Made in Heaven (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Beauty and the Beast

I'm so sorry, Adil.
Thanks for coming.
You take care, my child.
Be strong. I'll call you.
I'm sorry.
You look amazing!
Thank you.
Is Tara okay?
Tara is
always good in a crisis.
Remember Amritsar?
Amritsar! The wedding where that
that brother-in-law pulled out his gun
- Yeah!
- and Tara calmed him down.
Oh, my God!
I've been trying to forget it.
I'm so glad you moved to Delhi.
How did you manage to convince Aki?
Aki left me, actually.
One day I woke up, and he was gone.
His clothes, his things
Like, not a trace
that he ever lived there.
- Yeah.
- Fuck!
Have you guys been in touch since or?
He blocked me everywhere.
Phone, social media.
You okay?
Is there an option?
- That’s enough. I don’t want any more.
- One bite, Ma.
It's the last. I promise.
I am sad.
He was very good to me, you know.
I'm really sorry.
Hey, let me know whenever
you wanna meet.
I really want to see you.
Very soon.
You take care of yourself.
Won’t Adil sir be eating?
He's staying at the hotel tonight.
The Royal.
He stays there half the week.
Thank you.
Tara is just going to be there now?
Ma wants her there.
Tara is back at your place
because your Ma wants her to be with you.
And I'm living in a hotel because
my parents don't want me to be with you.
I'm sorry, baby.
I was just being
What a fucking mess I've made.
Family meant the world to my father.
How I must've let him down.
You need to book the PET scan.
Do we need a second opinion?
- You can if you want to.
- I think so.
- Aunt Sarita, hi.
- Hi.
- When did you arrive?
- We landed last night.
Dr. Agarwal, this is my oldest son. Karan.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How is she?
Is she going to beat this?
Small cell carcinoma is aggressive.
We’re trying to extend her life.
go inside and see her.
Now is not the time for this.
Just go, son.
Kishore Khanna loved a party.
Any party.
Just because he's not here today,
it doesn't mean we mustn't be
celebrating his life.
In fact, we must keep his legacy alive
and his spirit burning bright by doing
all the things that he loved.
We'll miss you, Brother.
Wherever you are,
rest in peace.
And keep popping that bottle of champagne.
Cheers, guys!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- It's gonna be okay.
- It's gonna be fine.
Come back, Tara.
This is your home.
I’ve been here 20 minutes, man.
I'll give you the stash inside.
I'll get it.
Take it easy, all right?
We're late. Quickly, let's go!
My question is how deep
does this lie go?
Have you told your wife that
you're afraid you will not get
that promotion in your office?
Have you told your husband that you're
not sexually attracted to him anymore?
Have you told your partner your deepest,
darkest, dirtiest fantasy?
Definitely not.
Because we pretend.
It's time to stop pretending.
It's time to be yourself.
And when I started being authentic
and myself,
an average regular guy like me
found himself engaged to a supermodel.
I mean, look at her!
Isn't she stunning?
I still can't believe she said yes to me.
And that's our bride?
Everybody wants a trophy.
Harsimran is a very close friend of mine.
And I love what you guys did for her.
The tigers and everything. Looked amazing!
Yeah, it was a little over the top.
But fabulous!
Were you guys at the wedding?
No, we were touring.
Saw some videos.
Look, we want something classy
and fabulous.
Yeah, sure. Whatever you need.
We're here for you.
A small part of your big day.
Is this classy?
Not at all.
Jassi, please save me.
Please do something, Jassi.
They're going to kill me here.
- They beat me badly. Jassi, please.
- What is that?
Look at this, Jassi.
Being in jail
would have been better than this!
Get out!
What is going on?
That's my brother, Gurpreet.
He's in a terrible hospital.
That’s your brother? Where is he?
I don’t know. Nadeem got him admitted.
I'm calling him.
Who's Nadeem?
I can't get through!
He's a friend of mine who lives close by
and owns a garage.
Jazz, you can't ask a mechanic
to sort shit like this.
He needs proper rehab.
I’ll reach out to a friend.
He’ll know what to do. Don’t get stressed.
Why didn't you tell me before?
Don’t cry, please.
Stop crying.
Give me the cost
of the locations by tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am.
A 16-year-old has caused a car crash
on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway.
Dhruv, your birthday is coming.
According to the report, today at 3 p.m.
Eating your phone for dinner?
He was driving at approximately 100 kmph,
heading towards Gurgaon.
Mummy said something.
But you're watching TV.
A 16-year-old drove rashly,
injuring three people.
Delhi and Haryana Police
have started an investigation against--
What do you want for your birthday?
A car.
No way.
A 16-year had an accident
injuring three people.
On the highway.
Hundred percent
it must have been a girl driver.
Is that so?
How can you assume that?
Everyone knows.
Women can't drive.
Stop talking rubbish.
Eat your dinner.
Sikander loved your film.
How is Ishaan doing?
Ishaan is doing absolutely nothing.
- He didn't even graduate.
- That's mean.
I told Sikander.
I said you're off to New York.
NYU for your Masters.
You should've seen his face.
Has Kabir shown you the apartment
we finalized?
Kabir shows us nothing.
Right, Kabir?
- You need to spend more time with me.
- For sure.
- Look at this.
- Very nice.
It's got these really nice
big bay windows.
- What is this?
- This is like
- Ma
- we are doing for his studio
So, I don’t want to
It’s a big deal, but I don’t want
to make a big deal out of it.
Amazon made me an offer.
For what?
They wanna make a series
out of my film.
You didn't tell me.
Wow, Kabir!
Sell the idea and go to America.
Let someone else do it.
How can you say that?
Why not? He gets to go to America.
- I've been working on it for five years.
- That's a good experience. You've learned
- so much.
- So I should leave what I’ve been doing?
Move on!
So, option one is Turquoise Sunset.
And option two is
Orwell House.
I like Orwell House.
Then shall we go
with the bride's favorite?
Anik, do you like it?
And this?
- It's beautiful. I love it. Yeah!
- Yeah?
Oh, wow!
Is this in Delhi?
Just a few hours out.
Do they give this for weddings?
Because it isn't in our database.
Do you like it?
Of course, it's beautiful.
Okay. Well, I hope it fits in the budget.
I'll take care of it, bro.
I'll handle the venue.
So this assortment is the other option.
That looks nice.
Sure, it looks nice.
Adhira is my brother’s only child.
And the only girl in the family.
A grand wedding is a must.
After all, we're Punjabis, sir!
Uncle, they'll have
to serve vegetarian food.
Anik’s father is greatly respected
in our community.
So, the wedding must be
according to our traditions.
Only the wedding.
The other functions are in your hands.
Non-veg, alcohol.
There should be some fun!
Thank you so much, Mr. Jain.
Thank god. My whole family
would’ve disowned me otherwise.
The thing is to wean them off the drugs
while simultaneously working
on their psychology.
They need to understand
the void they’re filling.
And know that they're not alone.
That they can support each other,
share their pain, and heal.
It's a very nice place.
What does the rehab cost?
One lakh rupees a month.
And he'll have to stay here
for at least three months.
I'm gonna kick your ass so hard, don't
Come on. Stop button-smashing!
Oh, look, your controller fell.
Come on!
- Can you stop cheating, Mitali?
- I am not
- Stop fucking cheating!
- cheating!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Good to see you.
I brought you flowers.
This is really sweet.
Fuck, man! Really!
Stop it! I said, stop it!
- Thank you.
- Mitali, I might hit you!
Where the fuck are my guys?!
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, this is it. This is it
Come. Come again. Come on.
Who’s that kid outside with Karan?
Karan's foster child.
Don't ask!
I missed you.
You okay?
I don't know.
It's okay.
I had no idea they'd treat
Gurpreet like an animal.
Don't say sorry.
I know you didn't know.
Can I make the first month's payment?
I have some savings.
Dear, gold prices are low.
Can you wait a few months?
I need the money now, Mr. Mehra.
Mira, my niece,
has got into a very good school.
Four lakh rupees.
That's the best I can offer.
Please don't tell anyone.
Don't worry, child.
The Khannas will not hear of this.
Thank you.
If you like her, I'll talk to her family.
Okay. I
I can't get married.
But why, Karan?
You don’t care about your mother?
If Mummy's cancer
could be cured by my marriage,
then maybe I'd consider it.
Even if you don't want to get married,
you can adjust and let her go in peace.
Aunty, are you insane?
Everybody knows I'm gay.
That’s okay with her.
This girl is also that "type."
That "type"?
Do you get the office
to pay for your beauty treatments?
That’s the invoice
for Adhira ma’am’s chipped tooth.
Twenty-five thousand rupees?
Yes, it was urgent.
Her lip was cut too. It all added up.
The X-ray.
Since when has this stuff become
Made in Heaven's responsibility?
It's Tara madam's policy.
Treat the bride like the queen.
What drama!
Photos for your reference.
The dentist can even implant
diamonds in your mouth.
Five lakh rupees a tooth.
How did this happen?
Adhira ma’am walked into a glass door.
I've paid a year's fees.
I've also transferred 300,000
for incidental expenses.
How can I return this money, Tara?
Have fun.
You'll make new friends
and forget all the old ones.
Come back a true Weltonite!
- Excited?
- Yes.
Get ready to leave.
The taxi has been
hired for eight hours only.
Let's go.
Give your aunt and granny
a flying kiss.
Bye, Aunty. Bye, Granny.
Have you confirmed Faiza is pregnant?
Not confirmed. But I am sure of it.
If that's the case,
think carefully
before you take the next step.
They're giving you peanuts.
You're not divorcing
the Khanna Infrastructure heir
but the owner of Khanna Infrastructure.
You should get what you deserve.
I’m gonna go.
"The Khanna house and the Goa house,
I leave to Adil Khanna.
The London home and the Kasauli home,
I leave to Bindu Khanna.
The art and sculptures in my name,
I leave to Bindu Khanna.
Ten percent of Khanna Infrastructure
shares to my brother,
Namit Khanna.
Ten percent
of Khanna Infrastructure shares
and the Hill View apartment
to Gauri Khanna.
The remaining 70% of the shares
to be transferred in the name of Adil"
One second. Wait
Who is Gauri Khanna?
Ten percent of the company is going
to some chick named Gauri Khanna.
Who is she?
Who the fuck is Gauri Khanna?
Language, Adil.
Language? Fuck language! Who is she?!
Kishore has a daughter, Adil.
Ma, what is he saying?
What the fuck is going on?
Somebody say something!
Why is nobody talking to me? Who the fuck
What the fuck is going on?
That's how I found out.
I mean I can't believe
my mother never told me.
He was seeing this woman
for 23 years. 23
Twenty-three years!
I just
She had to die for them to break up.
He had a full-on double life.
Yeah! A house, a daughter
the works.
- He must have loved this woman.
- Not enough to leave Bindu.
When is your divorce coming through?
Seriously, Faiza?
You wanna talk about this now?
I'm going to start showing soon.
Come here.
Don't be stressed.
You have no idea
what this means to me.
Well, I grew up traveling
around the world,
and I was very interested in the textures
and colors of local artisans.
And I wanted to bring some of that
into our city, to Delhi.
Thank you so much for coming
- and help yourself to food and drinks.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Mom called.
She's not coming.
Because Dad is home, and she doesn't
want him to know about the store.
That's all right.
If she doesn't see it today,
she'll see it tomorrow.
I am so proud of you.
This place is gorgeous.
I love it.
Wait till we do up our home.
- Hey, congratulations!
- Congratulations!
Oh, gosh!
So, I was hosting Anik’s “Love Life” tour.
We were in Kota.
Like at every event,
I introduced him on stage.
He walks onto the stage and
"Khaabon Ke Parinday" starts playing.
My favorite song.
So I was a little confused, and
our man goes on one knee,
and he holds this ring in front
of the entire audience.
The audience went mad and screamed,
"Say yes! Say yes!"
And that was the best moment of my life.
Even better than winning
"Mademoiselle India"?
The ring beat the crown.
A lift?
No need to come
to the fitting, Bulbul-ji.
That girl is in trouble.
Anik is abusing her.
What do you mean by abuse?
I think he hits her.
Okay. That's a massive allegation.
I know.
Anik is a life coach.
So what?
Didn't you see Adhira's broken tooth?
What do you wanna do?
Nothing. I'm not going to ask.
Think she'll be home?
It's Sunday.
I'm Faiza and this is Adil.
Can we come in?
Sorry, it's a mess. I was working.
You're a journalist?
The South Asian correspondent for
The Boston Report.
How long have you known about me?
I found out when I was nine or ten.
And you didn't feel the need
to contact us?
Contact you and do what? I mean
I don't know.
Papa clearly didn't want us to meet.
I personally don't care what
your equation with my father was.
Our father.
But I think it’s a bit unfair
to my mother and me
that you should suddenly be entitled
to ten percent of the company.
It's not that sudden for me.
You should think about settling.
And hope I don't take you to court.
You should think about fucking off
and hope I don't call the cops.
- So good to see you. How are you?
- Good.
- Hi. Akshay Jaiswal.
- Mrs. Jauhari.
- This is
- Karan. Karan Mehra. Hi.
Hi. Akshay.
Welcome, ma'am.
This way.
I didn't realize you were Akshay Jaiswal.
I didn't really have any clothes on.
And there you go.
- What do you think?
- Beautiful.
- Akshay, just gorgeous.
- No! You look gorgeous. You're just
I’m sure you’ll go
with the rust one though.
It may be too skimpy,
too revealing, you know.
Why are you behaving like you've
never shown your cleavage before?
It's sexy.
Wear it.
Yeah, but not for a family gathering, no?
The same family
that was at your premiere.
And you only told me that your low-neck
gown was a bigger hit than the film.
I liked that film.
Deewani Anjaani.
You're a very good actress, Adhira.
You should do more work.
Thank you.
Are you looking for a management job?
Because she's not hiring.
Guys, this is just the fitting.
You can take a call
once you've tried both.
take ma’am.
Anik, shall we try your clothes?
- Yes, of course.
- There's a rack for you here.
Excuse me.
We've got a new
closed-neck suit collection.
You might like it.
You look hot as fuck!
I agree.
I'll take this one.
That's it.
Just sign at the end of the form.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
- Thank you
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday, dear Dhruv!
- Go, make a wish!
Happy birthday to you!
Party time, Dhruv!
Come on, bro!
Happy birthday!
Come on.
Happy birthday!
Nice gift.
New version.
- Open it!
- Hey! A new phone.
- A new phone!
- Isn't that something!
I got a bike, bro.
You'll get a car when you're 18.
Okay? Promise.
Like it?
Okay, I'll quickly change,
and then we can head out.
Where to? Dinner's served.
Your favorite dishes.
We planned to go out.
That was an excuse for the surprise party.
Dude, I don't want
to spend my birthday at home.
Come on.
Are you sure?
Your mom has cooked, bro.
My mom doesn't cook.
Your mom is a businesswoman.
Whatever you have, is thanks to your mom.
Your mobile too.
Never mind.
Have some cake and go.
We'll eat together tomorrow.
Come on! Serve yourselves.
- Come on.
- A plate? Yes, take this.
Thank you so much.
The audience doesn't give a damn
whether or not an actress is married.
Take all the top heroines.
So many even have toddlers.
Just do the film.
I know, Jogi sir.
But I have promised Anik
I will only work with him.
So why did you audition?
The director has selected you now.
Working with such a big star
is the chance of a lifetime.
I'm sorry, Jogi sir.
Sorry, you're going to be.
This is Mor Bhavan.
Should we do a beautiful
garba-themed sangeet?
Oh, my family would love you for it.
This is beautiful.
Looks like it was built
a long time ago.
Heritage property.
- Let's go check upstairs.
- Come.
The original owner built this
as a token of love for his wife.
Welcome to your new home!
It's all yours.
- Are you crazy?
- Yeah!
I'm crazy for you.
Thank you.
We'll be so happy here.
Just the two of us.
Thank you.
- Beautiful house.
- Yes! It's lovely.
But it's quite far from Delhi.
It'll be worth the commute.
I had a friend who moved outside
the city after she got married.
No one met her again.
Of course, that was a different situation.
Her husband isolated her.
He didn't want her to see her friends.
See you.
Anik got Adhira a palace.
While I don't even have a boyfriend.
Boyfriends will come, darling.
The question is will they stay?
I think live-in isn't a good idea.
Why not?
Because then they don't
look forward to marriage.
I'm serious, Meher.
I've read this in an article.
Let's all get personal now.
I'm not being personal.
- Guys!
- No. Not at all.
I just want to focus on my career.
Me, too.
He's lying.
- Jazz, you need some coffee.
- Yes, she does.
- I don't need coffee.
- Okay, you don't need coffee.
You're very focused.
Oh, my God! Where is this coming from?
- I don't need
- I get it.
It's really peaceful, this place.
- Good energy.
- Yes, very peaceful.
Yes, it is.
So peaceful.
Hi, Jazz!
Oh, sorry!
Listen, if you keep looking at me,
you'll crash the car.
Let's not die today.
What's up?
Fuck, you're so pretty!
You're a girl?
Did you have an operation?
Yes, my profile says it clearly.
I just read "trans."
Can't you read properly?
It said "post-op" too.
You didn't specify you have a pussy.
If you want a woman with a dick,
you should specify that.
Fuck you!
Apparently, you can't
because you like cock.
Get the fuck out of my car, eunuch!
You cuss and want sex too.
If you're so ashamed
of what you're attracted to,
you should go fuck yourself!
- Get the fuck out right now!
- What?
- Get the fuck out right now!
- No!
- Get out!
- No! You can't leave me here!
Come home. Meet my family
and ask for my hand in marriage.
I have to ask your family?
I'm an old-fashioned guy.
I can see that.
Who is family?
My mom, my sister.
My uncle's family lives with us.
It's like a joint family setup.
When did you leave home?
Years now.
Actually, I ran away.
I thought you're an old-fashioned guy.
I am.
But my uncle tried to stick it into me,
so my modern side kicked in.
Your uncle tried to fuck you?
I'm I'm so sorry.
Don't apologize.
He has to say sorry first.
Where were you?
Is something going on with you?
Life is going on.
How's your mom?
Why why are you awake?
I have a feeling Faiza is pregnant.
You want me to roll you one?
You think I'm crazy?
No. I
I think your feelings are
usually pretty bang on.
What the fuck is this?
We settled this, Tara.
- You can't change the terms now.
- I can do what I want.
And I'm going to start by firing you.
What are you on?
Come back to me with a new offer, Adil.
Or see me in court.
you're going to sue me now?
- Hi, how are you?
- Very excited to be here.
Hope you enjoy garba night!
This is Indian folk music.
And this Indian folk dance.
These people are from Old Delhi.
And they've been doing this
for six generations.
- Dear? Who are they?
- Yes, madam?
They're Adhira's friends. Russians.
Please enjoy yourselves. Yes.
Yes, madam, Come.
Jazz, who are these people?
Madam, they're Anik's business associates. Russians.
Please enjoy yourselves.
Have a lovely evening.
I'll be back.
Cheers, Uncle.
- Uncle is enjoying the drinks.
- He's at it!
Let's cheers!
Can you please relax?
I can explain.
Adhira, explain it to me.
You said he offered you the film?
- He did, and I said no.
- Liar.
You auditioned for it.
Then you didn't tell me about it,
but now you're shaking your ass outside
in front of all those men.
Anik, I was just dancing.
It's our wedding.
I'm really happy.
And about the audition, I
just wanted to see if I get the role.
How long will it take you
to realize you are a bad actress?
I got the part, Anik.
Well, it must be a shit part.
And all the real actresses
must've rejected it.
This is what you think?
I think you're sad, Adhira.
Some joker offers you a two-bit role,
and suddenly you're flying high.
You think you're Jennifer Lawrence.
I told him I'm getting married
and I said no.
- Anik.
- You think I'm stupid, Adhira?
Do you think at all, Adhira?
Do you think at all?
Tell me.
Do you ever have a thought
in this pretty little head of yours?
Anik! Anik, just stop it.
Stop lying to me!
It's this face
This face, you know, it's so pretty.
You think you can get away
with anything because of this face?
- Anik!
- You think you can do anything?
Get away with anything?
Check it. I'll just come and see.
I'll get back to you.
We need to call the police.
Do you want me to call them now?
Please, don't.
We were arguing and
I hit him first.
Has this happened before?
Don't lie.
Don't lie for him.
Oh, God.
Call Anik, please.
No, please don't call him.
We must know what happened.
Your son kicked my daughter in her face.
That's what happened.
Anik is so gentle.
Look at Adhira's face, madam.
Don't you dare bring him in front of me.
Calm down.
Have you forgotten your manners?
Look who's talking!
Please, sir. We have guests outside.
The guests can go home.
And so can his family.
This wedding is not happening.
Adhira, is this what you want?
she will not ruin her life
by marrying that man.
Please leave,
or I'll call the police.
Let's go.
Don't worry, my child.
It'll be all right.
My baby.
What's up?
How was your day?
I'm not coming to New York.
it's my series.
I don't want to sell it.
So, what?
We're done, then?
Open the door, please.
Anik, please just go.
My dad will wake up.
Adhi, I don't care.
I need to see you.
Adhi, I'm sorry.
You say sorry every time.
you think I like doing this?
You lied to me. Don't forget that.
I need help, Adhira.
I need therapy.
I need you.
I'm so sorry.
I get so worked up inside
when I get scared.
I am so sorry.
I love you, Adhira.
I love you so much.
I've opened up the blouse,
so it'll almost cover it.
And the rest,
the stole will take care of it.
Okay, darling?
Why do women believe their love
can change a man?
That staying means they didn't fail.
I wish they would take
their broken wings and fly.
At least their wounds will heal,
even though the scars remain.
After all
the body remembers,
maybe to make sure the soul never forgets.
This is Delhi,
and here
"Beauty" cannot change the beast.
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