Made in Heaven (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

And They Lived Happily Ever After

I mean, you know Baldev can really go
on and on and on. I mean he's the
Excuse me. I'll be right back.
Hey, Kriti!
- Hi.
- Hi, oh, my God!
- Such a good surprise!
- I know.
- How are you?
- Good. Sorry, I'm in a hurry.
I've got to pick up something from
the bakery. Rushing for a kitty party.
Okay, you run along.
But we need to catch up really soon.
- Yeah. Calling you.
- It's been too long.
- For sure!
- Okay! For sure?
Bye, love.
I missed you.
Did you know Raj and Gargi hang out?
Who, Gargi? My daughter?
Raj told me they met
at a party, and now
they've been hanging out.
This is getting really weird.
When will you talk to Ashok?
Ashok is not the only issue.
Look, Kriti
the day you leave Ashok,
I'll tell Vandana everything.
I promise.
The kids will freak out.
Hey, they're grown up.
They're adults. We've done our duty.
It's time to live for ourselves now.
- Hi, uncle.
- Hi, my child!
- How are you? Finally!
- Very well.
- Yes. You look so pretty.
- Thank you!
- Hi, aunty.
- Hi.
So proud of you, Son.
Food for the soul!
- Come!
- Yeah!
- Uncle, a welcome drink?
- No, my friend.
I'll have a beer with Gulshan.
- Sure.
- Can't wait to meet him.
Yes, we get to meet everyone.
This way.
Nice, right?
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Then smile, for God's sake.
So, do you have any set ideas
for your wedding?
I want it to happen now!
How sweet!
- Everything in Delhi?
- Yes, please.
Yes, of course.
Sangeet, wedding, and reception.
- You will plan all three functions.
- Okay.
Mama, what about my mehendi?!
Yes. Mehendi is my favorite function, too.
Let me warn you,
Gullu is quite old-fashioned.
Being the bride's father,
he'll foot the entire bill.
Fine by me!
Actually, we met at Prem Sood's
anniversary two years ago.
- Of course! At the farmhouse. Right?
- Yes, at the farmhouse.
I've been telling Kriti that
we must go meet the Rainas someday.
And here we are!
Truly a match made in heaven!
It's destiny.
Everything is predestined.
Do you also believe in astrology?
My God! Look at this.
Topaz and sapphire!
God be with us!
Papa, do you know Kriti aunty
paints really well?
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, it's amazing!
I see you like Hassan.
Yes. In fact, I just acquired
his last unfinished work.
It's a canvas.
It's actually in my study.
You're free to have a look.
It's very nice.
Yes! Go familiarise.
Come, you'll like it. Trust me.
I'll be right back. Okay?
This way.
I don't share my wife's passion.
Not at all.
Neither do I.
Gullu has spent an entire fortune on this.
Even I can draw circles and triangles.
Actually, me too!
Give me a high five!
Oh, God!
This is unbearable.
What was the need
to host this lunch?
What do you want me to do?
Have no functions, no events?
And just ask them to elope?
They just met!
Raj was dating someone else,
like a month ago.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
I told you.
And you're allowing this to happen?
Kriti, what do you expect?
You expect me to tell my daughter
that she can't marry Raj
because I'm going to divorce
her mother and marry his mother.
Is that what you want?!
Thank you.
You've decorated your place well.
Thank you, Bulbul-ji.
I'm sorry, I didn't trust your
instinct about Anik.
It won't happen again.
Let's cut to the chase.
You wanted to discuss a sensitive matter.
Mr. Jauhari said you are a shareholder
in Khanna Infrastructures.
Minor shareholder.
I see.
You must know
I'm in the process of divorcing.
It'd be a big help
if I could get the updated details
of the company structure.
The thing is
Adil is not being fair with me.
Can you access that information?
When do you need it?
I have a meeting with Adil
and the lawyer tomorrow.
It'll be in your inbox tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
You missed that bit. Do it properly.
Chill, Jazz.
You must tell them,
or they don't do it right.
It's just mopping the floor.
It's not rocket science!
All right, man, I gotta run.
See you. Have a good day.
Shall we take a day off?
And do what?
Smoke a fat one.
Watch a movie.
Order pizza.
You're big on the boyfriend experience?
Better than the hit-and-run vibe.
So, where'd you meet?
We met at a singles theme party.
And everyone had to come
as one half of a couple.
- Yes. She came as Mumtaz
- Yeah.
and I was Shah Jahan.
That's quite a cool story.
- Yeah.
- I couldn't stop looking at him.
And you, Raj?
Yeah, same
It was love at first sight.
- So, how long ago was this?
- Two months!
- And six days.
- Yes, and six days.
I still can't believe it.
I love you, baby.
I love you more.
I love you most.
I love you mostest.
That's not even a word!
This is straight-up extortion.
We're only asking
for what's owed to her.
Nothing is owed to her.
Your client signed off
on a generous settlement.
- That's right!
- My client verbally agreed
- to a settlement.
- Whatever. She's backtracking now.
You really think that you deserve
half of my dad's company?
Mr. Khanna, she was being guided
by your lawyer,
which meant that the advice
was not in her favor.
Yeah, all right!
And your father's company
is now yours.
She's entitled to a share in that.
We've got access
to the company's new structure.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You're free to fight this in the courts,
Mr. Khanna.
But, in light of your adultery
and the reports that Ms. Faiza Naqvi
is pregnant with your child
I suggest you have a rethink.
So it is true.
- Are you sure it's yours?
- Oh, fuck you!
She must be really hurting.
- She wanted a baby.
- Oh, I know.
She had me ingesting
all these powders and
Clearly, I wasn't the problem.
You smoking?
- No.
- You promised you wouldn't.
I said no, it's Bunty's.
- Are you sure?
- What the fuck, Adil! You don't trust me?
I don't know, Faiza.
I don't know!
Every woman in my life is throwing me
a surprise party.
A stepsister has a seat on the board.
My mother is keeping secrets
that I don't know about.
And my wife thinks we live in California,
and she deserves half
of what my father built.
Half! Can you imagine?
- Why would she deserve half?
- Keep it down.
You're gonna scare the clients.
Give your sister what your father
left for her. It's between them.
Make up with your mum, because we need
to tell her about this baby.
And just go easy on Tara.
- Go easy?
- Yes.
- On Tara?
- Yes!
- Fuck all advice.
- Shut up!
- Fuck all advice!
- Shut up!
She has lost everything.
Her husband, her home, her friends.
We have more than enough, Adil.
Let's settle her and get married.
Yes, okay,
she's angry with you right now.
But she's been a good wife.
She shouldn't have been
my wife in the first place.
That's a bit harsh.
I mean, we fucked her.
- No. Karma fucked her.
- Karma?
You don't know shit.
She did it.
Did what?
She leaked the office tape herself.
She planned the whole thing.
- How do you know?
- She told me.
I'm going to be sick.
That's how I feel.
Like it?
Oh, this shufta is amazing.
I'm so glad you like it.
We'll make sure it's on the menu.
- What?
- No meat, please!
It's my Tuesday, Gullu.
What do you mean it's "my Tuesday"?
It's everyone's Tuesday. It's
- Meher, get some vegetarian starters.
- Yeah.
It's nice, right?
Mama, what about my mehendi outfit?
I was thinking the bar
can be up there.
And the mehendi set up
and the food, musicians all up here.
I think it will be quite nice.
Sounds good.
So, the mehendi will take place here,
and Gulshan-ji actually wants
to have the wedding at Kesroli.
Whatever Gullu chooses is fine by me.
Okay, great! Because he's actually
quite keen on it. So
Oh, great.
- One request, Made in Heaven-ji.
- Sir?
Why not welcome the groom's guests
with a single malt?
Of course. As you wish.
- Thank you, my friend.
- Dad, first let's decide on the food menu.
Let's do that too!
- See you around.
- Yeah.
See you.
Hey, what's up?
You're not eating anything.
I'm a bit queasy.
Kriti I'm sorry I got angry that day.
No need to apologize.
You were right.
But you know
we still can be seeing each other.
I don't know.
Kriti, I love you.
I really do.
- We can't do this anymore.
- Don't say that!
Papa, your favorite dish, tabak maaz.
- Your daughter's calling you.
- Yeah. Kriti, just
- Hi.
- Hi.
Wow! You're a full and total girl!
I was always a full and total girl.
But okay.
- Are you living in Delhi now?
- Yes, I got a job.
Got a place in Hauz Khas, and I'm here.
So, how does it feel, Manav?
It's Meher, actually.
It's going good. And I would prefer it
if you didn't use my dead name.
Dead name?
Let me get you a drink.
Yes, please.
One red wine, please.
So I heard you got promoted.
- Yeah. Thank
- Man, I can't get over your tits.
Fuck! The doctor really aced them.
That's not cool.
Of course, it's cool, bro.
Now even Nehal can get laid.
Now that you're a chick and all.
I think I have an answer to this.
Kill, fuck, marry.
You can't get it up anyway.
You might as well die.
Shut up! Okay? That's not true.
The brilliant businesswoman,
Mrs. Bulbul Jauhari
left all her other work to join you
and still, your profits are only 12%?
I mean, what?
Your cost to the company
is very high, Meher-ji.
No, but
I like a woman who knows her worth.
So it's your call.
Actually, we have Gulshan Raina's
daughter's wedding this month,
so let's see.
You're a lucky charm, Bulbul-ji.
Trust her.
She'll turn your luck around.
Bulbul-ji has a pretty sharp instinct.
Let's not go there.
- Vandana-ji didn't come?
- She had a dental appointment.
Nice. Even I'm very particular
about my teeth.
- Hello, hi.
- Welcome.
The pool area is this way.
Wow! There's a pool too.
Jazz, recce the place.
- Just take pictures of everything here.
- Alcohol?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay?
I think the poolside is perfect
for cocktails.
And we could do a Mughal wedding
to commemorate how you guys met.
Yes. I'd love that.
Do not move!
All eyes here!
The great Emperor Akbar is approaching!
What a place!
What a place, Gullu. Superb!
Superb, right?
Should we quickly check out
the wedding area?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
I love your voice.
That husky tone.
Really nice.
We must contribute something.
He can't be paying for all this.
Are you crazy?
This is peanuts for Gullu.
That's not the point.
And please stop calling him "Gullu."
You just shut your mouth. Okay?
What if he agrees,
I'll end up paying for all this.
Beautiful! Come on.
We should do something special
with the music this time.
- Let's make some calls.
- Sure, let's.
I have someone in mind.
Have you lost it?
I just needed to say goodbye.
Sir, you're here.
We were looking for you.
Wow! This place is really perfect.
It's bound by some potent memories.
All good, I hope?
Well, I was here years back
when I was in college
with a special girl.
You can say she was the love of my life.
And then you married her?
Her parents didn't approve.
I wasn't rich enough then.
So, they got her married to someone else.
No fairy tale ending here.
I will keep looking.
I'll speak to the band directly.
Let's lock the deal
by tomorrow evening. Okay?
Where are you, Jazz?
Oh, there she is!
Bring Pant.
I have something important to tell you.
I saw Gulshan-ji kissing Kriti ma'am
a few minutes ago.
- What?
- What?
I swear I saw them.
It must've been a peck on the cheek
or something.
No, it was lip-to-lip.
That is so twisted.
Don't judge, don't care.
Shall we go?
Tara wanted Adil,
and she used me to get there.
No! Not me! My connections,
my invitations, my clothes.
She used me to become someone palatable
for someone like Adil.
And Adil probably doesn't
even realize it.
And I didn't realize it. I'm an idiot.
I'm an idiot!
But you're both aware now.
And this whole thing
it's behind you.
Is it? I mean, he's still married to her.
And she is clearly very
She's very
- She's very
- Very what?
Very shrewd!
If she could get Adil Khanna to marry her,
then she's capable of anything.
She knows what she's doing.
And how do you feel about
what you're doing?
What do you mean?
About having a baby?
I'm excited.
I feel good.
- Adil is telling his mum today.
- Oh!
So, I have some news.
But it's good news.
Well, I think it's good news.
It's what you've always wanted.
What is it?
You're going to be a grandmother.
Tara is coming back?
Tara, no.
No, Mom.
I'm with Faiza now.
What are you doing?
You still have a wife,
and your girlfriend is going
to have a baby?
I can't believe you're saying that.
Oh, my God,
I cannot believe you're pulling that shit.
You don't get to pull that shit.
I mean you, you had a husband
whose girlfriend had a baby.
If you were fine with that,
then what's wrong with this?
- I wasn't fine.
- You weren't fine?
I did what I had to.
Which is what?
- I
- Took his shit? You lied to me.
I protected you.
You protected me?
You were protecting him.
Your father loved us.
He didn't leave.
So what? Big favor there.
What what does he want? A medal?
Shut up, Adil!
You never ever felt his absence.
He was always good to us.
And you can call me crazy, but
I respect the fact
that he was good to her as well.
I want this baby, Ma.
How many months?
It's going to be ten weeks now.
Do Faiza's parents know?
Her father would kill her.
We were going
to get married and then tell them.
And the shoulders?
- Perfect.
- Okay.
- I like it.
- Yeah.
You just look wow!
Why aren't you answering my calls, Raj?
- Excuse me, please.
- Sure.
How did you know I was here?
Your mom told me.
But how does it matter?
- Why aren't you answering my calls?
- I was about to call you back.
Is it because I'm not a Raina?
Thanks, that was some drama.
This family is strange.
Should we go closer and listen?
Please, guys. Come on!
Relax. I'll call you back.
- Call me tonight.
- I'll call you. Okay?
She's just an old friend
going through a crisis.
Yeah, sure.
Can you please not tell anyone
that Nitya was here?
Yeah, of course not.
Don't say a word to Gargi.
But, ma'am, her father was kissing
her mother-in-law, lip-to-lip!
Her fiance is having an affair
with someone else.
Is this "Made in Heaven"?
If I stop believing in love,
it's because of this marriage.
- What happened?
- We got a call so like
We got the Sarfaraz Khan wedding!
Okay, that's amazing! Does Karan know?
Yeah, he's working on the pitch.
Maybe Bulbul is a lucky charm.
Sarfaraz and Leila are
the perfect star couple. Oh, God.
Now you believe in love again?
Hi, Ma. Hi, Pa.
Finally. Now your old parents can eat.
This is Jazz.
Remember my friend?
From the party.
- Of course. Hello, Hi.
- Yeah.
- Hello, aunty.
- Come in.
Dinner is ready.
Why do you wear black all the time?
It's so morose.
Rajesh, get the dessert
from the fridge.
Okay, ma'am.
Thank you, Rajesh.
So, where are you from, Jazz?
- From Delhi.
- Oh.
Whereabouts in Delhi?
Metro must have made it
so convenient, no?
Mom, just pass the tikkas, please.
We must have Dilshad over.
I have to see her before
she leaves, all right?
And tell her to make him
change his mind.
Can we not talk about this every time
we sit down and eat a meal?
I'm sorry, but I can't get over the fact
that you made such a stupid decision.
Eat your food.
- We don't need to talk anymore.
- That's fine by me, Pa.
What's with the world?
My whole family is so obsessed
with appearances.
Drives me crazy.
They always talk about how I dress.
Every family has problems, Kabir.
What happened about the rehab payment?
I have a friend, Nadeem.
I took it from him.
I'll pay him back gradually.
Sapna told me a girl's been staying over.
I thought I'd come to check it out
for myself.
Pack my shit!
I'll have someone come and collect it.
You know what, Kabir?
You're a fucking prick!
Why? See
Where were you all night?
At a friend's place.
You must be tired.
Very funny, Dad.
Where were you? I was so worried.
I crashed at Sandeep's place.
We all got trashed.
Nitya called.
Did you speak to her?
You gotta stop engaging
with her, Ma.
She's hurt, Raj. Don't you get it?
I'll take care of it.
Gargi's dad is gifting us an apartment.
Wow! Where?
- Panchsheel.
- Too good!
I'm so proud of you, son.
So proud. How many BHK?
Four BHK, penthouse.
What's with your mom?
Anyway, what else?
I need you to do something.
Anything. Tell me.
Ask Raj to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.
I need to know if he loves her.
Kriti, where's this coming from?
Trust me.
Please do this.
Hey, the mehendi is in two days, right?
It's better to know before the wedding.
Look. The best part is coming.
Mom, knock, please!
Didn't I tell you?
Don't just walk in.
Don't show off in front of your friends.
Talk politely.
Go in and ask them if they're hungry.
Get out and shut the door.
Mama is asking if you're hungry.
We'll tell Mummy later. Now go.
- Hey, Gaurav!
- What?
- Come here.
- Please. It's not cool.
- Chetan
- I'll show you your future. Come here.
- Sit.
- Bro, let him learn! Move.
- No, man.
- Bro, let him learn!
He's at the right age.
Teach them young, bro.
Look at this.
- Watch and learn, bro.
- Have fun, bro.
Watch and learn.
Can I get a pad?
I meant a notepad.
I only have this now. Keep it.
Happy birthday.
Do you want another beer?
We have to work, no?
I think we need to talk.
You can ask me questions, Jazz.
I'm used to it.
Is there something you want to know?
What are you thinking?
Deep inside, who are we really?
It's so difficult to accept ourselves.
I wish more people were like you.
I'm really happy you're my friend.
How are you feeling?
The same.
As before.
Look, I know you're not happy
with me, Ma.
But I'm here
and you can ask me
for anything you need.
Get married.
I'm dying, Karan.
At least now
You can't
emotionally blackmail me like this, Ma.
It's not fair.
What you've done to me is also not fair.
I didn't raise a boy to be a girl.
I'm not a girl.
And my sexuality is not about you.
I don't want to argue.
It's better we don't meet anymore.
Karan, you okay, man?
Un-fucking believable!
You okay?
Let's go fucking win.
Fine. Schedule it for Wednesday.
Schedule it for Thursday lunch.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
- Just sign
- Sign the last one?
Hi, Adil!
- Hi.
- Come in.
No, I'm fine here.
Then give me a minute.
Fine, take your time. I love waiting.
So I assume the office
will keep me informed?
Sure. You'll get the details
of the next board meeting.
- You must attend.
- Thank you.
Why don't you take a settlement?
Why would I do that?
Because you're a journalist.
This is no place for you.
I'll raise the amount.
You'll be sorted for life.
Would you sell something
your father gave you?
Well, he gave me a sister
I didn't know about. I'd sell her.
I thought as much.
Excuse me.
That woman is trouble, Namit uncle.
I'm telling you.
That woman is your sister, Adil.
And she's lost both her parents.
Do you know who she named
as her nominee?
Now, who?
This is the perfect apartment
for Mom and Dad.
Bang in the middle of the city,
and it's not noisy at all.
Look at the size of these rooms.
There's a small prayer room as well.
You know my parents are really
going to like this.
The view is lovely.
I really like the breeze.
What do you think?
It is very cozy.
I'll quickly make a video
and send it to them.
It's a bit expensive.
But the agent said he was going
to work out a deal.
- Oh, hi!
- Hey.
Guys! Karan.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Noor. Carol.
- Hello.
- Hi.
She did the house.
- Oh, yeah? It's beautiful.
- Thank you.
So, that is Karan.
That's Karan.
You okay?
I've been better.
What can I get you?
- Wine or
- Sorry.
Carol thinks you're hot.
Oh, yeah?
Poor Carol.
You didn't reply to my message.
What? The one about moving in?
It sounded better when I wrote it.
Yeah, I think it did.
Maybe you need
to slow down a little bit?
Mama, when will you be back?
In a few days.
Dhruv, take my bags outside.
I don't know. Find it.
It's very important. And
If you put the flowers out now,
they'll wither.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Wait two hours.
Got it? Go!
I think we should get a combo
of plastic and real flowers.
It'll cut costs.
And we can reuse plastic flowers.
Why don't you talk to Tara about it?
I will.
- Plastic!
- She will.
This is Indian folk music.
These people have come from Old Delhi.
And they have been doing this
for six generations.
Please come.
Try this. This is malai tikka.
It's less spicy.
Okay. Thank you.
It's too spicy.
Yes, ma'am.
Bride's or groom's friends?
They're Mr. Raina's international clients.
He said to take extra care of them.
I see!
As Anik's parents asked you to take
extra care of their foreign guests?
I'll talk to Tara.
You don't deserve a raise.
Ma'am, please! No, ma'am.
Ma'am, they're tourists.
To attend an Indian wedding,
they pay 10,000 rupees a person.
My neighbor runs a travel agency.
He asked me, and I agreed.
Do you think this is right?
Tell me.
Stop crying, please.
Excuse me.
Take a tissue.
You've made enough of a drama.
Take only one.
My brother is in drug rehab.
I need to save up 150,000
for his treatment.
I don't know where to find the money.
As soon as you have the money
you need, stop this.
Take a tissue.
Dude, why the fuck are you not
picking up my calls, man?
Relax, Rehan. I have a job.
You also have a debt of 23 lakhs.
You need to fucking pay up, man.
These guys are up my ass.
I vouched for you.
This is not cool, man.
Pay up. So when?
When did I say I wouldn't?
I'll get you the cash as soon as
I leave here.
Okay. Listen, I gotta go.
I'll call you back.
You're not an installation.
Can you look after your guests?
Increase the bust
- and cinch the waist.
- Yep.
And you said I should slow down.
Oh, touché!
Sorry. I needed to see you.
I love that.
What's wrong?
Okay. I'm actually in need
of some money.
In cash.
I was wondering
if you might have access to that.
Sure. How much?
- Twenty-three.
- Lakhs?
I know.
A cousin of mine is in trouble,
and I can't ask
the family right now. So
What? Is he kidnapped?
- Look, I
- No, it's okay.
I shouldn't have asked. I'm sorry.
I can manage about five.
I'm sorry. I don't have that kind
of cash lying around.
- Five is good.
- You sure?
Five is great. Yeah!
Thank you!
You want dinner?
I have to get back
to this mehendi right now.
But later, maybe?
Thank you.
- I'll see you.
- I'll see you.
A pre-nuptial agreement?
It's standard.
No big deal.
It's just a formality.
Does Gargi know about this?
I need to speak with her.
What do you mean by "contract"?
If tomorrow something goes wrong,
- you won't get a single rupee?
- No.
- Fuck! What the hell's this?
- Keep it down.
This is the way you want
to start your marriage?
No. Gargi is going to talk to her dad.
She's also very upset.
My gorgeous princess
What are you doing, Papa?
Don't be upset.
It's just a common practice.
It is insulting!
Is this what you think of him?
Doesn't he trust you?
I'm just shocked!
He's protecting his daughter.
He's protecting his money.
This behavior is not ethical.
Not ethical!
Papa, is this a test?
No, it's not a test.
And you're my only child,
and I have to look out for you.
- You're saying he's after your money.
- I didn't say that.
And I'm a fool!
What about the Panchsheel apartment?
Is that in the contract?
- I don't know.
- Fuck!
What if he tells his parents to walk out?
You think he'll walk out?
You love her, right?
Of course.
Then sign it, Raj.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I failed.
I was so miserable in my marriage.
I never paid attention to Raj.
I failed with my son.
He asked Gargi to get me to back off.
This is a disaster.
And we're allowing it to happen.
You're right.
We shouldn't.
What's the point?
They'll be miserable.
We'll be miserable.
What should we do?
Let me drive.
- You kidding me?
- Shut up!
I'll drive the car, and you help me record
the message for Fatima. Okay?
Sir, all okay?
Oh, yeah! Never been better.
you didn't see anything.
No. Of course not.
- Send the caterer's number.
- Yeah, I'll send it by tomorrow.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Bye. Gargi is a lucky girl.
Thank you so much.
Mama, where's Papa?
He must've passed out somewhere.
He's been drinking like a fish.
Okay. Why don't you check
for him in the study?
Yeah, okay. Come. Let's go.
Hey, Karan, have you seen my wife?
She's nowhere.
She was serving some guests.
She might still be in the dining.
Yes, Vandana-ji!
I am here.
Where will I go?
In the lounge? Right away.
Come with me.
Ashok-ji, come.
This is Fatima,
Gullu's executive assistant.
Good evening, dear.
Apparently, Gullu wants her
to read out a letter to all of us.
Is it his will?
- It's a letter, sir.
- We get it. Now read.
I'm sorry.
"Dear Vandana, Ashok, Gargi, and Raj,
this letter will probably come
as a shock to you all,
but the truth is,
Kriti and I are in love."
What a prank!
Sir, this is not a prank.
Give this to me
and get out! You're fired!
"We have been in love since college.
But unfortunately,
life conspired to keep us apart.
A year ago, we rekindled our relationship.
On discovering Raj and Gargi's engagement,
we made a genuine effort to break up,
but we realized it won't serve anyone.
They are not meant for each other.
Raj sees her as a means to a sweet life.
And Gargi deserves someone who loves her.
Kriti and me do not wish
to sacrifice ourselves
for the sake of what we believe
is yet another tragic union.
We hope you all find love in your lives
that will make you understand this
and forgive us."
Gullu, you bastard!
Dad, I'm going to find him
and break his fucking legs.
Excuse me?
Your dad. He's an asshole.
And your mother?
She's like a lily
from the valley or what?!
Shut the fuck up!
Am I a gold digger?!
Yes. He recognizes people like you.
- Your dad's a hornball!
- Then your mom's a fucking bitch!
Say that once again,
and we're fucking over.
What are you? Five years old?
This is funny to you?
This is a crisis.
Then stop screaming.
And man the fuck up!
Fuck you, you psycho!
Fuck you, you abuser!
- The fuck
- Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
Are you okay?
I've been married for 26 years.
I'm 52 years old.
That's what I am.
They ran away?
What about Kesroli?
The crew's about to leave.
Stop them!
Pant, come in. Stop the trucks.
- What's up?
- I don't know. You're being shady.
- Shady?
- You missed most of the mehendi.
Yeah, I had
to get something done urgently.
I wasn't playing hooky.
You're hiding something.
Tara, please.
Why haven't you been coming home?
I've been with Akshay.
And what are you now? My wife?
Don't send any more foreign tourists.
I'm sorry. The wedding's canceled.
Should I get married instead
to "keep your word"?
There's no one in Delhi
as professional as me!
Never mind. Thanks, Meher. Yeah.
The food vendor isn't picking up
his phone. His truck must've got there.
Go to Kesroli
and speak to them personally.
We must get a refund.
What are you thinking?
It takes balls
to do what they did. Right?
Hi, Mr. Raina. This is Karan here.
We've canceled the wedding.
We've informed all the guests.
Actually, I was just about
to cancel Kesroli.
I just thought you should know that
it's yours if you want it, you know.
It could be the perfect place
for a fairy tale ending.
Is it him?
Karan, thank you so much.
Let's do it! And keep it intimate.
And don't cancel Munim.
He can sing for the occasion.
And I would love it if you all
could be there. Okay?
- Now is this "Made in Heaven" for you?
- Yes!
And we all should do our best tomorrow.
Jazz, you had better arrange
for a few guests.
Foreigners are better.
We must have some guests.
Maybe women are conditioned
to sacrifice for a greater good.
But what if the sacrifice is
to break away from the accepted norm?
What if the greater good is
to give yourself a second chance?
The next time you meet a rare woman
that gave herself that chance,
remember you're looking at someone
who had the guts to believe
in her own fairy tale.
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