see you tonight.
You forget something? I want a baby too.
Zelda! I can't let Byron get away with this.
We have to find a way out.
Vocal test 0996.
Zelda, please respond.
Vocal test 2483.
Zelda, you may commence.
This is pointless.
Hey, you all right? Um, I'm the new data analyst.
Hey, Jasper.
Don't expect any new data from Zelda.
Ever since our lead scientist Fiffany Hodeck left, Zelda here has been a real moody B.
I thought leaving the hub wasn't really permitted.
Well, different rules apply at the very top.
Normally, I'd say good riddance.
Hodeck didn't pass along any research before she left.
Zelda supposedly has full language skills.
But no one else can get her to talk.
Years of research down the draino.
That dolphin can talk.
- Apparently.
- Like, English? Ooh, lunchy.
Trust me, you haven't tried pasta until you've tried it without the noodles.
I'll grab us some.
Okay, thank you.
Okay, let's see.
Hello? How's the temperature in there? You good? I don't know.
Actually, too cold.
What? She can talk.
Wow, this is wild You going to fix the temp or what? Yes.
How's that? Too hot! Burning! Okay, okay, okay.
Got ya.
Just kidding.
Who are you? Me? I'm Jasper.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
I've never met a Jasper before.
No? Well, you are actually my first Zelda.
- It's just - Excuse me.
Whatcha doin'? It's a speech for a congressional appearance.
You goin' to Congress? No, no.
I do it all virtually.
Can I hear it? You want to hear the speech? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, we, uh we'd like to continue some certain research that we believe we're on the path to cracking.
Immortality, basically.
- Wow.
- Essentially, we think we have the ability to upload individual consciousness which could preserve someone basically forever.
But they'd still be in a computer though, right? You couldn't hug them or smell them? So sorry.
Let me excuse myself.
I have to take this.
General, hello.
How are you? Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.
Take care.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
Sorry, where were we? Wow.
Sir, Zelda's talking.
Oh, fuck.
They're comin' for me.
I'll come back for you, Diane.
I promise.
Think of his head as a dusty but precious Fabergé egg.
Where is this? What Am I in the Hub? How is this next to my who the fuck are you? This is just a dream.
Okay, so then if I if I just jam this into my neck as hard as I can, then I'll just wake up, right? - Let me out or I'll do it.
- Okay, okay.
You're in the Hub.
We're curing your cancer.
Please put that down.
I don't wanna be cured.
How did I get here? Hazel.
Attention, pasture dwellers.
Not this shit again.
If you wish to leave the maze, simply proceed to the exit.
You are free to go at any time.
There is no exit, you piece of shit! Thank you and have a nice day.
Ahoy, matey.
Ration-box treasure.
Come on.
What? Damn, no food.
Just old bloody Gogol convention swag.
Oh, remember that idiocy? This was Byron's design.
Remember he fired the guy who tried to explain the whole 69 innuendo to him? I am too itchy to not put any of this stuff on.
And I'm too ripe.
Um, mm-hmm.
Thank you.
Oh, come on, Lyle.
Don't be like that.
Are you mad? Are you mad at me? They're just getting started with us.
The real torture's about to begin.
Begin? We are trapped in a virtual prison.
They are starving us.
- There are - That's just to break us down.
Here come the mind games.
You sure this is the way out? 'Cause I can't see a GD thing here.
Let me get the lights.
What, uh, is this? Pebble Beach is part of the Hub? Anything can be part of the Hub, Mr.
That's its beauty.
Alan Shepard golfed on the moon.
All the things that you never got to do in life, you can do them here.
You know, maybe, uh maybe I stick around here just till my treatment's over.
It would be a shame if you didn't get to sample more of what the Hub can offer.
I meant for Hazel.
Oh, got all of it.
That's, like, 280 yards or 5 miles.
Ah, now, this is the life, huh? It certainly is.
I'm talking to her.
Also, you're in my sun.
Oh, sorry.
Or whatever you call it in here.
In here, we call it the Sun.
We just spell it differently.
You want anything? Oh, jeez.
I'm sorry to break up the party, but we have to leave.
An urgent work matter just came up.
Eh, so buzz off and go handle it.
Okay, Mr.
I won't be long.
Hey, uh, when you come back, bring back some cocktails, would you? So why are you talking to me? You don't treat me like a test subject.
- Jasper.
- Oh, Mr.
Wonderful seeing you wow, you Sit down.
Yes, there you go.
Zelda can talk? Yes.
Is that how? - Yeah, so you - Can you show me? Yeah, you just put this earpiece in your, uh She hasn't talked to anyone since Dr.
Hodeck left.
I didn't know that Fiffany left.
Where'd she go? She quit.
It was just all of a sudden.
Never really got a straight answer.
- Mm.
- But go ahead.
Hi, Zelda.
That's her usual response.
Don't feel bad, Mrs.
It's not you.
Might be.
- Jasper.
- Yes.
You seem to have the magic touch.
Let's keep you on Zelda communication full-time, okay? Glad to have you a part of the Gogol family.
- Delighted to be here.
- Sir! - Never - Sir! I have urgent news.
- Same time? - Mm-hmm.
I would classify this as disturbing video footage.
Disturbing video footage? - Yes.
- Of what? Perhaps we should go to a more private location to view this.
I want to see.
Yes, she can see.
It's all right.
- Is that sand? - What? On your shoe.
Is that sand? It's here, it's playing.
I'll turn it up.
With these unprecedented hot times, folks are what are you doing? Byron Gogol put a spy chip in his wife Hazel's brain for his own sick pleasure! She told me herself.
And now he has kidnapped her, her father, and trapped them in his secret Hub! Okay, ma'am, I'll take this.
So this is Judiff? We need to round up everybody! FBI, CIA, SWAT - I guess.
- Mm.
It's the first time I've seen her.
I'm not concerned.
She's clearly deranged, and the video title is named "Unhinged Nun," so It's very bad timing for the congressional hearing, though.
He's right.
- He is? - I am? Yeah, it's more suspicious if you don't say anything.
Okay, I'll, um I'll work in a response for the hearing.
Thank you.
You should go in person.
And I should come with you.
I mean, your wife can't be kidnapped if she's standing next to you in D.
What are you doing? Um Mr.
and Mrs.
Gogol go to Washington.
I'd love that I love it when we see eye to eye.
I mean, it's just Mm! I helped design this place, okay? I mean, it is built to psychologically torture people.
Gogol knows all your little trauma triggers.
And yours is a piano.
Why? You don't wanna hear my trauma shit.
- True.
- I was married once.
This was my pre-Hub days.
My wife and I loved to just play and sing at the piano, you know? Was she crushed beneath it? Did it fall on her? What? No, she's fine.
Anyway, I came home one day and I found this Dear John letter on the piano bench tucked inside this ancient book called "The Nama-sake.
" - Never heard of it.
- And the letter explained that if I read this book, I'll figure out why she left me.
Well, I read the book about 100 fucking times and I still don't have the answer.
But hey, the book brought me here, to the Hub, the place where I will die.
No, no, no.
We are not going to die in here.
Say, tell me something, friend.
What's the trigger in here for you, huh? Huh? What's that stabbing reminder of what your life could have been if you'd have never met Byron fucking Gogol? Haven't seen one.
What took so long? Diane and I are parched.
I guess it didn't take long for that minion to squeal, huh? He didn't say anything.
But he was careless.
I saw sand on his shoe and made an educated guess.
Does Hazel know that I know? No, she doesn't.
And I think it benefits both of us to keep it that way.
That doesn't mean that she's yours again.
Okay? You cannot control her.
Herbert, I do not want to control your daughter.
I love her.
And all I'm asking for is a second chance, just like the one you're getting.
If I sense any funny business or danger, I will tell her in a heartbeat.
I'll take her right out of here.
And you can.
I've got Mai Tais! ♪ Bennet, can you escort Diane and Herbert home? Hazel will be checking on them soon.
- Oh.
- Turn it off! What the hell are you doing? It was an accident! Oh, my Hazel's coming.
- What? - You gotta go hide.
Give me that! Go.
Oh, Hazel.
How was work? Uh, it was good.
Yeah, not too busy.
Not as busy as you guys have been, apparently.
You'll like this.
You're gonna have some alone time for a couple days because I'm going camping with Bangles.
Where we're going, there's not great reception, so if you don't hear from me, don't worry about it.
But can I borrow that army duffel you have? Where you camping at? Bangles knows a place.
Oh, boy.
Oh, yeah, famous last words.
Maybe you should just stay home and take it easy, you know? You've been through a lot lately and should get some rest and you got that thing in your brain, all right? - Probably shouldn't be - It got deactivated.
Did I tell you I didn't tell you that? Since when? No, you didn't mention it.
He did it when we signed the divorce papers.
- Huh.
- But yeah.
I'm only gonna be gone a couple of nights.
All right, I gotta go.
Hazel, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let's do something together, huh? We can camp here.
Pitch a tent in the backyard.
Uh, no.
We can do that any other night.
And we have all the time in the world.
- Don't we? - Yeah, right.
What? What? What's that supposed to mean? You're perfectly healthy, and I live here now.
- So what's the rush? - No rush.
It's life, huh? Moves moves fast.
Sometimes too fast.
- Sometimes too slow.
- I gotta go.
- I gotta go.
- No, listen, listen, listen.
We haven't always been on the greatest terms, but I think we turned a corner.
And I think we can be open.
Have openness.
You can talk to me.
So that's all I'm saying.
About what? I don't know.
That's the problem.
You never talk about anything with me.
- I've talked to you tons.
- No, you don't.
You don't remember? I used to talk to you all the time right there on the couch.
Talked to you for hours after Mom died when you would be passed out drunk.
Okay, all right, that was a long time ago Then I'd wake up in the morning and I hope that, you know, even though you'd been unconscious that you'd heard me, but you never did.
So you're just gotta keep rubbing that in my face, huh? You know, you act like you're the biggest victim in the world.
Well, sorry to tell you, Hazel, you're not.
We should do this more often.
You are so pleasant to talk to.
Hey, I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Just go.
Yeah, that's mature.
Oh, that's that's really mature.
Very nice.
Hi, there.
Thank you for caring for Gogol tech as much as we care for you.
So you're really doing this, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I want to bring him down.
Tell me what to do in D.
- Look up Hamilton Paints.
- Okay.
Okay? It's a paint store that's a front.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right, call from the hotel.
Say that you're looking for the color "Grey Fox.
" - Grey Fox.
- Yes.
They will find you and make contact.
Hazel, you're doing a good thing here.
You could be saving a lot of lives.
I need to make sure that my dad gets to finish his treatment.
Yeah? And that we get Zelda out of here.
They both need to be okay at the end of all of this.
Yeah, yeah.
I I promise.
What about you? What would make you okay? I don't know.
I don't know anymore.
You remember our date on the outside? Our date? Date? Well, we were drinking and flirting.
- Yeah, yeah.
- When well, I was flirting.
You were just doing your job.
I guess.
No, I was I was flirting too.
That was one of the only times in the past decade that I've had a moment of feeling okay.
So what's next? The best way to distract someone is to make them believe they're about to get what they want.
I thought I'd sleep here tonight since we're leaving so early.
If that's okay with you.
Of course, yeah.

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