Made in Heaven (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

Love Story

What fun! This is my first ship ride.
This is not a ship, Jazz.
This is a it's a yacht.
Stop correcting her all the time.
Thank you, Tara ma'am.
Okay, Bulbul-ji?
This first sip is for you.
Because it's pink.
Okay, so let's let's take a picture.
Our first Bollywood wedding, guys.
- Hell, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- That, too, in the French Riviera.
- To many more. Cheers!
- To many more!
Everybody, smile.
- Everybody say, "Nice"!
- Nice!
This is the place
where you asked me,
"Will you marry me?"
If you had refused,
I would've stayed on bended knee forever.
I haven't been your leading lady
on the big screen yet.
But in real life, you're my only hero.
Even after two years,
I look at you,
and my heart goes
Cut! I said, "cut!"
What the fuck?!
Why are we wasting flowers?
These are not real.
I have fake flowers at my wedding?
No, these are just for the rehearsal.
For the wedding we have real.
What's this photographer doing?
Why he's shooting such low angles?
Sir, this is not a horror movie, please.
I said "Cut" for your sake.
Acting is reacting, babe.
We're not on set, babe.
We're rehearsing.
And your eyes are dead.
I don't cry in rehearsals.
Get some glycerin. Ashu, get him some
Excuse me, Farah!
I can't stay in these heels
for two seconds more.
And you wanna be a movie star?
Anyway, let's go again, please.
Amber, can you please rewrite my lines?
This is just not me.
This is not capturing my real feelings.
You know I can do much better.
Yeah? Thank you so much.
Thank you. Let's go.
Amber's writing your marriage vows?
Fuck! Come here.
You write my lines.
Don’t be childish, Sarfi.
I’m a child?
Your manager is doing your homework.
Ma, you have invited us to breakfast, and
you haven't said a word.
I'm just tired.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you feeling under the weather?
Just having to adapt to new situations.
If you feel like you need
a little more time
Where's the time?
My grandson will be here soon, and then
Grandson? You've decided it's a boy?
All firstborns in our family
have been boys.
Call it the Khanna curse.
Gauri is a girl.
I said firstborn.
You are Kishore's firstborn.
Well, let's see if we're cursed.
Get a divorce, Adil.
You don't want
to repeat the same situation
which you've just brought up.
"Unless you want
to repeat that situation."
That's exactly what she said.
Does it matter?
Adil has made it very clear
he wants to be with you.
But, you know, she's his mother,
and she looked straight
at me when she said it.
And does that make you feel
that she was implying something?
That children
do repeat their parents' patterns.
That Adil might not get divorced.
Faiza, is that going
to affect your decision to keep this baby?
No. I'm having this baby,
and if he doesn't leave her,
I'm going to have this baby alone.
What the fuck is this?
That's just my team.
What? I didn't think you would
No, not the team.
What's under it, the hashtag?
Isn't that what had been agreed upon?
No! We agreed on "Sarf-La".
Why is she laughing?
Why is she laughing?
Sarfi got you guys this gig,
and now you're fucking with me.
- You're fucking with me.
- What?!
No one's fucking with you, Ashu.
You're not Sarfaraz. Calm down.
These hashtags were confirmed
and only then given to the publicists.
And they will start splashing today.
No, they can't.
Sarfaraz approved this.
- I have it on email.
- No, listen.
Sarfi doesn't give a shit about all this.
Alright? This is my job.
This is my job!
- I can't let Leila hog all the limelight.
- Leila hog all the limelight?
She has 60 million followers on Instagram.
That's 15 million more than your Sarfi.
Oh, please. Sarfi has 200 crore films,
all solo leads, and 30 brand endorsements.
- And that's what matters!
- On which planet?
Why can't it just be Sarf-La?
Because it sounds like
a fucking detergent!
Where is he going?
Ashu, please don't jump.
We don't have time for this.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
How's it going?
Feels a little surreal.
So, did you hit up any
of the restaurants I recommended?
I've barely had a meal sitting down.
Babe, how can you be in France
and not go out to eat?
You have to.
Okay. Bye.
No! Stay.
I called to tell you
that the loan went through.
The flat is locked.
Mr. Karan stepped out.
Okay, I heard that.
I'll speak to you later. Bye.
What the fuck?!
Did they slaughter you in Cannes?
No, I slipped on the red carpet.
Fuck, man!
I can't fucking believe you're here.
- Yeah.
- You're the only director I invited.
- Really?
- Yeah.
This way.
Is she telling Meher off?
- Now do you understand?
- I absolutely understand. Exactly what
That's why we got you.
What's your name?
- I'm so sorry.
- What's your name?
She'll give her a flying kick.
She'll end up in Italy.
- This is not a grand place.
- Ma'am,
- this is getting really out of hand.
- What's your name? One second.
Tara, I'm glad you're here.
Listen, we cannot do
Please sit.
What's up?
They want a venue change for the dinner.
Oh, you don't like this salon?
Well, we're having breakfast here
every day.
I wanted the sit-down dinner
to be special.
Didn't I say "special"?
Yes, you did.
But they're predicting rain,
so we can't hold it outdoors.
Why can't it be in the foyer?
At the foyer? The main lobby?
It's gorgeous.
It has gardens on both sides.
Art, a grand piano.
It's perfect.
Unless you can't manage to convince them.
That's something else, I mean.
Everything is manageable at a cost.
I really dislike talking about money.
I find it vulgar.
Leila, relax. It's going to be amazing.
I'm going to make sure it's special.
Thank you.
How fucking annoying is she!
I love the "vulgar" line.
Wasn't the whole hotel booked?
What, ma'am?
If it had been,
we'd get our rooms on time.
So sorry, ma'am.
Have Shah Rukh and Gauri arrived?
And Akshay and Tina?
Ma'am, the wedding is only
for family and friends.
Hope it isn't so intimate
that we'll all get bored.
Ma'am, this is the full itinerary.
And a list of services.
What services?
Salon, spa,
and a personal guide for a city tour.
Ma'am, here's your room.
You call this a suite?
I know. Sorry, aunty.
I'm Gibbs!
Sorry, Gibbs-ji,
actually all the rooms were full.
No stars, no suites.
Is there anything
special about this wedding?
A sit-down dinner at eight.
And a family photo
at seven in the morning tomorrow.
Then do this for me.
Come and wake me up yourself
at 5:30 a.m. Okay?
Yes, ma'am.
Can you please make sure no one
touches this?
Hello, sir.
What the fuck?
"Patisserie" is spelled wrong, guys.
There need to be two "S's."
Who the hell's doing hygiene checks?!
There are fucking typos on the menu!
They were going to change it.
Kabir, this is only our biggest gig, dude!
It's not going to come back, all right?!
Now we have
to shift the dinner to the damn foyer!
So, go! Move!
Go call Meher, please!
Excuse me.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes, sir.
When is this furniture moving out?
It is happening, sir.
Is it? Is it happening?
I don't see it happening.
And I asked you, like, ten times.
- Can it just happen a little fast? Please?
- Okay, sir.
Okay! Thank you so much.
What a mess!
Karan, are you okay?
You look a little wired.
My friend's dad was a film distributor.
And I used to go
to movie premières with him.
The first time I met Leila was
on the red carpet of Love You Too.
I'm looking at her, and I'm thinking,
"How is this Iranian girl
going to cut it in Bollywood?"
He was talking about me in Hindi.
He thought I didn't speak Hindi.
So I went over to him and said,
"See the movie, then decide."
Blown away.
So how come you guys haven't
done a film together yet?
No one cast us together.
Till now.
Does that mean something's cooking?
Something's on,
but you'll hear from us soon.
Let me guess. It's a
It's a love story.
Kind of.
Okay, now he's giving me looks.
I can't say much, but
Right, so we have a question
from Bridal India
for you.
And they want to know if,
after marriage,
will you be changing your name
to Leila Khan.
Why would she change her name, man?
She is and will always be Leila Shirazi.
So, Sarfi, where do you see yourself
in five years?
Well, in a big, big house
with lots of dogs
and lots and lots of kids.
You really like kids, don't you?
So make sure you cover all this.
Yeah. I've scheduled a day.
I'll get a few shots of the city.
That's the plan.
Kabir, you will have
to drop the "kids" line.
Why? It's really cute.
This shit gets complicated for actresses,
so cut it out, okay?
If you see someone taking a photo,
take their phone away immediately.
- No photos whatsoever. Clear?
- Okay
We had to change the tables
and the flowers.
We need the money to pay them.
We had to change the tables
and the flowers.
We need the money to pay them.
English pin.
That also I understood.
Wait here.
I will be back in five minutes.
Wait here.
I will be back in five minutes.
Where were you?
I was just. I
Coming here has really made my skin glow.
Obviously, out of Delhi poison.
Why do you make everything
sound so depressing?
Focus on my beauty!
You're here?
Is Meher still wearing boy's clothes?
What do you want?
I need your foreign plug converter.
Are you here to work?
Or enjoy your honeymoon?
Enjoy my honeymoon.
Oh, my God, this is gorgeous.
There you go, Ms. Nishat.
Thank you.
- Do whatever you want. Clear my dates.
- Doing good?
I'm ready. Everything
You look so fucking beautiful!
Thank you.
- You guys are so adorable.
- No.
We can't wait to start your film.
I thought you were going
to say we can't wait to be married.
Yeah, that too. Cheers!
Look, who sneaked in the camera.
Ma'am, you can't take pictures anymore.
I am sorry.
- You can't.
- Excuse me!
I'm Sarfaraz's cousin. First cousin.
Give me my phone back. Please.
You'll get it after dinner.
Who the hell is he? Who are you?
Just enjoy the moment, ma'am.
Like, whatever photos you want,
just tell the official photographers.
They will do it.
Where is he?
Shouldn't he be here?
I'll take care of it.
Jazz, just
Jazz-ji, what's going on?
You handle people well.
This job teaches you everything.
Does it?
I'm Emmanuel.
I'm Meher.
- I know.
- I was on the cover.
You look stunning.
- Cheers.
- How sweet.
I don't need to hear this right now.
Hi, how are you?
In love.
How blessed you two are.
What are you thinking, Ma?
- Thank you, Gibbs.
- When did your father adopt a child?
He’s going through a midlife crisis, Ma.
Since the last twenty years?
Behave yourself, Ma.
He could never keep it in his pants.
I don't need to hear this.
Now you've got
the family portrait tomorrow.
Yeah, I got it.
And I got this.
You should sleep.
You have an early morning tomorrow.
You sure?
Yeah! Now go.
- Good night
- Good night.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Hello.
- Can I get a cognac, please?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Dude, please call back.
You still owe us 18 lakhs.
This is not fucking cool, man!
Hey, man!
You got any more of that?
Thank you.
You look like you need something stronger.
Do I?
I was joking.
I don't want any trouble.
You sure?
I could really do with a little trouble.
You're enjoying France?
We should go on a romantic tour
somewhere foreign.
Not worth it.
There's white flour in everything.
I feel gassy.
Are you still at the shop?
Yes. I'm leaving soon.
Don't be late.
Who knows what the kids are up to?
The younger one misses you a lot.
And Dhruv?
He misses you too. But doesn't admit it.
Don't stress about it.
You know,
all teenagers behave the way he does.
you look very beautiful.
Bulbul-ji was right.
It does feel like we're on honeymoon.
I think you missed a couple of steps.
Yes, so then we'll go step by step.
Am I a dude?
I just got out of a relationship.
And now
I need time to breathe and
If you want to breathe, then quit smoking.
When did I stop you from breathing?
I didn't mean that. I
I just don't want a commitment right now.
I don't want a relationship.
Then what is this?
This is nice. This is
This is, like the best thing
I've had in a while.
It's open.
What do you mean by "open"?
Open means
if you like someone
you can date them.
If you want to see me, I'm always here.
- Where the fuck is Karan?
- No clue. But thank you for coming.
- Okay. I think the light is good now.
- Yeah.
All right, everyone, the light is lovely.
Can we please get into the frame?
- Thank you so much.
- Are you sure?
Makeup out!
Hi, handsome.
Gibbs-ji, there's a special spot for you.
Please come.
Alright, everybody.
Get yourself ready.
Okay. Very nice.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Everybody smile.
I can't fucking breathe.
I've got my stomach tucked in.
Don't make me laugh.
I'm sorry, my love.
But I'm going to make you laugh forever.
One more.
Everybody, smile!
What the hell happened?
I was robbed.
I'd been to a party. I
I think someone spiked my drink.
He was found high
and naked in a public place.
He was drugged. It's not his fault.
Sure, but we have
to inform the authorities.
Do we? I mean,
it's a really high-profile wedding.
And this kind
of attention looks really bad
for our clients and the hotel, right?
I take complete responsibility for this.
You won't be liable at all.
I need you to sign off on this.
Let's keep this between us.
If you tell me what's really going on.
It's just
you haven't been yourself lately, Karan.
This is me, Meher.
Like it or not.
This is also me being myself.
Thank you.
Hello, Frank. Is it okay?
- All good, thank you.
- Thank you.
Did he really give you a discount?
After this wedding,
we'll have a new office for sure.
We'll be out of that neighborhood.
That neighborhood was my home, madam.
You know what she means, Bulbul-ji.
You moved away too.
No one asked for your opinion.
Okay, we need to clear this out.
We have a party to set up in this room.
- The performance is starting
- They are going to start dancing.
Ma'am, the performance has started.
Gibbs-ji. The performance.
Leila is such a star, right?
She is.
After the wedding,
I'll announce a film starring you two.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
You're saying no?
No chance!
I fucking love the script!
And I have
to do a film that goes to Cannes.
I was thinking
Kimi would kill this part.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Come. Let's get a smoke. Come.
Kimi is the hottest new thing.
Our pairing could be huge.
My friend, you and Leila
have never done a film together either.
This film needs chemistry.
You and Leila have
physics, chemistry, and biology, bro.
I know that.
But the public has already seen
our love story in the press.
It's everywhere.
We're getting married now.
Your script?
It needs new blood.
Real-life couples don't sell, Anurag.
You know that.
Leila is a much bigger star.
When did you start caring
about that shit?
And you have me.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up
for the beautiful Leila
and her bride tribe!
Kimi is a big star waiting to explode.
You should be the one
who gets her up there.
Sarfi, we need you on the dance floor.
We are just getting started.
- Think about it.
- I want to see everybody
Oh, fuck!
Amber, where are you going?
I have to tell Leila.
Would he really do this?
Yes, he's an actor.
Which is another word
for a self-absorbed prick.
But what's in it for him?
They always want a new actress
opposite them.
It keeps them looking younger.
But Leila is young.
You're preaching to the converted, babe.
These guys count screen age.
Would she still marry him
if she knew?
Won't this be a PR fucking nightmare?
What about all their brands together?
Would they be willing
to lose that much money?
You know what I'm talking about.
Stay back.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I must be in Paris.
I have a meeting with Monica Bellucci.
Oh sorry.
Monica Bellucci!
You know what? You should've
actually announced the film yesterday.
- Why don't you become a producer?
- Why?
Her film worries her more than marriage.
I know, Leila.
Time and place to talk shop.
Sorry. Okay.
Leila Productions.
Leila Productions!
- Thank you.
- Take care.
Kiss Monica.
These streets are so beautiful.
Ain't they?
It's wonderful going for a walk here.
Meher, this is a great life!
I don't think you're coming back
to India with us.
He's the security guy?
Yes, he is.
He's quite cute.
He's hot!
I thought you were committed.
Even I thought so.
- Hey!
- Hi, are you off work?
Yes, and so are you.
So, can I get you, ladies, a drink?
Sure, of course.
I have had enough,
but you guys carry on.
Another glass, please.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
How have you been?
Are you drunk?
A little bit.
I have a lot of work. So
I thought we'd go out to eat.
Let's go.
I'm open to anything, you know.
Hello. Hi, Dad.
Hi, how's things?
Carrying on, Son. How are you?
I'm good
Dad, I was just wondering
how are you for money these days?
We're fine.
Mom's PET scan is coming up.
The doctors will soon decide about
the chemo sessions.
Money-wise, I'm okay for now.
Okay, yeah!
Let me
Let me know about her results, please.
Of course, Son.
And thank you.
It's very sweet of you to ask.
If I need something, I'll call.
Don't worry.
Yeah, please do.
Your money's been transferred.
Stop calling me.
Hey, are you in Nice?
I just got here.
Are you okay?
I need to tell you something.
I know.
I went through your profile.
You're a gorgeous woman.
It's not an error, madam.
The check has bounced.
That's not possible.
The account balance
has decreased by 18 lakhs.
We cannot go ahead with the event
if the amount is not cleared. I'm sorry.
Of course. But can we ask for a
little time before you cancel anything?
This money
has been transferred by Karan.
Since it’s not you or me.
Not answering.
Explanations later.
We must pay 18 lakhs or else this event
Can Mr. Jauhari help?
I could help too.
But if my husband finds out,
MIH could have a permanent problem.
Oh, fuck!
- Oh, my God! Wow!
- Hi.
- What are the odds?
- I know.
Kevin had a retreat,
so I just tagged along last minute.
I'm so glad, man, so glad.
I've never been happier about a wedding.
- Sit. Here.
- Thanks.
Can I get you something?
Juice? Coffee? Anything?
- Yeah, coffee is good.
- Yeah. Okay, I'll be right back.
I don't know how to deal with celebrities.
I'd go completely crazy.
I mean
they're all right, you know.
But, like
This kind of scene is fucking weird, man.
It's like you don't know what's real,
what's marketing.
- You know!
- True.
You still smoking?
A lot.
I should quit.
And clear up your mess, maybe.
What? This is clean.
You should've seen it yesterday.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
Yeah, why?
No, because your hands are trembling.
Sorry. No, that
That happens to me when I don't sleep.
You look like shit, Karan.
Wow! Okay.
You're high.
What's going on?
My mom is sick.
What do you mean she's sick?
Small cell carcinoma.
She's dying.
Oh, and she's not talking to me.
I'm really sorry.
But you know you're stronger than this.
All right, then.
Take care.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
Don't be sorry.
Just look after yourself.
So we need to clear 18 lakhs,
or the hotel will cancel the event.
I wish I could help.
But for that,
I need to have 18 lakhs lying around.
just don't stress. Okay?
They won't cancel the event.
And these things just
Listen, I need to go. I'll call you back.
there's a call from Tara madam.
What does she want?
Hello, Tara?
How are you, child?
Sorry, I left my phone upstairs.
Yes, of course. What is it?
Don't be so worried. We'll sort this out.
Sort what out?
Eighteen lakhs?
She wants?
When do you need it?
What the fuck!
You're giving her 18 lakhs?
Stop thanking me, Tara.
Tomorrow if I ask you for something,
you'll hardly say no.
Money deposited in your account, Monica?
Very good.
So can you start work now?
Where the fuck have you been, Karan?
What? I just had
to meet an old friend. Why?
Did you have to give him 18 lakhs?
I was going to tell you.
I don't want to be told!
I want to be asked!
Okay, lower your voice, Tara.
We can talk about this later.
Why? I want an explanation!
All our jobs were on the line.
Do you even care?
It's my company too!
When I made that huge deal
with Bridal India without saying
a word to you, that was okay?
That was different. It was no favor.
You put me in a very weird position.
The hotel almost canceled the wedding.
Just cut the drama queen shtick, man!
This drama queen is always cleaning up
your fucking mess!
Do you have any idea what
I had to do for the money?
Oh, please!
You've done plenty shit for money!
Go fuck yourself!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Oh, my God, are you serious?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Did he really say that?
I swear. I was like so shocked!
Oh, my God! Remember that
So sweet. So romantic.
Girl, he's an actor.
He's just pretending, you know.
You should watch and learn.
Excuse me!
Would you please stop being bitches?
Oh my God, we're just joking, you know.
You don't have to be sensitive.
You're not joking.
You are for real.
And you know what?
You're the real bitches.
She's my real sister.
- Okay.
- Okay.
So maybe you should ask her
to go to rehearsal.
She's my real sister.
She always has my back.
That's not true, Leila.
Of course. I mean it.
Thank you for everything.
If it wasn't for you,
I wouldn't be here.
I wouldn't actually be anywhere.
Okay, what happened?
What did I say?
What's going on?
- What did I say?
- I don't know.
Are you okay, baby? What did I say?
What happened? Why are you crying?
It's not you.
Then who is it?
This has nothing to do with me!
Of course!
Anurag asked me,
not the other way around.
Anurag asked you
if he can throw me out and take Kimi?
Well, not in that way. But yeah.
He thinks I'm finished?
Of course not.
He just feels
that Kimi is the next big thing.
And he's got the fucking chance
to get her up there.
Can you believe it?
Since when is Anurag playing this game?
Do you think so too?
I think Anurag's a fucking prick!
He knew if he spoke to me
at the wedding, I won't fight with him!
Oh, what a great host you are!
You fucked me over
in the name of hospitality, then?
I did not fucking agree
to any fucking thing, Leila.
- Don't lie!
- I'm not lying.
I simply avoided it by saying
that we can talk about this shit later!
You're lying.
- You're so lying.
- I am not lying.
- Fuck.
- Listen to me.
Why the fuck would I do this to you?
I've got your fucking name on my arm.
You're my favorite actress.
We've not been paired together.
I'm dying to work with you.
- Why the fuck
- Then walk out of the film.
Well, if that's what you want, cool.
- I will.
- If that's what I want?
If that's what I want?!
Anything for you.
Get the fuck out!
What the fuck?
Get the fuck out of my room.
What the fuck did I say now?
Get the fuck out! The wedding's off!
Get the fuck out of my room!
Are you fucking out of your mind?!
Are you listening to yourself?!
Yes, I'm listening to myself! Go!
- You're always the fucking victim!
- Fuck!
Screw you!
I will fucking kill myself!
She's calling the wedding off.
What the fuck are you looking at?
You dickhead!
Thank you.
If this wedding gets canceled,
forget about the new office.
Do you think she will really cancel it?
Amber says you can't predict anything
with actresses.
Or with brides, for that matter.
Whiskey, please. Double.
Leila Shirazi just walked
into a bar alone.
I don't think she's getting married tomorrow.
- I will have another, please.
- Of course.
It's not a double.
Get me another one.
Are you okay?
Ask me after the whiskey.
Have you ever been fucked over?
You know, when I came to Bombay
I didn't know anyone.
I didn't speak a word of Hindi.
I worked my ass off to reach here.
And yet I've learned
no matter how big you are
you could be the number one actress
and you'll still get fucked over.
In my experience
money always softens the blow.
Make them pay, Leila.
Get all you can out of it.
For the rest
there's whiskey.
A relationship is more important
than a film.
Is it?
What do you mean by "is it"?
We're getting married, Leila.
Either he does the film
with the two of us,
or he can take someone else.
You've been dying to do a thriller.
I don't care.
That role was written for you.
I won't let him drop you.
And I won't let you lose out.
I've got an idea.
What if I co-produce the film?
Like that, it won't seem
like I've been thrown out.
And anyway, it's time for me
to shift gears.
Shift gears?
You've got many more years
before that, babe.
You're sweet
but the industry doesn't think like you.
Let me work this out.
Call Anurag
and tell him to come in with me, 50-50.
And since it's my first film
as a producer,
you won't charge anything.
That's interesting.
Anurag will jump on it.
And then he can cast Kimi or Kiki
or whoever the fuck he wants to.
You get your dream role,
and I get my kick-start.
No one gets screwed.
I'll talk to him.
Do it right now.
So we can get married.
Yes, ma'am.
Good job.
So I'll be working for her now?
And you'll be working for free.
I don't believe marriages
are made in heaven.
But there are some brides
and grooms hand-picked for each other.
Their romance will go down as legendary.
Epic love stories
that will mesmerize forever.
It doesn’t matter if they are true or not.
It's an ideal the world needs.
Maybe they exist
so that we can strive for better.
So that we can hope
for our dream to come true.
Maybe they exist
so that we don’t stop believing in love.
One minute.
Wait, I can't hear you. One minute.
Where are you?
I've been trying
your number since yesterday.
Yes, I
Okay, listen.
Don't get upset.
How quickly can you come back?
What happened?
- Dhruv and his
- What's happened to Dhruv?
Nothing's happened to him.
Everything is fine. I mean
The school has suspended Dhruv
and his friends.
- But why?
- I don't know
There's a girl in their class.
She charged them with molestation.
You should come home.
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