Made for Love (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Under Open Sky

1 [mellow music.]
♪ Glad you brought your swim trunks.
It's very refreshing.
Water really takes it out of you, though.
♪ You sure, uh [clears throat.]
Byron's not hiding around a corner somewhere? I told you, you don't need to worry about Byron anymore.
I've heard that before.
Well, that time I lied.
I used to feel very comfortable lying.
Yeah, yeah.
I've, uh, noticed that on occasion.
What do you, uh, attribute that to? I guess I didn't want to feel the truth.
Maybe I didn't think I could stand feeling it.
But now I know I can stand it.
You okay? Yeah.
Don't take this the the wrong way.
I I'm not happy Byron shoved you into a computer or whatever, but, uh, since you've been back, you seem better.
[harp trills.]
At peace or something.
It's not 'cause you killed him, is it? Actually, don't don't answer.
If I don't know, it protects us both.
♪ [discordant note.]
[unsettling dreamy music.]
♪ [dramatic music.]
The hell is this? Well, you really can't buy taste, can you? - [sighs.]
- Dad? I'm sorry for tricking you and taking you back here to the Hub.
Can you forgive me? Are you kidding me? I of course.
I already did.
I love you, Dad.
Me too.
♪ [banging on window.]
Dad! [banging.]
That's not me! Dad! [upbeat electronic music.]
Standing there ♪ - What's all this? - Hi.
You must have been tired.
You were out for a while.
What, uh what, are we having company or something? No.
Just us.
I thought I would make it nice.
See if you recognize this.
[soft music playing over radio.]
- Is that, uh - Mom's recipe.
I thought she never wrote it down though.
I remember we we looked.
We looked all through the note cards and cookbooks.
I used the Mom phone that Byron made for me to call her up and ask her about it.
I didn't think I'd ever taste that again.
I wonder why ♪ ♪ That is so good.
- What? - What'd you do to the hair? I never saw you wear your hair like that.
I look for you ♪ I don't know.
Just trying something new, I guess.
Um, okay.
I'm gonna wash up.
[Aldous Harding's "The Barrel".]
♪ [sighs.]
So good.
To Mom's sauce.
Hmm? To Mom's sauce.
What? - [giggles.]
- Come on.
- Are you letting me win? - I wish.
Maybe you're cheating.
All right, one more.
One more.
Double or nothing.
I never knew enough ♪ What that do to me? ♪ ♪ Although, it's your sauce now.
That's right.
I know you have the dove ♪ I'm not getting wet ♪ Barrel, barrel ♪ Barrel, the barrel ♪ Barrel, barrel ♪ [chuckles.]
Good morning.
Thank you.
- [chuckles.]
- [sighs.]
[water splashes.]
I can't believe how good this all feels.
It was a good idea to come out here.
It is so much better.
Thank you for being understanding about me spending so much time with Dad.
Soon we'll figure out how to reintroduce you two.
We can say you underwent some kind of psychological rehabilitation.
Don't worry.
He's gonna like you.
He doesn't suspect anything, does he? No.
I think he's happy.
I've been going through Hazel's memories from before her chip got uploaded.
She and Herbert were always fighting.
We're not anymore.
[bright electronic music.]
Oh, I was thinking.
We should do some face time with the employees today make an appearance, keep it up.
- That's a great idea.
- Yes.
Gogol, do you have a moment? I'd like to discuss the results - from our latest trials.
- Yes, I do.
[indistinct chatter.]
Hello, Mrs.
How was how was D.
? Great.
Thank you for asking.
Byron and I had a wonderful time.
What's going on? Does he know? What are you talking about? Yes, what are you talking about? - Hi, how are you today? - Um I I I'm well, Mr.
How are you? - Good.
- Good.
- Mm-hmm, good work.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
[foreboding music.]
Yeah, I I need to go back in there.
Something doesn't feel right, especially with Hazel.
We can't.
They're back from D.
It's too dangerous.
Yeah, but I go alone.
And you remember the tunnels we didn't get to the ends of? Well, I have to see where they lead to.
I'll echolocate every ten minutes to keep tabs on you.
Make sure you don't get lost.
Okay, all right.
Wish me luck.
[discordant music.]
I'm back.
[vomit sloshing.]
- Dad? - [coughing.]
Hey, you look really sharp.
Dad, what's going on? Oh, I think the stopping the treatments, it's it's catching up with me.
Oh, I'll Haven't been feeling so good.
I'll call one of the doctors.
No, no, no.
Stay, stay.
Yeah, I want to talk to you.
[toilet flushes.]
All right.
This might be very difficult for you to understand, but, um, I never intended to get to this part of life.
But then then, you know, you showed up at my doorstep just out of the blue.
And y you really needed me.
Then you brought me here.
So I told myself, "Okay, change of plans.
I've gotta hang on.
" Yeah, but then then then these last few days I mean, look at you.
Hmm? You seem good.
So now, I I think I can I can finally stop hanging on.
But you're not taking your medications though.
And you're not receiving your treatment.
- Yeah, but Byron - So that will Come on.
Who knows what Byron's up to? Huh? Look what he did to you.
But our time together is just getting started.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
[pats leg.]
I mean, it's supposed to be bittersweet.
I'm sorry, Hazel.
I just I want to go out when I'm on top, not when I hit bottom.
Like Mom.
[melancholic music.]
♪ I can't imagine anything worse than losing you.
Except Forcing you to stay for me.
Thank you.
I want to do it just out under the open sky.
The real sky.
No no fake Hub ceiling.
Do you know how to get out of here? How about one more camping trip together? Yeah.
- Where are you going? - Water.
No! Me first.
- Herringbone.
- Yep.
[quirky music.]
♪ Herringbone, are there, um, predators in this water like crocodiles? - Crocodiles? - [both yell.]
Who the fuck are you? Can you get us out of here? You up for a swim? ♪ Truck's all packed.
Ready, Diane? Yeah, no.
Uh, she's gonna stay.
Really? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
She doesn't need to see me, um Okay, I I I'll meet you out there.
[soft dramatic music.]
♪ You remember the first day I got you? Huh? I mean, I didn't know what to do with you.
You were looking at me like, uh "Now what?" ♪ [chuckles.]
But, uh, we we figured out what to do, right? ♪ Yeah.
But I, uh I never anticipated what you would mean to me, Diane.
I never felt alone 'cause of you.
So thank you.
Thanks for, uh for putting up with me.
♪ Yeah.
You're still as beautiful as the the day I met you.
You're back! Where have you been? Gosh.
Were you scuba diving? I just need a little privacy, okay? Ja Jasper, what are you doing? Uncover me! [frenzied music.]
♪ [hair dryer whirring.]
Before we go, I have to stop by home first.
What? No.
No, I'm not leaving this place without the Nama-sake.
It's a one of a kind.
It's the only thing I have left from my wife.
- Please! - Okay, okay.
I need to get my research too.
And I've got to check in on Zelda.
Okay, we'll meet at her tank in 20 minutes? Okay, okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, shit.
Give me that.
Why were Herringbone and Fiffany in here? [hair dryer buzzing.]
You can't just cover me up.
My eyes and ears don't work that way, Jasper.
I'm sorry.
You said you're my plus one in here though, right? You got me? Anything I need? I need you to just trust me.
- Okay? - I I I don't know what to do.
My algorithm isn't equipped for this.
I don't need you to do anything.
Okay? Please? Just please? [unsettling dramatic music.]
I'm going for a drive.
Sure thing, Mrs.
Actually, you can start calling me Ms.
♪ Stop! Stop! [insects chirping.]
Sir, you have your meeting with the bioengineers in a few minutes.
We hire smart people.
The best in the world, right? Well, of course.
Yeah, they can handle it.
You want to look at the clouds? In the hammock with you? Yeah.
Plenty of room.
[both chuckle.]
- [grunts.]
- Good? - [sighs.]
- [grunting.]
- Truly relaxing.
- Very serene.
Where'd you grow up, Bennett? Well, when we step inside the Hub, our pasts are considered irrelevant data.
I did say that before.
But I don't really believe it anymore.
[birds chirping.]
I'm from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
- Ah.
- It's an Amish settlement.
You're Amish? Yeah.
I mean, not anymore.
I bet growing up without technology really gives you a unique perspective on the Hub.
[echoing percussive notes.]
- [discordant tone.]
- Hmm.
I'm ready for you to get up now.
Oh, of course.
- [clears throat.]
- Thank you.
I really appreciate you.
We're lucky to have you.
[discordant music.]
[mellow instrumental music.]
♪ [wind whooshing.]
What do you think? Wow.
Look at that view.
Not a bad place to die.
Are you still sure about this? Yeah.
I'm sure.
So how do you want to do this? Do you want me to push you over the edge? [scoffs.]
Very funny.
Nah, just go get the chairs.
♪ [sniffs.]
- [device beeps.]
- Jasper.
What are you still doing here? Oh, no.
Did Byron get to Fiffany? No, no.
It's it's all good.
We're actually, uh, getting ready to leave.
Just wanted to say goodbye again.
For now.
Promise me you'll make sure that Fiffany's okay when she gets out into the real world.
She's been in the Hub for so long.
It'll be a lot to acclimate to normal life.
She acts all tough, but she's not.
I will.
I will.
And, um, by the way, I'm I'm gonna get you gonna get you out too let you experience that real ocean life.
I used to want that.
But honestly, what I want most now can't be found in the ocean.
Wh what you mean? I wasn't going to say anything.
But since I'll never see you again, why the fuck not? I'm in love with you, Jasper.
I was Zelda Please, don't say anything.
It will hurt too much.
Just go.
[dramatic music.]
[Zelda whistles.]
Um, I'ma I'ma I'ma give you two a moment.
And if, uh, Herringbone's not here, we should go find him.
[soft music.]
[device beeps.]
[sighs deeply.]
[Zelda chirping.]
[discordant music.]
- Oh.
- [doorknob rattles.]
♪ [lock clicks.]
[reverent music.]
What the hell? Frickin' Bennett.
Hau? Doc? Dr.
Hau! - Uh, she's not here.
- Can you get her for me? No, I said she's not here.
Where is she? Look, I I'm not supposed to know this, but I heard she lost it.
She was saying weird stuff about Byron and Hazel's bodies? I don't know.
She got put in one of the solitary rooms.
- Can you take me there? - Yes.
[discordant music.]
Wow, Dr.
Oh, thank God.
- They took their bodies.
- Who? Their consciousnesses.
They used me to get into their bodies.
That's not Hazel or Byron.
I was thinking the same thing.
We need to stop them.
We need to stop them from whatever they're about to do! Can you fix what happened? Yes.
Yes, I can.
Just get me out of here.
No! [groans.]
Are you okay? What have you done? Does that feel okay? Yeah.
[can snaps open.]
What should I do with Diane? Oh, yeah.
I talked about it with her.
And, um, we decided that she should go to Bennett.
I think he'll be good to her.
Plus, I can tell he's a virgin, so she can teach him a couple things.
What? You know, I look at you and I I still see the little kid.
You were really annoying.
I was annoying? Yeah.
Always Always with the, "Dad, I'm bored.
" "Eh, Dad, what should I do?" I was bored.
I had nothing to do.
I loved you so much that it hurt.
Still does.
[unsettling music.]
Ugh, disgusting.
Ugh! Herringbone, we've been waiting for you.
- What are you doing? - I couldn't find my book.
Bennett moved all my shit.
Well, we can help you find it.
No, no, I got it.
But I got distracted by this.
Huh? Oh.
- Can we go? - We can now.
Wait, "Namesake.
" It's pronounced "Name-sake.
" It's "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri.
This is what you came back for? That's not an ancient text.
That's a very popular book.
- The "The Namesake.
" - Huh.
They made a movie of it.
It was pretty good.
- Yeah, "The Namesake.
" - Now that you're both just saying "namesake," that's all I can see.
Why did Priya leave this for me? Lyle, it's an Indian immigrant story about the struggles of assimilation.
She probably gave it to you so that you could understand what she was feeling.
You did say that all her friends and family were in India.
Main character's name is Gogol.
I thought she was telling me to work here.
Hey! There he is, the little rat.
I'll smother you with a pillow.
No, jeez.
I'm I'm happy you're here.
Who do you think's been keeping you alive in the pasture cube? Okay, okay.
♪ I really need your help.
- Jasper? - Help for what? It's Byron and Hazel.
They're not themselves.
And I mean literally.
♪ I see here Byron's uploaded copies of his and Hazel's consciousnesses to the Hub server when they took the chips out.
Who cares? Yeah, you said Dr.
Hau told you their consciousness took over their bodies.
So where are Hazel and Byron right now? Suppressed in their bodies.
Eventually they'll disappear.
All right, well, where are the fake Hazel and Byron at this very moment? He's been there.
He's been watching the clouds for hours.
And then he hugged me.
That's how I knew for sure that it wasn't him.
But I can't seem to find Hazel.
Okay, this is a great story, but let's file it under not my problem.
- Can we get out of here? - Lyle.
What? After all that guy did to us? And after Hazel had the chance to leave, and she just came back? Look, they deserve this.
She did it for her father.
I know what it's like to have your identity taken from you.
Did Hazel know we were in the pasture cube? She doesn't even know there is a pasture cube.
♪ I can't leave until we fix this.
[insects chirping.]
I think I'm ready.
[switch clicks.]
My life, um it's been it's been far from perfect.
But this moment? Pretty close.
Thank you for doing this with me.
Don't cry.
I'm gonna see you again someday.
Mom and I.
We're both gonna be waiting for you.
Don't come anytime soon, though, okay? Okay.
Just Just trust your instincts.
'Cause you got a good head on your shoulders.
You got a good future ahead of you.
[Cristin Milioti's "715 creeks".]
I love you, Hazel.
♪ I love you too, Dad.
Down along the creek ♪ I remember something ♪ Gonna close my eyes for a little bit.
Her, the heron hurried away ♪ When first I breeched ♪ That last Sunday ♪ Low moon don the yellow road ♪ I remember something ♪ That leaving wasn't easing ♪ All that heaving in my vines ♪ And as certain it is evening 'at is ♪ Now is not the time ♪ Ooh ♪ Toiling with your blood ♪ I remember something ♪ ♪ You can come get him now.
In B, un-rationed kissing ♪ On a night second to last ♪ Finding both your hands ♪ As second sun came past the glass ♪ Dad! Oh, I know it felt right and I had you in my grasp ♪ Oh, then how we gonna cry? ♪ 'Cause it once might not mean something? ♪ Love at second glance ♪ It is not something that we'll need ♪ But honey, understand ♪ That I have been left here in the reeds ♪ And all I'm trying to do ♪ Is get my feet out from the crease ♪ And I see you ♪ Turn around, now you're my A Team ♪ Turn around, now you're my A Team ♪ God damn, turn around now ♪ You're my A Team ♪ ♪
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