Made in Heaven (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

A Royal Affair

Where've you been?
You smashed up Faiza's house?
Are you fucking crazy?
Faiza and I are over.
I apologized.
You accepted my apology
and we moved on.
You want a fucking baby?
Do you think it's a good idea
with you being psychotic?
-I'm not psychotic!
-You destroyed her home!
-She destroyed mine!
-It was a mistake.
Fucking my husband
is not a mistake,
it's a choice!
And she's my best friend,
-so don't get involved--
-I am involved!
My family is involved.
Our parents know each other.
Did you even consider how it
would reflect on the family?
At the end of the day
class just fucking
shows up, doesn't it?
You can't buy it,
it can't be taught
and it can't be married into clearly.
They could have you arrested.
Did you even consider that?
Then we will all be involved.
Maybe think about it next time
before letting your class show.
Hold your positions.
Captain Devyani
our daughter-to-be.
Did Tarun send my lehenga?
Yeah, but we have to do the
fitting as soon as possible, yeah?
May we have a picture of you
with the family?
Not in my uniform, no
It would be great.
Just the men and you.
You look amazing.
Don't worry about it.
Bless you. Please come.
-Is the Haldi set up, ready?
-Yes, it is.
The baskets are also ready
we'll put them in the
guest rooms tomorrow.
Okay and
make sure that the--
-Hi, Tara.
-Nice to meet you.
-Karan's friend.
-Ah, okay.
Is he here?
Uh, no actually, but
is there something you'd
like me to pass on?
No, that's all right, we're just
old buddies, you know.
-I thought I'll catch up with him.
-Ah, okay.
Well, I think you have a lot of work
I'll leave you to it.
-Take care.
-See you.
Weddings aren't private affairs anymore.
And the brides are no longer shy.
Mr. Ranawat.
I am from FW
Lifestyle magazine.
We've heard about your
merger with Five Seasons
and how you intend to convert
your Mundota Palace
into a seven-star luxury hotel.
Care to comment, sir?
I'm sorry
it's my son's wedding.
Please ask business-related
questions at the press conference.
Now please go and enjoy yourself.
Excuse me.
Thank you, sir.
He's actually done it.
Your landlord has withdrawn all evidence.
The police will have
to drop charges now.
You still want to take him to court?
We have a case.
Do I want to send Gupta to jail?
That's your call.
He has a daughter.
She's a good kid.
I'm not sure she
needs this right now.
Is this about protecting her?
I'm sorry.
-You worked so hard on this case, I--
-Don't worry about me.
Anyway, sending one landlord to jail
is not going to change
anything in this country.
Look at this, ma'am.
At 2:15 p.m
he drove himself.
He left the driver at
the office parking lot.
He reached Faiza Naqvi's house
and roughly half an hour later, he left.
These photos were taken five days ago.
Oh, Tara.
Don't be shy.
Tara, I have a huge favor
I need to ask of you.
I know how busy you guys
have been lately
but can I give you one more job?
Can you please distribute
all these cards?
-I have a lot on my plate right now.
-Of course.
She's such a life saver.
-I gotta go. I'll see you. Bye.
Thanks, Tara.
Okay and we are
You guys look so nice.
-Thank you.
Samar, I'll start with you.
Being from the royal family
how do you think
that that affects
how you feel about what Devyani
does the fact that she's a pilot?
I'd say it's absolutely great.
It's about time we
support ambitious women
and stand next to them,
support them.
No woman in our
family has ever worked
she'll be the first.
He always knew I was
going to be a pilot
that was non-negotiable.
Yeah, now who can
tell her what to do?
I know the family
I'm marrying into
and the responsibility
that I have and
I would never do anything to
embarrass them or shame them
they trust me.
and we are very proud of her.
-Greetings, sir.
-Greetings, greetings.
-You're looking so sweet!
-Please stop
And this beautiful lady
is my daughter-in-law.
Devyani, this is Jan,
the director of Five Seasons.
I'm very pleased to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too.
And how beautiful you look.
Thank you.
Are you enjoying your
big fat Indian wedding experience?
-Yes, thank you, very much.
This is mehendi.
The temporary tattoos
you were talking about?
Ah, henna!
-I'd love to get something small.
You're most welcome,
she's here only for you.
What's your name?
Will you make a nice
design on her hand?
And for you?
Something small,
a good luck charm.
She's giving me a mark
to ward off evil.
I just spoke to Kumar sir.
Mrs. Yadav's cousin.
The wedding is going to be the
announcement of the political alliance.
They want to make a big splash.
-It'll be huge.
-Let's get it.
I'm not losing another wedding.
You won't!
The Yadavs will get
married in Harmony.
Tell us your plan.
There is no agency
bigger than Harmony.
This type of family will only
fancy a grand celebration.
When we get complacent
someone else gets photographed.
what is your plan?
We can make sure
they know about Karan.
Know what?
That he's a pervert.
-He's not a pervert.
-The investigation is still underway.
Who cares what he is?
As long as it's not good for
their reputation to hire him.
It's fine by me.
Ma'am, here's your room,
and this for you.
Thank you, dear.
Pant, please go outside
and check the setting
and you, come quickly,
there are many rooms left.
-Could you guys hurry up?
Put one in this room.
I'll put one in the room ahead.
Get some more
baskets from downstairs.
Sorry sorry.
Wait, please!
Do you know who it was?
Do you know him?
He's still in the room
I locked the door from outside.
Come with me, I'm going
to see this fucker--
No, don't worry,
nothing will happen to you.
We shouldn't do anything.
We should just tell the family,
they will press charges.
-Let them handle it legally.
-But let's at least go and--
I will go speak to Mr. Ranawat.
Jazz, show me the room first.
This was the room.
-Open the door.
-Wait, don't open that door!
First, I need to talk to my father.
Listen, please remember
that we are with you.
I'm dealing with royalty here.
Nothing is above the law.
The police will help you.
We are with you.
I'm sorry
I don't know what else to say.
Don't be silly
she has every right to be angry.
What did you tell your parents?
They're not stupid.
Dad said, live by his
rules or leave.
Then leave.
You need to get your shit together.
You're a grown woman.
What do you want me to do,
leave my aging parents?
Come on.
You're not staying here out of
concern for your aging parents.
You're staying here because
you're dependent on them.
You need to start working, Faiza.
-I am working, with my mother.
-It's an NGO!
It's amazing
but it's not bringing
in any income.
You always said you wanted
to open your own place
a store.
You have great taste.
You have great style.
What you wear,
how you are
use it.
Open your own place.
I can finance it
no, it'll be a proper deal,
a proper business deal.
Why are you doing this?
I hate the idea
of you being
answerable to anyone.
First Bilal.
Now your dad.
Fuck them.
Namaste, ma'am.
Namaste. Has Adil come?
but Shibani ma'am is here.
She's in the drawing room.
-Keep this.
I really wish we hadn't
ended things like that.
Don't embarrass me, just
forget it.
Are you happy at Harmony?
I'm okay.
How are you?
How's Karan?
It's been rough.
You need to be careful.
What do you mean?
Harmony is going to
use Karan's case
for the Yadav wedding.
It's not going to be decent.
Of course.
They're planning to
put it out everywhere
even Delhi Times.
You should call Prabhat and
ask him to try and stop it.
Why are you helping us?
I'm not helping you
I was never here.
I don't want my daughter to
grow up in a world that is
The moment the agreement
is ready, please send it home.
It's nice.
Any particular reason
you want to live here?
I'll be close to you.
There's no need for that.
The rate here is very high.
At least look at
the whole apartment!
Come on, see it.
Adil suggested looking in this area.
He wants to get us a nice home.
Just because Adil
said so, you're sold?
You have to make up with him.
Make up? He came home
at 4:00 a.m. last night!
Please don't interfere, Mummy.
I know you're worried.
Don't you remember
that I was the one who told you
not to let Faiza live in your house?
It's a bad time, but it will pass.
Now listen to me carefully.
Adil is not going to leave you.
That girl is Muslim
and she's a divorcee.
Let her cry.
You are his wife.
You'll always come first.
Keep him happy.
When he comes home,
give him your love.
Spend time with him.
Go out with him.
Be his wife.
You've done so
much to get this far
think about that.
Get me Prabhat on the phone.
Some samples have come.
Ma'am, Devyani is here to meet Pooja.
-She's waiting in your cabin.
I don't know.
She's a very strong lady, Tara ma'am.
She's a pilot, she could
crash the wedding.
Was that a joke?
Please, Jazz.
Sorry, ma'am. Sorry.
I can't believe this.
They're here.
I'm so sorry, Pooja.
I honestly don't know
what to say to you.
Please sit.
She's going to file.
I'm taking her to
the station from here.
Everyone was happy,
everything was going so well.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
This shouldn't have
happened at your wedding.
And what happened to you
shouldn't have happened either.
But it's happened, so now what can we do?
Let me help you.
I can give you two lakhs in cash.
What are you doing?
-Two lakhs is a lot of money--
-Devyani, please stop--
How many months would you
need to work to earn two lakhs?
What, are you for real?!
Listen to me
and don't get involved in this.
This is better than dealing
with cops and lawyers--
you do not have to listen to her.
Five lakhs.
Thank you.
That's it?
You've shown your true colors?
I won't earn that much,
even in my dreams--
If this was about money, then you
should have said that earlier!
-Stop it, Karan.
-No, this isn't just about her!
This isn't just about you!
This is about every other
woman that Ranawat molests!
He'll think that he
can keep doing this
now that he knows the price!
Back off, you're scaring her!
Do you realize how many people
will suffer because of your decision?
You're a coward!
-You could have done something!
-What the fuck, Karan?
you can't talk to her like this.
And what the hell happened to you?
I thought you couldn't
bear to see his face!
I can't, but the decision
is not mine to make
-I have to respect her.
-Do you realize
on how many levels
this is wrong?
-You're a woman, for God's sake!
-Which is why I will not judge her!
How are you, man?
At least talk to me.
Don't ignore me, Karan.
You know I called your house six times.
I do not want to
talk to you, Nawab.
-Karan, are you coming?
-He's coming.
Listen. Don't do this.
Talk to me, we can
work something out.
I do not want to talk to you.
Hello, you two!
Ruchi's right there.
Hi! How gorgeous you look!
So glad you could make it.
You know I never miss
any of your parties, right?
Not on purpose anyway.
You okay?
Yeah, of course.
I didn't invite Faiza.
Oh, I didn't
Why, you should have.
Not after what she did to you.
We're all on your side, baby.
What is this?
I know, I'm on it, okay?
I don't know how it leaked,
or who leaked it
-but I'm going to find--
-You recorded us!
You recorded me
without me knowing!
No, it's the CCTV footage.
-I didn't even realize--
-You didn't realize?
-What am I supposed to do now?!
-Stop shouting.
I will have it off the
internet by this afternoon, okay?
I can get it deleted from all of
I will be blamed for all of this.
I will have to leave the office.
My reputation will be ruined.
You know that, right?
I'll be the one to blame.
Did I tell you about the Ranawats?
Pooja, the mehendi girl.
They paid her off.
Five lakhs.
That's it?
Five lakhs is a lot of money.
He fucking molested her.
She should have been smarter.
Five lakhs barely cuts it.
Nothing cuts it, if you ask me.
Everybody has their price.
I I must tell you that
as a family we are
very grateful to you, the way you
handled the situation,
with so much dignity.
You know how it is.
-He's a man.
-I should have known better.
I fell in love and
I'm sorry.
I understand how difficult
this must be for you and
we would
we would really like to help,
you know, to see that
just to see that
you're comfortable
until of course you find
something more substantial.
this is for you.
Thank you for this
but I could never
take money from Adil.
It would never feel right.
Of course.
Can you unzip this?
I need to sleep.
Looking at this, one wouldn't believe
that royalty has been abolished in India.
There is nothing commonplace
about the Ranawats.
they have moved with the times
and the prince is marrying a pilot.
But reverence
is ingrained in our DNA.
For us, blue blood will always
rank higher than red.
Even in the twenty-first century,
royalty will reign.
Their customs will stay the same.
Their subjects will remain as loyal
and their transgressions
will be as accepted.
If it was me, I'd have
never accepted the money.
It's not bullshit.
Some things are not okay.
I'd break his teeth, if it was me.
No, I've had too much
if I drink now,
I'll start crying.
Why are you making me cry?
-Okay, fine.
-Give it then.
-Take it then.
Come, let's go for a walk.
How much will you shoot?
You're in my frame.
And you're in my palace.
Your palace?
Whenever I enter a palace
I feel like, I lived here at some point
centuries ago.
So do you believe
in past life then?
Of course.
There can't be just one life.
Were you a princess?
A queen.
Hmm tell me.
What I can do for you?
Uh, I
I wanted to ask you something
A very powerful man
has molested a young woman.
At his son's wedding.
We were organizing it.
This happens in the
wedding business as well?
Nothing will happen to him.
No punishment.
-Do you know the girl?
Is there anything I can do?
What would you like to do?
-I want to teach him a lesson.
-We can teach him a lesson.
Now let us know how
severe you'd like it to be.
I mean
fingers, hands, legs
dick or corpse?
No, I I don't know
no actually
I I don't
Sorry, I'm going to go.
And now my new daughter
has an important
announcement to make.
Our honored guests from oversees
are here for a very special reason today.
I'm very happy to announce
that the Mundota Palace will be merging
with the Five Seasons brand.
The palace is now open to anyone who would
like to experience a taste of royalty.
I have a question.
Sir, by when do you think the
hotel project would be completed?
We are hoping the end of
The hotel will be the
epitome of luxury.
No other state in the country
will have this kind of grandeur.
Mr. Ranawat
congratulations on the merger.
Although, we have reports
that you have molested
the mehendi girl at your son's wedding.
What are your comments on that?
That is a very serious
accusation, young lady.
Yes, it is
which is why we need a comment.
you are insulting our family.
This is a malicious rumor and
we will not engage in it.
I would request you to please leave.
Sir, please, one question!
The Ranawat family
won't be taking
any further personal
questions on this subject.
Isn't that journalist your friend?
That is a very serious
accusation, young lady.
Hey, hold this.
-Raman, hand me the towel.
-Ooh, what's this?
-Guys, Karan has received a love letter!
-Stop it!
"Why are you doing
this to me? Let's talk.
Yours forever
So is that how homos
talk to each other?
Nawab wrote the letter.
How does that make me gay?
So, is the love one-sided then?
Of course, dude.
Is everything okay?
I want to file a PIL against article 377.
You want to file a
Public Interest Litigation?
Can I do it tomorrow?
Yes, you can.
But you could have just
come to office for that.
You weren't picking up your phone
and I had to know right now.
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