Made in Heaven (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Something Old, Something New

And you have no idea
how it happened?
No, man
They just dragged him out of the house
and put him in the van.
That's all she said.
I don't know.
But he's innocent.
But he's innocent!
He's not innocent at all.
What he's done is a crime.
Take your milkshake.
-I don't want a fucking milkshake.
-Shut up!
You're talking to your mother!
And he's such a homo.
I'm glad he's finally behind bars.
So you're the one who complained?
You drink your milkshake and
do your homework.
There's no reason for
you to get involved.
-Why did you do this?
-Your father has evidence!
We've come for Karan Mehra.
The superintendent is out.
You'll have to wait.
Sir, it's 11:00 p.m.
-Can you at least check?
-One minute, ma'am, you wait--
What's the problem?
Who are you?
Sir, I'm Tara Khanna.
I'm Karan's friend,
and business partner.
This is my husband, Adil Khanna.
There's been a complaint
against Karan Mehra.
Article 377. You know?
Homo sex.
Show us the FIR.
Sir, please let us do our work.
-When it's filed, you can look at it.
-So there's no FIR?
What evidence do you have?
We'll show the evidence
in court, ma'am.
-Why should we show it to you?
-How can you do this?
-You're trying to teach me my job?
Absolutely, why not?
All the papers are ready.
Client-lawyer meeting.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you for coming, Meera.
I'll just make a phone call, okay?
-I just need you to stay strong.
Yeah, yeah.
Please do something.
You're lucky they haven't
filed an FIR as yet.
It's very tough to get
bail on article 377.
It's actually a
non-bailable offense.
Listen don't stress
about all of this.
I'll take care of it.
-Yes, sir, yes. Of course, sir.
-Adil, it looks difficult.
I'll try to connect you
with my deputy.
Hang in there.
He will come out.
Okay. Of course.
I understand.
Thank you, sir.
Talk to you soon.
Well, he's in London so
he only gets back day after.
He's asking me to wait.
Yeah, but he can't be
staying in jail until then.
He's a police commissioner!
I'm sure he could easily make a call--
I couldn't suggest that.
We have to get him out of here.
She's not taking my calls.
Don't you think
that's understandable?
I'll keep trying.
I need to communicate with her,
I have to talk to her.
She clearly needs some time, Faiza.
You've betrayed her trust.
But that wasn't my intention, it wasn't.
but you're aware of your actions.
You made conscious choices.
It wasn't my decision to love him.
You know, I
I never wanted to hurt her.
He is her husband.
I know.
stick with your decision.
Don't see him,
don't speak to him
zero contact.
I promise you, it will get better.
Is Tara ma'am here?
No. Do you have an appointment?
Sit there.
You can try if she comes.
We love Gitanjali.
-She's absolutely delightful.
-I concur.
We couldn't have found a
better match for Nikhil.
And the Sinhas? Well
what can we say?
They're good people.
-Solid people.
Gitanjali is a blessing for us.
Ever since she came into our lives
everything has changed.
I feel that we did not adopt her,
she adopted us.
No, I I'm sorry
This right here is
Gitanjali's birth certificate.
She was born in Bihar.
How did you find this?
The parents left her
in the hospital
because she is a girl.
A nurse deposited her at
the Holy Mary Orphanage.
They have a branch in Delhi
and that's how I got the records.
Adopted cases are usually difficult.
Okay. The family will be very happy.
But why are they trying
to find this out now?
The groom's parents have requested it,
to match their horoscopes.
Oh! I hope everything is fine.
What did she say?
When will Tara ma'am come?
She didn't say much.
-I hope you're able to edit--
-Will you call me when she comes?
-I'll do my best.
-Yeah sure, don't worry.
Please let us know.
-Absolutely, sir.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, bye-bye.
Hello there. How are you?
What are you doing here?
I thought I should
come meet Tara ma'am.
She's not in office though.
Yeah, I'll come later.
Come, I'll drop you home.
-I can go by myself.
-It's not big deal, I can drop you.
I know it's my mistake
but if I apologize from the heart
do you think that
Tara ma'am will forgive me?
Give it a try.
Who knows
What did you do with those clothes?
I was gonna wear those
and return them.
Who does such things?
You wore them?
You're such a weirdo, man.
-This one?
-Yeah. You can stop here.
You won't have to reverse now.
-Thank you.
Brother, listen
-Yes, sir, tell me.
-Does Jaspreet Kaur live here?
-She was just here, wearing green--
-No, sir. I don't know her.
-It was just two minutes ago.
-No, sir. I really don't know her.
The tea is good, I hope?
You're back, Jaspreet.
You left your phone in Kabir's car.
Don't work so hard
that you forget the little things!
Auntie, we have a couple of
weddings at the same time
so the preparations are hectic.
We are very busy these days.
Yes, of course.
Mummy! Open the door! Please!
-Ignore him.
-Please open the door, Mummy!
Please, Mummy!
-Please open the door! Mummy, I'll die
-Ignore him.
He's only 20
and heavily addicted.
He stole all our jewellery
and ran away.
Sold it all for drugs.
Thank God, Jassi has
a good job, otherwise
Jaspreet, my girl, at least make
some snacks for your colleague.
No, Auntie, I
it's getting late for work
so I'll take your leave.
You know how the traffic is these days.
The tea is very good.
-Please come again, son.
-I will.
Thank you.
Bye, Jazz.
Looks like the whistling ducks are
planning to spend the day at the pond.
Another day of munching for the buffalo
begins with a drink of water.
Each of them completes their
daily intake of roughly 50 liters.
One small turtle is trying to
get to the pond as well
Despite their large bodies and strength
buffaloes are actually
very tender creatures
and the small turtle gets
nothing more than a gentle warning.
A young buffalo,
fresh from his bath in the pond
was passing the group
and stopped to see
You're doing the right thing.
It's difficult to get
bail for article 377.
Getting anticipatory bail for
harassment and defamation
is the correct route to take.
I'm pre-dating this
bail order by two days.
Please have some tea.
All the money is there.
-I'm scared, Adil.
Don't be.
It's the second night
he's spending in jail.
It's gotten very hot in
Delhi of late, no?
You've gotten high a lot,
haven't you?
But you like it vintage, no?
This is Indian
your favorite.
You want some?
Aye, come here.
Let's do a little something.
You were getting very physical
with that foreigner on the tape.
Show me as well.
Homo star.
Look, I'm asking you nicely.
You've been with so many people.
Just one more time.
Come here.
Come on, let's do this.
-You think you can reject me?
-No, no--
You'll reject
The girl is manglik unlucky.
There is a solution,
so there's nothing to worry about.
First she will marry a tree
so all the bad luck will be
transferred to the tree.
And after that Nikhil's life will be
free of bad luck or problems.
Thank God for our quaint customs!
There's a solution for everything!
We just have to find
you a handsome tree!
We are all progressive people.
It's just a small formality.
Let's just treat it like that.
Yeah, nip this manglik thing in the bud.
Pardon the botanical metaphor!
-Bye darling.
-Bye. See you.
-Can can we go now please?
Lovely again to meeting you, bye-bye!
Wow! Wharton graduate marries a tree.
-Papa, you also?
-It's not a big deal.
Just do it and finish it off.
-Okay, my girl?
-I wish you people hadn't
found her birth certificate only.
Does it make a difference
to you? No, right?
Listen, the news about Karan is out.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fucking hell! Thank God
we got the order yesterday.
The police have filed an FIR
and I'm sure they've only
leaked it to the press.
Sir, we're here for Karan Mehra's case.
This is an anticipatory bail order,
granted and signed
from two days ago.
I'm filthy.
I don't care.
Please take your shirt off.
Karan, open the door.
Karan, open the door!
Shh, I have to.
-Get out!
-Ma, please listen to me
-Get out right now, get out!
-Nothing was happening, please listen
-Get out of the house!
-We were just
-Get out!
Ma Ma
Ma, we were just--
Ma, please listen to me, Ma!
Ma, at least listen to me!
Couldn't find anyone but Karan?
Stay away from my son!
Don't you dare try to
meet him again.
Get out of here.
-Please call Karan sir.
-At least tell him to come to the door.
Sir, come out!
You're the one who's sick but
we have to deal with it.
Sir, do you think what
your son has done is correct?
With Section 377, do you think that
society will now accept your son?
Karan is my son.
No matter what you people think
no matter what the law thinks
he has done no wrong in my eyes.
I request you.
Please respect our family
and leave us alone. Thank you.
-Sir, last question!
You will never lay your
hands on another boy!
You disgrace!
Do you have no shame?
-And not a word to your father!
-If he finds out, he will kill you!
Are we going to sit and
argue about this?
All I know is that it is a
question of rights.
The gay community has the right,
the LGBT community has the right
to live as citizens of this country.
What happened?
I'm sorry, Papa.
For everything.
I'm sorry that I didn't trust you.
And that I believed her.
This is all happening
because of you
and you're blaming me?
Mom knew.
She's always known.
She broke my hand.
I couldn't play basketball,
and she made me lie that I fell.
What was I supposed to do?
What did you want me to do?
Have you ever thought what this
would do to your brother--
Arjun already knows everything
and it makes zero difference to him!
I can't keep acting like this, Ma.
This is who I am.
I'm sorry.
What are you suggesting?
That we dissolve this contract.
The wedding is in a week.
Surely, you're aware
that the only people required
for a wedding to take place
are the bride and the groom.
But Made In Heaven has
done all the work.
It's just the image issue, Tara.
You see, we have all this family
coming in from England
and we just can't have the--
I wonder what all these
guests would think
of a progressive family like yours
forcing their daughter-in-law
to marry a tree.
You know something like this
can be so damaging
if it somehow ends up in the papers.
What do you want?
How about you just let me do my job
and everyone's happy.
Especially the Brit side of your family.
We can't have Karan at this wedding.
Fine. He won't be there.
But we will get paid in full
all up-front.
You haven't left for school yet?
You okay?
That camera you bought
that was not for office.
You were spying on Karan.
I was spying on Karan.
And what was he doing?
Dirty, disgusting man.
Papa, please!
What you did is disgusting!
You went into his bedroom.
What was the need to
invade his private life--
You won't understand.
-We're trying to protect you, Mitu.
-Protect me?
He's gay.
He's in fact, one of the few men
I'm actually safe with in Delhi.
Papa, what you did was wrong.
There's nothing wrong
with being gay.
It's natural.
Imagine being born that way
and having to hide it from people.
Can you imagine living like that?
it's not disgusting.
It's okay to love who you love.
I just wish you understood that.
Normally the sperm count
should be in the range of
40 to 300 million.
Yours is 16 million.
It's okay.
Below 10 million is considered poor.
I guess I'm not the virile Punjabi
that I thought I was.
Can I help you with something?
I spoke to Dr. Pandey.
He said there's nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
Okay, he suggested
some supplements.
But I'm already taking that
Dr. Bansal shit, no?
Yeah, but these are natural,
they'll help boost the process.
You okay?
I'm fine.
-Anything else?
Should I slit my throat? I can.
-Listen, thanks so much for--
-Are you mad?
I've to go, okay.
Who is it? Yes?
Pack your things and leave.
Did you set up the camera or him?
Just pack your things and
leave my house!
Well, I had come to
pack my things.
But now you know what?
Fuck you.
You can't legally evict me for
another month. Do what you want!
You want the law?
I'll give you the law.
I am fucking taking you to court.
You leave!
Get out, now!
-Your threats won't work!
-Get out, please!
Or are you not done
violating my privacy?
Get out, please!
So how are we feeling today?
It's nice, out in the open
and we're here to choose me
my first husband.
I'm marrying a tree,
believe it or not.
Hey, how's this one?
Seems a little bipolar?
Oh, how's this one?
This is more romantic?
-I think you guys look lovely together.
-Don't we?
Shortlisted for sure.
look at that one,
right there!
-Is that that one?
-I think that's the one.
-We found the one!
-We found the one!
I'm gonna go propose okay?
Hang on.
Wish me luck.
This is not crazy at all.
Does the tree get a divorce
between these marriages or does
Don't even start.
Here comes the groom!
What's his name?
-Nikhil what?
-Swarup, Kabir.
Hi, Nikhil. Kabir.
-Nice to meet you, man.
-And Tara.
Nice to meet you.
-So how are you feeling?
-Yeah, really good actually.
-It's good to be home.
-Yeah, I can imagine.
It must be exciting.
It is super exciting!
-I'm getting--
-Just relax though, you look a little
Yeah? Okay
So tell me about you guys.
You guys have
you must have
so many things in common, do you
It's funny you ask that actually,
we do have a lot of things in common.
We both like Thai food.
We're both Librans.
We both like the cold weather.
We both love London.
That makes a lot of
things in common!
We, both uh
-work really hard.
-Oh, wow.
I'm a doctor, she's a banker.
We have the same set of friends.
-And they're coming in
Are we done?
-We're done.
-Aren't you jet-lagging?
A little bit but I had to see you.
So then?
What is the place?
Why are we here?
-It's gorgeous.
Well I'm doing a
little ceremony for you.
She told him.
What did he say?
He froke the fuck out.
This is epic.
Another wedding, fucked.
You're marrying
a tree, for fuck's sake.
Gitanjali, are you sure
you're all right?
-Is everything okay?
-Look, I understand that
this is all ridiculous.
I get it.
But the thing is
if there's the slightest chance that
something could go wrong,
I'm not risking it.
I I love you.
I love you too,
but that's not the point!
I don't even know if
I'm talking to you anymore!
I don't know whom I'm talking to!
You're perpetuating
an archaic tradition
it's it's super regressive
and I can't stand for it.
I don't understand
what the big deal is!
It's it's just a ceremony.
If you don't understand,
then you don't understand me.
This is not me.
This is not how it works.
This is not how I work.
This is not you know this.
I don't even know if I can be with
somebody who thinks this is okay.
Come on!
I mean, what kind of kids would be raise?
Okay? I'm sorry, okay?
I'm I'm sorry. You're right.
We'll I'll cancel this.
-It's okay, we'll be fine.
You're okay.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
we've gone through all
the market analysis and
I don't see any cause of alarm.
We have just
launched an IPO and
market prices will fluctuate.
Yes, but we can't rely on
market forces, Mr. Goyal.
We can't rely
but you just have to wait and watch.
Deepti, what are you doing?
Sorry to interrupt you, sir.
Ma'am has given me
all the instructions.
The powder has to be mixed in
water, and then given it to you.
-All okay?
-Thank you.
-Welcome, sir.
-Thank you, Deepti.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just some naturopathy
that my wife is making me take.
You unwell?
-No. Ayurvedic shit.
So as we discussed, you know.
My team will come on,
hold a presentation on the subjects.
So your team will also understand
what I'm talking about.
Where the stock price will move
in the coming week,
that will help you to
conclude on the subject.
Can I come in?
Is she supposed to have jaundice?
It's nice.
What do you want?
What do I want?
It's confusing, Faiza.
I've never been
I want to be here.
I wanted to see you.
Does she know you wanted to see me?
You know I can't talk
to her like that.
Adil, I
can't be with you right now.
Not right now.
Faiza, what do you
what do you want?
Do you want me to leave her?
I want you to do
whatever you want to do.
I want to be here.
This is what I want.
I I don't want you.
You should go.
You know what?
We should go to Goa.
It's Adil's 30th,
we're not doing Goa.
Guys, let's go back to Krabi.
-No way!
-Yes! Krabi! Krabi!
I never wanna go back
there again in my life!
You know what happened?
He got so sloshed
that he lost his engagement ring.
All night he was looking for
a diamond in the beach.
Natasha was so pissed!
No, but I was thrilled, you know
I didn't tell you guys but I'm the
one who threw that ring away.
You go, girl!
-You're just being mean.
Please, Varun, you're also very grateful
that we've got this gorgeous
Tara over here instead of
you know who.
-That is true.
-Very true.
All right, to Tara!
To Tara!
She's changed so much.
You know, she used to be this
really sweet new girl in town.
Super simple.
But rough on the edges but
soft, you know?
Now she's all styled out,
branded from head to toe.
She looks shiny and hard.
Like a diamond.
And Adil's having
a really tough time adjusting, I think.
Yeah, I've seen him, he seems
put off.
He asked me if he should leave her.
And why should you
answer that question for him?
That's what I told him.
I told him it's over.
But he really,
really loves me, you know?
You did the right thing.
It is over.
How do you feel?
Faiza, we have about five minutes
left in your appointment time.
I feel
I really hurt her and
I've been a really
shitty, shitty friend.
She's not talking to me
and I'm so sorry for it.
I wanna sue the bastard.
I'm going to live in that apartment
and I'm going to make him pay.
And what about the police?
What about them?
I'd like to know the details
of what happened to you, Karan.
There are welts on your body.
You can talk to me, Karan.
There's nothing to say.
It's okay.
It's just us in here,
you can talk about it.
You know, there is legal recourse
to what happened to you.
Police brutality is not
an unknown thing in this country
there are ways and means--
I said I have nothing to say!
Can you just do
what I'm asking you to?
I'm sorry I screamed in there.
It's okay.
You're going through a hard time
we both are.
Yeah, at least you
didn't get sent to jail.
At least your friend isn't
fucking your husband.
At least you have a husband.
It's gonna be okay.
I can't do this anymore, Tara.
I'm so fucking tired.
What am I gonna do?
I've I feel so alone.
What all am I supposed to fight?
Bhatia, I had told you this already.
If you've taken a loan,
you have to return it.
If every month is a surprise,
how is this gonna work?
You're absolutely right, Jauhari sir.
The moment business picks up,
you'll be the first person to call.
You're supposed to
serve the guests first.
Let's do one thing.
Make me a partner with a ten percent
stake and everything is excused.
No, no, sir.
It won't be possible.
-That can't happen, sir.
-At least think--
One second. What deal is this?
What's the deal?
I don't know much about
the wedding business
so I would be a silent partner.
What say, Bhatia?
Show me the accounts
from time to time.
The rest
we'll see.
What do you say?
Thank you.
This whole borrowing
has to stop, Karan.
That chapter's over.
You're actually in
good hands, you know.
Jauhari is a shrewd fucker.
Adil! What will you say to Adil?
-I'll handle it.
-Should we get a drink?
-To celebrate?
-Really, Bhatia?
You think it's a good time for you
to have another heart attack?
Juice, then.
Okay. No, keep the change.
-I wanted to talk--
-I'm well within my rights
-to stay till the end of the month.
-Listen, I want to say sorry.
Because I'm filing a lawsuit against you?
I was helpless.
-I didn't know what else to do.
-Ah, right.
See, Karan, I have family
I was helpless.
-And everyone isn't like you.
No, what do mean, like me?
You're brave.
You have courage.
I envy that.
Here, your whole life can go by
hiding from yourself.
Bless you.
Fear rules the men and
women of this city.
The fear of recognizing
yourself in another.
The fear of losing what you have.
Of never getting another chance.
Of being on the inside
and realizing you're
actually an outsider.
Fear can give you courage.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm not a thief.
I love Made In Heaven.
And fear can also perpetuate
your biases and superstitions.
Nikhil has no idea his bride-to-be
is currently cheating on him.
He believes his logic
and rationale were respected.
Gitanjali feels no guilt.
This is for the greater good.
Education can't cure everyone, can it?
I'm sorry
I'm really sorry.
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