Made in Heaven (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Great Escape

It's beautiful, Ma.
Your anniversary is coming.
You should have something new.
Men are stupid.
It's happened to all of us,
you just have to carry on.
You have your work,
you're doing so well.
Focus on it.
Focus on
having a baby.
This will all pass.
Congratulations on your
daughter's farewell.
We are very happy for you.
I don't feel like I'm losing my daughter
instead, I feel like I'm gaining a son.
-So happy to hear that.
-A son.
every father wishes the best for his son.
Now Vishal's future is bright
and this union is not
just of two families
but of two parties. Right?
See, I want to tell you
that whatever's happening
We need people like you. Vocal.
Your argument was very tight.
The tragedy is that in this atmosphere,
your courage won't be rewarded.
The ruling party is keeping
an eye on people like you.
Come on, carefully.
I am truly honored to become
a part of the Yadav family.
He is now the heir to the
Rashtriya Jan Seva Party!
He has our full support.
Thank you,
thank you so much.
What's up with her?
Is she drunk?
I think she's drugged.
Homosexuality in India is nothing new.
Intolerance is.
We have temples with carvings that--
We have temples with carvings that
depict both men and women
engaging in sex with the same gender.
So I ask you
whose culture is this?
Love is love!
Love is love!
Love is love!
Love is love!
Congrats, darling.
That was so insane!
Mr. Karan Mehra, who has
petitioned the supreme court
-You went for that?
-How was it?
against Section 377.
It was fantastic.
The students really loved him.
It was really nice.
will India finally decriminalize
homosexuality, the question remains.
For further updates, stay tuned.
We will be right back.
Take this.
-Jazz, right?
Yeah, hi. Welcome home.
I'm so glad you could make it.
Come on in.
Let me get you a drink.
This way, come.
You know, it's so nice that
you could make it.
Kabir's been telling me,
Jazz is so much fun
and I was like,
"Dude, you have to call her home."
I thought this was Kabir's home.
It is. We live together.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!
Can I have some?
They're becoming a
little too forward.
This is completely against
the culture of our nation.
We won't let this slide.
What do they know
about India's history?
They are just spouting Western ideas.
This won't be
allowed in India!
All hail the motherland!
"Why are you doing
this to me, let's talk.
Yours forever
So is that how homos
talk to each other?
Nawab wrote the letter.
-How does that make me gay?
-So the love is one-sided?
Of course, dude. I'm straight.
Hey, Bhatia.
-What is this?
-You couldn't find anyone else?
I hope you're not going
fuck us in the backside.
So you like Karan, huh?
Nawab is a homo.
-We can talk something out
-Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
Nawab is a homo!
She's not picking up.
Ma'am, this outfit is
for Qawwali night
but we have to fit it.
Excuse me.
-Hi, morning.
-Hi, hello.
-How are you doing?
-Hello, good.
Ma'am, your dresses.
Can I help you with something?
No. I'll try it myself.
Tara, have you seen my phone?
Does it fit fine?
-It's done?
-Let's go.
Do you want to try something else?
Wouldn't wouldn't you want
to try some of the other--
We'll see it later.
I think she left her phone.
That's mine.
Where was it?
I don't think she tried it.
-She made a call.
-Really? Call it.
-Hi, this is--
Dude, something is very off.
If you inspect each
and every flower
it'll take ten years to
organize this wedding!
It's the party leader's bungalow!
We have to check!
Then triple your staff!
Everyday is a new fucking situation.
Dora, oh, Dora
My lovely Dora
Go to sleep now
Grow up soon
A prince will come for you
And take you as his bride
Hi. Where's the bride?
Are you the bride, or is it Dora?
Not me, my Aunt Nutan is the bride.
And where is she?
She's locked in the room.
Why is she locked?
Let's go play with her.
She never plays,
she only cries all the time.
Can I play with Dora?
Here, this is for Dora.
It's too big for her.
I know it's too big for her,
it's just when she grows up it'll fit her.
-So save it for her.
-When she gets married?
This is for
your Aunt Nutan, okay?
As she is getting married, okay?
Where's the place for this?
That's perfect.
We'll put it here
and you promise you're
going to give it to her?
Yeah? It'll be a secret
between the three of us?
Pinky promise?
It's going to be our secret.
Three of us.
Okay, go!
Go, go, go!
Nutan is the best wife
I could have asked for.
She belongs to the world of politics.
She's seen the life.
People say that I have it in me to
be the next PM of this country.
And I think me and
Nutan can make this pair
and we have this coalition
on the government and we--
-What is it?
-Is something wrong?
-No, that's all fine. I just meant
-What I'm asking you
how do you feel about her
as a person?
-As a person!
-As a human being, what do you--
As a human, correct, yeah. Sure.
As a person, she is
And she is
I'll change the battery,
one second.
Yeah, you change the battery,
I'll just take a
-smoke break.
Relax, it's okay. Okay?
Just keep saying good things.
Sir, you can't
you can't smoke inside here.
All my equipment is here so
I've already lit it.
Just say she's great,
she's got a good personality.
-Hello, Vishal sir.
-Can you have a look at this?
-Can we do this later?
Yes, sure.
Jazz, pass me the battery.
I'm not your assistant.
It's just a battery.
Nutan is wonderful,
bright and vivacious.
She is full of questions and intrigue
and I think her energy will
always compliment mine.
Jai Hind.
I'm really sorry.
About what?
I messed your life up.
No, you didn't.
My life is awesome.
You were getting married.
If nothing had happened
between us, then--
It wasn't meant to be.
It's not your fault.
I'm the one that should
have stayed away.
All those things Natasha
said about you.
I don't care.
I do.
That isn't the truth.
I don't know,
I just feel so responsible.
Don't be crazy.
You're a really good person.
I want you to be really happy.
Marry me.
Marry me.
In case you
didn't hear the first time.
We have a big game
coming up today
and we have to win it.
You'll play in the center today.
-Woah, bro. You just got promoted.
Sir, Nawab?
Nawab has left the school.
-He's gone to study in Woodstock.
-In Musoorie.
-You knew about this?
Okay boys, on the court.
Let's go, five minutes. Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Where the fuck is Dora?
Who is Dora?
Her doll!
This is your informant?
You're relying on a six-year-old?
And her doll?
Sweetheart, where's Dora?
-Where's Dora?
-She died.
See she's alive.
Yeah. All she needs is some sunlight.
Hold her.
They're forcing her to marry Vishal.
They don't want her to be with me.
Why, because you're Christian?
Yeah, and because I'm
just an engineer.
Last time she called,
she was slurring.
Nobody can meet her,
all our friends have tried.
And obviously,
I can't go to the cops.
Why not?
Nutan's sister committed suicide
because they had her boyfriend killed.
Nobody knows about this,
the whole news was
They just said that she had
a chemical imbalance.
Where are your parents?
In Cochin. They have no
clue about any of this.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know if there's any
Can you help us?
I'm just scared that she's
going to do something to herself.
Fucking scary.
It's fucking Delhi.
John should call the cops.
Cops are not going to do anything.
-He's some random guy--
-Yeah, so he can take his friends
make a scene, call the press,
he has to do something--
What can he do?
Do you have any idea how
powerful these Yadavs are?
Who is going to mess with them?
They'll fuck you up.
So no one can do anything?
Only the ruling party
can bring them down.
You think Nutan will kill herself?
Yes, this is good.
She can wear this.
Fix this one.
I spoke to John.
Don't drink anything,
don't eat anything.
They're drugging you.
How can you not find them?
They're very big.
Check in the cupboard.
-We're going to help you.
-What happened?
Nothing, Auntie.
The light
we're almost set up,
it'll take a minute.
-We're almost ready.
-Take some good pictures.
Of course.
Auntie, there's a lot of confusion
with the seating plan
can you come and check once?
-I'm supervising the photo shoot.
-It'll take five minutes.
The Home Minister still hasn't
confirmed if he's coming
-and we have no idea where to seat him.
-Why can't Tara handle this?
Auntie, I'll do the
photo shoot, don't worry.
It'll only take five minutes, Auntie.
Wait one minute.
Rohini! Come quickly.
-Give her some juice.
-Let's go, ma'am?
One minute.
She'll get some energy.
Drink the juice!
And you stand right here.
-Let's go?
-Yes, let's get this over with.
Can't you manage this?
Do one thing, you see the camera is
going to turn in every direction.
So you come over here, to the side.
That plant over there,
can you move it to the left?
Move the whole pot
No, no, the left one!
Yes, that one.
Eat something from the
table if you want, okay?
The left pot, the small one!
And be ready tonight, okay?
-It isn't done yet?
Almost done.
It'll just take a second now.
We'll take the portrait.
That's it.
And ready?
It's over, you can get up.
Now you come, it's your turn.
-My turn?
-Who else?
-Come, come!
-Okay, fine.
Yes, my child?
Is there something you want to say?
This what?
I don't understand.
If you have something on
your mind that is troubling you
speak now
and seek the blessings
of the Father.
There is something,
but I don't know
Fear not, my child.
Are you smiling at me?
Praise the Lord!
Have you ever done a confession?
No. You?
Just now, for the first time.
Kabir, I like you a lot.
I only realized now.
I really like you too, Jazz.
But do you like me?
You love her?
Yeah, I love her.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
You should definitely meet him.
-He's in your constituency?
-He's the head of the minority commission.
-Let's go?
-Come on.
Come, my son.
-Say hi to Vishal Uncle!
She never lets go of that doll.
-Come, come.
-Okay guys, just--
You come to this side.
-Should I stand here?
-Uncle, you can stand here.
No, I'll be there,
you go to that side.
All good?
-Okay, are we ready?
-Look there.
-We have to look there, right?
-Yes, ma'am, right here.
Sorry, Papa. I really troubled you.
It's good that you've quickly
understood what is best for you.
-What would you like?
-I would like whatever you like.
I hope you're enjoying the evening.
It's a marvelous Qawwali.
You have outdone yourself.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
They've planned the
whole thing really well.
I'm tired.
I think I need my beauty sleep now.
You look as beautiful,
with or without the sleep.
Thank you.
You'll walk me to my room?
Let's go.
Ma'am, some eunuchs have
come to give their blessings.
But the function is still on.
-Call them tomorrow.
Wait a minute, sending them away
would be disrespectful, right?
-Where have they come from?
-The Guru Fateh's shrine.
-Guru Fateh's shrine is
-Isn't that Yadav's sir constituency?
-It is. Call them.
But get them in from the back gate, okay?
-Weddings are incomplete without them.
-I agree.
Do you like it?
Yeah, I like it.
So you want to go now?
You want me to stay?
I can stay.
We are practically married now.
We are not married.
It's not right.
What's going on over there?
Sir, they've come to give
you both their blessings.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, one minute, I--
Wait, what--
Come on now.
It's the bride's turn.
Get out.
Nutan! Good night!
The party leaders, what about them?
Sir, actually they'll all be seated
along those hedges over there.
The seating will be
raised for them.
Wake up, it's getting late.
The baraat will come from there
so Nutan's Aunt and Uncle
can be seated here.
Obviously, flower decorations
will be done here, you know, from--
Nutan is not in her room.
-Nutan is not in her room.
Do you, John Matthew
take Nutan Yadav
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
-I do.
-Do you, Nutan Yadav
take John Matthew
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
I do.
Ma'am, ma'am
Ma'am, is there anything
you'd like to say?
I have called you all here today to
announce that I have married John Matthew.
He is the man I love.
He's an engineer
and I am now Nutan Matthew.
My father Brajesh Yadav
was forcing me to get
married to Vishal Singh.
I am saying all this publicly
so that
if anything happens to us
you know who's done it.
If anything happens to me
please know that I haven't
committed suicide like my sister.
Life is precious.
And I'm looking forward to
living my life with my husband.
Was your sister's death
a suicide or murder?
Do you think your life is in danger?
Do you think your family--
How did she leave the house?
I'm asking you a question.
How did she leave?
How dare she!
We will do nothing now.
listen to me this time.
We will do nothing.
The media is watching.
One wrong step
and you can forget
the next election as well.
So you've taken on
the ruling party, huh?
Something like that, yeah.
It's actually very brave.
I'm trying.
About time.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
You you're married?
Yeah, yeah.
Happy. Mundane.
No, no one.
I'm I'm single.
Playing the field is fun, I guess.
I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
I was abused in jail.
This cop, he
he just kept putting his
fucking dick in my face, so
I'm sorry.
I can't believe I hated you
for so long.
I can't believe I've loved only you.
-This is such a fabulous party.
What a celebration.
-I love these earrings you're wearing!
-Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
To my gorgeous daughter-in-law
and my son Adil.
A very, very happy anniversary
and I wish you have many,
many more to come!
-Here we go.
Varun, do you remember the
first time we heard about Tara?
-Oh, I remember that.
-Please, please.
Please let's not tell that story
but I do remember the
first time that I saw her.
Yeah! She was walking in
and she was wearing a grey skirt,
and a white shirt
and she had hair
pulled back really tight.
-You have a crazy memory.
It was the first time you met him too.
Do you remember what he was wearing?
-Definitely not.
No way, she doesn't remember anything.
She doesn't remember what
movie we watched last night.
We went to this amusement park and
she swears that we went on this ride
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
give a big round of applause
for the emerging
entrepreneur of the year
Mr. Adil Khanna!
He has taken Khanna Ancillaries to new
shores to form Khanna Infrastructure.
-Well done.
-Thank you.
And for your information
in the interest of the
ladies gathered here
-Mr. Adil Khanna is still single.
-Not for long!
You remember the time we
went to the south of France?
-And we visited the vineyards.
-I do.
I do, indeed
They have this pool in the house
and I don't think I've
ever seen him swim.
You know what's the
best thing about Sabyasachi?
He's teamed up with
Christian Louboutin
and they're coming up
and they have this new collection.
Smell and sip.
And sip!
That's how you do it.
-It's much easier.
-That's how you do it!
No, it's not the best, but you know,
it's the best that he can afford.
-It's good, but.
-Excuse me.
Because it's interesting,
I mean you know,
you're struggling for three days
I'm sorry.
Was that Faiza?
No, it was
Jagdish from the office.
Are you sure about that?
I'm so sorry, guys.
I'll just be back.
Can I
-offer you some more wine?
Kishore, why don't you pour some wine?
Why don't you try some fish?
Have you lost your fu--
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck is all of this?
-What are you doing?
-You've been seeing Faiza all along.
No, I have not.
-I know you've been.
Don't lie to me, Adil!
One second,
what are you talking about?
I know you've been seeing her.
I know you've been going
to her house all along!
You've been fucking
lying to my face!
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
You don't?
-Not in the fucking slightest.
-I have pictures.
I have proof.
So shut the fuck up.
just one sec, one sec,
one second.
Can you just, one second--
Just please hear me
Listen to me for one second.
Okay? I'm sorry.
It is really complicated.
We we will We can talk.
I'm really sorry.
We can fix this, okay?
We can.
-We can't fix this, Adil.
-Yes, we can.
You fucking love her.
You love her.
You know, you guys
fit together better
you know that,
I know that.
-You love her.
-It's not
-I'm the odd one out.
-It's not like that.
If I loved her, I would have married her!
I married you!
Please hear me out, come on!
make a mistake.
Don't do something you
can't go back from, okay?
Just calm down.
You think you've done
a fucking favor to me, right?
This is just a big favor
for you, isn't it?
-Picked me up from the gutter--
You think you've given
me this big ass life
so you can do whatever
the fuck you want!
-And I'm supposed to keep taking it!
-I don't feel that at all!
-Of course, you feel that!
-I do not--
-You do something
for my sister or my mother,
you give them a house
and I'm supposed to be
your fucking slave!
-Adil Khanna, so I'm supposed to
listen to you all the fucking time!
Who said you have
to be a fucking slave?
I have no idea what you're talking about!
I married you because I love you!
-I'm glad that you're here!
-You don't
-You make my life better!
-fucking love me.
-I can't keep taking your bullshit!
-I don't--
Don't fucking break things!
-I don't fucking think that at all!
-I'm talking to you!
It's not about Faiza alone, man.
This this marriage is not working!
This marriage is
-You fucked up!
-Don't say--
I fucked up!
-Yes, I fucked up--
-I cheated.
-Wait, what?
-We're the same, Adil.
One sec, one second!
one second, one second!
When did you cheat?
It's not your fault alone.
-Wait, one sec--
-We're both responsible for this.
-One second, what are you--
-It doesn't matter--
These things don't matter!
They don't matter.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
It just, it doesn't matter.
Whatever you did, I'm
I thought it'd be perfect,
you know
that if I had you
if I had this life
-I'd be happy.
-You will be.
I'm not.
When do you leave?
In two days.
Keep in touch, Karan.
I will.
still sleep like that?
What are we going to do?
We'll survive.
Welcome to New Delhi.
Insider or outsider
you will find your corner.
Because the truth is,
you scratch any surface
and it all comes down
to the same thing.
Hope for better,
hope for holier,
hope for happier.
Young, old, rich, poor,
modern, traditional
in new Delhi
we all wake up wondering
if what heaven planned
for us will happen today.
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