Made in Heaven (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Pride and Bridezilla

I was in school
when I first realized that I was gay.
I was so scared, I couldn't admit it.
While in college, I went
out on dates with girls
so that nobody would find out.
Eventually, I started seeing men as well.
I couldn't tell my family openly.
When I was arrested
my father learned the truth about me.
And I'm an
educated, upper-middle-class,
privileged person.
But I was living like a coward.
So we met at a party and
he saw me from across the room
and we kind of have common friends and
we started talking and then
Listen, it's a really long story.
Can we just turn this off, please?
I'm not going to get married again.
This is it!
I don't want to be stuck with
some boring wedding video.
It's not going to be a boring
wedding video, I do this--
Avi and I know how we met.
This video is for us and we
already have all the information.
-It's going to be boring.
-It's not going to be boring.
But, what do you want to do?
I want a music video!
I'm worried about you, Adil.
Me? Why
-You're okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine. Wish I was dead.
I guess it wasn't meant to be.
What are you doing later tonight?
-Not going home with you.
Hey, I'm single now!
-That chapter's over.
What do you want me to do?
You want me to beg?
I'll beg.
I'm going to beg.
No, please don't.
-God, please!
-What do you want?
-I want another drink.
-Take mine.
What about now?
Hey, babe.
Have you seen my Grey jacket?
Where is it?
Did it ever come back from dry-cleaning?
Listen. When is the review meeting?
Hey, what's wrong?
Talk to me.
I don't know what's going on with us.
I can't deal with this distance.
Nothing is going on with us.
We're okay.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm right here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Mrs. Yadav, we were thinking about
cream, gold and orange.
Banaras tradition.
is the color of the
ruling party, isn't it?
The rest is up to you.
Really. We shouldn't be advertising them--
But marigolds are for everyone.
I mean, it's a wedding.
Hmm.. it is a wedding.
Vishal is not just our future son-in-law.
He's also joining the party.
So we were thinking that
the wedding design should reflect
that the party is headed towards victory.
Do you understand that?
Yes, sir. I understand.
Explain it to her as well.
We'll do our very best, sir.
Yes we were also hoping for the best.
When can we meet your daughter Nutan?
We need to know what the bride likes.
Yes, I agree.
-Nutan is our daughter.
What we like
she like.
Uh! Actually, sir. I mean
the wedding is the bride's day.
So, if we know what she likes
The bride doesn't like to talk.
Okay, then.
Thank you.
-Jai Hind.
-Have some tea before you leave.
"Explain it to her."
"The bride doesn't like to talk."
It's another world.
We're not getting this one.
And you're assuring me this will
make it more fuel efficient.
-Yes, sir.
-Okay, then--
You can't barge in like that.
Ma'am, please wait.
Sorry to barge in.
It's an emergency.
Can I speak to you?
Just give me five minutes.
-Okay. Fine, sir.
Sorry, sir.
What the fuck are you doing?
What am I supposed to do
if you don't take my calls?
I would have called you back.
-This is my office.
-This is my life.
You even went to Ruchi's party.
You said you weren't going to go.
I had to.
-You had to go?
-It got awkward.
-It got awkward?
That was my fucking gang,
and I wasn't invited--
I'm not in charge of Ruchi's
fucking guest list, all right?
Fuck you, Adil!
You're as much in this as I am
but they talk to you and I'm the slut.
My family is not speaking to me.
My best friend, I just lost.
So when I call, you pick
up the phone! Okay?
Are you ever going to leave?
She's had a fucked up life.
You know that.
She hasn't had a quarter
of what we've had.
She's been through shit
for me, so I can't just
You give it some time, okay?
Can you please come over tonight?
The British are no longer
ruling over India.
And yet, this law that they put in place,
article 377
still stands.
According to Article 377,
homosexuality is a criminal offense.
11% of India's population are criminals.
I am a criminal.
When I see people protest
or march for LGBTQ rights
I think, what's the need?
My life is going just fine
without any confrontation, so why bother?
If I hadn't gotten arrested,
I might have never filed this PIL.
This PIL of yours is not
going to change anything.
In our Indian culture,
homosexuality is an insult.
It's a crime.
That's why the government will
never accept this criminal act.
How does it matter, what your
ruling party or the government thinks?
I have faith in India's judiciary.
I believe the court will uphold
that the citizens of
India are truly free
to love and have sex
with consenting adults
of any and all genders.
Look at the way he's talking
about the government.
I get scared just by watching all this.
Last time I checked,
we still live in a democracy.
Karan, you're such a star!
So awesome!
I just loved your speech.
I mean, you killed it!
Thank you.
Now, tell me, what is this video you want?
Okay, so I want a music video. Okay?
And I want full Delhi feels!
Cause, after all,
I'm a typical Delhi girl, you know.
And I want to shoot in an old monument.
Something totally undiscovered.
I don't know, let's just do something fun
against a rustic, rugged backdrop.
His ideas are damn boring.
Please don't ask him.
And, what do you say, Colonel?
I only have one daughter.
I want her to get everything she wants.
Thank you!
We can take the guarantee
but, isn't a six lakh loan too much?
What is more important to a father,
than his daughter's wedding?
Asma's wedding should
be a grand celebration.
-Bye, thank you.
-Oh, not at all.
-See you.
-See you soon.
-Bye, Dad.
Don't forget to pick up my ring
on your way back, okay?
Yeah, I will.
This video is going to cost you.
-Well, yeah.
I mean, on top of this,
there's a trousseau
there's tulips from Amsterdam.
I know, man.
No, I mean, I don't mean to be a
party pooper or anything, but
as of now, the budget is
sitting at like 2.5 crores.
-You know, he's actually taken a loan.
-Are you serious?
What is more important to a father
than his daughter's wedding?
Ali, as far as possible, use the
tulips from Amsterdam. Okay?
Okay, sir.
No. This is too much white,
we need more color.
Thank you, Khalil.
Khalil has taken a loan of six lakhs
-for his daughter's wedding.
-What, really?
I'm worried for him.
How will he pay it back?
Can't we pick up the tab?
Let's do that.
So, wait. Do we need to
tell Jauhari or something?
Wait, have you told Adil about Jauhari?
Not yet.
I never imagined
that you would do all this for me.
Khalil, we do weddings every day.
It's really not a big deal.
You've been with our company
from the start.
That makes you family.
-How are you?
-Great. How about you?
-Good. Come, sit down.
-What do you do?
I'm accountant.
-She was a topper in college.
And your husband-to-be?
-He also accountant. Same office.
-His name is Subodh.
-I see.
-He's a very nice guy.
No demands.
It's just that I want to do this properly.
I told Dad, don't waste money.
-But his wish to do this.
-She speaks perfect English!
Okay, this
is for you.
-You didn't have to.
Take it.
Everything will be handled by us.
You just tell me if there's
any special request.
I want wedding cake.
I like those big cake.
Just in wedding photos?
-Thank you.
I can't tell you how good
the gol gappas were.
-You have to try them.
-No, I really don't.
I'll get them to cater at home one day.
You're going to love it.
That is a horrible idea.
Everyone will be sick.
Ma will die.
Why would anyone get sick?
Because it's street food
and those areas are filthy.
First, carefully take a sip
from your wine glass.
If you don't understand the menu,
let someone else order.
But be relaxed, as if you
always go to five star hotels.
Okay, girls.
When you're at the table, the napkin
must be placed on your lap like this.
And your--
Tara, elbows.
Keep this in mind.
When you're eating,
you must not make a sound.
Keep your mouth closed when you eat.
Okay? Not like that.
Chew with your mouth closed.
Yes, ma'am.
Keep your back straight
and walk with confidence
and a little grace.
Even if it's bitter, don't stop smiling.
Tara, move the dryer away
from your hair or it'll burn.
Whether it's a party, or an interview
or even an important date,
please never step out
before blow-drying your hair.
Frizzy hair, a big no-no! Okay?
Okay, ma'am.
Cut, cut! Cut!
Come on, Tarana.
-How's it looking?
-Yeah, it's nice.
Very cool.
Back to one, please!
One sec.
Guys, back to one, please!
-Okay come, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
What happened?
Can anything be worse than this?
If you do something like
this at your wedding
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
And five, two, three, four
I hope you like surprises.
I just keep looking at
that wall, you know?
I can't believe I was being
filmed in my own home.
I was so freaked out when
I heard you went to jail.
Why didn't you answer my calls?
I couldn't get into it.
I'm sorry.
Do you want to talk about it?
I I can't do this right now.
Come with me to America.
You can't live here.
There's no room for dignity here.
We'll make it work.
Mr. Karan Mehra.
are going to be planning
my daughter's wedding.
Yes, you're doing it!
The way that you sharply
challenged the ruling government
I like it.
I really like it.
With the elections so close
I was thinking
that if my daughter's wedding
were planned by your company
it will be a political
statement in itself.
You understand what I mean?
I hope you'll do your best.
Five, six, seven, eight!
Cut, cut, cut
Let's do one more, please.
Touch up!
The makeup team has packed up already.
What? Why? We're still shooting, right?
But it was the last shot,
so we sent them back.
You said that you'd be done after this.
That's not what I said, you fucking dodo!
This is ridiculous.
It's a wide shot.
-You're not going to be able to tell--
-That's not the point!
What do you want?
I want this fucking dumbass
out of here, man!
Bloody vernac.
She might have studied in
a Hindi medium school.
-Come on, let's go.
Let's do it once more.
The light's not good, it won't happen.
What do you mean, the light's not good?
I mean, it's a wrap. Come down.
It's not a wrap.
I said, it's pack up!
Someone get her a ladder!
Why are you ruining my video?
Don't fucking touch me, dude.
I'm not fucking ruining your video.
You're ruining your video.
You can't speak to people like this.
I can speak to people
the way I want to, okay?
-She screwed up, she deserves it.
-One second. Speak to me calmly--
-I'm talking calmly!
-Have some respect!
-Don't teach me how to talk!
-One second!
You can't talk to people like that,
she doesn't deserve it!
I'm paying her, okay?
You're not fucking paying anybody.
It's your father's money!
It's borrowed money.
Do you understand that?
Okay, get your head out
of your fucking ass!
And learn how to
fucking speak to people.
Who the fuck's going to
marry someone like you?
This was such a mistake.
Make your own music video!
Are you crying? Stop it, come here.
Stop it, come here.
Not worth it.
You'll meet horrible people, all the time.
Just respond to them in kind.
So many tears
for someone so stupid.
I can handle my own problems.
I'm not saying you can't.
I'm just saying, don't cry.
-Please don't be so sweet.
I'm scared of you. I don't know, you might
suddenly say "I love you."
What's done is done.
I have no emotional feelings for you.
Don't get sentimental, unnecessarily.
Kabir, I want someone quite different.
And you don't fit that mold.
Don't feel bad, you're just not my type.
We're not going to discuss this further.
Did you think about what I said?
I don't want to leave.
This is my home, Sam.
And trust me, I'll
I'll hurt you.
"Take your powder." What powder?
Oh nothing, my
My mom is into some homeopathy.
Sure it's not the one
that goes up your nose?
I would love some of that
right now, I'm so fucking tired.
When are we going to get
to go on a real holiday?
One where we don't have to drive.
Where do you want to go?
What are you, fucking ten years old?
It'll be fun!
I'll get in touch with my inner child.
Oh God.
I don't want to touch
your inner child, okay?
I want nothing to do
with your inner child.
You're now my only friend.
Adil is going to leave Tara.
-Did he actually say that?
That's why I wanted to come here and just
let you know, it's actually happening.
I mean, he needs some time
but, yeah.
How much time are you willing to give?
You've never been in love, have you?
I just think you should have a time frame.
When Adil and I are together, properly,
we'll have you over for dinner.
I can't believe it's happening.
I need to speak to you about something.
Nothing to worry about.
Karan had taken a loan to
invest in Made In Heaven.
Things got a little messy and we
We had to sell a ten percent
stake in the company.
To whom?
To the money lender. His name is Jauhari.
He has a plumbing shop in Old Delhi.
You sold ten percent
of your business to a plumber.
He'll be a silent partner.
It was the best option, trust me.
"Best option."
"Trust you."
He will be coming to the meeting today.
I thought you should know.
Why didn't you talk to me about all this?
Because I want to do it on my own.
I do have another meeting to go to.
-When will he be here?
-Let me check.
-I'm sorry, I got a little late.
-No worries.
Ramesh Jauhari.
This is Adil Khanna, my husband
and the company's major investor.
Khanna Infrastructures.
-Let's begin?
-Yes, sure.
The first wedding of the quarter.
The Mishra and Srivastav wedding.
The budget was sitting at 1.2 crores
and we made a profit of 14 lakhs.
The Sadana-Gill wedding in Ludhiana.
We had 5.6 crores for the budget
and 35 lakhs profits.
The Sinha-Swarup wedding.
Budget 2.9 crores and profit 18 lakhs.
And finally, the Singh-Ranawat wedding--
Wasn't a girl molested at this one?
Budget 4.8 crores, profit 27 lakhs.
So total profit for the
quarter stands at 94 lakhs.
We have overheads,
rent, salaries.
Accounts of all the expenses are in here.
You seem to have spent all
your profits on your office.
You haven't even earned
one crore in three months.
But your office looks like a palace.
Are you seeing this?
-It's amazing.
-Mr. Jauhari, actually
this is a regular expense
for the wedding business.
-Clients want to see a palace.
In the first year of business,
you can go to their homes for a meeting.
You can meet them in hotel lobbies.
First make your bank balance
then, do as you please!
-And I also think that--
-You own a plumbing shop, is that correct?
This is the wedding business.
It's a whole other world.
At the end of the day, they're
both businesses. Don't you agree?
Does anyone want anything to drink?
Tea, coffee?
Yes, sir.
what is your problem with plumbing?
You use the bathroom, don't you?
-Shower, tap, toilet and all that--
-You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Listen, can we get back
to the task at hand? Yes?
Frankly, I'm quite impressed.
I thought you'd definitely be in the red,
thanks to Karan's arrest.
You managed to stay afloat, I'm impressed.
You're quite the partner.
The boy was arrested and
you're rubbing it in his face.
Did someone ask you?
I was told
that you're a silent partner.
I'd like for you to remain silent.
Drink your green tea.
And I'd like for you to pay attention
to Khanna Infrastructure's falling stocks.
-Excuse me?
You're opening one factory after another.
Spare a thought for your shareholders.
My wife has a three percent
stake in your company.
Mrs. Bulbul Jauhari.
Now you're going to tell
me about my business?
Of course. It's my job.
I have crores invested
in many companies, apart from yours.
I know business.
Just speaking good English doesn't
make you a good businessman.
Are we done here?
Hope he wasn't offended.
What did you do?
You can't scream at clients, Kabir.
She abused Jazz, you should have
seen the way she spoke to her.
So you told her to get
her head out of her ass?
-She's the fucking bride!
Where else is her head
going to be, if not her ass?
Stop fucking laughing, man.
It's not funny!
Dude, what the fuck?
The family is livid!
Wait, did you tell her
they borrowed money?
I've just spent an hour calming them down!
I'm sorry.
What do you want me to say, man?
Kabir, we are service providers!
All right? And client is king!
In this case, princess!
Princess? She's not a fucking princess,
she's one entitled piece of fucking shit.
-Fucking bridezilla psycho--
-I do not care!
It is the most important day
of her life, so suck it up!
Who talks to people like this?!
Can someone tell me why the wedding day is
the most important day of a girl's life?
As though nothing else matters.
As though their existence has
no value if they don't get married.
Why do parents beg, borrow and steal to
make sure their daughter is wed in style?
This hardship is clearly borne less
for the girl and more for the world.
Society must see they didn't
skimp when they sent her off.
Maybe because once she is gone
they will never let her come back.
You're sure?
You'll drink this tea?
Here you go.
What happened?
I'm leaving some for Ranjan.
You should come home more often.
You don't need a reason to visit.
You had to bring fruits as well.
I forgot to tell you.
I got them.
-How are you, Tara?
-I'm good.
I've left some tea for you
in the kitchen. Have it.
You know, Mira has topped in English.
-She's just like you.
These sandwiches are from downstairs,
nice and spicy.
You don't eat white bread
and all that, but try it at least.
-Even I really like these.
-One minute.
I'll take it.
-What happened to you?
What happened? Sit.
-What happened, my girl?
Bring some Dettol please.
-Were you playing in the park?
Come on, you're okay. Take this.
Nothing happened, my girl!
Who is my brave girl?
-Who were you playing with?
-Yes, who is the culprit?
Relax. We'll go and hit whoever did this.
Okay? It's done. Hold on.
Again? You want another tickle?
When the food arrives,
let the waiter serve you.
If you decide to serve yourself,
don't take too much.
And whoever you're sitting with,
make sure to keep eye contact.
And before that, remember that you
shouldn't make noise while eating.
Chew with your mouth closed.
Today, we'll learn about table manners.
-Yes, ma'am.
To the right of your plate,
the first spoon that is placed
is a dinner spoon.
After that
-dinner knife.
And to the left
this is the dinner fork.
Who I am, where I've come from
you'd never be able to tell
when you meet me.
I came to Princess Grooming School
and became a new person.
I got a new life, and I'm
truly thankful for that.
Actually I used to sit right there,
in the second row.
My name might still be there
under the desk. "Tara."
Now I'm Mrs. Tara Khanna.
I married into a big family.
I have my own business.
I polished myself.
I erased every bit of the old me.
I was so full of dreams and ambition.
But nobody tells you that what
meets the eye is just a facade.
And confidence can only come
from knowing your inner identity.
I ran so far away from my old life
that I lost myself in the process.
I fear that
I don't know who I am anymore.
My advice is just that
learn as much as you can about grooming.
Table manners, etiquette.
English language.
Clothes, makeup.
But your identity,
the one deep inside you
never let go of it.
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