Made in Heaven (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

The Price of Love

-Mr. Adil Khanna?
Yeah. One second.
Call Dr. Narayan.
We have to operate as
soon as the family gets here.
Sir, Mrs. Khanna is here.
Mrs. Khanna?
-I'm Dr. Das.
-Can I please see him?
Come with me.
He will be fine, right?
He seems fine
we're just running some tests.
We just have to wait.
You'll need to sign this form.
The other passenger, I'm afraid,
wasn't quite so lucky.
She's the one to take the impact.
-There's internal haemorrhaging--
-The other passenger?
Get me the file.
She was in the same crash?
She needs surgery.
We've been waiting for a go-ahead.
Tara? He's okay, right?
I don't know.
They're waiting.
Faiza's not okay.
She was in the car with him.
I didn't know they were together.
I'll call you as soon
as we find out, yes.
Oh, yeah, I think she'll
be fine, hopefully.
She's still in surgery.
Don't worry.
She'll be fine, auntie.
I I don't understand.
What were they doing on the highway?
Just spoke to Kishore.
The police think that they were
heading back from Neemrana Fort.
They had gone to Neemrana to
plan a birthday party for Tara.
And only I knew
they wanted it to be a surprise.
I just knew there had to be
an explanation for all this.
With God's grace
everything will be okay.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, sir.
-Hi, Shibani.
How's Adil?
He'll be fine.
Listen, don't disturb Tara today, just
-come to me for anything, yeah?
-Of course.
Have you seen this?
The wedding's gone to Harmony?
Have you tried getting
in touch with Bubbles?
I've been calling her all
morning, no response.
It's okay
let it go.
What about this?
Hey, come on!
This is really pretty.
-I like it a lot.
-Pri, no!
You know, I think
this is more to your taste.
It's nice and understated.
You're right
this is beautiful.
Guys, this doesn't work at all!
It's a wedding, Vishal!
Not a funeral.
-Thanks for reminding me.
-I clearly have to.
Just because we're hosting the
wedding doesn't mean
we can't give anything to people.
We have to give gifts!
I understand that, Pri,
but I'm a government servant.
I don't like this kind of thing.
You're an IAS Officer!
I'm not saying the gifts
have to be expensive!
-I'm just saying they need to exist!
-Stop shouting, will you?
-What's wrong with you?
-Guys, calm down, please.
It's a wedding. Hmm?
Now, you both have a point
I'm thinking, let's just
keep the gifts simple
Shibani, think uh
Yeah! That sounds good.
Yeah, sure. We can look.
I'm sure we'll find something.
-Are you happy with the gifts now?
Now we just have to get
something for the cousins.
What should we get them?
-Look! Let's check that out.
-Oh, yeah!
Such a dull scarf!
What kind of a gift is this?
biodegradable, heartfelt.
What do you know about the heart?
It's a wedding, it has
to be loud and fun.
How did we get stuck
with this organic stuff?
You talk so much crap.
Here, take this.
Wear this tomorrow, with one
leaf in the front and one at the back,
just like Tarzan!
You'll look absolutely organic then!
Thanks, Jaspreet.
Priyanka, not these!
They're looking really cheap.
I know, right?
What can I say?
Pri, what do you think?
-One for all the cousins!
It's organic!
Yeah, I mean, it's a great thought.
Plant more trees.
Of course!
let's buy the pots for the
seeds from here as well.
-So, we're sorted then?
-Why have they left all this with us?
Because all this needs
to be packed. Okay
take these back
to the office safely, and
keep this company card with you.
If anything else needs to be
bought, I'll give you call. Yeah?
Some of you may think that you
children are just eight years old
but we believe that
an exposure to art and culture
should really begin at an early age.
We, at Global International,
want our children
to have access to the
world's best experiences.
And, a week in Paris?
That will really open up their minds.
We've got a special discounted
rate of just two lakhs per child.
-So there's absolutely nothing to be--
-Hard sell, huh?
Well, they are asking for a lot.
Is it a lot, Mumma?
Then I won't go.
No, of course you'll go, sweetie.
Don't worry, okay?
I hope to see all of your
children in Paris really soon!
Do you want to get a coffee?
You know, sometimes I
end up taking her to work.
I mean thankfully,
they're very sweet about it.
But what can I do?
My maid's gone to the village.
And I can't keep calling my mother.
It's not easy.
Especially if you're single.
How long have you
been with Made In Heaven?
From the beginning.
It was three of us in a room.
So you're a partner in the company?
not a partner.
I guess they must be giving you a
big fat pay cheque, hmm?
With your reputation and experience
you shouldn't have to worry
about these things.
-Well, we're still a new company--
Shouldn't be your problem.
Send me your resumé.
Please look into the lens and speak.
And action.
Well, we are simple government
service type people,
focused more on academics
and such things.
All this pomp and show
isn't for us.
Just a simple ceremony
is enough to make us happy.
Vishal has the same values
wanting to serve his country.
He's in the IAS.
He wants to help others.
for you
how is Priyanka as a daughter-in-law?
Priyanka! Well
we'd say we haven't got a
daughter-in-law, but a daughter.
-Yes, absolutely.
Every parent dreams of
getting their daughter married
in the grandest way!
But they want a small wedding
So what choice do we have?
It looks so bad on our part
that all these years, we went to all
our friends' children's weddings
and ate all that food.
Now that it's our daughter's wedding
we should do something in return, right?
Do you think Payal will fit into this?
If she doesn't, it'll be such a waste!
Don't worry, they have a
return policy anyway.
-Then let's just get it from here.
Hey, look at this, yellow and gold.
-I can definitely return this, right?
-Yes, ma'am. Within eight days.
Just don't take off the tag, please.
-Okay, thank you.
-All good?
Thanks, Reena.
What do you think?
-Very beautiful.
Aww! Thanks, sweetheart.
Tell me honestly
what do you think of Bilal?
He's awesome!
So successful and so sweet.
he had me with the red roses.
He's completely in love with you.
Come on, now.
The party's about to begin.
Not "party," darling.
Cocktail! Okay?
Let's go!
You know what?
I think this will look amazing on you!
Yeah! Of course! Just put it on!
Adil will fall in love with
you all over again.
And then we'll both be getting married!
Faiza's lost a lot of blood.
We've called the blood bank but
I didn't know who else to come to.
You okay?
Dad wants me to go back.
Are you serious?
To Dubai?
Bilal's been beating her.
And he's still asking her to go.
Then tell your father
to fuck off!
Yeah, just stay here with us.
This is your home, you know that.
You can stay here as long as you want.
Yeah. Yes, absolutely.
How did you know I needed a drink?
Well, nothing better than rum and Coke
after you get bottles of
blood sucked out of you.
So it finally happened.
With Faiza, of all people.
they were just in
a car together, that's--
Shut the fuck up, Karan.
You think he's in love with her?
No no.
I need to take an advance.
Then you shouldn't have fucked the groom.
We'll make up for it next month.
Just push the vendors--
No! This is not how we'll work.
This is not your club
and I don't want to be bankrupt.
This pattern has to stop, Karan.
Borrowing from here and there,
increasing your debt
It's done now. I can't.
I'll just put the personal attack down
to stress and I'll see you later.
-Dude, she's not giving me an advance.
-What are you going to say to Jauhari?
Hold on, just a second.
Look, there's one thing we can do.
Yeah, what?
My cousin is getting married.
-But the wedding is in Ludhiana.
Will you do it?
Yeah! Why not?
Bro, it's going to be a weird wedding.
But if you say yes now,
I can have them send you the advance.
Yeah, alright.
Thank you, man.
Thank you?
-No problem, man.
Love you.
Hey, stranger!
-Please tell me you're at Piano Bar.
-Yeah, get here soon!
Why didn't you come for my screening?
Yeah, Karan, tell him.
Oh, shit. I'm
-I'm so sorry, man. I
Where do I start? I've
I've just been so hectic, dude.
You just won't be thanked
in my Oscar speech.
How how can you say that? I-- I'll die
if I'm not in your Oscar speech!
Shut up, stop being such a drama queen.
Oh, and we're going to L.A.
Have you heard?
-It's playing at Outfest.
-What's that?
It is only one of the largest
queer film festivals in the world.
How can you know nothing?
Fuck! Shit!
-Yes, sir?
-What's going on here?
Nothing, sir.
We're just talking.
Get out of the car!
Get out the car, sir!
Please, I'm sorry, I'm--
I'm just a visitor here, and
-Martin, relax, relax! I got this.
Yes, tell me.
You like boys, eh?
Sir, why are you saying it like that?
Sir, let's settle this.
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Listen, we also need to do
a breathalyser test.
-Okay so--
-Oye, Shabraj!
-Yes, sir?
-Get the machine here!
Okay, so then--
Just tell me the full amount.
How much do you have?
-That's it?
Get lost.
Do all this behind closed doors.
This isn't allowed!
Sorry about that.
Here you go.
You okay?
How do you live like this?
-It's not so bad, I mean--
-Not so bad?
We almost got arrested
and it's my second day here.
Nothing happened.
What if you couldn't
afford to bribe them?
-We would be in jail right now.
-No, we wouldn't!
When you live here,
you see that it doesn't really matter.
Everyone just does what they want anyway.
-Yeah. No one cares.
It's okay.
He's not a son, he's a snake!
Look, he stole all the jewellery.
I am sure he'll sell it to get high.
I'd kept aside some of the
jewellery for your wedding.
He took that as well.
We should report him this time.
He'll get fixed only if he goes to jail!
What are you saying?
You want to send
your own son to jail?
What will people say?
No. I hope you're going to
be helping us design our house
when we move in together.
Just love them!
Isn't Natasha beautiful?
You know, they're getting
married in Italy.
First of all
I want to thank every one
of you for coming here.
It means so much to me
that you could be here
as we take our team
and move it one step into the future.
Yes? Together
we are going to be the people that
build this company and
take it to the next level!
-That's not fair!
-We don't really like each other.
It's a
-We kind of hate each other a little bit.
-I mean, it's like a love-love
-Small amount of hate relationship.
-I think it's more like a hate-hate
"Hate-hate," baby?
-She speaks for all of us
-Excuse me?
Do you have a lighter?
Thank you, sir.
No, no. Adil is fine.
Yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
-He's woken up. He's asking for water.
-I'll inform the doctor.
Don't give him anything
till sir sees him.
The doctor's coming.
You had an accident, Adil.
We're in the hospital now, okay?
You're okay.
She'll be fine.
Hi, Ma.
He's awake.
-Can you take some people also?
-Hello, ma'am.
-You're late.
Fancy dress.
-No! It's an old gift.
Check the flowers over there,
we're running late.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you! This is for you!
Woo hoo!
-Hi! Hello!
-Hello, hello!
How are you?
Excuse me? Without us?
Come on!
Come here.
Both of you, join us.
Right here.
Glad to see you're fine.
Your wife hasn't left your side.
Lucky boy.
You saved Faiza's life.
-I'll never be able to repay you.
-Don't say that.
How did this happen?
They went to Neemrana to
plan a surprise party for me.
You were lying, weren't you?
Get a grip on him.
You worked so hard to get him
now your darling best friend will
steal him from right under your nose.
Karuna, please!
He's just had an accident.
Don't talk such rubbish.
You have no control over him, do you?
I'm telling you straight
the rest is up to you.
What do I care?
They're going to let you go home soon.
Maybe tomorrow.
Faiza called me to see
some property near Neemrana.
I was close by
-so I just--
-I'm working tonight.
A nurse will be with you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
This is fine. Now go and check
the security permissions.
-Okay, I'll call them.
-Yes, absolutely, thank you.
-I was going to return the clothes.
-Yeah, sure you were.
That's irrelevant.
You used our credit card, it's theft.
No, sir, please!
-I will never do this again!
-I'm sorry, Jazz.
You'll have to go.
I'm sorry, sir.
-Please give me another chance--
-I will not have someone in this company
who I cannot trust, Jazz.
Please understand that.
I'm ready.
-You look awesome!
-You're looking stunning!
-Let's take a picture!
-three, say
the priest says that delaying
the ceremony is inauspicious.
The groom's procession is taking
too long outside.
Please talk to them, tell them to hurry.
-I'll do just that.
-Get them to hurry, please.
Sure, we didn't bring it up.
But that doesn't mean
that they don't even offer.
Do you know what the rate is to marry
an IAS officer in UP and Bihar?
We shouldn't have to spell it out.
The girl's side should be
giving it to us happily.
-They have so much!
But, I mean,
Priyanka and Vishal are funding
the wedding themselves, and
they've been so clear about everything.
Karan, Vishal was obviously
not going to bring this up!
But he's our only son,
his future needs to be secure!
If they can give us the first floor of the
house in Defence Colony..
and two crores
in Vishal's bank account.
-we'll go in!
But, Aunty, all the guests have arrived,
the wedding has begun!
This is not the time to
have this conversation--
This is the right time!
Does Vishal know what you're doing?
Who is going to benefit from this?
Not us.
This is in Vishal's best interest.
I can't get involved in this.
-We can't be a part of such a settlement.
-What are we supposed to do, Tara?
Vishal's whole family is outside
and they're not coming in
unless we sort this out.
But this is illegal
and just fucking wrong.
Does Vishal know?
Honestly, I'm not sure.
I have to take this.
What's going on?
Tell Vishal to get off the
bloody horse and come in.
Tell him I'm bored!
I'm in my room, where else?
Please get them in now.
They're just having fun.
Please don't involve
Priyanka in all this.
Let's just get the wedding
done with, then we'll handle it.
Tell them two crores
but no floor of the house.
That will go only to Priyanka.
Four crores.
If there's no house.
Only then will we enter.
Please come.
This is so fucked up.
Let it go, Tara, there is
nothing we can do now.
Your parents have asked for
four crores dowry from my parents?
Shall we discuss this later?
We need to take our pheras.
The pheras can wait.
You're okay with this?
You agreed to this.
The money is for us only, Pri.
How does it matter?
It matters because I don't
know who the fuck you are.
Pri, listen. It's you and
me, we can sort this out.
Trust me.
Pri, listen
Pri, please.
There will be no pheras.
I'm not going to pay anyone to marry me.
That's all it took
to shatter centuries of patriarchy.
One tiny moment of courage.
That's all it took
to show up the chauvinist
hidden deep in the supposedly
progressive Indian man.
Our women don't deserve this.
Our women are better than this.
And if they only believed that.
Hats off to you, Priyanka Mishra!
May your tribe grow
may they find the strength to stand up
and walk tall
and like you
may they never cease to amaze.
How did it go?
It was fantastic.
The groom asked for dowry
and tried to blackmail
the bride's family.
She stopped the pheras
told them to fuck off, and left.
I don't believe you, Adil.
I don't believe Faiza went to
Neemrana looking for property
and I don't believe she called you.
I made a mistake.
-A mistake?
I love you.
I can't live without you.
I'll make everything right, I promise.
This can never be okay.
-It can be many things but never okay.
-Yes, it can.
Yes, it can.
I'm really sorry.
I adore you
you know that.
When did it begin?
Did it start when she
started living with us?
You're sleeping with my friend
right under my nose?
I'm trying to have your baby, Adil.
Now that you've got a fancy job,
you've forgotten me?
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