Made for Love (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

Alice? Are You Listening?

1 You've made a lot of progress these last few months.
Alice, are you listening? I haven't seen that here before.
It wasn't here last week.
That's true.
It's new.
What do you think of it? Looks like a picture of hell.
It's titled "Utopia.
" Well, it sucks.
Alice, I'd like to try a new activity with you today.
The phone isn't on.
It's just plastic.
No insides.
It can't hurt you.
If we're gonna have you enter the world out there again, you're going to have to get comfortable seeing these.
I'm gonna slowly push it towards you.
You fucking idiot.
Now he can track us.
- Byron Gogol wants - Alice.
- To control you! - Alice He wants to control everybody! And he can do it! He's got the technology to do it.
Please! I'm fucking I'm gonna get changed and check on my dad.
Can you just wait one second? I have someone bringing something up for you.
There he is now.
Yes, Mrs.
Gogol? How long have you worked for Byron? 16 years, Mrs.
And so do you do you know anything about a woman that he brought in here before me? Thank you, Bruce.
What's that? It's your mother, Hazel.
I am sorry, no.
I sh I should have said it's dynamic reconfigured recordings of your mother.
Before you spoke at the hearing, I didn't realize how much pain you were still carrying due to her loss.
I wish I'd met her.
What do you mean, recordings of my of my of my mother? There was ten years of recorded calls from when your mom was a customer service representative at CAL Premium.
It was a huge data set.
Enough that our AI engineers were able to create a program that predicts optimized real-time responses based on your mother's communications.
It's not perfect, but she she definitely was a talker.
The accuracy rate is about 84%.
What? You can speak with your mother again.
I'll just give you two some some space.
Hello? Hazel? Is that you? It's Mom.
Welcome home.
Delete the copy of Hazel's consciousness from the Hub cloud immediately.
Delete? I don't understand.
Why? Um, well, Hazel is starting to trust me, and I don't want to compromise that.
- Thank you.
- Oh, I see.
Because you copied her consciousness without her consent? It was more of an insurance policy, but I now see the error of my ways.
Delete it.
Very well.
I just need you to log yourself in so you can make the deletion.
I don't have the authority.
Of course, yes.
For what it's worth, you don't need to worry about Hazel figuring out what you did.
Yeah? And why is that? Because I already know.
What's wrong, hunny-bunny? Something's not right.
I can hear it in your voice.
All I said was hello.
Well, I know your "hello.
" What's going on? Talk to me.
Do you want to tell me what you had for lunch? I forgot what you sounded like.
Well, it's good to hear your voice too.
And now we can talk whenever you want.
How's Daddy? Is he still acting like a grumpy dumpling? I forgot that you called him that.
Um, he's good.
Uh, he's he's still Dad.
He, um he got a little weirder.
I can't wait to hear all about it.
Yeah, I should go, um, check on him actually Mom.
Okay, hon.
Oh, and Hazel Yeah? Would you be willing to answer some brief survey questions regarding your call today? Byron? We did it.
We made it out.
Is this the real world? Yes.
You're in your body.
Oh, Byron! I get to touch you.
This is what I wanted.
Feels so good.
You feel so good.
No, wait, wait.
- What? - Not yet.
Let's wait till I'm in my real body.
I want our first time to be perfect.
Jasper? Gotta go.
How are you today? I'm great, thanks.
It's just that by this point in your acclimation to the Hub, you and I should be a lot more bonded? Uh-huh.
Well, we're cool, right? Yeah, I feel pretty pretty pretty close here.
Let's do something together.
We could play cards.
Or do you like to dance? I'm a very good dancer.
I could teach you.
Okay, um, yeah, and we'll do that, but next time, okay? I'll see you later.
Fucking dead end.
How did this happen? Well, either Hazel turned on us or Byron found the tracker.
It was a fucking rhetorical question.
Sorry, bro.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm stressed.
I fucked up.
I might have fucked up.
No, I-I-I fucked up in D.
I-I was drinking.
Oh, no.
Hanky Panky make another fucking joke? To Hazel about sleeping with Agent Robinson Jasper.
Loose lips sink ships, man.
I know.
I fucking know that, okay? Now, how do we get Jasper out now? Well, at least he doesn't have a wife and kids.
So what, it doesn't matter if he dies? That is that's what? What is that look? What, did you shit your pants again? Sir, you need to come see this.
So he doesn't have a wife and kids.
- We can kill him.
- Fuck.
I didn't do it.
Well, I'm innocent.
I'm innocent.
Where are you taking me? I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
I wonder if they were a couple.
You want to be buried like that with me someday? If we're going to see where the underwater tunnels go, - you should know something.
- Okay.
We'll be swimming to places I haven't explored before.
It's uncharted territory, even for me.
I can't guarantee your safety.
Yeah, but if you think Fiffany's in here, we should try to find her, right? Why are you willing to risk your life for someone you haven't met? 'Cause maybe I want to meet the woman who made you so cool.
Good answer, Jasper.
Aren't you trying to stay away from the feds? This doesn't seem like the best place to be.
Is that a body? Oh, my God.
Let me see it.
Let me see.
Excuse you, Hannibal Lecter.
You are way too excited about a corpse.
It's covered with a tarp.
I can't even see it.
This is the worst vacation ever.
This is not a vacation.
Damn it.
I was hoping we could see who lives in the Benson farm - and get some clues.
- Shit.
We can't go anywhere near that place now.
So we rolled all this way for nothing? Nope.
We go to Plan B.
Back when Byron Gogol was just Montana's good ol' Greg Benson, he had a wife.
She still lives here.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Dad, when when did you find out? What are you doing here? Is something wrong? Do what you gotta do.
It'll be much easier if you don't fight this.
What? Dad, what did she - You're not my daughter.
- What? Are you okay, Dad? Yeah.
I'll be right back.
I'm gonna get the gurney.
You stay here? Yeah.
Hello? My God, Herbert? Is that you? Feeling better? To be honest, no.
Being honest now.
That's cute.
I like that.
Do you have something to say, Lyle? Well, if I'm being honest, then yes.
I do have something to say.
Where did you get that? I poured my heart out to you in here.
I told you everything about myself.
At the very least, you could have mentioned that you have a kid.
I don't.
Oh, come on, Fiff.
I know the pictures are real.
I found a bunch of my own too.
Come on, this is not a Bennet photoshop job.
- He's not that good.
- No.
That's not me.
That's my twin sister, Bessica.
You expecting anybody? No.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Bessica, get out of the rain.
Come in, come in.
I can't do this alone.
Darling, isn't it time you told the father? Ignacio, that's your son.
What? You weren't gonna give him a baby, and I wanted one.
We slept together several times last year.
What? Is this true? Of course not.
The kitchen floor.
The office desk.
Right here where we're standing now.
I didn't know, Fiffany.
I thought she was you, I swear.
You did know.
Zelda always barks at Bessica.
Fiffany Fiffany, don't go! Fiff! Fiff! The rain in here is my fault.
That's my trigger.
The rain reminds me of the night that I lost the two most important people in my life.
I left Washington the next day and, uh, never went back.
Damn, Fiff, that is brutal.
You didn't deserve that.
After that night, I decided to focus my research wholly on communicating with animals.
They're they only ones who you can trust.
I resolved never to trust another human being again.
Till you.
I've never had a friend like you, Lyle.
I mean, fuck, you even gave me your shoes to wear when we first got here.
I love you.
I love you too, Fiffy.
I'm a tight hugger.
You're gonna have to get used to it.
Hey, when you said you loved me, you didn't mean, like No.
Don't ruin a good moment.
That's, uh that's my specialty.
All right, level with me: did you tell boss man about my fuckup with Princess Gogol? Oh, Jesus, no.
How can you even ask me that, man? We're homeys.
We're homeys, man.
We are homeys.
I think this is the end of the line for us, homey.
We fucked Jasper.
We f We gotta figure out our second act.
We gotta figure out what we're gonna do.
My mom could always use extra people - at her nail salon.
- I love feet.
There's no easy way to say this.
You're both getting promoted.
Those two bodies you found up there in Montana turned out to be linked to a huge cold case.
Some very rich and powerful people are involved.
You guys are heroes.
Thank you, sir.
So does this mean we get offices now or do we still have to be out in the bullpen? Right? So what what about the Gogol case? And and Jasper? A problem for tomorrow.
Ah, shit.
Tomorrow's Saturday.
A problem for next week.
Today, we celebrate.
Gail? For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪ Which nobody can deny ♪ What is this place? Yo, this a mental hospital.
Well, maybe she works here.
Or is a patient.
Well, either way, we about to find out.
Uh, you can't just drop in.
My cousin was in a place like this and I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and take a drug test just to visit.
Well, how's security in there? I don't know.
I never passed the drug test.
Come on, this is mad boring.
I used up all my Ritalin to drive your ass to Montana.
You owe me something fun.
How about a quick trip to the costume shop? - Let's go.
- What? Hi, Hazel.
- It worked.
- It did.
We're home now.
Ooh! Mm! I look fine as hell in this suit.
I really like that little square on your throat.
It's sexy.
Oh, yeah? Maybe tonight, I could help you confess your sins.
You two stop being horny and let's hurry up.
Excuse me? Oh, hi.
Uh, we are here to give Communion.
Oh, well, Father O'Malley's normally the one who gives Communion to the patients.
Yeah, we got it from him.
He's, like, our supplier.
The body-ody-ody of Christ! Okay, but let me just give him a call real quick, - just to double-check this.
- Oh, okay.
But if he doesn't answer, he's in a police interview.
- What? - Oh.
Oh, you didn't hear? Oh, very upsetting.
But Father O'Malley has had some prior indiscretions come to light.
I'm swimming! She's swimming! Whoo-hoo! Water feels so good.
Bennett! Hey, come over here, you red-headed stallion.
- Hey! Come here, Bennett! - Bennett! Sir, you're both unclothed.
You can get naked too.
It feels good.
Or you can sit on the edge of the pool like someone who hates fun.
How's it going, Bennett? Um, well, Mrs.
G, media requests are pouring in for you after your congressional performance.
So I guess I wasn't alone in thinking it was superb.
No, I meant, how are you? You've never asked me that before.
- I'm good.
- I'm glad to hear that.
Well, I have to go say hi to my dad.
Keep him good company, okay? Thank you.
Bye! Bye.
You know what's great, Bennett? Um, I particularly like the smell of a fresh Gogol phone when you take the thin plastic film off of it.
You're so funny.
No, what what I was what I was gonna say was that even though you work for me, I genuinely enjoy spending time with you.
I feel the same way.
How about you and me go make some sandwiches.
Herbert? I can hear you breathing on the phone.
Is it you? Yeah.
It's me.
I mean No, you're stupid.
Everything's gonna be okay now.
Damn, that girl looks just like Hazel.
You two get lost.
Let me do my thing.
God bless you, child.
How are you doing today? Alice, my name is Judiff.
I know who you are.
I know that you were once married to Greg Benson and that he hurt you.
You want to play dominoes? Oh, sure.
So, uh, are you in here because of Byron? - Did he put you in here? - No.
I put myself in here.
It was the only place I can be free from him.
Far away from the Hub.
So you've been to the Hub? Can you tell me where it is? Why would you ever want to go there? Alice, my friend Herb's in trouble.
I think he's trapped in there along with his daughter, Hazel.
- Hallelujah! - Oh! You are saved.
Um, praise him.
Do you know who she is? That looks like me.
Yeah, that's his wife.
His latest wife.
He can be quite charming, you know? Until you realize that he just wants to control you like his little pet.
He's sick.
He put a chip in her head and has been watching her every move.
Sounds like I got off easy.
- I can't help you.
- What? With Byron Gogol, you'll never win.
No, no, I'm not trying to win.
I just want to help my friends.
Don't you wish someone had helped you? I'm I'm delusional.
You're mistaken about me.
I've never met Byron Gogol.
So Well, that was a waste of days and miles.
Not a waste.
This hot priest alter ego really suits me.
I want to keep going.
Okay, then.
Let's go home, crack open the files, and research other angles.
Can we stop at the World's Largest Peanut statue on the way? - No.
- Mm-mm, no.
Joke's on you, dumbasses.
I'm driving.
Okay, showtime.
What do we got for tonight? "Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
" Really? You don't think it's a little, uh, too soon? Come on.
It'll be funny.
Come on, I told you it was a bad idea.
Huh? You're not even watching now.
No, no.
You mustn't go near him.
Look, I'm watching.
I love this.
What happened back there? Um, I'm glad you're back, Hazel.
I was so worried.
Me too.
Don't scare me like that again.
I won't.
Everything's gonna be okay now.
I'm home.

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