Made in Heaven (2019) s02e01 Episode Script

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Previously on Made In Heaven.
They say marriages are made in heaven.
Here, your inner spirit takes a back seat
to your address.
You're either an insider or an outsider.
Until then
welcome to Delhi.
This wedding can't get canceled.
Some shit always goes down.
What are we supposed to do, Tara?
The baraat is outside.
But this is illegal.
You know, for once,
I just want us to do our job.
Design. Venue. Catering.
For me? It's beautiful!
Thank you.
All of this is for you!
You've come to a classy party.
Don't act like a bitch from the streets.
You're talking about our home.
And it was yours as well.
By God's grace, you have everything.
Just enjoy it.
I like working, Ma.
So work! When have we stopped you?
You're a trained secretary.
Manage our properties.
They're not planning a baby?
They say they are.
But who knows?
Something's been up with Adil, you know?
You think he's having an affair?
Men are stupid.
It's happened to all of us,
so we just have to carry on.
It's not about Faiza alone, man!
This this marriage is not working!
You know she used to be this
really sweet new girl in town,
super simple.
You recorded me
without me knowing?
No, it was the CCTV footage.
- I didn't even realize
- You didn't realize?
- You fucked up!
- Don't say--
I fucked up!
- Yes, I fucked up. Yes
- I cheated!
- Wait, what?
- We're the same, Adil.
Jaspreet, hi.
Please call me Jazz.
A wedding must be fun.
How did we get stuck
with this organic stuff?
You talk so much crap.
He's not a son, he's a snake!
Look, he stole all the jewelry.
He'll sell it to get high.
I kept the jewelry for your wedding.
He took that too.
Anyway, what are you
like the official video person, right?
Yeah, I'm the official video person.
So just stick to your job.
Some things are not OK.
I'd break his teeth if it was me.
I thought this was Kabir's home.
It is.
We live together.
Kabir, I like you a lot.
I really like you too, Jazz.
But do you like me?
You love her?
I love her.
- Karan Mehra?
- Yes. One second
- We have an arrest warrant in your name.
- What?
- Why?
- Under Section 377.
We're going to the station.
We have to suffer for your sickness.
No matter what you people think.
No matter what the law thinks.
He has done no wrong in my eyes.
Karan! Nawab!
On the court, now!
You'll never touch another boy.
You're a disgrace!
- Ma!
- Have you no shame?
I can't believe I hated you for so long.
I can't believe I've loved only you.
I want to file a PIL against Article 377.
You want to file a
Public Interest Litigation?
I understand you owe money,
but you can't keep taking it
out of the company, right?
Listen, I really need it.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have asked.
This pattern has to stop, Karan.
Borrowing from here and there
Let's do one thing.
Make me a partner with a 10% stake,
and everything is excused.
What are we going to do?
We'll survive.
Six months later.
Sir, not allowed. Come.
Hello! Would you like
to have some sugar?
No, thanks. I'm good.
You good?
I can't do this.
There's a limit to everything.
I know, Tara, but it's the only
big wedding we got.
OK. It's not ideal. But still
We had to take the job, right?
They want this novelty, we'll oblige.
Please don't refer
to these girls as "novelty."
Look at their obsession with white skin.
Look at them.
Bloody hypocrites!
We'll bounce back.
Even if we don't, we can't do this.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
I knew this would happen.
- Let me
- No, give them some time.
Welcome to our humble abode.
This doesn't feel like India at all.
It feels just like being abroad.
Thank you! This is our home.
Please come.
He was so worried
that I would never leave England.
And then when he showed me this property,
we came back to Delhi!
This is just beautiful!
So let me tell you a little more
about this place.
Oh, Dad! Not again.
- This is special. Just this once.
- Aman.
Go ahead.
So this place belonged to
a British colonel in the 1920s,
and then a South African ambassador
to India.
It's gorgeous.
So, we were thinking this place
could be perfect for the wedding.
Didn't you like any of the venues
we showed you?
They were lovely, Tara.
But this is home after all
- It's a lovely idea. Right?
- Yes.
That’s settled then.
I think we could do something
that reflects your life.
Maybe we could start with a high tea,
do a pretty outdoor wedding,
and then serve dinner.
Tents, piano player.
Sounds good. I like it.
I'm glad.
The weather is perfect for a sundowner.
Oh, yes! That'll be amazing!
Yeah! That sounds really good.
And will you be hosting
the bachelor party here as well?
Oh, no. My mates will be trashed,
and you can't
have the folks lurking about.
Can you just book that beautiful
rooftop you showed us?
Yeah, sure.
- What are you saying, Aman?
- Thank you.
- Do we lurk about?
- No, we don't. You do.
The photo that I wanted,
I've emailed it to you.
Just use the corrected version.
No wedding location.
No fucking margin!
It's OK. We'll get a good deal
on the party venue,
and we'll figure out the food and booze.
- Let's get to the office first.
- Yeah.
Did we just walk through hell?
- Morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
- Hello, boss.
- Hello.
- Namaste, sir.
- Namaste.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
We had to send Rupali home.
She had a minor accident.
- She fell down the stairs, sir.
- What?! Is she OK?
It's a sprain, sir.
With such high heels, what did she expect?
You can't do fashion in this office.
You need an auditor. I said that ages ago.
We don't function like that.
In the last six months,
you’ve only done eight weddings.
Forget about making profits
the business is incurring loss after loss.
On top of that,
you’ve hired a production head.
You should be giving lectures
on business management.
They were small-scale weddings.
There was no margin.
Then catch some big fish.
Look at page 15.
Look at the scale of the weddings
that Harmony is organizing!
Do you know the annual turnover
of Copter Bike?
Over a billion rupees.
The party you messed with lost,
so we have nothing to worry about.
No one can touch you.
And now you are of legal status.
Everything will be OK.
Excuse me!
Listen. The Batra-Kapoor wedding
is a good start.
OK? The season has just begun.
I'm sure we'll get some big weddings
in spite of everything.
Made in Heaven needs a good office.
I’ve given this entire house for free,
and you have not even thanked me.
Thank you.
You let Made in Heaven
use your old house as an office.
But Jauhari-ji,
the big fish won’t swim here.
Their cars won’t reach.
Small-scale office, small-scale weddings.
Tara madam,
you must know the English proverb
"Bad workman blames his tools."
So don’t focus on the tools,
focus on the work.
What salary have you fixed
for Meher Chaudhary?
Look, everyone has been working
doubly hard since Shibani left.
We need a production head.
First, increase production.
Then hire a head.
We'll adjust.
Cut costs.
No, my auditor will do it.
Let her come.
I want to buy him out.
You just bought him in.
One-third partner.
He's gonna torture us.
"Look, Madam.
Don't focus on the tools,
focus on the work."
That's fucking creepy.
Found something?
- How are you?
- I'm very good.
- How are you?
- Good.
Everything is exquisite.
This one though, I love!
The bodycon
But why don't you take this also?
I think you'll look gorgeous
in this saree.
Listen. I've returned the saree.
And I'm going to make sure you get
these back as soon as--
Blah, blah, blah.
My next bride is so gorgeous,
and we're doing this beautiful
colonial sundowner wedding.
- You're gonna love it.
- Nice.
An Indo-English rose!
Very nice.
Marriages, they say, are made in heaven.
But in the capital city of Delhi,
a marriage is often anything but that.
I don't want it to end.
Are you just being nice
or are you serious?
What I mean is
Why would I lie?
Thank you.
Any future plans?
It's going to a bunch of festivals.
That's about it.
This is gold.
- You sure this is the right address?
- Yes, I picked him up from here.
- Hi, Jazz.
- Hello, ma'am.
Well done! And well observed.
You have exposed all our friends.
Come on, Pa.
I hope you're going to show
this film to the professor at NYU.
I was going to send it across. Let's see.
- Good.
- Yeah.
I still can't believe you're leaving, man.
Neither can I, man.
You want to shoot weddings here
as opposed to getting a Master's degree
at New York University?
- Do you wanna go grab a beer?
- Yeah, sure.
- I'll see you later.
- Thank you.
- OK. Bye.
- Thank you.
- I actually really liked his film.
- I am so glad you did.
You and Kabir must be so excited to go.
I know, but we're here
for two more months.
- Yeah. I'll see you.
- See you.
This Russian salad is so bad.
I keep telling my parents
not to serve this atrocity at every party.
Atrocity is right.
I don't think
the Russians ever ate this version.
Are you standing in his house
and slagging off the food?
You go, Tara.
Sorry, I'm just
just a bit particular about food.
Sorry, you're also a bit rude.
I'm just kidding. Relax.
You're allowed to have an opinion.
That's my boss. Tara.
Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
- That's my childhood friend, Raghav.
He's a great chef.
Oh, so now it makes sense.
The food
Yeah, see you.
Hi, blusher!
You're blushing. You're so cute!
So cute!
This is Pant-ji's specialty.
You dance so well.
Thank you.
Can I go get a?
Oh, my God! That's so embarrassing.
- I'll show you one more!
- Yeah.
You’d rather see these videos
than see my film?
I'm so hurt.
Don't start that again.
I'm not the documentary type.
What's a documentary type?
You, him. Not me.
Of course.
At least give me a proper tour
of your house.
- Anything else, my lady?
- Yes, talk normally.
Yes. I'll be back in a minute.
You never told me you were this rich.
This is not my house, Jazz.
- This is my parents' house.
- Same thing!
What’s wrong? Oh, shit!
The fuse has tripped.
One second. I'll check.
Fuck! How did we get poor?
Welcome to the plebeian life,
Tara Khanna!
- Thank you.
- Yeah, say it again.
I gave your number to Raghav.
To whom?
"To whom? Who?"
That rather
good-looking friend of Kabir's.
Oh, him.
The Chef.
I heard you two
had a bit of a flirt.
Kabir is such a gossip.
He's fucking cute.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, did you speak to your mum?
Yeah. She's coming over for dinner.
This was made for you.
I love it.
Let's try more things.
You don't like it, Mama?
I think it looks really fresh on her.
I don't think you look
like a bride in this.
How does that matter?
I am the bride.
I feel it makes you look ethereal.
Let’s try something else.
You can if you want
to waste your time.
This pink is a light color.
It’ll make your skin look even darker.
You’re right, Mummy-ji.
Sarina, something else.
Maybe I should just wear red.
What do you think?
- Tara.
- Nikhat.
- Belated happy birthday!
- Thank you.
Saw all the party posts.
I'm sorry I didn't invite you.
It just gets a bit awkward, you know?
Please don't stress. I totally get it.
Thank you.
Are you coming to Ruchi's art opening?
I just picked up something to wear.
Lovely, I’ll see you then. OK?
- All right!
- Bye.
This one’s good.
He’s got swag.
And him?
He'll bore you to death.
He's so cute. I'll marry him.
OK. That's your decision.
I'll find a husband.
What about you?
You should also get married.
Tell your mother to find someone.
Why are you laughing?
It's not a joke.
Who’d marry me?
You keep showing up whenever you like.
Who will accept our relationship?
You get married first
then I’ll see.
- Namaste, uncle.
- Namaste.
- When did you return?
- Just today.
- How are you?
- Hello, Bulbul-ji. How are you?
All well, Bulbul-ji?
Your name?
Bulbul Jauhari.
- Shall I get you married to this girl?
- What!
I'm the auditor.
This is my office from now on.
Madam, you can't have
the whole room.
Lalit is our accountant.
This is my house.
And this was my bedroom.
I am not going to let jokers like you
into my bedroom, right?
You ordered three large burgers?
With fries?
Doesn’t one burger fill you up?
When I joined
I was told I could order anything.
That's why I had to join, baby doll.
How can we make a profit
if you eat three burgers?
With all due respect, ma'am,
I think you're out of line.
Your good name?
My good name is Kabir Basrai.
What happened to your hand?
It broke
in an accident.
In-house videographer?
Stop worrying about her food.
Worry about your job. OK?
What's pink champagne?
Who the fuck is that woman?!
- What's going on?
- Relax, bro! No need to lose your shit.
We're all in the same boat.
That's Mrs. Bulbul Jauhari,
our new auditor.
He can do that?
He said he won't help pay the salaries
if we don't cooperate with her.
Imagine that!
What a fucking douchebag!
Basically, he's pissed we hired
Meher Chaudhary.
Yeah, I want to hire a fucking bartender.
She's Jauhari's wife?
Isn't she too young for him?
What can I say, man?
The dude's got swag.
I dated a bunch of people in L.A.
But nothing big came out of it.
Mom kept pressuring me
to meet Indian girls.
I was here for Christmas,
so I thought I'd just get her off my back.
- And
- And I was supposed to be in Goa. Right?
And then last minute,
one of my friends canceled,
that's why I ended up in Delhi.
And she's from Chandigarh.
So our paths would've never crossed
if it wasn't for the Christmas holidays.
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
I guess, in a way,
we owe our lives to Santa.
Aman grew up in London.
Spent his teens in Delhi.
Went to univ. in America.
He's a citizen of the world.
Plus, he's good-looking.
So he didn't need help to find someone.
Yeah, exactly!
How does one put it?
Aman is out "there."
It used to get me worried.
God knows what kind
of girl he’d bring home. Right?
I work at an architectural firm.
And I love my job!
I was super clear with my parents
right from the beginning.
I'm not marrying anybody
who comes in the way of that.
Let me tell you. No one comes
between her and her buildings. OK?
- That is true.
- Just beware!
When we got back from London,
I introduced him to four beautiful girls.
They had milky white skin.
Big brown eyes.
Just like Aishwarya Rai.
But Aman will be Aman.
He liked Sarina. So here we are.
- Sarina is
- She's lovely.
Yeah. She's a lovely girl.
Very wonderful.
- Should I tell them what you did?
- No.
She's pretty.
Isn't she? A pretty girl.
I think I have enough.
This is a chicken lollipop.
It's boneless.
It's yum.
What a fun idea.
Try this.
It's my favorite.
It's a keema paratha
but shaped like little samosas.
So it's easier as finger food.
You should cater.
That's what I'm doing.
I forgive you.
For what?
For bitching about the Russian salad.
I'm glad I did because now you're
sitting here at "The Kitchen."
Having all this really good food.
I love the name by the way.
Why does it feel like
I'm doing well in a test?
What the fuck?
- You
- Why can't things just be casual and easy?
This is very casual and
- Hello, Son.
- Hi.
Where's Mom?
She didn't come?
OK! Please come in.
The pasta is very good.
Thank you.
So, tell me.
Anyone special in your life?
No, Dad. There’s no one right now.
Thank you for asking.
So, did you see the oncologist
I told you about?
I sent him the reports.
Same thing.
Chemo is a must.
Yeah, but, she doesn't want to do it.
She has to.
Yeah, I know.
Just come home once
and talk to Mom.
And he's a really good chef.
He's really cute
and he drove me home.
Where's he?
You should've invited him in.
I have just met him!
The only time to invite them in, honey.
Once you get to know them,
you'll be kicking them out.
I don't know. It's too soon.
Besides, tomorrow is a really big day.
You nervous?
How's your mom?
didn't come.
Not much to it.
Both of you just be relaxed.
Answer all the questions calmly.
And it'll be over
before you know it.
Don't be scared.
Answer truthfully.
Any domestic violence?
No. Not at all.
Please speak your mind freely.
Do you know?
I'm known as a feminist judge.
Is it a case of dowry harassment?
No, sir.
Dowry? Do I look like someone
who'd ask for dowry?
Is he paying you alimony?
I am getting the apartment
he bought my mother
and his investment shares
in my business.
15 million rupees in mutual funds
and all my jewelry.
Are you sure you want
to leave him?
I think it's better for both of us.
You have six months
to make the final decision.
Seek counseling if need be.
But if either of you changes your mind,
there's no divorce.
- Namaste.
- How are you, Sandeep?
- All well.
- Are your kids OK?
I'll be in touch with both of you.
- Thanks, Monica.
- Yes.
You wanna get a coffee?
- Yes.
- Come on.
This smells like dishwater.
And it looks like dishwater.
It's terrible. You should tell them.
How are Mom and Dad?
Mom was very upset.
She didn't talk
to me at all this morning.
Dad was nicer.
But I think he was just
making up for her.
So, you didn't tell them?
About the tape?
No, obviously not.
I got it.
- You sure?
- Yes, of course.
Hi! I'm sorry I kept you waiting
really long, no?
- No worries.
- Please sit.
They loved it.
That's good to hear.
Do you have any footage?
Of weddings?
Of course. There are hours and hours.
Well, we'd like to pick it up.
What do you mean?
We were looking for docuseries,
so if you're open to cutting it
into a series format,
then we'd like to commission it.
Please come.
- Mrs. Kapoor.
- Tara.
- How are you?
- Very good. How are you?
- Everything under control?
- This is going to be fabulous.
I can't wait for you to see it.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- You look well rested.
- Thank you.
Farah, this is Tara.
She will help you set up the hen party.
- Hi, Tara.
- Hi.
we're planning a package for each girl.
A massage, a facial,
and a treatment of their choice.
Sure! That can be organized.
They're going to love it.
We're planning
to book the whole spa out.
I promise you girls will have
the best time ever.
And Tara, I'll have a whole list
of treatments prepared.
She looks great, Farah.
This is nothing, wait till you see her
at the wedding. The magic!
Can you see the difference?
Her face is glowing. Already!
You know in two weeks,
she'll be a few shades brighter.
What are you doing?
It's a treatment called "Glutathione."
They're only vitamin injections.
Her skin will be lighter.
You don't need all this.
- All the actresses are getting it done.
- Yes.
You know we actually have
a great discounted deal
available on all our Gluta treatments.
I think you should consider it.
Your skin will be totally clean.
- Come on! Let's go!
- "Come on" is not going to help you.
You have to use your hands
and your eyes.
You mal-coordinated child!
What the fuck, man!
You come to my house,
practice on my gear
and kick my ass!
- How smart am I?
- "How smart am I?"
Give my keys back.
Dude stop smoking.
You know, you've become a bit
of an asshole since you quit.
I mean it's better than being a smoker.
See you later.
Where are you off to?
She's such a warm person.
And I’ve decided to keep
the theme monochrome.
Now as you can see in most
of my pictures
- I've tried to
- Congratulations.
This is just amazing.
You're so talented.
Thank you.
Ma'am, one picture, please.
Perfect! Thank you.
I'll see you.
It's open!
Were you expecting someone else?
No. My neighbor sometimes comes up
for a smoke. I thought
I was just
Why don't you come on in?
I was in the area and
I'm glad you stopped by.
I like surprises.
Why don't you sit?
- Yes.
- Can I get you something to drink?
How about some wine?
I've told you when you serve tea,
serve it with biscuits.
How much do I have to train you?
The TV needs fixing on the wall.
Did you call the guy?
Yes. He said he'll come tomorrow.
Save the money for Mira’s education
instead Mummy, why are you wasting it?
You’re getting small change
from your divorce, Tara.
Think about me.
A lifetime of my efforts
is going to waste.
He's worth millions
and you're playing Mother Teresa.
I don't want to fight with Adil.
My darling, come here!
- Namaste, my child. Come.
- Namaste.
Are you ready for the interview?
Karuna, sure you want me to talk?
Please, Tara.
I don't know how
to deal with these elite schools.
Most of the girls who come here
have mothers or aunts
who have studied at Mount Welton.
I missed the opportunity
to go there, Mrs. Brar.
But I've met many girls who
were luckier than me.
I've always wanted Mira
to go there.
How do you think Mira would benefit
with a Mount Welton education?
I respect the history of Mount Welton
and I love the traditions
that it represents
- Here, look at this Doctor.
- Yes.
Has it spread
to your arms as well?
No, not yet.
- Don't do it.
- Hey.
Have some.
- Thank you.
- Don't worry, OK?
Thank you, child.
It's OK.
I am so sorry, Mrs. Kapoor.
Tara had a school interview for her
niece and she couldn't get out. And
She's broken out into a rash.
If it hasn't cleared up by tonight,
can we push the hen party
to another day?
Yeah. Of course.
There's no need.
Just take an antihistamine
and it'll subside.
- Just take it. It will be fine.
- What if it doesn't?
It's OK. Just let me know.
Listen, baby, it's just hives.
You're getting cold feet. It's OK.
It happens. It's fine.
I'll just wait outside.
I had some wine at lunch.
Can you have alcohol
after taking the treatment?
She's been taking glutathione.
What is the amount they're giving you?
What ML, do you know?
Wait, sorry, what did she take?
It's an antioxidant.
People take it in certain dosages
as it lightens the skin.
It's not harmful.
Nothing to worry about.
You're in treatment to get fairer?
Aman, my son. Wait!
Aman, it's nothing.
It's just an antioxidant.
Why does she need it?
She has to look good at the wedding.
But she does look good.
I think she looks great the way she is.
Sarina's the bride.
She can't be the darkest girl
in the wedding pictures.
Whose idea was this? I mean
I'm sorry, I have no idea what's going on.
Sarina is doing a treatment
which will apparently turn her
into Snow White or something.
I don't know.
It's nothing. It's
All the Indian actresses do it.
But that's sad.
That's really sad. It's not a good thing.
You think it's sad,
but in India, everyone only likes
fair-skinned girls.
What to do?
What to do?
Don't buy into it!
Protect your child from this shit.
What are we talking
You’re making her conscious
of her own skin.
It's not like that, son.
You know this mentality is racist, right?
You’re damaging your own daughter.
Wait, do you think Sarina thinks this way?
No, I don't.
you need to remember that
you're marrying Sarina. OK?
Not her mother.
Can't really blame her though.
You know fairness creams are the
highest-selling product in this country.
Most people just don't know any better.
My mom is a bit like Sarina's mom.
"Fair-skinned girl" is a big thing
for her as well.
My sister and I wouldn't have it.
I mean we'd always tell her off.
I guess I went a bit ham
on the Mother-in-law.
Just a bit!
Sarina texted.
She wants to cancel the hen party.
She says she doesn't want you
to feel uncomfortable.
Fuck, man!
Wait, but I don't want
to ruin her big day.
She's been preparing for this for so long.
No, listen. It's OK.
We'll figure something out.
But can you? It's tomorrow.
We have it under control.
I'll cancel the spa and see what
we can do about the hen party.
I love curry and chicken tikka masala.
Also, the clothes. The fabrics.
Yes, everyone wears so amazing colors.
You guys got the best skin.
You should serve food
and drinks like these mermaids in America.
If I do, will you come to see me?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did you check the links I sent you?
I've literally not had one minute
since the morning.
Those apartments are gonna
get snapped up, Kabir.
You decide. I don't care.
You don't care where we live?
That's not what I'm saying,
of course, I care.
You decide because it works for me.
- You hungry?
- Yeah, I'm hungry.
- Come, let's go.
- What do you feel like eating?
Rajma rice?
What the hell, Kabir?
Rajma rice is not "ew"!
It's tomorrow, Karan.
I know it's five girls.
But it has to be special, right?
How can we cancel the spa?
Please. I'm not dealing
with that woman. She's a snake.
Best of luck with the refund.
Hey, Sarina!
Listen, I am so sorry
for all these last-minute changes.
No, not at all, Sarina.
Tara will call you
with a plan for tomorrow, OK?
Listen, how is your rash now?
Much better.
OK! Thank God. What a relief!
Could you send me some pictures of it?
A friend of mine is a doctor,
and you know,
a second opinion won't hurt.
I'm sorry. We can't do that.
The whole spa was blocked for Sarina.
I mean, I can't afford
to lose an entire day's business.
What you can't afford ma'am,
is for Sarina Kapoor to sue you.
Excuse me?
This treatment is totally safe.
Even the dosage that was given to her
was well within the prescribed norm.
Well, it may be safe, but I'm sure
the press will say what suits them.
This is blackmail.
You sounded panicked.
When's the event?
It's an emergency.
That's why I'm asking.
It won't be more than ten people.
I just really need it to be special.
Designed, different.
I love how you do Indian cuisine
in Spanish tapas style.
Thank you.
This is the one?
This is the one.
Gift wrap it for me, please.
A couture hen party.
How did you think of that?
The bride needed a pick-me-up.
She's going
to have these pictures for life.
I think so too.
What the fuck!
I'm sorry.
I apologized to your mom as well.
She told me.
I just wanted to look good.
You're beautiful, Sarina.
Getting fairer won't make you
more beautiful,
it'll just make you
And maybe not as hot.
I don't think you realize
how sexy your skin is.
Tell me.
OK. You are the perfect caramel.
OK? Let’s just get that out of our way.
- OK. Do you want me to keep going?
- Yes!
So when I walked in earlier,
with all your friends and all that,
you were glowing.
OK. Stop!
What is this?
It's a gift.
To make up for my shit show.
Do you like it?
Is dinner ready, child?
In just five minutes.
Jassi wants to get married.
She's looking for a groom online.
Can we stop her?
Think about it.
If she gets married and goes,
what will happen to us?
You keep saying no
to any proposal that comes for her.
She'll stay here of her own accord.
Leave it to God.
What are you talking about?
Why are you whispering?
Jassi, have you spoken to your brother?
Everything’s going well
at the rehab center, right?
I'll talk to him tomorrow, Papa.
That's good, child.
Please shut your buttons.
Please check your uniforms
before you leave. OK?
You two stand at the front gate.
You're on the right,
and you're on the left. And One second.
- Where's the pink champagne?
- There was no order for that.
What do you mean? I placed it myself.
Only normal champagne, whiskey,
vodka, tequila, and gin were ordered.
- Who ordered that?
- Your office called.
Bulbul Jauhari, account head.
Madam canceled the pink champagne.
Damn it!
Wasn't I clear with them?
I have explained it to them so many times.
I had said the moment
a guest walks in,
the first thing you need
to serve them is pink champagne.
Yes, ma'am.
- So, what happened?
- It's OK.
Didn't I tell you that?
It's OK. It was a mistake.
- The guests are here.
- Everyone's happy.
This is the problem with India.
Everyone is happy.
But no one's professional.
Aren't we supposed
to get ready now? Let's go.
Fix it!
Yes, ma'am.
Let's get ready.
- Ma'am, it's Bubul ma'am's fault.
- I don't care.
Just call Ronnie
and ask him to send the crates ASAP.
Ma’am, until then should I add Rooh Afza
to normal champagne and make it pink?
Sorry, ma'am. I'm on it.
I didn't want to keep calling
and disturbing your mom.
I'll tell her you asked
after her, Renu aunty.
Who's her oncologist?
I'm not sure.
We've been speaking to two of them.
So, I'm not sure who
she's going with, yet.
When does chemo start?
Soon, I hope.
Son, at this age both your mom
and dad, can't make decisions alone.
You need to get more involved.
It's here. Come.
I think all the guests are here.
Serve the appetizers.
Right away.
Can we start?
Everything is looking quite good, right?
Planning to cancel the pianist
and sing yourself?
I have learned a few songs on a Casio.
Bulbul-ji, you're the auditor.
Please stick to your job.
Don't compromise
when it comes to clients.
The happiest girl
is always the prettiest girl.
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who is the "fairest" of them all?
When so early on you're made
to believe that white is beautiful.
No matter what anyone tells you,
the magic of black and brown
will always seem like a lie.
And no matter what you tell yourself,
your reflection will find it hard
to say "I love you."
A grim fairy-tale continues
to haunt the capital city of Delhi
where well into the 21st century,
fair is, unfortunately, the only lovely.
Did you get a chance
to read the stuff I sent you?
Why are you making such a fuss?
- Devyani, come on.
- No, enough is enough!
Renu had the same thing
to say during lunch.
They're right, Mom.
There's no other solution, Devyani.
You have to
It's stage four.
We all know chemo won't help me.
You don't know that, Mom.
There's a good chance you'll be fine.
Fine? I'll never be fine.
We'll follow Dr. Agarwal's
What's the point?
You, Mom!
You're the point.
People recover from cancer all the time.
It's not cancer that's killing me, Karan.
Yeah, Adil?
What's wrong?
I’m sorry.
- Good evening, Miss Naqvi.
- Hi, Agnesh.
- Enjoy your evening, ma’am.
- Thanks.
Sorry, I couldn't speak earlier.
No. Please, don't apologize.
I am so sorry.
How are you? Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
You're home now?
I'll be there in 40 minutes.
Don't come now.
Mom is really out of it.
Tara is here.
It's just not a good time.
I'll call you tomorrow. I love you.
Love you too.
Would Your Majesty like to partake?
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