Made in Heaven (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

It's Never Too Late

I'm Borunda's son.
We haven't met before.
Is this the first time you're
gate-crashing a funeral?
Oh! I'm so sorry!
My father always said that
the success of any funeral
is measured by the number
of people who gate-crash it.
I'm really sorry about your father.
There's another prayer meeting happening
a little further down.
Thank you.
And if you want to find me
I'll be here till about 5:00 p.m.
Bijoy Chatterjee.
I prefer this.
I get it
intimate, elegant and special.
Yeah, and I'll mail you
a list of all that I want catered
and from where.
-You're not serious, huh?
She's the bride, it has to be a
day of her favourite things.
I mean
But can I at least order the alcohol?
We're only serving champagne
and the five Noble Grapes, that's it.
No way!
What are noble grapes? I mean
I mean, who gets married without scotch?
Look, let's not forget,
I'm the groom here.
Don't I have any say in it?
And I'm the bride,
and let's not argue in front of her.
Okay, but you know for the next
50 years you're going to choose!
Lovely! So, champagne it is
and the red wines of Bordeaux.
I have an idea.
They couldn't have found
a smaller lane for the wedding.
What a beautiful place!
You find this dirt beautiful?
Oh, please.
Very good idea.
And we'll cover it from here.
So, for cloth,
we can get a Rajasthani fabric.
Yeah, as long as it goes with the haveli.
I love it.
That's it. Okay.
Yeah, around ten feet.
Where do you guys manage
to find such places from?
Sir, we have a treasure chest
filled with such ruins!
Don't worry.
All will be well.
Unless this whole thing
decides to fall on our heads.
They know what they are doing.
I'm sorry, but
you don't look very happy.
-If you don't like it, we can change it.
-No, it's fine!
-No, really. There's no formality.
Anything you want.
We're in service of the bride.
Get my kids to attend.
They aren't coming?
No, we're not getting involved, please.
Hi! Uh sorry!
So sorry, I'm late.
That's Gayatri's daughter, Siya.
-And her son, Rahul.
This needs to be quick.
I have to drive to Mussoorie,
my daughter is alone.
your mother's very sad you
won't be present at her wedding.
She doesn't know
I'm speaking to you, and--
Do you know how long
they've been carrying on?
What should we call this?
One year.
Do you really think she
should be marrying him?
That's not really our business and
with all due respect,
it's not yours either.
Excuse me?
I'm sorry, he didn't mean that.
I know this may have
come as a shock to you
but they are so happy!
Of course, he's happy!
He's marrying Gayatri Mathur,
for God's sake!
She's very well respected in her field.
She founded the New Era schools.
How's this going to look?
Ma'am, we're on the outside
and to us it looks really sweet.
What about the family?
Listen, as long as the kids
support her, everybody will.
She's too old!
And it's embarrassing.
She can just
see him privately if she wants, right?
What's your salary?
-I'm an accountant at ONGC.
-I know that--
Why do you need to
interrogate him like this?
I've known Ranjan since childhood.
You can't live on love and fresh air.
You should be aware of how much
your husband is earning.
I'll keep her happy.
She'll live in this colony, close to you.
-She'll take care of you--
She'll spend her whole
life in this gutter.
I thought you were smarter than this.
I will only marry Ranjan.
You've made up your mind, right?
Then what do you want me to say?
Go ahead, marry him.
But I won't attend the wedding.
It's going to be a miserable wedding.
Her kids are such fuckers!
Surely there's something we can do?
Oh man!
You know, for once,
I just want us to do our job.
Design. Venue. Catering.
Oh good, you're both here.
What's up, Shibani?
I'm a little hectic with--
I need to talk to you. Both of you.
I need to get paid more.
This city is bloody expensive
and I have responsibilities.
I just it's it's difficult to
struggle every month!
You have every right to ask.
I mean, we've not given you
your bonus last year, so
-We can give her that for now.
Look, this is not about the bonus.
This is really about what I'm worth!
You're really important to the
company, Shibani. You know that.
We are in debt right now.
Look, just give us till
the end of this year
-and I promise--
You had said that last year.
And then whatever we made
has gone into this fancy ass office.
I mean, then how can we afford this?
clients need this, okay?
Now, you're a production person.
I do not expect you
to understand sales, but--
I see.
What? We've just started
getting the big league weddings!
Give it some time!
I don't have all the time in the world.
Till then, the bonus can take
care of any urgent expenses.
That isn't really a permanent solution.
You just, you have to figure this out.
I can't go on like this.
It's all booked, it's all done.
Should we really go through with this?
You don't know how difficult
this has been to wrangle.
I mean, you always say
I never spend the night.
-Don't backtrack now.
-No. Who's backtracking?
Good morning!
-Good morning!
Looking bright!
Thank you.
I believe you're going to Jaipur.
The Italian team are
meeting with some buyers
so I thought I should be there as well.
-I'll be back Sunday.
You didn't even tell me you were going.
I'm sorry, babe.
It's all so last minute.
-This means I'll miss Mira's birthday.
-Don't worry about it.
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
These are the moments
you must milk, Tara.
Guilt can be very profitable.
Fancy cocktails at Olive.
And everyone has to come
as an historical figure.
You don't like it.
-It was my idea!
-Yeah, obviously.
You had a zoo party for
your 21st birthday.
Yes, I was Miss Piggy
and it was fab!
-You dressed as a pig for your birthday?
And Karan came as a horse.
Come on, Karan!
Come on, you have to do it!
Of course I'll do it!
It's your wedding!
Okay, thank you.
-Oh! Cocktails!
Can you believe that
I am getting married?
I know, your family must be thrilled.
Wait till you meet him,
you will be shocked.
Oh, yeah?
Because he's marrying me!
Daddy thinks the only
thing wrong with him
is that he likes me.
And what does your fiancé
think of your "historical" idea?
He likes everything I say!
-Touch wood!
-I know, really!
-Hi, baby!
-Hi, baby!
-How are you?
-I'm good! How are you?
This is Karan, our wedding planner,
and that's Jazz.
tell him what you think of my idea.
it could be fun.
She wants to do a historical theme
testament to your past and
Excuse me, I'll
I'll be right back.
Okay. Sit.
-Oh, hey!
that's the name, right?
You disappeared on me.
Oh, so you decided to get married?
Fuck off!
See me tonight.
Fuck you!
Call me.
I should feel no guilt, right?
Are you guilty?
I feel like I let them down.
You know my father looks at me like
I failed.
You were in an abusive marriage, Faiza.
You cannot let your father's
regressive outlook
-affect you like this.
-I know.
Sometimes I look at him and I feel sick.
Is that bad?
No, like
I don't wish him well!
That that's bad, right?
You were meant to address this.
I know!
It's just, I feel like if I talk to him,
I might have a breakdown.
I mean, I
I can't get over it.
He'd rather I suffer
than be divorced?
One time I told him Bilal hit me and
he said
"What did you do?"
Did I tell you that?
I told you that story.
You were meant to go over this.
You have to address it with him.
I know, I just
I'm so anxious, you know?
I tell myself, I keep telling myself,
everything is okay
I'm home, Mom is happy.
I'm working with her.
I'm paying attention to my thoughts.
All good things.
But since yesterday
I'm taking rescue remedy
I'm just trying to breathe.
I'm chanting.
I'm just anxious all the time, you know?
Do you think it has to
do with lying, Faiza?
You are lying to Tara.
You are deceiving your best friend.
And you're being
inauthentic with yourself.
That's going to cause anxiety.
Hello, husband.
We are late.
-For me?
-No, for Dad.
I love it!
Yeah, I think it'll make a
great anklet for him.
It's beautiful!
Thank you.
Okay, now go hurry up.
Won the lottery or what, Guggu?
What are you watching?
At least drink your tea!
It'll get cold.
So this is our strawberry cake
and mint chocolate chip.
-Oh, thank you!
-Thank you.
-The strawberry one
Here comes our very own pastry.
-You're late.
-Sorry, ma'am.
Let's go with the mint chocolate chip.
Definitely, that's one
of our specialties.
I thought you didn't like mint.
Yeah, but
it's Rahul's favorite,
and Siya likes it too.
-That's the one then.
-It's both decadent and elegant at once.
All this is beautiful
it just needs to be, like
a little more ornate.
See, we like this
classy style.
But people will not understand.
They will think we're not spending.
Okay, I get it. So, it needs to
be a little more grandiose.
More gold?
Just that.
It has to,
it's her first wedding.
What do you mean it's my first wedding?
Moving on
Bubbles and Govind?
Yeah, we've sent them the plans
waiting on a confirmation.
What? They want a
wedding in five weeks.
-They need to confirm.
That wedding needs a lot of construction.
Bubbles' wedding is
going to be very profitable.
Anyway, guys,
back to the Mathur wedding.
-What's happening with the caterers?
-Caterers have been booked
-so food is done.
-Okay, good.
-Wine only from Bobby this time.
They want Noble Grapes,
pay the bastard.
Décor from Dreamskraft, right?
Yes, they've sent some samples.
-These are for the Mathur wedding?
I'll get something.
-You come with me, Jazz.
-Oh, hi, Kabir!
Nice of you to join us!
Please have a seat.
Excuse me, ma'am?
Mr. Khanna's office is asking
for quarterly accounts.
Yeah, but we send it
every six months, right?
Yeah, but they said
Mr. Khanna is asking for it.
-Send it.
-Okay. I'll do that.
What? He's our investor.
Okay, guys!
Any update on Gayatri Mathur's kids?
Is that part of our job now?
No, but it'll be nice to have them.
When it comes to mothers
only emotions work.
You should be in Bollywood, man!
Keep in mind
the theme is ivory.
Make sure nothing goes to waste, okay?
-Ma'am, how about this?
-No, Jazz!
Check if we'll get 50 of these.
I'll take these ones.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll get these packed.
Give me a second.
I'd like to get this evaluated.
Of course, ma'am.
I was only 38 when I lost my husband.
Siya was twelve
Rahul, ten.
It was hard
But then
when I'd be putting my kids to sleep
everything would make sense.
Any need that I had just
-paled in comparison to--
-Just play that again.
-If I had to do this--
-Play that again.
-What happened?
But then
when I'd be putting my kids to sleep
everything would make sense.
Any need that I had just
paled in comparison to what they needed.
If I had to do this all over again
I would
in a heartbeat.
"When it comes to mothers
only emotions work."
Jazz is a genius.
Oh, wow! This Goyard bag is stunning.
Very pretty.
You like it?
I'm gonna get you one.
It's canvas. You can take it anywhere.
-You're too sweet.
-Nah! Just rich!
-Hi, listen.
I think we should go to
Mussoorie tomorrow.
Mussoorie, that's a great idea.
Yeah, but I can't go tomorrow.
It's Mira's birthday.
Tara, please!
I can't do this alone!
Gayatri's daughter hates me!
Gayatri's daughter does not hate you.
Please, Karan.
No, I can't go.
-Who do I? What do I--
-Take Jazz.
-Okay, bye.
-You guys are like a married couple.
I know!
Might have been easier to get
pregnant with him since
we've been
You're trying to have a baby?
Please don't tell anyone.
It's not simple.
Is there a problem?
Just with work and travel
we sometimes miss our window.
So you've been trying for a while?
I can't believe you didn't tell me.
There's nothing to say.
The moment there's good news,
you'll be the first to know.
"Aunt Faiza!"
We leave at 7:00 a.m. sharp, okay?
I'll see you.
You're looking very happy.
-You know
I'm coming to Mussoorie with you guys.
-It'll be cold there, right?
-Yes, pack a sweater.
You know, Karan sir personally
invited me to come along.
I think he really likes you.
I've never seen him like
this with any other girl.
Sorry can't take your call.
Please leave a message.
Where are you?
Anyway, don't call back now, okay?
I'll pick you up in the morning.
Okay, bye.
Have you had a look
at the financial reports?
No, but I will.
So, we had to put a lot of our
profits back in the company.
babe, there are no excuses in business.
That's just the bottom line.
Wow, you are
you're very good at this!
You want to pack my bag?
What the hell!
Don't do that.
What are you doing?
It took me hours to pack this.
You said
that today
was the last day in the Kama Sutra
time table.
What are you doing here?
You asked me to call.
You haven't answered any of my calls.
-You haven't answered any of my messages.
-Yeah, uh
I've been a little busy,
planning your wedding.
Does Bubbles know?
She's nice.
And she has a big heart
but she's not the smartest.
It works.
She's happy.
My parents, they're happy.
And I get to do what I want
Is, uh
Is that Bubbles?
What is wrong with you, dude?
Look, it's weird man, I've
I went to college with her.
This is
This is too fucked up, even for me.
-Do you want to marry me?
I said do you want to marry me?
-I would rather drink rat poison.
-Then stop behaving like my mistress.
Come here.
You need to leave.
Come on. Get out.
Please don't tell her.
So beautiful.
What's up with you?
You haven't said one
word since we've left.
All okay?
I'm fine.
It's the perfect size.
These diamonds are for you,
don't take them off.
Not even if my mummy wants to wear them?
These are yours.
Just yours.
Mummy, look! Such a pretty dress!
Are you mad, Tara?
-Why did you bring so many presents?
-She's Mira's aunt!
You should be happy
she can do this much.
Shefali said that you should
rub fruit on your face.
Here, we don't have money to eat fruit
but we'll certainly put it on our faces.
You know, back in the village
my mother used to make
a paste with chickpeas
a little water, and some turmeric.
Then she'd put it on our faces,
and when it would dry
she'd rub it all off like this!
Our faces would brighten up.
-Our skin would look so fair!
-Who does this?
Now, God hasn't given you
a face like your sister's
so you'll have to do it.
Your face and your youth
these are the only two
things that you have.
There's nothing else you have
to better your life.
"Won't do it," she says!
Take the bowl!
-Happy birthday to you!
-Look here, everyone!
-Happy birthday, dear Mira!
You really made it in life!
If anyone benefited from school, it's you.
I always use you as an
example with the students.
Do come to the school sometime.
Talk to the girls
teach them something.
The thing is,
I'm really busy these days.
I'll call you as soon as I get free.
The girl in the pink top.
That's my daughter.
What about you?
You don't want kids?
Of course I do.
That's my plan, next year.
The company will be settled by then.
Thank you.
Well what is it?
Are you trying to have a baby?
Tara told me.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I don't know. I
-I I don't know what I'm doing.
I don't want to stop seeing you.
Come here.
Doesn't this feel right to you?
You just meet a person for a second
and you say that
"I've known this one for
ages and eternities."
And with Gayatri,
it was just like that.
We just we just looked at each other
and we were there for each other.
I mean, for all eternity.
I never thought I would
meet anyone at this stage of my life.
But he he
I did!
He makes me laugh
he's very kind
What more could I want?
I know what you're trying to do.
Ma'am, I'm not trying to do anything, I--
Then what is this emotional blackmail?
This isn't emotional blackmail, ma'am.
We're just telling you
how your mummy feels.
Who the hell are you?
I know how my "mummy" feels.
And if she cared,
she wouldn't be doing this.
This is all you see?
Not that she's been a single
woman for over 30 years?
Taken care of you,
provided for you.
None of that matters?
This is none of your business.
You're wedding planners, do your job.
It's easy when it's not your family.
-If she was your mother, you would have--
-My my mother's dead!
She died last year.
But at least nobody gossiped
about her in the family, right?
Was it worth it?
I don't think so.
I wish she had found someone
after my father divorced her.
You know, I wish she had
love in her life.
Someone to talk to
someone to hold.
I think she would have lived longer.
So, frankly if it was my mother, I
I'd be popping champagne.
Thank you for your time.
What are you doing?
Sir, I was thinking about your mother.
Okay, first of all, I'm gay.
And my mother is alive.
Are you giving me the money or not?
-Screaming won't get you anywhere!
-Will cutting myself help?!
Have you gone mad?
-Stop it!
-I'm not mad!
What is this drama?
Drop the knife!
This is not a drama!
Do whatever it takes!
Sell the house!
Break the fixed deposit!
But my son will not go to jail!
-But it's our--
-Tell me!
But it's our entire life's earnings!
How will we survive?
We don't have any other security!
My mother can be very pushy.
She made my dad bail me out
that was the end of my club.
So I borrowed money from the street
to start Made In Heaven
and now I'm just
paying everyone back with interest, plus
rent, car
Why are you telling me all this?
Because I'll never see you again.
Oh my God!
What is all this?
Surprise! It was Tara's idea.
I'm so sorry, but today's
a really auspicious day
and I thought we must
have a Bengali custom.
So to start off the festivities
you must receive the
blessings of the elders!
This is what happens
when you marry a Bengali!
See what happens when you
leave Bengalis to their devices.
Look after her very well!
-What is she saying?
She's saying you have
to look after me very well.
What about me?
There's someone here to see you.
I don't believe this!
You don't know what this means to me.
You happy, Ma?
Yeah, thank you.
So glad.
-Welcome to the family.
-Thank you.
Flowers are good!
Keep an eye on these lamps.
You know, I bought these lamps
with Tara ma'am the other day.
After that, she even bought
diamonds for her niece.
The earrings were quite big.
I see.
I'll slap you if you come near me.
What was that?
-What do you think you're doing?
-I'm hungry, I haven't eaten!
Stop it, Kabir!
I just had to tell you.
I'm really sorry, Bubbles.
I had no fucking idea
he's engaged to you.
I'm going to go.
Are you going to be okay?
What are you going to do?
Do me a favour, Karan.
Yeah, of course!
Anything, name it.
Don't tell anyone.
And as we navigate all the
pretense that surrounds us
we are sometimes lucky,
to stumble on a moment
that is perfect.
A minute where life is just right
and magic exists.
For us
it's that rare feeling of
believing in our jobs.
When pomp and show don't matter
and love is all you need.
This is one of those times.
however crazy your families are
in the end
they are all that matter.
-I don't wanna go back.
-I know.
Back to the real world.
The real world?
What's this?
This is paradise.
This is what dreams are made of.
So I'm your fantasy?
You're my escape.
You're my hiding place.
You're like my little stolen moment.
You are my rainbow.
Your rainbow?
What the fuck do you mean, "rainbow"?
The fuck? Is this a
Am I your pride parade?
What the fuck?
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